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Public Information 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 

In this Centennial year, the ILLIO focuses on 
the germinal beginnings and sketches briefly 
the development of a modern university complex- 
the University of Illinois. Particular stress is 
lent to the administration of John Milton Gregory. 
His purposes for education at an industrial 
university and his tenacity in implementing them 
were crucial for our tradition of 
university education. 

During these hundred years, other traditions 
of student government, athletics, Greek - letter 
organizations, honoraries, student publications 
have arisen. The development of some student 
activities is traced in the historical section. 

Divided into two parts, the ILLIO contrasts 
the University's past with her present. 
Yet those of the present — students, professors, 
administration, alumni — should not think 
themselves wholly divorced from the past. 
Evident today are Gregory's contributions and 
the work of those who followed him in 
the service of the University. 

In our reflection on the University of Illinois 
in 1967, Gregory's epitaph reminds us of 
our debt to past generations: 

'If you seek his monument, look about you." 






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early history 





student life 






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Completing his education at Yale, Jonathan B. Turner 
came to Jacksonville's Illinois College to teach Greek. 

Education Reflects Increasing 
Democracy in American Life 

To briefly trace the rise of a modern American 
university— the University of Illinois— a singu- 
lar development must first be noted. This de- 
velopment is the mid-nineteenth century move- 
ment for industrial education. The agitation 
for, and the first growth of industrial education 
occurred before the birth of the modern univer- 
sity. In Illinois this movement for industrial 
education directly led to the establishment of a 
true university. 

In the increasing democratization of American 
life coming out of the Jacksonian era, the de- 
velopment of the movement for industrial edu- 
cation can be seen. Though eastern labor had 
demanded equal educational opportunity for 
many years, this demand in the Midwest was 
later and slower in growth. In Illinois industrial 
education meant primarily agricultural educa- 
tion. And accordingly, it was an agriculturalist 
who first made known a plan for industrial edu- 
cation. This agriculturist was . Jonathan Baldwin 

Unless otherwise credited, all photographs in the his- 
torical section are from the University Archives. 

Tradition of Federal Aid to 
Education Is Long-Standing 

In Illinois in the 1850's, there were twelve 
colleges. All were private and several were 
women's seminaries. With few exceptions these 
colleges were little more than resident high 

Although the federal government had given 
educational aid, Illinois was without a tradition 
of public aid to higher education. The Ordinance 
of 1787 stated that "since education was neces- 
sary to good government and to the happiness 
of mankind, schools and the means of education 
should be forever encouraged." Land acts fol- 
lowing this ordinance gave states tracts of land 
to be sold for educational purposes. The money 
was appropriated under two categories— the 
seminary fund and the college fund. The semi- 
nary fund was endowed by selling two town- 
ships; the college fund accrued by the levy of a 
three percent tax on state lands. Forced to use 
these funds for common expenses, the Illinois 
Legislature utilized only the interest for educa- 
tional purposes. It remained for another effort 
to bring effective public aid to Illinois higher 

Though there were feeble attempts by the 
Illinois Legislature to give educational aid, noth- 
ing resulted. The legislature did, in 1852, grant 
a charter to a small Lutheran college at Millsboro 
to relocate at Springfield. This charter, however, 
placed no responsibility on the state to support 
this new Illinois State University since it was a 
private college. 

Champaign's Main Street in 1868 appears prosperous. 

Located north of the present Men's Old Gymnasium, the 
first building contained classrooms, chapel, club rooms, 

and dormitories for the seventy-seven students who en- 
tered in 1868. Rooms cost four dollars a semester. 

Jonathan Baldwin Turner Presents Plan at Granville 

It was at Granville on November 18, 1851 
that Turner first presented his idea for industrial 
education. In his speech at Granville, he stated 
that the representatives of the industrial classes 
wanted the same privileges and advantages for 
themselves and their posterity as professional 
men enjoyed. He went on to state that since 
existing colleges were originally and primarily 
intended for the professional classes they could 
not serve the industrial classes. Therefore, Turn- 
er said, the industrial classes should immediately 
establish a university to serve their own needs. 
His objectives for the university would be to 
apply existing knowledge to all practical pursuits 
and professions in life. 

Turner's plan was greeted enthusiastically at 
Granville and generally throughout the state. 
After reconciling the few major objectors to it, 

there was hope for immediate acceptance in the 
Illinois Legislature. In the interim, however, 
Turner had proposed a modification of his plan. 
In the PRAIRIE FARMER of March, 1852, 
Turner suggested that a federal land grant be 
given to each state for "a system of popular 
Industrial Education." This was not an original 
idea of Turner's. 

It remained for United States Representative 
Justin S. Morrill to introduce a bill in Congress 
calling for a federal land grant to aid state 
universities. After passing both houses, the bill 
was vetoed by President Buchanan. In 1862, 
despite the Civil War, bills were presented in 
the Senate by Benjamin Wade of Ohio and in 
the House by Morrill. The Wade version passed 
in both houses and was signed into law by 
President Lincoln on July 2, 1862. 

Educated at Union College, John M. Gregory moved to 
Michigan. In 1864 became regent of Kalamazoo College. 

inois Legislature's Law 
Precipitates Argument 

When the Illinois Legislature unanimously 
accepted the land grant in January, 1863, two 
issues remained for resolution. The issues were 
whether there should be one or several institu- 
tions to use the land grant and, after it had 
been determined that there would be only one, 
where this school would be located. Curiously, 
the Industrial League which had done so much 
in generating publicity for the grant had no 
specific plan to implement it, though it quickly 

formed one. 

The arguments to divide the land grant among 
the existing colleges represented the bid of the 
small, denominational colleges to receive the 
benefits of the Morrill Act. One Illinois college, 
for instance, proposed to establish a "professor- 
ship of the green earth." To oppose the existing 
colleges which wanted to divide the agricultural 
and mechanical grant, a group arose demanding 
that a separate university be established. 

After a rancorous and vituperative contest 
between forces representing divergent plans to 
implement the grant from the national govern- 
meni Governor Oglesby on February 28, 18(17, 
signed into Law the bill establishing the Illinois 
[ndustrial University. 

Passage of I.I.U. Bill 

Brings Questions to the Fore 

After the bill establishing the Illinois Indus- 
trial University was signed into law, the question 
of what this University would teach came to 
the fore. This question, however, had always 
been present. John A. Kennicott, for example, 
at the third convention called to discuss in- 
dustrial education, scored Turner's suggestion 
to introduce a classical course. He stated that 
"we must keep to the necessary and practically 
useful branches of education." He also felt that 
men should "leave mere learning and conven- 
tional usage, to the old system, and to the old 
schools where all such stuff properly belongs." 
If strong men had not resisted this anti-intellec- 
tual strain, the Illinois Industrial University 
could have become merely a trade school. 

A man representative of those who resisted 
attempts to drive intellectuality from the In- 
dustrial Education movement was Willard Cut- 
ting Flagg. Having graduated from Yale where 
he excelled as a writer, Flagg returned to his 
father's farm. While managing this farm, he 
became an active experimenter. Always partici- 
pating in agricultural groups and in their dis- 
cussion on industrial education and its implica- 
tions for Illinois, Flagg in 1863 felt the need 
to set down his thoughts on industrial education. 
In A SHORT PAMPHLET Flagg stated that 
agriculture was "a calling from which the weakest 
intellect and least practical shrewdness can de- 
rive a support, but that it furnishes scope for the 
widest range of human skill and knowledge." 

Gregory's Plan of Study 

One of the first and most important issues 
facing John Milton Gregory when he took office 
was planning a course of study. Although a 
committee was appointed for this purpose, the 
final report was almost exclusively Dr. Gregory's. 

Gregory's plan was to have six departments, 
with fifteen courses and professorships. The de- 
partments were agriculture, engineering, military 
science, chemistry and natural science, trade 
and commerce, and general science and litera- 

Gregory Comes to a Poorly-endowed, One-building College 

Not only did Gregory have to carefully budget 
the institution's funds, but also had to answer, 
appease, and silence virulent attackers. Jonathan 
Periam, who was head farmer at the University, 
well represents the arguments against Gregory 
in "The Classics and Agriculture" of his book 
THE GROUNDSWELL. He states that while 
it was not expected that Industrial Colleges 
could immediately accomplish the end sought, 
it was certainly not foreseen that they would 
adopt the curriculum of the average literary 
college. Periam felt that they adopted this cur- 
riculum with "simply enough varnish of ag- 
riculture and mechanics to enable them to annex 
the endowment of the nation and of the States 
where situated." 

The key words that Periam uses, of course, 
are "the end sought." In Periam 's, and in his 
followers' opinion, the end sought was an in- 
stitution stressing low utilitarianism. With this 
in mind, it is understandable for Periam to 
charge these universities like 1. 1. XL, which gave 
high utilitarian instruction, with a "gross per- 
version of the endowment granted by Congress 
for a very different purpose." 

One of the trustees, M. L. Dunlap, who was 
reputable in state agricultural circles, sought to 
implement his idea that practical men should 
staff a university with modest admission re- 
quirements and have a curriculum much like a 

trade school's. His university would turn out 
good farmers and mechanics. 

These men were reacting against the sterility 
and the irrelevance of existing colleges in their 
stress on the classics and on religious purpose. 
This reaction was nation-wide. 

Although Charles W. Eliot, president of Har- 
vard from 1869 to 1909, is generally called the 
architect of the modern university, Regent Greg- 
ory was at least a member of the architectural 
firm. Eliot, serving as president for forty years, 
saw many more of his plans reach fruition than 
did Gregory during his thirteen year tenure. 
In some respects Gregory's initial task was more 
difficult than Eliot's. Eliot was able to begin his 
work of transformation with a well-established, 
well-endowed institution that needed only reno- 
vation. On the other hand, Gregory's work began 
with a poorly-endowed, one-building institution. 

That the University was richly endowed by 
the Morrill Act's terms is false. The act stated 
that thirty thousand acres of land at $1.25 per 
acre would be donated to each state and terri- 
tory for each Congressman. For Illinois that 
amounted to 180,000 acres. The land, however, 
was located in Nebraska and Minnesota and was 
difficult to sell. Further complicating sound fiscal 
management was the default of some of the 
bonds which Champaign County had promised 
in order to attract the University. 

The Drill Hall Machine Shop was completed in 1872. 

An 1874 photograph shows the "Elephant" and the Dnl 
Hall. Fences were needed to keep stray cattle off the 


Commencement Week, 




& Im&QiS industrial $niver$ity, 4 


7 Tuesday Evening, March Uth, 1873, 


Gregory Introduces Student Government, Elective System 

The legacy of Gregory at Illinois reaches into 
all aspects of University life, but especially at 
the level of student rights. Gregory advocated 
measures such as the elective system and student 
government. He brought forward these innova- 
tions when most of the colleges in the nation 
closely followed the English model of education 
in severely regulating the life of the student. This 
regulation extended beyond the classroom and 
was needed, thought its proponents, to insure 
proper moral instruction. The curriculum was 
rigid. Typically, the student marched lockstep 
through four years of prescribed work. Gregory 
sought to change the system, while still working 
within it, to give students training which would 
be valuable in their later years. 

Gregory effected these changes while strug- 
gling with financial and administrative problems 
and while he was constantly under attack by 
those feeling that a university should stress low 
rather than high utilitarianism. 

These innovations were not successful. The 
elective system broke down soon after its intro- 
duction. This collapse was partly due to criticism 
charging that by offering electives college offi- 
cials were attempting to lure students away from 
agriculture. The main reason, however, was that 
the students were not mature enough intellec- 
tually to decide what they should profitably pur- 
sue. The intellectual immaturity of these early 

students is shown by the fact that one third of 
the enrollment in 1871 was committed to the 
sub-collegiate preparatory courses. Even when 
these students had progressed enough to take the 
regular university courses, they were not quali- 
fied to choose the ones they should take. After its 
fourth year of existence, the elective system was 
replaced by a less flexible one. The students 
could now only choose which of the thirteen se- 
quences they wanted to follow. 

In 1870 Regent Gregory offered the men in the 
dormitories their own government. He made this 
offer since by then more than half of the students 
were living in private housing. Parties emerged 
and campus politics were lively. Gregory's plan 
was only partially successful. The elections on 
campus turned into brawls, and the students 
soon lost their respect for student government. 

When the new University Hall was finished, 
there were large rooms on the top floor for stu- 
dent activity. Regent Gregory was responsible 
for them. These facilities brought the literary so- 
cieties, which students formed five days after the 
University's opening, to full activity. 

Though Gregory's plan for student govern- 
ment was only partly successful and his elective 
system was a dismal failure, his work in these 
two areas was ahead of its time. Under different 
conditions these plans blossomed and became 
fundamental to American colleges. 

Opened in 1873, the Art Gallery displayed plaster rep- 
licas of famous works. Regent Gregory purchased them 

while he was in Europe. Since much of the statuary was 
broken in transit, young Lorado Taft repaired them. 

Thomas J. Burrill, acting regent in 1891-1894, lifted the 
fraternity ban and abolished compulsory military drill. 

Burrill's botany classes were using microscopes in 1869. 

I.I.U. Is Early Burdene 
Two Systems 

By 1873 all of the promised departments, 
which were included in Gregory's report, were 
functional. This was vindication of Gregory's so 
hotly debated plan of studies. A turning point 
had come in 1870 when a convention in Bloom- 
ington appointed a committee to report on the 
condition of I.I.U. This report was favorable, 
marking the beginning of general acquiescence 
to the aims of the University as conceived by 

At the outset the University was burdened by 
two systems which hindered rapid academic 
growth. These were the systems of manual labor 
and of sub-collegiate training. By Gregory's plan 
students were to spend two early afternoons in 
labor. Criticisms caused the system to become 
voluntary and later to be abolished completely. 
The need for sub-collegiate training for many of 
the students who arrived with inadequate aca- 
demic training produced the "Academy." Most of 
the instructors had to teach some of these courses. 
And in the early 1870' s, one third of the enroll- 
ment was required to take preparatory courses. 
In 1872 entrance requirements were raised to 
elevate the level of University work. As a fur- 
ther step, the Illinois high schools were accred- 
ited so that their students would not have to take 
the entrance examinations. And by 1876 students 
pursuing a sub-collegiate program were sepa- 
rated and were taught by recent graduates. The 
"Academv" was not dropped until 1897. 

Civil engineering was one of the most popular depart- 
ments of a college, enrolling 42 percent of all students by 
1887. Here derbied engineers are surveying. 

* tF&n^^H 

The metal shops wore to produce equipment for the 
University as well as to instruct students in metalworking. 

Gregory Faces Strong Opposition from Low Utilitarians 

Regent Gregory's antagonists like Jonathan 
Periam and John A. Kennicott were reacting 
against the sterility and irrelevance of the old 
time college. In denouncing these colleges, they 
were throwing out everything. Greek and Latin 
were the particular objects of their purge. Be- 
cause of a strong strain of anti-intellectualism, 
coining in part out of the Romantic Age, these 
men wanted to implement low utilitarianism. 

The real problem lay not so much with the 
subjects taught, but with the way they were 
taught. Because the recitation method was used, 
the student was given an assignment to be mem- 
orized. The next class period that student was 
called upon to recite the complete lesson. The 
students were entirely passive in the educational 
processes. Willard C. Flagg well represents those 
who lent support to Gregory and who objected 
not as much to the subjects as to the method. 

Flagg advocated an active rather than passive 
role. I le wanted students participating in learn- 
ing rather than just observing. Even though he 
stressed practical education, he did not strip 
away intellectuality. 

Even after Gregory triumphed in getting his 
plan of study accepted, the question of how to 
provide a type of laboratory instruction yet re- 
mained. Gregory felt that a system of manual 
labor was a solution ; but his thinking was behind 
that of the best, representing the older notions 
drawn from Pestalozzi. The compulsory manual 
labor system was soon to prove a failure. 

Only in one area, Professor Ricker's architec- 
tural shop and Professor Robinson's machine 
shop, was this labor system a partial success. 
Even after the labor system went out, these 
shops continued to grow. Here engineering stu- 
dents were able to learn first hand of problems 
encountered in tool and machine design. 

These shops were a transition from the labor 
system to the laboratory method. And the tran- 
sition was short at the University because of the 
work of Thomas Burrill. In 1869 he first used the 
microscope in teaching botany by the laboratory 
method. He soon used the same method to teach 
entomology and non-medical bacteriology. 


German Scholarship Exerts 
Great Influence at University 

Though the fate of the humanities and agri- 
culture at the University appeared uncertain 
with the rapid rise of engineering, a number of 
factors contributed to stabilize and increase their 
influence. In the humanities the greatest impact 
was that of German scholarship. This great force 
in revising American higher education was of 
inestimable value. In agriculture two federal 
acts _ t he Hatch Act and the second Morrill 
A c t— provided the needed funds to finance the 
present course and to enlarge the scope of the 
agriculture program. 

The Hatch Act of 1887 provided $15,000 an- 
nually for the maintenance of an experiment sta- 
tion. In 1890 the second Morrill Act doubled 
this endowment, providing funds for instruction 
in agriculture, engineering, and auxiliary sub- 
jects. Though the act aided agriculture, it also 
had other far-reaching results. 

In the text of the bill, the maker stated that 
the funds also be used for auxiliary subjects, 
therefore implying that land grant colleges, cur- 
riculums should not be narrowly based. The 
other important result was that since the aug- 
mented income from the endowment almost cov- 
ered faculty salaries, Regent Peabody feared 
that the legislature might withdraw its support. 
Peabody therefore used the new fund to expand 
the faculty. In the next year and a half, new 
professors of chemistry, mining engineering, 
French, Greek, and pedagogy and psychology 
were added, as were instructors in gymnastics, 
rhetoric and philosophy. 

National Education Changes 

At a time when the University was expanding 
physically and also increasing the number of 
courses offered, a rapid change was taking place 
in national higher education. This change was 
the proliferation of research and specialization, 
will) their concomitants of organization and pub- 
lication. There were many factors which quick- 
ened this change l he work of immigrant schol- 


ars, the growth of national learned societies, and 
adequate financial resources. 

The rise of specialization signaled a basic 
change in the intellectual ideals of American 
higher education. Though this change had taken 
place sometime in the mid-nineteenth century, 
its pace kept quickening during the last half cen- 
tury. Prior to 1850 the ideal of higher education 
had been to acquire and transmit the greatest 
possible amount of knowledge. After mid-century 
the ideal came more to be the discovery of new 
truth through original investigation. 

The single greatest impact causing the shift 
in emphasis was that of German scholarship. 
During the nineteenth century an increasing 
number of American students journeyed to Ger- 
many to study. And between the War of 1812 
and World War I, 10,000 American students 
attended German universities. 

Scholars at Illinois were among those whc 
studied at German universities. Arthur W. Pal- 
mer, '83, who helped to direct the chemistry de- 
partment to its modern role, had studied a1 
Gottingen and Berlin. George W. Myers, '88 
held a doctorate in mathematics from Municl 
and taught at the University of Illinois. 

Under the influence of specialization, manj 
disciplines took their modern form. History, fo 
example, had experienced little forward develop 
ment at the University from 1868 to 1894. Bu 
with the arrival of E. B. Greene in 1894, this de 
partment was reorganized, offering courses oi 
the Reformation, the Puritan Revolution, an< 
the French Revolution. C. W. Alvord's life- 
he came to the University in 1897— well illus- 
trates the activities of the men who transforme< 
the history department. 

In 1905 Alvord discovered in two Souther 
Illinois courthouses stores of documents datin 
back to Illinois' French colonial period. Alvon 
published many of these documents in the COI 
LECTIONS of the Illinois State Historical L 
brary. Active in the Mississippi Valley Historic; 
Society, he began the MISSISSIPPI VALLF/ 
HISTORICAL REVIEW in 1914. Alvord, thei 
who specialized, conducted research, partic 
pated in learned professional societies, and pul 
lished books and articles, was one of the me 
who were active in reconstructing discipline 
and departments, and in transforming colleg 
into true universities. 

Experiment Stations Provide 
Research Advancement 

During the Last quarter of the nineteenth cen- 
tury, the increase in research was rapid. Funda- 
mental to research is adequate financial backing; 
and at the University major strides towards 
funding research were made with the forma- 
tion of the Agricultural Experiment Station, 
the Engineering Experiment Station, and the 
Graduate College. 

From the beginning of the University, Pro- 
fessor Robinson had conducted successful engi- 
neering laboratory courses. Acting as a catalyst 
in instituting further laboratory instruction, 
Arthur Newell Talbot's hydraulics laboratory 
was opened in 1893. In the 1890's new cur- 
riculums were added in architectural, electri- 
cal, and municipal and sanitary engineering. 
These new courses were reflections of the in- 
creasing specialization. 

The Engineering Experiment Station greatly 
stimulated research after its founding in 1903, 
although there was research before its existence. 
Some of its developments soon after 1903 were 
the accoustical studies of F. R. Watson, the 
development of photoelectrical cells by Jacob 
Kung, and the perfection of alkalic vapor tubes 
by C. T. Knipp. 

At the outset, professional societies and state 
laboratories co-operated with the Experiment 
Station. Soon industry gave support to research. 
Experiments with coal, for example, were fi- 
nanced in part by the Illinois Gas Association. 
The First World War greatly accelerated co- 
operative research. The Engineering Foundation 
and the National Research Council, for instance, 
sponsored research investigating materials used 
in airplane and ship construction. 

After the funds provided by the Hatch Act of 
1887 became available, the Agricultural Experi- 
ment Station was formed. In 1888 the Station 
sent out its first BULLETIN. By 1894 Dean 
Davenport found that the Station was engaged 
in over 150 experiments and had issued over 
t hirty-three BULLETINS in its first seven years. 
And there was a demand for more experimenta- 
tion. Accordingly, in 1902, in conjunction with 
the Bureau of Soils of the Department of Agri- 

Agriculture professors held short-courses in corn judging. 

culture, the Station made soil surveys. Also in 
1902 co-operative investigations were made with 
individual farmers. 

The Station's research was reaching out more 
and more to the Illinois farmer. The college's 
staff often prepared exhibits for stock shows. 
Short courses and conferences came into greater 
use after 1900. At a series of mid-winter con- 
ferences in 1903, 100 people attended the horti- 
culturists' conference, 250 attended the corn- 
growers' conference, and 250 attended the house- 
keepers' convention. Thus an extension program 
gave to the farmer and to agricultural industry 
the benefits of research. 

This railroad car carried home economics demonstrations 
to all parts of the state. 

Graduate School Reorganizes 

In 1904 the liberal arts departments were 
concerned about the imbalance between the 
humanities, and engineering and agriculture. 
Following the inauguration of President Edmund 
Janes James, the Graduate School was reorgan- 
ized to correct this imbalance and to emphasize 
research and better teaching. Only those de- 
partments whose staffs were considered capable 
were allowed to offer the masters and doctors 
degrees. The Illinois Legislature, in 1907, ap- 
propriated five thousand dollars a year for 
the establishment of fellowships and scholar- 
ships, and for the equipping of research lab- 

James recruited some of the best scholars 
available. Among the additions were Gustav 
Karsten, founder of the JOURNAL OF ENG- 
liam Albert Noyes, chief chemist of the Bureau 
of Standards; and Stuart Pratt Sherman, lit- 
erary critic. 

With the advent of the Engineering Experimenl Station, 
many besting machines such as this one were used. 

Edmund J. James, president from 1904 to L920, wafl 
distinguished scholar in welfare economics. 


The main building was wrecked 
by a wind storm in 1880. 

Completed in 1873, University Hall had large rooms on the V-hanging l"aC6 Ol CaPipUS 

t op floor for student activities. Gregory had seen to this. 

, t. " »«** 

-• / W* -" 





Burs, j 

' iiMfl'' 

- -12 

:*? ft . 

. - ** r ~ 

- ';*»•• 

jr. r-^/W 

■ a.;^ 



Harker Hall, built in 1878, was originally Chemistry Hall. 

Looking north onto the campus in the L890's shows tha 
though Champaign was growing, fences were still needed 


Under Draper, Campus 
Becomes Golf Course 

In 1868 the campus contained one building, 
"the Elephant/' which was located on the pres- 
ent baseball diamond. The demands of the Uni- 
versity soon prompted construction of Univer- 
sity Hall and the Drill Hall on higher ground 
south of the Boneyard. Thus University Hall, 
which was on the site of the present Illini Union, 
was on the extreme southern part of the "old 

Late in 1891 concrete walks began to replace 
the board walks and gravel paths, and electri- 
fication was begun the next year. In 1892 the 
cornerstone was laid for the Natural History 
Building, and Engineering Hall was completed 
in 1894. Although Engineering Hall was only the 
fifth major structure built, by 1904 there were 
fifteen major structures, most of which were 
built south of Green Street. 

A motley array of buildings composed the 
campus in the early twentieth century. The va- 
riety ranged from the Romanesque style of the 
Library to the undefinable construction of En- 
gineering Hall to the Colonial beauty of the 
Woman's Building (now the English Building). 
But some of these buildings became part of a 
quadrangular plan when the Woman's Building 
was placed across from the agriculture building. 
After his inauguration President Draper (1894 
to 1904) appointed a superintendent of grounds. 
Soon fences were taken down and the twin cities 
were encouraged to pave the streets in the cam- 
pus area. 

President Draper's efforts seem to have con- 
verted the campus into a country club, for in 
1898 a faculty golf club was organized with the 
course being the campus itself. The course be- 
gan on the quadrangle, doglegged past the Ob- 
servatory, offered some challenging rough in the 
cornfields and cemetery, and returned back to 
the ninth hole— the site of Noyes Laboratory. 

tie clock presented by the class of 1878 was moved 
'.in University Hull to the cupola of the Illini Union. 


This photograph shows the campus in 


First built as a library, Altgeld Hall then housed the Law 
College. Now it is used by the Mathematics Department. 



• v,?-* * ttw**tt™*?w& 

Altgeld Hall was completed in 1896. 

World War I Allows Time for 
Campus Planning 

A planning commission was appointed in 1909 
in anticipation of a million dollar building pro- 
gram. Even though the full amount was never 
appropriated, the planning commission went 
ahead with its work. The body could not, how- 
ever, come up with a master plan for the campus. 
It later agreed that the north-south axis should 
run through the Auditorium. The farms and ag- 
ricultural plots were to be located south of the 
Auditorium, and the military and athletic facil- 
ities were to expand in the newly acquired land 
to the west. 

The First World War stopped building and 
allowed a fortunate pause in planning. Guiding 
the University's campus growth after the war 
was architect Charles A. Piatt. His basic plan 
for the campus was similar to that adopted be- 
fore the war. Piatt, however, did make one no- 
ticeable decision— to use the American Georgian 
style of architecture for Mumford Hall, David 
Kinley Hall, and other buildings. 




v« — 

For many years Hallway House stood on Green Street in 
front of University Hall. 


President Draper renamed the beautiful 
Boneyard "Silver Creek." 


im, Mead, and White designed the English Building. 

Feverish building in 1946 provided housing for returning 
veterans and their families at Stadium Terrace. 

The Broadwalk in 1932 was a beautiful addition to the 
campus with its stately elms forming an archway. 









.•XrX'X- ••••• 

v. •.:■."■:••• ••.-.. ""* ■ 

pyy. 'tvh 

jx^XrXXvV^ K 

• : 3* *•' 


&:' ivixo Ji 



'X*Xv • 

Sx :■:':• 

^SHJt^ 1 x 










•XV.V •••" 

















Early students often inspected the zoological collections. 

Well-dressed students attend an 1884 field day. 

This May Fete, which was held in 1908, is typical of the 
elaborate productions held by the women students. 


Early rooming houses had the atmosphere of a true home. 

Students Form Literary 
Societies Early at l.l.U. 

Student life in 1868 consisted of camaraderie 
and little else. During the first years, all stu- 
dents lived on the two upper floors of the main 
building, nicknamed "the Elephant." To heat 
the living quarters, each student had to bring 
a small stove, which was sometimes used for 
cooking. Organized into semi-military order, 
students were marched to and from compulsory 
chapel and classes. Students also had to spend 
two hours a day in manual labor. 

Five days after the opening of the University, 
male students formed two literary societies — the 
Adelphic and the Philomathean. A year later the 
women students formed a society of their own— 
the Alethanae Society. Gregory's foresight in 
providing club rooms on the top floor of Univer- 
sity Hall brought these ventures into full activ- 
ity. These societies did much to lessen the 
austerity of early student life. 


Glenn M. Hobbs sets a pole vault record in Field Day 
action at the Fairgrounds. 


Foster North Revolts 
Against Compulsory Chape 

The Peabody administration (1880-1891) was 
plagued by student unrest, which was the result 
of a dilemma facing students. Unable to govern 
themselves, the students had to submit to regu- 
lation by a faculty who showed little imagina- 
tion. The student government had folded in 
June, 1883, after a student vote showed that it 
would no longer support it. And in 1884 the 
faculty instituted a demerit system. 

The frequency of demerits given for missing- 
chapel and military drill indicated student dis- 
like for them. In 1885 compulsory chapel was 
the cause of the Foster North revolt. North, a 
senior, decided that the University could not 
compel his attendance at chapel. After the Uni- 
versity trustees concurred with the suspension, 
North carried his case all the way to the Illinois 
Supreme Court, only to lose every decision. 

The participants as well as the spectators wore derbies 
to the tug-of-war contests, often held across the Boneyard. 

Since early professors considered them too weak to with- 
stand the rigors of study, women took corrective measures. 


This mob scene is a "sack rush", held in the late 1890's. 
The freshman party gave rise to the first "rush" in 1891. 


Class Enthusiasm Produces 
Memorials, Parties, Brawls 

The activity of the literary societies was super- 
ceded by that of the classes. Evident today are 
the clock, fountain, and other memorials which 
the classes presented. Each class had its caps, 
colors, mottoes, and yells, capturing its rowdy 
spirit. Class parties, which were held during the 
1890's, seem to have deliberately invited crash- 
ing by rival classes. 

An outgrowth of the class enthusiasm was the 
"rush." The first one was held in 1891 when the 
freshmen wore class ribbons in violation of a 
sophomore proclamation. The ensuing battle was 
termed a "rush." Thomas Arkle Clark, who was 
later Dean of Men, first tried to substitute a 
supervised greased-pole "rush" and later a push- 
ball contest, conducted with a ball from Drake 
University. More students were hurt in this way 
than in all of the other "rushes" combined. A 
"sack rush" was then held, and a cap burning- 
was soon introduced. In 1915 a maturing stu- 
dent body voted to stop all "rushes." 

Pushball contests were substituted for the "class rushes." 

This "color rush" was held in 1908. 


After 1891 fraternities came on campus and purchased houses. 

Commencement took its modern form after 1897. 


. IB 








':'.?.'»« ,'.-V.3jHbH 

Cadet troops have always been a part of the University. 

President Taft reviewed the student brigade in 1911. 

Greeks, Dancing Banned 

Though Delta Tau Delta appeared on campus 
in 1872, it was banned four years later by the 
trustees. Sigma Chi managed to exist by assum- 
ing the name "Tautological Tautogs." In 1891, 
however, Acting-regent Thomas Burrill no long- 
er required the students to sign the anti-frater- 
nity pledge cards. 

Though they experienced slow growth in the 
1890's, fraternities tripled in number between 
1900 and 1905. At first these organizations rented 
rooms in downtown Champaign, but soon they 
began to rent houses with dormitory space. After 
1910 many large houses were built. 

Social dancing and fraternities grew together 
and J were inseparable. Both were thought by 
some to be destructive of student morals. And 
after an attempt to "stop all ragging and un- 
natural movements such as wiggling the shoul- 
ders, swaying the hips, pumping the arms, flop- 
ping the elbows, skipping, hopping, galloping, 
and low fantastic dips," dancing was temporarily 
banned from the campus in 1916. 


Twilight concerts have been popular since their start in 1911. 

I.I.U. Band Forms in 1868 

In 1868, before students had come to the 
spring mud of Urbana, the military department 
committee had decided that there would be a 
band. If drums can be called one, then there was 
a band in the fall of 1868. Soon, however, an 
E-flat cornet, a fife, and a tuba were added. In 
these early years the band was limited to fifteen 
so that too many would not use playing as an 
excuse for missing military drill. These early 
bands, dressed in uniforms similar to the mil- 
itary, played for oratorical and athletic contests 
and even traveled to other cities. 

The band developed rapidly after it came un- 
der the direction of Albert Austin Harding in 
1906. Within a decade there were 160 members 
in the band. During these years the modern 
Marching Illini took form, first singing in 1920. 

Under Harding's direction the band was called 
in 1930 "the world's greatest college band." A 
tribute to the band's excellence came with the 
death of John Philip Sousa, who gave his musi- 
cal library to the University. 



The band in 1909 formed the first marching block I. 

A "hobo band" parade was a main attraction at the first 
Illinois Homecoming. The parade above was held in 1913. 


"Gymkana" developed the gymnastic side of the ol 
run-. 'This trio appeared in a L9 10 performance. 

Activity Is More Mature 

In spite of the class-inspired, rowdy enthusi- 
asm, there were organizations developing which 
had more serious purposes and more mature out- 
looks. The Young Men's and Women's Christan- 
Associations and the literary and journalistic 
groups were among these. 

The YMCA, organized in the 1870's, and the 
YWCA, organized in the 1880's, were the dom- 
inant religious and social influence on campus 
prior to 1900. Their Sunday School classes were 
well attended and their missionary movement 

Charitable projects were undertaken. The 
YWCA Christinas Doll Show arose out of a re- 
quest by the West-Side Association of Chicago 
for dolls. Money was raised for missionary work 
in 1902 by staging a Post-Exam Jubilee. 

The Y's activities were first carried out in the 
"Association House" at Wright and John. In 
1908 the YMCA constructed the building now 
known as Iilini Hall, and the YWCA soon built 
McKinley Hall. Though they had more room, 
the Y's never recovered the vitality they had 
once enjoyed. 

The ILLINI grew from a small fortnightly 
magazine to a weekly newspaper in 1893, and 
then to a daily in 1907 when its name was 
changed to the DAILY ILLINI. The introduc- 
tion of journalism in 1904 helped to stimulate 
better writing for the paper. A measure to stop 
staffs from keeping profits of advertising in both 
the DAILY ILLINI and the ILLIO brought 
both publications under the supervision of the 
non-profit Iilini Publishing Company. 

The class of 1895 issued the last SOPHO- 
GRAPH, a literary yearbook, and the first 
ILLIO. The publication soon grew from a small 
essay-filled volume to a 500-page pictorial issue. 
There were a number of magazines which 
attempted to take over the ILLINI'S literary 
heritage. Those from THE VARSITY FORT- 
BLER were short lived, and their quality was 
however, was more lasting. And under the co- 
editorships of Arthur Ray Warnock and Carl 
Van Doren, and of Allan Nevins and Mark Van 
Doren it attained a high degree of excellence. 


After the University banned cars on campus, students in 
1927 relied upon roller skates for transportation and social 
events, and used them as a means of protest to the ban. 


#"* M 

The DAILY ILLINI night staff of 1931 appears busy. 


Chief Illiniwek, .1 symbol of lllini spirit, firsl appeared 
between halvesof the opening game of the L926 season. 

Here the Chief officiates at a L937 pipe smoking ceremony 
between head cheerleaders of Illinois and Notre Dame. 


ini Union Unifies Activities 

When President James suggested in 1904 that 
an Illinois Union be formed, no immediate stu- 
dent interest was shown. By April, 1910, how- 
ever, the Illinois Union had formed, and had a 
constitution which established it as the govern- 
ment of the classes and the manager of many 
student activities. Its ambitions were not re- 
alized, in part because the Union was hard 
pressed financially. 

Since 1935 there had been plans to centralize 
student activities in the proposed Union Build- 
ing with one administrative organization. But 
when the Illini Union Building opened in Feb- 
ruary, 1941, two existing organizations tried to 
co-ordinate all activities. One was the Woman's 
League and the other was the Men's League, 
formerly the Illinois Union. This dual leadership 
did not solve the problem of unifying student 
activities. In the spring of 1942, the Illini Union 
Board replaced the leagues. 

This parade created enthusiasm for the proposed stadium. 

Students built Homecoming decorations in 1937 to honor 
Robert Zuppke on his 25th year of coaching at Illinois. 





•<•».**■ ■ 





••.:.• •'<': 

■> v* 



••::$ •:•:%■: : :>:>->x*- •. . : 






.^jjyvvvv.;.*.;.; .«^B 







; : ':-iix(^ 




•?<:•: x<« 



Century Mark Passes, Illinois Sports Still Vital and Dynamic 

One hundred years is a long, long time. It 
acknowledges in passing a Red Grange, a George 
Huff, a Jim Grabowski. One hundred years saw 
passing livestock water the first Illini field 
indiscriminately. It saw free-wheeling donny- 
brooks that laughingly, or painfully, were de- 
scribed as football games. It saw the Illini win 
their first basketball game in 1896, over a 
strong Illinois Wesleyan squad, 29-12, with al- 
most a thousand people in attendance. All play- 
ers in the contest were girls. It was ten more 
years before the boys gained their first hard- 
court victory, tripping Indiana, 27-24. The cen- 
tury past has seen the Illini take championships 
in nearly every sport, and finish last once in a 
while. In all, this one hundred years has seen 
Illinois, with Illinois men, Illinois spirit, ce- 
menting Illinois traditions. For better or worse, 

Fore Illinois and the class of '26, he's teed off. 

Intramural track was one of the most popular sports at 
the turn of the century, as shown by this meet in 1910. 


Trite sounding though it may be, Hugh McKenley raced 
to glory in the quarter-mile, as a world record holder. 

"The Dutch Master" talks it over with some of his boys. 


The Men Make lllini Sports 

Trying to name all the men who gave them- 
selves so freely to the teams of Illinois is an 
exercise in impossibilities. There was a man 
named Zuppke, who came as close to being 
idolized as any coach ever will. George Huff, 
founding father and chief patron of Illinois ath- 
letics, managed to capture eleven championships 
in his twenty-four years of coaching his baseball 
boys. Harry Gill turned out eleven outdoor and 
eight indoor track championships in his twenty- 
nine years. The aquatic squads of E. J. Manley 
often had no plunging peers in the nation. And 
no list would be complete if it didn't contain 
the names of Ray Eliot, Doug Mills, and Harry 
Combes. They were the mentors, but there were 
other men who gave Illinois its moments. Red 
Grange, those fabulous Whiz Kids, Hugh Mc- 
Kenley, Bob Richards, Don Freeman, Dick 
Butkus, and Jim Grabowski all belong on the 
list. But so do many others. The list is as long 
as Illinois is old. 

What he lacked in finesse, he made up for in desire. In 
the early Twenties, he was one of our first netmen. 

(Fairchild Ptoto) 

Determination, strength of character, and firmness of 
resolve mark these lllini who will not be foiled. 


Spirit of the Past Lingers 

Spirit is an indefinable manifestation. It can 
come and go. Spirit makes bad teams play better, 
and good teams play superbly. It is not just 
the rah rah when a touchdown is made; it is 
students, on their own, collecting over six hun- 
dred thousand dollars to help build the Me- 
morial Stadium. Spirit makes the alums come 
back, coaches stay on, and students feel pride 
in being Illini. Perhaps the best definition of 
spirit is contained in Zuppke's tribute to his 
1941 squad, "...young, green, light; they,... 
meeting the nation's greatest teams, played 
courageously against the highest odds. They 
deserved the highest praise of all: they gave 
everything they had." 

Track, in its glory days in the Twenties, drew thousands 
as Illinois raced to title after title. (FairchUd Photo) 

Baseball had its start on the old Illini Field, lirst per- 
manent athletic fixture on the campus. 


University of Chicago Football Coach Amos Alonzo 
Stagg (center - saw his team defeated 3-0 on the first 
Illinois Homecoming in 1910. 

"The house that the students built," Memorial Stadium, 
stands in the year of its dedication, 1924. 

-T ** * 




4*» ** 



Shotputter puts the shot a sprightly 41' 3", 
in a 1910 conference meet, The effort was 
good for third place. 

Football in 1910 was rough, injuring half of all those 
in attendence including spectators. 


Red Grange played baseball between touchdowns. 

Huff Gym was always crammed to the rafters, whenever 
the Whiz Kids came to play. It was great to be an Illini. 

Traditions Recall High Spots 

One hundred years has seen so much happen. 
It saw an underrated Illini aggregation upset 
a University of Chicago powerhouse in football 
at the turn of the century. It saw Red Grange 
race for four touchdowns in the Stadium's dedi- 
cation game. It saw track teams of the late 
Forties so predominate, that they took succes- 
sive NCAA outdoor titles, and on one weekend 
split their squad to take the Drake Relays and 
a quadrangular with Army, simultaneously. The 
Forties also saw a basketball team, dubbed the 
Whiz Kids, capture the fancy of the nation. 
The Fifties saw Illini gymnastics teams take 
eleven straight Big Ten titles, and four national 
championships. Sum up these moments, and 
you have part, but only part, of the tradition 
that is Illinois. 








»«•: : : 

?X*X - X"Xv? 






r v.w.v.v.v. 






^rix-x-x- \ 

-.•?•. :-Vv:.;.y. 


£■:■ •. <jj 


<•:• •:«•• •• 




V. • 




vs *?**?.*. 



•a ' '.:'.'.•. .'.'.' 




■ ■ 

^^^^■^ ^^^^■r • • ■%■ • • • « 
.••«••■ » V • ••■■•• 

. •■•••••• • » •■••••! 





. ./.'.V.V.V.VAV.W.'.V 



» • • • ■ • • 


• » • • * • • 






• ... •% • » • ^ # ^* 






Success Characterizes Alumni Achievement Award Winners 

Every year three University of Illinois alumni, 
chosen for outstanding success and distinction 
in their fields of endeavor, receive the Illini 
Achievement Award. The award, the highest 
given by the 38,000-member Alumni Associa- 
tion, is presented formally to these distinguished 
graduates by the U. of I. President. 

Originated by the Alumni Association board 
of directors in 1956 and presented the first time 
the next year, the achievement award has now 
gone to 30 U. of I. graduates who are among 

the nation's most prominent citizens in business, 
science, education, and the arts. 

Nominations for the outstanding alumni are 
received from several sources, including alumni 
leaders and members of the faculty. An Alumni 
Association committee reviews these, and it 
makes a recommendation to the board. All 
alumni are eligible — the single requirement be- 
ing that the recipient receive his award in per- 
son at commencement. 

We proudly salute our outstanding alumni. 


Clifford F. Hood 

Former President 
United States Steel 

William E. Levis 

Chairman of the Board 

Owens-Illinois Glass 

Charles B. Shuman 


American Farm Bureau 


Avery Brundage 

I'n sident 

International ( Hympics 

Edward A. Doisy 

Nobel Prize Winner 

Louis C. Goad 
Executive Vice-Presideni 
General Motors Corpora- 


Vincente Y. Orosa 
Public Works Engineer 
Philippine Government 

Vincent du Vigneaud 

Nobel Prize Winner 


Collett E. Woolman 

Former President 
Delta Air Lines 

Arnold O. Beckman 

Beckman Instruments 

Herman C. Krannert 

Chairman of the Board 
Inland Container 


Robert L. Latzer 

President of the Board 
Pet Milk Company 

Harold Boeschenstein 

Owens-Corning Fiberglass 

Karl M. Dallenbach 

Distinguished Professor 
University of Texas 


James B. Reston 
Chief of Washington Bu- 



George Chandler 

President of the Board 

Screen Actors Guild 

Karl A. Meyer 

Cook County Director 

Medical Institutions 

Clifford S. Strike 
F.H. McGraw and Com- 


Max Abramovitz 

Harrison and Abramovitz 

William B. Greene 

Chairman of the Board 

Barber-Greene Company 

Donald R. Grimes 

President of Distributing 
Independent Grocers Alli- 



Stewart D. Owen 
Managing Editor 



i \l. 


Mark Van Doren 

Literary ( Vit ic 

Poel . Author, Teacher 

Leslie B. Worthington 


United Slates Steel 


George Halas 

Manager — Owner 

Chicago Bears 

William G. Karnes 

Beatrice Foods Company 


Allan Nevins 
Renowned Historian 
Teacher, Biographer 

Harry O. Bercher 

International Harvester 

Albert E. Jenner, Jr. 


Raymond, Mayer, Jenner, 



Irna Phillips 

Writer, Creator 
Television Serials 


Professor Solberg Prepares Multi-volume University History 

Since the fall of 1963, Winton U. Solberg, an 
associate professor of history, has been research- 
ing and writing a history of the University of 
Illinois. His original intention was to produce 
a one volume, non-annotated work covering the 
hundred years of University history. During the 
course of his research, Professor Solberg changed 
the scope of his work, deciding to produce a 
documented, multi-volume work. 

There were many factors causing Professor 
Solberg to change his original plan. At the outset 
he knew little about the material available in 
the University Archives, which at this time were 
thoroughly disorganized. Much of his early work 
was archival, in co-operation with the newly ap- 
pointed archivist Maynard Brichford. But as the 
archives were reorganized and material was 
brought in from various places on campus, Pro- 
fessor Solberg realized that there were extensive 
documents which should receive thorough treat- 
ment. And because further investgiation showed 
that he would differ from some commonly ac- 
cepted theories about the University, scholar- 
ship dictated that he set down the sources which 
led him to these conclusions. 

While continuing with the work on the Univer- 

sity history, Professor Solberg taught his two 
course series on American Intellectual and Cul- 
tural History and a graduate seminar dealing 
with this area. His book on THE CHRISTIAN 
be published by the Harvard University Press. 

The first volume of the HISTORY OF THE 
UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS places the early 
history in context with the national movement 
in higher education, covering the period from 
1867 to 1894. This volume will be published dur- 
ing the Centennial year by the University Press. 
Professor Solberg will continue writing on the 
University history while teaching at the Uni- 
versity of Bologna on a Fulbright grant. 

Among leading American universities, the Uni- 
versity of Illinois is, perhaps, the least well served 
with an adequate history. Of the two published 
volumes, one is superceded by a wealth of in- 
formation, and the other deals primarily with 
the background of the early University. Pro- 
fessor Solberg's work, however, should contrib- 
ute to an understanding of the University's role 
on the national and international scene and 
therefore to an awareness of the increasing in- 
fluence of higher education. 


"Since 1962, when the AAUP placed the University on its 
censured list, many of us have worked for its removal." 

AAUP Gives Recognition to 
inois on Centennial Day 

During the academic year 1965-1966, Profes- 
sor Solberg served as president of the local chap- 
ter of the American Association of University 
Professors. His principal concern as president 
was to conduct research and formulate corrective 
action prior to presenting the University's case 
before Committee A of the AAUP in Atlanta, 
Georgia. The appeal was to remove the Univer- 
sity from the censured list. 

The work of Professor Solberg, together with 
that done earlier by Harry Hilton, Victor Stone, 
and Samuel Gove, reached fruition on the open- 
ing day of the Centennial Celebration. On Feb- 
ruary 28, 1967, the AAUP removed the Univer- 
sity of Illinois from its list of censured univer- 

Many University reforms, including a tenure 
measure and statutes concerning academic free- 
dom, came out of investigation and action taken 
after the University was denied recognition. 

"A number of good reforms have come out of the Leo 
Koch case. The University now has excellent statutes 
concerning academic freedom and acquisition of tenure." 


'•^pp*"%S»«s. :-4JM» 


Studenf Lire 




fm r "^^ 












fl\CpjEH-J'J IDT 

Students Protest, Picket, for 
Repeal of Clabaugh Act 

The attempt by a local W.E.B. DuBois Club 
to gain University recognition was a principal 
concern of University administrators all year. 
In mid-March the University Board of Trustees 
took the question out of Administration hands 
by voting 8-2 to instruct officials to refuse recog- 
nition of the DuBois Club. This action reversed 
the Board's earlier position. President Henry said 
that he would abide by the ruling. 

Sometime during the DuBois recognition di- 
lemma students chose to take issue with the 1947 
Clabaugh Act. This Illinois law forbids the Uni- 
versity to grant facilities to "subversive organi- 
zations." Students Against the Clabaugh Act 
(SACA) was soon organized, and directed demon- 
strations against the legislation. Student leaders 
then reorganized SACA into Students for Free 
Speech (SFS), stating broader objectives for SFS 
than they had for SACA. 

Concern over these two issues went beyond 
University students. The Illinois State Senate 
adopted a resolution urging the Board to ban 
the DuBois Club after the Trustees had first 
approved of granting recognition. Faculty groups 
opposed the Board's final decision on club recog- 
nition and issued statements like that of the law 
faculty's which stated that the Board's decision 
to refuse recognition "represents a serious lack 
of perception of and commitment to fundamental 
principles of academic freedom.. . ." 




Three Coaches Resign to End 
inois Slush Fund Scanda 

With the resignation on March 18, of Basket- 
ball Coaches Harry Combes and Howie Braun 
and Football Coach Pete Elliott, the University 
of Illinois' $21,000 slush fund scandal ended. 
Five athletes ruled permanently ineligible by 
the Big Ten faculty representatives for accept- 
ing funds are Rich Jones, Ron Dunlap, Cyril 
Pinder, Derek Faison, and Bob Stephens. Steve 
Kuberski and Oscar Polite received a year's sus- 

Following the resignation of Doug Mills as 
athletic director on November 23, 1966, acting 
Athletic Director Leslie Bryan was informed 
by Assistant Athletic Director Mel Brewer of 
irregularities within the department. Soon after- 
ward the University placed Elliott and Combes 
on a year's recruiting probation. In mid-De- 
cember Big Ten Commissioner Bill Reed an- 
nounced that President Henry had given him 
evidence of irregularities and that an investi- 
gation wculd follow. 

Athletic directors from all conference schools 
met and voted to demand that the University 
fire the three coaches or show cause why its 
membership in the conference should not be sus- 
pended. President Henry immediately stated that 
he would appeal the decision to the faculty 
representatives. Alumni and students circulated 
petitions calling for support to retain the three 

At a meeting early in March the faculty 
representatives concurred with the athletic di- 
rectors' ultimatum. Two weeks later the Uni- 
versity failed in its attempt to have the repre- 
sentatives ameliorate the penalties. 

With the resignation of the three coaches, the 
Big Ten announced that the case was closed. 

Rich Jones had a 24 point average in the first Five games. 



Around campus, students voiced their opinions through 
sponsored demonstrations, or in the free speech area. 


( 7 tL \ 


'A ^ 




The Draft: A Question for Both Nation and University 

With the supply of undeferred draft candi- 
dates growing smaller, the Selective Service has 
cast about for another source of manpower. And 
because college men represent a potentially large 
draft pool, searching questions have arisen con- 
cerning students' status. President Johnson has 
recommended draft law changes. Some of the 
major proposed revisions are a national lottery 

system, a termination of all graduate student 
deferments and an intention to draft younger 
men ahead of older ones. 

Both national and campus groups have pro- 
tested United States involvement in Viet Nam. 
This issue coupled with questions of draft equity 
and student deferments have caused students to 
voice their opinions. 


Motorcycle Accidents Bring 
Safety Campaign 

Started by a rash of motorcycle accidents, 
one of which resulted in the near-death of a 
University student, a motorcycle safety cam- 
paign was sponsored by Yamaha Sportland. 
Using Dianne Chandler, a Playboy Playmate, 
as a top drawing card, local police inspected mo- 
torcycles for safety. The afternoon was then high- 
lighted by a motorcycle parade. 


.. '- . , ? ' 

Collision between bus and cycle causes serious injury. 


A key certainly is a precious treasure to some students. 

Senior Women Gain 
Key System Privileges 

Late minutes and midnight curfew are now 
things of the past for senior women on campus. 
A new freedom was granted with the onset of 
the use of keys. 

The long awaited decision came this fall from 
the office of Dean Stanton Millet. The plan for 
key privileges is on a trial basis for seniors, with 
the intention that if effective, keys for junior 
women will be approved in the future. Each 
housing unit submitted its own plan for imple- 
menting the key system during the trial period. 


Champaign smoke-fighters make sure every spark is out. 

Weather or Not, Campus 
Activity Still Continues 

The quiet, humdrum life that people associ- 
ate with the Champaign area is often invaded 
by the elements. The much scorned wind which 
lashes the campus brings with it some water 
which is not always beneficial to the plants. 
Ice, particularly, played havoc on the trees, 
while heavy rains inundated busy Green Street. 
Bailey and Himes Sports Shop used water to 
settle its fire problem, which attacked the store 
and charred the building, bringing a lire sale to 
the students. 


Glistening (ree'ops dazzle strollers on the Quad. 

A city appropriation for gondolas is almost a necessity. 

Firemen are overcome by the smoke at Bailey and Himes. 


The Kaleidoscope of the University of Illinois in Chicago 
includes Congress Circle and the Dental School. 


2 4* - 

■fcB5K! ,,f »™ 


Hfflf II If II if 





The Chicago campuses provide many picturesque scenes of 
architecture for the camera to capture. 

University of Illinois Congress Circle Rolls onto Popularity 

A welcome addition to Chicago's skyline in 
recent years has been the blossoming of the 
University of Illinois Congress Circle. With a 
backdrop of contemporary Chicago, the campus 
stands awesome and intimidating in its majesty. 
But for over ten thousand students attending 
the University of Illinois in Chicago the cam- 
pus shows a welcoming face. It has an Illini 

Union and a University library. The campus 
also possesses certain unique facilities all its 
own, such as the University Hall and the Lec- 
ture Center. Degrees are now offered in four 
colleges — Architecture and Art, Business Ad- 
ministration, Engineering, and the College of 
Liberal Arts and Sciences — as the U. of I. in 
Chicago flourishes. 


Special air-conditioned buses are used for long trips. 

Handicapped Students Benefit 
From Rehabilitation Center 

This year there was a new look in Rehabil- 
itation at the University with the dedication 
of the new Rehabilitation-Education Center on 
October 28. This $1,072,000 one-story brick 
building which houses core services such as 
administration; medical services; physical, oc- 
cupational, and functional therapies; and coun- 
seling services. Services for the blind and deaf 
represents Stage I in the development of the 
Rehabilitation-Education Center. In order to 
aid handicapped students, the new facility sports 
features like nonskid floors, power-operated en- 
trance doors, Braille room labels, thermostat- 
ically controlled faucets, and library tables with 
wells for tape recorders used by the blind. Look- 
ing toward the future, people at the Center en- 
vision a Stage II capable of providing additional 
space for research, services, a gymnasium-audi- 
torium, hydrotherapy units, and a swimming 

The man responsible for the development of 
this center was Professor Timothy J. Nugent, 
director of the Division of Rehabilitation-Edu- 
cation Services. Through his efforts the Center 
grew from one geared for a small number of 
disabled veterans of World War II to its size 
today of over 200 students. Directly responsible 
for the development of the special facilities, Pro- 
fessor Nugent' s aim was to create a center in 
which the handicapped could learn to pursue 
productive lives and enjoy sports activities. 

Kay Sternberg demonstrates usefullness of special sink. 



Spring Fever and Weather 
Plague Academic Enthusiasm 

From the sundecks of Greek houses, to the 
shores of Lake of the Woods, students can be 
found in lazy relaxation. The more industri- 
ous people read books to combat spring fever, 
but the spring passions that interest a man's 
fancy often turn his head to more attractive 
figures than those in his texts. Thus, with the 
coming of the spring season comes a restlessness 
emerging from the students' hearts. 

A Champaign spring is a weird season. The 
parties, formals, picnics, sun tans, the annual 
destruction of Wright Street, rain, mud, term 
papers, beer, south winds from the University 
farms, and "study dates" at the stadium, make 
spring semester an unique source of variety en 
a university campus. 


% &* 

■jt » . 


£1 T* 

i *^^pi^ * f 

1 * 

^ 5s?C 

1 -V"" 

* ?s 

*S* T*'« 

Rejoice in the Spring Rain, 
Winter's Bite Is Gone Again 

Spring, a potpourri of seasons, 

Dismally born to the cold winds of March, 

Nursed by the warm April showers, 

Blossoming into the sweet scent of May, 

Dying in the heat of June. 

A transition between poles, 

From snow to rain, cold to hot. 

Trees, raising their heads to the sun, 

Green leaves in the bud, 

Branches stretching for the warmth of day. 

A spirit of birth, 

A world of fantasy reborn. 

The "springing" forth of the life How, 

Defrosted, and no longer winter's ice. 

Youth and life spreading 

Even into the most decrepit, 

Wandering from their winter hibernation, 

Leaving the sleeping spirit and parkas. 

The animal birth of Nature 

Awake, and revel to her glory! 



Assembly Hall provides opportunity for more Mini to attend 
musicals, basketball games, and convocations. 


Noble Eggleston goes to picnics with the rich kids, but 
his heart belongs to a girl from across the tracks. 

"Little Me" Brings Music and 
Comedy to the Stage 

Gaiety, laughter, and song filled the stage 
as the curtain rose for the Spring Musical, 
"Little Me." From the Dog Patch-like setting 
of the heroine to the wealthy Victorian home 
of the hero, the fast-moving show was filled with 
satire and music. 

Given on Mom's Day weekend, the lively mu- 
sicals tells of a poor young girl who falls in love 
with a rich boy. The comedy heightens as the 
plot becomes more and more complicated, and 
the result is hilarity. 

Under the direction of Ned Levy, dancers, 
singers, and actors rehearsed to a near perfect 
performance, as they presented a modern ver- 
sion of "Cinderella." "Little Me" proved to be 
an experience in hilarious comedy. 


Strewn about in sundry displays of attentiveness, students 
relax from a hard day of soaking up the "rays." 

University Band Presents 
Concerts on the Lawn 

Every Spring, the "true" Illini, who never 
walk on the grass, grab their friends, dates, or 
wives, and head for the great out-of-doors on 
the University Quadrangle. The main attrac- 
tion of the Quad is not the shelter or an abun- 
dance of seclusion, but the University of Illinois 
Concert Band. 

Performing weekly, the Concert Band plays 
in the cool shadows of the spring evening to 
the delight of many concert-goers. The whole 
scene has the appearance of a huge band shell 
with the Auditorium as a backdrop, and truly 
gives an eerie appearance. 

Students, disliking the indoors during the balmy 
spring weather, flock to the Quadrangle to relax 
and partake in music quite different from that 
of the Kamsian atmosphere. 

Jacket-clad students and naked statues alike concentrate 

on the music of the Band during spring concerts. 




V. J 

Registration begins the weekend planned for moms. 

Two mothers check the programs for their next activity. 

ini Moms Spend Mother's Day with University Students 

Like Dads, Illini Moms also deserve their own 
special, action-packed weekend. Unlike Dad's 
weekend, the mothers attend soothing, less bois- 
terous events, such as Spring Musical, Glee Club 
Concert, Atius-Sachem Sing, as well as the 
Honor's Day Convocation and the Art and 
Garden Shows. This does not include the nu- 

merous activities planned by the various Greek 
and Independent houses. 

Naturally, all this entails quite a bit of walk- 
ing on the part of the Moms, who often grin 
and bear it, but look secretly forward to the 
opportunity when they can slip off the high 
heels and rest their aching ankles. 


Open Houses Help to 
Broaden Interest in Colleges 

Annually, open houses are sponsored by the 
Colleges of Engineering and Agriculture to dem- 
onstrate various aspects of their work and to show 
the types of equipment being used. 

Engineering Open House, held in the spring, 
was centered around exhibits and student proj- 
ects. In contrast, Agriculture Guest Day was in 
the fall and stressed career opportunities avail- 
able in thirteen fields. 

Engineering display tests the strength of concrete colur 


Studying engines can cover a broad field as this demon- 
stration during the Agriculture Open House shows. 


International friendship is conveyed by a spirited dance. 

People become entangled in the spirit of a Ukranian dance. 


International Friendship Produces Spirit and Unity on Campus 

The phrase "International Fair 1 ' has taken 
on a new and unique meaning at the University 
since its beginning" in 1951, and has come to 
mean togetherness and oneness for all foreign 
and American students. The fair has not only 
signified friendship and communication, but also 
pride in being a Turk, a Latin American, an 
Oriental, a German. 

This year the International Fair reached a new 
height in its sixteen year existence at the Uni- 
versity. In a statement from the Office of the 
Governor, it was proclaimed that ". . .Whereas, 
this unique opportunity to foster international 
friendship and understanding is deemed most 
worthy of the attention of all of our citizens, . . . 
I, Otto Kerner, Governor of the State of Illi- 
nois, do hereby proclaim the period December 
NOIS. . ." Thus the International Fair of 1966 
brought a unique experience to those at the 
University of Illinois. 

A pretty girl end colorful folklore produce a stunning effect. 

A dance can be an effective method of communication. 


Carnival Lights Bring Many Fun-loving Students to lllioskee 

Cotton candy, rides, and free dancing were 
a part of lllioskee, the University's spring car- 
nival. The annual event drew many students 
to the area west of the Assembly Hall, which 
for a few days became a dazzling fairground. 
One of the main features, of course, was the 
ferris wheel. However, booths along the mid- 
way always attracted crowds. These booths, 
sponsored by various campus organizations, in- 
cluded such things as sharp shooting, sponge 
throwing, and refreshment booths which pro- 
vided various soft drinks. 


Young men try shooting as unusual way to impress dates. 

Dazzling lights and daring rides transform the area west 
of the Assembly Hall into an exciting carnival. 


World's Largest Chapter Meeting Highlights Greek Week 

During the spring, the Armory became an 
arena for the ehariots of Rome. Beautifully 
decorated chariots, pullers, and charioteers pa- 
raded around the arena before the Olympics. 
The Olympic games, however, were Illiolympics, 
a part of Greek Week activities sponsored by 
the Panhellenic and Interfraternity councils. 


After the parade of the chariots, the contests 
began. Among these contests were the chariot 
races, the tug of war, the greased pig race, and 
the tricycle races. 

Illiolympics, however, was only one ol main- 
activities. Other events included College Bowl 
and the world's largest chapter meeting. 

Greek Week games, from chariots and trikes, to greased 
pigs and skateboards, give Greeks an amusing weekend. 


Girls Plan MERC Week 

Men's Economic Recovery Campaign Week is 
the dubious invention of some sex-staived co- 
eds. Created under the guise of a financial aid 
to men, MERC Week is usually the week be- 
fore final exams. Obviously, the girls, who don't 
worry about the draft, pester helpless U. of I. 
men into dates by "calling the boys," a severe 
social anomaly. Some of the fellows seemingly 
co-operate by putting their names and phone 
numbers in the DI under the category available, 
better conveying the idea of buying a used car 
than dating. 

The most commonly seen types of couples, 
however, are the people who are already rela- 
tively "attached" to one another, and these 
people usually violate the basic premise of MERC 
Week. Planned obsolescence? 

Throuqh the chivalrous arts of holding doors and carrying 
books, women hope to remind the men of their manners. 


Students Seek Relief as Final 
Week Tension Increases 

The appearance of spring finals had a sober- 
ing affect on student life. Reflecting on the 
study habits since winter, many resolved to be- 
gin cramming all day while others gave up as 
the tension^mounted. Fewer students were seen 
wondering around campus as the libraries be- 
came packed. ^Many others took advantage of 
the sunny 'days while studying to prove that 
finals could have some benefits. 

Moods changed frequently during the week, 
with varied degrees of apathy, depression and 
joy evident. But as exams ended, the worried 
drowned their sorrows at Kams. 


Some graduates finish the four-year race with a sprint. 

Chartier, Angel Are Named 
Top Scholars of 1966 

George Chartier and Roger Angel were named 
Valedictorian and Salutatorian, respectively, of 
their June '66 graduating class. Chartier for- 
merly of Chicago, now residing in Urbana, 
posted a perfect straight-A average in clinical 
psychology since his enrollment in 1963. Roger 
Angel, a resident of Princeton, Illinois, scored a 
near-perfect 4.968 average in Electrical Engi- 
neering. Both men plan on continuing their edu- 
cation in graduate work. 

Top '66 scholars are Roger Angel and George Chartier. 


IBM cards and students fill the Armory for registration. 

Let's All Stand in Line . . . 
To Stand in Line 

Second only to the trauma of Final Week is 
the unforgettable experience of registration. The 
first time is always the worst, as many a teary- 
eyed freshman will verify. For many students 
it is the first confrontation with that time-honored 
University institution, the line. Hundreds of stu- 
dents stand in lines... in the Armory, the Ice 
Rink, the bookstores. . .everywhere, all through 
the day in the lines. Once the seemingly never- 
ending line is over, exhausted, weary students 
prepare for another fall semester. 

Follett's becomes a solid mass of customers. 







Cyril Pinder, injured in an early season game, glumly 
watches from the sidelines as his teammates light on. 

Fall Follies, Football Feats 
Greet Returning Students 

Street dances, football games, and pajama 
races in the pouring rain are among the many 
activities of fall semester. Before the sudden 
weight of the academic world becomes too heavy, 
students spend their free time walking through 
the woods on an Indian Summer day and roast- 
ing marshmallows by night. 

Football season begins immediately. On a 
Saturday afternoon students crowd at Memorial 
Stadium and at Chances R for an after- the-gamc 
fling of beer and dancing. Evenings become 
filled with more dancing at open houses, and, 
in warm weather, at street dances. However, 
as the air grows more brisk and as hour exams 
begin to accumulate, students retreat indoors to 
the atmosphere of books, papers, and mid-terms. 

The midnight oil begins to burn, and the 
academic aspect of fall intensifies. 



Assembly Hall Brings Stars 
To lllini Audience's Eyes 

The clear, ringing sound of a trumpet, a 
melodious voice, and the thunder of applause 
soars through the Assembly Hall at the end of 
a brilliant show. Harry Belafonte struck the 
University audience with his calypso tunes, bal- 
lads, and natural humor. His songs ranged from 
the lively to the nostalgic, yet keeping with his 
unique style. The Supremes brought to the 
Assembly Hall their "swinging' 1 popular tunes. 
When Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass arrived, so 
did the largest audience ever to fill the Assembly 
Hall. Playing to a capacity crowd, Alpert and 
his group filled the Hall with music, humor and 

dian and musician Herb Alpert jokes with companions. 


Popular tunes prevail as the Supremes present their best. 

With humor and song, Belafonte delivers his performance. 


Bo Batchelder and Jane Heggie congratulate Queen Carol 

Homecoming Queen, Court 
Add Beauty to Weekend 

Elected by the student body, Carol Kristen 
reigned as the 1966 Homecoming Queen. Miss 
Kristen, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, 
was the Scabbard and Blade sponsor besides 
being an Illio Beauty. Miss Donna Yakos repre- 
sented the visiting university, Stanford, while the 
other eight members of the Homecoming Court 
represented Big Ten schools. 

Ventress, Nancy Goodman, Jody Ringenberg, Lynne Toelle. Second 
Row: Nancy Scott, Suzi Fischer, Karen Larsen. Bottom Row: Donna 
Yakos, Queen Carol Kristen, Judy Henne. 


Taft-Van Dcren girls discuss placing the last dec panel 

House Decorations Reveal 
The Spirit of Homecoming 

Every Homecoming, colorful displays of the 
residences cleverly carry out the theme. The 
1966 theme, SNAFU, provided a variety of new 
ideas for creative genius. A number of cate- 
gories were created, and awards presented for 
the best in each. Trophies were awarded on the 
basis of originality of design, neatness of appear- 
ance, color scheme, and clear presentation of 
the SNAFU theme. The winners in each housing 
division were Delta Chi, Alpha Xi Delta, Sher- 
wood Lodge, Newman Hall, Weston Hall, Phi 
Kappa Theta, Phi Mu, Stratford, Hendrick 
House, and Trelease Hall. 

If at first you don't succeed. 


Halftime Entertainment Keeps 
Pace with Home Games 

Block I and the Marching Illini coordinated 
their efforts to keep football fans entertained 
last season. Performing at half-time, and this 
year through the third quarter, the Block I 
provided exciting stunts by the use of four cards 
containing eight colors. Dave Akin, as major 
chairman of the Block, headed a group includ- 
ing 2,200 students. Block I, begun in 1954, 
is the largest and first double cheering section 
in the country. 

The Illinois' football band has also been 
credited with a number of "firsts," including 
field formation and singing by its 175 musi- 
cians. The Marching Illini, directed by Mark 
Hindsley, Albert Harding, and Everett Kisinger, 
presented a variety of programs from a wel- 
come for dads to a salute for Fire Prevention 
Week. The band performed at home during all 
pre-game and halftime periods. 

"Ready, down! Ready, flip! Ready, up! 

East Block I members strain to see the West Block's 
mirrored stunts. 


think an 1 1 1 i -cop threw that roll!' 

"We are marching for dear old lllini!" 

Nad Levy, Stunt Show director, provides word of advice 
and instruction for the Stunt Show cast. 


Stunt Show Keeps Homecoming Weekend Alive with Fun 

In forty-three years, a stunt show can be- 
come quite a tradition, especially when it is 
a part of the Homecoming activities. Planning 
began early in the spring with the pairing of 
houses, followed by months devoted to writing 
scripts and numbers. 

The '66 show contained the top eight acts 
which were selected by a panel of judges dur- 
ing the first week of school. Director Ned Levy 
also served as the choreographer for the shagger 
line that began the show. The Saturday night 
performances were climaxed by the awarding 
of trophies, first place won by Delta Phi Ep- 
silon and Lambda Chi Alpha for their presenta- 
tion of "The Big Apple." 

"Oh, Fairy God Mushroom, please grant my wish.' 

"Raid kills them dead before they spread. 


Arthur Young accepts trophy as daughter Jane looks on. 

Students Dazzle Dads 'cause 
Pops Are Tops at Illinois 

Illini Dads were greeted in grand style as 
they attended activities of the annual Dad's 
Day weekend. Thomas Arkle Clark, the Uni- 
versity's first Dean of Men, originated the pop- 
ular campus tradition. 

Events have expanded since the celebration 
was first held in 1920. However, the Dolphin 
Water Show and the pep rally were a part of 
the original weekend. Additions to the week- 
end's entertainment include Reno Casino held 
at the Union, the Review sponsored by MIA and 
WISA, and the Glee Club Concert. 

The year 1948 saw the beginning of "King- 
Dad for a Day." This year's "King" is Arthur 
Young, a graduate of Illinois and dad to two 
Illinois students. His coronation took place dur- 
ing the half time ceremonies of Illinois' vic- 
torious game with Wisconsin. 


Reno Casino girls in Union keep dads busy at night. 

Dads lead enthusiastic cheers at the pep ra 



Finale climaxes the success of t'ne weekend's production. 

ini Independents Entertain with Dad's Day Revue 

To stretch the imagination, MIA, WISA, and 
MR HA presented a review, "The Stories Our 
Fathers Told," as part of the Dad's Day week- 
end tributes. Early during the fall semester, 
students frantically began writing scripts for the 
review which included fairy tales about Morrow 
Plots plagued by the Jolly Green Giant and 


several st3ries depicting Dad first meeting Mom. 
M. G.'s Jim Finerty and Greg Taubeneck be- 
gan the show with vaudeville comedy dialogues 
and kept the audience entertained between all 
scenes. The University of Illinois Jazz Band, 
playing throughout the show, also helped liven 
up the pace during the evening. 

"Please, I'd rather do it myself!" 

DOLPHIN QUEEN FINALISTS: Pamela Karlstrom, Carol 
Stewart, Kathy Larson, Melissa Dunnan, Dana Wright. 

Dolphin Queen and Show 
Are Shrouded with Mystery 

The Dolphin Club, including members of the 
varsity swim team, presented their water show 
during both the Homecoming and Dad's Day 
weekends. "The Mysterious Box," this year's 
title, as well as the rest of the show made fun 
of TV in general and station KAMS in partic- 
ular. Typical of the evenings' programs were 
synchronized swimming to the theme music from 
Captain Kangaroo, and diving and relay races 
as the "Midday Sports Spectacular." 

Although the Dolphin Club is made up en- 
tirely of men, room was still found for one group 
number and solo by girls besides walk-on parts 
by the 58 Dolphin Queen candidates. High- 
lighting the final show was the announcement 
of the queen, Diane Carlsen. 


The winning team shows spirit which led to victory. 

Being first prize is a dubious honor for an old turkey. 


Obstacle Course Creates 
Difficulties for Speedy lllini 

With visions of a big bird clouding over their 
minds, lllini celebrate every Thanksgiving season 
with a mad dash down the Quad. Named Tur- 
key Run, the event features paired housing units, 
whose contestants come to the big race with 
such equipment as gunny sacks, bicycles, and 
footballs to compete in fair or fowl play. Al- 
though the competition proved scratchy, there 
were no quacks, as Phi Kappa Theta and Gam- 
ma Phi Beta brought home the big turkey to 
their houses, but next year maybe the rest will 
"get a horse." 

With glasses on high, all toast a successful afternoon. 

Spectators line the sidewalks to cheer their teams. 


Dolphin Queen 
Diane Carlsen 

f 4^ 


Plowboy Prom Queen 
Cheryl Thompson 


St. Pat's Ball Queen 
Lois Gronewald 


Homecoming Queen 
Carol Kristen 

May Queen 
Cheryl Smith 



Snoball Queen 
Vickie A tier 



Pin and Paddle Queen 
Carol Appelman 

ini Brave the Snow and 
Ice to Attend Their Classes 

Squeaking and crunching down snowy side- 
walks, the wind in their faces every step of the 
way, Illini sought the shelter of friendly build- 
ings. While the outer limits of campus became 
a Shangri-La of fantasy, the everyday back and 
forth to classes continued. Outside activities 
hibernated with the animals, and the students 
incubated with their memories and their ex- 

The University campus appears to be an icy drear 


The Cold Winds of Old Man 
Winter Brew Campus Storm 

Winter seemed colder than usual this year. 
Nature took a terrible toll of what few trees 
exist on these natlands while Chicago was buried 
in frosty white flakes. Yet, in the midst of all 
this cold, biting wind and ice, the University 
managed to stay on top of the hottest seat. Pre- 
cipitated by the recognition question, the DuBois 
Club, Clabaugh Act issue dominated campus 
thought and speech. Dreams of roses, champion- 
ships, Pasadena, and glory were blown across 
the bleak fields as a result of a "slush fund," 
that resulted in the worst campus disaster since 
the Dutch elm disease struck. The icy fingers 
that froze campus were "ill winds." 

Frozen students hurry along to mid-winter classes. 


Altgeld becomes a tower of ice during semester break. 

A University tractor gives a snowy Quad the "brush." 


The Ice Capades give the lllini colorful pageantry. 

Ice Capades, the Wonderland of Ice Shows, Dazzles Throng 

Brilliant. . Dazzling. . .Spectacular! These 
were only a few of the words used to describe 
the magnificent Ice Capades of 1967. World 
famous skaters, the Ice Capades' talented and 
decoratively costumed corps de ballet, with ex- 
cellent music, were imaginatively woven to- 
gether to entertain audiences. Perhaps the most 

popular part of the program was Alice in Won- 
derland, enjoyed by children and adults alike. 

Featuring the usual cast of zany characters, 

both students and area families delighted in the 



Southsea performers present tribal dance. 

Dial-A-Carol Provides Spirit of Christmas for Busy lllini 

Although the "spirit" of Christmas hits on 
the department store show windows earlier al- 
most every year, lllini all across the campus 
try to do their part to make the last week or 
so before vacation a merry one. Whether it 
be Dial-A-Carol, or just groups caroling the 
other residences, many do their best to keep 

the Christmas spirit a good identity. Cham- 
paign and Urbana bre?k out in their gala dec- 
orations, and the tree in Lincoln Square is 
beautiful to behold. Unfortunately, the hum- 
bugs, trying not to let the Christmas spirit 
interfere with academics, give an hour exam, 
usually ending with a "Merry Christinas." 


nicest people on a 


A Christmas toy display helps set the Yuletide feeling. 

Christmas Spirit Is 
Present Everywhere 

With the coming of the Christmas season, 
the campus opened its heart and displayed its 
Christmas spirit. The tree lights in front of the 
Union flickered in the dark. The air resounded 
with carols and laughing voices and houses 
brought out seasonal decorations. One could 
begin to sense an atmosphere of anticipation 
throughout much of the campus. Besides the 
celebrations held by the various housing groups 
for their members, many of them gave parties 
for orphans and unfortunate children of the 
community. There was always some good-hearted 
student who enjoyed dressing up like Santa 
Claus to entertain the children. These parties 
greatly increased holiday spirit for both children 
and students alike. 

Santa listens as a young lad expresses Christmas wishes. 



How To Succeed . 
Succeeds in Good Fashion 

This year's winter musical selection, "How 
To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," 
was a fast-moving musical comedy and included 
unique songs such as "A Secretary Is Not A Toy," 
"Coffee Break," and "Company Way." 

A fast-talking businessman tells the audi- 
ence his theory on "How To Succeed In Busi- 
ness Without Really Trying," the story of a 
certain J. Piermont Finch, who starts out in 
the business as a window washer and succeeds 
in rising to Chairman of the Board. 

The winter musical provides an excellent op- 
portunity for campus talent to be discovered, 
while at the same time offering enjoyable enter- 
tainment for students and faculty alike. 

Finch assures Bud Frump that his job is not in jeopardy. 

'Don't, don't, don't Cinderella Darling. 

igley pleads with Mistress Hedy not to leave h 


Semester Break Is a welcome Conclusion to Final Week 

As if hit with a strong punch to the solar 
plexus, campus activity reaches a veritable stand- 
still during final week. Although several of the 
local establishments maintain a respectable crowd 
of patrons, the daily business drops off con- 
siderably from the normal. The local "cafes 
still have a trickle of incorrigibles who have 
either given up or are drowning recent exam 


Yet, on the other side of the dense jungle 
of final week is semester break. A break is that 
time of year when you can pack the suitcase 
for home and not feel guilty about leaving 
books behind. The whole world seems much 
lighter, now that the trial has been success- 
fully passed. However, those people who do 
not perform very well may find themselves in 
more than a textbook jungle. On the other 
side of break, there is a new and interesting 
semester to look forward to. 

Students drown examination memories in a visi 

t to K 

am s. 

Bromley students relax away from the books for awhile. 


Students anxiously await the semester break vacation. 

Whether alone or in pairs, studying for finals is vital 



Photography by Heller's Studio 

Roberta Bradle 



Final Judging by Hugh Hefner 

June Connelly 



Photography by Heller's Studio 

Elizabeth Goossens 



Final Judging by Hugh Hefner 

Sandra Redding 



Photography by Heller's Studio 

Carol Woods 



Final Judging by Hugh Hefner 

Donna Yakos 





inois Ranks High Among 
Other American Universities 

The mark of a great university to a large 
extent is dne to the quality of its faculty both 
in educational and administrative capability. 
At the University of Illinois, the relative stand- 
ing of the educational faculties of the many 
colleges compared with other leading univer- 
sities provides ample reason for placing Illinois 
among the outstanding universities of the na- 
tion. . „ 

In a report published by the American Coun- 
cil on Education in 1966, a study was made 
of a total of 106 universities to evaluate the 
quality of each university on a national basis. 
In the overall rating of 29 different depart- 
ments of study, the University of Illinois was 
ranked with five other universities as fourth best 
nationally, surpassed only by the University 
of California, Berkeley campus; Harvard; and 
Stanford. Specifically, the departments of Elec- 
trical, Chemical, and Civil Engineering rated 
as "Distinguished," along with the departments 
of Physics, Microbiology, Psychology, and Chem- 
istry. In more general aspects, the schools of 
engineering, physical science, and biological sci- 
ence were especially noted for their excellence. 
The faculties and educational resources of 
the University of Illinois provide the student 
with the necessary tools for an excellent edu- 
cation;, it is the job, and privilege, of the student 
to use these tools. 

Prof. Winton U. Solberg checks his notes before lecturing 
on American Intellectual History Prior to the Civil War. 


Efforts of Both Teacher and Student Are Involved in Learning 

Education is an intellectual adventure re- 
quiring both the efforts of teacher and student. 
If there is a lack of desire and interest on the 
student's part, then the efforts of the teacher 
are largely wasted in the lecture hall or class- 
room. Likewise, when the teacher fails to gen- 
erate a spark of enthusiasm or interest in the 
student, he has not reached the potential level 
of his effectiveness as an instructor. The full 
impact and extent of learning is not realized 
by the student until he has involved himself 
thoroughly in the subject at hand, not merely 
to be interested enough to "just get by." 

Teaching is not a job insensitive to the world 
around it. It involves the personal relationship 
between teacher and student, the goal of the 
relationship being the meeting of the two minds 
on a common ground of understanding. It is the 
delicate purpose of the teacher to transform his 
conception and understanding to a form which 
can be grasped by students. In this respect, teach- 
ing is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs. 


Recognized for his success in synthesizing RNA, Dr. Sol 
Spiegelman has taught at Illinois since 1949. 

Scientific Research, Administrative Duties Also Require Time 

The time and attention of the teacher ex- 
tends to many areas besides his role in the 
classroom. Some teachers include scientific or 
basic academic research in their daily routines, 
while others must fulfill the responsibilities of 
administrative duties. For many instructors, most 
of the time outside of the elassroom is spent work- 
ing towards a graduate degree. Still others find 
personal satisfaction in involvement with stu- 
dent organizations or activities. And yel the ever- 
presenl i;isks of grading tests, homework, or lab 


reports require perhaps the greatest amount of 
their efforts as a University instructor. 

Both this time and energy is not witiiout re- 
ward. Seeing the student progress from the mere 
retention of facts to a thorough understanding 
of a subject is one of the teacher's greatest re- 
wards. "The ultimate purpose of all education is 
wisdom and understanding, even more dian 
knowledge, though understanding is impossible 
without knowledge," as Carl F. White once 

Dr. Kirk, a psychologist-educator, is an internationally 
known authority in research on exceptional children. 


Professor Watterson Heads Embryological Research 

Dr. Ray Watterson, Professor of Zoology, is 
an authority in the science of embryology and 
is striving to make Illinois a center of embryo- 
logical research. Dr. Watterson allows his grad- 
uate students to pursue their own interests in 
the field of embryology. University professors 
use much of their time writing for publication or 
advising graduate research investigation. Andrew 
Mehall, senior graduate assistant, is involved in 
an investigation that might determine if hormones 


do regulate bonegrowth in embryos. He is hoping 
to establish a relationship between the pituitary 
gland and bone growth in pre-hatched chickens. 
By dissecting out the forebrain of a thirty to forty 
hour chick embryo, Mehall eliminates the effect 
of the pituitary gland upon the developing chick- 
en. Eventually, he hopes to isolate the respon- 
sible hormone by adding individual hormones to 
the developing embryo lacking a pituitary pri- 
mordium and observing the resulting changes. 

John Logan slowly traces the cross sections of a thirty hour 
chick embryo with Professor Watterson's new microscopic 

Andy Mehall works patiently to remove the forebrain of 
a chick embryo for his hormone-bonegrowth study. 


Extension services provided by the Division include meet- 
ings such as this Art Educational Conference. 

44,000 Gain from Educational Services 

Dean Stanley C. Robinson heads the 
Division of University Extension. 

As the official arm of the University of Illi- 
nois that takes educational opportunities to those 
not enrolled in full-time, on-campus curricula, 
the Division of University Extension provides 
instruction in many areas of study and occupa- 
tional fields. These areas include extramural 
classes, short courses and conferences, correspond- 
ence study, extension in engineering, extension 
in music, Civil Defense instructors' training, 
police training institutes, extension in visual arts, 
Audio-Visual Aids Service, firemanship training, 
and special programs and research. The Di- 
vision coordinates the resources of many depart- 
ments of the University, utilizing facilities for 
the greatest benefit to students. 

The main programs of the Extension Division 
are extramural classes, short courses and con- 
ferences, correspondence courses, and the Audio- 
Visual Aids Service. In the last academic year, 
nearly 44,000 adults were enrolled in extension 
programs. The Audio-Visual Aids Service, the 
world's largest educational film lending library, 
distributed over 100,000 films to schools and 
other community groups. 


As part of the Firemanship Training Program, volunteer 
firemen get extra training in fire-fighting technigues. 

/ - * - / \ 

, t - ' - / L : * 

- *'r ',** ' V'* 

.■ 1 i - -/ % ,1* -V> 

Art students receive instruction in sketching during an out- 
door session of a summer workshop held at New Salem. 

Allerton House is the site of many conferences and courses 
sponsored by the Division of University Extension. 

A man of diversified interests and noteworthy 
ability, Russell N. Sullivan is appropriately pic- 
tured above in his law building surroundings. 
Dean of the College of Law and president of 
the Illinois State Bar Association, Mr. Sullivan 
has contributed very often to our University, 
our state, and our nation. Previously a physical 
education instructor at Northwestern Univer- 
sity, Dean Sullivan is now noted as a leader in 
the legal profession. 

This year finds Dean Sullivan particularly 
busy with the construction of the State Bar's 
new office building in Springfield. He is not a 
newcomer to the building trade, for in 1955 he 
headed the University committee in the con- 
struction of the" present law building. 

A man of action, Russell Sullivan will be 
missed upon his retirement this June. 

Centennial Year Finds lllini 

One hundred years ago University regent 
John M. Gregory helped pioneer new educational 
ideals for Illinois. He stressed the importance of 
well-rounded educational programs and intro- 
duced student government and electives. But 
Gregory's pioneering spirit has not died; it has 

A former student at the Vienna Academy of 
Music, Ludwig Zirner came to the University 
of Illinois in 1946. Since then he has been very 
active in the music school and instrumental in 
the planning for the Krannert Center for the 
Performing Arts. In 1948 he established the 
Opera Workshop, a student organization cre- 
ated to help selected voice pupils gain practical 
experience in actual operatic performances and 
staging techniques. 

Director of forty-six full operas, Professor Zirner 
has also supervised more than 400 operatic scenes. 
Ludwig Zirner has contributed a great deal to 
University culture. 


Faculty Members Setting the Pace for Educational Advances 

remained with this University throughout the 
years with Illinois continuing to emphasize new- 
academic development. 

Adding community and student services to 
its intellectual pursuits, the University has de- 
veloped into the Champaign-Urbana campus. 

Part of the reason this growth has been par- 
ticularly outstanding has been because of the 
men like Gregory who have worked hard to see 
their goals realized. The ILLIO is proud to 
salute some of these men now. We present the 
outstanding faculty for 1967. 

Rapid advancement in the engineering de- 
partment has characterized a former Univer- 
sity of Illinois student, Donald L. Bitzer. Dr. 
Bitzer became director of the PLATO com- 
puter project just after completing his doctorate 
in 1961, and he has headed the project ever 
since. A system designed to teach students by 
use of a digital computer, PLATO has been 
used in courses from library science to advanced 
engineering. The accomplishments of Dr. Bitzer's 
graduate students attest to his superior ability to 
guide their development. 


Active in campus affairs, Harold E. Kenney 
is a good example of a student's dean. He is 
presently serving on the campus planning com- 
mittee, the Physical Education Executive Com- 
mittee, and a Senate committee to study grading 
procedures and the pass-fail system. In addition 
he finds time to teach both graduate and under- 
graduate courses in the College of Physical Edu- 
cation. A former wrestling coach with the dis- 
tinction of never finishing less than fourth in 
fifteen years of Big Ten competition, Dr. Ken- 
ney also has five championship teams to his 


A member or chairman of most standing com- 
mittees in the College of Agriculture, Karl Gard- 
ner definitely does not lead a dull life. Three 
years ago he headed a party to Sierra Leone 
to help establish the Njala University College. 
He has also worked in Turkey and in the West 
Indies doing nutrition studies. 

Presently he is serving as Associate Dean in 
the College of Agriculture. Dr. Gardner is a 
former chairman of the Committee on Student 
Affairs and now heads varied committees from 
Activity Grants-in-Aid to the University United 
Fund Drive on the C-U campus. 

Administrators Guide Students 

A 1947 addition to the University of Illinois, 
Samuel A. Kirk brought leadership and honor 
with him. Former director of the Division of 
Education for Exceptional Children in Milwau- 
kee, Dr. Kirk arrived in Champaign to organize 
and establish our Illinois Institute for Research. 
Since then his contributions in the field of handi- 
capped and gifted children have been numerous. 

Dr. Kirk has lectured in countries all the way 
from Japan and Russia to Germany and Eng- 
land. He has received several awards and ci- 
tations, the largest of which is the Joseph Ken- 
nedy International Award for Service. Dr. Kirk 
was the first American to receive this award, 
equivalent to a Nobel Prize. He has also been 
influential in organizing federal legislation and 
in establishing the Illinois Adler Clinic in Cham- 


David Genry and Max Abramovitz, architect of the Asser 
bly Hall, chat with two lllini coeds. 

President Henry and Howard Clement, President of the 
Board of Trustees, meet their wives prior to the fall session. 


David Dodds Henry Presides over U. of I. Affairs 

President of the University of Illinois, Dr. David 
Dodds Henry leads the ninth largest university 
in the United States, in full time enrollment. 
Under his leadership its clinics, conferences, and 
extension activities serve hundreds of people 
each year. 

President Henry's professional experience is 
that of a capable leader. He has served in in- 

structional and administrative positions at both 
small colleges and large universities. In national 
education affairs, Dr. Henry has served as chair- 
man of the American Council on Education, 
whose membership is over 1000 institutions. He 
is currently serving as the vice president of the 
Association of American Universities, to which 
the University belongs. 


The Important Men of the Board Work Behind the Scenes 


Provost Lyle Lanier supervises activities and programs. 

Herbert Farber is the Comptroller 
of the University. 

Otto Kerner serves as an ex-officio member of the Board. 

Ray Page is the State Superintendent of Schools. 


University Policy Is 
Controlled by Trustees 

Since this University is state supported, it is 
subject to the state constitution and to laws passed 
by the General Assembly, but final authority 
over school policies is reserved to the Board of 
Trustees. The Board consists of nine members 
who are elected, and the Superintendent of 
Public Instruction and the Governor are ex 
officio members. 

The Board meets monthly while committees 
can be called at any time by their chairmen. 
It has been estimated that a trustee devotes the 
equivalent of a month's time each year to Board 
business. No salary or compensation is received 
by the trustees. 

Members elected as trustees serve for six years. 
Every two years the term of three elected mem- 
bers expires. In March Mr. Irving Dilliard, Mrs. 
Frances Watkins, and Mr. Kenney Williamson 
ended their long service to the University and 
its problems. 

David D. Henry, President of the University. 

Top Row: Herbert Farber, Anthony Janata, Irving Dillard, Wayne Johnston, Ray Page, Theodore Jones, Earl Hughes. Bottom Row: Kenney 
Williamson, Timothy Swain, Howard Clement, David Henry, Mrs. Frances Watkins, Harold Pogue. Not In Panel: R. R. Manchester, Otto Kerner. 


George G. Bargh, Executive Assist- 
ant to the President. 

Dr. Jack Peltason will return as the Chancellor-Designate. 

Chancellor-Designate Resumes Role on University Staff 

Reflecting the words of David Dodds Henry, 
President of the University, that "the general 
officers of the University cannot adequately ful- 
fill the responsibility for campus administration 
and at the same time carry out the broader 
responsibility in central administration," a change 
in the administrative system has been com- 
pleted by the establishment of a chancellor, 
who is under the direction of the President. This 
change provides a specific chief executive officer 


to head the asministrative business of 


His duties include those delegated by the Fi 
dent, the Board of Trustees, and in the Statute 
the University. The chancellor appointed to 
Urbana campus is Dr. Jack W. Peltason. At 
Chicago campuses the current vice presidents 
came the chancellors, Joseph Begando at 
Medical Center and at the Chicago Cir 
Norman Parker. 



s of 

Stanton Millet Assumes Duties as New Dean of Students 

A former associate English professor and as- 
sociate dean of the Graduate College, Dr. Stan- 
ton Millet succeeds Dean Fred H. Turner as 
Dean of Students. Dr. Millet, a graduate of 
Wabash College, received advanced degrees from 
Indiana University. 

As associate professor of English, Professor 
Millet set up the model program of freshman 
and sophomore advising in the English depart- 
ment. It was his success with the students and 
his mature judgment which led to his appoint- 

ment as director of graduate students in that 
department in 1964. 

Millet has taught a variety of undergrad- 
uate courses, including rhetoric, surveys of Eng- 
lish literature, some specialized courses in Vic- 
torian literature, and honors seminars for seniors. 
He immediately faced problems in his new po- 
sition as Dean of Students. The work which he 
has done includes securing information about 
the DuBois Club which he presented to the 
Committee on Student Affairs. 

Dean Stanton Millet administers student affa 



Admissions and Records Supervises Student Paperwork 

The Office of Admissions and Records plays 
a vital role in the attendance of every stu- 
dent in the University. From the processing 
of the first applications for admission and issuing 
permits, to assessing fees, administering scholar- 
ships, and maintaining the record of a student's 
academic achievement, the office carefully main- 
tains an accurate record of all official student 
actions. In the end, the office also prepares 

Other functions in which the Office of Ad- 
missions and Records engages include direction 
of entrance examinations, administration of the 
University's program of high school or prep 
school relations, supervision of a program of 
testing and research related to student admis- 
sion and retention, and direction of the Uni- 
versity Exchange-Visitor Program. All in all, 
as keeper of the records, the Office of Admissions 
plays a vital role. 

Dean Charles Sanford discusses plans with E. E. Oliver. 


Mary Kinnick, Freshmen 

Miriam A. Shelden, Dean of Women, heads the office. 

Marlene Tousey, Independent 

Barbara Metzner, Dean 
of Sorority Women. 

Deans of Women Serve as Counselors and Supervisors 

Linda Hester advises freshmen Women. 

Mary Harrison aids in residence hall counseling. 

Eunice Dowse heads residence planning and staffing. Betty Hembrough advises married students on campus. 


The associa 

le deans, Stewart Minton, Samuel Davis, and Gaylord Hatch, keep a busy pace required by their office. 

Deans of Men Preside Over Male Students of University 

As Assistant Dean of Men, Karl F. Ijams spends most of 
his time counseling independent men and advising MIA. 

Carl Knox, Dean of Men, checks letters before his secre- 
tary, Mrs. Stella Dobbins, sends them to students. 

Agriculture students must be able to service equipment. 

College of Agriculture Spans Many Fields of the Economy 

Dean Bentley directs the College of Agriculture. 

Teaching, research, and extension are the 
most important assets of the College of Agri- 
culture. The teaching phase is a state-wide pro- 
gram geared towards anyone involved with agri- 
culture, including homemakers and bankers. 
Through communications systems, educational 
programs on TV and radio are broadcast. 

There are also many educational resource 
clubs which attempt to promote the proper use 
of land to farming families. The Extension Re- 
search Program covers such areas as biological 
sciences, social sciences, agricultural economics, 
and other fields involving living things. The 
international program is related to other univer- 
sities in India. 


A— C 

Row 1: Abell, John Lambert Eldorado; B.S. in Agriculture; Gamma Sigma Delta; Alplia 

Tau Alplia; Agricultural Economics Club (3, 4); Agricultural Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young 

Democrats Club (4); Honors Day 3. Acker, Dolores Annette Polo; B.S. in Home Economics; 

Illinois Street Resde'nce; Honors Day (3). Adair Sharon Kay Godfrey; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics Education; Zeta Tau Apha; The Illio (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Campus 
Chest (2); Terrapin (1); United Christian Fellowship Executive Council (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); 

Illini Guide (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Aden, Herbert Lee Royal; B.S. in Agri 

culture; Agricultural Council (4); Agricultural Education Club (1); Illini Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion Club (2, 3, 4). 

Row 2: Anderson, Elisabeth Stinson Kankakee; B.S. in Home Economics; Allen; Gamma 

Alpha Chi; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Re- 
publicans Club (3, 4). Anderson, Nancy Jean Paris; B.S. in Home Economics Education; 

Zeta Tau Alpha; Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4). Anniss, Robert Eugene. .. . .Ellery; B.S. in 
Vocational Agriculture; Agricultural Economics Club (4); Agricultural Education Club (3, 4); 

Dairy Production Club (2). Arnold, Ruth Claire Whitewater, Wisconsin; B.S. in Home 

Economics; University of Wisconsin. > 

Row 3: Awe, Carl Frederick Elkhart; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Agricutural Edu- 
cation Club (3). Banner, Delmar Keith Fisher; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha 

ZetajPhi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.I.B. 

(2, 3); Agricultural Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Flying Illini (3). Barclay, Sara Hinsdale; B.S. 

in Home Economics; Allen; Gamma Alpha Chi; Newman Club (1, 2 3); Illini Guide (3); Home 

Economics Club (3, 4). Bechtel, David Samuel Eureka; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma 

Rho, House President (3 4); Skull and Crescent, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta; 
Gamma Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Sigma Deta Chi; Illini Committee Chairman (21; Illini 
Union Committee Member (1, 2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Interfraternity Executive 
Council (3) ; Board of Fraternity Affairs (3) ; S.N.I.B. (2, 3) ; Agricultural Council (3) ; Greek Week 
Committee (2); Pin and Paddle Committee (1); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2); Agricultural 
Education Club (2, 3); Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 4: Belton, Thomas Russell Indianola; B.S. in Agriculture; Farmhouse; Agricutural 

Economics Cub (1, 2, 3, 4); Agricultural Education Club (2); Field and Furrow (3, 4); Young 

Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Betzelberger, Robert Logan San Jose; B.S. in Animal Science; 

Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (4); Agricultural Judging Team (3, 4); Hoof and Horn Club (3, 4). Bicket, Dennis Sher- 
win Sparta; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Peabody Drive Residence; NROTC; Agri- 
cultural Education Club (3,4); Flying Illini (2,3, 4) . Biggins, Larry Chicago; B.S. in Forestry ; 

Illini Foresters (3, 4) ; Wright Junior College. 

Row 5: Bild, Ronald Peter Waukegan; B.S in Horticulture; Kappa Sigma; Intramural 

Manager (3, 4) ; Floriculture Club (2,3,4); Marketng Club (3,4) Boonshaft, Marjorie Joy 

St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in Home Economcs; Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Chest (1) Boose, 

William Robert Rossville; B.S. in Agronomy; Field and Furrow (2, 3, 4); Carthage College; 

IUinos State University. Bratton, Nancy Lou Urbana; B.S. in Home Economics; S.N.I.B. 

(3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 6: Brooks, Richard Eugene Jerseyville; B.S. in Agricultural Communications; Pea- 
body Avenue Residence; Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Illini (3); S.N.I.B. (2, 3, 4), Director-in- 
chief (4) ; Agricultural Council (3, 4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (3, 4) ; Sno-Ball Committee (3) ; 
Cooperative Extension Club (3). Bruch, Ronald Erwin Granville; B.S. in Agricultural Eco- 
nomics; Agricultural Economics Club (3, 4); A.I.Ch.E. (1); James Scholar (3); Honors Day (3). 

Buchmann, Kathleen Jo Rockford; B.S. in Home Economics; The Mansion; Alpha Lambda 

Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Omicron Nu, President (4); Home Economics Council (4); Home 

Economics Club (3 4); Volunteer Illini Project (4) Bugg, Janet Arm Assumption; B.S. 

in Home Economics; Presby; Women's Glee Club (1, 2); Home Economics Council (4); Home 
Economics Club (3, 4). 

Row 7: Burckhardt, Grant Frederick Freeport; B.S. in Dairy Science; Armory House; 

Phi Kappa Phi. Burkybile, Dale Eugene Casey; B.S. in Animal Science; Hoof and Horn Club 

(1, 2, 3, 4). Burroughs, John Cordell Carmi; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Acacia; S.N.I.B. 

(3). Bushman, John Francis Dixon; B.S. in Agriculture; Newman; S.N.I.B. (3); Agricultural 

Council (3, 4); Agricultural Judging Team (4); Cooperative Extension Club (3, 4), President 
(3); Dairy Production Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 8: Cahill, Peter George Brimfield; B.S in Vocational Agriculture; Alpha Gamma 

Rho; Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Council (3); Agricultural Education Club (3, 4); Hoof and 

Horn Club (3); Western Illinois University. Caise, Cheryl Lynn St. Anne; B.S. in Home 

Economics; Gamma Phi Beta. Carleton, James Roe Longview; B.S. in Vocational Agri- 
culture; Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education Club (1, 2, 4). Carlson, Wayne Curtis 

Watseka; B.S. in Agronomy; Field and Furrow (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3); Western Illinois I ni- 

Row 9: Caudle, David Edward Orangevillc; B.S. in Agricultural Mechanization; Orchard 

1 )owns; Illini Agricultural Mechanization Club (4) ; Honors Day (3) ; Freeport Community College. 

Chamberlain, Joanne Elizabeth Lawrenceville; B.S. in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue 

Residence; Terrapin (2, 3) ; Illini Guide (4). Chew, Jimmie Dean Bath; B.S. in Forest Produc- 
tion; Xi Sigma Pi; Illini Foresters (4); Honors Day (1). Christiansen, Linda Ruth Park 

liidge; U.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; University Chorus (1); Women's Glee Club 
(2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (3); Young Democrats Club (2); James Scholar (1). 


C— G 

Row 1: Clausing, Warren William Belvidere; B.S in Agriculture; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence; Gamma Sigma Delta; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Cogswell, Roger Linn Rockford; B.S. in 

Forestry; Acacia; Star Course Manager (2); Air Force ROTC; Phalanx (3); Illini Foresters (4). 

Collins, Edward Kay Lewistown; B.S. in Agricultural Economcs; Agricultural Economics 

Club (4); Young Republicans Club (4); Western Illinois University; Bradley University. Condon, 

Charles William Jr Oswego; B.S. in Agriculture; Agricultural Council (3, 4); Agricultural 

Judging Team (3); Dairy Production Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Presdent (4); Young Democrats Club 
4); Honors Day (1). 

Row 2: Danley, Sandy Kay Peoria; B.S. in Home Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; The Daily 

Illini fl); The Illio (2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Junior Panhellenic fl); SN.I.B. 
(4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (2). Davis, Richard Linn..... 

Windsor; B.S. in Agricultural Economics. Davis, Susan Heggemeier Kirkland; B.S. in 

Home Economics. Davison, Burns Lance Springfield; B.S. in Forest Production; Delta 

Phi; Illini Foresters (3, 4). 

Row 3: Degler, Donald Thomas Mattoon; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Illini 

Union Committee Member (4); Field and Furrow (1 , 2); Hoof and Horn Club (1). Detmers, Alan 

James Nokomis; B.S. in Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; Campus Chest (2); Illini Foresters (3, 4); 

Honors Day (3). Dittmer, John Charles Bowen; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Alpha 

Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Ilini Union Board Director (3); Major Chairman 
of Illini Union Committee (3, 4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Ilhm Union Com- 
mittee Member (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.I.B. (2) ; Agricultural Council (2, 3, 4); Greek Week Committee 
(2, 3); Agricultural Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Agricultural Education Club (2, 3, 4); Hoof and 
HornClub(l,2,3,4);Pre-VetClub(l);JamesScholar(l,2).Drew,StephenWalker. .. . Oswego; 
B.S. in Food Science; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Association of Food Technologists (2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1). 

Row 4: Duffy, John Hugh Serena; B.S. in Agrculture; Newman; Newman Club (1, 2); 

Rifle and Pistol Club (3, 4). Edwards, Larry Gene Windsor; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; 

Agricultural Economics Club (4). Ekiss, Linda Sue Geneva; B.S. in Home Economics; Clark; 

Phi Upsilon Omicron; The Daily Illini (3, 4); I.P.C. Photography Staff (3, 4); Home Economics 
Club (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Mary Washington College of University of Virginia. England, 
Marshall Herbert, Jr Decatur; B.S. in Forestry; Phi Sigma Kappa. 

Row 5: Fahr, Paul Edgar Winslow; B.S. in Animal Science; Florida Avenue Residence. 

Fee, Beverley Joan Barry; B.S. in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue Residence; Y.W.C.A. 

(3); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4). Ferguson, Carol Richardson Jacksonville; B.S. in Home 

Economics; Home Economics Club(l, 2). Filipowicz, Judith Ellen .. . Gurnee; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Beta House; Orchesis (3); Home Economics Club (4); Honors Day (3); Cornell College. 

Row 6: Fink, Warren Monroe Beason; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Skull and 

Crescent; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Inter- 
fraternity Program Board (2, 3); Agricultural Council (3, 4); Greek Week Committee (2); Pin 
and Paddle Committee (1); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2, 3, 4); Agricultural Education Club 

(1, 2, 3. 4); Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Flock, Bernard Joseph, Jr Naperville; B.S. in 

Agriculture; Gregory Drive Residence; Army ROTC, First Lieutenant; Pershing Rifles (1, 2). 

Forbes, Hugh Glenn Roseville; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Alpha Gamma Rho; Illini 

Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Campus Chest (1, 3); 
Football (2) ; Agricultural Judging Team (3) ; Hoof and Horn Club (1,2, 3, 4) ; Young Republican 
Club (3); James Scholar (1). Forristall, Deborah Ruth . .Dixon; B.S. in Home Economics; 
Allen; Illini Guide (2); Home Economics Club (4). 

Row 7: Fredian, Mary Rose Chicago; B.S. in Home Economics; Taft. Freeburg, Curtis 

Roland Stillman Valley; B.S. in Agricultural Science and B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; 

Minawa Lodge, House President (4); Gamma Sigma Delta; Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; 

A.S.A.E. (3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 3). Frisby, Harry Robert Catlin; B.S. in Forestry; Sigma Tau 

Gamma; Illini Guide (3); Illini Foresters (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (3); Danville Junior 

College. Gaede, Charles Samuel West Salem; B.S. in Agricultural Mechanization; Illini 

Union Committee Member (1); Agricultural Council (3, 4); Field and Furrow (1, 2, 3, 4), Presi- 
dent (3). 

Row 8: Gates, Carol Grace Naperville; B.S. in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue Resi- 
dence; Illinois State University. Gensler, Richard Eugene King's; B.S. in Horticulture; 

Loras College. Gerken, Helen Joyce Sibley; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Home 

Economics Club (3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (4); Illinois State University. Gerstel, Henrietta 

Cookie Chicago; B.S. in Home Economics; Sigma Delta Tau; Campus Chest (2); Home 

Economics Club (1). 

Row 9: Glabe, John Elmer Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence; A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Rifle and Pistol Club (3); Honors Day (3). Goeddel, Jean Ann 

Waterloo; B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Delta Pi; The Illio (2); Illini Union Committee Mem- 
ber (2); Campus Chest (2). Graham, Larry Dean Albion; B.S. in Agricultural Communi- 
cations; S.N.I.B. (4); Southern Illinois University. Gray, John Michael Hamilton; B.S. 

in Animal Science; Alpha Gamma Rho; Illigreek (2); Agricultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4). 


Row 1: Greiner, Benjamin Andrew Henry; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Gregory 

Drive Residence; Agricultural Education Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Grieve, David Lee Bradford; 

B.S. in Agricultural Communications; Nabor House; Sachem; Tomahawk; M.I. A. Executive 
Council (2. 3); Student Senate (3); Sno-Ball Committee (2); Agricultural Economics Club (1); 
Agricultural Education Club (1!. Guebert, Steven Ray Red Bud; B.S. in Agricultural Eco- 
nomics; Campus View Lodge; Gamma Sigma Delta; Agricultural Economics Club (4); Dairy 
Production Club (2); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. Gustafson, 

Greta Maria Dixon; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; The Illio (2); Panhellenic 

Program Board (3); Greek Week Committee (2, 3), Major Chairman (3); Marketing Club (3). 

Row 2: Gutterridge, Larry Gene Oakwood; B.S. in Agricultural Science; Sigma Delta 

Chi; S.N. LB. (3. 4); Wesley Foundation Executive Council (3); Agricultural Economics Club 
Young Republicans Club (4); Honors Day (3); Danville Junior College. Haake, David 

Oscar Nashville; B.S. in Agricultural Science; Delta Sigma Phi; Skull and Crescent; Lutheran 

Executive Council (3); Cooperative Extension Club (1, 2, 3). Hall, Marjorie Chickadonz 

y; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Home Economics Club (4); Eastern Illinois Uni- 
versity. Hardesty, Ronald George Gibson City; B.S. in Agronomy; Illini Guide (3): field 

and Furrow (3, 4); Illinois State University. 

Row 3: Harmon, Irene May Williams Air Force Base, Arizona; B.S. in Home Economics; 

Van Doren; Illini Guide (3); Angel Flight (3. 4); Home Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Volunteer 

Illini Project (4); Honors Day (3). Harms, David Jacob Pleasant Plains; B.S. in Agricultural 

Industries; Farmhouse; Y.M.C.A. (2); Track, Varsity Squad (2); Intramural Manager (2); 
S.N. LB. (1, 2, 3, 4); Agricultural Council (3, 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Agricultural 
Economics Club (3, 4); A.S.A.E (1); Hoof and Horn Club (1); Illini Agricultural Mechaniza- 
tion Club (2); Young Republicans Club (3). Hedrick, John Clyde West Salem; B.S. in Ani- 
mal Science; Field and Furrow (2, 3, 4) ; Hoof and Horn Club (3, 4). Heisner, Ronald Man- 
hattan; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; United Christian 
Fellowship Executive Council (3, 4); Agricultural Economics Club (3, 4); Dairy Production 
Club (3, 4); Illini Judo Club (3, 4); Joliet Junior College. 

Row 4; Henderson, Carl Willis Galesburg; B.S. in Forest Production; Alpha Phi Omega; 

Agricultural Council (4); Illini Foresters (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Henderson, James 

Champaign; B.S. in Forest Production; Xi Sigma Pi; Army ROTC; Illini Foresters (3). Henderson, 

Ronald Wilson Jacksonville; B.S. in Animal Science; Gregory Drive Residence. Hendrickson, 

Scott Russell Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Agriculture; Sigma Nu; S.N. LB. (3, 4) Ripon College. 

Row .">: Hepler, Phyllis Jean Streator; B.S. in Home Economics Education; rvappa Delta; 

Home Economics Club (4). Herm, James Richard Morton; B.S. in Agricultural Communi- 
cations; Alpha Gamma Rho; Sigma Delta Chi; Y.M.C.A. (4); Wrestling Manager (2); S.N. LB. 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Hoof and Horn Club (2, 3, 4); Pre- Vet Club (1, 2); 

Young Republicans Club (2, 3, 4). Herzberger, Leland Earl Virginia; B.S. in Agricultural 

Science; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; The Illio (2, 3) ; Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); First Regi- 
mental Band (2, 3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1); Oratorio Society (3); Agriculture Council 
i. 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (3). Hodson, Letha Jane Centralia; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Alpha Xi Delta; Home Economies Club (4); Honors Day C.i); Centralia Junior College. 

Row 6: Hoffmann, Thomas Alan Wheeling; B.S. in Agriculture; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence; Campus Chest (1, 2); Field and Furrow (1, 2, 3, 4). Hopkins, Joseph Richard Rood- 
house; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ma-Wan-Da; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; The Illio (1); Director Illini Union Board (4); Major Chair- 
man of Illini Union Committee (3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini L'nion Com- 
mittee Member (1, 2); Marching Illini (2, 3); Second Regimental Band (1, 2, 3); University 
Chorus (2); Men's Glee Club (3, 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (3); Hoof and Horn Club (4); 
Pre-Vet Club (2, 3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2. 3). Huisinga, Donald William 

Deland; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Tau Alpha; Star Course 

Manager (2); Agricultural Education Club (3, 4). Hurelbrink, Richard Lee Taylorville; 

B.S. in Agricultural Science; Illi-Dell, President (4); Tomahawk; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma 
Delta; Campus Chest (2); Lutheran Chapel Council (4); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2, 3); 
Sno-Ball Committee (2) ; Army ROTC, Second Lieutenant; Field and Furrow (2, 3, 4); Hoof 
and Horn Club (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 7: Huxley, Thomas Carl New York, New York; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; 

Theta Chi; A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4); A.S.M.E. (3, 4). Ibler, Cheryl Lynn Freeport; B.S. in Home 

Economics; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Home Economics Club (3, 4); Freeport Com- 
munity College. Israel, George Samuel Belleville; B.S. in Food Science; Tau Delta Phi; 

International Fair (2); Food Science Club (3, 4). Jacobs, Lee Wilburt Manteno; B.S. in 

Agricultural Science; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; M.I. A. Executive Council (2, 3); Intramural Man- 
ager (2. 3); Senior Intramural Manager (4); Illini Guide (3); A.S.A.E. (1); Field and Furrow 
(2, 3, 1:; Honors Daj (3). 

Row 8: Jahraus, Dale Edward Kinmundy; B.S. in Agriculture; Hoof and Horn Club (3, 4); 

Eastern Illinois University. Jennings, Jack Allen Olney; B.S. in Animal Science; Alpha 

imms Rho; Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Jinks, Robert Raymond Sherrard; B.S. in 

Agriculture ; Sigma Delta Chi; Pershing Id lies (I, 2). John:on, William Bruce Sugar Grove; 

B.S. in Agriculture; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha 
Tau Alpha; Agricultural < Council ( 1); Agricultural Education Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Young 1 lemocrats 
i- I, 2, h; James Scholar (1, 2. ■',. li; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 0: Jurgens, Richard Louis Ashland; B.S. in Animal Science; Alpha Gamma Rho; 

law Alpha,; Plowboj Prom Committee (3) ; Agricultural Judging Team (3, I); Hoof and 
Horn Club '-', '■',, I) ; Young Hi pi 1 1. lira us ( 'lub 'I, 2, 3, li ; Illinois Stale University. Kaiser, Don 

Chester Belleville; B.S. in Dairy Science; Gregory Drive Residence, House President (2); 

i R.H.A Executive ( ' (I, 2. .'!, n. President (3); M.K.I I. A. Judicial Board (3, [); Armj 
0T( I aptain; Association oi I ,8. Armj (3, t); AgriculturalJudging Team (2, 3); Dairj Pro 
etion C|,,b 13, 1 1, Keiser, Allen Noel . .Raymond; U.S. in Animal Science; Beta Sigma 1'si; 

tool and Horn( Hub I 1) Keiley, Doris Ann Fores! Park; B.S, in Home Ec mica Education; 

■ ..a Doren; Illini Guide (3); Hi ■ Eeon I lub (4), 


K — N 

Row 1: Kelly, Nancy .. .Chicago; B.S. in Animal Science; Van Doren; Hoof and Horn Club 
(3, 4); Wilson Junior College. Kepley, Veree Elaine . Urbana; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta 
Zeta; Home Economics Clul) CI, 2); Young Republicans Club (1). Kleins, Harold Joseph Tus- 
cola; B.S. in Agriculture; Illi-Dell; Tomahawk; Agricultural Council (3, 4); Field and Furrow 
1, 2, 3, 4); .la lies Scholar (1, 2). Kleppinger, Joan Musette Chicago; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Alpha Camma Delta; University Theatre Crew (2); Campus Chest (2); Junior Pan- 
hellenic (2); University Chorus (31 J Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Home Economics Club (_'); 
Model U. N. (3); Cornell College. 

Row 2: Kuhfuss, William Thad Mackinaw; B.S. in Agricultural Science; Alpha Gamma 

Rho; Ma-Wan-Da; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; Director Illini 
Union Board 141 ; Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (3) ; Illini Union Committee Chair- 
man (2); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Student Senate (4) ; Agricultural Council (2, 3, 4), 
President (4) ; Plowboy Prom Commit tee 12); Agricultural Economics Club (2, 3, 4) ; Agricultural 
■ lu lging Team (3); Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Honors Day ill. Lash, Mark . . Findlay; 
B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Gregory Drive Residence; M.R.H. A. Judicial Board (2) ; Student 
Senate 12); Agricultural Economics Club (4); Young Republicans Club (3). Lea\ itt, Jack Daniel 

Evanston; B.S. in Restaurant Management; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Navy Pier 

Extension of the University of Illinois. Lee, Patricia Freed Attica. Indiana; B.S. in Home 


Row 3: Lightle, Dand Thane . .Griggsville; B.S. in Agronomy; Field and Furrow (2. 3, 4). 
Lipato, Willie Kalukongolo . . . Zomba, Malawi; B.S. in Animal Science; African Students 

Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Pre-Vet Club (1, 2). Lipp, Glenn Irvin Gerlaw; B.S. in Agricultural 

Communications; Farmhouse; Ma-Wan-Da; Skull and Crescent; Omicron Delta Kappa; Alpha 
Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2. 3); Illini Union Committee 
Member (1, 2, 3); W.P.G.U. (3, 4); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Interfraternity Executive 
Council, President (4); Interfraternity Program Board (3, 4); Board of Fraternity Affairs (4); 
Football, FVeshman Squad; Intramural Manager (1, 2, 3); Illigreek (3); S.N.I.B. (1); Fraternity 
Life (2, 3); Pin and Paddle Committee (1); Army ROTC, Captain; Agricultural Economics Club 

'1, 2); Young Republicans Club (1, 2); Honors Day (1. 2, 3). Macke, John William West 

I nion; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Alpha Tau Alpha; Agricultural Education Club 12); 
Honors Day (4). 

Row 4: Magnuson, Robert Moore Wilmette; B.S. in Forestry; Campus Knights; Basket- 
ball ( 1 ); Illini Foresters (2, 3, 4 ). March, Terry Lynn Bellflower; B.S. in Agricultural Science; 

Farmhouse; Y.M.C.A. (1); Illigreek (3, 4), Co-editor (4); Army ROTC, Second Lieutenant; Pha- 
lanx (3.4); Agricultural Economics Club (1,2, 3,4); Pre-Vet Club (3) ; Young Republicans Club 

2). Maxwell, Nancy Ann Gray vi lie; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Wescoga; Shorter 

Board; Torch; Phi Upsilon Omicron; S.N.I.B. (1) ; Wesley Inundation (2, 3, 4); Education Col- 
lege Council (4); Illini Guide (3); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2); Cooperative Extension Club 
(2); Home Economics Club (1. 2. 3, 4). Mayberry Ronald Dale McLeansboro; B.S. in Agri- 
cultural Industries; Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Council (4) ; Agricultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), 
President (4); A.S.A.E. (1); Honors Day (2). 

Row 5: McClure, Michael James Warrensburg; B.S. in Agronomy; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence. McKibben, William Gregory Simpson; B.S. in Forest Production; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Illini F'oresters (2. 3) ; Rifle and Pistol Club (2, 3). McMillan, Kenneth Gordon 
Bushnell ; B.S. in Agricultural Science; Nabor House, House President (4) ; Tomahawk; Omi- 
cron Delta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha Zeta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2.3); Y.M.C.A. 
(3, 4); S.N.I.B. (1, 2, 3, 4); Agricultural Council (2, 3, 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (1); Sno- 
Ball Committee (1.2,3); Agricultural Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Agricultural Education Club (2); 
Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). McMullen, Larry 

Keith Bardolph; B.S. in Agriculture; Su Casa; Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Education Club 

*4); Hoof and Horn Club (2, 3, 4); Western Illinois University. 

Row 6: McNamara, William Thomas Dana; B.S. in Agriculture; Four Columns, House 

President (2); Agricultural Economics Club (4); Agricultural Education Club (1, 2, 3). Mears, 

Larry Laverne Greenfield; B.S. in Agriculture; Entrekin Club; Baptist Student Union (1, 

2, 3, 4) ; Cooperative Extension Club 14). Meier, Virgil Dean St. Joseph; B.S. in Agriculture; 

Gamma Sigma Delta; Field and Furrow (3, 4) ; Honors Day (1). Misek, Jerry Joseph Mt. 

Carroll; B.S. in Agriculture; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Agricultural Economics Club 
(4); Field and Furrow (3, 4); Honors Day (3); F"reeport Community College. 

Row 7: Morris, Francis Ray Norris City; B.S. in Animal Science; Knight Club; Hoof 

and Horn Club (4); University of Illinois Rugby Club (4). Morse, Doris Elaine Carlinville; 

B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; The Illio (2) ; University Theatre Crew (1) ; Campus 
Chest (2); Greek Week Committee (2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); International Fair (3). 

Mraz, Jane Phyllis Berwyn; B.S. in Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; The Illio (1, 2); 

Illini Union Committee Member (3) ; Greek Week Committee (2). Mroczynski, Richard Peter 

St. Charles; B.S. in Forest Production; Newman; I.P.C. Photography Staff (4); S.N.I.B. (1. 
3, 4); Newman Club (1, 2); Illini Foresters (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Sportsman's Club (1); Rifle and 
Pistol Club (3, 4). 

Row 8: Mundy, Steven Allen .. 1'oplar Grove; B.S. in Agriculture; A.S.A.E. (1); Illini 

Agricultural Mechanization Club (3, 4); Honors Day (3). Murphy, Kathryn Anne Rialto, 

California; B.S. in Home Economics; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Home Economics Club 
1, 2, 3, 4). Musgrave, Victoria Rae . .Fairfield; B.S. in Home Economics; The Mansion; 

Home Economics Club (3, 4); Illinois State University. Myers, Janet Sue Princeton; B.S. in 

Home Economies; Clark; Pompons HI; Mini Guide (3). 

Row !): Myren, Alben Theodore, Jr New Berlin; B.S. in Animal Science; Pi Kappa Alpha; 

Campus Chest (1); Interfraternity Executive Council 141; Interfraternity Program Board 14); 
Arnold Air Society (2); Hoof and Horn Club (1); Young Republicans Club (1. 2). Nelson, John 

Stephen ....Dewey; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho. Nelson, Marybeth Fort 

Erie. Ontario. Canada; B.S. in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue Residence; Canadian Students 
Club (4); International Fair (4); Dean College. Nimrick, Kenneth Orville . . .Preemption; 
B.S. in Agricultural Science; Nabor House. President (4); Tomahawk; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa 
Plli; Alpha Zeta; Plowboy Prom Committee (2); Sno-Ball Committee, Chairman (3); Army 
ROTC; Hoof and Horn Club (3, 4); Honors Day (I. 2. 3). 


R — N 

Row 1 : Northcutt, Gregory Alan Peoria; B.S in Agriculture; Gamma Sigma Delta; Army 

ROTC First Lieutenant; Honors Day (2). Nutt, James Arthur Woodland; B.S. in Agn- 

ruUural So ence Alpha Kappa Lambda; The IlUo (12); Illini Union Committee Member (2); 
Y M C \ (3)' Interfraternity Executive Council (4); Interfraternity Program Board (3), Board 
^FraimtyXffals (4); University Chorus (2); Student *^™*°™^<%£^ 

Marilyn Louise Bridgeport; B.S in Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta .Shorter Board, 

President- Torch- A-Ti-Us; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Pompons (1); S.N.I. B. (1), Illim (.mile w, 
C™ (1 2. 3 'President (3); Home Economics Club (1) ; James Scholar (1, 3) ; Honors Day (1) 

Palmer George Louis South Beloit; B.S. in Agricultural Sc.ence; Farmhouse; Alpha Zeta; 

Agricultural Council (4); Field and Furrow (1, 2, 3, 4), Persident (4). 

Row 2: Palmer, Rebecca Jane Marengo; B.S in Home Economics; Kappa Delta; Mortar 

Board- Mr>ha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsdon Omicron; The Daily Illim (1), Illini 
S'B«dD«, 4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2 3); Illim Union Committee 
Member (1, 2); University Theatre Crew (2); W.P.G.U. (3 ; Home Economics Club (12 B, 4), 
James Scholar 1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Patterson, Virgmia Louise. Clarendon Hills, 
BSn Home Economics Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); ll.m 
Union Committee Member (2, 3). Pearse, Thomas Gerald Ottawa; B^ in Agriculture; 

Alpha Kappa Lambda; Y.M.C.A. (1); Field and Furrow (3 4). Peterson, John Warren 
Lynn Center; B.S. in Animal Science; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ph, Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta, Major 
Chairman of Illini Union Committee (2, 3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2) ; Il.m Union 
Committee Member (1); Agricultural Council (3 4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee 2 3) Agri- 
cultural Judging Team (3, 4); Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 3: Petritz, David Charles Rockford; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Bromley; Phi 

Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Agricultural Economics Club (1, 4); Young 
Democrats Club (1) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2). Phalen, Richard Maurice 
Atwood; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Acacia; Illim Umon Committee Member 2) Foot- 
ball Manager (1, 2); S.N.I.B. (3) ; Agricultural Economics Club (3,4); Pre-Vet Club (1) -Person, 
Max Eugene Princeton; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Alpha Tau Alpha; Army ROTC Cap- 

tain; Asfodation of U.S. Army (3); Agricultural Education Club (3) Plotter Kenneth Wilham 
Broadview; B.S. in Wood Technology and Utilization; Greenbrier Lodge, President (4), 
Im Rec Board (3); Sno-Ball Committee (4); Illini Foresters (4). 

Row 4: Pocklington, Terrence Evan Butler; B.S. in Agronomy; Calhoun Hall; SNT.B. 

,3. 4); Newman Club (4); Agricultural Economics Club (4); Field and Furrow (2 3 4) Pool, 
Douglas John . . .Melvin; B.S. in Agriculture; Illi-Dell; Sachem; Tribe o Ilbni ^(4); Basket- 
ballManager (1.2. 3); Senior Track Manager; Wesley Foundation (1, 2 3 4); Held and Furrow 

Si 4) Potts Robert Lyna Will.amsfield; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ma- 

WanlDa; Wa-Na-See; Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Illini Union Board (4) *»■*?,«(; 
Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (2); S.N.I.B. (2) Agri- 
cultural Council (3, 4); Agricultural Economics Club (4); Agricultural Ed u eat. on C ub < 2, 3) 
President (3); Hoof and Horn Club (2, 3, 4); Western Illinois University. Pritchard Robert 
Wayne. .. .Maple Park; B.S. in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Ph, Eta Sigma; Alpha Zeta 
President; Sigma Delta Chi; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Marching Ill.n. (2 3 4 , Second 
Regimental Band (1, 2, 3, 4); S.N.I.B. (1, 2, 3, 4); Agricultural Counci (3, 4) Plowboy Prom 
Committee (1, 2, 3), Chairman (3); Cooperative Extension Club (1); Dairy Production Club 
(1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 5: Prussner, Kenneth Arthur Reddick; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Christian 

Campus House; Agricultural Education Club (1); Western Illinois University^ RademakerMeta 
Ann . . . .Emden; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Delta Delta; Illim Union Committee Member 
(1 2 3)- Plowboy Prom Committee (3). Randolph, David Smith Renney; B.S. in Wood 

Technology and Utilization; Theta Delta Chi, House President (4); Xi Sigma, Pi; Gamma Sigma 
Delta; Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Army ROTC, First Lieutenant, Ihm Foresters (1. 2, 

3, 4). Reed, Marilouise Suzzannah Chicago Heights; B.S ,n Home Economics Alpha X 

Delta; University Theatre Crew (2, 3, 4); Greek Week Committee (3), Chairman (3); Plowbo> 
Prom Committee (3). 

Row 6 • Rennhack, Geraldine Evelyn Berwyn; B.S. in Home Economics Education. Rhoads, 

Thomas Owen Litchfield; B.S. in Agriculture; Gregory Drive Residence; Gamma Sigma 

Delta; Newman Club (2, 3, 4) ; Agricultural Economics Club (3 4); Cooperative Extension ub 

(2)- Honors Dav (3). Richardson, Christopher Thomas Rock Falls; B.S. in Agricultural 

Economics; Alpha Gamma Rho; Illini Union Committee Member (IS): Plowboy Prom Com- 
mittee (2); Agricultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3. 4). Richter, Joan Kay .Springfield, B.S. 
in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue Residence; Pompons (1); Terrapin (2, 3). 

Row 7 : Ricketts, Stephen Raymond Urbana ; B.S. in Forest Production ; Sigma Tau Gamma 

Marching Illini (1 2); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Folk Song Club (2); Foresters (1.2, 

3 4 Riedell, Nancy Elizabeth Paris; B.S in Home Economics Education; Gamma Ph. 

Beta- Pin Upsdon Omicron; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Home Economics Club (3 4), 
HonoVrDaVS) Saint Marv-of-the-Woods College. Rincker, David Everett .Strasburg; B.S. 
" Animal Scence; Nabor House; Tomahawk; Agricultural Judging Team (4); Hoof and Horn 

Club 3 4): Roche, Ruth Marie Mount Carmel; B.S. in Home Economics; Phi Mu; HUni 

Union Committee Member (2, 3); University Theatre Crew (3); University of California. 

Row 8- Rock, Sue Ellen Princeville; B.S. in Home Economics; Bromley Gamma Alpha 

Chi; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Home Economics Club (1. 2 3, 4); Marketing ub 
(3 4)- Society for the Advancement of Management (4). Roelfs, Duane Leon . . . rhomasboro 
B S in Agricultural Industries; Field and Furrow (2, 3, 4). Ruebush David Henry. . .Scioto; 
B S in Agriculture; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; The Ill.o (2. 3); Illim Umon Committee 
, iairman (3) ; Illini Union Committee Member (1.2, 3) ; Hoof and Morn Club (1, 2^3, 4); Honors 

Dav (1) Ruhr, Janice Louise Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Dairy Technology; Phi Mu; I he Ill.o 

(2); S.N.I.B. (3); Agricultural Judging Team (4); Dairy Technology Society (2, 3, 4). 

Row 9; Runge, Russel Norman Genoa; B.S. in Dairy Science; Pennsylvania Avenue 

Residence. Ruppert, David Orlo Nokomis; B.S. in Dairy Science and B.S. in VooatoonaJ 

Agrlcuutu-e Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma De ta; Alpha Tau Alpha; lib... 
Union Committee Member (2); Campus Chest (2); Junior Interfraternity ( (.) Agri- 
cultural Council (2, 3, 4); Greek Week Committee (3); Plowboy Prom ommittee (2), Agricul- 

tural Judging Team (3); Agricultural Education Club 3 4); )a„. Production Club &■»;■■*>■ 

Honors Day (2, 3,. Rush, Joena Kay Blue Island; B.S. in Home Economics;^ ankg. Rutle ^e. 

John Kirby Mason City; B.S. in Agricultural Scene; Farmhouse; Phi Eta Ngma, Alpha 

Zeta; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Intramural Manager (2), Plowboy I rOffl ommittee 
(!)• Agricultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3); Field and Furrow (2); James Scholar (1, -, .(, 4), 

Honors Day (1. 2). 


R — W 

Row 1: Rutledge, Judith Kay Gibson City; B.S in Home Economics; The Mansion, 

House President (4); Illinois State University. Sangmeister, Roy Clarence Peotone; B.S. 

in Agricultural Economics; Agricultural Economics Club (4) ; Field and Furrow (4) ; Joliet .Junior 

College. Sasse, Charles Earl Davis Junction; B.S. in Animal Science; Hoof and Horn Club 

(3, 4) ; Honors Day (3) ; Freeport Community College. Schick, James Henry Abilene, Texas; 

B.S. in Animal Science. 

Row 2: Schobent, Ralph Arnold Grand Ridge; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Farm- 
house; Army ROTC; Agricultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Field and Furrow (1, 2)- Hoof 

and Horn Club (2); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Schuldt, John Paul Chicago- B S 

in Wood Technology and Utilization; Lambda Chi Alpha; Illini Foresters (2, 3, 4). Schultz, Donna 

™ ae Peoria; B.S. in Home Economics; Lincoln Avenue Residence, House President ( 3) ; The 

Illio (1); W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3); Illini Guide (4). Sheppelman, Keith Duane Colfax; 

B.S. in Agricultural Industries; Beta Sigma Psi, House President (4); Pershing Rifles (1). 

Row 3: Shuck, Donna Lee Kokomo, Indiana; B.S. in Home Economics; Kappa Delta- 

University Chorus (1, 2). Sigtenhorst, Barbara Lee Blue Island; B.S. in Home Economics^ 

Alpha Phi, House President (4) ; Student Senate (2) ; Greek Week Committee (2) ; Home Eco- 
nomics Club (1). Silkwood, Harold Lee Sandoval; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Agri- 
cultural Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Simkins, Nanci Lynne Oak Park; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Van Doren; Gamma Alpha Chi. 

Row 4: Sipp, Stanley Kenneth Hanna City; B.S. in Forestry; Gregory Drive Residence- 

Illini Foresters (1, 2, 3, 4). Smith, John David Stewardson; B.S. in Animal Science; Christian 

Campus House, House President (3, 4); MIA Judicial Board (3); Christian Student Fellowship 
Executive Council (3); Army ROTC; Agricultural Judging Team (4); Agricultural Education 
Club (2, 3); Hoof and Horn Club (2, 3,4). Smith, Nancy Lee LaGrange; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Sherwood; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member 
(1, 2, 3); Student Senate (3, 4); Plowboy Prom Committee (3); Young Republicans Club (4) 

Starkey, Jerry Lee McLean; B.S. in Agriculture; Air Force ROTC, Captain; Agricultural 

Judging Team (4). 

Row 5: Steele, Lynda Jo Havana; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Zeta; Y.W.C.A. (1)- 

Illini Guide (3); A.C.E. (4); V.I.P. (4). Steggerda, Janet Maria Urbana; B.S. in Home 

Economics; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron, Presi- 
dent (4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); 
Oratorio Society (1, 2); Agricultural Council (3); Home Economics Council (3); Plowboy Prom 

Committee (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Steimel, John William 

DeKalb; B.S. in Agricultural Economics; Campus View Lodge; Newman Club (3, 4); Agricul- 
tural Economics Club (2, 3, 4); Cooperative Extension Club (3, 4); Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 

3, 4). Stoller, Melvin Dean Champaign; B.S. in Agricultural Industries; Chi Gamma Iota; 

Agricultural Economics Club (4). 

Row 6: Stork, Jack Neal Walsh; B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Peabody Drive Resi- 
dence, House President (2); Alpha Zeta; Alpha Tau Alpha; Student Senate (2, 3); Agricultural 

Education Club (1,2, 3, 4), President (4); Honors Day (3). Strange, Beverly Ann Clinton 

B.S. in Home Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (1,2); University 
Theatre Crew (1,2); Campus Chest (2, 3) ; Junior Panhellenic (1) ; Student Musicals (2, 3) ; Chev- 
ron (1, 2. 3); Home Economics Club (1). Sun, Alice Mao Hong Kong; B.S. in Home Eco- 
nomics; Chinese Students Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Ursuline College. Sundstrom, Linda Mae May- 
wood; B.S. in Home Economics; Clark; W.P.G.U. (3); Home Economics Club (1). 

Row 7: Swedberg, Julie Ann Sycamore; B.S. in Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; 

University Chorus (1); Women's Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Templin, Nancy Jo Louisville; B.S. 

in Home Economics; Evans. Thomas, Hal Vernon Heyworth; B.S. in Agricultural' Eco- 
nomics; Florida Avenue Residence, House President (4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); 
Illini Union Committee Member (4); M.R.H.A. Executive Council (3). Tortorelli, Robert Louis 

Chicago; B.S. in Forestry; Gregory Drive Residence; Xi Sigma Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Alpha 

Zeta; Army ROTC, Captain; Pershing Rifles (3, 4); Phalanx (2); Scabbard and Blade (4); Illini 
Foresters (2, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the 
University of Illinois. 

Row 8: Towns, Peggy Ann Wilmington; B.S. in Home Economics Education; Presby, 

President (3); Phi Upsilon Omicron; Y.W.C.A. (3); Home Economics Club (3, 4); Honors Day 

(3); Northern Illinois University; Illinois State University. Trampe, Ann Elyse Golconda; 

B.S. in Home Economics Education; Kappa Delta; Shorter Board; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; 
Omicron Nu; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Home Economics 
Council (1, 2, 3), President (3); Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Trisler, 
Barbara Jean Fairmount; B.S. in Home Economics; Evans, President (4); Mortar Board- 
Torch; A-Ti-Us; Phi Upsilon Omicron; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Y.W.C.A. (1); W.I.S.A. Executive 
Council (4); Student Senate (1); Illini Guide (2); Home Economics Council (2, 3); Plowboy Prom 
Committee (3) ; Home Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3) ; Honors Day (2, 3). Viger, Fleury- 
Ann Mount Prospect; B.S. in Home Economics; Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Mem- 
ber (2, 3); Illini Guide Executive Board (3, 4); Greek Week Committee (4). 

Row 9: Vrabec, Donna Jean Cicero; B.S. in Home Economics; Gamma Phi Beta; The 

Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Member (3); Angel Flight (1). Walter, Alan Stuart 

Grand Ridge; B.S. in Agricultural Science; Farmhouse; Alpha Zeta; The Illio (2); Agricultural 
Economics Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (1); Honors Day (3). Warnes, William 
Charles Hinsdale; B.S. in Wood Technology and Utilization; Evans Scholars; I.P.C. Pho- 
tography Staff (1); Air Force ROTC; Illini Judo Club (3) ; Illini Foresters (2, 3, 4). Warren, Mary 

Ann Cary; B.S. in Home Economics; Delta Gamma; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); 

Home Economics Club (3, 4). 



How l- Webel, Stephen Kent... . Baylis; B.S. in Agricultural Science; 111. Dell; Tomahawk; 
Alpha Zeta; Plowboy Prom Committee 1 1 > ; Sno Ball Committee (1, 2) ; Agricultural Judging. Team 
(3,4); Hoof and Horn Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (2. 3). Wesbecher, Pau Ron. d . ^ • 
B.S. in Vocational Agriculture; Peabody Drive Residence; Alpha Zeta; Alpha £»*lph., P«. 
dent (3); Agricultural Council (3); Agricultural Education Club 1, J 3 4) Hon ors Da (3 . 

Williams, Mario Leon Chicago; B.S. in Dairy Technology; Dairy Teohnolog y Society (3, ^ 

Wilson Junior College. Wilson, Mark Shelton . Harnsburg; B.S. in 1> .Gam, X, 
Sigma Pi; Gamma Sigma Delta; Illini Foresters (1, 2, 3. 4); ioung Republicans ( lub <2>. South 
eastern Illinois College. 

How •'■ Waessner Laverne William . - Sterling; B.S. in Agriculture; Junior Interfraternity 
Co^ra^ A ncul't^^on,,,,,,,. Club (4); Rifle and Pistol Club U, Ziesemer Doug as 

Allen Lockport; B.S. in Forest Production; Su Casa; Illim foresters (3, 4), Junior 


How 3: Martin, Paul David .. . .Catlin; B.S. in Veterinar, Medicine; Student Chapter Vet 
ennarv Medical Association (3, 41; Honors Day (3). Meyer, Bernhardt Allen. .. Asl land, 

BS In Veterinary Medicine. Rupnow, Jim Allen Dakota; B.S. in Veterinary Medicine; 

Privet Club (3 4); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3 4 Shaw Lloyd Marvin 

Woodstock; B.S. in Veterinary Medicine; The Ore ;on President (3) Air Force L^OTC 

Cadet Major; Dairy Production Club (2); Field an i Furrow- (2); Pre-Vet Club (3, 4), R.fle and 
Pistol Club (41; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3, 41. 


T!»e courtyard, a beautiful setting, welcomes students 

With his resignation effective in 1967, Dean Paul M. Green 
serves his last year as Commerce head. 

Commerce Provides Business 
Know-how for Executives 

The College of Commerce and Business Ad- 
ministration is highlighted by two important 
research divisions, the Bureau of Economics and 
Business Research and the Bureau of Business 
Management. Research bureaus like these initiate 
projects in college business life, and coordinate 
and hold the conference for middle and top 
management in Illinois. One of the greatest 
assets of the college is the 1620 Satellite com- 
puter which is a necessary element of many 
courses. The college strives to round the student 
through the preparatory courses in English, the 
social sciences, and physical sciences as well as a 
special field of concentration in the college. 


A — C 

How l: Aden, Roger Dallas, Texas; BS ,M*i,; HjW U*. Committee Me,- 

ber (1); Star Course Manager (1); Campus CI est (2) Tennis W , L ' reeK B s ; Marketing; 

Finance Club (1); Marketing Club (2). Adelman , ] Lawren ce Decatur B^ i g. 

Row 2: Alexander, David Francis. . . Pekin; B.S in ^Accountancy ; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta 
Sigma Pi; Military Ball X^-W-W. Ch ™^- J^'E^ESi" P^ 

ing; Van Doren; Eastern Illinois University. 

^. t „i. o'TToilrvn- Ti S in Industrial Administration; Fraternity 

in Finance. 

Row 4; Austin, William Winter Effingham; B.S. in Finance; Del a C In UUni Union Com 

mi «ee Member (3); University Concert and ^^^^(^^'^^M^JV^T. 
and Entertainment Board (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (12, 3 4) Bachman Rober t jay 
Champaign; B.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Tau Omega; Ma-Wan-Da, Wa-Na-See bach en , ^ u 

2£&a- ^ SKS&f B^n j&5££ pln^n^A^^iden^t 
PrrsfdenU4)-'Accountancv Cub (3;4); Honors Day (3). Ball, Richard Dennis. .. . .Rockford; 
Ir^Marketfng; Sgma Alpha Epsilon; Marketing Club (3. 4); Iowa State University. 

Rnv, 1- Bamond Kerry John . . . . Wilmette; B.S. in Finance; Delta Sigma Omicron (D ; Finance 

ClubV) BThetder Robert Baker Peoria; B.S in Marketing; Alpha ^u^ House 

President (4); Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Interfratermty Program Board ">: Tnb«M>f f^t*' 4 >' 
Football (1 2 3 4) Captain (4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4). Beederman, Victor Franklin . . 
Chicago BS in Accountancy; Florida Avenue Residence; Campus Chest (1, 2); James Scholar 

S^'BiS^jSSaSeM Rockford; B.S. in Marketing; Phi Delta Theta; Marketing 

Club (4); Honors Day (1). 

Row 6- Berman Howard James Chicago; B.S. in Finance; Tau Delta Phi, House Presi- 

(12 3)- Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3); Commerce Council (2) Volunteer 
Illini Project (4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Biderman, George Robert. .LaGrange; BS ml- 
a^ria?Administation; Acacia; Illini Union .Committee r Ch ^^^, «i lUini Umon ^ 
mittee Member (2 3) ; Junior Interfraternity Council (2); Greek Week Committee (4), JNKUIO, 

Enlign Boston William Raymond Louisville, Kentucky; B.S. in Marketing; Florida Avenue 

bSE^^TsKL P.! Sigma Iota Epsilon; Campus Chest (1, 2, 3); Commerce Council 
(3, 4); Delta Sigma Omicron (1, 2); Honors Day (1). 

Row 7: Bouma, Janet Holt LaGrange Park; B.S. in Secretarial Training; Delta Delta 

Delta; Angel Flight (3, 4); Knox College. Bratt Paula Helen . .Cincinnati Ohio B^fe in 
Accountancy; Florida Avenue Residence; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Him. 4) Delt a&gma 
Omicron (2, 3) ; James Scholar (2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (2) ; University of Cincinnati. Braun, Michael 
Craig... .Champaign; B.S. in Marketing; Phi Delta Theta. Brill Joan Beth . Champaign; B.S. 
in Secretarial Training; Alpha Phi; Women's Glee Club (1, 2); Illigreek (2); Chevron (2, 3). 

Row 8: Brooks, Raymond Chester, Jr Western Springs; B.S. in Accountancy L ons 

Township Junior College Burdloff, David Francis Fox River Grove; BS in Marketing, 

Chi Phi: Skull and Crescent; Army ROTC, Captain; Honors Day (1). Cahan, Michael Allen ... . . 
Lincolnwood; B.S. in Accountancy; Tau Epsilon Phi, President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa 
Psi; III,,,, Union Committee Member (2); University Theatre Crew (3 ; Interfraternity Program 
Board (■■',>; -Major Com, ,„..,■,■ ..I Student Senate (2, 3, 4); Illini Guule (2); Greek Week Com- 
mittee (2,; Accountancy Club (2, 3); Young Democrats Club (2 3, 4) ; James Scholar U A) , 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Campbell, Thomas Andrew Enfield, New; 1 IS. ... Stat.s- 

^EconomiUPennsylvaniaAvenue Residence, House President (3);Delta Sigma PijM.R.H.A. 
Executive Council (3, 4); NROTC, Lieutenant. 

Kow 9: Case, Lawrence Eugene Moline; B.S. in Accountancy; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 

President (3); Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; [nterfraternitj Program Board (2, 3, 4); Com- 
merce Council (3, li; Accountancj Club (1, 2) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, t); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Cashman, Dennis Keith Q„i„ey; U.S. in Finance; Beta Theta Pi, President (4); Sachem; 

Tribe of niini (2 3 I); Golf (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 1), Lettei (2,3, 1 1. Chvatal, Joseph 
James Berwyn; B.S. in Marketing; Calhoun Hall; Air Force ROTC, Lieutenanl Colonel; 

Arnold A,r Society (3, I); A.I s. (3). Cohn, Gregory Alan Chicago; U.S. in Finance; Florida 

Avenue Residence; Phi Vlpba Mu; The Qlio (1,2, 3);M.R.H.A, Judicial Board (3) ; Accountancj 
Club (2); I inanoe Club (4); Marketing Club (3); Honors Day (I, 3). 


C — H 

Row 1: Cole, Terry Ronald Macon; B.S. in Finance; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Kappa 

Psi; Campus Chest (1) ; Major Committee of Student Senate (3, 4) ; Commerce Council (2, 3, 4), 
President (3, 4). Cook, Alice Kathleen .. . . Shelbyville; B.S. in Economics; Van Doren. Cox, 
Rose Mary . . Tamms; B.S. in Commercial Teaching; Vanlig, House President (3. 4); Honors 
Day (1, 2). Crum, Donald Paul . . .Wilmette; B.S. in Accountancy; Pennsylvania Avenue 
Residence; Baseball Manager (1, 2, 3, 4). Senior Baseball Manager (4). 

Row 2: Daeschner, Richard Laurens Arlington Heights; B.S. in Finance; Beta Theta Pi; 

Wa Na See; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Student Senate (2, 3); Major Committee of Student 

Senate (3). D'AUaird, William Edward Palatine; B.S. in Marketing; Sigmi Pi; Marketing 

Club (4). Davis, Louis Jay. . . Champaign; B.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa 

Psi; University Theatre Crew (1); Honors Day (1, 3). Dycus, Gary Lyle Brownstown; B.S. 

in Accountancy; Theta Chi; Sachem; The Daily Illini (4); The Illio (2, 3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Chairman (3); Student Musicals (4); Army ROTC, Second Lieutenant. 

Row 3: Eden, Douglas Wayne Franklin Park; B.S. in Marketing; Delta Sigma Pi. Eksten, 

Robert Alan . . Rockford; B.S. in Management; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Sigma Pi; Young 

Republicans Club (4). Engelhart, Elliot Chicago; B.S. in Marketing; Sigma Alpha Mu, 

House President (4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member 

(2); Greek Week Committee (2). Feige, Donald Henry Mount Prospect; B.S. in Finance; 

Delta Upsilon; The Illio (1. 2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Second Regimental Band (1). 

Row 4: Felsman, Kenneth Henry Moline; B.S. in Marketing; Gar-Men; Delta Sigma 

Pi; Marketing Club (4); Society for the Advancement of Management (2). Field, Gary Howard 

West Chester, Ohio; B.S. in Economics; Forbes; Accountancy Club (1). Finger, Alan Stuart 

Skokie; B.S. in Accountancy; Phi Sigma Delta; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; James 

Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Freeland, Fredric Michael Armonk, New York; B.S. 

in Finance; Theta Chi. 

Row 5: Frey, William Arthur, III Granite City; B.S. in Accountancy; Theta Chi; Illini 

Union Committee Member (2); Y.M.C.A. (4); Accountancy Club (3, 4); Young Republicans 

Club (3). Friduss, Jarvis Hale Lincolnwood; B.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha 

Kappa Psi; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); 

Fencing (1). Friedmann, Steven Gunther Aurora; B.S. in Marketing; Granada; Soccer 

(2, 3) ; Newman Club (4) ; Marketing Club (4) ; Lewis Colege. Gaston, Dale Hamilton Kell; 

B.S. in Marketing; Snyder; Air Force ROTC, Colonel. 

Row 6: Geigel, James Memphis, Tennessee; B.S. in Accountancy; Delta Sigma Pi; Illini 

Guide (2). Gerber, Donald John Wheaton; B.S. in Accountancy; Campus View Lodge, 

House President (4) ; Illini Guide (4) ; Air Force ROTC, Captain; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors 

Day (1, 2). Gerrish, William George Wheaton; B.S. in Accountancy; Sigma Nu, House 

President (4); Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Kappa Psi; The Illio (1); Major Chairman 
of Illini Union Committee (3, 4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1); I.P.C. Board (3, 4); Tribe of Illini (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3), Varsity Squad 

(2, 3), Letter (2, 3); Marketing Club (4). Gilkerson, George Nathan, Jr Mattoon; B.S. in 

Accountancy; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Illini LTnion Committee Member (1); Star Course Manager 
(1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Interfraternity Program Board (2, 3); Young Republicans Club (1). 

Row 7: Gillman, Michael Henry Buffalo Hart; B.S. in Personnel Management; Calhoun, 

House President (3) ; Campus Chest (3) ; Accountancy Club (2) ; Agricultural Economics Club 

(2); Young Democrats Club (2, 3, 4). Gold, Stephen Barry Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; 

Sigma Alpha Mu; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); 

Star Course Manager (1). Goranson, Gordon Donald Chicago; B.S. in Economics; Alpha 

Sigma Phi; Ma Wan-Da; Director Illini LTnion Board (4); Major Chairman of Illini Union Com- 
mittee (2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2) ; Illini LTnion Committee Member (2) ; Finance 

Club (4); Young Republicans Club (4). Gottlieb, Terry Jay Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; 

Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Junior Interfraternity Council (1) ; Accountancy 
Club (3); Society for the Advancement of Management (3); Honors Day (1, 2. 3); Navy Pier 
Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row 8: Grabb, Larry Edward Decatur; B.S. in Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sachem; 

Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Track (1, 2), Varsity Squad (2); Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Army ROTC, Captain; Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Honors Day (3). Grabiec, Jeanne Louise 

Downers Grove; B.S. in Commercial Teaching; Alpha Chi Omega; Greek Week Committee (3); 
Angel Flight (1, 2). Grant, Thomas Frederick Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Accountancy. Gray, Ed- 
ward Everett, Jr Springfield; B.S. in Accountancy; Theta Chi; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Illini Union Committee Member IT); University Chorus (1); Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Illinois 
Technograph (1); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1); Honors Day (1). 

Row 9; Gullang, Richard Michael Lombard; B.S. in Accountancy; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence; Honors Day (1). Hacker, James David Lincoln; B.S. in Management; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Phi Beta Lambda; Air Force ROTC, Captain; Arnold Air Society (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Hacker, Jerry William Lincoln; B.S. in Management; Air Force ROTC, Army ROTC, 

Second Lieutenant; Arnold Air Society (1); Lincoln Christian College. Harrison, Arnold Stuart 

Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Praetorians; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sgma; Beta Alpha 

Psi; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Accountancy Club (2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2). 




H — L 

How l: Heise, Frederick James . . .Haselcrest; B S >" ^counta^ Flm^ Sanson 
dence; Air Force ROTC, Major; Arnold Air Society '% 3 J' Th °^r^7uit\iy Accountancy 
Scott..... Rockford; B.S. in Economics; Phi Sigma ^W.f**"^^- B.S. in Finance; 
Club (2); Young Democrats Club , (8). Hensley , Denn, Clan ^ncem^ of Ma^.nent (4); 

Theta Xi; IUini Forensic Association (3); Society for the A(h nc m . 

Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Southern II inois University. HUvna Annet M ^^ 

B.S. in Accountancy; Shorter Board; Student Senate (2, S) ■ Ma or Commr ttee , 

.2) j Illini Guide (2) ; Accountancy Club (2. ^ ; Folk Song Club (1) , Societj 
of .Management (4) ; James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 2: Hoffenberg, Earl Burton ^colnwood; RS. in Finance; ™®^™£\?~ 

ball (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2. 3, 4 . Holtzman, M.chell e Kenee -^*£ Beta M ha 
countancy; Illinois Street Residence; Alpha Lambda £^f*hffi£ _,.;[, 11; Honors Day 
Psi; Commerce Council (3, 4); Accountancy Club 3 4) , Juims S chola » ■ ■ Internat ional 
(1, 2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the I -'^'"'J'-f *i ^Al, » Chi Omega; 
Relations Club (2). Hruby, Gladys Ann Oak Park B - S ^XM°e m ber(1.2);Campua 

A-Ti-Us; Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2); ^'^^"Zmes Russel . . Wh.-a.n,,; 
Chest (1, 2); Marketing Club (3. 4); Honors Day (1 J a f '^^nly Club (3, 4);S.N.C.C. 
B.S. in Accountancy; Illinois Street Residence; \\ .P.G.U. (1) , Accountam j 

Row 3: Jackson, William Clifford . Oak Park B | in Finance; Brandolier Hous^Presi- 
dent (3); The Daily Illini (2); Campus Chest <1 2 3) , M.I A. 1 < cu ;» 4 ); Young 

(1); Illini Guide (3) ; Army ROTC; Association of U. ^ Arm, (8, 4) 1 in h ^ 

Republicans Club (4). Janis, Raymond Flonan ^^J^ZiocI L an" Ad- 

M.I.A. Executive Council (3); Basketball Manager (12, Camp us Ch< ^ 

visors- Board (3); Army ROTC, First Lieutenant; Pershing *%*™^%g£ Accountancy; 

I luh (3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (2). 

n ■ -1- Kanter Martin Jay Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Praetorians; Accountant 

2. 3). 

Row 5; Keltner, David Lee Granite City; B.S. in Finance; Pennsylvania Avenue ; Residence; 

Finance Club (3 4); Young Republicans (4). Kennedy, Carol Eileen Forest City, B.b. in 

Accou^ancy; Rlinois Street Residence; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Ga mma .Sigma; Beta Alpha 
Psi- Siema Iota Epsilon; United Christian Fellowship Executive Council (3, 4), Commerce L.oun 
eU W- Accountant Hub (2, 4); Finance Club (3, 4); Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment (3 4Wam^ Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Kielas, Marilyn Ann Chicago; 

B^in Commercial Teaching; Allen Hall; DeP.ul University Kirch Peter WUta£ ^h.cago; 
B.S. in Industrial Administration; Sigma Pi; Newman Club (1, 2. 3 4); Marketing Club (4), 
Society for the Advancement of Management (3, 4); Young Democrats C luh (3, 4). 

Row 6- Knodle, Laverne Leland. . . .Beloit, Wisconsin; B.S. in Industrial Administration; 

Honors Day (1). Koehler, Andrew William Kewanee; B.S. in Finance; Greenbrier Lodge, 

House Prudent (3); Finance Club (4); Young Republicans Club (2, 3, 4); Honors Day 1 

Kohlins William Nicholas New York. New York; B.S. in Economics; James Scholar (4), 

Hon," 'Day (3,; Columbia University. Kolens, Diane Lynn. . Waukegan; B^S in Economics; 
Illinois Street Residence; Newman Club (1); Illini Guide (3); Accountancy Club (1), Young 
Democrats Club (4). 

Row 7- Korey Martin Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Phi Epsilon Pi. Kouroupas, Elaine 

Evergreen Park; B.S. in Marketing; Illinois Street Residence; Epsilon Phi Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Marketing Club (3, 4). Kramer, Rhonda Victoria Chicago; B.S in Accountancy; Iota Alpha 

Pi; Ac. ntanc. Club (2); Young Republicans Club (2); Honors Day (1). LaVan, Helen Nadel 

. .Chicago; B.S. in Personnel Management; Laurel; The Daily Illini (1); Marketing Club (■>); 
Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row 8- Lere John Covey LeRoy; B.S. in Accountancy; Sigma Tau Gamma; Junior Inter- 

aternitj Council (2); Folk Song Club (2); James Scholar I 1 1. Lieder, Sharon Eileen Chicago; 

B.S. in Accountanc; . Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honor? Day (1); 
Navy Pier Extension of the Universitj of Illinois. Lotka, Lynn Diane Chicago; B.S. in Ac- 
countancy; Bromley; Alpha Lambda Delta; Beta Gamma Sigma; Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma Iota 

Epsilon Ac ntanej Club f3, 1); James Scholar (1, 2, 3. 4); Honors I >:n ( l. 2. 3i; Nav.\ lVr 

■ ,,„.„,„ .,1 the I niversitj of Illinois. Lovig, Barbara Ann Oak Park; U.S. in Marketing; 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini I nion Committee Member fl); I niversitj Theatre Crew Q, 21; 
i ,,l eting Club I) 

Row 9: Lufkin, William Eaton .. Wheaton; U.S. in Economics^Florida Avenue Residence. 

Lunn, Carol Ann. . . Malta; B.S. in Accountancy; Alp (micron Pi; The Daily Illini (3, 4); 

[Uini Union Committee Mfembei 12 3); Accountancy ( Hub ' I I. Lurtz, Steven Leonhard 

I i n,, rii B.S in Indu trial Admini tration; Delta Sigma Phi; Ail Force ROTC Captain; Mai 

| , ting Club (4); Societ; foi the Ad> ancement "I Mai imenl i I); VToung Republicans Club (3). 

Lyman, William Scott iv„n:i, B.S. in Accountancy; I ri i Ri idence House Presi- 

:. ,,i (3); M.R.H.A. Executive Council (2); Accountancy Club (4) 


L — R 

Row 1: Lynch, Robert William . . Evergreen Park; B.S. in Accountancy; Honors Day (4). 

MacDonald, Mary Kathleen Aurora; B.S. in Accountancy; Allen; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

Student Senate (2. 3); Accountancy Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Finance Club (3); James Scholar (2, 3, 4) 

Honors Day (1, 2. 3). Madsen, Ronald Andrew Schiller Park; B.S in Economics; Illinois 

Street Residence, House President (3); Delta Sigma Pi; Young Republicans Club (4); Honors 
Day (2, 3). Mann, Arthur Lewis . . .Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Delta Sigma Pi; Honors 
Day (3). 

Row 2; Marsh, Randolph Anthony LaGrange; B.S. in Finance; Delta Sigma Phi; Junior 

Interfraternity Council (1); Young Republicans Club (2, 3). Mates, David Edward Chicago; 

B.S. in Accountancy; Evans Scholars; Creek Week Committee (1. 2). Mauel, Pamela Ann 

Palatine; B.S. in Marketing; Clark; Marketing Club (3, 4). McElroy, Carlotta Schriber 

Urbana; B.S. in Accountancy; Honors Day (3); Northern Michigan University. 

Row 3: Mclnnes, Lawrence John Rockford; B.S. in Marketing; Newman; Alpha Delta 

Sigma; Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4), Executive Council (2); Marketing Club (3, 4); Society for the 

Advancement of Management (2, 3, 4); Northern Illinois University. McLargin, Gary Earl 

Decatur; B.S. in Finance. Melchin, Edward Raymond Round Lake; B.S. in Industrial Ad- 
ministration; Psi Upsilon; The IUio (2); Campus Chest (1). Meyer, Harold Joseph Chicago; 

B.S. in Accountancy; Sigma Iota Epsilon, President; Accountancy Club (3); Honors Day (3). 

Row 4: Middleton, James Stewart Glenview; B.S. in Personnel Management; Phi Kappa 

Tan, House President (4); Delta Sigma Pi; Society for the Advancement of Management (3, 4). 

Miller, Barry Rixmann Centralia; B.S. in Accountancy ; Sigma Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Golf (1,2), 

Varsity Squad (2); Army ROTC, Major; James Scholar CI, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Miller, 

Margo Alice Rockford; B.S. in Statistical Economics; Pi Beta Phi; Mortar Board; Torch; 

A-Ti-Us; Alpha Lambda Delta; The IUio il. 2. 3, 4). Associate Editor (4); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1, 3); Pompons (1); Illini Guide (3); Chevron (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (3, 4); 

Honors Day (1, 2). Mitchell, Betty Gail Frankfort; B.S. in Marketing; Evans; Campus 

Chest i2, 3); Freshman Seminar; Marketing Club (3. 4); Honors Day (2i. 

Row 5: Moody, Courtland Decatur; B.S. in Industrial Administration; Illini Union^C'oin- 

mittee Member (3). Myers, Carl Burton Rockford; B.S. in Accountancy. Neece, Richard 

Dale Pana; B.S. in Accountancy; Snyder; The Daily Illini (3); Accountancy Club (2, 3, 4); 

German Club (2); Young Republicans Club (2, 3). Oderio, Joseph James Chicago; B.S. in 

Marketing; Gregory Drive Residence, House President (3); Marketing Club (3, 4). 

Row 0: Offerman, Vincent Robert . . . Chicago; B.S. in Finance; Delta Chi. Ogorek, James 

John Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Evans Scholars; Phi Eta Sigma; Campus Chest (1, 2); 

Army ROTC, Captain; Accountancy Club (1); Honors Day (1). Ohman, Thomas Kristian 

Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Tribe of illini (3, 4); Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), 
Letter (3, 4i; Accountancy Club (3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Olsen, George Havre Mt. Pros- 
pect; B.S. in Economics; Delta Phi; Air Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold Air Society 
(2, 3, 4 i. Commander (4); Honors Day (2). 

Row 7: Padderud, Eric Michael ...Highland Park; B.S. in Marketing; Florida Avenue 

Residence; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (2); Marketing Club (4). Page, Edwin Kirby Chicago; 

B.S. in Management; Illinois Street Residence, House President (4); Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management (3, 4), President (4); Honors Day (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- 
versity of Illinois; Student Congress (2); Committee on Student Affairs (2). Pearson, Paul Mark 

Rockford; B.S. in Accountancy; Lambda Chi Alpha; Illini Union Committee Member (2); 

Accountancy Club (2 3, 4); Finance Club (3); Society for the Advancement of Management (3). 

Peck, Lowell Russell Atkinson; B.S. in Accountancy; Peabody Drive Residence; Men's 

Glee <lub (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (2); Honors Day (2). 

Row 8: Phipps, Robert John Park Ridge; B.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Tau Omega. Pinnow, 

Dianne Kay Freeport; B.S. in Marketing; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee 

Member (1, 2, 3); Star Course Manager (1); Marketing Club (4). Pinsky, Michael Chicago; 

B.S. in Accountancy; Phi Epsilon Pi; Alpha Kappa Psi; Campus Chest (2); Junior Interfraternity 
Council (1); Accountancy Club (2); Young Democrats Club (4); Honors Day (3). Potter, Judith 

Kerchner Freeport; B.S. in Commercial Teaching; Phi Beta Lambda; Illinois Technograph 

(1); Student National Education Association (4); Honors Day (1). 

Row 9: Prewitt, Lee Edward .. Danville; B.S. in Finance; Lambda Chi Alpha; Illini Union 

Committee Member (1, 2); Honors Day (1). Rakunas, Lawrence Justice; B.S. in Finance; 

Calhoun Hall; Newman Club (1, 4). Randolph, Robert Freed . . Champaign; B.S. in Account- 
ancy; Theta Chi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; James Scholar (1,2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1.2); 
University of Illinois Scholarship Key. Reed, Diana Peoria; B.S. in Marketing; Alpha ( lam- 

ina Delta. 


R— W 

Row l: Reichl, Robert Owen Elmwood Park; B.S. in Marketing; Pe ^^~ ^ 

dence. Reisman, Louis Alan Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Flond a Ave nue Re sider ,c . 

Beta Upha Psi ■ W P G.U. (1, 2) ; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (3) ; Accountancy Club (2) S.C-O.P.E. 

f 3 I) Honors Dav 3). Ren shier, Roger Lyn Decatur; B.S. in Management; Acacia; Mil- 

l.k.niwrsTty: Rives, William Richard Moline; B.S. in Mark,,,,,,; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 

Row 2: Roberts, Stephen Craig Champaign; B.S. in Industrial Administration , Theta 

Xi; Concert Band (2) ; Marching Illini (2) ; Society for the Advancement of Management 2 3, 4), 

President (4). Rose, William Michael Rockford; B.S. in Accountancy; Lambda Chi Alpha 

m"un on Committee Member (2); Junior Interfratermty Council (1); Greek -^ek Committee 

(2) Ross Larry Paul Lincolnwood; B.S. in Marketing; Alpha Eps.lon Pi; The II ho (2) I lini 

uLn Committee Member (4); University Theater ^Crew (1): ^^f^^^^ 

Musicals (3)- Marketing Club (3). Rowder, Richard Edward Chicago B.S. in Marketing, 

Delta Sigma Pi; The Daily Illini (4); Marketing Club (4) ; United States Air Force Academy. 

Row 3- Rucker, John Robert Chicago; B.S. in Finance; Kappa Alpha Psi; Air Force 

ROTC, Second Lieutenant. Runge, Tom Carl Huntley; B.S. ,n Accountancy; Chi P* . Delta 

Sigma Pi; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Finance Club (3, 4); Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment (2) JarSs Scholar (1. 2, 3); Honors Day (1); Navy Extension of he B»«W 

Hlinois Schaer Dennis Tames Rockford; B.S. in Accountancy; Newman Club (1). Schmidt 

iota i Eugene Yorkville; B.S. in Marketing; Phi Kap, a Psi; The Ill.o (12 3); Navy Council 

(3); Pershing Rifles (1); Illini Marketing Association II, 3, 4. 5), President (o). 

Row 4- Schock, Nancy Ann Morton; B.S. in Industrial Administration; Alpha Delta Pi; 

Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2). Schrock, Joseph Byron Congerville; B.S. in Ac- 

countancy; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Honors Day (1 2). Senner, Eldon Elsworth. .. Freeman, 
South Dakota; B.S. in Economics; Delta Chi; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Star Course Manager (2, 3, 4) ; University Concert and Entertainment Board (3, 4); 
James Scholar (1, 2, 3. 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Shonin, Jeffrey Michael .Lincolnwood; 

BS in Marketing; Phi Epsilon Pi; Greek Week Committee (2); Marketing Club (4). 

Row 5- Silverstein, Robert Lincolnwood; B.S. in Finance; Phi Sigma Delta; Alpha Kappa 

Psi; Accountancy Club (2); Finance Club (2); Marketing Club (3). Sotos, Paul George . . 
West Dundee- B.S. in Accountancy; Flagg; Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club (2, 3, 4) ; Finance 
Club (3 4)- Karate Club (3, 4); Honors Day (4); Elgin Community College. Starzyk, Robert 
Joseph ' Posen; B.S. in Accountancy; Evans Scholars; Newman Club (2); Young Democrats 

Club (3) Stone, Paul Lee Sullivan; B.S. in Accountancy; Theta Xi, House President (3); 

Accountancy Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Finance Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Marketing Club (3); Pre-Law Club 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 6: Strotshuk, Helen North Chicago; B.S. in Personnel Management; Sherwood, 

House President (4) ; Illini Guide (2) ; Society for the Advancement of Management (4) ; Ukrain- 
ian Youth Group (1, 2, 3, 4). Taylor, Sharon Kay Rantoul; B.S. in Commercial Teaching; 

Phi Beta Lambda; Southern Illinois University. Thomas, Timothy Raymond Flora; B.S. 

in Finance; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Iota Epsilon; Honors Day (1, 3). Thompson, Terry Mane 

Villa Park; B.S. in Accountancy; Illinois Street Residence, House President (4); Council 

of Women Students (4) ; Honors Day (3) ; DePauw University. 

Row 7: Tinkham, Robert Vern Wilmette; B.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Kappa Lambda, 

House President (4); Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; 
I.P.C. Board (3, 4); Star Course Manager (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Campus Chest (1); Junior 
Interfraternitv Council (1); Second Regimental Band(l), Student Musicals (2); Accountancy 

Club (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Townsend, Richard Craig Decatur; 

B.S. in Accountancy; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Sigma 
Iota Epsilon; Freshman Seminar (1); Accountancy Club (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (1, 2, 3). Truskowski, John Budd ... Rolling Meadows; B.S. in Accountancy; Pennsylvania 
Avenue Residence, House President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Beta Gamma Sigma; Alpha Kappa 
Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Illini Guide (3); Accountancy Club (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (1, 2, 3). Trusner, Leland Enoch Niantic; B.S. in Accountancy; Accountancy Club (2). 

Row 8: Uhll, Barbara Anne Lansing; B.S. in Accountancy; Pennsylvania Avenue Resi- 
dence. Verticchio, Michael James Gillespie; B.S. in Economies; Gregory Drive Residence 

Vogen, David Robert Marengo; B.S. in Accountancy; Peabody Drive Residence, House 

President (3); Army ROTC, Major. Voumard, Dennis Gale Alton; B.S. in Accountancy; 

Peabody Drue Residence; Honors Day (1, 2). 

H.,v\ '.( Washlow, Robert Jaycob . Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy ; PI,, Epsdon Pi. Wasson, 

William Thomas . . Belvidere; U.S. in Finance; Phi Sigma Kappa, Watson, James Gordon 

Naperville; U.S. in Accountancy; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Beta Ga mma Sigma; Alpha Kappa 
Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Alpha Mu; lecountancj Club (3, i>; Honors Daj (3, li; College of 

Will,:,,,, and Mary. Weidig, Lawrence Wayne Ottawa; B.S. in Accountancy; Accountancy 

Club 'i. li, Marketing Club (2). 



Row 1: Weidner, Thomas Raymond Chicago; B.S. in Finance; Gar-Men, House President 

(3); Glider Club (3, 4); Society for the Advancement of Management (2). Welch, Paul Andrew 

Collins ville; B.S. in Finance; Delta Chi; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union 
Committee Member (1, 2. 3); Star Course Manager (1, 2) ; Y.M.C.A. (2); Campus Chest (1, 2); 

Junior Interfraternity Council (II; Baseball, Freshman Squad (1). Wells, Michael Lee 

Springfield, Virginia; B.S. in Accountancy; Florida Avenue Residence; Air Force ROTC, Lieu- 
tenant Colonel. Wenz, Paul Douglas . Park Ridge; B.S. in Personnel Management; Zeta Psi. 

Row 2: Wesley, Roger Edward Chicago; B.S. in Accountancy; Beta Gamma Sigma; 

Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Alpha Psi; Accountancy Club (2, 3, 4); Finance Club (3, 4); Young Re- 
publicans Club (4); Honors Day (1, 2. 3, 4); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. West, David 

Ian Elgin; B.S. in Accountancy; Phi Delta Theta; Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; Beta 

Alpha Psi; James Scholar (3); Honors Day (3). Whitfill, Michele . Decatur; B.S. in Marketing; 
Evans; Campus Chest (1. 2. 31; Illini Guide (2, 3); Marketing Club (2. 3. 4); Honors Day (1, 3). 

Wilson, Donald Roger Glenview; B.S. in Accountancy; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; 

Delta Sigma Pi; Accountancy Club (4). 

Row 3: Wolf, William Jeffrey Chicago; B.S. in Economies; Tau Delta Phi. Wrobel, Robert 

Franklin River Grove; B.S. in Accountancy; Theta Xi; Wa-Na-See; Sachem; ARha Phi 

Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Campus Chest (2); W.P.G.U. (1, 2, 3, 4), Station 
Manager (3, 4). Yusim, Allan Lee Chicago; B.S. in Economics; Zeta Beti Tau, House Presi- 
dent (4); Sigma Alpha Iota; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Junior Interfraternity Council 
(2); Honors Day (2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the Universitv of Illinois. 



Note Effect of El. Ed. 
Area Concentration 

The College of Education currently enrolls 
5500 students. Many Liberal Arts and Sciences 
students also take education courses so that they 
may teach in secondary schools. 

Evident this year were the results of last year's 
major curriculum change in elementary educa- 
tion. Beginning with the freshman class of 1965, 
elementary education majors are required to 
choose an area of specialization. All courses out- 
side of those required must be in this area of 
specialization. A student in this program may 
choose, for example, to concentrate his study in 
French. This student would then be qualified 
to team teach. 

This program and others are being devised 
by the College to meet changing educational 

Dean R. N. Evans directs the activities of the College. 

Informality in Home Ec. Education classes creates interest 

i m 


A — F 

Row 1: Alpert, Susan Irene Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Indeco; Alpha 

Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (3); A.C.E. (4); Student National Education 
Association (4); Model UN (2); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Michigan; Indiana Uni- 
versity. Baron, Roberta Sue Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; 

Campus Chest (1); Fraternity Life (3, 4); International Fair (1). Becker, Judith Ann Elm- 
hurst; B.S. in Elementary Education; Chi Omega; Junior Panhellenic (li; .lames Scholar (1, 2, 

3, 41; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Becker, Katherine Wihnette; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Alpha Phi; A-Ti-Us; Junior Panhellenic (1); Women's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Home- 
coming Court (3). 

Row 2: Beekman, Sarah Helen Belleville; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; 

The Illio (1); James Scholar (1, 2). Bell, Patti Lynn. . . Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Delta Phi Epsilon. Berkenstadt, Joy Susan Winnetka; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Iota Alpha Pi; University Chorus (2) ; Women's Glee Club (3). Berlow, Susan Jill Chicago; 

B.S. in the Education of the Deaf; Illinois Street Residence; Cooperative Extension Club ill; 
DB Club (1. 2. 3. 4); Southeast Junior College. 

Row 3: Berns, Sherri Lynn Evanston; B.S. in Elementary Education; Indeco; Illini Union 

Committee Member (2); University Theatre Crew (1); Student Musicals (1, 2); A.C.E. (3, 4); 
Student National Education Association (3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2); Model UN (3, 4). 

Bessinger, Barbara Ann Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Sigma Sigma; Campus 

Chest (3, 4); Illigreek (3); Greek Week Comm ttee (3). Billings, Janice Marian Springfield; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Pompons (1). Bolon, Roberta Sue 

Lincolnwood; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; Alpha Lambda Delta; Kappa 
Delta Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (1. 2); Campus Chest (1); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 4: Bothe, Mary Ann . Aurora; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 
University Chorus (2); Illini Guide (2); Student National Education Association (2); Universitj 
of Colorado. Boyson, Barbara Mae Crystal Lake; B.S. in Elementary Education; Penn- 
sylvania Avenue Residence; Newman Club (1); Young Democrats Club (1); Volunteer Illini 

Project (3); James Scholar (1. 2. 3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3). Bozarth, Nita Ruth Tuscola; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; University Theatre Crew (2); Angel Flight 
(2. 3. 4); A.C.E. (2). Brass, Jane Florence . . . Rockford; B.S. in Elementary Education; Strat- 
ford; Honors Day (3); North Central College. 

Row 5: Brenna, Cynthia Marya . . .Lake Villa; B.S. in the Education of the Deaf; Gamma 
Phi Beta; Student Musicals (1. 2); Greek Week Committee (D; DB Club (1, 2, 3. 4); Young 
Republicans Club (1); James Scholar (1, 2. 3). Brucker, Anita Strauss . Chicago; B.S. in the 
Education of the Deaf; Illinois Street Residence; DB Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Young Democrats Club 

(3); Honors Day (3). Buck, Marilyn Suzanne River Forest; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Delta Delta Delta; Shorter Board; Torch; Star Course Manager (1, 2); Campus Chest (1, 2, 3); 
Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3); Greek Week Committee (2); Honors Day (2). 
Burch, Melissa Jane Urbana; B.S. in Elementary Education. 

Row 6: Busick, Cheryl Lyn Melvin; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; Illini 

Union Committee Member (3); A.C.E. (4); Student National Education Association (2, 4); 

Volunteer Illini Projects (4); Illinois State FJniversity. Cargerman, Renee Eileen Chicago; 

A.B. in English Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; The Daily Illini (1); Major Chairman of Illini 
Union Committee (3, 4); Junior Panhellenic (1); Panhellenic Executive Council (3); Student 

Musical (2, 4). Clark, Marsha Lynne St. Charles; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa 

Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Pompons (1); Model U.N. (3); Honors 
Day (1. 2, 3). Clary, Nancy Danville; B.S. in Elementary Education. 

Row 7: Cohen, Susan Audrey Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Phi Ep- 
silon, House President (4); Campus Chest (1); Illigreek (2); International Fair (3); Honors Day 

U, 3). Cowen, Davida Rochelle Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Bromley; Kappa 

Delta Pi; Honors Day (2, 3); University of Wisconsin. Crook, Frances Marie Danville; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Danville Junior College. Cutler, Marcia Lynne Chicago; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Member (4); Pom- 
pons (1); Greek Week Committee (3); International Fair (3); Honors Day (2, 3). 

How 8: Dieterich, Karen Wilmette; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; 

Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3); University Theatre Crew (3); Y.W.C.A. (2); Folk 

Song 'lub (2). Dingerson, Mary Ellen Belleville; A.B. in English Education, Illinois Street 

Residence; Belleville Junior College. Dzielak, Eileen Louise Las Vegas, Nevada; B.S. in 

the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children; Gamma Phi Beta; Illini Guide (3); Arizona 

State College. Duker, Suzanne Veach Tolono; B.S. in Elementary Education; Chi Omega; 

Kappa Delta Pi; Star Course Manager (1, 2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 41; 
Honors Day (3). 

Row '.I: Eck, Nancy .. Lai. range Park; B.S. in Elemental^ Education; Evans; Women's 
i ilee Club (4); Oratorio Society (3); DePauw University; University of Lausanne. Elliott, Wendy 
Lee Hubbard Woods; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Stephens Col- 
lege. England, Louise Georgia Dahinda; B.S. in Elementary Education; Allen; Wesley 

Foundation (4); A.C.E. (3, 4); Student National Education Association (4); Illinois State Uni- 
versity. Farley, Sharon Maureen. . . Berwyn; B.S. in Elementary Education; Taft; Newman 
Club (3, 4); Morton Junior College. 



Row 1 : Firsel, Lynne Marie Oak Park; B.S. in the Education of the Deaf; Florida Avenue 

Residence; Illini Guide (3); DB Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); S.A.E. (4). Fischer, Suzanne 

Rose Quincy; B.S. in Elementary Education; Chi Omega, House President (4); Shorter 

Board; Torch; The Illio (1); Illini Union Board Director (3); Major Chairman of Illini Union 
Committee (2, 3, 4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Member 

(1); Y.W.C.A. (2); Honors Day (3). Fisher, Virginia Kay Bement; B.S. in Elemental: 

Education; Alpha Xi Delta; Star Course Manager (1); Junior Panhellenic (2); First Regimental 
Band (2, 3); Second Regimental Band (1); Illini Guide (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 4). Fockler, Susan 

Jane Chicago; B.S. in the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children; Kappa Alpha Theta; 

A-Ti-Us; Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (3); Illini Union Committee Chairman 
(2, 3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Star Course Manager (1, 2); Y.W.C.A. (2); Junior 
Panhellenic (1); Pompons (1); Illini Guide (4); Council for Exceptional Children (3, 4). 

Row 2: Foertsch, Sharon Anne Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Busey; Uni- 
versity Theatre Crew (1); Newman Club (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (3); Young Democrats Club (2); 

Volunteer Illini Project (2); Chicago Teachers College. Freshman, Shari Chicago; B.S. in 

Elementary Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (3) ; Student Musicals 

(3) ; Illini Guide (2); Greek Week Committee (3); Drake University. Frey, Toby Jean Chicago; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Bromley ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Student 

National Education Association (1, 2). Frost, Phyllis Ellen Mundelein; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini Union Committee Member (2). 

Row 3: Fuller, Flo Anne Oakwood; B.S. in Elementary Education; Stratford, House 

President (3) ; A-Ti-Us; University Theatre Manager (2) ; University Theatre Crew (1,2); Baptist 

Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4); A.C.E. (4) ; Honors Day (2, 3). Funke, Lois Claire Chicago; A.B. 

in Social Studies Education; Illinois Street Residence; Augustana College. Garbe, Phyllis Kay 

Crystal Lake; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; Star Course Manager (1, 2); James 

Scholar (1, 4). Gecas, Irene Helen Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Taft; Illini Guide 

(2); Honors Day (1); Illinois Teachers College. 

Row 4: Gelfand, Rachel Lou Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Epsilon 

Phi; Campus Chest (1); Fraternity Life (2); Greek Week Committee (2); Honors Day (1, 3). 
Glickman, Judith Merle Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Uni- 
versity Theatre Crew (2) ; Campus Chest (1); Young Democrats Club (1, 2,3). Golden, Patt 

Chicago ; B.S. in Elementary Education; Illinois Street Residence; Illini Union Committee Member 
(2) ; I.P.C. Photographv Staff (2) ; Pompons (1) ; Student National Education Association (1, 3, 4) ; 

Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (4). Grant, Patty Sue Watseka; B.S. 

in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (1) ; Pompons (1) ; 
Terrapin (2). 

Row5:Greanias,Francie Ann Decatur; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; 

Shorter Board; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2, 

3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Haab, Eldon Leroy Strawn; B.S. in Biology Education; Gregory 

Drive Residence;' University Chorus (1, 2). Haase, Susan Marguerite Crystal Lake; B.S. 

in Elementary Education; Busev; Spanish Club (2, 3); Student National Education Association 

(3) ; Volunteer Illini Project (4);Edgewood College. Haberkamp, Mary Lou Highland Park; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); 
Newman Club (2, 3); Greek Week Committee (3); Young Republicans Club (2); Mundelein 

Row 6: Hager, Roberta Ann Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; B.S. in Mathematics Education; 

Honors Day (1); Pennsylvania State University. Haines, Ann Elizabeth Joliet; B.S. in 

Elementary Education; Presby; University Chorus (1); A.C.E. (3); Volunteer Illini Project (3); 

Joliet Junior College. Hamilton, Linda Rae Champaign; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (2); University Chorus (1); Women's Glee Club 
(2, 3, 4) ; Fraternity Life (2, 3, 4) ; Plowboy Prom Committee (3) ; Young Republicans Club (2, 3). 
Hayden, Richard Charles Greenup; B.S. in Elementary Education. 

Row 7: Hefter, Patricia Ellen Glencoe; B.S. in Elementary Education; Indeco; W.P.G.U. 

(3); University Choir (2); A.C.E. (4); University of Missouri. Hilborn, Jessica Chicago; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3) ; Campus 
Chest (1, 2, 3) ; Illigreek (2) ; Horseback Riding Club (3); International Fair (3) ; Pal Program (3). 

Hintz, Beth Marie Rock Island; A.B. in Social Studies Education; Pennsylvania Avenue 

Residence; Honors Day (3); Black Hawk College. Hirsch, Deborah Chicago; B.S. in Ele- 
mentary Education; Taft; Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row 8; Holmes, Connie Bea Edelstein; B.S. in Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; 

Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (4); Freshman Seminar; United 
Christian Fellowship Executive Council (4) ; A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (2,3,4); Pal Program (2, 3) ; \ olunteer 

Illini Project (4); Honors Day (3); Universidad de las Americas. Hubatka, Sandra Rose 

North Riverside; B.S. in the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children; Alpha Gamma 
Delta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (4); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board 

(2, 3); Honors Day (3). Isbitz, Paulette Sue Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; 1 hi 

Sigma Sigma, House President (4); The Illio (1, 2, 3); Major Chairman of Illini Union Commit- 
tee (1,2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2) ; Campus Chest (3), Major Chairman (3); Junior 
Panhellenic (2); Panhellenic Executive Council (4); Student Senate (1); Hillel Foundation (1, -, 
3, 4); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3). Jacobson, Ethel Myra . . .Chicago; B.S. in Elementary 
Education; Illinois Street Residence; W.I.S.A. Executive Council (2) ; Student National Education 
Association (2); Honors Day (1). 

How 1): Johnson, Carole Lynnae Peoria; B.S. in Mathematics Education; 1-11 House; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Southern Illinois University. Johnson, Jane Trudy Elgin; U.S. in 

Klementim Education; Taft. Johnson, Janet Elizabeth Washington; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Pi Beta Phi; University of Kentucky; Indiana University, Johnson, Ronald Duane 

Rockford; B.S. in Industrial Eduoation; White House; Industrial Education Society (4); 

Graduate Institute of Aviation (2). 


K — M 

Row 1: Kamin, Susan Pauline Skokie; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Epsilon 

Fin; Campus Chest (1); Major Committee of Student Senate (3); Illini Guide (2); International 

Jtair (1) Kaplan, Uene River Forest; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; 

the Daily Illim (2); Ilhni Union Committee Member (1); Campus Chest (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Pan- 
hellenic ( 1 ) ; Student Senate (2) ; Pompons ( 1 ) ; Illigreek ( 1 ) ; WILL ( 1 ) ; Illini Guide (3) ; Greek Week 
Committee (2, 3); Folk Song Club (1); Student National Education Association (2, 3); Young 
Republicans Club (1); Honors Day (3). Karpman, Frances Victoria ...Springfield; B.S. in 
Elementary Education; Taft; Hillel Foundation (3, 4); Student National Education Association 
• ; Vol T v ' nteer I1,ini Project (2, 3). Kaye, Sherry Terrol . . Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Edu- 
cation; Ilhni Towers; Volunteer Illini Project (3); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (2, 3); Navv 
fier ^tension of the University of Illinois; Orchesis (1); Student National Education Associ- 
ation (1, 2). 

Row 2: Kehoe, Diane Marie LeRoy; B.S. in Elementary Education; Busev; Mask and 

Bauble; University Theatre Manager (3); University Theatre Crew (1, 2); Student National 
Education Association (3); Women's Extramurals, Golf (3). Keiner, LaDonna Jean. . . Mount 
Prospect; B S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (3); 
Navy Pier Extension * 

Maralyn yaie Chicago; U.S. in the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children; Alpha 

Epsilon Phi; Council for Exceptional Children (3, 4); Drake University. 


ler Extension of the University of Illinois. Keller, Marianne Quincy B.S. in Ele- 

Education; Chi Omega; Angel Flight (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Kansas University. Klein, 
L?* le _ Chicago; B.S. in the Education of Mentally Handicapped Children: Aloha 

3: Knapek, Becky Howell Flossmoor; A.B. in History Education; Kappa Alpha 

Ineta; Lawrence University. Knudsen, Janis Irene Glen Ellvn; B.S. in Elementary Edu- 
cation; Delta Delta Delta; Honors Day (3); Knox College. Kooperman, Charlene Risa 
Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Bromley; The Daily Illini (2); University Theatre 
Cast(2); Star Course Manager (2); Women's Glee Club (3); Illini Guide (3); Folk Song Club 
U); Honors Day (3). Kraus, Ellen Elaine Chicago; B.S. in the Education of Mentally Handi- 
capped Children; Indeco, House President (4); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Freshman 
Seminar; Ilhni Guide (3); Council for Exceptional Children (3, 4); Student National Education 
Association (2); Young Democrats Club (2); Model U.N. (4); International Fair (3). 

Row 4: Kubik, Judith Marie Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; 

Mortar Board; Torch; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Student National Education Association (4); Volunteer 
Ilhni Project (4); Honors Day (2, 3). Kuehn, Lee Anne Belleville; B.S. in Elementary Edu- 
cation; Pi Beta Phi; The Illio (1); Pompons (1) ; Military Sponsor (3, 4) ; Homecoming Court (3) ; 
Honors Day (2, 3). Kummer, Kyaus Peter Crown Point, Indiana; B.S. in Industrial Edu- 
cation; Industrial Education Society (1, 2, 3, 4), President (2, 3). Kvarda, Kathryn Anna 

Brookfield; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Zeta; University Theatre Manager (2); Uni- 
versity Theatre Crew (1, 2); Chevron (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (1). 

Row 5: Landgren Alice Lorraine Indianapolis. Indiana; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Pi Beta Phi; Shorter Board; Torch; Mask and Bauble; University Theatre Manager (2, 3, 4), 
General Manager (4); University Theatre Crew (1); Campus Chest (1); University Theatre 

Board (4); Honors Day (3). Lapin, Paulette Honey Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; 

Delta Phi Epsilon; Illini LTnion Committee Member (1, 2); Campus Chest (1, 2); Greek Week 

Committee (1); Honors Day (1). Lashbrook, Susan Jean Decatur; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Star Course Manager 

(1); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3); Illini Guide (3). Lawrence, David Bruce Manteno; B.S. in Industrial 

Education; Illinois Street Residence; Alpha Phi Omega; Illigreek (2) ; Industrial Education Society 
(1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Student National Education Association (2, 3, 4); Volunteer Illini 
Project (3, 4). 

Row 6: Lerner, Rochelle Lenore Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Phi 

Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Campus Chest (2). Lewis, Deborah Jean 

Park Ridge; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi. Linde, Kathryn Marie Rockford; 

B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee Member (1); 

Honors Day (1, 3); Iowa State University. Linley, Carol Ann Chicago; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1). 

Row 7: Lucarz, Bernadette Jane Chicago; B.S. in Mathematics Education; Busey ; Honors 

Day (1); Northern Illinois University. Macke, Margaret Sue West Union; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Alpha Delta Pi. Mahonchak, Joan Mary Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Educa- 
tion; McKinley ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Malen, Ruth Ann .... Chicago; 
B.S. in Elementary Education; Van Doren; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 8: Mandell, Michele Lynn . , Skokie; B.S. in Elementary Education; Iota Alpha Pi; The 
Daily Illini (1); University Theatre Crew (1); Campus Chest (2); Student National Education 

Association (3, 4). Manninen, Kathleen Marie Waukegan; A.B. in Social Studies Education; 

Evans; W.I.S.A. Executive Council (2); Student Senate (2); Orchesis (1); Illini Guide (2); A.F.S. 

(2); Italian Club (1). Markert, Janice Fay Havana; B.S. in Elementary Education; Gamma 

Phi Beta; Campus Chest (2. 3); Gamma Delta Foundation (2); Young Republicans Club (2 4); 

Honors Day (1,2). Martin, Barbara Ann Blue Island; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha 

Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (2). 

Row 9: Martin, Nancy Ellen Chicago; B.S. in Education; Alpha Omicron Pi; University 

Theatre Crew (3) ; Campus Chest (3); Dolphins (3). Marx, Mauryne Chicago; A.B. in English 

Education; Finance Club (1); N.A.A.C.P. (1); S.N.C.C. (2); Student National Education Associ- 
ation (2); Young Democrats Club (2). Mattoon, Sandra Loel Olney; B.S. in Math Edu- 
cation; Gamma House, House President (2, 4); Shorter Board; W.I.S.A. Executive Council (4); 

Council of Women Students (3); Honors Day (3). McCallister, Farris Leroy Globe, Arizona; 

B.S. in Industrial Education; University of Maryland. 


M — S 

Row 1: McDowell, Lavonne Champaign; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta; 

Mortar Board; Torch; The Illio (1. 2, 3); Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (4); Illini 
Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (3); I nivcrsit.v T. heatre Cast 
(1); University Theatre Crew (1); Campus Chest (3); Young Republicans Club (3, 4) ; Honors 

Day (2. 3). McKee, Patricia Ann Flossmoor; A.B. in English Education; Eyans; Young 

Republicans Club (3); Creighton University. McKinley, Nancy Catherine... Belleville; B Jb. 
in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; University Theatre Crew (4); Honors Day (2). Mil e r, 
Carol Joan ... River Forest; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pi Beta Phi; Campus Chest (1). 

Row 2: Miller, Sandra Jean Skokie; B.S. in Elementary Education; Busey, House Presi- 
dent (4); Illini Guide (3); Honors Day (3); Miami University. MoeUer Carol Ann. .. Lans„ 
B.S. in Elementary Education; Phi Mu; Junior Panhellenic (3); Panhellenic Program Board 3), 

Honors Day (1, 3). Naiditch, Marsh Helen Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education, Laurel 

House; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; A.C.E. (4) ; Student National Education , Assooa on 
(4); Young Democrats Club (1). Newton, Carolyn Wilmette; B.S. ,„ the Education of Men- 
tally Handicapped Children; Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini Union Committee ( ha.rman (2), Cheer- 
leader (3, 4). 

Row 3: Nutt, Jean Pierce TarifTviUe, Connecticut; B.S. in Elementary Education A.GE. 

(3); Student National Education Association (4); Muskingom College. Panutsos Elaine Elenee 
. ...Chicago; B.S. in Education; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence-Honors Day (1, 2, A ,), 
Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Student National Education Association (2) 
Paternoster, Rebecca Ann .. . .Fairbury; B.S. in the Education of the Deaf; Sigma Kappa 
Kappa Delta Pi; The Illio (2); University Theatre Crew (1); DB Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day 
(2, 3). Pazak, Linda Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Delta. 

Row 4- Pearl, Felice. . . Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Folk Song Club (3); Wash- 
ington University; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Pellman, loby ■ C ™*&' 
B.S. in Elementary Education; Illini Towers; Student National Education Association (3, 4). 

Perkins, Diane Carolyr Berwyn; B.S. in Elementary Education; Student National Education 

\ssociaton (3, 4); Morton Junior College. Phebus, Joan Brandenburg. ... .Skokie; A.B. in 
Social Studies Education; Kappa Delta; University Theatre Crew 1 14); Student National Edu- 
cation Association (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3); Bradley University; Navy Pier Extension of thi 
University of Illinois. 

Row 5: Pieper, Mary Katherine Moline; B.S. in Elementary Education; Gamma Phi 

Beta, House President (4); Mortar Board; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Chairman 
(3); Illini Union Committee Member (3); Star Course Manager (2); Panhelenic Executive ( oun- 
eil (2 3 4); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (4) ; James Scholar (1 2, 3 4) .Honors 
Dav (3 . Ponder Sharon Jo Hammond; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi Omega; 
Illini Union Committee Member (1.2) ; Campus Chest (2, 3) ; Student National Education Associ- 
ation (3, 4); International Fair (3). Porn, Sheila Margaret h.cago; B.S. in Element 

Education; Kappa Delta; Mask and Bauble; Illini Union Committee Member (3) , L rm ers.t. 
Theatre Manager (2, 3); Dolphins (3). Rabbe, Patricia Ann Clinton; B^S. m Elementary 

Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2) , Campus 
Chest (3). 

Row 6: Rabin, Diane Lois Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Bromley; The Daily 

Illini (2); University Theatre Cast (2); Star Course Manager (2); Women s Glee Club (3), Illini 
Guide (3); Folk Song Club (2); Honors Day (3); Ohio State University. Reese, Renee Ann. 
Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Iota Alpha Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (1), 
Campus Chest (2); W.P.G.U. (4); Young Democrats Club (2 3) ; K«msen , Jean Elizabeth 
Rockford; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Gamma; The Daily Ilhn. (2) ; University Theac 
Crew (3). Rieman, Sarah Christine ...Oak Hill, West Virginia; A.B. in English Education, 
Busey; Illini Guide (2); Honors Day (3); Illinois State University. 

Row 7: Rogers, Sally Ann Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pennsylvania Avenu. 

Residence; Newman Club (3); Young Democrats Club (4); Chicago Teachers College. Run on 

Judith Ann Elk Grove Village; B.S. in Elementary Education; Pennsylvania Avenue Resi 

deuce, House President (3); Illini Guide (2, 3); Honors Day (3). Rupnow, Susan Motter. 
Dakota; A.B. in English Education; Illinois State University. Sachs, Donna ... Chicago; B.S. 
in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau, President (4); Junior Panhellenic (1); Panhellenic 
Executive Council (3. 4); Pompons (1). 

Row 8- Sager, Eileen Miriam . Chicago; B.S. in Elementarj Education; Van Doren; Student 
National Education Association (4); Pal Program (3, 4); Honors Day (3). Salkin, Hollis Sue 

Chic .; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau. Sass, Sharon Ann \\v,n,UuM-, 

B.S in Elementarj Education; Alpha Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Y.W.G.A. 
(3) Campus Chesl (1); Illigreek (2); Honors Day (3). Savich, Michelle Susan Joliet; B.S 

in Elementarj Education; Vlpha Phi; Student Musicals (I); Dolphins (3); Student National 
Education Association (1, I); Young Democrats Club (1); Joliel Junior ( ollege. 

Row 9' Schaffner, Joan Lois Chicago; B.S. in the Education ..I Mentallj Handica 1 

. hildren; Vlphs Epsilon Phi; Junioi Panhellenic (1); Council for Exceptional Children (4). 
Schmitt Barbara Kay Steelville; B.S in Elementarj Education; Florida Avenue Residence; 

III,,,, Gui le (2), Schultnan, Barbara Ann M,,.-:,...,,; B.S in Elementarj Education; Bromlej ; 

Campus Chesl (2); Illini Gui le (3); Young Democrats Club Mi; Honors Daj (3). Seiff, Cynthia 

Ho,,,- Chic B.S in Elementarj Education; Illini Towers; Student National Education 

.ciation 'i 2); Younn Dei - W > lub i 1); Nav; Piei Extene I the I diversity of Illinois. 


s — z 

Row 1: Shenberg, Esther Rochelle Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Iota Alpha 

Pi; Honors Day (1). Sherrill, Nancy Sue Danville; A.B. in Social Studies Education; Dan- 
ville Junior College. Shiftman, Geraldine Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma 

Delta Tau; Campus Chest (3); W.P.G.U. (1, 2); Illigreek (2); Illini Guide (2); Honors Day (3). 

Shutters, Don Chicago; B.S. in Industrial Art Education ; Industrial Education Society f 3, 4) ; 

Marion Institute; United States Military Academy; Navy Pier Extension of the University 
of Illinois. 

Row"2: Silverman, Ellen Ann Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta Tau; 

Campus Chest (4); Honors Day (1, 3); University of Colorado. Slack, Margaret Anne 

Brookfield; B.S. in Elementary Education; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Star Course 
Manager (1); Student National Education Association (2, 3); James Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors 

Day (1, 2,3). Spirtas, Brenda Ruth Belleville; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Lambda 

Delta; James Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3). Spirtas, Gale Merle Belleville; B.S. in 

Elementary Education; James Scholar (2, 3. 4); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 3: Stahmer, Suellen Palatine; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Kappa; The 

Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Greek 

Week Committee (2);A.C.E. (3, 4); Spanish Club (1). Stanek, Barbara Jane LaGrange; B.S. 

in Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2); 
Honors Day (1); University of Madrid. Stanley, Carole Jean River Forest; B.S. in Edu- 
cation of Mentally Handicapped Children; Alpha Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (1); 
Junior Panhellenic (1); Dorado (1); Council for Exceptional Children (3, 4). Stein, Susan Ruth 
Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Southern Illinois University. 

Row 4: Steiner, Carol Ann Elmwood Park; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Chi 

Omega, House President (4); Kappa Delta Pi; Panhellenic Executive Council (4); Honors Day 

(1, 2, 3). Swofford, James Kenneth, Jr Benton; B.S. in Social Science Education; Bromley; 

Baptist Student Union (1, 2, 3, 4), Baptist Executive Council (2). Susin, Barbara Dean 

Decatur; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Delta Pi; Mortar Board; Torch; A-Ti-Us; The 
Illio (1, 2, 3, 4), Associate Editor (4); Student National Education Association (4); Honors Day 
(2, 3). Taymor, Judy Lee Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence; Honors Day (3). 

Row 5: Temkin, Miraim Anne Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta 

Tau; The Daily Illini (2); Illini Union Committee Member (1) ; Campus Chest (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Junior 
Panhellenic (1); Student Senate (2); Illigreek (1); Illini Guide (3); Greek Week Committee (2); 
Folk Song Club (1, 2); Student National Education Association (2, 3); Young Democrats Club 
(1, 2. 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Templer, Barbara Arleen Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Edu- 
cation; Volunteer Illini Project (3); Honors Day (2). Thibodeau, Robin Lee Elgin; B.S. in 

Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3) ; Pompons 

(1); Greek Week Committee (2). Thompson, Elizabeth Cecile Geneva; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Pompons (1); Illini Guide (2). 

Row 6: Travis, Foster Lawrence, Jr Palatine; B.S. in Physical Science Education; Alpha 

Sigma Phi; Skull and Crescent; Tribe of Illini (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4), Varsity 

Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4); Cross Country (1). Vistein, Lynette John Chicago; B.S. in 

Elementary Education; Van Doren. Wainess, Terri Lynn Highland Park; B.S. in Social 

Studies Education; Sigma Delta Tau ; A-Ti-Us; American University. Wallace, Barbara Susan 

Oak Park; B.S. in Elementary Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1); Campus Chest (1); Junior Panhellenic (1); Panhellenic Judicial Board (3); 
Women's Intramural Manager (3, 4), Senior Manager (4); Greek Week Committee (2); Chevron 
(2, 3, 4); DB Club (2); Honors Day (3). 

Row 7: Walton, Doris Larraine Bethesda, Maryland; A.B. in English Education; Kappa 

Alpha Theta; Shorter Board; Torch; The Illio (1, 2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); 
Dolphins (3); L.A.S. Council (1, 2); Rifle and Pistol Club (1, 3. 4); Women's Extramural Sports 

Association (1, 2, 4) ; James Scholar (1,2). Wartell, Nancy Lynn Chicago; B.S. in Elementary 

Education; Orchesis (3); Honors Day (2); Illinois Teachers College. Wettaw, Patricia Ann 

Eldorado; B.S. in Elementary Education; Delta Delta Delta; The Daily Illini (2); Illini Union 

Committee Member (3); Dolphins (3); Angel Flight (3, 4). Weytkow, Nancy Carol Chicago; 

A.B. in English Education; Delta Delta Delta; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Chair- 
man (2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee Member (1,2, 3);. Junior Panhellenic (1) ; Panhellenic Executive 
Council (2, 3); Panhellenic Program Board (3); Major Committee of Student Senate (2, 3); 
Orchesis (3); Honors Day (3). 

Row 8: Whipple, Jere Lynne East Moline; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Delta 

Pi; The Daily Illini (3); Honors Day (3); Iowa State University. Wickersheim, Nancy Jean 

Glenview; B.S. in Elementary Education; Florida Avenue Residence; A.C.E. (4) ; Student National 
Education Association (2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (3) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Willett, William Harry Steger; A.B. in Social Studies Education; Bloom Community College. 

Wolf, Marsha Dale Chicago; B.S. in Elementary Education; Van Doren; James Scholar 

(2, 3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 9: Woller, LaVonne Katherine Urbana; B.S. in Elementary Education. Wolmey, 

Diane Magliochetti River Forest; B.S. in Elementary Education; Alpha Phi; Star Course 

Manager (1); Campus Chest (1); Junior Panhellenic (2); Fraternity Life (2); Greek Week Com- 
mittee (1). Yearwood, Darrell Allen Mt. Vernon; A.B. in Social Studies Education; Tau 

Kappa Epsilon; Junior Interfraternity Council (3); Model U.N. (3), Mt. Vernon Junior College. 

Zeiter, Linda Anne Danville; B.S. in Elementary Education; Kappa Kappa Gamma, House 

President (4); Kappa Delta Pi; Illini LTnion Committee Member (1, 2); University Theatre Crew 
(1); University Chorus (1); Women's Glee Club (1); James Scholar (1, 2, 3. 4); Honors Day (1,3). 


„■ * „ t ■»•«. v «,„ r ;r„> Thiraeo- B S. in Elementary Education; Sigma Delta 


Engineering Hall, headquarters of 
the College, is a landmark. 

Departments of the College are "Distinguished" 

A report published by the American Council 
on Education found the departments of Electri- 
cal, Chemical, and Civil Engineering to be "Dis- 
tinguished." These departments together with 
the others make the Engineering College one of 
the best in the nation. 

Students use modern equipment to carry out 
research. They are, for example, able to per- 
form such experiments as measuring the radio- 
active content of water. These experiments and 
demonstrations are shown to the public each year 
at Engineering Open House, an event which an- 
nually brings 15,000 visitors to the campus. 


Dean William Everitt directs the distinguished College. 

A— B 

Row 1: Adams, David Oliver La Rose; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Flying Illini (4); 

I.E.E.E. (3, 4); University of Wisconsin. Aggen, John Alsip; B.S. in Civil Engineering; 

Garmen; A.S.C.E. (4) ; Thornton Junior College. Altonen, Wilhart Niilo Gaastra, Michigan; 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. (4). Amrein, Stephen Richard Batavia; B.S. in 

Civil Engineering; Campus View Lodge; A.S.C.E. (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (4); Northern 
Illinois University. 

Row 2: Anderson, Don Leroy Jamestown, New York; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; 

A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (4); Jamestown Community College. Anderson, Richard Ernest Lancaster; 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Medea; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa 
Nu, President (4) ; Second Regimental Band (1) ; Illini Guide (4) ; I.E.E.E. (2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar 

(1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Anderson, Richard Gregory Tacoma, Washington; B.S. 

in Civil Engineering; Beta Theta Pi; Ma-Wan-Da; Wa-Na-See; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; 
Omicron Delta Kappa, President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Star Course 
Manager (1, 2, 3, 4); University Concert and Entertainment Board (4); Freshman Seminar; 
Concert and Entertainment Board (4) ; A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (1, 2) ; Student 
Committee on the Centennial (1, 2, 3, 4), Chairman (3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 

Day (1, 2, 3). Anderson, Steven John Rockford; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Acacia; 

Skull and Crescent; University Theatre Crew (1); Star Course Manager (2); I.E.E.E. (3, 4, 5); 
Young Republicans Club (.3, 4). 

Row 3: Apple, Lowell Gordon Rock Island; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Flving Illini 

(2, 3, 4); I.E.E.E. (4); Black Hawk College. Bachta, Richard Lewis Des Plaines; B.S. in 

General Engineering; Kappa Sigma, President (4); Navy Pier Extension of the L'niversity of 

Illinois. Bahmanyar, Reza Tehran, Iran; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Sigma Tau; Chi Epsilon; 

International Fair (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Bailey, James Lloyd 

Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Phi Delta. 

Row 4: Bandstra, Arnold Bernard, Jr Chicago; B.S. in General Engineering; I.S.P.E. 

(3, 4); Society of General Engineers (1, 2, 3, 4); Society of Professional Engineers (3, 4); Navy 

Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Barkley, Nancy Ann Westminster, California; 

B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Alpha Lambda Delta; University Theatre 
Crew (1); American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (3, 4); Society of Women Engi- 
neers (3, 4); Karate Kai (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (1). Barnett, James Vernon, 

Jr Eldorado; B.S. in Ceramic Engineering; American Ceramic Society (3. 4); Honors Day 

(3) ; University of Kentucky. Barry, Eugene Kevin LaGrange; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; 

Evans Scholars. 

Row 5: Barth, George David Mendota; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Gregory Drive 

Residence; Pi Tau Sigma; A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (2). 

Bass, George Warren Walnut; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Marching Illini (3, 4, 5); 

First Regimental Band (3. 4, 5); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); I.E.E.E. (4, 5); I.S.P.E. (4, 5); 

Honors Day (4). Beall, Charles Wayne Princeville; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Acacia; 

Illini Union Committee Member (1); University Chorus (2). Beazley, John Kenneth Areola; 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Theta Chi; Sachem; Star Course Manager (1, 2, 3); Concert and 
Entertainment Board (4); I.E.E.E. (3, 4). 

Row 6: Beeman, Robert Herbert River Forest; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; White 

House; WILL (1, 2, 3, 4); I.E.E.E. (4); Young Republicans Club (2, 4). Belanger, David George 

Oak Park; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Skull and Crescent; Pi Tau 

Sigma; Honors Day (1, 3). Benjamin, William Michael Chicago; B.S. in Engineering Physics; 

Illinois Street Residence; Physics Society (4) ; S.C.O.P.E. (3) ; James Scholar (4) ; Honors Day (1). 

Bergner, Herman Fredrick Oregon; B.S. in General Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; 

NROTC. Lieutenant; Navy Council (4) ; Trident (4) ; Society of General Engineers (3, 4) ; Purdue 

Row 7: Betancourt-Vasquez, Arturo Henrique Caracas, Venezuela; B.S. in Electrical 

Engineering; University of Rhode Island. Bittner, Robert John Waukegan; B.S. in Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Evans Scholars; Skull and Crescent; Pi Tau Sigma; Illinois Technograph (1); 

Air Force ROTC, Second Lieutenant; A.S.M.E. (3, 4) ; Honors Day (3). Bloch, Eric Marshall 

Wichita, Kansas; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; Campus Chest (2); Junior 

Interfraternity Council (1); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Synton (2). Bloch, William Henry Homer; 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Air Force ROTC, 
Captain; Phalanx (2, 3, 4); I.E.E.E. (4); James Scholar (4); Honors Day (3, 4); Southern Illinois 

Row 8: Blott, Alan James Peru; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Tomahawk; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); 

Army ROTC; Air Force ROTC; A.S.C.E. (2, 4). Boehler, Jesse Wayne Farmersville; B.S. 

in General Engineering; Gamma Epsilon; Tau Beta Pi; Society of General Engineers (3, 4) ; Young 
Democrats Club (3); James Scholar (5); Honors Day (4); Springfield Junior College. Bohlen, 

James Winter Taylorville; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Triangle; Sigma Tau; Tau 

Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Mu; Student Senate (1, 2); Engineering Council (1, 2, 3); Air Force ROTC, 
Captain; Arnold Air Society (2, 3,4); M.I.S. (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4). Bradley, Terry 

L f e Sheffield; B.S. in General Engineering; Triangle; Gamma Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta 

Pi; Illinois Technograph (2); Engineering Council (3, 4); A.S.M.E. (4); Society of General Engi- 
neers (1, 2, 3) ; James Scholar (1); Honors Day (3). 

Row 9: Brennan, Don Harold Farmington; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics and B.S. in Civil 

Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; A.S.C.E. (4); Honors Day (1). Breuer, Tom 
Edwin. .. . .Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; B.S. in Engineering Mechanics; Oregon North, House President 
<'i); Phi Eta Sigma; Engineering Mechanics Society (3, 4); James Scholar (I, 2, 3); Honors Day 

(1,2). Bruno, Joseph William Calumet Park; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi; 

A.S.C.E. (2, 3); Illinois Institute of Technology. Bryant, Stephen Blaine Cairo; B.S. in 

Engineering Physics; Phi Eta Sigma; Illinois Technograph (2); Honors Day (1, 2). 



B— E 

Row 1: Burgener, Larry Lee Springfield; B.S. in General Engineering; Society of General 

Engineers (3, 4, 5). Busby, John David Indianola; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical 

Engineering; Illini Guide (2); American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (1, 4); Flying 

Illini (4); I.S.P.E. (3, 4); Honors Day (3). Butler, Steve James Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical 

Engineering; Lewis College. Callaghan, Dennis James Naperville; B.S. in General Engi- 
neering; Illinois Street Residence; Gamma Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Society of General Engineers 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (4). 

Row 2: Carlson, Tedd Widing . ... Brookfield; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Koinonia; 
Baptist Foundation Executive Council (3, 4), President (3) ; Illini Guide (2) ; A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4). 

Carlson, Thomas Gordon Rockford; B.S. in Ceramic Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue 

Residence; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Keramos; American Ceramic Society (1, 2, 3, 4); James 
Scholar (3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Celio, William John . Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engi- 
neering; Illinois Street Residence, House President (4); Alpha Phi Omega; Soccer Club (3, 4). 

Chase, Robert William Alexandria, Virginia; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence, House President (3); Marching Illini (2, 3, 4); First Regimental Band (2, 3, 4); Second 
Regimental Band (1); I.E.E.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); I.S.P.E. (4). 

Row 3: Christen, David Kent Charleston; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Calhoun; Physics 

Society (4); Honors Day (3); Eastern Illinois University. Cole, Raymond George Huntley; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics and B.S. in Civil Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; 

A.S.C.E. (3, 4). Colver, Richard Jaye Toulon; B.S. in General Engineering; Triangle; Star 

Course Manager (2); Campus Chest (1); Junior Interfraternity Council (1): Interfraternity 
Executive Council (2); M.R.H.A. Executive Council (1); MeKinley Executive Council (1, 2); 
Engineering Council (2, 3); Military Ball Committee (3); St. Pat's Ball Committee (2, 3); Air 
Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold Air Society (1, 2, 3); I.E.E.E. (1); I.S.P.E. (3, 4); 
Society of General Engineers (3); Society of Professional Engineers (3, 4); Young Republicans 
Club (2). Cook, James Howard Henry; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Astronomical Society (2, 3, 4), President (4). 

Row 4: Coordes, Duane Allen Danforth; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; 

Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Illinois Technograph (3); James Scholar (2. 3, 4); 

Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Costanzo, John Samuel Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; 

Granada; I.E.E.E. (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Coyner, John VanMeter, 

Jr Mahomet; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; Pi Tau Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. 

(1); A.S.M.E. (1, 2, 3); I.S.P.E. (1, 2. 3). Culli, Robert Lee .. . .Freeburg; B.S. in Agricultural 
Engineering; Peabody Drive Residence; A.S.A.E. (3, 4) ; Honors Day (4) ; Belleville Junior College. 

Row 5: Dalton, George Paul . . . .Salem; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. (4); 

Honors Dav (1); Oklahoma State University. D'Amore, Andrew Michael Chicago; B.S. in 

Electrical Engineering; Orchard Downs; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Eta Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. 
(4)- Honors Dav (1, 2, 3). Davidson, Andrew Kenneth . Chicago; B.S. in Civil Engineering; 
St. Pat's Ball Committee (4); A.S.C.E. (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Ilhno.s; 
Student Senate (3); Engineering Council (3); A.C.E. (1, 2, 3), President (3). Davies, Richard 
Owen Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Pi Tau Sigma; 

Tribe of Iliini (3, 4); Track (1, 2); Varsity Squad (2), Letter (2); Cross Country (1, 2), Varsity 
Squad (2); A.S.M.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors 
Day (1). 

Row 6' DavU, Earl Crittlon, Jr. Moline; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. (4); 

Mi'ustana College. De Jule, Michael Clement Chicago; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Sigma 

Phi Delta- Physics Society (4) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. DeRoos, Lawrence 
Frank ' South Holland; B S in Metallurgical Engineering; M.I.S. (3, 4); Thornton Junior 

College. Desmonie, Peter Paul, Jr Waukegan; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; 

A.S.C.E. (3). 

Row 7- Dieckmann, Walter Paul Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence- \ S M E. (3. 4); Rifle and Pistol Club (3, 4). Diel, Harold Eugene . Staunton; 
B S in General Engineering and B.S. in L.A.S.. Mathematics; Illinois Street Residence; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Gamma Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Illini Guide (3); Army ROTC. First Lieutenant ; Scabbard 
and Blade (3 4)- Society of General Engineers (5); James Scholar (1, 2. 3. 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Diercks, Dwight Richard Maseoutah; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Florida Avenue 

Resuience; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Alpha Sigma Mu; James Scholar (4); 
Honors Day (1. 2, 3. 4); University of Illinois Scholarship Key Dill, Gerald William Ever- 

green Park; B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (3. 4). 

Row 8- Dobberpuhl, Daniel William Streator; B.S. in Electrical Engineering Dodge, 

Richard Howard . .Cedar Rapids, Iowa; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Baptist Student 
Foundation; Pi Tau Sigma; Pershing Rifles (3); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); \ oung Democrats Club (3, 4), 
Honors Dav (41; Iowa State Unviersity. Dominguez, David Gilbert ( hicago; B.b. in In- 

dustrial Engineering; Medea, House President (4); Alpha Phi Omega; A.F.S. (3); A. I. I.E., As. 
(4); Young Democrats Club (4); Lewis College Dowmng, William Elhs . .Mt. I, U.S. 
n Civil Engineering; Bachelor Officers Quarters; Army ROTC. Captain; Scabbard and Blade 
!'„; B.S.C.E (1. ."»; Flying tllini (2. 3. 4, 5); Rifle and Pistol Club (5); M, S s,mn School of Mines 
and Metallurgy. 

Row9:Dreidel, Benjamin Eugene . Danville; B.S. in E trical Engineering; I.E .E.E.(3.4)| 

University of Arizona; George Washington University; Valparaiso reohnical Institute. Duarto, 

Marco Aurelio H ta. Colombia ; B.S. in Electn.-al Engineering; New,,,:,., ( lub Ml;! olorn 

,7 students (lul, 3 4VIE.E.E, 3, n; International Fair C4); Model IN (4); Nav 5 Pie. 

Ex » ofthe "univ'eriuy of >" s; International students Club (2); Newman Club (2); 

s„„„sh Club CM President (2). Dziewulski, Daniel Eugene ( hioago; B.S, in Aeronautical 

I,,,' Vstr ,u.„nl Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, House President (4); American Inst,- 

' ' „( Aeronautics and Astronautics .3. I). Eder, Matthias Chicago; B.S, in Mechanic* 

Engineering; Pi Tau Sig : VS.M.K. (2,3, I); James Schola. (1,2.8); Honors Daj (1, 2,3), 

, „„s Institute „f Techn gj ; Navj Pier Extension of tin- 1 mvenut, of 01 s, 


E — H 

Row 1: Endecavageh, Robert Lemont; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, 

House President (4) ; A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4) ; Young Democrats Club (2). Enders, Richard Joseph. . 
Winheld; B.S. in Engineering Mechanics; Tau Kappa Epsilon; A.S.C.E. (2, 3); A.S.M.E. (3)- 
Engineering Mechanics Society (4); Illini Tennis Club (3, 4); Beloit College. Engeltach, Roger 

„ c f Warrenville; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Peabody Drive 

Kesidenee; Air Force ROTC. Captain. Feeley, Ronald Kendall Park Forest; B.S. in Elec- 
trical Engineering; Acacia; Tomahawk; Honors Day (1). 

<-.,"*' ?. : Fer g"Son, Donald William. . Bloomington; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Theta Xi: 
< hi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. (4); I.S.P.E. (1, 2, 3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1). Figueroa, 

^ eP A\f°r ny Waukegan; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Sigma Phi Delta; Pershing Rifies 

niVn ; ()l Flle ' Demiis Harf y Pocahontas; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Entrekin 

Club, House President (4); Illini Guide (2, 3); A.S.C.E. (4). Fisher, Curtis Charles ... . Cameron; 
,,, !". Ind »stnal Engineering; Theta Chi; Sachem; Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee 
W; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (2); University 
Iheatre Cast (3); W.P.G.U. (2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Student Musicals (2. 3); 
A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (2, 3, 4); Western Illinois University. 

Row 3: Fitzpatnck, William Charles . . Streator; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Illinois Street 
Residence; Physics Society (4). Flaig, Joseph William Jr St. Louis. Missouri; B.S. in Aero- 
nautical and Astronautical Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma 
lau; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau, President (4); American Institute of Aeronautics and 
Astronautics (3, 4) ; James Scholar (2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1). Friedrich, Locis Arthur . . . Evans- 
ton; B.S. in General Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Gamma Epsilon; Engineering Council (4); 
Society of General Engineers (3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (2). Fritz, James Harold 
LaSalle; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, House President (2); Eta 
Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. (3, 4); I.S.P.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3) 

Row 4: Gain, William Roland Aurora; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Forbes; A.S.C.E. (3, 4), 
President (4); I.S.P.E. (4). Gasparro, Paul Michael . . Brookfield; B.S. in Electrical Engi- 
neering; I.E.E.E. (4, 5); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Honors Day (3). 
Gau, Fred Louis .. . Western Springs; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue' Resi- 
dence; Chi Epsilon; A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4). Gauer, Joseph August Park Ridge; B.S. in Mechanical 

Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; The Illio (1); A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E (2 3 4) 

^ Row 5: Gazze, James Albert .. . Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E .(2,3,4); 

S.A.E. (4); Navy Pier Extension of tne University of Illinois. Gemmill, Michael Edward 

Steeleville; B.S. in Mechanical En£.i icring; Alpha Phi Omega; S.A.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Young Re- 
publicans Cluh (D.Ghere, Daniel Gene . . .Areola; B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (2,3 4) 

Ghorbani, Daryoush Danny Tehran, Iran; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Student Senate (3); 

Engineering Council (4); A.S.C.E. (3, 4); Persian Students Club (2), President (2). 

Row 6: Gieseke, Werner James Danville; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Alpha Kappa 

Lambda; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Junior Interfraternity Council 
(1, 2); James Scholar (1) ; Honors Day (1, 3). Goy, Richard James . . Chicago; B.S. in Mechan- 
ical Engineering; Newman; NROTC, Ensign; Trident (3, 4). Grandt, Alten Frederick, Jr 

Farmington; B.S. in General Engineering; Florida Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Gamma 
Epsilon; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Illini Guide (4) ; Air Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; Society 
of General Engineers (1, 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Grantham, Thomas 

Curtls Hillsboro; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics and B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta 

Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Mu Epsilon; Illinois Teehnograph (1,2); 
James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4, 5); Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 7: Gravrok, Ralph Cody Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. 

(4); S.A.E. (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Groszczyk, Thomas Paul 

Milwaukee, Wisconsin; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence, House Presi- 
dent (3); Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. (3, 4, 5). Gunlock, George Warren Chicago; 

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; College Hall; A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. (4); James Scholar (1); 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Gustafson, Albert William Chicago; B.S. iii 

Metallurgical Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; M.I.S. (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (4); Illinois 
Institute of Technology. 

Row 8: Haaker, Jorge Jose Lima, Peru; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Newman Club (3. 4); 

A.S.C.E. (4); Honors Day (3); University of Miami; Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria (Peru)! 

Hagberg, Darrel Raymond East Moline; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Flagg- Alpha 

Phi Omega; A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); S.A.E. (3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day 

(3); Black Hawk College; St. Ambrose College. Hale, Carl Edwin Mound City; B.S. in 

Civil Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; James Scholar (4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4); 

University of Illinois Scholarship Key. Hansen, Gerhard Bourbonnais; B.S. in Mechanical 

Engineering; Snyder. 

Row 9: Harris, Jimmie Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Kappa Alpha Psi; Campus 

Chest (2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); I.E.E.E. (2); N.A.A.C.P. (2). Hartman, William 

Herman Palatine; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Beta Sigma Psi; Cross Country (1, 2, 4), 

Captain (4), Varsity Squad (2, 4), Letter (2); Track (1, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4); 
A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (2). Hauk, Raymond Willis Peoria; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering- 
Alpha Epsilon, President (4); A.S.A.E. (1,2,3,4) ; Honors Day (3). Hayek, Joseph Charles 
Berwyn; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho; Skull and Crescent; The Illio (1); Illini 
Union Committee Member (1, 2. 3, 4); Greek Week Committee (2, 3); James Scholar (1). 


H — L 

r* „„t„w n -RS in \eronautical and Astronautical 
Row l: Heidemann, Eugene ^ctor . . Germantown g s in . Ae o Q ^ gtudent 

Engineering; Theta Xi, House President (3) ; University Chorus W- Helfinstine, John 

Musicals (3); Newman Club (1); Young P^^^^^^TagB-; Sigma Tau; Wesley 

David Champaign; B.S. in Mechanical Eng.nee ng Ph \ Et * ^V Mechani cs Society 

Foundation Executive Council (4), Engineering ^Councd ^'^^^ g . . Rockford; B.S. in 
(2. 3. 4), President (4); Scholar (1, 2 3. 4). neiman Executive Coun- 
cil Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence. House P -dent (3. 4 MJt ^ 

oil (4); A.I.Ch.E. (2); A.S.C.E. (4); I.T.E. (4 , Rock oraoo „ Lieutenant; Per- 

Round Lake; B.S in Electrical Engineering; f™'!* '^.^ » Pi 8 t»lCl»bi4);Society Rifles (2. 3. 4) ; Association of U.S. Army (3) ; I.E.E.E. (4) , rune a 
of General Engineers (1). 

ttt Rivordale- B S. in General Engineering; Scabbard 

Row 2; Hillman, Arthur Burgess, III. . . R >ver .laic B£ Amy ROTC 

and Blade Bachelor Officers Quarters; ?«^_ ( ^?kV™£. g 3 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 
Major; Scabbard and Blade (3 4); Society of **™£*£**g£± % n Aeronautical and Astro- 
3. 4); Honors Day (2, 3). ^^"^^^ZX^^y Council (1); Baseball 
nautical Engineering; Acacia; Skull and Crescent, -Junior Electrical Engi- 

(1); Honors Day (1). Holloway, Robert Frankhn . . ^ntl^ Hoi la Belleville; 

neering; I.E.E.E. (3. 4); Thornton Junior Crilege. Huy ler ™™ Q \ Mana(;er (1) . Engi . 

^gt^^ Astronautics (2, 3, 4, 

Row 3; isennart, Richard Dean ■ -?g^K^?S^WM« J~ ^ 

t t? i? TT M 9 ^ 41 - Honors lhiv (J, ■>), I?outneasi juiuui *- wl = . „ o. 


I.E.E.E. (2, 3. 4); James Scholar (1 2 3 «• f °°°™ ^^'d^. gtar Course Manager (1, 2). 

£S£ ^:^r g SBSiSca. Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega. 

janaesna, '•""» MTS (1 2 3 4); Honors Day (1). 

President (4); Alpha Sigma Mu, M.l.B. u. ^, •>, ■*'. 

Row 4; Jarboe, Thomas Richard Penfield; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Newman .Sigma 

Tau; Tau Beta Pi James Scholar (3, ;Honors Day (21 . Jaske Dona Kay Dixon Bb.n Aero 

nautical and Astronautical Engineering; Wardall Flying , 3, 4, ; E ^^^£^2 
of Women Engineers (1, 2, 3. 4). Jensen, Arthur Ralph, Jr. ... . Aurora; B.S inCivi Engmeenn 

Phi Delta Theta; Basketball Manager (1. 2). Johnson, Dennis Kent Rockton, B.S. in 

Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Air Force ROTC. 

Row 5: Johnson, Jared Logan Olney; B.S. in Engmeermg Physics I lino. .Street Res 

dence- Tennis (1, 2, 3). Varsity Squad (2, 3), Letter (2. 3); James Scholar (3); Honors Day _ »). 

Totason Tchard David Melrose Park; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; American Institute 

Kromiucs If Astronautics (1»; A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of «- University 
of Illinois Jones, Dallas Leon East Peoria; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronaut ca Engi- 
neering RhSreet Residence. Junkorwski, Robert Stephen. Chicago; B.S. in Whfr 
neenng; Florida Avenue Residence; A.S.C.E. (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of 

Row 6- Kadlec, Raymond Charles Brookfield; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Illinois 

Street Residence Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; A.F.S. (2); A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4) ; Honors Day (4). 
Kaiser "aid Frederick ..... Crystal Lake; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Orchard Downs; 
\ir Force ROTC. First Lieutenant; I.E.E.E. (4). Kaplan, Norman David . .Chicago B S in 
Aeronautical ami Astronautical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, House President. (3); 
Ph Eta Sitma Sigma Tau; Sigma Gamma Tau; Volunteer mini Project (4); James Scholar 
fl 2 3V Honors Da" (1. 2) Kasperski, Kenneth Frank Cicero; B.S. in Mechamcal Engi- 
neering; 'Bromley; A.F.S. (3); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (4); Morton Junior 

Row 7- Kassaian, Khosrow Esfahan, Iran; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Phi 

Delta; Ph. Eta Sigma; Pi Tau Sigma; A.S.M.E. (4); Iranian Student s Association (1 2 3, 4 
President (3, 4); I.S.P.E. (4); Moslem Student Association (1. 2, 3 4); James Scholar (2 3), 

Honors Day (2). Kastning, Jerry Albert Roselle; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Army ROTC. 

Kepley Garry Duane Mattoon; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Alpha Kappa Lambda; 

Sigma Tau tL Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); I.S.P.E. (12 8. 4); James Scholar 

(3? 4); Honors Day (2, 3). Khadem, Ramin Staten Island, New York; B.S. in Electrical 

Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Major Chairman of Ill.m Union Committee (2), 
Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 4); Baha'i Foundation Executive Council (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 8- Kollmeyer, David Michael Fairmont; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; 

\ SC E (3 4) Krueger, James Michael Champaign; B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (3, 

I ,'* Wisconsin -itateClle,... Kiebler, Daniel Edward. . .Sycamore; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; 
Beta Theta Pi, House President (3); Newman Club (1, 2); Air Force ROTC, Colonel; Air Force 
Council (3, t); Armed Forces Council (3, 1); Arnold Air Society (2. 3, 4). Lamy, Jay Warren. .. .. 
Evasion; B.B. in Industrial Engineering; A.F.S. (2) ; A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4) ; A.S.M.E. (2) ; S.A.E. 
, i,; North Park College; Navj Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row •)■ Layng Warren Larry Rookford; B.S. in General Engineering; Gamma Epsilon; 

Honors Day (3). Leeper, Thomas Kent Lima; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Theta Xj, 

House President (4);Ca us Chesl (1, 2); V.S.A.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); young Republicans < tub 4). 

LeFrere John Michael Springfield; U.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Phi Gamma Delta; 

Illini Union Committee Member (3, t); Junior Interfraternitj Council (1); [nterfraternitj Pro- 
„ r . lln Board (3) Majoi Committee of Student Senate l 1) ; Fraternitj Life (2) ; Engineering ( ouncil 

', ,', Mig • i i) Lekovlsh, Larry Kenneth Westmont; B.S. in General Engineering; Sigma 

Chi; Tribe ol illini ( I) ; Senior Gymnastics Manage] l 1) ; Gymnastics Manager (2, 3); Engineering 
Council (4); V.I.Ch E. (1); Societj ol General Engineers (3, 1) 


L — P 

Row 1: Leptich, Joseph Michael Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; 

A.S.M.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Levey, 

Sandra Collins Collinsville; B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (1, 3, 4); Society of Women 

Engineers (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3. 4). Limbacher, Philip Carl Champaign; B.S. in Electrical 

Engineering; Marching Illini (2, 3, 4); First Regimental Band (2, 3, 4); Second Regimental Band 
(1); I.E.E.E. i4>. Lindberg, Frank August .. . .Naperville; B.S. in General Engineering; Sigma 
Phi Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Chairman (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3); Junior Interfraternity 
Council (1); Interfraternity Executive Council (3); Student Senate (1, 2); Society of General 
Engineers (3. 4); S.A.E. (4). 

Row 2: Lisula, Anthony Eugene Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. (4); 

I Wilson Junior College; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Lopatynski, Roman Casi- 
mir . . . . Berwyn; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; W.P.G.U. (1, 2, 3, 4); 

: Illini Forensic Association (1); I.E.E.E. (2, 3, 4). Luber, Richard Raymond Ed wards ville; 

] B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Medea, House President (4); Illini Guide (4); I.E.E.E. (3, 4); 

Honors Day (3); Southernlllinois University; St. Louis University. Machetta, Ronald George 

Ottawa; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior College; Bradley Uni- 

Row 3: Martin, Ronald Gustav Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. (3, 4); 

Wright Junior College; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Martinich, Steven 
Joseph. . . .Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of 

the University of Illinois. Mason, Michael Dennis Bourbonnais; B.S. in Engineering Physics; 

Astronomical Society (3, 4); I.E.E.E. (4); Physics Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Society of General Engi- 
neered) ; YoungRepublicansClub (1) ;Mt. San Antonio JuniorCollege. Mass, RonaldHenry 

Palos Park; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Air Force ROTC, Captain; 
Phalanx (2, 3, 4); A.S.C.E. (2, 3, 4). 

Row 4: Matt, Joseph John Downers Grove; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engi- 
neering; Illinois Street Residence; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (4); Uni- 
versity of Wisconsin. McBane, James Allen Springfield; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; 

I.E.E.E. (3, 4); Springfield Junior College. McCullough, Lee James Springfield; B.S. in 

Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Newman Club (1, 2, 3); I.E.E.E. (3, 4); James 

Scholar (2, 3, 4); Springfield Junior College. Meagher, Thomas Kenneth Chicago; B.S. in 

Engineering Mechanics. 

Row 5: Meece, Jerry Lee Coal City; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence; A.F.S. (2) ; A.S.M.E. (2) ; James Scholar (1,2,3); Honors Day (1,2,3). Melton, Thomas 

Wayne Lisle ; B.S. in Electrical Engineering ; St. Procopius College. Miller, Roger Allan 

German Valley; B.S. in Ceramic Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, President (4); Keramos; 

M.R.H.A. Executive Council (4); American Ceramic Society (3, 4). Morr, Alan Ray Cerro 

Gordo; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Triangle; Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Pi Tau Sigma; 
Engineering Council (2,3,4), President (3) ; St. Pat's BallCommittee (4) ; A.F.S. (2,3,4); A.S.M.E. 
(3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 6: Moulton, Larry Dean Bunker Hill; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Triangle; 

The Daily Illini (1); The Illio (1); Star Course Manager (1); St. Pat's Ball Committee (1, 2); 

I.E.E.E. <2, 4). Mueller, James Louis Staunton; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Florida 

Avenue Residence; M.R.H.A. Executive Council (3); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory 

Board (3, 4); I.E.E.E. (4) ; Rifle and Pistol Club (4). Murphy, William Benedict Wilmington; 

B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; W.P.G.U. (2). Nagus, Charles Allan 

Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. (3, 4); St. Procopius College; Roosevelt 

Row 7: Navratil, Robert James Prospect Heights; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Evans 

Scholars; Skull and Crescent; A.S.M.E. (2). Nelson, Alan Roland Rockford; B.S. in Me- 
chanical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Pi Tau Sigma; Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); First 
Regimental Band (2, 3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); I.S.P.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Honors Day (1). Nin, Fernando Enrique Oak Park; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Peabody 

Drive Residence, House President (4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2); Navy Pier 
Extension of the University of Illinois. Norton, John William Decatur; B.S. in Civil Engi- 
neering; Pi Kappa Alpha; Society of American Military Engineers (1, 2); Folk Song Club (1); 
I.S.P.E. (4); Millikin University. 

Row 8; O'Brien, James Joseph, Jr Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Gregory 

Drive Residence, House President (3); The Daily Illini (2); A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); Rifle 
and Pistol Club (4); S.A.E. (2). Olander, Edward East Peoria; B.S. in Mechanical Engi- 
neering; Phi Kappa Tau; W.P.G.U. (1); Wrestling Manager (1, 2); Engineering Council (4); 

A.S.M.E. (4); Folk Song Club (2); S.A.E. (4). Partma, Helmut Walter Chicago; B.S. in 

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Wrestling (2), Varsity Squad (2); American In- 
stitute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Navy Pier Extension of the 

University of Illinois. Peterson, Dennis Edwin Rockford; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Illinois 

Street Residence, House President (3); A.S.C.E. (4). 

Row 9: Petrella, Richard Thomas Springfield; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Spring- 
field Junior College. Pfeiffer, Guy Douglas Mattoon; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; 

Triangle; Newman Club (2, 3, 4); Arnold Air Society (3, 4); A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (4); S.A.E. 

(3, 4); St. Louis University. Phegley, Bryan Thomas Webster Groves, Missouri; B.S. in 

Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (2); MacMurray College. Pinter, Merrill Edward Zearing; 

B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Peabody Drive Residence; A. S.A.E. (3); Honors Day (3). 


P— s 

Row 1: Pope, Joseph Ross . . .Harvel; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Armory House; 
Intramural Manager (1) ; Engineering Council (3 4) ; A.S.A.E. (2, 3, 4) ; S.A.E. (4) ; Lincoln College. 
Porter, David Nash Springfield; B.S. in General Engineering; Triangle; St. Pat's Ball Com- 
mittee (4); Illini Forensic Association (1, 2); Society of General Engineers (3, 4); Society of Pro- 
fessional Engineers (4). Potter, John Martin Rockford; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; 

S.A.E. (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Northern Illinois University. Pretto, Joseph Joliet; B.S. in 

Engineering; Newman; Joliet Junior College. 

Row 2: Puri, Harish Chandra .. Bombay. India; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Penn- 
sylvania Avenue Residence, House President (3); Alpha Phi Omega; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board 
(3); A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4); Foreign Students Club (2, 3, 4); Lowell Technological Institute. Rau, 

Ralph Frederick, Jr St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence; Eta Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. (4,5); Honors Day (2, 3). Redvay, Thomas John Dolton; 

B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence; M.I.S. (3, 4); Thornton Junior 

College. Rempel, Vincent Walter Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada; B.S. in Engineering 

Mechanics; Honors Day (3); University of Alberta; University of Saskatchewan. 

Row 3; Rench, Martin John Berwyn; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Peabody Drive 

Residence; Concert Band (1, 2); Marching Illini (1, 2) ; A. F.S. (2);S.A.E. (3, 4). Reynolds, Robert 

Dale Pleasant Plains; B.S. in Engineering Mechanics; Engineering Mechanics Society (3, 4). 

Ridgway, Julian Lee. . . Flat Rock; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Junior Interfraternity 
Council (1); A.S.A.E. (1, 2, 3, 4). Rimington, Paul Douglas Freeport; B.S. in General Engi- 
neering and A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Gamma Epsilon; Illini Union 
Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (3); Second Regimental Band 
(1, 2); Illinois Technograph (2, 3); l.S.P.E. (4); Society of General Engineers (4); James Scholar 
(2); Honors Day (1). 

How 4: Ring, David Arthur Peoria; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; I.E.E.E. (4); Taylor 

University. Ringler, Tim Nelson . Danville; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Tau; 
Pi Tau Sigma, President (4); A. F.S. (3); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); James Scholar (3); Honors Day (3); 

Danville Junior College. Robards, Preston Orville, Jr Roselle; B.S. in Mechanical Engi- 

neering; Illinois Street Residence; A. F.S. (4); Honors Day (3); Carthage College. Rockstroh, 

Jay William Danville; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Triangle; Track (1); A.F.S. (3, 4), 

President (4); I.E.E.E. (2); l.S.P.E. (2, 3, 4). 

Row 5; Rohlf, Richard Alan Windsor; B.S. in Agriculture and B.S. in Agricultural Engi- 
neering; Illi-Dell; Tomahawk; Christian Fellowship Foundation (1, 2, 3. 4, 5), President (3); 

A.S.A.E. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Volunteer Illini Project (5). Rosenstiel, Joe Edward, Jr Freeport; 

B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.A.E. (1, 2); A.S.C.E. (5); Honors Day (1, 2, 4); New York Uni- 
versity. Rouleau, Robert Paul Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Phi Eta Sigma; 

I.E.E.E. (2, 3, 4) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Ryder, James Thomas. . 
Springfield; B.S. in Engineering Mechanics; Peabody Drive Residence, House President (3); 
M.R.H.A. Executive Council (4); Engineering Mechanics Society (4). 

Row 6- Sachs, Stacy Lee Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Tamaroa Lodge, 

House President (3); Student Senate (3); A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4) ; S.A.E. (4) ; Wright Junior 
College; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Salomon, Kurt John, Jr High- 
land Park; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Alpha Mu; Star and Scroll; The Daily Illini 
(1); Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (2,3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3.4); 
Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Wrestling (1, 21, 
Varsity Squad (2); Illigreek (2); Fraternity Life (1, 2); Greek Week Committee (3, 4); Pin and 
Paddle Committee (2). Sanabria, Rafael Anisio Camaguey, Cuba; B.S. in Electrical Engi- 
neering; Illinois Street Residence; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Schennum, 

Gary Howard Coal City; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Tau 

Beta Pi; James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3, 4). 

Row 7: Schmidt, Wayne John Bartonville; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois Street 

Residence; W.P.G.U. (2, 3); Illini Guide (3); I.E.E.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1). Schwarz, 

George William, Jr Berwyn; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Triangle; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi 

Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Engineering Council (4); A.S.M.E. (4); l.S.P.E. (4); 
S A.E. (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1. 2. 3). Sernel, Gordon 
Edward Chicago; B.S. in Civil Engineering; A.S.C.E. (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the 
University of Illinois; Baseball (1, 2), Varsity Squad (1, 2), Letter (1); Honors Day (1). Sesterhenn, 
Terry Lee Arlington Heights; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Evans Scholars; Engi- 
neering Council (3); M.I.S. (2, 3, 4). 

Row 8' Shaffer, John Taylor Lockport; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Chi Phi; Pi 

Tau Sigma; Arnold Air Society (1); A.F.S. (D; A.S.M.E. (1); Honors Day (2). Sharpe, Timothy 
Eugene Eureka; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Triangle; Skull and Crescent; Illini I .mm 

C mittee Chairman (2); Star Course Manager (1, 2); McKinley Foundation Executive C ouncil 

ill- St Pal's Ball Committee (3); Air Force ROTC, First Lieutenant; Armed Forces Amateur 
Radio Club (4); Flying Illini (4); I.E.E.E. (2);S.N.C.C. ( 1) ; Society of Professional Engineers (4). 

Sheridan, Arthur Lee Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E, (4) ; Navy Pier Ex 

tension of the University of Illinois; Engineering Council (2, 3). President (31; A.S.M.E. (1, 2), 

President (2). Shibuya, LeRoy Michio Kabul. li, Hawaii; B.S. in Engineering Physics; Illinois 

Street Residence; Physics Society (4). 

Row 9; Shugars, Henry Gordon , . Roscoe; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Triangle; Phi 
Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Tau; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Major Committee ol Student 
Senate (4); Illinois Technograph (2) ; Illini Guide (2) ; I.E.E.E. (1,2, I); James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4); 
HonorsDaj CI 2 3). Shulman, David Ben Pittsfield; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautioal 

Engineering' Bromlej James Scholar (1). Simon, Stuart Ellis Chicago; B.S. >n Mechanical 

Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; I'm.. Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Illini Guid* 
(2)- \ s M E (2 3); Rifle and Pistol club (3); James Scholar (1, 2. 3); Honors Daj (1, 2 3); 
University of Illinois Scholarship Key. Sims, Dewey McKinley Morton Grove; B.S. in 

Mechanical Engineering; Weston; A.S.M.E, (3); S.A.E, (3); Navj Pier Extension of the I Di- 
versity of Illinois. 


s — w 

Row 1 : Skiba, Conrad Joseph Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; iV.'edea; W.P.G.U. 

(II; A.S.M.E. (4); I.E.E.E. (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Skorski, 

Franklin John Cicero; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; I.E.E.E. (3, 4) ; Morton 

Junior College. Smith, Dale Kenneth Wayne; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta 

Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; I.E.E.E. (3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Stapleton, John Patrick Chicago; 

B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Sigma Phi Delta, House President (4); 
Junior Interfraternity Council (2); Interfraternity Executive Council (4); Newiran Club (1, 4); 
Engineering Council (3); Pershing Rifles (1, 2. 3); American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- 
nautics (3, 4), President (4); I.S.P.E. (3. 4); James Scholar (1). 

Row 2: Stehno, Eugene Lee Maywood; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Peabody Drive 

Residence; A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (4). Steil, George Andrew .Arlington Heights; B.S. in 

Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Lutheran Founda- 
tion Executive Council (3, 4); Engineering Council (4); Arnold Air Society (1, 2); American 
Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (2, 3, 4); Society of Professional Engineers (4). Stern, 

Bruce Carl Chicago; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; The Oregon; I.E.E.E. (1, 3, 4); Navy 

Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Amateur Radio Club (1.2), President (2). Stromberg, 

John Herlin Homewood; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Theta Chi; Pi Tau Sigma; A.F.S. 

(2); Honors Day (3). 

Row 3: Struck, Richard Alvin Elmhurst; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Tau Kappa 

Epsilon; A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (3, 4); S.A.E. (3, 4). Sullivan, Robert Michael Chicago; B.S. 

in General Engineering; Army ROTC, Second Lieutenant; Society of American Military Engi- 
neers (1,2); Society of General Engineers (3, 4) ; Judo Club (4) ; Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- 
versity of Illinois; Football (1, 2), Varsity Squad (2). Sulser, Michael Denis Worthington, 

Ohio; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Illinois Street Residence, House President (4); A.F.S. (3, 4); 

A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4). Surprise, Craig Rockford; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Illinois 

Street Residence; I.E.E.E. (4). 

Row 4: Svoboda, William Arthur Oregon; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Delta Upsilon; 

Skull and Crescent; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member 
(1, 2); Y.M.C.A. (2, 4); Greek Week Committee, Chairman (4); St. Pat's Ball Committee (1); 
NROTC, Commander; Air Force Council (4); Navy Council (3, 4); A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4); Illini 

Ski Club (2, 4). Swanson, Robert David Chicago; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; Navy 

Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; A. S.C.E. (1);A.S.M.E. (3). Taylor, Allen George 

Nutley, New Jersey; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Minawa Lodge; I.E.E.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Physics 

Society (4); Honors Day (1). Tolpin, Thomas Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; 

Illinois Street Residence; Pi Tau Sigma; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (2); A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. 
(2, 4); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 5: Tomioka, Seiichiro Tokyo, Japan; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Illini Judo Club 

(4), President (4); University of Tokyo. Treanor, Robert Michael Elkgrove; B.S. in Elec- 
trical Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence. Tung, Stephen Hong Kong, China; B.S. in 

Mechanical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Pi Tau Sigma; A.F.S. (2); A.S.M.E. (2); 

Chinese Students Club (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Tunnell, John Carl Washington; B.S. in 

Agricultural Engineering and B.S. in Agricultural Science; Engineering Council (4); Air Force 
ROTC, Major; A.S.A.E. (3, 4); Southern Illinois University. 

Row 6: Turner, James Ray Springfield; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. (3, 4); 

S.A.E. (3, 4). Umpleby, Stuart Anspach Dallas, Texas; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering 

and A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Pi Tau Sigma; Major Committee of Student Senate (2); 
Freshman Seminar; Illinois Technograph (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Editor (3, 4); Engineering Council (1, 2, 
3, 4), President (3); Flying Illini (5); James Scholar (1); Honors Day (1). Van, Anthony Shui- 

Cheung Kowloon, Hong Kong; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Chinese Students Club (1, 2, 

3. 4); I.E.E.E. (3, 4); Chu Hai College. Van Swol, Richard Maurice Beecher; B.S. in Elec- 
trical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 7: Vanwinkle, Marcus Kansas City, Missouri; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; Sigma 

Chi; A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (3, 4); Honors Day (1). Varnum, Ronald David Belleville; B.S. in Elec- 
trical Engineering; College Hall; Eta Kappa Nu; Intramnral Manager (4); I.E.E.E. (4). Venezia, 

Frank William Chicago; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; A.S.M.E. (2, 3, 4); I.E.E.E. (1); 

I.S.P.E. (4) ; S.A.E. (3,4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Vercler, John Robert 

Chenoa; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Florida Avenue Residence; M.R.H.A. Executive 

Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide Executive Board (3, 4); A.S.A.E. (4); Co- 
operative Extension Club (1); I.E.E.E. (1, 2); Young Democrats Club (2). 

Row 8: Verkaik, Jan William Lansing; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Delta Tau Delta; 

A.F.S. (3); A.S.M.E. (3); Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Bloom Community College. Voss, Del- 

bert Andrew Rock Island; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering; Pi Kappa 

Phi. Walkie, Andrew Hubert Chicago; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (4); 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; A.F.S. (2) ; A.S.M.E. (2,3). Wallacejohn Robert 

Indianapolis, Indiana; B.S. in Civil Engineering; Alpha Delta Phi; A. S.C.E. (4); United 

States Coast Guard Academy. 

Row 9: u Westerhold, Morris, Walter Dawson; B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Triangle; Pi 

Tau Sigma; Engineering Council (4); St. Pat's Ball Committee, Major Chairman (4); A.S.M.E. 

(4); Young Republicans Club (2). Williams, Richard Reinecke Youngstown, Ohio; B.S. in 

( leneral Engineering; Chi Psi; Society of General Engineers (4); Stevens Institute of Technology. 
Wilson, Steven Woodrow St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engi- 
neering; Beta Sigma Psi, House President (4). Winter, Kenneth William Elmwood Park; 

B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence; Engineering Council (4); A.S.M.E. 
(1, 2, 3, 4, 5),[ President (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 


w — z 

Row 1: Wiseman, Israel Morris Chicago; B.S. in Industrial Engineering; A. I. I.E., A.I.S. 

(3, 4); A.S.M.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Wolken, Leland 

Paul Urbana; B.S. in Agricultural Engineering; Gregory Drive Residence; Gamma Sigma 

Delta; Alpha Epsilon; A.S.A.E. (1. 2, 3, 4), President (4); Honors Day (1, 2. 3, 4). Wong, David 

Pakwai Hong Kong; B.S. in Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Chinese Students 

Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (2,3,4); Honors Day (2, 3). Wyff els, Michael Keith Geneseo; 

B.S. in General Engineering; Entrekin Club, House President (4); Gamma Epsilon, President 
(4); Sigma Tau; I.S.P.E. (4); Society of General Engineers (2, 3, 4); S.A.E. (4); James Scholar 
(3, 4); Honors Day (l"2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 2: Zeitler, Carl Andrew. 
Wright Junior College. 

Chicago; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; M.I.S. (3. 4); 


Area children learn in student taught art classes. 

Artist, Architects Guided by 
Fine and Applied Arts 

Dean Allen S. Weller heads the College of 
Fine and Applied Arts which includes the Uni- 
versity bands, architecture, community planning 
and landscaping, as well as, art, music, and 
dance. Besides learning the particular techniques 
necessary for the various courses, students are 
taught to appreciate the art and beauty necessary 
in their work. 

The college however is active in more than 
the education of students for future employ- 
ment. Through extension services and various 
short courses, they are able to spread many 
effects of culture across the state. Leaves of ab- 
sence are made available to professors working 
on independent projects. Participation in such 
a program helps the individual and often the 
whole society. 

Dean Allen S. Weller poses in modern FAA building. 


A — G 

Row 1: Allen, John Stuart Westchester; Bachelor of Architecture; Tau Kappa Epsilon; 

Gargoyle; Scarab; A. I. A. (2. 3, 4); Honors Day (3); Purdue University. Aschbacher, David Fred- 
erick .. .'.Wilmette; Bachelor of Architecture; Beta Sigma Psi; Scarab; A.I.A. (4, 5). Ash, Robert 

Paul Palestine; B.S. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia (2, 3, 4); Marching Illini 

(2. 3, 4); First Regimental Band (3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1, 2). Babcock, Cornelia Jean 
. .'. . .Springfield; B.F.A. in Art Education; Clark; Illini Guide (3); Student National Education 
Association (1. 3, 4); Western Illinois University. 

Row 2: Bain, Joseph Henry Martinsville, Indiana; Bachelor of Architecture; Alpha Rho 

Chi, President (5); A.I.A. (1. 2, 3, 4, 5); Honors Day (1). Baker, Sara Lynn Leland; B.S. in 

Music Education; 4-H House; Mortar Board; Torch; A-Ti-Us; Mu Phi Epsilon, President (4); 
Campus Chest (3); W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3); Women's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus 
Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3) ; Sno BallQueen (3) ; Honors Day (2, 3). Beise, Theodore 

William LaGrange; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Phi Sigma Kappa; Lyons Township Junior 

College. Biallas, Randall Jay Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Gregory Drive Residence; 

A.I.A. (1, 2, 3. 4, 5); Honors Day (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row 3: Biderbost, William Edward Springfield; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Honors Day 

(3); Springfield Junior College; Southern Illinois University. Blaisdell, Robert Francis 

Champaign; B.F.A. in Graphic Design. Burch, Brian Russell Wilmette; Bachelor of Archi- 

tecture; Peabody Drive Residence. House President (3); Tomahawk; Scarab; Freshman Seminar; 

Men's Glee Club (4); A.I.A. (4). Burch, Bruce Edward Wilmette; Bachelor of Architecture; 

Peabody Drive Residence; Tomahawk; Scarab; M.R.H.A. Executive Council (1); Men's Glee 
Club (4); Army ROTC. Company lust Sergeant; A.I.A. I 1). 

Row 4; Butkus, Kathleen Carol Waukegan; B.S. in Instrumental Music; Delta Zeta; Pi 

Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Concert Band 
(1, 2); University Orchestra (3, 4); James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4); Honors Dav (1.2,3). Byrnes, James 

Richard Flossmoor; Bachelor of Agriculture; Gargoyle; Illini Guide (2, 3); A.I.A. (1, 2, 

3, 4 ) ; Honors Day ( 1 . 2 ) . Cent, Timothy Daniel Benton, Kentucky ; Bachelor of Architecture ; 

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; A.I.A. (1,2,3,4,5), President (4) ; Indiana University. Clements, 

Gene Harrold Hoopeston; Bachelor of Architecture; Gargoyle; Illini Union Committee 

Chairman (2. 3); University Theatie Crew (1); Illini Guide (4); A.I.A (1. 2, 3, 4, 5); Honors 
Day (3, 4). 

Row 5: Cooke, Kathleen Wasco; B.F.A. in History of Art; Fourth Street Residence; 

James Scholar (1). Corrado, Warren Harold Riverdale; B.F.A. in Painting; Gregory Drive 

Residence; Y.M.C.A. (4); Army ROTC, First Lieutenant; Air Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; 
A.I.A. (4). Coutroulis, Peter Nick .. Chicago; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Honors Day (3); 

Pasadena City College. Curtis, Marie Theresa Jacksonville; B.F.A. in Art Education; 

Vanlig; Quincy College. 

Row 6: Dacanay, Arthur Serafin Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Newman; A.I.A. 

(4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Dickinson, John Lawson . .Glenside, 
Pennsylvania; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Phi Kappa Tau; Oratorio Society (3, 4). Dubson, 

Floyd Jerry Fanner City; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Folk Song Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Synton 

(1, 2); U. of I. Scuba Club (4). Duncan, Daniel Martin Millstadt; Bachelor of Architecture; 

Gregory Drive Residence; Gargoyle; A.I.A. (4); Honors Day (1); Belleville Junior College. 

Row 7: Dunkle, Stephen Wright South Bend, Indiana; Bachelor of Architecture; Gregory 

Drive Residence; Army ROTC, Major; Association of U.S. Army (3, 4); A.I.A. (4, 5). Ellertson, 

Martha Susan Aurora; B.F.A. in Painting; Chi Omega; The Daily Illini (1); Illini Union 

Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3, 4). Enck, James Arthur 

Naperville; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Tribe of 
lllim (2, 3, 4); Track (1, 2. 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (4); A.I.A. 

(1); Forsite Club (3). Engel, Jacqueline April Elmwood Park; B.S. in Music Education; 

Presby; Sigma Alpha Iota; Concert Band (2, 3. 4); First Regimental Band (1); University Or- 
chestra (3, 4). 

Row 8: Farruggia, Joseph Louis Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Peabody Drive Resi- 
dence; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board M,2); A.I.A. (1 , 2, 3, 4, 5). Fenley, John Franklin Chatham; 

Bachelor of Music; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa 
Lambda; Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia; Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); Marching Illini (1. 2, 

.!. li; University Orchestra (3, 4); Honors Day (1. 2. 3). Gast, Warren Gerald Kirkwood, 

Missouri; Bachelor of Architecture; Gargoj le; Scarab; Illini Guide (2, 3, 4); A.I.A. (1, 2. 3, 4, 5), 

President (5); Young Republicans Club (1,3); Honors Dav (2. 3, 4). Gordon, Steven Harris 

North Miami Beach. Florida; B.S. in Music Education; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; W.P.G.U. (1); 
Concert Band (2); University Orchestra (2). 

How '.): Gower, Rondal Alan . . Robinson; Bachelor of Architecture; A.I.A. (3, •"'!; Eastern 
Illinois I niversity. Gross, Barbara Jeri Chicago; B.F.A. in Art Education and B.F.A. in 

Painting; lllim Towers; Student National Education Association (3. 1). Gruszesky, Joyce Marie 
Chicago; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Van Doren; Universitj of Chicago. Guy, Gerald Le- 
land Pax ton; Bachelor of Architecture; Peabodj Drive Residence; Tau Beta Pi; A.I.A. 
(2, ■.',, I. :,i; Honors Daj (1, 2, :ii. 


H — M 

Row 1: Haddon, Jon Roger Chicago; B.S. in Music Education; Phi Epsilon Pi; Star Course 

Manager (1); Men's Glee Club (3, 4); Oratorio Society (4); Student Musicals (2, 3, 4); Honors 

Day (1, 2, 3). Hafenrichter, Karen Laura Oswego; B.S. in Music Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; 

Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota; Illini Union Committee Member (2); First Regimental 
Band (3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Oratorio Society (3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Honors Day (1, 3). Hall, William Russell Danville; B.S. in Advertising; Phi Delta Theta; 

Wa-Na-See; Sachem; Skulland Cres-^nt; Alpha Delta Sigma; Star Course Manager (3); Golf (1). 

Hallmark, Donald Parker Rockford; B.F.A. in History of Art; Gregory Drive Residence; 

Honors Day (3); Greenville College. 

Row 2: Hartman, Michael Chicago; Bachelor in Architecture; A. I. A. (4); Navy Pier 

Extension of the University of Illinois. Harwood, Charles Lewis Tacoma, Washington; 

Bachelor of Urban Planning; Tennessee Polytechnic Institute. Helmuth, Richard Allen 

Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Scarab; A. I. A. (4). Helser, 

Roger Alan Speedway City, Indiana; Bachelor of Architecture; Alpha Rho Chi; A. I. A. 

(1); LTnited States Air Force Academy. 

Row 3: Hicks, Donald Kenneth Forreston; Bachelor of Architecture. Hilliard, Hattie 

Jean Milwaukee, Wisconsin; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Delta Sigma Theta. Howe, Beverly 

Tanya Berwyn; B.F.A. in Art Education; Taft; University Theatre Crew (3); Fine and 

Applied Arts Council (3); Folk Song Club (3); Honors Day (3); Morton Junior College. Huff, Bob 

Howard Hutsonville; Bachelor of Architecture; Florida Avenue Residence; Illinois Tech- 

nograph (2, 3); A.I. A. (1, 2). 

Row 4: Hufschmitt, Judith Anne . . .Hamilton, Ohio; B.F.A. in Painting; Sigma Kappa; 
Campus Chest (2); Illini Guide (2); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Hutchings, William 

Linden Glenview; Bachelor of Architecture; Scarab; A. I. A. (2, 3, 4); Navy Pier Extension 

of the University of Illinois. Javore, James Stephen Glencoe; B.S. in Music Education 

and Bachelor of Music in Voice; Zeta Psi; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; University Choir (1, 2, 3, 4) ; 
Men'sGleeClub(3); Madrigal Chorus (2,3) ; ChamberChoir(3,4); Student Musicals (3). Jenkins, 

Keith Arthur Bellville; Bachelor of Architecture; Gargoyle; Honors Day (2);]JIowa State 


Row .">: Johannes, William Joseph .. . . Belvidere; Bachelor of Architecture ;~A.I.A. (4). Johnson, 

Leonard Allan Chicago; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3); Honors Day 

(4) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Keeffer, Carol Lynn Lockport; B.F.A. 

in Graphic Design; Illini Guide (4); Joliet Junior College. Keill, Gary Barrett Hyattsville, 

Maryland; B.FA. in Industrial Design; Lambda Chi Alpha; University Chorus (1); Army ROTC, 
First Lieutenant. 

Row 6: Kotlicky, Howard James Elmwood Park; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Soccer, 

Varsity Squad (3, 4, 5), Co-captain (4, 5); Air Force ROTC, Colonel; Arnold Air Society (1, 2, 

3, 4); Soccer Club (3, 4, 5), President (4). Kraai, John Wesley South Holland; Bachelor 

of Architecture; Scarab; A. I. A. (4); Purdue University. Kyger, Kathleen Diane Chicago; 

B.F.A. in Art Education; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Lan»e, Arthur Ludwig, 

Jr Maplewood, New Jersey; Bachelor of Architecture; A. I. A. (4); Rutgers State University; 

Fairleigh Dickinson L T niversity. 

Row 7: Lee, Murrel David Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Illinois Institute of Tech- 
nology; Art Institute of Chicaro; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Linney, P l'jI 

Alvin Jeffersonville, Indiana; Bachelor of Architecture; Gargoyle; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board 

(3); A. I. A. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Lux, Michael Lester Elm Grove, Wisconsin; Bachelor of Archi- 
tecture; Alpha Rho Chi; A. I. A. (3, 4, 5). MacGiDray, Daniel Frank Kankakee; Bachelor of 

Architecture; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Gargoyle, President; Tau Beta Pi, President; 
Scarab; Freshman Seminar; A. I. A. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1,2, 
3, 4); U/niversity of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 8: Mariner, Richard Dean Galesburg; Bachelor of Urban Planning; Pi Kappa Alpha; 

Men's Glee Club (3, 4); Northwestern LTniversity. Markland, Mary Lou Bell Champaign; 

B.F.A. in Painting; Honors Day (2); Eureka College. Marks, Karen Louise Morton Grove; 

B.F.A. in Art Education; Iota Alpha Pi; University Theatre Crew (2); Campus Chest (2); Student, 

Musicals (1, 2). Martin, Robert Eugene Urbana; Bachelor of Music; Pi Kappa .Lambda; 

Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia, President; Honors Day (3); Roosevelt University. 

Row 9: McManamon, Patricia Olivia Oak Park; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Phi Mu; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Gamma Alpha Chi; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Board of 
Panhellenic Affairs (3); Film Society (4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University 

of Illinois Scholarship Key. Mirs, Roger John Carpentersville; Bachelor in Architecture; 

A. I. A. (4); Honors Day (2). Morrissey, Merijean Glenwood; B.F.A. in Painting; Gamma 

Alpha Chi; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Illini 
Guide (3); S.N.C.C. (3); Young Democrats Club <2, 3); Honors Day (3, 4). Moser, Douglas 

John Rockville, Connecticut; Bachelor of Architecture; Gargoyle; Apostolic Christian 

Student Foundation (3); A. I. A. (4); Honors Day (1, 2). 


M — V 

Row 1: Moty, Eleanor Hedwig Lombard; B.F.A. in Crafts. Muller, Scott Carson 

Berkeley, California; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Sigma Chi; San Francisco State Uni- 
versity of California. Nelson, Denis Herbert Harvard; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Lambda 

Clii Alpha. Palmer, William Jay Northbrook; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; Beta Theta Pi; 

Tribe of Illini (2, 3,4); Gymnastics (1,2), Varsity Squad (2), Letter (2); Amundsen Junior College. 

Row 2: Panebianco, James Francis Chicago; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Peabody Drive 

Residence; Delta Sigma Omicron (3). Peck, Calvin Huntley Syracuse, New York; Bachelor 

of Architecture; Gargoyle; Tau Beta Pi; Scarab; Honors Day (2, 3, 4); University of Illinois 

Scholarship Key. Phillips, Leonard, Jr Schenectady, New York; Bachelor of Landscape 

Architecture and B.S. in Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture; Sigma Tau Gamma, House 
President (6); Illini Union Committee Member (5); St. Pat's Ball Committee (4); Floriculture 

Club (6); Forsite Club (3, 4, 5, 6); State University of New York. Pimat, Virginia Marie 

Chicago; B.F.A. in Painting; Clark; Newman Club (1, 2); Chevron (2, 3). 

Row 3: Pusich, Maureen Joanne Benld; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Van Doren; New- 
man Club (3). Raia, Joseph Benidict Staten Island, New York; Bachelor of Architecture; 

Scarab; A.I.A. (4, 5); New York City Community College. Reeder, Karen Lee Champaign; 

B.S. in Music Education; McKinley; Y.W.C.A. (2, 3); Women's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4). Rhodgh- 
baugh, Roger Ray Orion; B.F.A. in Industrial Design; A.I.A. (1). 

Row 4: Sandler, Norman Glencoe; Bachelor of Architecture; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Illini 

Union Committee Member (2); Student Musicals (1, 2, 3); Illini Guide (3); A.I.A. (3, 4, 5, 6); 
Hoof and Horn Club (3, 4); N.A.A.C.P. (3); Young Democrats Club (5, 6). Schmidt, Diane 

Elizabeth Steger; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Fourth Street Residence. Schnepp, Keith 

Thomas Springfield; Bachelor of Architecture; A.I.A. (4). Schulte, Margaret Anne.. .. 

Park Ridge; B.F.A. in Art Education; Lincoln Avenue Residence; National Art Education Associ- 
ation (3, 4), President (4); Mt. Mary College. 

Row 5: Sciacca, Gasper South Beloit; Bachelor of Architecture; Peabody Drive Resi- 
dence; Gargoyle; Tau Beta Pi; Scarab; A.I.A. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5); Honors Day (1, 2, 3, 4); University 

of Illinois Scholarship Key. Scranton, Terry Jay Payson; B.S. in Music Education; Y.M.C.A.; 

Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2, 3, 4); Marching Illini (2, 3); First Regimental Band 
(1, 2, 3); Men's Glee Club (3, 4); Oratorio Society (1); United Christian Fellowship Foundation 

(1, 2, 3, 4), President (1, 2); Honors Day (4). Selander, Donald Stephan Rockford; Bachelor 

of Architecture; A.I.A. (4). Sendelbach, Diane East Peoria; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; 

Newman Club (3); Spanish Club (1); Eureka College. 

Row 6 : Shires, Jill Paducah, Kentucky; Bachelor of Music;Evans; Mortar Board; A-Ti-Us; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Kappa Lambda; Sigma Alpha Iota; Concert Band 
(1, 2, 3, 4); University Orchestra (4); Repertory Orchestra (1); Church of Christ Foundation 

(3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Shriver, Glenn Walter Marengo; 

Bachelor of Architecture; Scarab; Army ROTC, First Lieutenant; Association of U.S. Army 
(4); A.I.A. (3); Folk Song Club (2, 3, 4, 5); Honors Day (4); Northern Illinois University. Shultz, 
Thomas David Woodstock; Bachelor of Music; First Regimental Band (2); Young Re- 
publicans Club (2); Cosmopolitan School of Music; Elgin Community College. Shumaker, Gary 

Lee Zion; B.S. in Music Education; Peabody Drive Residence; Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 7 : Siden, Gary Jean Rockford; Bachelor of Architecture; Army ROTC; A.I.A. (1,2,3). 

Silhan, William Anthony Westchester; B.F.A. in Art Education and B.F.A. in Industrial 

Design; Beta Theta Pi; Tribe of Illini (2, 3, 4, 5); Cheerleader (4, 5); Gymnastics (1, 2, 4, o), 
Captain (4), Varsity Squad (2, 4, 5), Letter (2, 4, 5); Glider Club (3). Slocum, Katharine Walden 

Urbana; B.S. in Music Education; Concert Band (1, 2); Flute Club (1, 2). Smith, Jennifer 

Lynn Champaign; B.F.A. in Painting; Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Row 8: Smith, Sarah Jane IVkin; B.S. in Music Education; Gamma Phi Beta; A-Ti-Us; 

Sigma Alpha Iota; The Illio (1,2); Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Board of Panhellenic 
Affairs (2, 3); Women's Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Student Musicals (1, 2, 3, 4); Folk Song Club (2). 

Sneiders, Aina Melita Maywood; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Fourth Street Residence; 

Student Senate (3) ; Latvian Students Club (4 ) , President ( 4 ) ; James Scholar (1.2.3,4). Sonneman, 

Eve Chicago; B.F.A. in Graphic Design; Gamma Alpha Chi; Illinois Technograph (3); Film 

Society (4); Folk Song Club (2,3); Italian Club (2,3). Spore, James Knox Bart lett; Bachelor 

of Urban Planning; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Northern Illinois University. 

Row 'J: Sweet, David Calvin Oary, Indiana; Bachelor of Architecture; Peabody Drive Resi- 
dence; A.I.A. (1, 4, 5). Szymanski, Richard Frank Chicago; Bachelor of Architecture; Wright 

Junior College. Thode, Sharon Lynn Austin. Texas; B.F.A. in Art Education; Mckinley; 

( 'banning Murray Foundation (3, 4); Art Education Club (4) ; Honors Day CD. Voulgaris, Nicholas 
New York, New York; Bachelor of Architecture; A.I.A. (1, 2, 5); 5.C.O.P.E. (2, 3). 



Row 1: Weinstein, Barry Alan Skokie; Bachelor of Architecture; A. I. A. (1, 5); Hoof and 

Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Wickersheimer, David Jerome Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Bachelor 

of Architecture; Gregory Drive Residence, House President (4, 5); Tau Beta Pi; A. I. A. (2, 3, 

4, 5); Honors Day (1, 3, 4). Wilmoth, Danny Charles Galesburg; B.S. in Music Education; 

Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Mu Alpha-Sinfonia; Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Student Musicals 

(2, 3); Illini Guide (4). Wilson, Robert Floyd Joliet; B.F.A. in Art Education; Gregory 

Drive Residence; Joliet Junior College. 

Row 2; Wilson, Scott Douglas Oak Park; Bachelor of Urban Planning; Phi Kappa Tau; 

Major Chairman of Ilini Union Committee (4); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Junior 
Interfraternity Council (1); Illini Guide (2); A. I. A. (1, 2); Honors Day (4). Wilson, Sharon Lee 

Westchester; B.S. in Music Education; Alpha Phi; Mu Phi Epsilon; University Chorus 

(2); Women's Glee Club (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (2, 4). Woodworth, Robert Eugene, J . 

Paxton; Bachelor of Architecture; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; A. I. A. (2, 3, 4, 5). 

Zimmerman, Brian Michael Pekin; Bachelor of Landscape Architecture; Forsite Club (3); 

A.S.L.A. (4). 

Row 3: Zitt, Jack Richard Lombard; B.F.A. in Painting; Gregory Drive Residence; Navy 

Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Cross County (1), Letter (1); Track (1, 2); Honors 
Dav (3). 


Journalism Provides Practical 
Experience, Varied Program 

One of the most outstanding divisions of the 
College of Journalism is the Division of University 
Broadcasting, which includes WILL Television. 
This year the station has put in a new trans- 
mitter, which gives the station a coverage in- 
cluding 200,000 inhabitants. The area includes 
Champaign-Urbana, Decatur, and Bloomington. 
The television station is used by journalism stu- 
dents for practice in broadcasting. For example, 
recently students produced "The University Note- 
book," a television program which was broadcast 
over WILL in the form of a sixteen-week series. 

Other areas of the College provide oppor- 
tunities for the students. These include the typo- 
graphy lab, where students learn the funda- 
mentals of printing. The newsprinting labs pro- 
vide students with the experience of preparing 
newspaper copy. 

Dean Theodore Peterson coordinates the college's program. 

Vaudeville returns in all its glory as "professionals" Hanson 
and Gilmore present an original soft shoe act. 


A — N 

Row 1: Axejson, Emily Kastning Freeport; B.S. in Radio-Television; Philea; Sno-Ball 

Committee (3), Major Chairman (3). Axelson, Gary Lee Chicago; B.S. in Radio- Television; 

Sigma Delta Chi. President (4); W.P.G.U. (1); Baseball (1); WILL (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension 

of the University of Illinois. Baker, Barbara Ellen Mt. Morris; B.S. in News-Editorial; 

Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi, President (4); Illini Union Committee Member (2); University 
Theatre Crew (2); First Regimental Band (1); Greek Week Committee (2); Home Economics 

Club (1). Barnas, Ann Louise Waukegan; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha Chi Omega; Illini 

Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Pompons (1); Greek 
Week Committee (2, 3); Military Sponsor (2, 3, 4); Angel Flight (1, 2, 3); Homecoming Court 
(3); Honors Day (1). 

Row 2: Bednar, Richard Olin Galesburg; B.S. in Radio-Television; Phi Sigma Kappa; 

W.P.G.U. (1, 2. 3, 4); WILL (3). Belinoff, Robert Jay Lincolnwood; B.S. in Advertising; 

Sigma Alpha Mu; Ma-Wan-Da; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Delta Sigma; The Daily Illini (3); 
Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (3); Marketing Club 

(3, 4). Belssner, Louise Antoinette Norridge; B.S. in Advertising; Kappa Alpha Theta; 

Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Honors Day 

(1, 2). Benware, Marylea Margaret St. Charles; B.S. in News-Editorial; Kappa Kappa 

Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3). 

Row 3: Bike, Claudia Ann Freeport; B.S. in News-Editorial; Alpha Xi Delta; Theta 

Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (4); Young Democrats Club (3); Freeport Junior College. Bissell, 

Don Edward Rockton; B.S. in News-Editorial; Sigma Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (2); Illinois 

Technojraph (2, 3. 4); Student Musicals (4); Honors Day (1, 3). Bottrell, Ronald Glenn 

Windsor; B.S. in Advertising; Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; W.P.G.U. (1); Freshman 

Seminar (I); Honors Day '4). Bowser, Diana Lynn Urbana; B.S. in Advertising; Delta 

Delta Delta; Shorter Board; Torch; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1) ; Panhellenic Executive Council (2, 3, 4); Panhellenic Program Board (3) ; 
Board of Panhellenic Affairs (3. 4); Greek Week Committee (2); Angel Flight (1). 

Row 4: B:>yd, Carol Ann Waukegan; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha Chi Omega; Gamma 

Alpha Chi; Pompons (1); Orchesis (2); Chevron '3). B'rnett, Nancy Adelaide Zeigler; B.S. 

in Radio-Television; Chi Omega; Torch, Fresident; A-Ti-Us; Major Chairman of Illini Union 
Committee (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member 
(1, 2, 3); Star Course Manager (1); Campus Chest (3); Student Musicals (2); Greek Week Com- 
mittee (2); Chevron (1, 2); Home Economics Club (1). Cerf, Nancy Lynne Chicago; B.S. 

in Advertising; Taft; Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta, President (1); Phi Kappa Phi; Kappa 
Tau Alpha; Gamma Alpha Chi; Pi Delta Phi; W.P.G.U. (3); Major Committee of Student Senate 
(1) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (3) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Cleckner, Kathleen Roberta Chicago; B.S. in News-Editorial; Alpha Gamma Delta; The 

1 >aily Illini (4) ; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Campus Chest (2) ; Greek Week Committee 

Row .>: Connelly, June Frances Dolton; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha Chi Omega; The 

Daily Illini (3); Illini Union Committee Member (2); I.P.C. Photography Staff (3). Czyzewski, 

Phyllis Eloys Rockford; B.S. in News-Editorial; Sigma Kappa; Shorter Board; Torch; Theta 

Sigma Phi ; The Hlio (2, 3) ; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Campus Chest (2,3,4); Campus 
Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3, 4) ; Honors Day (3). Davis, Lois Jeanette Belle- 
ville; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini 
(2, 3); Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (4); Illini LInion Committee Chairman (2, 3); 
Illini Union Committee Member (1); I.P.C. Photography Staff (2); Fraternity Life (2); Greek 

Week Committee (2); James Scholar (4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Eschbach, Margaret Ann 

Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; Phi Mu; A-Ti-Us; Alpha Lambda Delta; Major Chairman of Illini 
Union Committee (3); Newman Club (1); Commerce Council (2); Illini Guide (2); James Scholar 
(1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1). 

Row 6: Everhart, Gary Eugene Macomb; B.S. in Radio Television; Orchard Downs; 

Sigma Delta Chi; W.P.G.L 1 . (2, 3, 4); Marching Illini (1, 2, 3) ; Second Regimental Band (1,2,3). 

Fielding, Kenneth Gayle Milford; B.S. in Radio-Television; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma 

Delta Chi; WILL (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Finerty, James Howard Lyons; B.S. in Radio- 
Television; W.P.G.U. (3, 4) ; Student Musicals (3) ; Morton Junior College. Florio, David Halstead 

Champaign; B.S. in Radio-Television; Alpha Tau Omega; Sachem; The Daily Illini (4); 

Tribe of Illini (2, 3, 4); Swimming (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad '2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3, 4); Dolphins 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 7: Frings, Dennis Alan Wenona; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha Chi Rho, President 

(4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Junior Inter- 
fraternity Council (1); Young Democrats Club (1); Honors Day (3).Hillen, Catherine Deane 

Granite City; B.S. in Advertising; Pi Beta Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi; The Illio (2); Campus Chest 

(1); Panhellenic Judicial Board (4). Hinrichs, Judith Lea Round Grove; B.S. in Advertising; 

Delta Delta Delta; A-Ti-Us; The Daily Illini (1,2); The Illio (1 ) ; Major Chairman of Illini Union 
Committee (3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); University Theatre Crew (1). Jeffries, 

Sally Hambleton Park Ridge; B.S. in Radio-Television; Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini LTnion 

Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Star Course Manager (1, 2); 
Y.W.C.A. (1, 2, 3); Student Musicals (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2). 

Row 8: Johnson, Gregory Glenn Rockford; B.S. in Radio-Television; W.P.G.U. (3, 4); 

Augustana College; Freeport Junior College. Keilly, Susan Joy Phoenix Arizona; B.S. in 

News-Editorial; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (4); The Illio (1); Fra- 
ternity Life (3); Chevron (2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2, 3). Kinderman, Janet Laural 

Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Advertising; Chi Omega; Gamma Alpha Chi; Greek Week Committee (2). 

Leipsiger, Myra Jane Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; Evans; Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta 

Sigma Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Hillel Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 9: Levy, Susan Carol Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; Evans; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (3, 4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day 

(1, 2, 3); University of Chicago. Mecum, Roger Floyd Bowen; B.S. in Advertising; Alpha 

Delta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (3); M.R. 
H.A. Judicial Board (1); University Chorus (2); Army ROTC Band (1, 2). Moody, Sharron 

Lea Elgin; B.S. in Radio-Television; Kappa Kappa Gamma; University Theatre Crew (1,2); 

W.P.G.U. (4); Oratorio Society (1, 2); WILL (3, 4); Student Musicals (1) Angel Flight (2, 3). 

Neiman, Dennis Richard Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; Gregory Drive Residence, President 

(3); Alpha Delta Sigma; Delta Delta Sigma; Omega Beta Pi; The Daily Illini (2); The Illio (1); 
W.P.G.U. (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (2); Pre-Law Club (4); Young Democrats Club (2, 3); Honors 
Day (2, 3). 



Row 1: Niemeyer, Diane Breese; B.S. in Radio-Television; Delta Zet.a; Chevron (3, 4); 

James Scholar (1, 2, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Olson, Dale Gilbert LaGrange; B.S. in Ad- 
vertising; Phi Kappa Psi; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Delta Sigma; Greek Week Committee (3). 

O'Nan, Elizabeth Ann Fargo, North Dakota; B.S. in Radio-Television; Alpha Gamma 

Delta; W.P.G.U. (1, 2, 3); WILL (3). Palka, Joseph Francis New Lenox; B.S. in Adver- 
tising; Illini Union Committee Member (3); I.E.E.E. (3); Joliet Junior College. 

P» Row 2: Pickles, Sarah Wellington Diller; B.S. in News-Editorial; Gold Seal Girl (4); Axe- 

grinder's Ball Committee, Major Chairman (3); Gold Feathers Council (2,3,4); Aesthetic Dancing 

(1, 2, 3, 4); Illio Beauty (4). Pierce, Donna Leslie Glenview; B.S. in News-Editorial; Illinois 

Street Residence; Theta Sigma Phi; Y.W.C.A. (1); Illinois Technograph (3, 4); Illini Guide (2); 
Young Republicans Club (1, 2. 3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3); University of Iowa. 

Porta, Margaret Marie Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; Gamma Alpha Chi; Theta Sigma Phi; 

The Daily Illini (3); Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Illini Guide (2); Marketing Club 

(I); S.C.6.P.E. (1, 2); Honors Day (3). Poss, Bonnie Evanston; B.S. in Radio-Television; 

Kappa Kappa Gamma; Illini LTnion Committee Member (2); W.P.G.U. (2, 4); Newman Club 
(1, 2); Folk Song Club (1, 2); Honors Day (2); Loyola University, Rome, Italy. 

Row 3: Read, Susan Carol Glen Ellyn; B.S. in Advertising; Delta Delta Delta; Gamma 

Alpha Chi; Indiana University. Rose, Susan Marie Chillicothe; B.S. in News-Editorial; Chi 

Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Bradley University. Rubin, Mary Ruth Chicago; B.S. in Ad- 
vertising; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Gamma Alpha Chi, President (4); Miami University; Roosevelt 

University; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Rush, Marilynn Chicago; 

B.S. in News-Editorial; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Theta Sigma 
Phi; The Daily Illini (1); Illigreek (2); Student Musicals (3); James Scholar (4); Honors Day 
(3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 4: Sandburg, Elizabeth Susan Decatur; B.S. in Radio-Television; Chi Omega. Shields, 

Nancy Ruth Norridge; B.S. in News-Editorial; Busey; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini 

(1); Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Newman Executive Council (3); Illini Guide (3, 4); 
Young Democrats Club (2, 3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (3). Singer, David Edward Hart- 
ford; B.S. in News-Editorial; James Scholar (1, 2). Smith, Bonnie Ann Peru; B.S. in Ad- 
vertising; Illinois Street Residence; Gamma Alpha Chi; The Daily Illini (3, 4); Southwest Texas 
State College. 

Row .5: Smith, Lowell Francis Mt. Carmel; B.S. in Radio-Television; Peabody Drive 

Residence; W.P.G.U. (3, 4) ; WILL (3, 4) ; Wabash Valley College. Spira, June Carol Chicago; 

B.S. in News-Editorial; Evans; Theta Sigma Phi; The Daily Illini (1, 2, 3). Stastny, Joseph 

Francis Berwyn; B.S. in Advertising; Pi Kappa Phi; Skull and Crescent; Alpha Delta Sigma; 

Illini Union Committee Member (3); Campus Chest (2, 3); Illigreek (3); Greek Week Committee 

(2); Association of U.S. Army (4); Young Republicans Club (4). Trimble, John Randolph 

Golconda; B.S. in News-Editoral; Peabody Drive Residence; Montgomery Junior College. 

Row 6: Vinovich, Stephen Arthur Creve Coeur; B.S. in Radio-Television; Lambda Ch 

Alpha; Mask and Bauble; National Collegiate Players, President; The Daily Illini (4); Illin 
Union Committee Member (2); University Theatre Cast (2, 3, 4); University Theatre Crew 
(2, 3, 4); W.P.G.U. (4); WILL (4); Student Musicals (3, 4); James Scholar (1,2). Walka, Rober 
Allen. ..'. .Chicago; B.S. in Advertising; W.P.G.U. (1,2); Young Republicans Club (1,2); Navy 

Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Weber, Carolyn Marie Chicago; B.S. in News 

Editorial; Kappa Kappa Gamma; The Illio (1); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Star Course 
Manager (1, 2); Greek Week Committee (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Wyne, Ervin Evermont Macomb; B.S. in Radio-Television; Lambda Chi Alpha; Mask and 

Bauble; Illini ITnion Committee Chairman (3, 4); University Theatre Manager (2); University 
Theatre Cast (2); University Theatre Crew (1, 3); Junior Interfraternity Council (2); Air Force 
ROTC, First Lieutenant. 

Row 7: Zimmerman, Janis Jane San Jose; B.S. in Radio- Television; Delta Delta Delt_ 

Gamma Alpha Chi; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3, 4); W.P.G.U. (3, 4); Student Senat 
(2, 3); Young Republicans Club (1). 


"1 1 l; 1 


lilr 1 

i V Mill 
1 * l 


Dean Robert Rogers takes a break in his busy schedule. 

LAS. Expands Curriculum 

As Enrol 

ment Increases 

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 
presently continues a one-hundred year herit- 
age. In 1904 increased enrollment made pos- 
sible the formation of the College of Litera- 
ture and Art and the College of Science. A 
process of gradual merging between these col- 
leges was culminated in 1913 when the L.A.S. 
College was established with administrative offi- 
ces in Lincoln Hall. 

The College continues to grow and prosper 
both academically and numerically. Currently, 
departments of the College range from Anthro- 
pology to Zoology and include courses in General 
Mycology, the Metaphysical Poets and Oceano- 
graphy. Paralleling this variety are new develop- 
ments in teaching techniques. Besides T.V. lec- 
tures, the number of Freshmen Seminars has 
been expanded. 

In student relations and in building projects, 
along with academic affairs, the College has 
moved ahead along with its demands. As the 
University marks its hundredth anniversary with 
a long record of achievement in service and 
scholarship, so too, its largest unit — Liberal Arts 
and Sciences. 

The L.A.S. College with its variety of programs gives a 
student chances to ponder over questions of the future. 


A — B 

Row 1: Abazoris, Norman Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Acturial Science; B romley; University 

of Chicago. Abraham, Kenneth Alan Berwyn; A.B. in LAS., Political Science ; . Pi Kappa 

Alpha; Alpha Phi Omega; Union Committee Member (4); Honors Day 3) ; Morton Junior 

College. Ackerman. Larry Lee Freeport; B.S, in L.A.S., Mathemat, *! Dl««. B£*£rf 

dence; Air Force ROTC. Adamski, Barbara Jean Cicero; A.B. in L.A.S the Teaching ol 

Speech; Evans; University Theatre Cast (3, 4); University Theatre Crew (3, 4); Student Musicals 
(3, 4); rchesis (3); Honors Day f3); J. Sterling Morton Junior College. 

Row 2: Adelman, Terry Irwin East St. Louis; A.B. in L.A.S Political Science; Florida 

Avenue Residence, President (4); Young Democrats Club (3 4), . Daniel Vincent . 

Elk Grove; A.B. in L.A.S.. Spanish; Newman; Concert Band (1, 2, 3. 4); MarcfagV IH.n, 1. 2, 
3. 4); Newman Club (2. 3. 4); Young Democrats Club (2. 4). A bertine, John Martin ■■■■■*%£* 
field A.B. in L.A.S., Philosophy; Newman; Young Democrats Club (3 ; Springfield WMta» 

Alesandrini, Carlo Galileo, Jr Pekin; B.S. in L.A.S Chemical Engineering; Alpha Sigma 

Phi; The Daily Ilbni (3); Major Chairman of LUini Union Commi tee to; t ^™ ! 
Member (3); Marching Illini (1, 2) ; First Regimental Band (1, 2); A.I.Ch.E. (4), James bcnoiar 
(2, 3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 3; Alexander, David Louis Evanston; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Omega Beta Pi; Second 

Regimental Band (1 . Allen, Rebecca Ann Dunlap; B.S in L.A.S the ■Teaching °' Biology 

Busev; Alpha Lambda Delta; Omega Beta Pi; Pal Program (2); James Scholar (1,2,3,«, Honors 

Dav (1,2.3). Ames, Carol Anne Harvard ; A.B. in L.A.S., English ; Alpha Lambda Delta, Mm 

Society «, 3, 4); German Club (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1. 2, 3. 4); Honors Day (2, 3). Ander- 

mann, Ralph John, Jr LaCrange; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Lyons Township Junior College. 

Row 4: Andersen, Judith Ann Berkeley; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Vanl.g; Omega Beta 

Pi; Angel Flight (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 3, 4). Anderson, Carl John .... Bamngton; A.B. 
in L.A.S., History; Ma-Wan-Da; Wa-Na-See; Sachem; Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2); 
Illini Union Committee Member (1); Y.M.C.A. (1, 2. 3, 4), President (4); Freshman Semmar; 
Lutheran Foundation Executive Council (2, 3) ; Honors Day 1, 2, 3) Anderson Carol Ehzabeth 
Urbana- B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Illini Guide (3, 4); Student National 
Education Association (3, 4); Town and Area Club (1, 2, 3, 4). President (4); James Scholar (1). 

Anderson, Jean Marion Elmhurst; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Kappa Kappa 

Gamma; Military Sponsor (4); Angel Flight (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Iowa State University. 

Row 5: Anderson, Julie Alice Harwood Heights; A.B. in L.A.S.. the Teaching of Social 

Studies; Evans; Student National Education Association (3. 4); Navy Pier Extension of the 
University of Illinois. Anderson, Kathryn Joan Prospect Heights; A.B. in L.A.S the Teach- 
ing of Spanish; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Illinois State University. Anderson, Lynette . . . 
Andover; A.B. in L.A.S.. English; Sigma Kappa; The Illio (2); Illini Union Committee Member 
(4); University Theatre Crew (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Fraternity Life (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (4); Forensic 
Association (3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (2, 3). Anderson, Margaret Victoria . . .( hicago; B.b. 
in L.A.S., Psychology; Alpha Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (3, 4); Campus Chest (3); 
Greek Week Committee (4); Northern Illinois University. 

Row 6: Anderson, Michael Jon . Cambridge; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence- Phi Eta Sigma; Omega Beta Pi; Anthropology Club (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2. 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1, 3). Andrew, Mary Ellen . . Harvard; A.B. in L.A.S.. Speech; Kappa Delta; 
Torch- University Theatre Manager (2); University Theatre Crew (2, 3. 4); Illinois Wesleyan 

University. Andrews, William Hal Joliet; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Pennsylvania Avenue 

Residence; Young Democrats Club (3. 4); James Scholar (1). Arbogast, Roger Eugene..... 
Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., Finance; Florida Avenue Residence; Y.M.C.A. (2, 4); L.A.S. I ouncil 
(2, 3,4).' 

Row 7- Arney, Kenneth Wayne . . . Calumet City; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive 
Residence; Men's Glee Club (1.2. 3, 4). Aronson, Jaycee Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teach- 
ing of Mathematics; Laurel, House President (3, 4); The Daily Illini (1); University Theatre 
Cn-w (1, 2); W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3) ; Young Democrats Club (1); Honors Day (2). Asche:, 

Lester Skokie; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology. Asin, Maria Luz La Paz, Bolivia; A.B. m 

L.A.S.. Spanish; Cuban Students Club (4); I.A.S. (1). 

Row 8: Aspengren, Mary Lou . Arlington Heights; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social 
Studies' The Illio (1 2); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Honors Day (2, 3). Atutis, Victor 
Alevander .Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., /oology, and B.S. in L.A.S.. Psychology; Sigma Pi; 

Omega Hem Pi, President (4); Lithuanian Students Club (2. 3); French Club (4); International 
Fair (3); Honors Daj (2); Wilson Junior College; Universitj of California at Los Angeles. Aufrecht, 
Ronald James Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociologj ; Sigma Alpha Mu; Sachem; Tribe of Illini 

(2, :j. li; Fencing (1, 2. 3, 4), Varsin Squad (2, 3, ti. Letter (2, 3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3,4); 
Honors Daj (1, 2, 3). Bachenheimer, Steven Larry Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; 

Praetorians; Phi Eta Sigma; Model U.N. (3); Honors Daj (I); Navj Pier Extension of the 1 ni- 
irersitj of Illinois. 

How 9; Badal, Robert Samuel . . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Delta 
Chi; Skull and Crescent; Illini Union Committee Member (I); University Theatre Caul (-1); 

Junioi tnterfraternitj Council (1); Student Musicals (1, 2, 3, li; Pin and Pa. Idle Ci dttee 

(I, 2, 3, 1). Chairman Hi; Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, i). Bailey, Elaine Decatur; 

\ li in L.A.S., History; Illinois Street Residence; Shorter Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Illini 
I nion Committee Member (2); ST.W.C.A. (2, 3, li; .lames Scholar (2, 3, li; Honors Day (2, 3); 
Ida. Il.s I niversity. Baker, Donald Andrew Wood River; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; 

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Vii Force Glee Club (1); Weslej Foundation Executive Council 
Younr Republicans < 'lul. Ml. Balgley, Jane Margaret Decatur; A. II. in L.A.S.. the 

Teaching "( Engish; Alpha Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini 1 nion 
i ommittee Membci fl, 2); Universitj Theatre Cast (1); Universitj Theatre Crew (1, 2). 


Row 1 : Ball, David Lee Urbana; B.S. in L.A.S., Astronomy; Astronomical Society (2, 3, 4); 

N.A.A.C.P. (2); Honors Day (3). Balton, Roberta Donna Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; 

Allen; Spanish Club (3, 4); Italian Club (3, 4). Barchers, Daniel Emmert Pekin; B.S. in 

L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E. (2, 4); Young 

Repubicans Club (2); Honors Day (2, 3). Barkan, Fredi Ann Rock Island; A.B. in L.A.S., 

Speech; Delta Phi Epsilon; Illini L T nion Committee Chairman (2); Illini L'nion Committee Member 
(1, 2); University Theatre Crew (1, 4). 

Row 2: Barnett, Colette Berwyn; B.S. in L.A.S., Statistics; Illinois Street Residence; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Day (1). Barrett, Carol Ann Des Plaines; A.B. in L.A.S., Polit- 
ical Science; The Mansion. Barton, Richard Pleasant Hill; A.B. in L. A. S., Economics; Acacia; 

Skull and Crescent; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (1); 

Star Course Manager (2) ; Freshman Seminar (1). Director (3). Basil, Philip Charles Chicago; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Biology; Alpha Delta Phi; John Carroll U/niversity; Marquette L^niversity. 

Row 3: Batmanghlidj, Anooshiravan Teheran, Iran; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; 

A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (2, 3, 4) ; Iranian Students Club (3, 4) ; Moslem Students Club (2, 3) ; International 
Students Association (2, 3, 4); Model U.N. (3); California State Polytechnic College. Baum, Aris 

Ruth Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Delta Phi Epsilon; University Theatre Crew (1, 2); 

Campus Chest (2) ; International Fair (1,2); Pal Program (3). Bawden, Carole Susan Naper- 

ville; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Member 
(1, 2); Star Course Manager (1); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Bearden, John Edward 

Rochester, New York; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Delta Phi; Illini Union Committee Member 

(1); Tennis (1); Soccer, Varsity Squad (4) Second Regimental Band (1, 2, 3); German Club (2). 

Row 4: Bechem, William Jacob Staunton; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics and Computer 

Science; Peabody Drive Residence; Newman Club (1, 4) ; Film Society (4); James Scholar (1, 3, 4); 

Honors Day (1). Beck, Sandra Joyce Elmhurst; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; 

Kappa Delta; A-Ti-Us; Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (1); Illini Union Committee 

Chairman (1, 2). Becker, Michael Roy Steger; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive 

Residence. Beggs, Drexellen Harrisburg; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Lincoln Avenue 

Residence, House President (4); Baptist Student Union (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3); South- 
eastern Illinois College. 

Row 5: Bencic, Michael Martin Arlington Heights; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; 

Model U.N. (3, 4); Loyola University. Benson, Jerry Lee Maquon; B.S. in L.A.S., the 

Teaching of Mathematics; Florida Avenue Residence; Air Force ROTC, Major; Arnold Air 

Society (2, 3,4). Berg, Donna May Decatur; A.B. in L. A. S., Russian; Van Doren; Honors Day 

(2). Berger, Chari Regina Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Iota Alpha Pi; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Chairman (2); Ilini Union Committee Member (3); University Theatre Crew (1); French 
Club (1); Russian Club (2); Spanish Club (3). 

Row 6: Berkman, Laurel Ann Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Indeco; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Association of International Students (3); Model U.N. 
(3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Indiana University; Navy Pier Extension 

of the University of Illinois; Spanish Club (2). Berline, Prudence Beth White Hall; A.B. 

in L.A.S., Spanish; Florida Avenue Residence; Shorter Board; Women's Glee Club (2, 3, 4); 

United Christian Fellowship (3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Bersell, Maureen Dorothy Oak 

Park; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Alpha Gamma Delta; The Illio (1); Illini Union Committee Mem- 
ber (1, 2); Campus Chest (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (3). Bertram, Patricia Janet Highland 

Park; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Illini Towers; Terrapin (4); Kent State College; Mundelein 

Row 7: Bevans, Kathleen Gay Lake Zurich; A.B. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition; 

I'lorida Avenue Residence; Shorter Board; Torch; First Regimental Band (1, 2); Illini Guide 

(2, 3); Illini Guide Executive Board (3). Bickham, Sister Mary Claire Urbana; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Psychology; James Scholar (3, 4). Bieszczat, Frank John Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; 

Honors Day (1, 3). Biltgen, Renard Leon Oswego; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Acacia; Uni- 
versity Choir (2); Physics Society (3, 4). 

Row 8: Biron, Joyce Ann Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Florida 

Avenue Residence; The Illio (1); University Theatre Crew (1). Bissey, Lee Roy Clay City; 

A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Chi Psi; Air Force ROTC, Captain; Phalanx (1, 2, 3, 4), Commander 

(2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (3, 4). Bixby, Nancy Lee Durand; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Monmouth College. Bixler, Robert Eugene 
Waukegan; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Psi Chi; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Y.M.C.A. (2, 3); University Chorus 
(1); Student Musicals (2, 3); Arnold Air Society (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 3). 

Row 9: Bladon, John James Crystal Lake; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Oregon House; 

Loyola University. Blair, Lynne Marvis Morris; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social 

Studies; Evans; Illini Guide (3); Honors Day (3). Blatt, Morton William Skokie; A.B. in 

L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Peabody Drive Residence. Block, John Robert 

Barrington; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Military Ball Committee (3, 4); 
Air Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; Air Force Council (3, 4) ; Armed Forces Council (3) ; Arnold 
Air Society (3, 4). 


B — C 

Row 1: Bochte, Marilyn June LaGrange Park; A.B. in L.A.S., History of Art; Florida 

Avenue Residence; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Honors Day (1). Bock, Mary Ann 

Lincoln; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Alpha Xi Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Campus 
Chest (1, 2, 3, 4); Student Senate (3); Lutheran Student Foundation (1. 2, 3, 4); Greek Week 
Committee (2, 3); Plowboy Prom Committee (3); Spanisli Club (1. 2, 3, 4); French Club (2, 3, 4); 
Young Republicans Club (2, 3, 4). Bohlen, Mary Kathleen Mattoon; B.S. in L.A.S., Psy- 
chology; Illinois Street Residence; Illini Guide (2). Bonvicini, Bonnie Marie Dalzell; B.S. 

in L.A.S., Zoology; Van Doren; Omega Beta Pi; Honors Day (3); LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby Junior 

Row 2: Bosnia, Arlis Diane Mt. Prospect; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Kappa Delta; Chevron (2, 3); University of Wisconsin. Boucek, William James Chicago; 

A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Phi Omega; W.P.G.U. (1); M.I. A. Executive Council (2) ; Honors 

Day (1). Boyd, Dock Alexander, Jr Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; 

Gregory Drive Residence, House President (4); University of Maryland; Western Michigan Uni- 
versity; Loyola University. Bradley, Marthelia Ann Magnolia; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of French; Sigma Kappa; The Daily Illini (1) ; The Illio (1, 2); Major Chairman of Illini Union 
Committee (3); Illini LInion Committee Chairman (2, 3); Illini LInion Committee Member (1); 
University Theatre Manager (2) ; LTniversity Theatre Crew (1) ; Star Course Manager (1) ; Campus 
Chest (2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Pompons (1); Student Musicals (1); Illini Guide (3); Greek 
Week Committee (2); Angel Flight (1, 2); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3). 

Row, 3: Brannan, Carol Ann LaSalle; A.B. in L.A.S., Latin; Lincoln Avenue Residence; 

Newman Club (3, 4); LaSalle- Peru-Oglesby Junior College. Bray, Nancy Farmer City; B.S. 

in L.A.S., Zoology; Van Doren. Breitbarth, Susan Edith Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; Iota Sigma Pi; Honors Day (3); LTniversity of Illinois Scholarship Key; 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Brent, David James Chicago; A.B. in 

L.A.S., History; Chi Phi, House President (3, 4); Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Junior Interfraternity 
Council (2); Student Senate (2, 3, 4); Major Committee of Student Senate (3); Football Manager 
(3); Basketball Manager (1, 2). 

Row 4: Brodene, Thomas Reynold Chicago; B.S. in L. A. S., Botany; Fenger Junior College; 

Navy Pier Extension of the L T niversity of Illinois. Broder, Marilyn Risa Chicago; A.B. in 

L.A.S., Sociology; Clark. Brooks, Clinton Walter, Jr Richmond, Virginia; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Psychology; Gregory Drive Residence; NROTC. Brooks, Kathleen Daisy Jacksonville; 

A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Kappa Delta; Torch; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Delta 
Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 4); University Theatre Manager (1, 2, 3); W.P.G.U. 
(1, 2, 3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). 

Row 5: Brown, Beth Jo Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Allen; Thornton Junior College; 

Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Browne, Gail Champaign; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Zoology; Orchesis (2); Folk Song Club (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 4); University of Tennessee. 

Bruce, Carlyn Reece Evansville, Indiana; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Illinois Street 

Residence. Bryant, John David Springfield; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Delta Chi; Ma-Wan-Da; 

The Illio (1, 2, 3, 4), Business Editor (4) ; Star Course Manager (1) ; Junior Interfraternity Council 
(1); Student Musicals (2); Newman Club (1, 2); Air Force ROTC, Major; Arnold Air Society 
(3, 4). 

Row 6: Bryar, Rebecca Marie Centralia; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Taft; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (2); Illinois Technograph (2); Society of Women Engineers (2). Brydges, Sara 

Hughes Springfield; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Evans; Sweet Briar College. Buch, Clark 

Ivan Springfield; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Illini Union Committee Mem- 
ber (1, 2, 3); Campus Chest (1, 2); Major Committee of Student Senate (1); Dolphins (1, 2, 3); 
Illini Guide (3). Buchanan, Joan Roberta Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathe- 
matics; Lincoln Avenue Residence; Olivet Nazarene College; Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- 
versity of Illinois.'' 

Row 7; Buckleh, Maureen Ann Flora; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Kappa Alpha Theta; The 

Illio (1) ; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Star Course Manager (1) ; Illini Readers (4). Burba, 

Mary Victoria Hollywood; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Allen; Lithuanian Students Club (3, 4); 

( Jerman Club (3, 4) ; Russian Club (3,4); Young Republicans Club (2) . Burger, James Peter ..... 
Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Gregory Drive Residence; Omega Beta Pi; M.R.H.A. Judicial 
Board (1, 2); Illini Guide (2); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (4); 

James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Loyola University. Byman, Robert Leslie 

Lansing; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Zeta Beta Tau; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Delta Sigma 
Rho; Y.M.C.A. (3) ; Interfraternity Executive Council (4) ; Board of Fraternity Affairs {4). Student 
Senate (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Major Committee of Student Senate (2); Freshman Seminar; 
Illini Forensic Association (3, 4); Honors Day (1). 

Row 8: Byram, Gerald Joseph Caseyville; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Delta Sigma Phi; 

Campus Chest (3); Belleville Junior College. Cairns, Robert William Woodstock; P.S. in 

L.A.S., Mathematics; Gar-Men; Northern Illinois University. Callahan, Albert..... 
Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Newman; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Campbell, Roger Paul Dixon; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Illinois Street Residence; 

Northern Illinois University. 

How 9; Candanedo, Leylis Mariela David, Provincia de Chiriqul, Panama; A.B. in L.A.S., 

Latin American Studies; Busey; Universidad de Panama; College of Saint Teresa. Cantwell, 

Kathleen Marie Chicago; A.M. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition; Phi ilu; The l>ail> 

Illini (3); Young Republicans Club (2). Capitani, Mary Etta Granville; A.M. in L.A.S., 

German; Illinois Street Residence; Delta Phi Alpha; University Theatre Crew iD; German 
Club (1, 2. 3, 11; Honors Daj (3). Carlson, Bronwyn Lorene Moline; U.S. in L.A.S., Speech 

Correction; Kappa Alpha Theta; Sign.n Alpha Eta; mini Union Committee Member (2. 8). 


Row 1: Carlson, John Robert Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Peabody Drive 

Residence; Army ROTC, First Lieutenant. Carlson, Van Edward Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., 

.Spanish; Phi Sigma Kappa; Campus Chest (1, 3); Junior Interfraternitv Council (1); Illigreek 
U); fraternity Life (2); Greek Week Committee (3) ; Army Drum and Bugle Corps (1); Spanish 
<-lub (3, 4) . Carnahan, Leslee Ann .... Mundelein; A.B. in L.A.S., English; University of Denver; 
*\avy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Student National Education Association (2). 

Carp, Maryann Westville; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Busey; University Theatre 

Crew (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Danville Junior College. 

Row 2: Carre:>n, Gloria Ann Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Illinois Street Residence; 

Newman Foundation Executive Council (1); Spanish Club (3,4); Honors Dav (1, 3). Cary, Gayle 
Ann. . Carmi; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Zeta Tau Alpha; The Illio (2); Illini 
Union Committee Member (1); Second Regimental Band (1); Greek Week Committee (1, 2, 3); 

Chevron (1, 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (1,2,3); Honors Day (3). Cary, Linda Kathleen Normal; 

A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Stratford; Illini Christian Fellowship Foundation (1, 2, 3, 4)- Sociology 

Club (4); Pal Pro-ram (4). Cary, Robert Philip Joliet; B.S. in L.A.S., Biology; Theta Delta 

Chi; Astronomical Society (3); Joliet Junior College. 

Row 3: Castle, Richard Allen Wilmington; B.S. in L.A.S., Geology; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Alpha Phi Omega; James Scholar (1, 2, 4). Cation, Kathryn Anne Peoria Heights- 

A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Illini Guide (3); Folk Song Club (2); N.A.A.C.P. (3); James Scholar 

(4) i ; Honors Day (3) ; Western Illinois University. Chang, Walter Wei Kong Ottawa, Canada; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Chinese Christian 
Fellowship (1, 2, 3, 4); Chinese Students Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 3, 4); Honors Day 

(1, 3). Charland, Wayne William Franklin Park; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Illinois Street 

Residence; Alpha Phi Omega; Honors Day (3); Carthage College. 

Row 4: Chesrown, James Kankakee; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Delta Upsilon. 

Chez, Sandra Helene Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Bromley; University Theatre Crew 

(3). Chickles, James George Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Chi Psi| Interfraternity 

Executive Council (4); Interfraternity Program Board (2, 3); Student Senate (2, 3); Major Com- 
mittee of Student Senate (2, 3); Football, Varsity Squad (4); Greek Week Committee (2); Air 

Force ROTC, Colonel; Air Force Council (3, 4). Chikaraishi, Dona Mei Morton Grove; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Navy Pier Ex- 
tension of the University of Illinois; German Club (1, 2). 

Row 5: Chizewer, Arline Ellen Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Sigma Delta Tau; 

Campus Chest (2) ; Sociology Club (4) ; Volunteer Illini Project (2) . Chouinard, Paul Lewellyn 

Lombard; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Marching Illini (2); University Orchestra (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Christensen, Nora Ellen Springfield; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Van Doren; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar (1,4); Honors Day (1). Chris'.odoulou, Stephen Michael . 
Melrose Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Chi Phi; University of Wisconsin. 

Row 6: Churchill, Ethel Patricia Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Kappa Alpha; 

Junior Panhellenic (3); Illini Guide (2); N.A.A.C.P. (3, 4). Clemmesen, Arleen Nancy 

Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Allen; Northern Illinois University. Clendenin, Jean Ann 

Coshocton, Ohio; B.S. in L.A.S., Home Economics; Illinois Street Residence; A-Ti-Us; United 
Christian Foundation Executive Council (1); Illini Guide (2); Home Economics Club (3, 4); 

James Scholar (1); Honors Day (3). Clevenstine, Emmert Corbin Rock Island; A.B. in 

L.A.S., Anthropology; Illinois Street Residence; Marching Illini (3); First Regimental Band 
(3); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Film Society (1, 2, 3, 4); S.C.O.P.E. (2, 3); James Scholar 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 7: Codak, William Peter Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Psi Upsilon, House 

President (4); Skull and Crescent; Campus Chest (1); Rifle and Pistol Club (3). Coffman, Susan 

Kay Barry; A.B. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Illinois Street Residence; Monmouth College. 

Cofoid, Paul Brian Tonica; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Newman; University Chorus (1, 2); 

Air Force ROTC, Captain; Arnold Air Society (2, 3, 4); Rifle and Pistol Club (3). Cohen, Lynn 

Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Bromley; Campus Chest (2); Young 

Democrats Club (2, 3). 

Row 8: Cohn, Lawrence Steven Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Sigma Alpha Mu; 

Phi Eta Sigma; Fraternity Life (3); Young Democrats Club (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors 

Day (1. 2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Collister, John Lewis Des 

Plaines; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Valhalla; Folk Song Club (2, 3, 4); Russian Club (1, 2) ; Young 

Democrats Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (1, 2). Combs, Willa Jean Aurora; A.B. in L.A.S., 

the Teaching of English; Kappa Delta; W.P.G.U. (2, 3). Conlin, Richard Dean Belvidere; 

A.B. in L.A.S., History; Acacia; Ma-Wan-Da; Wa-Na-See; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; The lllio (2, 3, 4), Editor-in-Chief (4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 9: Corcoran, James Patrick, Jr. Lombard; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Phi Kappa 

Theta; Skull and Crescent; Illini LInion Committee Member (1, 2); Illigreek (1); Illini Guide 

(2); Le Cercle Francais (1, 2). Cordis, Kerry Reynold Princeville; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Kappa Sigma, House President (3) ; Skull and Crescent; Bradley University. Corl, Thomas 

Colin Rock Falls; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Florida Avenue Residence; L.A.S. Council 

(3, 4); Sociology Club (4); Monmouth College. Corren, Sandra Jacqueline Chicago; B.S. 

in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Piii; Illini VJnion Committee Member 
(1, 2); Campus Chest (1. 2); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 


C — D 

Row 1- Cortesi Joan Louise Villa Fark; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Taft; University Theatre 

Crew (3)'- W P G U (3, 4); Illini Guide (2, 3); Folk Song Club (1). Ccrwin, Karen Elizabeth 

Decatur-A B in L A.S., Political Science; Kappa Kappa Gamrr.a; Illini I mon Committee Mem- 
ber (1, 2, 3); Model U.N. (3). Cox, Ella Marie Elgin; A^B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence. Cox, Howard William Mattoon; B.S m LAS., Chermca Engineering; 

Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Pin; Phi Lambda Upsilon; A.I.Ch.E. 
(3, 4);' James Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 2- Cramer, Miriam Naomi Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Indeco; 

Mpha Lambda Delta; Pi Delta Phi; University Theatre Crew- (1); James Scholar (4); Honors 

Day (3). Crickmer, Thomas Keenan McLean, Virginia; A.B. m L.A.S., Philosophy ; Alpha 

Tau Omega- Phi Eta Sigma; Army ROTC. First Lieutenant; Young Republicans Club (3); Judo 

Club (2 3) -James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2). Croak, Margaret Midlothian; A.B. 

inL A S English- Illinois Street Residence; Newman Club ( 1 , 2) ; Honors Day (1,2, 3). Crowley, 
Lorraine Elizabeth Flossmoor; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; The Mansion; Young Re- 
publicans Club (4); Edgewood College. 

Row 3- Culbertson, Karen Sue Decatur; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Gamma Phi Beta; 

Torch- Gamma Alpha Chi; The Daily Illini (2); The lllio (1, 2) ; Illini Union Ccrrmittee Member 
(1 2)-' Star Course Manager (2, 3); Campus Chest (1); Floriculture Club (3); Honors Day (3). 

Daley' William Earl Waukegan; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Army RCIC; Association of 

US Army (4)- Sociology Club (4); Honors Day (1). Darling, Janina Kacena. ...Newark. 
Delaware-' A B in L.A.S., History of Art; The Centre College of Kentucky; University of Dela- 
ware Darner, Leslie Karen Granite City; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Evans; Sigma 

Alpha Eta; Zeta Phi Eta; University Theatre Crew (1,2); Wesley Foundation Executive Council 
(3, 4); Chevron (2, 3); Young Republicans Club (2). 

Row 4- Davidson, Michael Craig Ottawa; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Pennsylvania Avenue 

Residence; Swimming (1, 2. 3), Varsity Squad (2, 3). Davis, David George. ... .Christopher; 
B S in L \ S Microbiology; Delta Chi; Sachem; The lllio (2, 3) ; lllim Lmon Committee Member 
(lV'Air Force ROTC Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold Air Society (3, 4); Phalanx (2); James Scholar 

(12 3 4) Honors Dav (1.2, 3). Davis, Karen Dee Effngham; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of English'- Illinois Street Residence; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors Day (1,2, 3). Davis Martha 
Laurie East Alton; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Evans; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; University Chorus (1); Oratorio Society (2, 3, 4); Illini Guide 
(2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 5- Davis Nancy Lyn Birmingham, Alabama; A.B. in L.A.S., Poltical Science; McKin- 

lev Emorv University. Davis, Virginia Lou Mt. Vernon; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; All 1 a 

Chi Omega Dawson, James Charles. . . Elmhurst; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Beta 
Theta Pi- Ma-Wan-Da, President (4); Wa-Na-See; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Onncron Delta 
Kappa- Phi Eta Sigma; Tribe of Illini (2, 3, 4); Basketball (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4), Varsity Squad 

(2 3 4) Letter (2, 3, 4); Tennis (2, 3), Varsity Squad (2, 3), Letter (2). Dean, Darla Lee 

Rockford- A B. inL.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Phi Mu; Pal Program (3). 

Row 6- Dean Sammy Ruth Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition; Illinois 

Street Residence; Y.W.C.A. (3); N.A.A.C.P. (1); S.N.C.C. (3). DeCraene Alan Charles 

Kewanee- A B in L A.S., History; Newman; Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4); NROTC, Midshipman 
Lieutenant; Navy Council (4); Sextant (2); Trident (3, 4). DeHaven, Marcia Ann..... Elk 

Grove Village; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Phi Mu. Derby, Marilyn Sierra Batavia; B.S. 

in L.A.S., Mathematics; Sigma Kappa; University Theatre Crew (2); University Chorus (1, 2); 
Women's Glee Club (3, 4); Oratorio Society (2); Young Republicans Club (2). 

Row 7 DeSelms, Jan Gregory Roseville; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Gregory Drive Resi- 
dence- Deta Delta Sigma, President (3, 4). DeVries, James Henry Champaign; A.B. in, English. Dewey, Joseph Clair Danville; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Peabody Drive 

Residence- "Marching Illini (4); First Regimental Band (4); Danville Junior College. DeYoung, 

Robert Lee Warsaw; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Army ROTC; Film Society (4); German 

Club (3); Young Democrats Club (3); University of Vienna; Western Illinois University. 

Row 8: Disz, Terrence Lee Western Springs; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Tau Kappa 

Epsilonj Illini Union Committee Member (2); Campus Chest (1); Junior Interfraternity Council 

Mr Rifle and Pistol Club (2). Dixon, Brendan Michael Long Beach, California; A.B. in 

L.A.S., Political Science; Newman Club (1, 2, 1); Air Force ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel; Arnold 

Air Society (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Dixon, Daniel Michael, III Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., 

the Teaching of Social Studies; Kappa Alpha. Psi, House President (4); Campus Chest (1, 2); 

Junior Interfraternity Council (1); N.A.A.C.P. '3. 1). Dockterman, Ilene Constance Rock 

[gland; A.B. in L.A.S., Soeiologj ; Volunteer Illini Project. (3, 4); Washington University. 

How !i: Dolenak, Linda Barbara . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Alpha Gamma 
Delta; A-Ti-Ue; The lllio (2); Campus Chesl (2); Greek Week Committee (2); Angel Flight 
(2. 3);' James Scholar (1,2, 3). Donohue, Mary Ann Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Illinois 

Sti-ect' Residence; Spanish Club (4); Honors Day (3). Dornberger, Paul George Peoria; 

K.S. in I. AS., Physics; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence, Downs, Stephen Alden Rockford; 

lis. in I, AS.. Psychology; Phi Sigma Ki a; Fraternity Life (2) ; German Club (2) ; S.C.O.P.E. 

(2, 3), President '3>; Young Democrats Club «2, 3). 


D — F 

Row 1: Doyle, Edward Charles, Jr Summit; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Oregon State Uni- 
versity; New Mexico State University. Dres, Amelia Vasiliki Cicero; A.B. inJSpeech Edu- 
cation; Evans; Epsilon Phi Sigma (1, 2, 3, 4), President (3); Spanish Club (3, 4); French Club 
(3, 4) ; Student National Education Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University 
of Illinois; University Theatre Cast (1, 2) ; Student Senate (2). Dresar, Joseph Carl . . . .Chicago; 
A.B. in L.A.S., History; Flagg; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Pre-Law Club 

(1,2). Drolen, Marilyn Rae Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Delta 

Gamma, President (4); Terrapin (2); Dolphins (1). 

Row 2: Droskiewicz, Karen Linda Wauconda; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Van Doren. Drye, 

Linda Blooming ton; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Allen. DuBois, Diane Barbara 

Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Biology; Van Lig; University Chorus (1, 2). Dunlap, 

Randall Wallace Crete; B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science; Pi Kappa Alpha, House President 


Row 3: DuSell, Rita Jean Aurora; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Taftflllini'lUnion Com- 
mittee Member (2); Illini Guide (2, 3). Dystrup, Andrew Christian Lockport; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Chemical Engineering; Gar-Men, House President (4) ; Baseball G, 2, 3,4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4); 

James Scholar (1). Edbrooke, Robert Owen, Jr Elmhurst; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of Social Studies; Gregory Drive Residence, House President (2); Student Senate (3); Major 
Committee of Student Senate (3); L.A.S. Council (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day 

(2, 3); Northern Illinois University. Eggebrecht, Russell Ernest Staunton; B.S. in L.A.S. , 

Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 4: Ehrensaft, Daniel Victor Skokie; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Gregory Drive 

Residence; Omega Beta Pi; Honors Day (1); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Eigel, Christopher John Crystal Lake; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi 

Eta Sigma; Chi Gamma Iota; Student Senate (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). 
Eisenmann, Audrey Vivian . . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Bromley. Eisenstein, Mayer 

Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Psychology; Psi Chi; Hillel Executive Council (2, 3); Roosevelt 


Bow :>: Emerson, George Allen, Jr Cincinnati, Ohio; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Campus Chest (1); Junior Interfraternity 

Council (1); NROTC, Lieutenant; Trident (3, 4). Emmerman, Howard Cary Chicago; B.S. 

in L.A.S., Mathematics; Peabody Drive Residence; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; M.R.H.A. 
Judicial Board (2) ; Student Senate (3, 4) ; Folk Song Club (3, 4) ; Honors Day (2). Erskine, Dwight 

Raymond Effingham; B.S. in L.A.S., Biology; Sigma Chi; Northwestern University. Etchison, 

James Clyde Dolton; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Gar-Men; James Scholar (4); Missouri 

Valley College. 

Row 6: Evans, Gael Marie Freeport; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Illinois Street Residence; 

The Daily Illini (1); Illini Union Committee Member (4); Young Republicans Club (4); Honors 

Day (3). Evans, Nancy Caroline Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Alpha 

Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Star Course Manager (1); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); 

L.A.S. Council (3. 4). Factor, Richard David Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Sigma Alpha 

Mu; Omega Beta Pi; Fraternity Life (3). Fagel, Bruce Gary Glencoe; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Zeta Beta Tau; Sachem; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Major Chairman of 
Illini L T nion Committee (2) ; Illini Union Committee Chairman (1); Illini LT n ; n Committee Member 
(1); Student Senate (1,2,3); Major Committee of Student Senate (1,2), Chairman (2) ; Freshman 
Seminar; Fraternity Life (1. 2); L.A.S. Council (1); A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); 
Honors Day (1 ). 

Row 7: Fair, Myron Lee Virgina; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Scott. House President 

(4); Young Republicans Club (3, 4). Fairbanks, Mary Kathleen Lacon; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Campus Chest (1); Honors Day (1). Faust, Patricia Joanna Arling- 
ton Heights; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Alpha Omicron Pi; Shorter Board; Torch; A-Ti-Us; 
The Daily Illini (1. 2, 3, 4). Fay, David Roy Ivesdale; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathe- 
matics; Army ROTC, Major. 

Row 8: Felduan, Lois Harlene Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Speech; Delta 

Phi Epsilon; Zeta Phi Eta; Illini I'nion Committee Member (1, 2); LTniversity Theatre Cast (3); 

University Theatre Crew (3) ; James Scholar (3,4) ; Honors Day (1, 2. 3).Fennell, Mary Susan 

New Salem; A.B. in L.A.S., Finance; Evans; L'niversity Theatre Crew (4); Newman Club (4). 
Ferguson, Njble Bradford . ..Decatur; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Delta Sigma 
Phi; The Daily Illini (1, 2) ; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3) ; Junior Interfraternity Council 
(1); Greek Week Committee (2); A.I.ChE. (1, 2, 3,4); Honors Day (1). Fernlund, Phyllis Elaine 

Mount Prospect; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Kappa Alpha Theta; 

University Theatre Crew (1,2); Star Course Manager (1, 2); University Chorus (1, 2); Oratorio 
Society (2); Young Republicans Club (4). 

Row 9: Findeis, John Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; University Theatre Crew 
(3); German Club (3); North Park College; Northwestern University; Navy Pier Extension of 
the University of Illinois. Fischer, Karen Louise Hillside; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Eng- 
lish; Pi Beta Phi; Star Course Manager (2); Student Musicals (2, 4). Fite, Mary Helen 

Wataga; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Folk Song 

Club (3, 4). Flam, Robert Michael Miami Beach, Florida; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Zeta 

Beta Tau; Illini I'nion Committee Member (2, 3); Campus Chest (2); Junior Interfraternity 
Council (2); Spanish Club (2. 3, 4); Physics Society (3); Young Democrats Club (3); University 
of Florida. 



F — G 

Row 1: Flanagan, Cathleen Coyla Urbana; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Alpha Phi; Pi Delta 

Phi- French Club (3, 4), President (4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Carleton College. 

Flor'eani, Marino David Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. Economics; Delta Sigma Phi; Newman 

Club (12 3 4)- Air Force ROTC, First Lieutenant; Society for the Advancement of Manage- 
ment (4) ; Young Republicans Club (3,4); Model U.N. (2) ; Honors Day (3). Foley Linda Jean 
Anchorage Alaska; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology ; Alpha Lambda Delta; Intramural RidmgC lub (1.2 3); 
James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1. 2). Foote, Ann-Gale Elizabeth ... Downers Grove; A B. 
in L.A.S., Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Women's Glee Club (3, 4); Volunteer Projects (3, 4); 
Ohio Wesleyan University. 

Row 2- Ford Thomas Edward Kirkwood, Missouri; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Alpha Phi Omega. Forker, James Moore Grove City Pennsylvania; 

BS in LAS, Physics; Forbes, House President (2). Frank, Ruby Ann Skokie; B.S. in 

LAS Speech Correction; Illinois Street Residence; Sigma Alpha Eta; Student Senate (3); 
Student National Education Association (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Bradley Urn- 

versitv. Fredricks, Richard William St. Charles; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Tau Omega; 

Illini Union Committee Chairman (2) ; Illini Union Committee Member (2) ; Star Course Manager 
(2); Campus Chest (1); German Club (2). 

Row 3- Fredrickson, Judy Ann Rockford; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Spanish Club (1); Sociology Club (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (1, 2) Freeman Mona 
Lesley . . .Syosset, New York; A.B. in L.A.S.. Sociology; Iota Alpha Pi; University Theatre 

Crew (3); Volunteer Illini Project (3). Freiberg, Judith Ann Joliet; A.B. in L.A.S , Speech; 

Iota Alpha Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (1); University Theatre Manager (2); University 

Theatre Cast (1, 2); University Theatre Crew (1, 3, 4). Friedman, Jane Alice Bayside New 

York; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Florida Avenue Residence; Volunteer Illini Project (3, 4); 
Queens College. 

Row 4- Friedman, Rochelle Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Phi Sigma Sigma; The 

Daily Illini (2); Campus Chest (2, 3); Illigreek (3); Hillel Foundation Executive Council (4); 
Greek Week Committee (3); Young Democrats Club (2); Volunteer Illini Project (4); Navy Pier 

Extension of the University of Illinois. Froehlich, James Gustav Champaign; B.S. in L.A.b., 

Biology Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Omega Beta Pi; University Chorus (D; Mens Glee 

Club (i. 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1,2, 3). Frost, Bene Victoria Chicago; 

B S in L A S , Psychology; Lincoln Avenue Residence; Illini Guide (4) ; Young Democrats Club (4) ; 

Honors Day (2, 3). Galioto, Jean Marten Elmwood Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of 

English; Sigma Kappa; The Illio (1, 2); Greek Week Committee (2, 3). 

Row 5- Geer Robert Mac Decatur; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Triangle; Skull and Crescent; 

Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1); James 
Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (1, 3). Gellman, Jack Randolph . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; 
Illinois Street Residence; University Theatre Cast (3, 4); University Theatre Crew (4); Student 
Musicals (3,4); Navv Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Gershberg, Vicki Joanne .... 
Skokie- A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Illinois Street Residence; Illini Union Committee Member 
(1)- University Theatre Crew (2); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (2); Illini 
Guide (2)- Film Society (3); Folk Song Club (3); French Club (1); Sociology Club (2, 3, 4). Gil- 
lespie, Glenish William Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive Residence. 

Row 6- Giovenco, Donna Jane Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Phi Mu; Junior Pan- 

hellenic (3)- W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3); Illinois Teachers' College. Gish, William Nicholas 

East St. Louis; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive Residence. Glab, Gary Chester 

. .Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History of Art; Phi Kappa Theta; James Scholar (3. 4); Honors 

Day (1); Bogan Junior College; Loyola University. Glosecki, Susanne Springfeld; A.B. 

in L.A.S., French; Pi Beta Phi; Y.M.C.A. (1, 2); Greek Week Committee (2); James Scholar 
(1, 2). 

Row 7: Glover, Susan Nelle Decatur; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Sherwood; 

The Daily Illini (4); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4). Goldberg, Ronald Michael Philadelphia, 

Pennsylvania; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Sigma Alpha Mu; Ma- Wan-Da; Interfraternity Executive 
Council (4); Interfraternity Program Board (3); NROTC; Pennsylvania State University. Gold- 

farb Ann Claire Mobile, Alabama; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Bromley; \ olunteer Illini 

Project (3); Stephens College. Goldfarb, Faye Judith Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of Mathematics; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); James Scholar (3); 
Honors Day (3). 

Row 8: Goldschmidt, Gila Ellen Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. History; Honda Avenue Resi- 
dence; Illini Union Committee Member (1); Illini Guide (2); S.N.C.C. (2) ; Pal Program (2, 3,4). 

Goldsmith, Lucy Joan New York, New York; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Allen; Italian Hub 

(4)- Physical Education Majors Club (3). Gomberg, Barry Alfred Chicago; B.S in 1..-V. ., 

Psychology; Florida Avenue Residence; Illini Guide (4); Honors Day (3) Gonsky, Made me 
Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Van Doren; Psi Chi; French C ub (3); Russian Club (3), 
S.N.C.C. (4); Young Democrats Club (3); Volunteer Illini Project (3); Pal 1 rogram (3); Model 
U.N. (3); Honors Day (3); University of Michigan. 

Row 9- Gordon, James Cuddy Manchester; B.S. in L.A.S., the 'Peaching of Chemistry; 

Peabody Drive Residence; Army ROTC, First Lieutenant; Reserve Officers Association (3, I); 
AICh.E (1); James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 1); Honors Day (3). Gordon, Norman James . 
Park- A B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Praetorians; Delta Sigma Rho, President ; Student Senate 

(2)- Illini Forensic- Association (1.2, 3. 1 1. Gorman. Pamela Clare Chicago; A.B. m L.A.SS., 

Sociology; Illinois Street Residence; Navy Pier Intension of the University of Illinois Gosh- 
garian. Sandra... .Waukegan; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Phi Mu; The DaiU flhiu (1); IUini 

Union Committee N her (2, 3); Campus Chest (3); French Club (1, 2); Spanish ( lub (I, 2). 



G — H 

Row 1: Grannis, Susan Kay Rochester; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Clark; 

Spanish Club (2, 3, 4); French Club (4); Young Republicans Club (2); James Scholar (3); Honors 

Day (3). Grasso, Patrick Gerard Bloomfield, New Jersey; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; 

Illinois Street Residence; Wesley Foundation (3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (3, 4); Honors Day 

(3); MacMurray College. Gray, Julie Anne Hamilton; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Delta 

Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (1. 2); Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Model U.N. (1). Gray, Mary Janette 

Lawrenceville; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Presby, House President U); 

Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3); Plowboy Prom Committee 
(2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 2: Greeley, Donald Allen Aurora; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Illinois Street Residence; 

Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4); First Regimental 
Band (2, 3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1); Wesley Foundation (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 
3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Green, Frank August Peoria; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Cal- 
houn, House President (4); Illini Guide (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (3); Honors Day (2). 
Greenberg, Marsha Carol Springfield; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology and B.S. in L.A.S., Psy- 
chology; Phi Sigma Sigma; W.P.G.U. (1); Junior Panhellenic (1). Greenburg, Robert 

Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the Uni- 
versity of Illinois; Omega Beta Pi. 

Row 3: Greenfield, Richard Marc Evanston; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau. 

Greenstein, Lewis Richard Champaign; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Sachem; 

Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; Junior Interfraternity Council (1), President (1); Inter- 
fraternity Executive Council (2, 3); Interfraternity Program Board (2); Board of Fraternity 
Affairs (2, 3); Major Committee of Student Senate (1); Freshman Seminar (1); Golf (1); Greek 
Week Committee (1); Pin and Paddle Committee (1); Honors Day (1, 3). Groenewold, Gerald 

Henry Forreston; B.S. in L.A.S., Geology; Phi Kappa Psi; Air Force ROTC. Grogan, David 

Thomas. . . Des Plaines; A.B. in L.A.S., Finance; Phi Kappa Psi; I.P.C. Photography Staff 
(2); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Student Senate (4); Illigreek (1); Greek Week Committee 
(3); Pin and Paddle Committee (1); Finance Club (3, 4); James Scholar (1). 

Row 4: Gronlund, Barbara Anne Clinton; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Alpha Chi 

Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Campus Chest (3); Young Republicans Club 

(3); American University. Grubbe, Bonnie Sue Lombard; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Busey; 

Sociology Club (3, 4); Young Republicans Club (1, 2); Volunteer Illini Project (4). Guenzler, 
Janis Louise Freeport; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Alpha Gamma Delta; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1, 2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Student Musicals (1, 2, 3); German Club (2, 3, 4); 

Young Republicans Club (1, 2). Guss, Patricia Helene Wilmette; A.B. in L.A.S., History; 

Alpha Epsilon Phi. 

Row 5: Gustafson, Charles David Morrison; B.S. in L.A.S., Actuarial Science; Theta 

Chi; Ma- Wan-Da; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3, 4); Illini Union 
Committee Member (3); University Chorus (1); Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); 

James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Guzy, Beverly Ann Oak Lawn; B.S. in 

L.A.S., Mathematics; Student Senate (3); Newman Club (4); German Club (3); Bogan Junior 

College. Gyory, Sandra Claire Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; The Mansion. Hackmann, 

Frank Henry Belleville; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Theta Xi; Phi Eta Sigma; The 

Daily Illini (2, 3, 4); Track (1); Cross-Country (l);A.I.Ch.E. (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (I, 2); 
Honors Day (1). 

Row 6: Haertel, Elaine Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Phi; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (1); Young Republicans Club (2, 4); Pal Program (J). Hahn, Stephen 

Metamora; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics. Halpin, Alice Elizabeth Kempton; 

B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Illinois Street Residence. Hancock, Thomas Fred- 
erick Hamilton, Ohio; A.B. in L.A.S., Philosophy ;Tanbrier; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; 

Delta Sigma Omicron; James Scholar (3); Honors Day (3). 

Row 7: Haney, Elizabeth Stoy Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Evans. Hansen, Earl 

Harold Crystal Lake; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Theta Chi; Illini Union Committee Chair- 
man (2); Illini Union Committee Member (3); University Theatre Cast (2); LJniversity Chorus 
(3); Army ROTC, Captain; Air Force ROTC; Young Republicans Club (2); University of Mis- 
sissippi. Harback, Herbert Frank Kankakee; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive 

Residence, House President (3); The Daily Illini (3, 4); Y.M.C.A. (3); Campus Chest (2, 3); 
M.R.H.A. Executive Council (2); M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (2); Student Senate (1); Army ROTC; 

U. of I. Scuba Club (1). Harden, Holly Ann Elmwood Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of French; Sigma Kappa. House President (4); Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3); Campus 
Chest (3, 4); Panhellenic Executive Council (4); Major Committee of Student Senate (1, 2); 
Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (2). 

Row 8: Hargis, Ward Douglas Sullivan; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Acacia; Y.M.C.A. (3). 

Harris, Mary Jean Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Beta House; University Theatre 

Manager (1); University Theatre Crew (1); Film Society (4); Folk Song Club (4); Humanist 
Society (4); Sociology Club (4); Student National Education Association (2); Volunteer Illini 

Project (3, 4). Harrison, Judith Florence Chatham; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Beta House; 

Young Republicans Club (4); Springfield Junior College. Harter, Charles Edward East 

Peoria; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Sigma Chi; Wa-Na-See; Sachem; Omega Beta Pi; Tribe of Illini 
(2, 3, 4); Fencing (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3); Flying Illini (4); 
James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 9: Hatch, Terry Fletcher Champaign; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi 

Kappa Phi; Honors Day (2). Hatfield, Stephen Everett Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Alpha Tau Omega. Hathaway, John Donald, II Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Phi Kappa Tau; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3, 4) ; Illini Union Committee Mem- 
ber (3, 4); Student National Education Association (4); James Scholar (2); Angelo State College. 

Haughton, John Scott Riverside; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma; Young 

Republicans Club (4). 


I — H 

Row 1: Hauser. Robert Joseph Chicago; A B. in L.A.S Economics; Sachem; To "> a ^; ' 

Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate (1, 2, 3); Major Committee of Student Senate (1, 2, 3) James 
Scholar (4) Honors Day (3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. Heeren Mary Beth 
Oak Park BsTnL.A.S.. he Teaching of History; Alpha Gamma Delta; Torch; Alpha Lambda 
Delta I hnfun.on Committee Chairman (2) ; Illini Union Committee Member (1 2); Panhelleme 

Executive Council (2, 3); Angel Flight (2, 3, 4). Hegg.e, Jane Wilmette; A.B in L.A.S 

French Kappa Alpha Theta; Panhellenic Judicial Board (3); Homecoming Queen (3) ; Honors 

Day C 3)- Stephens College. Heiligenstein, John Harrison Freeburg; B.S. in L.A.S., Lo- 

ology-Peabody Drive Residence; L.A.S. Council (2, 3, 4); Folk Song Club (4); Young Democrats 
Club (2); Model U.N. (2); Honors Day (3). 

Row 2: Hemphill, Jeanne Taylor lacksonville; A.B. in L.A.S Anthropology; Gamma 

Phi Beta; Honors Day (3) . Henry. Joanne Mildred Bergenfield New Jersey ;A.B. in L.A.S 

English; Honors Day (3) ; Valparaiso University. Herbeck, Thomas Edward . Westmont A.B. 
in L.A.S., Anthropology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Junior Interfratermty Council C«! H^ IfcyW- 

Herbst, Susan Adell Collinsville; B.S. in L.A.S., Geology; Presby; A-Ti-Us; Un.ver sitj 

Chorus (1); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (.1); A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (4); \oung 
Republicans Club (2, 3, 41; James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 3: Heydanek, Dennis Michael Berwyn; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta, 

Skull and Crescent . Hilbert. Ann Rita Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies, 

Phi Mu; Junior Panhellenic (1); S.N.I.B. (1); Honors Day (1, 2 3) Hill, Lee. j*****- 
in L A S* Finance; Delta Chi; The Daily Illini (1); Junior Interfratermty Council (1), Finance 

Club (2). Hilst, Ronald Paul Mendota; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Engineering 

Council (4); A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4); James Scholar (1, 4). 

Row 4: Hinton, Margo Ann Aurora; A.B. in L.A.S English; Gamma Ph. Beta Alpha 

Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi ; Student Musicals (3); James Scholar (1,2, 3) ; Honors Day (1, 2,3). 

mavatMillicent Mary Hickory Hills; A.B. in L.A.S., Latin; Lincoln Avenue Residence; 

Honors Day (3); Northern Illinois University. Hochberg, Carol Ruth .... Miami Beach, Florida, 
A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Hodsdon Julia Janet. ... .LaGrange Park; A.B. 
in L \ S Sociology; Gamma Phi Bata; The Illio (1, 2); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3). 

Row 5: Hoffman, Denise Ruth Melrose Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social 

Studies; Iota Alpha P.; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; University Theatre (2); Illini 
Guide (3); Honors Day (1. 2, 3). Holmes, Patrice Elaine ... .Toulon; A.B. in LAS., Spanish; 
Kappa Dilta; Tue Daily Illini (1); University Theatre Crew (2); Campus Chest (1, 2), , Illuu 
( luide (3) • Chevron (2,3,4); Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (3) . Holtz, Christine 
Chicago -AB ,n L.AS.. Philosophy Clark; Y.W.C.A. (4); Illini Guide (3); Pal Program 

(2)';' Monmouth College. Home, Sharon Marie Oak Lawn; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; 

Alpha Chi Omega; Star Course Manager (1). 

Row 6- Hoilihan, Cirol Louise Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Kappa Kappa Gamma; 

Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Panhellenic Executive 
Council (3, 4); Panhellenic Executive Coordinating Committee (3, 4); Panhel emc Program 
Board (3. 4) ; Board of Pan'i'llenic Affairs (3. 4) ; Council of Women Students (3, 4) ; Greek Week 
Commits (3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3. 4); Honors Day (3); Miami University o Ohio House, 
Carolyn Ann ... .Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Chi Omega; Alpha Lambda Delta, 
President- The Illio (1) ; James Scholar (1,2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1). Hrynewych, Ulana Maria ..... 
Chica-o- B S. in L.A.S., t'le Teaching of the Biological Sciences and General Science; UramM 
Students Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ; N ivy Pier E fusion of the University of Illinois; 

Student National Education Association (2, 3). Hryszczuk, Olga Rockford; A.B. in L.A.ta., 

English; Illinois Street Residence; German Club (3); Russian Club (4). 

Row 7- Hubbard, Stephen Michael Urbanal A.B. in L.A.S., Latin American Studies; 

Chi Psi Hi', Charles Robert Par'< Ridge; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Gregory Drive 

Residence, House President (2); Freshman Seminar; Illini Guide (2); Young Republicans Club 

(1 2 3 4) Hull Lowell Kent Plainville; B.S. in L.A.S., Political Science; Scott; The Daily 

Illini (4); Illini Forensic Association (3, 4). Hull, Marian Louise Champaign; A.B in L.A.S., 

the Teaching of English; Delta Delta Delta; Torch; University Theatre Crew (1); Junior Pan- 
hellenic (1); Panhellenic Executive Council (3); Panhellenic Program Board (2); Campus Chest 
\ll,, rations and Advisory Board (2, 3); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (3). 

Row 8- Humma, Elizabeth Anne .. .Metropolis; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; 
LincolD Avenue Residence; University of Kentucky. Hunter, Janice Elizabeth. .. Pittsfield; 
B S in L.A.S.. Mathematics; Evans; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (2. 3). Hurt, Nancy 
Jo 1 >ecatur- A B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Alpha Omicron Pi; Omega Beta Pi; The Daily 

[Uirj (2 3); Illini Union Committee Member (1); University Theatre Crew (3); Russian Club 

M i; James Scholar (1, 2). Huss, Robert Charles Assumption; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; 

I lelta Sigma Phi; Qlini Guide (3). 

Row 9: Hutchins, Hartley Frank, Jr Fort Washington Forest, Maryland; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Zoologj Illinois Streel Residence. IHand, Geraldine Grace Worth; U.S. ,., L.A.S.. Mathe- 

„,,,,,. Lincoln Vvenuc Residence; Navj Pier Extensioi ' niversitj .J Illinois. Irwin, Jan 

( .,,„i ' Decatur; A.B, in L.A.S., Philosophy; Van Doren; Freshman Seminar. Irwin, John 
Raymond Belleville; lis ,,, L.A.8., Zoology; Florida Avenue Residence; M.R.H.A. Ex- 

ecutive Council (3, 1); MU M \ Judicial Board f3, 1); Belleville Junior College. 


I — K 

Row 1: Iwanski, Ronald Adam Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Newman; M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (2); Marching Illini (3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1, 2, 
3, 4); Newman Club (4); S.N.C.C. (3); Volunteer Illini Project (2, 3); Honors Day (3); DePaul 

University. Janowski, Beverly Western Springs; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Gamma Phi Beta; 

Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2). Jaskolski, James Allen Peru; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathe- 
matics; Tennis (1); Honors Day (1). Jeanblanc, Janet Ransom Urbana; A.B. in L.A.S., 


Row 2: Jenkins, Harold Burton Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Student Senate (2); Young Democrats 

Club (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Jepson, Alice Ann Elmwood 

Park; B.S. in Recreation; Sigma Kappa; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3); Greek Week 
Committee (2); American Recreational Society (2, 3, 4); Student National Education Associ- 
ation (1). Johanson, Marion Cecelia Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociolgy; Illinois Street 

Residence; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Cheerleader (2) ; University Choir (1). 

Johnson, Douglas Aran Dixon; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; NROTC; 

Navy Counc 1 (3, 4); Trident (3, 4); Pre-Law Club (4); Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Bradley 

Row 3: Johnson, Glenn Carl Park Ridge; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Alpha Chi Rho; Phi 

lEta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Johnson, Nancy 

Jean Des Plaines; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Illinois Street Residence; Alpha Lambda 

Delta; James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1, 2). Johnson, Preston King Belleville; B.S. in 

L.A.S., Political Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Honors Day (2, 3). Jones, Lawrence Lynn 

Arthur; B.S. in L.A.S.. Physics; Phi Kappa Tau; James Scholar (1). 

Row 4: Jones, Patricia .. . Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Jordan, 
David Walker Urbana; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Theta Xi; Phi Eta Sigma; Track, Varsity- 
Squad (2); James Scholar (1, 2. 3, 4). Juhl, Joyce Jean Lincoln; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of English; Alpha Delta Pi; The Illio (1); Volunteer Illini Project (4); Honors Day (3). Kahn, 

Bonny Lee Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Phi Sigma Sigma; Illini Union Committee 

Member (2, 3); Greek Week Committee (2); Drake University. 

Row 5: Kamberos, Peter Gust Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Student Musi- 
cals (1, 2). Kanady, Karen Springfield; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of History; Gamma 

Phi Beta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Theta Sigma Phi; The Illio (1, 2); Young Republicans Club 
(2, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 
Kapchinski, Martin Alfred Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Psi Chi; Intramural Man- 
ager (3); Wright Junior College; Iowa State University. Kaplan, Andrea Gaye Chicago; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Taft; Student National Education Association (3); Honors Day 
(1, 2, 3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Row 6: Kaplan, Barbara Ann Highland Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Busey; 

Young Democrats Club (2); Volunteer Illini Project (3, 4); Beloit College. Katz, Linda Sue 

Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Allen; Illini Union Committee Chair- 
man (4); Illini Guide (4); Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Kaufman, David Mitchell Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Physiology; Tau Delta Phi. Kaufman, 

Neil Harris Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Finance. 

Row 7: Kaye, Stephen Edward Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Flagg. 

House President (3); W.P.G.U. (3); M.R.H.A. Executive Council (5); Illini Guide (3, 4, 5). 

Kehle, Holly Ann Peru; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Van Doren; Newman Club (1, 2, 3. 4). 

Keller, Dianne Elizabeth Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Alpha Xi Delta; 

W.P.G.VJ. (1); University Chorus (2); Cercle Francais (4); LTJniversite de Grenoble. Kelley, 
Jane Clark Evanston; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Kappa Alpha Theta; Illini LTnion Commit- 
tee Member (2); Y.W.C.A. (2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Cheerleader (3); Pompons (1). 

Row 8: Kennedy, William Thomas Lombard; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Chi Psi, Houee 

President (4); Alpha Kappa Psi; Campus Chest (1, 4); Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Inter- 
fraternity Program Board (4); Creek Week Committee (3); Pre-Law Club (4); Young Republicans 

Club (3, 4). Kiepura, 1 heir as Andrew Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Phi Kappa Theta; St. Mary of the Lake Junior College. Kirby, Stephen Homer Arlington. 

Virginia; B.S. in L.A.S.. Ceology; Phi Eta Sigma; Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3. 4); James 
Scholar (3); Honors Day (3) Klein, James Alan . Flossmoor; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; 
Zeta Beta Tau; Alpha Delta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Star Course Manager 
(1); Freshman Seminar (1); Young Republicans club (1). 

Row 9: Kline, William Joe Mohne; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Illinois Street Residence; 

University Theatre Crew (3,4); Film Society (3); Folk Song Club (4). Klinger, Rafael Malin. . . . 
Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Wrestling, Varsity Squad (3, 4); Student Musicals (3). 
Klugman, Mai Stuart Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Junior Inter- 
fraternity Council (1); Wright Junior College. Knowles, Michael Hugh Park Forest; B.S. 

in L.A.S., Mathematics; Phi Kappa Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Soccer, Varsity Squad (4); James Scholar 
(1, 2, 3, 4). 


K— L 

Row 1: Koenig, Jan East St. Louis; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Phi Beta Phi, House 

resident (3); A-Ti-Us; The Illio (1); IUini Union Committee Member (1. 2); Star Course Man- 

ager (1); Junior Panhellenic (1); Panhellenic Executive Council (3); Council of Women Students 
(3)- Student Senate (3); Major Committee of Student Senate (3); Honors Day (3). Koerner, 
Diane Mae .Niles; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Kappa Delta; University Theatre Crew (2); 

Folk Song Club (2); German Club (2, 3); Young Republicans Club (3); Wright Junior College. 

Kohn, Roger Alan Highland Park; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry, Phi Epsilon Pi; Sachem; 

Phi Eta Sigma- Omega Beta Pi; Star Course Manager (1, 2, 3); James Scholar (1, 2. 3); Honors 

Day (1 2). Koopman, Gretchen LaGrange; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Presby; Women's 

Glee Club (4); Oratorio Society (3); German Club (3, 4); Lyons Township Junior College. 

Row 2: Kopytkiewicz, Marianne Bernadine LaSalle; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of 

Mathematics; Illinois Street Residence; Newman Club (3); Volunteer IUini Project (4); LaSalle- 

Peru-Oglesby Junior College. Kordick, Betty Ann Elmwood Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; 

Illinois Street Residence; University Theatre Crew (2, 3); Folk Song Club (2); Sociology Club 
(3 4) -Model U.N. (3, 4); Volunteer IUini Project (3, 4) ; Honors Day (3). Kosberg, Andrea Susan 
. .'. . .St. Louis, Missouri; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Bromley; Campus Chest (2); W.P.G.U. (2); 

Spanish Club (3, 4); University of Missouri. Koski, Charlene Cecelia Chicago Heights; 

A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Leeman Lodge; Alpha Lan.bda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; 
Pi Delta Phi; Lutheran Student Foundation Executive Council (2, 3, 4), President (4); James 
Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 3: Kotwas, Margaret Sue Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; 

Illinois Street Residence; Illini Guide (2). Kramer, Jeffrey Alan Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Psychology; Pi Lambda Phi; Omega Beta Pi; Psi Chi; Junior Interfraternity Council (1). Knlcich, 
Georgian! ' . . Cicero; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of German; Illinois Street Residence; New. 
man Club (4); German Club (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (4); Morton Junior College. 

Kroichick, Joan Skokie; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Delta Phi Epsilon; University Theatre 

Crew (2); Campus Chest (2); Greek Week Committee (2). 

Row 4- Kruger Richard Kermit Fairfield; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Gregory Drive Resi- 
dence, President (3, 4); M.R.H.A. Executive Council (4); Illini Guide (4). Krzyzek, Mary Jane 
Arlington; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Illinois Street Residence; James Scholar 

(1) Kuhrtz, Jacqueline Chester; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Delta Pi; The Illio (1); 

Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3); University Theatre Crew (1, 2); Campus Chest (1, 2). 
Kuiken, Richard Alfred Memphis, Tennessee; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Triangle. 

Row 5: Kumlin, Carol Susan Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Van Doren; Uni- 
versity Choir (2, 3) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Kuntz, Robert Wayne .... 
Park Ridge; A.B. in L.A.S., Latin American Studies; Phi Kappa Tau; Junior Interfraternity 
Council (2);'Model U.N. (3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Spanish Club 

(1, 2). Kupelian, Lena Ohannes Beirut. Lebanon; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Lincoln Avenue 

Residence; Pi Delta Phi; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Kuper, Christine 
Maria... .'.Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Delta Zeta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Delta Phi; 
The Daily Illini (1); Freshman Seminar; Greek Week Committee (2); French Club (3, 4); Young 
Republicans Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 6- Kurtz, Shirley Urbana; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Delta 

Zeta- Illini Union Committee Member (2); Campus Chest (2. 3). Kwinn, David Carl Chicago; 

A B. in L.A.S., English; Florida Avenue Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; James 

Scholar (1,2, 3. 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Lacey, Margaret Mae Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S.; the 

Teaching of Spanish; Clark House; Illini Guide (3); Spanish Club (1, 3, 4); Honors Day (2). 

Lambesis, Ann Barbara Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of the Biological Sciences and 

General Science; Kappa Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (2); W.P.G.U. (1). 

Row 7- Lampos, Jefferey John Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Peabody Drive 

Residence- Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Wrestling (1, 2. 31. Varsity Squad 
(2 3)- Second Regimental Band (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University 
of Illinois Scholarship Key. Landes, Sharon Lynn. . Paris; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Zeta Tau 
Alpha- Illini Union Committee Member (3. 4); Campus Chest (2); University Chorus (2); Illini 
Guide (4)- French Club (2, 3). Landfield, Judith . Waukegan; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Cor- 
rection- Evans; Sigma Alpha Eta; Illini Guide (2); Young Democrats Club (2, 3. 4). Langdon, 

Suzanne Algonquin; A.B. in L.A.S.. Political Science; Allen; Pi Sigma Alpha; German 

Club (2); Honors Day (4); Northern Illinois University. 

Row 8: Larrimore, Mary Ellen .. . .Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French; Zeta 
Tau Alpha- Alpha Lambda Delta; Newman Club (2, 3); Folk Song Club (1. 2); Student National 
Education Association (2, 3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (3); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day 

(1 2 3)- Universite Laval. Larson, Carol Jean Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the leaching of- 

Spanish- Alpha CI. i Omega; Torch; A-Ti-Us; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta P.; Star Course 
Manager (1, 2); James Scholar (3). Lasky, Suzanne Lee ,. St. Louis, Missouri; B.S. in L.A.S., 
Psychology; Delta Phi Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Member (2); Campus Chest (2); Greek 

Week Committee (3). Lawrence, Nancy Louise Park Forest; A.B. m L.A.S., the leaching 

of English; Lincoln Avenue Residence. 

How 9- Lawson, Sondra Yvonne Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. French; Alpha Kappa Alpha, 

House President (1); llluu Guide (2); N.A.A.C.P, il); Volunteer Illini Project (3. n. Lazar, 
Philip Richard . . .Newport, Rhode Island; U.S. ,n L.A.S.,; Theta CI... Lazarovitz, 
Sandra Esther Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaohing of English; Sigma Delta Tau. Learner, 

Sharlene Jaclyn .Skokie; A.B. m L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Taft; 111.... Guide (2. 3). 


L — M 

Row l: Lebow, Joanne Highland Park; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Illinois Street Residence. 

Lee, Graham James Silvis; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Kappa Sigma; Fraternity Life (2). 

Lee, Sandra Jeanne Mount Prospect; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Bromley; Omega Beta Pi; 

Student Musicals (3); Newman Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Angel Flight (3, 4); Young Republicans Club 

(2. 3); Occidental College. Legare, Linda Mary Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Kappa 

Delta; Mask and Bauble; Illini Union Committee Member (1); University Theatre Manager 
(2, 3, 4); University Theatre Cast (1); University Theatre Crew (1); University Choir (1). 

Row 2: Leisch, Kenneth Paul Danville; A.B. in L.A.S . English; Gregory Drive Resi- 
dence; Danville Junior College. Lennett, Stuart Queens, New York; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Zeta Psi; Student Senate (4); Young Democrats Club (3); City College of New York. 

Lerner, Marva Jerry Park Forest; B.S. in L.A.S.. Psychology; Illinois Street Residence; 

University Theatre Crew (3); Honors Day (1); Rice University. Levay, Judith Ilene Chicago: 

A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Indeco; University Theatre Crew (1); Campus Chest 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (2); Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 3: Levy, Howard Mitchell Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S. , Political Science; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence. Levy, Malvina Carol Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Delta 

Phi Epsilon; Sigma Alpha Eta; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Lindstrom, 

Jon Martin Rock Island; B.S. in L.A.S., Biology; Fourth Street Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; 

Second Regimental Band (4); Film Society (3); James Scholar (4); Honors Day (3). Lingle, 

Stephen Allen Metropolis; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Campus View Lodge; 

A.I.Ch.E. (4); Southern Illinois University. 

Row 4: Linstromberg, Janis Lee lacksonville; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; 

Kappa Delta; W.P.G.U. (2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1, 2). Lipe, Janet Rush/.. . .Chester; 
B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Alpha Delta Pi, House President (4) ; Mortar Board; 
Torch; The Illio (2, 3); Illini Union Committee Member (2): Honors Dav (3). Lipman, Nancy 

Gail Highland Park; A.B. in L.A.S.. History; Illinois Street Residence ; Volunteer Illini Project 

(3, 4); Ohio State University. Lisagor, Philip Gary Elgin; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Zeta 

Beta Tau; Sachem; Omega Beta Pi; The Dai Illini (3); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1); 
Illini Union Committee Member (1); Star Course Manager (1); Campus Chest (1, 2); Student 
Senate (1, 2, 3, 4); Major Committee of Student Senate (3); Student Musicals (2); S.C.O.P.E. 
(2, 3); Young Republicans Club (4); Honors Day (3). 

Row 5: Littke, Marika Martha Decatur; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi; 

Torch; The Illio (1); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2, 3). Loewenstein, Kay Bathe 

Ashton; B.S. in L.A.S., Botany; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Honors Day (3); University 

of Wisconsin; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Logan, John Landiss Mt. 

Vernon; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Omega Beta Pi; The Illio (1, 2, 3, 4), 
Associate Editor (4); Marching Illini (1, 2); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); Fraternity Life 

(1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4). Lucheon, Carol Ann Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; 

Kappa Delta; Newman Club (1); Greek Week Committee (2). 

Row 6: Luecke, Beverly Dennison Sheldon; A.B. in L.A.S.. the Teaching of English; Uni- 
versity of Illinois Medical Center. Leung, Annie Chee-Hang Hong Kong. China; B.S. in 

L.A.S., Microbiology; Beta House; Illini Chinese Christian Fellowship Foundation (3, 4); Chinese 

Students Club (3, 4); Cottey College. Ludwig, Ellsworth Emil Lockport; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Zoology; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1, 2). Lundin, 

Sylvia Louise loliet; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Alpha Gamma Delta; Angel 

Flight (3. 4); Dolphin Queen (3); Joliet Junior College. 

Row 7: Luskin, Carol Rosalie Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Lincoln Avenue Residence; Honors Day (2); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

Luskin, Fern Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. English; Evans; Alpha Lambda Delta; Student 

National Education Association (4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2. 3); Navy Pier 

Extension of the University of Illinois. Lyle, Prudence Jane Peoria; A.B. in L.A.S., Rhetoric 

and Composition; Clark; Y.W.C.A. (2, 3); Campus Chest (1). Mabus, Karen Joy Belleville; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Delta House; Honors Day (1). 

Row 8: MacDonald, Jean Ruth LaGrange; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Alpha Gamma 

Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Delta Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Illini Union Committee Member 
(3); University Choir (2, 3); Women's Glee Club (1, 4); Oratorio Society (1); James Scholar 

(1,2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1,2,3). Macke, Katharine Joy Kirkland; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; 

Illinois Street Residence; Northern Illinois University. Madden, Ian Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Chemistry; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Omega Beta Pi; James Scholar (1). Madeley, Janet 

Kathleen Des Plaines; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Sigma Kappa; The Daily Illini (1); 

University Theatre Crew (1). 

Row 9. Mages, Linda Floranne Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; University Chorus (2); Sociology Club (3. 4); Volunteer Illini Project (3.4). Magged, Alexis 

J°y Lincolnwood; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Sigma Delta Tau. Maggio, Frank Allan 

Elmwood Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Delta Sigma Phi; Omega Beta Pi; Campus Chest 
(.2, 3. 4) ; Newman Foundation Executive Council (2, 3) ; Anthropology Club (1,2,3.4); Volunteer 

Illini Project (4). Maitz, Richard John Granite City; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Peabody 

Drive Residence. 



»„ • r.i • dc ;. I AS Psychology; Taft; Orchesis 

Row 1: Malkowski, Jeanne Mane Chicago; B.&. in L.A.&., rsjc nom . , 

ation (4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illino* Mandel Rene. £ll 

A B in L A.S. English; Van Doren; Young Democrats Club (2, 4 . Mamie i j 
Canton; B.S. in L.A.S. Chemical Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Ph, Eta Sigma, Tau 
Beta Pi; W.P.G.U. (2. 3); Concert Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Marching Ilhni (1. -. 3, 4) , A.i.ui.r-. w, 
James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

... „ ns ■ i is Oeolo»v \cacia; Illini Union Committee 

Row 2: Mari, David Lee . .Peoria; B.S. mLi^ < e olog , . Qrov 

Member (1); Star Course Manager ( );Ho^ D» ^ ) Marsden a ^ a 

A B. in L.A.S.. Economics; Evans Scholars, Pin *Aa Sigma, mi T !,„ oa Scholar (2 3V 

in L.A.S., Sociology; Illinois Street Residence. 

Row 3: Mathieson, Bonnie Lindenmier Weal - Brooklyn; ^J^^^S 

House- Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2), i.M.L.A. (.-. o. ii, v™ 

Forensic Association (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Wartburg College. 

SSKS -r^^'^D^'inMc^rmS"^^;^^ 

Club (4 Honors Day (3); Marquette University. McCreary, Mary Pa ncia Decatur; A.B 

M ' S™ v- Preshy; McKinlev Foundation (2. 3. 4) ; Sociology Club (3 ; Hanover Co lege. 
McCr*efgM Robert William .. .East Moline; A.B.inL.A.S.. PoliticalScience;LambdaCh, Alpha; 
nUmUnTon ComSe Chairman (3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3); Young Re- 
publicans Club (4). 

Row 5: McGnire,, Jr Rockford; A B. in L A S ^^J^^^yK 

Residence House President (3); The Daily Ill.m (1); ROTC Band (1); S.C.O.P.E. (2) Young 
Democrat Club (2); James Scholar (2. 3). McKenzie Carolyn Fay ^ha^gn^B.S. in 

n^ttfn'Sf SS^£SK T'h^MiS S Jean 
Peoriaf^. in L.A.S.. the Teaching of French; Illinois Street Residence; University Chorus 
(2); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (3). 

Row 6: Meehan, Patrick Michael Evergreen Park; A.B. in L.A.S History; DeHa ^Tau 

Delta, House President (4). Mehaffey, Adelle Jeanne. . . -Urbana; A B in L.A.S English, 
Town and Area Club (1, 2. 3. 4); Honors Day (3). Me.ster David Michael Chicag£ B.S. 

in L A S Psychology; Pin Epsilon Pi; Intramural Manager (3); Pre-Law Club (3) Mekkelson 
Carol Ann Normal; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Beta 

Kappa The Daily 2); The (2, ; Illini Union Committee Member (3 h University Theatre 
Crew (2,3,4); Greek Week Committee (3) ; Young Republicans Club (2,3,4); Honors Day (1 , 2, 3) , 
University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Row 7: Mendiones.Ruperto Dilworth . Urbana; B.S. in L.AS., Physiology ; Phi. Eta Siisma. 
Flying Illini (3, 4,; Folk Song Club (1); James Scholar (12 3) Honors Day (1, 2). Merkel Joel 
Victor O'Fallon; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Delta Sigma Phi House Prudent (4). 

Merris William Dale, Jr Bluffs; A.B. in L.A.S., Philosophy; James Scholar ( , 2 3). Mersch 

Edna Marie LaSalle; B.S. in L.A.S.. Mathematics; Newman Club (3,4); LaSalle-Peru-Oglesby 

Junior College. 

Row 8: Meyer, Linda Anne ... .Springfield; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Alpha 
Phi| Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Union Co- 

il Committee Member (2); Campus Chest 
n7'lVir^e« «V;7^h auhTL;,:*;: Meyers, Alan. ...Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S English; 
.. phi Beta Kappa; Ja a Scholar (2); Honors Day (2); Navy 

Praetorians; Phi Kappa Phi; flu Beta Kappa; James Dn »"w ; *7" s "■"> 

Extension of the University of Illinois; French Club (2). M.chalcik Joan B 

in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition; Clark. Middleton, Char'-- 

rles Hollis. 


. _. rookfield; A.B. 
Urbana; A.B. in 

in L.A.S., Rhetoric and uomposiuon; ^lar*. «x. uu .eion, tnarie. n U u». .. . . v . u» », -■■-• •■ 
L.A.S.. History ; 1 >elta Tau I vita; Ma-Wan-Da; Sachem; Tribe of Illini (4); Baseball (1); Basket 
ball Manager (1, 2. 3, li; Senior Basketball Manager (4). 

Row 9; Mikell.Idene Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Delta Phi Epsilon; Campus Chest 

flV [lliirreek (2)- Greek Week Committee (3); International Fair (2), Millar, Jerry William 

Grawille' \ B in L.A.S., the Teaching of S ch; Acana; Mask and Bauble; University rheatre 

,-,' Jt ,' 3 i). , niversitj Theatre Crew (1, 2) ; James Scholai (1, 2, 3, h Miller, Jacqueline 

Susan "' Chici L.A.S., Englishman Doren; The Daily Illini (4); Young Democrats 

Club U) Mill-., Steven Louis . Deerfield; B.S. ,„ L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; rriangle, 
House President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Sigma Tau; Tau Bets Pi; Phi Lambda i psilon; Star < ourse 

",;„,;,.,, (i).Jui Interfn C \ LCh.E (2,3, I);I.S.P.E (3);Ja a Scholar 

CI, 2, 3, 1i; Honora Da; (1, 2, 3) 


M — N 

Row 1; Milton, Michael Steven Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Praetorians; Second 

Regimental Band (1); French Club (2). Minkus, Robert Jay Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; 

Phi Epsilon Pi; Interfraternity Program Board (3) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (2, 3) ; 

Cornell University. Mitchell, Beverly Mae Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Illinois Street 

Residence; Newman Club (3) ; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; James Scholar (1). 

Moake, Rebecca Ellen Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa 

Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Delta Phi Alpha; Illini Union Board Director (4); Major Chairman of 
Illini Union Committee 14); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3, 4); Y.W.C.A. (2, 3, 4); L.A.S. 
Council (2. 3. 4); A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (1, 2, 3, 4); German Club (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 2: Moeller, Stephen Fredrick Elgin; A.B. in L.A.S. , Political Science; Alpha Sigma 

Phi; Pi Sigma Alpha; Illini Union Committee Member (4) ; Student Senate (3) ; Young Democrats 

Club (2); Honors Day (2, 3). Moir, Melody Lynn Sudbury, Massachusetts; A.B. in L.A.S., 

History; Clark; Oratorio Society (3, 4); Student Musicals (4); Russian Club (3, 4); Catawba 

College. Montaleone, Tanya Marie Rockford; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Sigma 

Alpha Eta; Zeta Phi Eta; Y.W.C.A. (1, 2); Chevron (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day 

(2, 3). Mool, Sue Ellen Joliet; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Florida Avenue Residence; Illini 

Guide (2, 3). 

Row 3: Moore, Tonna Marian Tolono; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Pi Beta Phi. Moorman, 

William Albert Hinsdale; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Peabody Drive Residence; Illini Sports- 
man's Club (3); Soccer Club (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors Day (1). Moreland, Tim Ed- 
ward, Jr Hillsboro; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Gregory Drive Residence; 

Tomahawk; Men's Glee Club (1, 2, 3); Young Democrats Club (1). Morgan, Burton Mark 

Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., Historx ; Illinois Street Residence; Navy Pier Extension of the University 
of Illinois. 

Row 4: Morgan, Sally Joyce Berkeley; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Vanlig. Morrison, Robert 

Victor Danville; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Gregory Drive Residence; Men's Glee Club (3, 4); 

French Club (4); Honors Day (3); Danville Junior College. Moskowitz, Davida Anne Wil- 

mette; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Star Course Manager (1); Young Democrats 

Club(2, 3). Moy, Anita Yim Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Allen; Chinese Students Club 

(1, 2, 3). 

Row 5: Mueller, Jan Robert Peoria; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Gregory Drive Resi- 
dence; Army ROTC, Second Lieutenant. Mugg, Marsha Jean LaGrange Park; A.B. in L.A.S., 

Spanish ; Kappa Kappa Gamma; A-Ti-Us; Alpha Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee Chairman 

(2); Star Course Manager (1,2); Honors Day (1,3); University of Madrid. Mugg, Mary Jane 

LaGrange Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Kappa Kappa Gamma; University of 

Madrid. Mulberry, Vicky Joy Mt. Auburn; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Alpha Phi; Alpha 

Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (2); 
Chevron (1, 2, 3, 4), Commander (4); Young Republicans Club (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 6: Mullen, James Michael . . . .Sterling; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Phi Sigma Kappa; Saint 

Joseph College. Murtaugh, Christopher David Springfield, Pennsylvania; A.B. in L.A.S., 

History; Tau Kappa Epsilon, House President (4); Major Chairman of Illini LTnion Committee 
(3); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Honors Day (3). Nakamura, Gail Margaret High- 
land Park; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Illinois Street Residence; Newman Club (1). Narney, John 

Kenneth Aurora; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; NROTC, Ensign; Navy Council (3); Sextant 

(1, 2); Trident (3, 4). 

Row 7: Nefzger, David Floyd Brookfield; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Delta Sigma 

Phi, House President (3); Skull and Crescent; The Daily Illini (1); Gamma Delta (1, 4); Illini 
Guide (2); Air Force ROTC, First Lieutenant; German Club (2, 3); Society for the Advance- 
ment of Management (4); Young Republicans Club (4); Model U.N. (2). Nelson, Betty Jane 

Mundelein; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Alpha Phi; Pi Delta Phi; The Illio (2); James Scholar (1, 4). 

Nelson, Lawrence Edward West Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Alpha 

Kappa Lambda; Illini Union Committee Member (3); M.I.A. Executive Council (2). Nelson, 
Mark Irvin. .. , Fisher; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Illinois Street Residence; Psi Chi; Folk 
Song Club (2); Rifle and Pistol Club (2); Honors Day (3). 

Row 8: Nelson, Robert Ross . . Brookfield; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Alpha Tau Omega; 
Sachem; Campus Chest (1); Intramural Manager (2, 3); IM Rec Board (3); NROTC, Lieutenant; 

Navy Council (1, 2, 3, 4); Trident (4); Soccer Club (1, 2, 3). Nemecek, Jeannette Adeline 

LaGrange Park; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Bromley; Omega Beta Pi; Illini LTnion Committee 
Member (1); I.P.C. Photography Staff (3); University Theatre Crew (2, 3); Student Senate 

(2, 3); Honors Day (3). Nesewich, Gerald Walter Evergreen Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science; Illinois Street Residence; Young Republicans Club (2); Navy Pier Extension of the 

University of Illinois. Neufeld, Holly Ann Ottawa; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Sigma Delta 

Tau; Sigma Delta Pi; French Club (3,4); Spanish Club (3,4, Honors Day (3); University of 
Miami; University of Colorado. 

Row 9: Nilsson, Joel VanDerveer Wilmette; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Sigma 

Chi; Sachem; Skull and Crescent; Student Senate (1); Freshman Seminar; Baseball (1). Nixon, 

Susan Gay Morton Grove; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Evans; Angel Fl-'ght (3); Washington 

University. Norby, William Harold Riverdale; B.S. in L.A.S., Statistics; Alpha Sigma Phi, 

House President (4); Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Interfraternity Executive Council (3, 4); 
Illini Guide (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3), Honors Day (1, 2, 3) ;University of Illinois Scholarship 
Key. Norton, Jill Scott . Clnllicothe; A.B. in L. > .S., the Teaching of English; Busey; Y.W.C.A. 
(1, 2); Campus Chest (1); Illini Guide (2, 3); Homecoming Court (3). 


O — P 

Row 1- Oderio, Janet McDonald Oak Lawn; B.S. in L.A.S.. Finance; Florida Avenue 

Residence- Navy Pier Intension of the University of Illinois. Ogren, Gail Barbara Wlieaton; 

A B in LA S "English; Evans; Wheaton College. Oguschewitz, Raechel Marilyn Spring- 
field; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Taft; W.P.G.U. (2); Student Musicals (1). O'Hare, John . . . 
Park' Ridge- A B. in L.A.S.. Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigma; The Daily 
Illini (4) ; Student. Senate (2); Major Committee of Student Senate (2); Trihe of Illini (4); Gym- 
nastics (1,2). Varsity Squad (2), Letter (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

Row 2: O'Hern, Mary Kathleen Peoria; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta. 

Olderman, Richard Alan . Fairfield, Connecticut; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Sigma Chi; Phi 
Eta Sigma- The I >aily Illini (3) ; Illigreek (3) ; Student Musicals (2) ; Dolphins (2, 3) ; James Scholar 
( 1 2 3 4)'- Honors Day (1. 2, 3). Oltman, John Ray Mount Olive; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathe- 
matics; Four Columns; James Scholar (3, 4) ; Honors Day (1. 2. 3). Oravec, Ellen Andrea. 
Chicago- B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee 
Member (1); Star Course Manager (1); Student Musicals (2); Creek Week Committee (1. 2); 
Chevron (2, 3, 4). 

Row 3: Orlinsky, Peter Evan .. Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Bromley; Fresh- 
man Seminar; Model U.N. (3). Ortega, Emilio Alejandro . Havana. Cuba; A.B. in L.A.S., Polit- 
ical Science; Cuban Students Club (2, 3, 4); Association of International Students (4); Honors 
Day (3) Oscherwitz, Elaine . Duncan, Oklahoma; B.S. in L.A.S., Microbiology; Van Doren; 
Alpha Lambda Delta; American Chemical Society (1, 2); Oklahoma University. Owen, Bruce 
Gebhart .. Decatur; A.B. in L.A.S.. History; Lambda Chi Alpha; James Scholar (3); North- 
western University. 

Row 4- Owens, Mary Elizabeth . Waukegan; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Kappa Delta, House 
President (4)- Illini Union Committee Chairman (2, 3, 4); Illini Union Committee Member (1); 
Student Musicals (1,2); Terrapin ( 1 ) ; James Scholar (1,4); Honors Day (1 ) . Padgett, Patricia Jean 
Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; The Illio (3); 
Anthropology' Chib (1, 2, 3, 4); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Palmer, Carol 
Anne Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S.. Russian; Europa House; Alpha Lambda Delta; The Daily 

Illini (1); The Illio '2, 3, 4) ; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2) ; University Theatre Cast (1); 
Orchesis (1)- Christian Science Organization (4); Folk Song Club (1, 2, 3); Russian Club (1, 2. 

3 4)- James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1. 2, 3). Parkay, Chandler Booth Highland 

Park- A.B. in L.A.S.. Speech; Alpha Gamma Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Second 
Regimental Band (2, 3, 4). 

Row 5- Parrillo, Marianne Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Illinois Street Residence; 

Newman Club (1, 2); L.A.S. Council (4); St. Pafs Ball Committee (2); Spanish Club (2); Pre- 
Law Club (4) ; Young Democrats Club (2, 3,4); Honors Day (3) . Paskiet, Clareann Gladys. .... 
Oak Lawn; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Speech; Illinois Street Residence; University Theatre 

Crew (12 3 4)- Illini Guide (2, 3). Pass, Barry Morton Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., Political 

Science-Campus Chest (3, 4); Pre-Law Club (3, 4); Young Democrats Club (4); Navy Pier Ex- 
tension of the University of Illinois. Patterson, Nancy . Elmhurst; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teach- 
ing of Social Studies; Chi Omega; A.F.S. (1); Italian Club (3, 4). 

Row- 6- Paulsgrove, John David Gilson; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Chi Psi- Intramural Manager (2, 3, 4); Illigreek (2) ; Greek Week Committee (2); IM Rec Board 

(3)- Army ROTC, Major. Payne, Evelyn Carol Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. English; Leeman 

Lodge; Illini Readers (3. 4); Honors Day (3); Wheaton College. Payne, Mary Beth Sharer . . 
Olney B S in L A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Alpha Lambda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi 
Mu Epsilon; Women's Glee Club (2, 3); Oratorio Society (1); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (1 2 3) Peiser, Judith Louise .. Memphis, Tennessee; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Alpha 
Epsilon' Phi- A-Ti-Us, President; University Theatre Crew (1); Panhellenic Executive Council 
(2, 3. 4); Panhellenic Executive Coordinating Committee (2, 3, 4); Fraternity Life (2, 3). Editor 
(3); Greek Week Committee (2). 

Row 7- Pennington, Paulette . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. English; Lincoln Avenue Resi- 
dence; University Theatre Cast (3); N.A.A.C.P. (1, 2); S.N.C.C. (2 3); C.O.R.E. (3); Honors 

Dav (12 3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. Percy, James Stuart V\ estern 

Springs; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; A.I.Ch.E, (4); James Scholar 
(1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Dav (1, 3); Lyons Township Junior College. Perry, Nancy Beth . (.ore- 
ville- B S in L A.S. the Teaching of Mathematics; Stratford, House President (4); Baptist Foun- 
dation Executive Council (3); Illini Guide (3). Pestien, Victor Charles, Jr.. .... Lombard; B.S, 

in L.A.S., Mathematics; Peabody Drive Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; Student Senate (2. 3. 4); 
Major Committee of Student Senate (2, 3, 4); Young Republicans Club (2. 3, 4); Honors DaJ 
(1, 2, 3). 

Row 8- Petersen, John Wesley Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Finance; Alpha Tau Omega; 

Student Musicals (3); Dolphins (1, 2, 3); Arnold Air Society (2); A. LA. (1, 2); Finance < lub 
(3 4)- Portuguese Club (2); Young Republicans Club (2). Peterson, Gayle Virginia ( laren- 

do'n Hills- \B in L.A.S.. Political Science; Lincoln Avenue Residence; The Illio (2); I n.vcrsiU 
Theatre Crew (1 2). Peterson, Karen Irene. .. Waukegan; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of 
Social Studies; Delta Gamma; The Illio (2); Illini Union Committee Member (2 3); ( heyrorj 
(2)- Honors Dav (2); Miami University. Pfeffer, Louise Delia. Champaign; U.S. in 1>.A.>.. 

the' Teaching of' Mathematics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Illini Union Committee Member (1); I niversitj 
Choir (1); Women's Glee Club (2. 3, I). 

Row <): Phelps, Keith Richard . Elburn; A.B. in L.A.S., Political S.-ie.,,-.-; Alpha Kappa 
Lambda; Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Y.M.C.A. (3. 4); Arrnj Kim . 

Captain- Pershing Rifles (1, 2, 3. II; ,1a s Scholar (1 ) ; Honors Day (1), Pietrangeh. Joan Maria 

Kenosha, Wisconsin; B.S. ... L.A.S., Microbiology: Allen; Illini c„.de 2, 3). Plassmeyer, 
Craig Edward. Evanston; \.l». ... L.A.S., Chemistry; Hendrick House; Young Republicans 
Club (3)- University of Calif ornia a1 Berkeley. Plucinski, Jack Albert Harvej ; B.b.ra i ..a . .. 

Chemistry; Theta Xi; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Armj ROTC, Second Lie. en. 
Phalanx (4) ; James Scholar (2,3); Honors Daj ('-'). 


P— R 

Row 1: Pohlman, Gail Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence. 

Pohlman, Patricia Lynn . Barrington; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Delta 

Delta Delta, House President (4); Torch; Campus Chest (2). Pond, Gerald Douglas Urbana; 

B.S. in L.A.S.. Psychology; Pi Lambda Phi; Phi Eta Sigma; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (3). Pope, Jon Lee Beardstown; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Alpha Phi Omega. 

Row 2: Porter, Stephen Davis Urbana; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry and A.B. in LAS.. 
Economics; Delta Delta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee 
Member (2); Young Republicans Club (2, 3, 4); Vanderbilt University. Powe, Edward Lindsey 
Canton, Ohio; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Kappa Alpha Psi, House President (3); Omega Beta Pi; 
Y.M.C.A. (3); American Chemical Society (2); N.A.A.C.P. (1, 3); Sociology Club (2); Navy 
Pier Extension of the L : niversity of Illinois; Basketball (1, 2); Track (1, 2). Powley, Sherry Lynn 
East Peoria; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Leeman; Pi Delta Phi; French Club (4); Youns: Re- 
publicans Club (4); Volunteer Illini Project (3. 4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (3); Mac- 
Murray College. Prawl, Susan Kay McHenry; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Delta Zeta, House 

President (4); A-Ti-Us; Mask and Bauble; University Theatre Manager (2, 3) ; University Theatre 
Cast (1); University Theatre Crew (1, 2, 3, 4); Junior Panhellenic (1). 

Row 3: Prince, Sue Ann Dixon; A.B. in L.A.S., French; Alpha Lambda Delta; James 

Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Paris. Psotto, John Michael Hicks- 

ville, New York; A.B. in L.A.S., History; NROTC, Company Commander; Navy Council (2, 4); 

Sextant (2). Radtke, Lawrence Robert Chicago; B.S. in L. A. S., Zoology; M.R.H. A. Executive 

Council (2, 3); M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (2); Newman Club (1); Air Force ROTC. Randies, 

Joanne Kaye loliet; B.S. in L. A. S., the Teaching of English; Delta Gamma; Major Chairman 

of Illini Union Committee (4); Illini Union Committee Member (2); Military Sponsor (4); Angel 
Flight (2, 3, 4); Student National Education Association (2); James Scholar (4); Honors Day 
(3); DePauw University. 

Row 4: Rawles, Edward Hugh Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Phi Delta Theta. 

Ray, Allen Leonard . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Phi Omega; Hillel Foundation 
Executive Council (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 
Ray, Elizabeth Lee Wheaton; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; 

W.P.G.U. (1, 2). Rhea, Sally Jo... . .Mt. Morris; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Philea; University 
Theatre Crew (2). 

Row 5: Rhea, Timothy Dickson . Galesburg; A.B. in L.A.S.. History; Gregory Drive Resi- 
dence; James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3); Knox College. Rhine, Nancy Elnora . . .Palos 
Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Illinois Street Residence; Shorter Board; Torch; 
Illini Union Committee Member (2); University Theatre Crew (1); Wesley Foundation Student 

Council (4); James Scholar (1, 2. 3. 4). Rich, Dorothea Eleanor Lincoln; B.S. in L.A.S., 

the Teaching of the Biolujical Sciences and General Science; Taft; Alpha Lambda Delta; Honors 

Day (1). Riedel, Marcia Jane Lombard; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; 

Delta Gamma; Alpha Lambda Delta; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Star Course Manager 
(2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3.4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 6: Ripplinger, George Raymond, Jr East St. Louis; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; 

Alpha Phi Omega; Student Senate (2, 3); Major Committee of Student Senate (2, 3); A. I. I.E., 

A.I.S. (2); Young Democrats Club (1, 2). Risberg, Carl Edward Lansing; A.B. in L.A.S., 

History; Theta Xi. Roberts, Geraldine Gifford; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Honors Day (3). 

Roberts, John Carl Wheaton; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; 

Marching Illini (2); First Regimental Band (2); Second Regimental Band (1); Flying Illini (1, 2, 
3, 4); Glider Club (4). 

Row 7; Robertson, Janet Louise Decatur; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Kappa Kappa Gamma. 

Robey, Nancy Judine Palatine; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma 

Alpha Eta; Zeta Phi Eta; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (1); Angel 

Flight (1, 2, 3, 4). Rodda, Dorinda Ray Villa Park; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Florida Avenue 

Residence; W.P.G.U. (1); Illini Guide (2, 3); Chevron (2, 3, 4). Rodriguez, Julia Rita Chicago; 

A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; University of Florida. 

Row 8: Roer, Inez Lee Muskegon, Michigan; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Sociology Club 

(3); Hackley School of Nursing; South Illinois University. Roeske, Allison Lee Des Plaines; 

B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Illinois Street Residence; Omega Beta Pi; Cornell College. Roger, Anne 

Louise Lacon; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Illinois Street Residence; 

Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar (1, 2); Honors Day (1). Rogers, Donald Alan Denver, 

Colorado; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Washington University. 

Row 9: Rohlf, Phyllis Wall Lexington, Kentucky; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Gamma 

Delta; Phi Alpha Theta; Christian Student Fellowship (4); University of Kentucky. Rohse, Bette 

Ann LaGrange; A.B. in L.A.S., English; State University of Iowa; Lyons Township Junior 

College. Roschke, Barbara Ann Collinsville ; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Alpha Chi Omega; 

Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (1, 2); Illini 
Union Committee Member (1); Pompons (1); Gamma Delta (2); James Scholar (1, 2). Rosen, 

Laurence Howard Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Illinois Street Residence; The Daily Illini 



R— S 

Row 1 : Rosenberg, Susan. . .Chicago; A.B. in LAS., History ; Phi Sigma .««'".^ "lmi Umon 
Committee Member (1,2); CampusChest (1) ; W P.G.I . ( 1 . : Jumoi Pan .el emc W^jrd of Pan 
t.ellenic Affairs (3); Greek Week Committee (2). Ross, S acey »»*«* „ ..Peoria ^ a 
L.A.S., Speech; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mini Union Committee Chairman (2) ,U>«»ts Theatre 

Crew (1, 2, 3, 4). Rothman, Marsha Lee University City, Missouri; A.B. in L.A.B., * '"ance. 

BromW- W.P.G.U. (3); University of Missouri; St. Louis University Ruben, Irwin • -Chicago 
fiTin L.A.S.. Psychology; Bromley; Young Republicans Club (3); .lames Scholar (3, 4); Honors 
Day (3). 

Row 2: Rubin, James Ira Chicago; A.B. in LAS., PMlosophy; Tai, Epsilon P^mpus 

Arlington Heghts; B.S. in L.A.S.. Psychology; Illinois Street Residence; Alpha Lambda 
DeltafTh D e 8 D n aily I?.ini'(2); .lames Scholar CI); Honors Day (1) Navy Pier Exten.10 1 of the 
University of Illinois. Ruttenberg, Barnett Philip. . .Chicago; ^. inL.A^., Pol ttmalB cience 

Club (3, 4); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2). 

p ^Wh* TrU Pauline Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Knox College. Saken, Michael 

HaroTd Sko£ '5Kl.A^ Stay; Phi Sigma Delta, House President (3); Illim Union 

tTtnTver^rSandtrs; Ja^Eutabe.h. Rolling «o4 A.B \ L.A.S. English; 

Alpha Phi Illini Union Committee Member (2); Star Course Manager (2); Chevron (3). 

Row 4: Sanders, Kenneth Eugene Freeburg; B. in ^ V'T^WGrErftoT 

Street Residence- A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4); Southern Illinois University. Sanders, Richard Granville, Jr. 
WW™ B S in L.A.S., Mathematics; Theta Xi; Alpha Phi Omega; Campus Chest (2); 

WPGUW?S«ndU?, Andrea Feltman Glencoe; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Sigma Delta 

Tau Hoof and Horn Club (3. 4,; N.A.A.C.P. (3) ; Sociology Club (3 4); Y-"g Dem^rats C lub 
(8. 4); Bradley University. Saracino, Lyn Gale. .. Bensenville; A.B. n ^•A-S.-Mu^ic Kappa 
Delta; First Regimental Band (1, 2, 3, 4); Fine and Applied Arts Council (4), Nav> Pier Ex 
tension of the University of Illinois; Spanish Club (1). 

Row 5: Sawicki, Thomas Clarence Chicago; B S in L.A.S., Zoology; ™£*™m j*£i 

Swimming (1 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2, 3) ; Dolphins 1,2, 3 4) NROTC . Ensign. 

Hnr ™ Dav (2 3 Sax Barbara Jo Rock Island; A.B. in L.A.S.. the Teaching of 

S udl -^ota Alpha Pi Hdle. Executive Council (1); Illini Guide (2); Honors Day (2, 3). Saxer, 
Richard Henrv Springfield; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Canterbury Association (2, 3 4). 

^atf Philander- OtU rm ".Am'ajor; A.B. in L.A.S., Music; Adephic Society (3 41; Mandolin 
Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Senior Ball Committee (4); Cavalry, Captain; Men s Glee Club (2, 3, 4) , Inter 
Scholastic Circus (2); Post Exam Jubilee (4). 

How 6: Scamehorn, Bonnie Jeanne Cary; A.B. in LAS., S^nish; Alpha Phi; Chevron 

(2, 3 1 . Schaefer, William Maurice Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S Speech Schrfer, John Arthur . 

Des Plaines; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Theta Xi; Omega Beta Pi; W.P.G.U. (1, 2 3 4), Ira 
ternity Life (2); I.E.E.E. (1, 2. 3, 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4) ; James Scholar (1, 2 3, 4) 
Sch Theresa Ann . . . . Liberty villa; B.S. in L.A.S, Physiology; ^^ft*^! 0*«£ 
Beta Pi; Canterbury Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Illini Guide (2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4), Honors 
Day (3); University of Illinois College of Nursing. 

Row 7: Scheppach, James William Elmhurst; B.S. in LAS Zoology ; Alpha , De Ha Ph. 

Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2 3, 4); 111™ Union 
Committee Member (1, 2, 3,4); Star Course Manager (1) ; Tennis (1) ;Gree : Week Committee (2 
Schick Nancy Eda . Barrington; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi; The Illio 
f 2 ; HUm Union Committee Member (2) ; Illini Guide (3) ; French Club (1) Schierhorn, Nancy- 
Ann Dorothy Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S.. the Teaching of Mathematics ; <Zeta Tau Alpha, House 

President (4); Torch; A-Ti-Us; Illini Union Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee 
Member (1); Star Course Manager (1, 2); Chevron (3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Schtff, Steven 
Seldes Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; James Scholar (2, 3, 4). 

Row 8: Schink, Kathryn Jean Crystal Lake; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; 

Sigma Kappa; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; International Student Association (3), 
SpaTab Club '(4); Young Republican- Club (3): Honors Day (3); Miami ^Umversit^ Schleeter, 
David Charles Elwood ; A.B. in L.A.S., History ; Batchelor Officers Quarters; NROTC, Lieuten- 
ant; Navy Council (2,; Pershing Rifles (3, 4); Scabbard and Blade (3, 4); Sextant (1, 2); Trident 
(3, 4);RifleandPistolClub(4). Schmidt, Gregory Linn . St. Charles; B.S 1 n L.A.S »»'>■'-',• 
Bom ey; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Umversity Chorus (1) , Men s Glee 
< Hub -2, 3,; James Scholar (1 , 2, 3, 4); HonorB 1 )ay . 1 , 2, 8). Schmoll. Judith Une . . . -Chicago 

A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of S] >h; [ndeco; Universitj rheatre Crew (1 2 3); Campus 

Chest CI, 2, 3); Illini Forensic Association (3, 4); Young De .rats Club (3, 4); International 

Fair (3), 

Row <). Schnitzer, Margaret Muscatine, Iowa; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Leemen Lodge; 

Film Society (4); International Students Club (4); French Club (4); Volunteer Illini Project 
(4); Memphis State I diversity; I Diversity ..I the Americas. Schreiner, Eleanore Marie. ... . 

Cicero; A B, in L.A.S., the Teac English; Delta Zeta, ise President 3); A-Ti-Us; The 

Daily Illini CD; IUini Union Co itteeMembei (1);1 Diversity Theatre ( r«(l ); Hoard of I an- 

hellenicA rsC3); Greek Week Committee (1, 2); James Scholai (1.2,3,4); Honors Day (1, 3). 

Schreiner, Sarah Ann.. DeKalb; A.B. in L.A.S the T.-ac g ol I „ ; h,l, , A , Km ey I louse. 

W.IS.A. Executive Council (3); Student Senate (4); Stud.-,,,. \,i 1 ..... Assoeut 

(4); Northern Illii iversitj Schroeder, Charmaine Louise Freeport;A.B.inL.A.B., 

lish McKinlej House; 1 ni ei itj 1 heatre Crew (4); Freeporl I 01 initj < ollege. 


Row fc Schuhknecht, Doris Anne Marengo; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Alpha Phi; The 

Illio (2); James Scholar (3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3); Northern Illinois University. Schutte, Robert 

Charles Taylorville; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Armory House; Omega Beta Pi; Illini 

Union Committee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); Campus Chest (1, 2); 

A.I.I.K., A.I.S. (3, 4(. Schwartz, Marsha June Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Sigma 

Delta Tau ; Creek Week Committee (.2) ; Sociology Club (3) ; Volunteer Illini Project (3). Schwartz, 
Phyllis Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Florida Avenue Residence. 

Row 2: Schwartz, Susan Lois Highland Park; A.B. in L.A.S. , the Teaching of Speech ; Mask 

and Bauble; Zeta Phi Eta; University Theatre Cast (3, 4); University Theatre Crew (3); Illini 

Readers (2, 3); Honors Day (3); Washington University. Schwarz, Leslie Thomas LaSalle; 

B.S. in L.A.S. , Biology; Illinois Street Residence; Sachem; Omega Beta Pi; Y.M.C.A. (1); Campus 
Chest (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4); M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (4); Student Senate (1, 2); Campus 
Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3, 4), Chairman (4); Honors Day (3). Schweitzer, Frank 

Benjamin Morrisonville ; A.B. in L.A.S. , Political Science ; Florida Avenue Residence; Omicron 

Delta Kappa; M.R.H.A. Executive Council (2, 3); Illini Guide (3); Rifle and Pistol Club (4); 

Young Republicans Club (1,2,3,4). Scott, Nancy Lee Findlay; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of Social Studies; Alpha Gamma Delta; Campus Chest (2) ; Student Musicals (2, 3) ; Chevron (2, 3) ; 
Young Republicans Club (3, 4); Homecoming Court (4). 

Row 3: Seaholm, Pamela Carol Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Sociology Club (4); Volunteer Illini Project (4). Search, Kenneth Lee Pekin; A.B. 

in L.A.S., English; Peabody Drive Residence; Delta Sigma Rho; Student Senate (3); Illini Forensic 

Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Young Republicans Club (1, 2, 3) ; Honors Day (3). Senti, Patricia 

Arlington, Virginia; A.B. in L.A.S., Speech; Clark, House President (4); University Theatre 

Crew (3). Seymour, Mary Kay Streator; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Leeman 

Lodge; Campus Chest (3). 

Row 4: Shanes, Rhea Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Sigma Alpha Eta; Zeta Phi Eta; Illini Union Committee Chairman (4) ; Oratorio Society 

(1, 2); Illini Guide (2). Sharp, Gary Gene Park Forest; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Pi 

Kappa Phi; The Daily Illini (1, 2); I.P.C. Photography Staff (2); Y.M.C.A. (1); W.P.G.U. (1, 2); 
M.I.A. Executive Council (1); Basketball (1); Cross Country (1); Intramural Manager (2); Illini 
Guide (2); Military Ball Committee (2, 3); Army ROTC, Captain; Pershing Rifles (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Scabbard and Blade (4); Agricultural Economics Club (2); Astronomical Society (1, 2, 3, 4); Folk 
Song Club (2); Illini Foresters (1); Physical Education Majors Club (3); Honors Day (1). Shaub, 

Janet Pauline Grayslake; A.B. in L.A S., the Teaching of French; Alpha Xi Delta; The Daily 

Illini (3) ; French Club (2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (2, 3) ; Alfred University. Shavin, Jay Michael 

Skokie; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Bromley; German Club (4). 

Row 5; Sher, Stephen Gary Lincolnwood; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Sigma Alpha Mu; 

Omega Beta Pi; Campus Chest (2); Honors Day (3); University of Illinois Scholarship Key. 

Sherwood, David Lawrence Trenton, New Jersey; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Bradley 

University. Shizuru, Maxine Hatsumi Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Penn- 
sylvania Avenue Residence; Sigma Alpha Eta; Zeta Phi Eta, Presdent (4). Shoda, Laurence 

Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics. 

Row 6: Shors, Edwin Clayton Joliet; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology; Theta Chi; Northern Illinois 

I University. Shotwell, Sandra Elaine Washington; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Speech; 

Leeman Lodge; A-Ti-Us; Mask and Bauble; National Collegiate Players; Zeta Phi Eta; Uni- 
versity Theatre Manager (2); University Theatre Cast (1, 2, 4); University Theatre Crew (1, 2, 
|3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). Siemering, Pamela Sue Kankakee; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of French; Alpha Gamma Delta; Mortar Board; Pi Delta Phi; Illini Union Committee Member 
j (2, 3); Campus Chest (2, 3), President (3); Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3); 
I French Club (2,4); DePauw University. Siemers CheriLola Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Biology; 

Kappa Alpha Theta; Honors Day (2, 3). 

Row 7: Sienko, Frederick Thomas Joliet; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Illinois Street 

Residence; Young Democrats Club (4); Honors Day (3). Sievers, Ruth Emily Bluffs; A.B. 

in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Taft; Spanish Club (2, 4); South Dakota State University. 

Signore, Nancy Lucille Blue Island; A.B. in L.A.S., Spanish; Evans; Newman Club (2); 

Illini Guide (4); Spanish Club (4); DePaul University. Silvers, Karen Lynne Elmwood 

Park; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of English; Iota Alpha Pi; The Daily Illini (2); Hillel Foun- 
dation (1, 2, 3, 4); Volunteer Illini Project (3); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 3). 

Row 8: Simon, Miriam Ruth Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Penn- 
sylvania Avenue Residence; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Delta Pi; Spanish Club (4); James 

Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1,2,3). Simutis, Zita Marie Evergreen Park ; L.A.S., 

Psychology; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Honors Day (3); DePaul University. Sinclair, Sally 
Ann Barrington; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Illinois Street Residence; Y.W.C.A. (3); Ora- 
torio Society (2, 3) ; Honors Day (3) ; Southern Methodist University. Sindelar, Tina Lynne 

Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Spanish; Illinois Street Residence; W.P.G.U. (1, 21; 
Student Senate (2); L.A.S. Council (3); Spanish Club (2, 3, 4). 

Row 9: Singleton, Gary William DeKalb; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Pennsylvania 

Avenue Residence; Psi Chi; Northern Illinois University. Singleton, Sylvia Ann LaGrange; 

A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Speech; Zeta Tau Alpha; University Theatre Crew (3); Anthro- 
pology Club (2); Flying Illini (3, 4); Illini Forensic Association (3); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors 

Day (3) ; Augustana College. Sinning, Michael Roger Marengo; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of Social Studies; Peabody Avenue Residence; Honors Day (3). Sjostrom, Robert George 

Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Newman Club (2); Delta Sigma Omicron (1, 2, 3, 4). 

30 1 

.■r 4, 

Kk Ji 


Row l: Skinner, Karen Kay Rochelle; B.S. in L.A.S.. Geography; Delta Zeta; Universitj 

Theatre Manager (2. 3); tllini Guide (2); Honors Dav (3). Slaughter, Rachel Colleen Schiller 

Park' \B in L.A.S., English; Vanlig; Dolphins (2); University Baptist Foundation Executive 
Council (2 3)- James Scholar (3); Honors Dav (2); Navy Pier Extension of the University of 
Illinois. Slive, Arleen Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Clark; Y.W.C.A (2. 3); Illini Guide 

12); N.A.AC. P. (1, 2); Honors Day (1). Smith, Barbara Ellen Minooka; A.B. in L.A.b., 

History; Alpha House; Illini Guide (2); Young Democrats Club (1). 

Row 2- Smith David Morris Jacksonville; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Armory House; Illinois 

College Smith Herbert, Jr. . Danville; B.S. in L.A.S., Zoology ; Gregory Drive Residence; 

ga Beta Pi; French Club (1); Boise College. Smith, Irl Wilson, Jr. Altamont; B.S. in 

I. \ S Physics;' Phi Eta Sigma; Illini Union Committee Chairman (4); Illini Union Committee 
Men, her (3)- University Choir (3, 4); Oratorio Society (2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1,2, 3); Honors 
Day (1 2 3) Smith, John Evans . . Arlington Heights; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Phi Kappa 
Sigma; Skull and Crescent; Omega Beta Pi; Illini Union Committee Member (3); Junior Inter- 
fraternity Council (1). 

Row 3- Soderstrom, Virginia Jeanne .. . Streator; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social 
Studies; Sigma Kappa; Campus Chest (3). Sowa, Paul Francis Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., 

Physics; Student Senate (3); Sextant (2); James Scholar (2, 3). Springfield, Patricia Arlene . 
Chicago- B S in L.A.S., Speech Correction; Delta Sigma Theta; Sigma Alpha Eta; Campus 
Chest (2); Newman Club (3, 4); N.A.A.C.P. (2). Stanczak, David Loren . Waukegan; A.B. 
in L.A.S., Political Science; Illinois Street Residence; Delta Sigma Rho; Illini Forensic Associ- 
ation (2, 3. 4), President (4); Young Republicans Club (2, 3, 4); Marquette University. 

Row 4: Stark, Paula Lee Evanston; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Allen, 

House President (3)- Mortar Board; Alpha Lambda Delta; Council of Women Students (4). 
Chairman (4); Illini Guide (2, 3) ; James Scholar (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Steinberg, Mark 
Arthur ..Oak Park; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Pi Kappa Alpha; Film Society (2); 

Young Democrats Club (3); James Scholar (2). Steinberg, Morton Glencoe; A.B. in L.A.S., 

History Peabody Avenue Residence; Phi Alpha Theta; Illini Union Committee Member (2, 3); 
Hillel Foundation (1.2, 3. 4); Young Democrats Club (3, 4); Honors Day (3). Stellwagen, Joel 
Benjamin . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Social Studies; Phi Eta 
Sigma; Football, Varsity Squad (3, 4); James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day (1. 2, 3). 

Row .",: Sterling, Harry John . Belleville; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Peabody Drive 
Residence; B -Ueville Junior College. Sternberg, Rhonda Beryl ...Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., 
Speech; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; The Daily Illini (1); University Theatre Crew (1, 2. 
3D- Y. W.C. A'. (2) ; Illini Guide (3.4), Chairman (4) ; Illini Readers (2) . Stewart, John Daniel . 
Mundelein; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Delta Upsilon; Sachem; Phi Eta Sigma; Intramural 
Manager (2 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4). Stewart, Judith Ann Galesburg; A.B. in L.A.S.. 

the Teaching of English; Alpha Phi; Alpha Lambda Delta; The Daily Illini (3, 4); Illini Lmon 
Committee Member (D; Y.W.C.A. (1. 2); Illini Guide (3); Greek Week Committee (1); Young 
Democrats Club (1. 2. 3); James Scholar (1. 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1. 3). 

Row 6: Stockley, Dale Leon Earlville; B.S. in L.A.S.. Zoology; Wesley Foundation Ex- 

ecutive Council (2) ; Flying Illini (3, 4) ; French Club (2) ; Young Republicans Club (2, 3) . Stoltzfus, 
Neal Weiler . . . . Morgantown. Pennsylvania; B.S. in L.A.S.. Mathematics; House of Com- 
mons- Goshen College. Strahorn, Margaret Dexter Winnetka; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 
of Social Studies; Delta Gamma; Torch; A-Ti-Us; Junior Panhellenic (1); Military Ball Com- 
mittee (2); Military Sponsor (2); Angel Flight (1, 2); Film Society (4); James Scholar (1, 21; 

Honors Day (1, 2); Universitv of Vienna. Stuever, Fred Ray East St. Louis; A.B. in L.A.S., 

Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Senate (2. 3, 4); Major Committee of Student 
Senate (2); Young Democrats Club (3); Honors Day (3). 

How 7- Sturies, Charles Robert .. Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S.. Philosophy; Sigma Chi; 
Junior Interfraternitv Council (1); Honors Day (2, 3); George Washington University. Surgalski, 
Karen Veronica Freeman Spur; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Pi Beta Phi; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Chairman (3); Illini Union Committee Member (1, 3); Junior Panhellenic (1); Pompons 

(D- Illini Guide (4); Greek Week Committee (1). Swerinsky, Linda Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S.. 

History; Laurel House; Spanish Club (3); Young Democrats Club (1). Swope, Lawrence Geoffrey 
Park Forest; B.S. in L.A.S.. Physics; Lawrence University. 

Row 8- Tanenberg, Robert Jay .Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Omega Beta Pi; Psi 

Chi- Young Democrats Club (4); Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the 1 niversity of 
Illinois- Illini Union Committee Member (1); Psychology Club (2), President (2); Fencing (2). 
Varsity Squad (2); Illini Guide (2). Taub, Sherrie Ellen Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S.. Rhetoric 

and Composition; Alpha Omicron Pi. Taylor, Thomas Roger Mt. Vernon; A.B. in L.A.-v. 

History Ph. Delta Theta; Junior Interfraternitj Council (3); Greek Week Committee (.1); 1 in 
and Paddle Committee (3);U. ,,1 I. Scuba Club (4); Young Republicans Club (3. 4) Templeton, 
Ann Louise . Palatine; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Zeta Tan Alpha; Young Republican 
Club (II; Ohio \Vesle\iin University. 


T — W 

Row 1: Timm, Beverly Jean . Elgin; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Illinois Street Residence; 
Honors Day (3). Todd, Marilyn Edith River Forest; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Chi 
Omega; University of Colorado. Tolbert, Larry Charles Granite City; A.Bl in L.A.S.. Eco- 
nomics and A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Illini Union Committee Member 
II); Young Republicans (3, 4), President (4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). 
Toplak, Sharon North Riverside; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Chi Omega; Illini Union Com- 
mittee Member (2); Drake University; Loyola University. 

Row 2: Toth, David Neil Granite City; B.S. in L.A.S.. Chemistry; Peabody Drive Resi- 
dence; Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; Omega Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; W.P.G.U. (3); March- 
ing Illini (3, 4); First Regimental Band (3, 4); Second Regimental Band (1, 2); James Scholar 

il, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3). Trimble, Carol Jane DeKalb; A.B. in L.A.S., English; 

Delta Delta Delta; The Illio (1,2); Illini Union Committee Member 1 1 ). Trompeter, Ronald James 

Ashton; B.S. in L.A.S.. Mathematics; Hendrick House, House President (3); The Daily 

Illini (3); James Scholar (4); Honors Day (3). Troy, Judith Ann Highland Park; B.S. in 

L.A.S., Physiology; Florida Avenue Residence; Illini Guide (2, 3). 

Row 3: Turk, Patricia Joann Pana; B.S. in L.A.S., the Teaching of Mathematics; Alpha 

Gamma Delta. Turkowski, David North Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Mathematics; Illinois 

Street Residence; Pi Mu Epsilon; Honors Day (3). Turley, James Howard Joliet; A.B. in 

L.A.S., Economics; Sigma Chi; Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; National Collegiate Players; 
The Daily Illini (2, 3, 4); Marching Illini (2); First Regimental Band (2); Agricultural Council 
(3); Film Society (4); Illini Sportsman's Club (4); French Club (3, 4); James Scholar (2); Joliet 
Junior College. Turney, David Edmund W'heaton; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Illinois Street 

Residence; Honors Day (3). 

Row 4: Tutt, Ronald Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Pre-Law Club (3); Young 

Democrats Club (3, 4). Unkelhaeuser, Carol Ann Waukegan; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching 

of Spanish; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Spanish Club (1, 2, 4); Young Republicans Club 

(2); Honors Day (1, 3). Valentine, Sylvia Irene Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha 

Kappa Alpha; Orchesis (2); N.A.A.C.P. (1); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois. 

VanHook, Jo Ann Mt. Pulaski; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Delta Delta Delta; Illini Union 

Committee Member (3); Campus Chest (2, 3, 4); L.A.S. Council (2, 3, 4); A. I. I.E., A.I.S. (2. 3); 
Young Democrats Club (1, 2. 3); Volunteer Illini Project (4); James Scholar (1). 

Row 5: VanSelow, Douglas LeRoy . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., History. Verbin, Harriet 

Anne Skokie; A.B. in L.A.S.; Political Science; Sigma Delta Tau, President (2); The Illio 

(3); University Theatre Crew (3); Pre-Law Club (3, 4); Bradley University Vondrasek, Lynne 

Ellen Lemont; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Illinois Street Residence; Y.M.C.A. (2); Rugby 

Club (4). Voss, Jeanne Lou Cary; A.B. in L.A.S., Political Science; Kappa Alpha Theta. 

Row 6: Waddell, James Stuart. . . Davis Junction; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Zeta Psi, House 
President (4); University Theatre Crew (1); Y.M.C.A. (3); Illini Guide (2); Portuguese Club (3); 

Young Republicans Club (4). Wade, Barbara Lee Waukegan; B.S. in L.A.S., Geography; 

Illinois Street Residence; Illini Union Committee Member (1); University Theatre Crew (2); 

Student National Education Association (2, 3, 4). Wagenbreth, Paul Peter Zion; A.B. in 

L.A.S., English; Gregory Drive Residence; Air Force ROTC, First Lieutenant; James Scholar 

(3); Honors Day (3). Wagoner, Ruth Eva Mt. Zion; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Allen; Film 

Society (4); Knox College; University of Heidelberg. 

Row 7: Wallace, Flonet Sawyerville; A.B. in L.A.S., Rhetoric and Composition; Illinois 

Street Residence; Liahona Fellowship (1, 2, 3) ; Physics Society (1, 2, 3) ; Society of Women Engi- 
neers (3); James Scholar (1). Waller, William Gregory Park Forest; A.B. in L.A.S., History; 

Concert Band (1,2,3.4); Marching Illini (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Army ROTC, Major. Walter, Lynn Ellen. ... . 
Robinson; B.S. in L.A.S., Anthropology; Evans; Alpha Lambda Delta; James Scholar (2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1, 3). Warnecke, Kay Irene Arlington Heights; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Evans. 

Row 8: Warnke, Roger Allen Peoria; B.S. in L. A. S., Zoology; Acacia, House President (4); 

Wa-Na-See, President; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma, President; Omega Beta Pi; Phi 
Lambda Upsilon; Interfraternity Program Board (3); Marching Illini (1. 2); First Regimental 
Band (1, 2); Illini Guide (4) ; James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1, 2, 3); University of Illinois 

Scholarship Key. Webb, Norman Fredrick Deer Creek; B.S. in L.A.S., Chemistry; Omega 

Beta Pi; Major Chairman of Illini Union Committee (3, 4); Illini Union Committee Chairman 
13); M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (3); Student Senate (2); Marching Illini (2); Second Regimental 

Band (1,2,3); IM Rec Board (2); Folk Song Club (4). Weinstein, Barbara Ida Chicago; A.B. 

in L.A.S., Sociology; Iota Alpha Pi; The Daily Illini (2); The Illio (2); Illini Union Committee 
Member (2) ; University Theatre Crew (2) ; Sociology Club (2, 3, 4) ; Volunteer Illini Project (3, 4). 

Weinstein, Lee Ivan Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Psychology; Gregory Drive Residence; W.P.G.U. 

(3. 4); Illini Guide (4); N.A.A.C.P. (2, 3); S.N.C.C. (2, 3); Pal Program (2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3); 
Navy Pier Extension of the L T niversity of Illinois. 

Row <):Werth, Joel Tobin Evanston; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Phi Sigma Delta; The Daily 

Illini (1); Junior Interfraternity Council (2). Wexner, Richard Phillip Elmwood Park; A.B. 

in L.A.S., History; Pi Lambda Phi; Junior Interfraternity Council (1). White, Carl Eugene. . . . 
Highland; A.B. in L.A.S. , German; Illinois Street Residence; German Club (3, 4); Honors Day 
(1, 3). White, Francine Lea. . . Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., English; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Campus 
Chest (3); Junior Panhellenic (2); Fraternity Life (3). 


w — z 

gj'iounS- a'S-SXci'.li^ S.»C.t. CD; V- D— CM, „. 2, 3, «; 

James Scholar (4); Honors Day (2, 3). 

John Farrell Casey; B.b. in L.A.r>., i Byuiuiuturi ^ . , . , . . R ;_ t a s the Teaohine 

(4); Illini Guide (3). Williams, Marilyn Edith. .. ^. Evergreen Park A .xL a LAS the Teaching 
of French; Illinois Street Residence; University Theatre Cre„ (4) j^SSif*^. 1 ^i„ 
S^S^-SS/S ^t( 2 )fM=ng HHn, (3); Second 
Regimental Band (4); Honors Day (1). 

LAS' ZooCl Peabody Drive Residence, House President (2,; Campus Chest Allocates and 
Advisory Board (2, 3); St. Pat's Ball Committee (3). 

Rnw 4- Wiseearver Nancy Gail Barrington; A.B. in L-A.S., the Teaching of English; 

Sherwood'- Rl inlvScS)" toe. Scholar (3, ; Honors Day (3); Albion College. Wisse, Dianne 
^Wnn Morton Grove- \ B in L.A.S.. English; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Anthro- 

pX Club W Young ^moLt^ Club (2). Wojcik, Anthony Stephen. .. Chicago; B A a 
LA? Mathematics; James Scholar (4); Honors Day (3); Loyola University. Woltzen Hugh 
Andrews .Champaign; A.B. in L.A.S., Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma; Fraternity Life (3), 
Army ROTC, Lieutenant; Association of U.S. Army (3, 4); R.pon College. 

Row 5; Wood, Frank Sherwin Carlyle; B.S. in L.A.S Zoology; Theta Chi; Omega Beta 

Pi- Junior Interfraternity Council (1); Army ROTC; Army Drum and Bugle Corps (3, 4) Model 

U.N. (1, 2); Honors Day (1). Wood, Larry Don Belleville; B.S. in L.A S., Geology; Phoenix 

College; Arizona State University. Woodruff, Daniel Thomas. .Effingham; A.B. in L.A.S., 
Political Science; Four Columns. Worner, Barbara Jeanne Green Valley; RS. a LAS 

Biology; 4-H House, House President (4); Shorter Board; The Daily Ill.m (2 W^P.G U. (1), 
W.I.SA. Executive Council (3); Student Musicals (3); Sno-Ball Committee (3); Model U.N. 
(1, 2, 3); James Scholar (1, 3). 

Row 6; Wozniak, Melanie Glenview; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Delta Pi; The Daily 

Illini (1); The Illio (2); Illini Union Committee Chairman (3, 4); Ilhm Union Committee Member 

(2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Chevron (3). Wright, Harold Odell, Jr Addison; A.B a L.A.S 

History; Armory House; Honors Day (2, 3). Wurtzel, Fredric Charles. . .Kankakee; B.S. a 
L.A.S., Psychology; Zeta Beta Tau; Sachem; Omicron Delta Kappa; Phi Eta Sigma; II Urn Union 
Committee Chairman (2); Illini Union Committee Member (1); Student Senate (1, 2); Inbe 
of Illini (2, 3, 4); Tennis (1, 2, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2 3 4); James Scholar (12 
3 4)- Honors Day (1, 2, 3); George Huff Award for Athletics and Scholarship (3). Young, Jane 

Ellen Lewistown; A.B. in L.A.S., Sociology; Delta Delta Delta; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

Phi Kappa Phi; Newman Club (1); Angel Flight (1, 2, 3, 4); James Scholar (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors 
Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row 7; Young, Rosemary Anne St. Joseph; A.B. in L.A.S., History; Alpha Lambda Delta; 

James Scholar (2. 3); Honors Day (1, 2. 3). Yu, Ho Hong Kong; B.S in L.A S Chemical 

Engineering; Illinois Street Residence; Phi Eta Sigma; A.I.Ch.E. (3, 4); Chinese Students Club 
(1, 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (2, 3) ; Honors Day (1,2). Zander, Andrew Thomas . . Chicago; B.S. 
in L.A.S., Chemistry; Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Crescent; Tribe of Illini (2. 3, 4); Wrestling 
(12 3 4) Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (2); L.A.S. Council (2); American Chemical Society (4). 

Zawila,' John Stanley Chicago; B.S. in L.A.S., Physics; Peabody Drive Residence; Air Force 


Row 8- Zebell, Susan Nancy Park Ridge; A.B. in L.A.S., German; Evans; University 

Orchestra (2); Illini Guide (»; Angel Flight (3, I); German Club (4). Zeitlin, Earl Lynn ._. 
Chicago; B.S. „, L.A.S., Psychology; Psi Chi; University Theatre Cast (1); University Choir 
(3 IV Oratorio Society (1, 2, 3); Association of International Students (3); German Club 13) ; 

Volunteer Ill.m Project CM; Hones I)a.\ II). Ziemba, Thomas Sarkis Chicago; BS. in 

L.A.S., Mathematics. Zoloto, Bonnie Sue Chicago; A.B. in L.A.S., the Teachmg of Social 

Studies; Alpha Kpsilon Phi; Campus Chest (1); IUigreek (2); Fraternity Life (3); IlliniGuide 
(3); Creek Week Committee (2); Young Democrats Club (1, 2); James Scholar (1, 2, 3); Honors 
Day (1, 2, 3). 

Row '.): Zukrowski, Rosalie ....Elmwood Park; \.B. in L.A.S., the Teaching of French 
Illinois Street Residence; Volunteer Illini Project (3, I). 




College of Physical Education Flexes Its Muscles 

Instruction is offered in badminton as well as in golf, 
bowling, ice skating, archery, and fencing. 

The College of Physical Education is cur- 
rently undergoing a program of expansion in- 
tended to improve the physical plant facilities, 
and thus raise our standing in total facilities 
among Big Ten schools. 

To relieve the shortage of gymnasium area, 
plans are reaching completion for a new swim- 
ming pool at the Women's Gym, as well as the 
erection of a new Intramural-Physical Educa- 
tion building at the north end of the stadium 
and stadium terrace complex. The building will 
have a low, stream-line profile blending into the 
stadium architectural pattern. 

Included in this new structure will be a 50- 
meter Olympic indoor pool, 24 handball and 
6 squash courts, a combat area, archery range 
and golf practice room. This proposed building 
will be a great aid to the campus. 

With the new funds being poured into such 
worthwhile expansion, the College of Physical 
Education looks forward to greater service to 
the student body and faculty. 

Dean King J. McCristal supervises College expansion. 


Row 1: Abbott, Katherine ... Burlingame, California; A.B. in Dance; Lincoln Avenue Resi- 
dence' University of the Pacific. Beaswell, Joan Postel Bellev, lie; B S. in B«wta«i»^ 
ford House; W.I.S.A. Executive Council (2); United ( Jhristian Fellowship Fo, ...I. -urn (.) IM 
Rec Board 2); American Recreational Society (1, 2, 3. 4); W.E.S.A. 1, 2 3, 4). Bigner, Lore e. 
Jeanne Chicago; B.S. in Physical Education; Evans; Physical Education Majors Club 
,3 ™ Navv Pier Extension ol the University of Illinois; W.AA (1 2); Physical Education 
Majors Club (2); German Club (1); Union Committee Member (2). Boston, Larry Wil am. 
Nauvoo; BS. in Physical Education; Phi Epsilon Kappa. President (4); Physical Education 
Majors Club (1, 2. 3, 4); Honors Day (3). 

Row 2: Bridges, Jan Michael Springfield; B.S. in Recreation and A B. in L.A.S., Sociology; 

PhYGamma Delta Sachem; Track (1, 2. 3), Varsity Squad (2 3) ; Cross Country _(1 ».^«^ 
Squad (2); Army ROTC, Lieutenant. Carlson, Brenda Margreta . Galesburg; B.S. inPnyaca 
Education- Sherwood; The Illio (2); Physical Education Majors Club (2, 3. 4); Honors Day . 
S e Un°Vr»itv of Iowa. Chvatal, Joann Ohler Cicero; B.S. in Recreation; Terrapin _(3); 

Angel FHghl 3 4); American Recreational Societ, (2, 3. 4). Cook, Florence Edna Fairfield; 

BS. in ^Recreation; American Recreational Society (2. 3, 4); Women's Extramural Sports Associ- 
ation (2. 3. 4); Eastern Illinois University. 

Row 3: Crawford, Catherine Susie Arlington Heights; BS in Physical Education; Delta 

Gamma; Shorter Board; Physical Education Majors Club (1, 2, 3, 4). President W; Sno-Ball 

Queen (2); Honors Day (3). Dengel, Susan Noel Lake Zurich; B.S. in Physical Education 

Lincoln ivenue Residence; Mortar Board; Student Musicals 13. 4); Military Sponsor (3) ; Angel 
FlTght ( U "«. Commander (4); Illini Forensic Association (12); Physical Education Majors 
Club (1. 2): Honors Day (2). Eder, Susan Jean. . . Freeport; B.S. ,n Recreation; Evans; Film. 
Guide (4), Chairman (4); American Recreational Society (3, 4); Illinois State University. Evans, 
Barbara Elizabeth Peoria; B.S. in Physical Education; Lincoln Avenue Residence Alpha 

Lambda Delta llphaSigma Nu; Physical Education Majors Club .1.2. 3, 4); Honors Day (1). 

Row 4: Fields, Francine Marsha University City, Missouri; B.S. in Physical Education; 

Lincoln Avenue Residence; Shorter Board; A-Ti-Us; Volleyball (3 ; Dolphins (3); Illim Guide 
«" Physical Education Majors Club CI, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (1,3) Findahl Marilyn Frances . . 
Galesburg; B.S. in Recreation; Phi Mu; Knox College. Garret, Roberta Lynn ... Champaign 
B.S. in Physical Education; Alpha Epsilon Phi; University Theatre Crew (1, 2); Campus Chest 
(3); Intramural Manager (3. 4); Senior Co-recreational Manager (4); Durado CD; Physical Edu- 
ction Majors Club (2. 3, 4) ; Rifle and Pistol Club (3, 4 . Greenberg Ronald . Skokie BS 
in Recreation; Garner; Alpha Ph. Omega; The Daily (2): I PC Photography Staff (3) 
M.R.H.A. Judicial Board (3); Track (3), Varsity Squad (3) ; Basketball Manager (3 ; Intramural 
Manager (4) ; American Recreational Society (3. 4); Physical Education Majors Club (2 3, 4); 
Student National Education Association (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; 
Illinois Education Society (1, 2). 

Row 5: Hall, Larry Eugene Onarga; B.S. in Physical Education; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi 

Epsilon Kappa; The Illio (1); Fraternity Life (2, 3); Physical Education Majors Club (2 3) 
Eastern Illinois University. Harada, Steve Narvo Chicago; BS. m Physical Education 

Honors Day (3); Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Tennis (1, 2 Holmes, John 
Avanel Villa Grove; B.S. in Physical Education; Tail Kappa Epsilon; The Illio (1. 2) , 

of Illini (4)';Golf (1,2, 3,4), Varsity Squad (2. 3, 4), Letter (3, 4). Hughes, George. . . Champaign; 
B.S. in Physical Education; Air Force ROTC, First Lieutenant; Physical Education Majors C lub 
(3, 4); Drake University. 

Row 6- Humay, Daniel Michael Harwood Heights; B.S. in Recreation; Hopkins; Ma-Wan- 
Da; Sachem; of Illini (2. 3. 4) ; Baseball (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4) Varsity Squad (2. 3. 4) 
Letter (2 3 4)' Football (1, 3, 4). Varsity Squad (3, 4); American Recreation Society (3 4). 
President' (4). Isome, Barbara Joan Assumption; B.S. in Recreation; Florida Avenue Resi- 
dence; Intramural Manager (3, 4); Illini Guide (2, 3); American Recreational Society (2 3, 4); 
Honors Day (3) Jeffery, Danny Phillip . Moline; B.S. in Physical Education; Kappa Sigma; 
Sachem- Tribe of Illini (2, 3. 4); Wrestling (1, 2, 3, 4), Captain (4), Varsity Squad (2, 3. 4); Army 

ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel. Kamstock, Marlena Joyce Chicago; B.S. in Recreation; Iota 

\lpha Pi; University Theatre Cast (3); University Theatre Crew (21; Junior Panhellenic (2 ; 
Intramural Manager (3); Orchesis (1, 2); Illini Guide (3); American Recreational Society (3, 4); 
Physical Education Majors Club (1, 2, 3). 

Row 7- Kohlenberger, Bonnie Sue Dupo; B.S. in Recreation; Alpha Omicron Pi; Shorter 

Board- Torch- The Illio (1 2, 3. 4), Associate Business Manager (4); Illini Umon Committee 
Chairman(3,'4) ; Student Musicals (2,3,4); American Recreational Society (1 2 3,4) ; Honors Day (2) . 

Loiben Florence Dee Skokie; B.S. in Physical Education; Taft; A-Ti-Us, President (2); 

Ulini Union Committee Member (2, 3); W.I.S.A. Executive Council (2); Pompons (1); Physical 
Education Council (4); Illini Guide (2); Physical Education Majors Club (1 2. 3, 4); Young 
Democrats Club (2); Volunteer Illini Project (3); Miss Ideal Independent (3); Honors Day (1). 

Lorenz Robert Charles Collinsville; B.S. in Physical Education; Beta Theta Pi; Tribe ot 

Illini (3, 4); Baseball (1, 3, 4), Varsity Squad (3, 4), Letter (3, 4); Army ROTC, Major; Scabbard 

and Blade (3, 4); Honors Day (2). Mark, Gail Chicago; B.S. in Recreation; Iota Alpha Pi; 

lllmi Union Committee Member 11, 2); University Theatre Crew (2); Intramural Manager (3); 
IM lice Board 13); American Recreational Society (2, 3, 4). 

Row H- Marscin, Alice Ross Hoffman Estates; B.S. in Physical Education; Allen; Orchesis 

I 1 Physical Education Majors Club (1, 2, 3,4); Women's Extramural Sports Association (2. 3, 4). 
Me'dintz, Robin Chicago; B.S. in Physical Education; Illinois Street Residence; Campus 

Chest (3V \V PC U (1); W.I.S.A. Executive Council (3); Pompons (1); Fencing (3); Physical 

Education Majors Club (2, 3, 1); ' !\m nasties Club M). Militello, Catherine Marie Berwyn; 

RS ,,, Physical Education; Allen; Physical Education Majors Club (2, 3, 4); Morton Junior 
(',,11,,.,. Newhard, Susan Ann Schiller Park; B.S. in Physical Education; Illinois Street 

Residence; lust Regimental Band Mi; Physical Education Majors Club (1, 2, 3, n. 

Row (I- Olson, Suzanne Marie.... Chicago; B.S. in Recreation and Municipal Park Ad- 
minirtration; PhiMu, House President I I); Vmerican Recreational Soeietj (3, t) ; Illio Beautj (3). 
O/inga, Martin Frank ....Evergreen Park; B.S. in Physical Education; Physical Education 

Maiom Club CD; Young Republicans Club (3). Platter, Jo Ann. . \\ 1 River; B.S. in Physical 

Educal ;Trelea ej Illini Guide (3) ; Physical Education Majors Club 2,3, 1 1 Port, Roberta 

Lynne Chicago; B.S. in Physical Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Physical Education Majors 

Club -' 3 I); \ •■>",." 1 »emocrats Club I I). 


R — W 

Row 1: Rawa, Jacqueline Lee Chicago; B.S. in Physical Education; Taft; Physical Edu- 
cations Majors Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (3). Reiland, Jacquelyn Lee Aurora; B.S. in 

Recreation; Sigma Kappa; American Recreational Society ( 1, 2, 3, 4) ; James Scholar (1 ). Riggins, 
Sherrill Lynn ... Peoria; B.S. in Physical Education; Zeta Tail Alpha; A-Ti-Us; 111 ini Guide (2) ; 
IM Rec Board (2); Physical Education Majors Club (1. 2, 3, 4); Women's Extramural Sports 

Association (1, 2, 3, 4), President (4). Ringenberg, Joanne Joy Charleston; B.S. in Recreation; 

Alpha Chi Omega; Illini Union Committee Member (1, 2); Star Course Manager (1, 2) ; Pompons 
(1); Angel Flight (1, 2); American Recreational Society (3, 4); Homecoming Court (4); Pin and 
Paddle Queen (1). 

Row 2: Rokke, Audrey Jean Chicago; B.S. in Physical Education; Illinois Street Resi- 
dence; Alpha Sigma Nu; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Concert and Chamber 
Choir (1,2); Physical Education Majors Club (1,2); Women's Athletic Association (1,2); Honors 

Day (2). Sondell, Sue Ann Chicago; B.S. in Recreation; Phi Sigma Sigma; The Daily Illini 

il); Illini Union Co nttee Member (1, 2, 3, 4); Campus Chest (2, 3, 4); Student Senate (2, 3); 

Campus Chest Allocations and Advisory Board (3, 4); American Recreational Society (3, 4). 

Sons, Marjorie Elaine Mahomet; B.S. in Recreation; Delta Zeta; Illini Union Committee 

Member (1); University Theatre Crew (2); Junior Panhellenic (1); Greek Week Committee (2); 

American Recreational Society (3, 4). Stotz, James Thomas LaGrange; B.S. in Recreation; 

Chi Psi; Tribe of Illini (4); Football (1, 2, 3, 4). Varsity Squad (2, 3, 4), Letter (4). 

How 3: Stotz, Richard Alan LaGrange; B.S. in Municipal Park Administration; Lambda 

Chi Alpha, House President (4); Football (1, 2, 3,4), Varsity Squad (2, 3,4), Letter (2, 3); Ameri- 
can Recreational Society (2.3,4). Swanson, Jon Colby Princeton; B.S. in Physical Education; 

Beta Sigma Psi; Skull and Crescent; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Physical Education Majors Club (2, 3) ; 

Honors Day (2). Weeden, Jan Arlene South Holland; B.S. in Physical Education; Gamma 

Phi Beta; Mortar Board; Alpha Sigma Nu, President (4); Campus Chest (3); Physical Education 
Majors Club (1, 2, 3, 4); Women's Extramural Sports Association (3, 4). Whitehouse, Linda Sue 
Effingham; A.B. in Dance; Kappa Alpha Theta; Stephens College. 

Row 4: Wohlwend, Steven Craig Marion; B.S. in Municipal Park Administration; Sigma 

Alpha Epsilon; American Recreational Society (2, 3, 4). Wuellner, Lance Henry. . Alton; B.S. 
in Recreation; Chi Psi; Skull and Crescent; Dolphins (1); American Recreational Society (2, 3, 4). 


Students get practical experience in animal clinic. 

College of Veterinary Medicine Serves Students and Area 

Each year the College of Veterinary Medi- 
cine strives to fulfill its goals of teaching, re- 
search, and public service. Stressing the fifty 
year education of the veterinarian, the college 
offers extensions and continuing education. These 
programs allow practicing veterinarians to keep 
up with the changes and discoveries made in 
the science. 

In the area of research, the College takes an 
active part in the Zoonoses study. This re- 
search program, which involves six colleges of 
the University, studies diseases common to ani- 
mals and humans. It brings together human and 
non-human medicine into one. 

Many local residents take advantage of the 
public services offered by the College. Use of 
the large and small animal clinics and the diag- 
nostic laboratory provides actual experience for 
students as well. 


Dr. Carl Brandly guides College and Zoonoses Center. 

A — R 

Row 1: Agwuna, Emmanuel Nnebedumcukwu Inyi, Nigeria; Doctor of Veterinary Medi- 
cine; Omega Tau Sigma; Y.M.C.A. (2); A.I.I.E., A.I.S. (1, 2, 4); African Students Club (3, 4); 
Rifle and Pistol Club (3) ; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; California 
Polytechnic College. Albrecht, Kenneth William Crystal Lake; Doctor of Veterinary Medi- 
cine; Omega Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (4), President (4); 

Elgin Community College. Arnold, Frank William Hinsdale; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; 

Omega Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3, 4); Honors Day (2, 3); 

Lyons Township Junior College. Barbatti, Joseph Raymond Taylor Springs; Doctor of 

Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day 
(1, 2, 3); Greenville College. 

Row 2: Bates, James Andrew Harvel; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; 

Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Eastern Illinois University. Birzele, 

Frederick Dean Hillsboro; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Pre-Vet Club (1); Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Blackburn College. Borg, Larry Arthur Cambridge; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4); 

Saint Ambrose College. Bubar, Richard Harris Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi 

Zeta; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3, 4) ; University of California at Berkeley. 

Row 3: Bunte, Ralph Milford Beecher; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Farmhouse; 

Omega Tau Sigma; Star Course Manager (2); Pre-Vet Club (1); Student Chapter Veterinary 

Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Honors Day (3). Climer, Thomas Harold Palestine; Doctor 

of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association 

(3, 4); Eastern Illinois University. Cypess, Raymond Harold Brooklyn, New York; Doctor 

of' Veterinary Medicine; Brooklyn College. Dougan, Kenneth Everts Arlington Heights; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Colgate University. 

Row 4: Dougan, Michele Iuppa Rochester, New York; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; 

Pre-Vet Club (1, 2); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4). Earley, Thomas 

David Urbana; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Gamma Delta; Pre-Vet Club (1, 2); 

Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4). Fisher, Craig Albert Evanston; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Gamma Delta; Student Chapter Veterinary' Medical Associ- 
ation (3, 4, 5); Honors Day (4). Frerichs, Ralph Rudolf Evanston; Doctor of Veterinary 


Row 5: Goldenson, Fred Ellis Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau 

Sigma; Honors Day (3); Roosevelt University; Chicago City Junior College; Loyola University. 

Goulden, Marie Ann Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Hatch, Robert LeRoy. 

Urbana- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Gamma Rho; Skull and Crescent; Phi Eta Sigma; 
Freshman Seminar; Glider Club (3, 4) ; Hoof and Horn Club (1, 2, 3, 4) ; Student Chapter Veteri- 
nary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4); Honors Day (1). Havlik, William James Brookfield; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4); 
Honors Day (1, 2, 3); Illinois Institute of Technology. 

Row 6: Hennessy, Daniel James Franklin Park; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Alpha 

Kappa Lambda; Navy Pier Extension of the University of Illinois; Basketball (1, 2), Letter (2); 

A.S.C.E. (1, 2), President (2). Hills, Clinton Raymond Abingdon; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1,2, 3, 4) ; Western 

Illinois University. Hollewell, Gary Lee Milledgeville; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega 

Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3, 4); Ashland College. Hoover, 

Edward Arthur Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Kappa Phi; Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4). 

Row 7: Hoyme, John Thomas Knoxville; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Gamma 

Rho; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (2, 3, 4). Huckstadt, Donald Louis 

Danville; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Pre-Vet Club (1,2); Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (3, 4, 5, 6). Imgrund, Don Joseph New Orleans, Louisiana; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Associ- 
ation (3, 4, 5, 6); Tulane University; University of Southwestern Louisiana. Kruger, Clifford 
Allen. . .'. .Webster; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Associ- 
ation (1, 2, 3, 4); Valparaiso University. 

Row 8: Kunzer, Joseph Paul Des Plaines; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau 

Sigma; Loyola University; Wright Junior College. Lashley, David Eric Belleville; Doctor 

of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma. Loop, Larry Lee Metcalf; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine; Pre-Vet Club (1, 2, 3). McVicker, James Robert Wellington; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine; Eastern Illinois University. 

Row 9: Nagakura, Jolene Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (2, 3); Purdue University. Rawlings, Clarence Alvin Olney; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Illi-Dell; Tomahawk; Alpha Zeta; Intramural Manager (2); 
IM Rec Board (2, 3); Plowboy Prom Committee (1, 2); Sno-Ball Committee (1, 2); Agricultural 
Judging Team (2); Hoof and Horn Club (1,2); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association 

(3,4,5, 6); Honors Day (2, .5). Richards, George Edward, Jr Princeton; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine; Tau Kappa Epsilon; W.P.G.U. (2); Pre-Vet Club (1, 2); Student Chapter Veterinary 
Medical Association (1, 2, 3, 4, 6), President (6) ; James Scholar (1. 2); Honors Day (1, 4). Robinson, 
Wesley Irvin Barrington; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Dairy Tech- 
nology Society (3); Pre-Vet Club (2, 3); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (1, 2, 



Row 1: Roffey, David Eugene ...Elmwood; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Alpha Tau 
Omega; Pre- Vet Club (1, 2); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association (3, 4); University 
of Colorado. Rosen, Robert Alan . . . Skokie; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Saidel, David 

Avrom Mt. Carroll; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Sigma Delta; Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (2. 3). Schafer, Robert Allen Allendale; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine"; Omega Tau Sigma. President (6); Southern Illinois University; Vincennes University. 

Row 2: Schechter, Robert Jay . Urbana; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Student Chapter 
Veterinary Medical Association (; University of Wisconsin. Schilke, Betty Wideburg ... . 
Chicago; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Pennsylvania Avenue Residence; Phi Zeta; Pre-Vet 

Club (1. 2); Honors Day (3, 4). Soukup, James Joseph Westchester; Doctor of Veterinary 

Medicine; Omega Tau Sigma; Morton Junior College. Spencer, Donald Warren Troy; 

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Kappa Phi; Omega Tau Sigma; Phi Zeta; American Chemi -al 
Society (2, 3); Student Chapter Veterinarj Medical Association (2. 3. 41; Honors Day (3); South- 
ern Illinois University. 

Row 3: Sullivan, Edwin Oscar Libertyville; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Oregon, 

President (2); Golf (II; Pre-Vet Club (1. 2); Student Chapter Veterinary Medical Association 
(3 4)- Honors Day (1. 2). Swearingen, Roger Dean .. . .Toledo; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; 

Eastern Illinois University. Watters, Harold Ward Rio; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; 

Alpha Zeta; Gamma Sigma Delta; James Scholar (2, 3); Honors Day H, 2. 4). Whitney, Robert 
Clark Elmwood; Doctor of Veterinary Medicine; Phi Gamma Delta; Student Chapter 

Veterinary Medical Association (3. 4); Bradley University. 

Under the watchful guidance of Dean Leslie A. Bryan, the 
Institution offers a fine flight education for aviators. 

Aviation Institute Celebrates 
20th Anniversary 

The Institute of Aviation, which is celebrat- 
ing its twentieth anniversary this year, man- 
ages sprawling Willard Airport, owned and 
operated by the University. The airport not 
only services the Champaign-Urbana area as a 
public service, but it also provides a well- 
equipped airport for the Aviation Institute's 
fifty-two aircraft. Each year five hundred stu- 
dents use these planes for flight training. By ac- 
tually flying these planes students gain first hand 
experience in manipulation of aircraft. Courses 
are sponsored in such areas as aircraft main- 
tenance, ground school, flight, and aviation 
electronics. These courses concentrate on the 
technical aspects of aviation, and also consti- 
tute a comprehensive knowledge of the many 
subsidiary fields which are related to the sci- 
ence of aviation. 

Massive Willard Airport serves Champaign-Urbana, as wel 
as the students enrolled in the Institute of Aviation. 

Institute Probes Local, State, and National Current Affairs 

Under Acting Director Samuel K. Gove, the 
Institute of Government and Public Affairs is 
continuing in its probe of current problems 
dealing with local, state, and national govern- 
ments. The Institute is primarily a service and 
research organization which strives to analyze 
public affairs. The results are consequently made 
available to the public as a service to the voters. 

One of the primary activities of the Insti- 
tute's program is the Public Affairs Assembly. 
Each year about fifty leaders of Illinois govern- 

ment, business, community life, education and 
politics are chosen to be members of this Assem- 
bly. They are selected on the basis of their special 
knowledge and involvement with the public 
affairs of Illinois and other aspects from outside 
the state that affect it. The forum then discusses 
the major issues confronting their specific areas 
in Illinois. The Institute makes decisions on the 
basis of the research which has been conducted. 
The findings of the Assembly are now widely 
available in publications. 



Another Institute project is conducting the legislative staff intern program in Springfield. Here the 1966-67 interns are 
shown with Senator W. Russell Arrington, second from the left, and Professor Samuel K. Gove, third from the right, 
who is the Acting Director of the Institute and Program Coordinator for the intern program. 


Since 1958 Professor Martin Wagner has been director 
of the Institute of Labor and Industrial Relations. 

ILIR Grad Study Prepares 
Students for Industrial Roles 

Graduate study in the Institute of Labor and 
Industrial Relations prepares the student for an 
effective role in industrial relations in industry, 
unions, or government. Training for such a 
career is achieved with instruction in personnel 
administration and employee relations, in the 
formulation of public policy, and in manage- 
ment and trade union co-operation through col- 
lective bargaining. 

Two assumptions are used to enhance grad- 
uate study in ILIR: that an encompassing ap- 
proach to the study of labor and industrial 
relations provides excellent preparation for stu- 
dents planning a career in the field, and that a 
flexible curriculum gives each student the chance 
to enter into his field of interest while at the same 
time fulfilling the requirements for a more ad- 
vanced degree. Subject matter is analyzed with 
the techniques employed by other areas of aca- 
demic research, particularly the social sciences. 

Administrative offices and classrooms are centered in the 
Labor and Industrial Relations Building. 

As part of the summer workshops sponsored by ILIR, topics 
presented in class are discussed by workshop members. 


Students and instructors of the Graduate School of Social 
Work discuss the many aspects of field cases. 

Social Work Grows Rapidly 

Since the 1961 academic year the Jane Ad- 
dams Graduate School of Social Work has in- 
creased its student enrollment two and one-half 
times and doubled its faculty. Students may 
work toward their degree in social work either 
at the Urbana campus or at the Chicago Circle 
campus. Under the leadership of Mark Hale, 
the Urbana branch is involved in both training 
and research. Presently the school offers equal 
time for field work and classroom study to stu- 
dents in social work. 

With the guidance of a tutorial instructor, 
students work with cases in the role of an actual 
social worker, thus gaining valuable experience 
in the held. Besides graduate programs, the 
school offers undergraduate introductory courses, 
extension courses through the state, and sum- 
mer institutes at Allerton House located in 

Through varied areas of research and train- 
ing, the [ane Addams Graduate School of Social 
Work continues to contribute to the social wel- 
fare of the state of Illinois. 


Dr. Mark Hale serves as the director of the Jane 
Addams Graduate School of Social Work. 

Council on Education 

Rates Graduate College High 

The Graduate College of the University of 
Illinois has grown rapidly since its reorgani- 
zation in 1907. This may be accredited to the 
urgent need for more well-trained individuals 
and the new importance of higher education. 
The Graduate College is not only one of the 
largest in the nation but is also one of the best 
in terms of the education it provides. 

The Graduate College stresses independent 
work and individual research. In this way, the 
students have the opportunity to use the facil- 
ities and educational resources provided by the 
University of Illinois. Almost five thousand of 
the 7500 students enrolled in the Graduate Col- 
lege take advantage of these opportunities by 
assuming either a teaching or a research as- 

The U. of I. Graduate College was listed as 
one of the most outstanding institutions in the 
country in a report which was published by 
the American Council on Education. In the 
overall rating, the U. of I. Graduate College 
ranked fourth nationally. 

Dean Daniel Alpert heads the Graduate College. 

A graduate student in biology works on an experiment in 
order to fulfill requirements for an advanced degree. 

Students in elementary education use the facilities of the 
Graduate College of Library Science. 

School of Library Science Offers a Variety of Programs 

Professor Herbert Goldhor is the director of the Graduate 
School of Library Science, one of the nation's largest. 

The Graduate School of Library Science of- 
fers over forty courses to both graduates and 
undergraduates in areas ranging from refer- 
ence work and cataloguing to book selection 
and administration. The college centers its stud- 
ies around four types of libraries: the elementary 
and secondary school library; the university 
library; the public library; and the library cre- 
ated for a special group. 

Representing one of the largest schools of 
library science in the country, the Graduate 
School of Library Science has kept pace with 
the technological advancements made in library 
procedures with the use of the computer in the 
cataloguing of books. 

The use of the computer in library science 
is seen not only in the library, but also in the 
classroom. Through the facilities of the- PLATO 
program, some courses arc conducted by a com- 
puter rather than a teacher. 


College of Law Is Site of 
Rapid Change and Expansion 

One of the fastest growing colleges is the 
College of Law. Four years ago the college 
had enough room to accept every applicant who 
met the minimum entrance requirement. This 
fall, however, out of 958 applicants only 258 
will be accepted. The reason for such rapid in- 
crease in student applications, according to Dean 
Russell Sullivan, is the increasing opportunities 
in the field of law. 

Among the recent changes in the college is 
the planning of a new law building that will 
help accommodate the increasing enrollment in 
the college. Yet another recent change is a 
shift in emphasis to international legal prob- 
lems. This concern with international law, ac- 
cording to Dean Sullivan, is the result of the 
increasing business abroad. 

Thus, a new kind of law practice is being 
opened to students who are pursuing the legal 
profession. The College of Law, perhaps the 
most rapidly and widely expanding college at 
the University, offers a wide but select area of 
practice to students in law. 

For law students an increasing number of seminars provide 
discussion and a subjective approach to problems. 

Dean Russell Sullivan ponders over enrollment problems. 


R. E. Kallio serves as dean of the many branches of 
the Graduate School of Life Sciences. 

Areas of Biology Are Probed 
By School of Life Sciences 

The School of Life Sciences is a confeder- 
ation of five departments in the College of 
Liberal Arts and Sciences: botany, entomology, 
microbiology, physiology and biophysics, and 
zoology. Formation of the School of Life Sci- 
ences was a testimony to the fact that all de- 
partments are carrying out similar, but by no 
means identical, functions. The unity of various 
aspects in life processes is mirrored by the com- 
bination of these departments into a single ad- 
ministrative unit. 

Under the direction of the School of Life 
Sciences, a number of new and exciting aca- 
demic programs cut across traditional depart- 
mental lines. The faculty of the School of Life 
Sciences contains a number of internationally 
distinguished scholars and teachers. Research 
activities probe problems of living systems at 
all levels from molecular to planetary without 
regard for established departmental boundaries. 
Complex study in highly specialized areas has 
thus been combined to form a single area ol 
biological inquiry. 

' 1 1 

Gene Vance, new athletic director, has served ably as 
executive director of the Athletic Association. 

ini Alumni Association Links 
Former Graduates to Campus 

The University of Illinois Alumni Associa- 
tion provides a means of communications be- 
tween the campus and alums. Founded in 1873 
the Alumni Association also creates a means 
whereby alums can serve and support the Uni- 
versity through the Illini Clubs. Numbering over 
90 altogether, these clubs are located through- 
out the nation as well as having several chapters 
in foreign countries. 

Members in the Alumni Association are able 
to keep in contact with the activities of other 
alumni and campus affairs through the ILLINOIS 
ALUMNI NEWS. As a service provided by the 
Association, non-member alumni receive a copy 
of the NEWS twice a year. 

Loyal Service and Support Is 
Given by Illinois Foundation 

The University of Illinois Foundation aids 
in the distribution of monetary contributions 
and gifts given to the University. The areas 
into which these funds are allocated include 
grants-in-aid to students in student activities, 
fellowships, research in all fields, library col- 
lections, scholarships, and a special fund to be 
used at the discretion of the President of the 

Established in 1935, the Foundation also ex- 
tends its interests to other concerns such as the 
procurement of patents for inventions created by 
faculty members. The Foundation is responsible 
for the licensing agreements with companies for 
the use of these patents. 

Krannert Center is the outstanding example of alumni gifts. 

■~»» . ■ ' \ 



V ' v 

-.I*'.. , 

<!■ ,-V*. 


> <■ 

■ '!■. 

'• -*'.;.-, 


.. ■ 

T» I'l*. 



LOIS WRIGHT, President 

Sara Baker 

Sue Booker 

Nancy Cerf 

Susan Dengel 

M. Janette Gray 

Elayne Halpern 

Carol Houlihan 

Mary Jupp 

Judith Kubik 

Janet Lipe 

Lavonne McDowell 

Margo Miller 

R. Jane Palmer 

Mary Pieper 

Jill Shires 

Pamela Siemering 

Paula Stark 

Barbara Susin 

B. Jean Trisler 

Janice Weeden 

Margaret Erlanger, 
honorary member 


JAMES DAWSON, President 


C. John Anderson 

Kai Anderson 

Richard Anderson 

Robert Bachman 

Robert Batchelder 

Robert Belinoff 

David Brent 

John Bryant 

Robert Byman 

R. Dean Conlin 

Ronald Goldberg 

Gordon Goranson 

Charles Gustafson 

Wesley Habley 

Joseph Hopkins 

Lee Jacobs 

W. Thad Kuhfuss 

G. Irvin Lipp 

Charles Middleton 

Robert Outis 

Robert Potts 

John Schmadeke 

Eldon Senner 



Susan Anable 
Elaine Bailey 
Prudence Berline 
Kathleen Bevans 
Diana Bowser 
Marilyn Buck 
Catherine Crawford 
Phyllis Czyzewski 
Patricia Faust 
Frances Fields 
Suzanne Fischer 

Frances Greanias 
Sharon Harvey 
Annet Hlavna 
Susan Johnson 
Elizabeth Jupp 
Bonnie Kohlenberger 
Alice Landgren 
Judith Larson 
Sandra Mattoon 
Susan Maxson 
Nancy Maxwell 

Mary McCarthy 
Nancy Mihevc 
Marsha Oenning 
Judith Parkinson 
Judy Payne 
Nancy Rhine 
Catherine Sherwin 
Luanne Thorson 
Ann Trampe 
Doris Walton 
Barbara Worner 


/966-1& = 



Arthur Abelson 
David Akin 
Gail Allaman 
Robert Baczak 
Daniel Balz 
Lawrence Baxter 
Ronald Bess 
Charles Bowman 
David Carter 
Richard Cocking 
Randall Dahl 
Ronald Dunlap 
Byron Eden 

Bruce Fagel 
Philip Francis 
Paul Gallis 
Brent Gregory 

Alan Halpern 
Dave Holden 
Tomlinson Holman 
Richard Jones 
William Kastien 
John Knezovich 
Roger Kohn 
Stephen Kouzomis 
Robert LofTredo 
Benjamin Louis 
Donald Lykkebak 
James McVickar 
Terry Miller 
Steven Morrison 
John Mulliken 
Cyril Pinder 
William Rogers 

H. Cook Rollo 
James Schick 
Michael Schroeder 
Paul Shapin 
Kent Slater 
Maurice Smith 
Robert Smoller 
Arthur Stark 
Anthony Stepper 
Robert Strohm 
Craig Timko 
Michael Vitoux 
James Wedding 
Stuart Weinstein 
Robert White 
John Wright 
John Zaruba 



Janet Ackland 

Judith Adamson 

Jane Balliett 

Georgia Booras 

Linda Bunker 

Georganne Butler 

Constance Collins 

Margaret Converse 

Carol Costello 

Karen Culbertson 

Rhonda Fleming 

Pamela Foulks 

Penelope Fredricks 

Nancy Goodman 

Shirley Griffin 

Carol Hamm 

Patricia Holiner 

Nikki Kaplan 

Diane Kavelaras 

Rosalie Kobernik 

Carolyn Koenig 

Dorothy Korst 

Catherine Lamprecht 

Linda Leddy 

Linda Lenz 

Monica Manning 

Gayle McCullough 

Mary McNamara 

Nancy Mihevc 

Nancy Mueller 

Patsy Parker 

Geraldine Parr 

Glenda Parsons 

Gloria Pitman 

Barbara Putta 

Carolyn Rosenberg 

Connie Rudsinski 

Mary Saferstein 

Judith Santschi 

Mary Schaefer 

Sara Soder 

Susan Spaulding 

Sandra Subject 

Pamela Tate 

Sharon Ventress 

Patricia Wald 



Lloyd Ambrosius 

Robert Auler 

Robert Bachman 

Charles Baugh 

David Bechtel 

Larry Blust 

Gordon Broom 

R. Dean Conlin 

James Dawson 

David Downey 

Bruce Fagel 

Larry Finley 

Dennis Gorman 

L. Richard Greenstein 

Darrell Hartweg 

Harold Holmes 

Joseph Hopkins 

Kelly Hsia 

W. Thad Kuhfuss 

G. Irvin Lipp 

John Lundsten 

Kenneth McMillan 

Robert Outis 

Gregory Read 

Frank Schweitzer 

Richard Tanner 

George Taubeneck 

John Tocks 

Roger Warnke 

Fredric Wurtzel 


Hal Gulley 

J. Thomas Hastings 

Gaylord Hatch 

President David Henry 

Rev. James Hine 

Carl Knox 

Lyle Lanier 

J. Fred Miller 

Douglas Mills 

Edward Nestingen 

Joseph Scott 

Paul Shaffer 

Victor Stone 

Albert Tillman 

Fred Turner 

Karl Wallace 

Allen Wcller 



Bennett Alban 
John Anderson 
Richard Anderson 
Robert Bachman 
Robert Batchelder 
Lawrence Baxter 
Gordon Broom 
Richard Conlin 
James Dawson 

Douglas Harford 
David Holden 
Daniel Humay 
Robert Potts 
Daniel Rudman 
John Schmadeke 
John Tocks 
Robert Wrobel 

VVA Nf: * S££ 

> '66 


Susan Alster 
Robert Anderson 
Roger Angel 
Frederick Ausubel 
Sheldon Blivice 
James Boyce 
Thomas Brewer 
Bette Carroll 
George Chartier 
John Coon 
Joseph Coyne 
Gail Crawford 
Melitta Cutright 
Marshall Danker 
James Davis 
Alice Dittmer 
Joseph Dominick, Jr. 
James Earles 
Gary Elden 
Mary Ann Evans 
Jack Feldman 
Margeret Fierke 
Barbara Flynn 
Stewart Fordham 
Douglas Garwood 
Barry Goldman 
Caren Goodman 
Harris Greenwald 
Oliver Grosz, Jr. 
Virginia Hackl 

Gary Koritz 
See-Chun Kot 
James Krueger 
Donald Leaf 
Henry Magnuski 
Michael Mamminga 
Donald Mathieson 
Judy McArdle 
Joan McGlashan 
Lynne McNown 
Susan Meunier 
Nancy Mitchell 
Hugh Montgomery 
Tiiu Nomm 
Ritva Hallen 
Margaret Harper 
Gerald Harrison 
Susan Harrison 
Julie Heiple 
Lawrence Henschen 
Philip Herbst 
Norman Hoffmann 
Douglas Horton 
Susan Howey 
Marian Ingersoll 
Edward Jeanblanc 
Jean Johnson 
Ruth Katzin 
David Keune 
Carol Kimmel 

Mary Norris 
Richard Ostermeier 
Maria Peterson 
John Pflum 
Joyce Printz 
Sylvia Reeverts 
Anne Rich 
Jeanne Rosenmayer 

Leland Roth 
Raymond Runquist, Jr. 
Frances Scheidel 
Karen Schiecke 
Rosemary Seiler 
Herman Sievering 
Laura Specht 
Theresa Spiegel 
Suzanne Sprinkle 
Ronald Stevens 
Edward Stredde 
Cheryl Summers 
Sharon Taylor 
Victoria Terry 
Craig Thiersch 
Therese Turley 
Merrilee Waltz 
James Warfield 
Sharon Waxman 
Golder Wilson 
Rosanne Yedlin 
Barbara Zeman 


Who's Who at Illinois 

Richard Anderson 

Senior Manager, Star Course 

John Schmadeke 


Carol Houlihan 

President, Panhellenic 


Dean Conlin 
Editor-in-chief, ILLIO 

Robert Bachman 

Captain, Swimming 

Robert Potts 

President, lllini Union 

Judith Larson 

Head Cheerleader 

Robert Outis 

President, Student Senate 

Alice Landgren 

General Manager, University Theater 

Robert Strohm 
Executive Editor, DAILY ILLINI 

Robert Wrobel 

Station Manager, WPGU 

Photography by Heller's Studio 


Douglas Harford 

Captain, Track 

Margaret Converse 
News Editor, DAILY ILLINI 

Robert Batchelder 

Co-Captain, Footbal 

Linda Leddy 
Thad Kuhfuss 

Directors, Mini Union 

Irvin Lipp 

Interfraternity Council 

Photography by Heller's Studio 

Philip Lisagor 

Executive Vice President 
Student Senate 

David Brent 

Administrative Vice President 
Student Senate 

Who's Who at Illinois 

Itsr^v i 

^1 ^r x'' 





^vs .H 

^Vw '' \ ^M 

«S A" J^B ~\ 




v f 


_V* „ t 0^ r '-{j 

Margaret Peasley 

business Manager, DAILY ILLINI 

Paul Lynch 

President, Armed Forces Council 

Charles Weber 

Captain, Gymnastics 

Barbara Susin 

Associate Editor, ILLIO 

Jane Palmer 
Gordon Goranson 

Directors, Mini Union 

Who's Who at Illinois 

Richard Greffe 

Photo Editor, IPC 

Kai Anderson 

Co-Captain, Footbal 

James Meeder 

Legislative Vice President 
Student Senate 

Joseph Hopkins 
Patricia Holiner 

Directors, lllini Union 

Bonnie Kohlenberger 

Associate Business Manager, ILLIO 

David Holden 

Captain, Tennis 

Eldon Senner 

Senior Manager, Star Course 



1 111 

■HI 1 1^^^ 

. - 
Mi ■ 

Richard Legue 
Chief III iniwek 

¥T™ * 

M J 




m II 

/ ■ I 

V<~ 1 


a a a 

Pamela Foulks 
John Westermann 

Directors, lllini Union 

Danny Jeffery 

Captain, Wrestling 

Susan Maxson 

President, Women's Independent 
Student Association 

John Bryant 

Business Manager, ILLIO 

Photography bv Heller s Studio 


James Dawson 

President, Ma-Wan-Da 
Captain, Basketball 

Barbara Putta 

President, YWCA 

Lawrence Baxter 

President, Men's 
Independent Association 

Lois Wright 

President, Mortar Board 

Leslie Schwarz 

Director, Campus Chest 

Photography by Heller's Studio 

Daniel Humay 

Captain, Basebal 

Charles Harter 

Captain, Fencing 

David Gustafson 

President, Men's Glee Club 

Who's Who at Illinois 

Thomas Parkhill 

Captain, Golf 

Margo Miller 
Associate Editor, ILLIO 

John Logan 
Associate Editor, ILLIO 

John Anderson 

President, YMCA 

Wesley Habley 

President, Men's Residence 
Hall Association 


Mini Union Student Activities 



Mini Union Board Handles Union Sponsored Activities 

The lllini Union's general operation and effi- 
cient functioning can be credited to the Building 
Staff and Union director, Earl Finder. The main 
areas of operation are food, recreation, guest rooms, 
information, social programs, physical upkeep, 
and the bookstore. The Building Staff manages all 
these areas while maintaining the orderly opera- 
tion and smooth integration of diverse functions. 

Essential to the lllini Union's vitality are 
an accounting department, a public relations 
and personnel department, and many sub-depart- 
ments. The Building Staff director is advised 
by the lllini Union Board, which itself is re- 
sponsible for all student activities sponsored by 
the Union. Fifteen members comprised this year's 

ILLINI UNION BUILDING STAFF-Top Row: Kemit Clark, C. E. Wertz, Robert Lumsden, Robert McNabb, Leon Eisenhauer, John Corker, 
Earl Finder. Bottom Row: Alice Hurt, Barbara Reed, Marjorie Arkwnght. 




PERSONNEL MANAGERS — Top Row: Howard Bresnik, Duncan Swinson, Lloyd Tucker, Randall Stiles, Jerry Sandberg, Lawrence Irwin, 
Lucky Somers, Michael Anderson. Second Row: Susan Barry, Marsha Brodsky, Rebecca Broaddus, Marlene Gratchner, Kathleen Healy, Janet 
Hicks, Janet Sloboda, Susan Schorn, Mary Legg. Bottom Row: Margaret Stack, Janice Julian, Victoria Whitman, Judith Maas, Nancy Bretscher, 
Jacqueline Beck, Connie Rudsinski. 

Publicity Board Keeps lllini Informed of Campus Activities 

Students were kept well infcrrred on campus 
activities, thanks to the work of publicity com- 
mittees. The Publicity Board was composed of 
all publicity managers and four committees: 
Press, Radio-TV, Art and Posters, and Flyers. 
These committees handled newspaper adver- 
tising, news releases, quad signs, and posters. 

Headed by a Personnel Director, forty-two 
personnel managers filed petitions and gath- 
ered information for Union personnel files. In 
addition, each manager assisted all the IUSA 
chairmen and directors with evaluation reports 
and secretarial chores, thus relieving the various 
committees of busy work. 

PUBLICITY— Top Row: Nancy Flaks, Sue Draut, Bcrbara Waldorf, 
Jennifer Bentley, Beth Babcock. Bottom Row: Mary Saferstein, Linda 
Donnelly, Kandy Hardin. 

PUBLICITY — Top Row: John Thomas, Rhona Berkowitz, Richard Knox, 
Lois Davis, Thomas Clark, Michael Siegert. Second Row: Lynda Kaid, 
Linda Hurd, Kristin Swanson, Re nee Kessel, Bonnie Mottar, Douglas 
Robinson. Bottom Row: Frederick Eaton, Thomas Ford, Martha Paddick 
Stuart Senescu. 

GAMES AND TOURNAMENTS— Top Row: Robert Sperling. Sec- 
ond Row: Jeri Schaff, Joan Feinstein. Bottom Row: Mira Bass. 

JAZZ-U — Top Row: Mark Gillen, James Trulove. Bottom Row: 
Claudia Troutmann, Ray Swanson, Stewart Zelmar. 

Jazz-U Presents Music Varying from Classical to Abstract 

Union movies, jazz concerts, and frolicking 
tournaments highlighted many of the Union's 
activities this past year. 

The Illini Union movies provided low cost, 
high quality entertainment for the community. 

The Jazz program offered a relaxing change 
of pace by presenting groups with styles that 
varied from classical to abstract jazz forms. 
Games and Tournaments Committee held a col- 
lege bowl, bridge lessons, and game nights. 

UNION MOVIES: Steven Wheeler, Judith Snyder, Ray Swanson, David Culbertson. Not In Panel: John Dittmer. 

DANCES: Pamela Wheeler, Pick Webb, Lee Fischer, Jere Murray, Larry Eckers. 

SNAFU, Homecoming Dance, Presented by Dance Committee 

The Illini Union Dance Committee arranged 
this year's Homecoming festivities, in addition 
to all major dances traditionally held in the 
Illini Union ballrooms. 

Offering a less formal atmosphere, the In- 
formal Dance Committee sponsored the Regis- 

tration Dance, the Freshman Mixer and infor- 
mal hops. The committee was also responsible 
for scheduling, booking bands, and decorating 
for these informal affairs. 

The Union's 100 Key Banquet recognized the 
outstanding seniors from campus activities. 

INFORMAL DANCES: Edward Gordon, Mary Hesse, 
terman, Linda Yontz. 


100 BANQUET: Joanne Randies, Jeane Toussaint, Cynthia Mose- 
ley, Honore Madura, Barbara Ozmun. 


cat nwATPQ T™ R™ Flnine Canelos Michael Cooper, Douglas Olson, Pamela Brown, Robert Gillingham, Joanne Dougherty, Nancy 
SefsSer Ha^ Thom« Bohlen^, Jack.e Wilson, Norman Wolf, Sally Bachrach. Charles Curran, cha,rman ; 

Richard Stark, Jerrold Folk 

Speakers Program Presents Civil Rights Leader Meredith 

The Publications Committee printed guide 
books, pamphlets, and other informative bro- 
chures to meet the needs of student activities. 
These publications illustrated various activities 
in which students participated while attending 

Well-known speakers clashed on controver- 
sial subjects in a debate series arranged by the 
Great Debates Committee. 

In addition, this years Speakers Program 
featured civil rights leader, James Meredith, 
one of the many participating figures. 

PUBLICATIONS: LaVonne McDowell, Mary Ann Hebron, Gloria 
Pitman, Donna Nemke. 


SPEAKERS PROGRAM— Top Row: Gordon Moskal. Paul Witort, 
Janis Frieduss. Bottom Row: Diane Eisele, Sally Bachrach, major chair- 
man; Mary Hesse. 

INTERNATIONAL FAIR — Top Row: Michael Siegert, Mary Clickener, Ramin Khadem, Stasia Oerthey, Richard Cocking, Janet Edmison, 
Mohamed Chaudry, Connie Holmes, John Duncan. Bottom Row: Judith Pieper, Mary Hesse, Lois Brockman, Nancy Hubbard, Rhea Shanes, Harriett 
Rubin. Not In Panel: Rebecca Moake, DeAnne I — li 1 1 finger, Richard Jones, Carol Kappler. 

IICOFA: Phillip Phillips, Elizabeth Kelso, Jacqueline Weinberg, Anne 
Bruno, William Voss, Amy Levine, Patricia Thompson, John Hathaway. 

New Organization, IICOFA, 
Studies International Politics 

Beginning its climb as an integral part of stu- 
dent activities, the newly formed Illini Intercol- 
legiate Conference on Foreign Affairs (IICOFA) 
presented its intercollegiate conference for the 
study of various areas of history, world politics, 
or international relations. This year, IICOFA 
gave special emphasis on studying emerging 
neutral nations. 

International Fair was designed to promote 
good will and amity among all countries. On 
the same note, Model UN offered American 
and foreign students the opportunity to express 
their opinions through participation in its diplo- 
matic and political exchanges. 

MODEL UN— Top Row: Robert Goldstein, Barnett Ruttenberg, Carl Zangerl, Philip Francis. Bottom Row: John Hathaway, Julie Johnson, Linda 
West, Frank Wood. 

HOMEO >MIN< i COMM,TTEE-Top Row W Jm Hall. Douglas S , Edward H ., Barry Slode Bottom Row Rebecca Moake, Mary 

Schaefer, Susan Fockler, Barbara Abbott, Irving Patt. 

Carol Kristen, Queen of IUSA Homecoming Weekend 

IUSA was responsible for making Homecoming 
a sensational weekend in the fall. Despite a loss 
to Stanford University, the weekend was en- 
livened by Stunt Show, several dances, the tra- 
ditional parade and house decorations— all spon- 
sored by IUSA. The crowning of the Miss Illi- 
nois Queen, Carol Kristen, was the climax of 

this Homecoming football weekend. 

Every spring IUSA has sponsored Illioskee. 
This year Illioskee was the typical old-fash- 
ioned carnival featuring rides and a midway 
of games and booths that were used to examine 
student skills. Snake and street dances also high- 
lighted this weekend. 

ILLIOSKEE COMMITTEE-Top Row: R,chard Edelson, Gary Upp. Second Row: Richard Hansen Ton! Higgins, Rebecca Moake, Deanne Hi 
fingeUohn Duncan. Bottom Ro P w: Barbara Ballew, Thomas Kolter, Jeanne Toussamt, Terry, En.d Sax. 

DAD'S DAY — Top Row: Rebecca Palmer, Carol Kappler, Richard Edelson, DeAnne Hilfinger, John Zeglis. Bottom Row: Mary Bliss, Mary Hesse, 
Karen Wallin, Kathleen Larson. 

Mom's Day, Dad's Day Honor Parents with Special Events 

Mom's Day and Dad's Day gave students an 
opportunity to entertain their parents and to 
acquaint them with the U. of I. life. 

Dad's Day and Mom's Day were sponsored 
by the Illini Union. Dad's Day, a football week- 
end in the fall, honored Illini fathers. Two 
special events of this fall weekend were the 
crowning of King Dad and Reno Casino. Mom's 
Day was a weekend in May. It entertained Il- 

lini mothers with a May Queen crowning, March 
of the Honoraries, style show, art fair, and the 
Honor's Day Assembly. 

At the start of each semester, the Union 
also sponsored an Activities Day. The purpose 
of the Activities Days was to acquaint students 
with the activities offered by different cam- 
pus organizations; students could then petition 
for a committee position. 

ACTIVITIES DAY— Top Row: Kathy Holland, Karen Helgeson, 
Deborah Boxdorfer. Bottom Row: Perry Soldwedel, chairman; Linda 
Wertz, James Phillips. 

MOM'S DAY — Top Row: Philip Francis, Rhona Bertowitz, Lee Fischer, 
chairman,- Nancy Temple, Douglas Robinson. Second Row: Beth 
Walker, Royce .VanDerLinden. Bottom Row: Mary Bliss, Virginia 

BLOCK I— Top Row: Gerald Vest, James Scheppach, George Bider- 
man, Richard Hansen. Third Row: Lawrence Spector, Lee Fischer, 
Paul Witort, Kenneth Angus. Second Row: Toni Higgins, Sandra 
Henderson, Nancy Temple, Melanie Wozniak. Bottom Row: Sally 
Jochman, Linda Leddy, David Akin, Martha Ellertson. 

PEP RALLIES — Top Row: Connie Fouts. Second Row: Kathleen Lar- 
son, Pamela Foulks. Bottom Row: Marilyn Mohrhusen, Thomas Degler, 
Ellen Hartman. 

Block I, Pep Rallies, Promote Loyalty and Spirit Among Mini 

Pep Rallies, Block I, and Elite Eight em- 
bodied pep and vitality through Union Ac- 
tivities. Promoting loyalty to the Fighting II- 
lini, Pep Rallies engineered spirit through snake 
dances, cheerleaders, presentation of teams, and 
Chief Illiniwek. 

Twenty-two hundred cheering Illini enter- 
tained football fans with intricate halftime stunts 
through participation in Block I. 

Elite Eight committee coordinated all activ- 
ities during the weekend of the state high school 
basketball tournament. 

ELITE EIGHT COMMITTEE— Top Row: Elise Rimington, Danuta Daszkiewicz, David Akin, Ellen Hartman, Enid Sax. Bottom Row: Line Cohen, 
Sandra Henderson. 

KEY BANQUET: Mary Hesse, Barnett Ruttenberg, Kristine McConachie, Robert Simpson, Kirma Pearce. 

ALLERTON CHRISTMAS PARTY: Robert Malone, Georgeana 
Benner, Barnett Ruttenberg, Barbara Shayne, William Voss, Rebecca 

Banquet Honors Outstanding 
Leaders of Campus Activities 

Food, films, and fun were the benefits offered 
by this year's Key Banquet, Cinema Inter- 
nationale, and Allerton Christmas Party. Cul- 
ture and variety marked Internationale's foreign 
film selection. The annual Allerton Christmas 
Party delighted foreign students with gifts, carols, 
and a variety show. Key Banquet honored those 
who devoted time and effort to keep campus 
activities functioning. 

CINEMA INTERNATIONALE: Harriett Rubin, Nicholas Bridge, 
Cyd Nepon, Larry Swehla. 

E ARTS COMMITTEE-Top Row: Barbara Lou,s, Helena Catalfan,, Mary Thalgott, Lucia Bodzewsk, Bottom Row: William McQueen, 
Gerald Vest, James Kinirsch. 

Campus Talent Promotes Student Musicians and Performers 

CAMPUS TALENT— Top Row: Bonnie Wolsky, Mary Thalgott. 
Second Row: Barbara Epsky, Dianne Plunkett, Ingrid Larson. Bottom 
Row: Barbara Beckmeyer, Robert Miller, Stewart Zelmar. 

Music Hours delighted students and faculty 
with daily music hours and live concerts. II- 
lini were also treated to art exhibits sponsored 
by the Fine Arts Program. Campus Talent sought 
out and booked local musical groups as a service 
to the students and community. 

MUSIC HOURS: Richard Joily, Oreen Zeitlin. 

STUNT SHOW — Top Row: Burt Emerson, Joseoh Walker, chairman; 
Stuart Levine. Bottom Row: Sandra Hubatka, Elaine Maslan, Laura 
Schultz, Marilyn Gold. 

SPRING MUSICAL— Top Row Barry Blue, Loren Schreiber, John 
Ewton, Ralph Voris. Third Row: Markie Carlson, Laura Schultz, Nancy 
Schever, Helen Wulc. Second Row: Hainett Rubin, Marilyn Gold, 
chairman,- Carole Leuthner. Bottom Row: Bruce Robertson, Holly 
True, Sharon Kouba, Andrew Pawlan. 

ini Union Presents "Funny Girl" on Mom's Day Weekend 

Top Broadway productions and student tal- 
ent delighted Illini theatre-goers this year. The 
current Broadway hit, "How to Succeed in 
Business Without Really Trying," was presented 
during December, while Mom's Day weekend 

was highlighted by the production of the musi- 
cal, "Funny Girl." 

Stunt Show, presented Homecoming weekend, 
entertained the alumni and students with eight 
short skits based on a SNAFU theme. 

WINTER MUSICAL: Martin Biancalana, Holly True, Bruce Robertson, Lois Kamis, John Spenader, Ralph Voris, chairman; Don Bissell, Linda 
Werts, Gail Edwards, Barbara Handlon, James Holmes. 


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE-Top Row: Patsy Parker, Victor Pestien ; David Brent, James Meeder. Bottom Row: Robert Outis, Philip Lisagor, 
Frederick Stuever. 

Student Senate Enacts Legislation on the Pass-Fail System 

Student Senate, the popularly elected body 
which conducts undergraduate student govern- 
ment, has three divisions: executive, legislative, 
and administrative. 

The executive committee consists of the presi- 
dent, three vice-presidents, a secretary, a treas- 
urer, a public relations director, a co-ordina- 
tions chairman, and a National Student Associ- 
ation Co-ordinator. The executive branch is 
responsible for Senate leadership. 


The legislative body of Senate is made 
up of the Senators elected from the 26 dis- 
tricts. Among its accomplishments this year were 
key privileges for senior women, the Stu- 
dent Discount Service, legislation regarding a 
pass-fail system, and legislation on sex educa- 

Student Senate was established to promote 
the welfare of the student body and to act as 
a liason between faculty and students. 

Student Senate Seeks Method 
To Improve Communications 

Student Senate was concerned with its effi- 
ciency in presenting the interests of the student 
body. Several suggestions were considered which 
would increase efficiency on the Senate floor 
and in committees. 

A system of increased communication with- 
in Senate as well as with the students would 
involve the publication of an all student news- 
letter. A freshman senator system was also under 
consideration. This would provide a period of 
legislative internship for new senators, perhaps 
making them more efficient senators in the long 
run. Finally, a system of greater rapport with 
the other organizations, which are often closer 
to the students, would increase Senate's effi- 
ciency in its efforts to represent student interests. 

Robert Outis, president of Student Senate. 

STUDENT SENATE — Top Row: Linda Nelson, Gail Edenson, Linda West, Carmen Animagi, Pamela Tate. Kerry Allen, Howard Bradley, Gerald 
Lester, George Taylor, Robert White, Cathy Helm. Third Row: William Sterrett, Robert Pearlman, Frank Massino, Russell Snyder, Frank Schweitzer, 
James Eversole, Robert Megginson, James French, Glen Cord, Jeffrey Rifken, Bennett Alban, David Fontilla. Second Row: Susan DeLisle, Robert 
Byman, Janice LaRussa, Margaret Burke, Steven Trachtman, Rcss Capon, Michael Hays, Lawrence Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Claudia Kramsky. 
Bottom Row: Mrs. Naomi Hunter, James Meeder, David Brent, Philip Lisagor, Robert Outis, Frederick Stuever, Victor Pestien, Patsy Parker, 
Prof. Charles Puffenbarger. 

CO ORDINATIONS COMMITTEE— Top Row: Mr. Read, Robert Potts, Richard Anderson, William Sterreth. Second Row Jon Robinson, Bruce 
Fagel, < Georganne ButleV, William Robinson. Bottom Row : ' Judith Peiser, Mr. Walter Johnson, Dean Hampton, Ahce Landgren. 

Professor Norman Graebner Speaks to Freshman Seminar 

Co-ordinations Committee, a student-faculty 
group, supervises the operations and policy of 
all University social events. This year, the com- 
mittee was concerned with resolving scheduling 
problems between student organizations and the 
Assembly Hall. 

Freshman Seminar, a leadership program for 
a select group of thirty students, centers its 
programs and discussions around topics of cam- 
pus interest. Such speakers as Professor Graebner 
and Dean Turner gave speeches which were 
followed by vigorous group discussion. 

Roberts, Ronald Filler, Dennis Anderson, Gary Saipe 

COMMITTEE ON STUDENT AFFAIRS— Top Row: Bruce Fagel, William Kuhfuss, Bennett Alban, Sheldon Plager, Philip Lisagor. Third Row: 
Lawrence Baxter, Bernard Karsh, Robert Byman, Donald Frith, Carl Knox. Second Row: James Carey, Upson Garrigus, Robert Outis, Hadley 
Read. Bottom Row: Susan Maxson, Naomi Hunter, Eunice Dowse, Penelope Fredricks. 

Naomi W. Hunter, chairman of CSA. 

CSA Holds First Orientation 
Retreat for New Members 

The Senate Committee on Student Affairs is 
composed of nine students plus nine faculty 
members and a faculty chairman. As a stand- 
ing committee of the faculty senate, CSA ad- 
vises the Dean of Students and serves as an 
important communications link among all stu- 
dent organizations. 

For the first time in its history, CSA had 
an orientation meeting at Allerton Park. At 
the meeting, held in October, new members 
became acquainted with CSA, and student gover- 
nance was discussed. A second retreat to Allerton 
was held in February. 


Curtis Fisher, June Connelly, and Philip Jones are willing to help any student plan a trip to Europe 

Travel Bureau Provides Student Transportation to Europe 

The Student Senate Travel Bureau provides 
many services to the student. While its main 
function is to provide transportation to Europe 
at reduced student rates, the bureau also pro- 
vides information about European tours, sells 
rail passes, arranges for car rentals, and provides 
student guide books. 

This year, the Travel Bureau expanded its 
services by providing a free bus service be- 
tween the Illinois Central Station and the cam- 
pus during the Christmas and Easter vaca- 
tions. It also arranged student nights at re- 
duced rates to California and New York during 
the ( Christmas season. 


Top Row: Philip Jones, Robert Reimer, Lynn Hampton Bottom 
Row: June Connelly, Curtis Fisher, director; Vicki Anderson. 



Hans Stadlmair conducts the Munich Chamber Orchestra 
during a Star Course production. 

Star Course Celebrates Seventy-five Years of Service 

Seventy-five years of service to the Univer- 
sity of Illinois community were celebrated by 
Star Course in 1966-67. Unique in that it is 
managed entirely by students, Star Course has 
brought to the campus many of the finest tal- 
ents in the performing arts. Star Course oper- 

ates on a non-profit basis under the auspices 
of the Concert and Entertainment Board of 
the University which contracts artists and sched- 
ules all performances. Student managers are 
responsible for publicity, ticket sales, public re- 
lations, and ushering for concerts. 


Richard Anderson, Senior manager. 

Eldon Senner, Senior manager. 

Senior Managers Supervise Operations of Star Course 

Liason with the Concert and Entertainment 
Board is provided by two Star Course senior 
managers. They direct the finances and internal 
operation of the organization. 

Eight junior managers are assigned the re- 
sponsibility for different facets of the organi- 
zation. Advertising and publicity managers in- 
form the public of coming Star Course events. 

Two ticket managers supervise the ordering and 
sale of tickets. The concert arrangements man- 
ager and the public relations manager host 
entertainers while they are at the University, 
arranging for accommodations and programs. 
The staff secretary and personnel manager estab- 
lish office and ushering procedures and direct the 
use of equipment. 

UNIVERSITY CONCERT AND ENTERTAINMENT BOARD— Top Row: John Lundsten, Dr. Robert Mayer, Morris Carter, 
William Austin, J. Kenneth Beazley, C. C. DeLong. Bottom Row: Dr. John Bailor, Richard Anderson, Dr. Harold Snyder, 
Lois Wright, Eldon Senner. 

Concert arrangements manager, James Schick, and public 
relations manager, Diane Kavelaras. 

Ticket managers, William Rogers and Roger Kohn. 

Top Row: Staff secretary, Ann McCul lough. Bottom Row: 
junior personnel manager, Dorothy Korst. 

VAV / 

^} 1 

r Course 



Advertising manager, Karen Culbertson, and publicity 
manager, Sandra Subject. 


Frosh-Soph Are Backbone 
Of Star Course 

Freshmen and sophomores were the backbone 
of the Star Course organization. Besides the 
basic work of Star Course, the freshmen and 
sophomores learned the basic operations which 
will enable them to take over in the coming 
years. Under the supervision of the junior man- 
agers, freshmen and sophomore managers ush- 
ered for the concerts, collected tickets, and did 
various amounts of office work each week. Soph- 
omores served on different committees which 
rotated during the year to give them a basic 
familiarity with all aspects of the organization. 
The sophomore staff was composed of forty 
members, while the freshman staff was com- 
posed of eighty members. 


Douqlas Houston, Charles Winget, Michael White, Rclph Stern, 
Charles Gray, James Wertsch. Fifth Row: Gary Simpson Duane Curry, 
Stuart Hemphill, Paul Hensel. Fourth Row. Dan Miranda John Cor- 
zine Larry Adams. Third Row: David Baer, Glen Cord, WiHiam Snapp. 
Second Row: Steven Dixon, James Phillips, James French. Bottom Kow: 
Robert Potter, Barry Benson, Barry Levin. 

Top Row: Karen Sittig, Natalie Knowles, Cyr.thia Dare, Marilyn 
Slotter, Linda Bently, Julie Gustafson Seventh Row: Mary Black, 
Christine Clark, Mary CI ickener Sixth Row. Mary Jesse, Jane : Van- 
devender, Cathy Hutchinson. Fifth Row: Judith Kerch, .Susan Fmlay, 
Laurie Ferguson. Fourth Row: Sophia Hall Marilyn Mahrhusen, Ma y 
Bliss Third Row: Carol Hellman, Ardyth Broadnck, Beverly Swift. 
Second Row: Patricia Tieken, Candance Szymanczyk, Bonnie Farmer. 
Bottom Row: Alma Halski, Virginia Goble, Helen Farnsworth. 


The Supremes entertain a sell-out audience. 

Ferrante and Teicher perform for University students. 

Harry Belafonte delights audience with his performance. 

Peter, Paul, and Mary present folk entertainment as a part 
of the Pop Series of Star Course. 


^t' 1 

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, North Indian maestro of the Sarid, 
entertains an audience in the Mini Union Ballroom. 

The Hungarian S'.ring Quartet performs traditional chamber 
music by Hungarian and other European composers. 


Leonard Pennario, Pianist. 

Phyllis Curtin, Soprano. 

Star Course Series 
Maintain Classical Tradition 

The two series sponsored by Star Course, 
the Regular and Chamber Music Series, bring 
to the University the finest performing artists 
in the classical world. 

The Regular Series, known this season as 
the Diamond Anniversary Series to honor the 
seventy-fifth year of Star Course, began with 
the Munich Chamber Orchestra. Featured artists 
were pianist Leonard Pennario, violinist Henryk 
Szeryng, and Phyllis Curtin, soprano. Under 
the direction of Julius Rudel, the New York 
City Opera performed "Tosca." 

The Chamber Music Series was memorable for 
its "sold-out" posters — the first in years — and 
the enthusiastic audiences which attended its 
concerts in the Illini Union Ballroom. 

Ustad Ali Akbar Khan, North Indian maestro 
of the Sarid, established a pattern of excellence; 
this quality was continued by the Hungarian 
String Quartet and the Alma Trio. 


University Theatre Provides 
Work, Fun for Students 

University Theatre is an organization for the 
study and development of theatre art. It offers 
students opportunities to participate in theatre 
activities and to gain experience in play pro- 
duction and management. 

The University Theatre Board consists of stu- 
dents and faculty members of the Theatre De- 
partment who are appointed by the President 
of the University. The Board controls both the 
Theatre's policies and finances and, thus, is the 
governing body. 

The organization is divided into faculty and 
student staffs. The faculty staff of the Univer- 
sity Theatre supervises the productions presented 
by the student staff. The student staff senior 
managers direct the operation of University The- 
atre; the junior managers work with the seniors 
and are responsible for the specific departments 
of the Theatre. Student assistant managers are 

JUNIOR PRODUCTION STAFF— Top Row: Shirley Griffin, Richard 
Burkhart, Tomlinson Holman, Yvonne Dritsas. Bottom Row: Eunice 
Adrian, Margaret Cox, Jane Buford. 

Alice Landgren, Joseph Scott. Not In Panel: Adel Fouinies. 

THFATRF STAFF— Tod Row Lynn Sweet, Roman Tymchyshyn, Bemhard Works, Donald Lewellyn, 
Bemad Hewitt Ma" ? Artenz, Sara Behringer, Joseph Scott, Rae Krafft. Not In Panel: John Ahart 

rks, Donald Lewellyn, Webster Smalley. Bottom Row: Betty Hess, 

THEATRE BOARD— Top Row: Clifford Mendel, Bernard Hewitt, Joseph Scott, Albert Tillman. Bottom Row: Robert Delzell, Susan Spalding, 
Alice Landgren, Tice Miller. Not In Panel: Lyle Dahlenburg. 

University Theatre Makes Special Plans for Centennia 

JUNIOR BUSINESS STAFF: Shoron Koubo, Mcry Lynge, Harriett 
Rubin, Corliss Smith, Ellen Look. Not In Panel: Mcrgaret Snowdon. 

ASSISTANT MANAGERS— Top Row: David Ostrodka. Third Row: 
Susan Wiess, Catherine Wagner. Second Row: Marie Larson, Janetta 
Moncur, Laura O'Brien. Bottom Row: Sandra Zemm, Marian Correll. 


Audience Goes Back to Past 
With "Beggar on Horseback' 

Each year the University Theatre presents 
a varied season of plays for the entertainment 
of the college and local community. In ac- 
knowledgement of the University's centennial 
celebration this year, five full-length productions 
from the last century of American drama were 
presented at the theatre in Lincoln Hall. The 
season's bill included "Beggar on Horseback" by 
Marc Connelly and George S. Kaufman, "Cat 
on a Hot Tin Roof" by Tennessee Williams, 
"Street Scene" by Elmer Rice, "Anna Christie" 
by Eugene O'Neill, and "Under the Gaslight" 
by Augustin Daly. 

"Beggar on Horseback" was the first play 
to be given in Lincoln Hall Theatre when it 
opened in 1930. Set in New York City in the 
1920's, the satiric comedy concerns a composer 
who must decide between two girls, in effect 
choosing between business and art. The play 
was directed by Prof. Mary Arbenz. 

A Southern train station set the stage for "The Flags, a 
play written by Susan Booker. 

Backstage at the circus was a scene from "The One Who 
Gets Slapped" by Leonid Andreyev. 


Young People's Theatre did "The Man Who Killed Time." "A Midsummer Night's Dream" utilized a woods scene. 

University Theatre Plays Are Designed to Entertain Audience 

Elephant Calf, a play from Directors' Workshop, was 
directed by Alice Shoger. 

"A Mids immer Night's Dream" highlighted Mother's Day 

"Herman and the National Freedom Movement" was one 

of the productions done by the Playwrights' Workshop. 


Suspense heightens at the scene near the railroad trestle 
in the University Theatre's production of "Radio Rescue." 

University Theatre Presents 
Plays to Interest All Ages 

One of the 1966-67 season productions was 
"The One Who Gets Slapped" by Leonid Andre- 
yev. The play was directed by Webster Smalley. 
"The One Who Gets Slapped" was written in 
1915, one of the most turbulent periods of 
Russian history. The interrelation of the mys- 
teries of love, life, and death form the main part 
of this play. 

"A Midsummer Night's Dream," the last play 
of the season, was directed by guest director 
Joel Friedman from New York City. This rol- 
licking comedy was a theatre highlight on the 
campus Mothers' Day weekend. Mr. Frederick 
Voelpel, alumnus and a professional designer for 
the stage and television, designed costumes for 
this production. 

During the past year, University Theatre also 
presented two plays for younger people. This 
year's first Young People's Theatre production 
was "The Man Who Killed Time," directed 
by Roman Tymchyshyn. It is about man's de- 
pendence on time. After doing away with all 
timing devices, the man finally realizes that time 
is essential to man's life. 

In addition to the productions this year at 
Lincoln Hall Theatre, the Workshop Theatre 
in the Armory served as a laboratory for stu- 
dents in directing, acting, and producing. It 
gave graduate students a chance to direct, 2rd 
new playwrights could see their work presented. 
This year, six performances of three one-£Xt 
plays were presented. 

' Beggar on Horseback" is set in New York in the!920's. 

"Marco Polo" portrays the adventures of young Marco 
Polo in the palace of Kublai Khan in Cathay. 


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" Is Set in the Contemporary South 

"Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is an examination of complex re 
lationships among father and son, and man and wife. 

ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE— Top Row: Patricia Thompson, 
Elaine Dittmen, Frank Acuff. Bottom Row: Patricia Wald, Guy Serum- 

A fine job of MC work, provided by Greg Taubeneck 
and Jim Finerty, adds variety to the Revue. 


Stories Our Fathers Told" Is Theme of Dad's Day Revue 

Evans Hall and Carroll depict man's pastime, girl catching. 


An original tribe of LAR and Snyder Mini portrays the 
story of the first Chief llliniwek. 

Newman Hall, 4-H House Take First in Dad's Day Revue 

Bromley Hall's entertaining act was "How I Met Mama. 

Dad's Day Revue was sponsored by MIA, 
WISA and MRHA. Original skits by ten inde- 
pendent houses were directed by Stephen Vino- 
vitch, a senior in Radio and Television. 

"A Fractured Father Tale," evolving from 
the muddled mind of an inebriated father, cap- 
tured first-place honors for the 4-H House and 
Newman Hall Dad's Day Revue skit. LAR and 
Snyder portrayed the story of Chief llliniwek 
and a father's exaggerated college experiences 
for the second-place award. A satire on a typ- 
ical father rendering typical fatherly advice in 
"Daddy Cool" captured third-place honors for 
[SR's Wardall and Townsend. 


The purchase of a new FM transmitter for 
WPGU was a major undertaking this year by 
the Illini Publishing Company, a non-profit or- 
ganization formed in 1911 to supervise student 
publications. IPC also supervises the printing 
of the ILLIO, the DAILY ILLINI, and the 
Illinois TECHNOGRAPH. In celebration of the 
University's Centennial, the IPC provided funds 
for the Centennial issues of both the DAILY 
ILLINI and the ILLIO. 

The company is governed by a board of four 
faculty and four student members, who decide 
company policies and consider problems pre- 
sented by the student publications. 

Sfiffli ■ U 5 k. m 

IPC Provides Funds for FM Tower, Station for WPGU 

n PC , B k 9 / M*R : R ? b fl t Ti , nk [; am / Paul Schroeder, William Gerrish, Prof. Richard Hildwein, Prof. John Schacht, Prof. Joe Sutton, Donald Skadden, 
Paul McMichael. Not In Panel: Ralph Switzer. 


Robert Wrobel, WPGU's station manager, supervises the 
expansion of WPGU to include FM facilities. 

WPGU Improves Services 
Through New FM Station 

1966-67 was a great year for WPGU, one of 
the nation's largest student operated college radio 
stations. WPGU's new membership in the United 
Press International Audio Service enabled its 
transmission of live, on-the-spot news reports 
of noted news correspondents all around the 
world. It also provided live coverage of news 
events such as space shots. 

An initiation of FM broadcasting, later in 
the season, was the direct result of several years 
of planning. Besides continuation of its closed 
circuit broadcasting service to all of the Uni- 
versity's residence halls. WPGU served the FM 
radios within forty miles of the twin cities, ( !ham- 
paign and Urbana. 

Dennis Neiman, commercial manager, and Raymond Jenski, 
chief engineer, cooperate in spending and making money. 

OFFICE STAFF— Top Row: Ray Novak. Second Row: Lee Weinstein, 
Mary Sautter. Bottom Row: Judith Vesely. 

ENGINEERING SUPERVISORS: John Fischer, Donald Weiss, Dale Eltoft, William Leuk. 

FM Transmissions Give Engineers Experience, Responsibility 

Responsibility and activity describe the ener- 
getic engineering staff at WPGU. They led 
the way to FM service by gaining third-class 
commercial radio licenses which permit their 

holders to broadcast FM radio. In preparation 
for this service they updated recording facili- 
ties, improved transmission sound, and installed 
remote control FM units. 

ENGINEERS — Top Row: Richard Liebler, David Andrysiak. Second 
Row: William Tarney. William Hepburn. Bottom Row: Lee Wein- 
stein, David Soden. 

NEWS SUPERVISORS: Brent Brotine, Richard Bednar, Dennis Wil- 
liams, Marshall Poole, Alvin Feder. 


Roy Zaborowski, program director, and Jerrold Goldberg, 
information director, listen to new UPI Audio Service. 

Sylvia Drelich, office manager, guards the office while 
George Pagels, treasurer, manages the budget. 

WPGU News Department Incorporates UPI Audio Service 

This year newscasts were bigger and better 
than ever before. The reason was the institu- 
tion of United Press International Audio Serv- 
ice in anticipation of FM operation. It gave 
newscasters a wider selection of world news for 

better, more extensive news reporting. It meant 
the newscasts became more authoritative not 
only containing an expanded coverage of cam- 
pus activities, but also round the world cover- 
age of news from famous reporters. 

ANNOUNCERS AND NEWSCASTERS— Top Row: Charles King, Thomas Colberg, Daniel Walden, John Gilster, Kenneth Yednock. Bottom 
Row: Brent Brotine, Nancy Jean Vuckovich, Wesley Struebing, Dennis Williams. 


ANNOUNCERS — Top Row: Gregory Bettis, Michael Guerin, Alvin Feder, Louise Wolf. Bottom Row: Joseph Page, Janis Zimmerman. 

Announcers Present a Variety of Music to Suit All Tastes 

ANNOUNCERS: Dennis Peglow, Gloria Brinck, Alan Muncaster, ANNOUNCERS: Dennis Durbin, Terry Becker, Raymond McGrath, 

Michael Berman, Robert Shaughnessy. Gary Everhart. 


John Schmadeke, editor-in-chief 


A Student Newspaper Serving Mini for Nearly a Century 

Robert Strohm, executive editor. 


The excitement around the DAILY ILLINI 
office is only partially due to the clicking of 
typewriters and ringing of phones. University stu- 
dents publish a daily paper with an air of pro- 
fessionalism and pride. 

Responsibility for every aspect of the DI rests 
with the staff, and they take a highly personal 
pride in publishing a truly independent student 
newspaper. As a reflection of student opinion 
and action, the DAILY ILLINI is read and 
respected by the administration and students 
alike. Readership is estimated at approximately 
30,000 daily. 

Margare^Converse, news editor. 


Kenneth Blan, campus editor. 

Dl Prints Centennial Issue 

CAMPUS STAFF: Ardyth Broadrick, Brian Braun, Mary Hughes, 
Susan Engel, Robert Goldstein, Howard Walmon, Kenneth Blan. 

The DAILY ILLINI joined into the spirit of 
the Centennial with its own kind of celebration. 
Students were treated to a large special issue 
of the DI, complete with interesting anecdotes, 
pictures, and feature stories about the growth 
of the University. 

The forty-eight page issue was printed on 
the largest tabloid in DAILY ILLINI history. It 
condensed the highlights of 100 years of Illini 
history, and gave us all something to remember 
this year by. 

Jane Balliett, activities editor. 

ACTIVITIES STAFF: Mary Ford, Lila Markert, Jane Balliett, Anne 


Margaret Peasley, business manager. 

Dennis Sodomka, city editor. 

DAILY ILLINI Editorial Staff Exercises Independent Control 

The DAILY ILLINI, highly ranked among 
student newspapers throughout the country, has 
served Illini for ninety-six years. Seventy-five 
students oversee the publication. 

Enjoying complete editorial independence, a 

board composed of five staff and three senior 
editors determine the editorial policy of the DI. 
A business manager supervises advertising and 
circulation. A complete newspaper morgue is 
kept by the librarian. 

Eileen Stirn, librarian. 


SPORTS STAFF: Robert Carr, William Anderson, Daniel 
Balz, Ronald S toff el, Thomas Love. 

Janet Zimermman, copy editor 

CITY STAFF: Bruce Zumstein, Dennis Sodomka, Marylea 

OP \I 



Daniel Balz, sports editor. 

COPY STAFF— Top Row: Robert Snyder, Roger Pease, 
Bruce Moore, Franklin Graham. Bottom Row: Julie Stont, 
Susan Barry, Neesa Sweet, Janet Zimmerman. 


Dean Conlin, editor-in-chief, keeps his eye on approach- 
ing deadlines with an air of confidence. 

Senior Editors Manage the 
Special Centennial ILLIO 

Margo Miller, personnel manager, has more trouble try- 
ing to reach the phone than she does the staff. 


John Bryant, business manager, manages to take care of 
business problems in the traditional manner. 

Bonnie Kohlenberger, assistant business manager, experi- 
ences troubles with her quill as she writes memos. 

John Logan, photo editor, finds modern, up-to-date tech- 
niques make his job much easier. 

" ^^VfiaVuC 

■ £l 

liBjl I 

ifl i 


tfe ^B^^^A Wl 


Sports editor, John Baackes, finds that the caddies in the 
Champaicn-Urbana area are up-to-par. 

George Pagels and Cathy Lamprecht, activities editors, 
never will believe those stories about sippin' cider. 

Centennial Section Demonstrates Changes Over 100 Years 

The ILLIO was first published in 1895 by 
the Junior Class. In those days, there were 
few pictures and extensive creative writing, 
including original poems and essays. The few 
pictures in the book were of the athletes — the 
rugged Football Eleven. 

Barbara Susin, copy editor, can't imagine how the early 
ILLIO editors ever wrote without modern pens. 

Gory Snieski and Kathy Scott, residence editors, pose pro- 
fessionally for Kellogg's photographers. 


Lou Goodwin and Dianne Krauss, organizations editors, 
even have time to organize the office. 

Marianne Trippon and Linda Lamont, senior editors, make 
the office seem a lot like home. 

Junior Editors Plan to Use More Color Pictures, More Pages 


Georgia Booras, assistant personnel manager, and Bob 
Sinclair, staff photographer, are not always serious. 


Two junior editors are in charge of each of 
the six sections of the Editorial Staff. One is 
responsible for copy, one for layouts. 

On the ILLIO Business Staff there are two 
senior editors and eight junior editors, each in 
charge of a specific department and job. 

Dan Williams and Jan Miller, university life editors, break 
many records during the year. 

Mary Bunchman, personnel, and Gloria Pitman, sales 
statistics, hold up the umbrella of security. 

University Centennial Sparks 
The 1967 ILLIO Sales 

Janet Ackland, head of sales, and Judy Adamson, head of 
advertising, study statistics by lamplight. 

Amy Levine, billing, puts a hex on creditors who do not 
pay their bills within thirty days. 

Stephen Kouzomis, advertising sales, and Betsey Nibeck, 
art, do not worry about occasional showers. 


FDITORIAL STAFF SOPHOMORES-Top Row: Daniel Perkins, Steven Grigg, Kenneth Place, Robert Cole Stephen McBride Kerry Hassler 
Wozniak, Judith Handzel. 

Editorial Staff Enhances Centennial ILLIO with Color Photos 

The staff of the ILLIO that is responsible 
for compiling the material that goes into the 
yearbook is the Editorial Staff. This year, to 
add variety and since it is the University of 
Illinois Centennial, the editors have included 
color photos in the ILLIO. Along with arrang- 

ing the many photographs, the Editorial Staff 
must write material to accompany these pic- 
tures. The material is written by the various 
staffs and must then be approved by the copy 
editor. The pages are then submitted to the 
publishing company for printing. 


f 1 

Iff* i» 




Kathleen Jun 

STAFF FRESHMEN-Top Row: William Sutker, Thomas Peeples, Brian Schaumburg, Dennis Hughes. Second Row: Karen Lewis, 
q, Ellen Sathre, Roberta Larson, Karen Spalten. Bottom Row: Nancy Hesse, Donna Hillen, Marjone Pine, Sally Reynolds, Barbara bzot. 


BUSINESS STAFF FRESHMEN— Top Row: John Zeglis, William Stahler, Robert Testin, Donald Steely, Ronald Filler, Edward Schoeneberger. 
Second Row: David Schimel, Lee Vegter, James Kenyon, Lawrence Irwin, Miles Zaremski, Dennis Maki, Joel Halper, Ronald Lang. Bottom Row: 
Ellen Naiditch, Sheila Stoops, Jane Hesse, Pamela Lipschultz, Janet McPheron, Connie Wiese, Susan Roeder, Linda Ewers, Martha Aiels. 

Business Staff Is Responsible for Centennial Issue Advertising 

The ILLIO business staff" is in charge of 
the promotion, sale, and distribution of the 
ILLIO. They also handle all billing and ad- 
vertising for the yearbook and promote the 
ILLIO beauty contest. 

As a result of hard work during registration 
weeks, sales of the ILLIO were the highest on 
record. Sales were also increased due to a letter 
sent to all seniors urging them to buy the cen- 
tennial issue of the ILLIO. 

BUSINESS STAFF SOPHOMORES— Top Row: Barb Warmbold, Muriel Knoblauch, Susan Morris, Angela McWilliams, Marsha Brodsky, Judith 
Codd, Nancy Bretscher, Susan Goers, Jeanne Toussaint, Joann Gunthner, Bruce Carlton. Fourth Row: John Cochran, David Dorset, John Stollt, 
Thomas Berthold, John Meyer, William Buck, Paul Zeman, David Nelson, Robert Aldrich. Third Row: Fred Mierzwa, Jerome Nolan, William 
Devereux, Susan Schain, Karen Helgeson, Judith Kolata, Lois Gronewald, Katherine French, Susan Pochyly, William Broom, Contance Kurlansky. 
Second Row: Renee Kessel, Barbara Wilcox, Betty Erickson, Elaine Bartow, Sarah Ehrhart, Mary Westroy, Janet Edmison, Linda Leasman. Bottom 
Row: Susan Finlay, Honore Madura, Jill Rewerts, Susan Selby, Jean Trabue, Sandra Smith, Candace Mott. 


Top Row Barbara Rutland. Third Row: Ronald Greenberg, Lois Slafer Christine Rahn, Margorie McPherson Margaret Cusack Edward Sejud 
James Baird, Vernon Kinnee. Second Row: Donald Jackson, Jane Stendebach, Valerie Kussler. Bottom Row: John Goer.. Larry Schaaf, Earl Mol- 

dova n, Michael Schulman. 

IPC Photo Staff Photographs for DAILY ILLINI, ILLIO 

The photographers on the Photo Staff take 
assignments from the editors of the ILLIO and 
DAILY ILLINI. Working day and night, these 
students produce pictures that center on all 
aspects of campus living, from football games to 
Assembly Hall performances. The photo editor 
directs the activities of amateur staffers. 

The Photo Staff's office is in the basement 
of [llini Hall. The staff is regulated by the Illini 
Publishing Company. 

PHOTO EDITORS: Robert Hunnes, Richard Greffe, Thomas Martin. 


TECHNOGRAPH Has a Controlled Circulation of 5300 

A unique opportunity to address the students 
and faculty of the engineering college is the 
purpose of each issue of TECHNOGRAPH, 
the engineering magazine. This magazine has 
grown with the college, coordinating engineer- 
ing campus activities and providing administra- 
tion with a measure of student voice. Through 
its editorial policy, TECHNOGRAPH has had 
an effect on a large number of reforms with- 
in the college, one of which is heading the 
campaign to place students on previously all- 
faculty committees which directly affect under- 
graduate education. 

TECHNOGRAPH, the nation's oldest and 
presently the largest engineering student publi- 
cation, is under the direction of the Illini Pub- 
lishing Company and is not connected with the 
University of Illinois. 

The magazine generally ranges in size from 
24-48 pages and is published seven times during 
the academic year. Popular among students, 
TECHNOGRAPH has a controlled circulation 
of about 5300 and is sold by subscription to the 
faculty. It is sent to all engineering students, 
all Illinois high schools and many libraries across 
the United States and abroad. 

The editor, managing editor, assistant editor, 
and production manager make up the executive 
staff. Since communication is at an informal 
level, editorials usually represent the opinion of 
a majority of the staff. 

Staff positions are available for diverse areas 
of interest, including editorial, production, cir- 
culation, and photo. Members of the staff gain 
experience in magazine writing, management, 
and presentation. 


TECHNOGRAPH STAFF — Top Row: Paul Klein, Frank Morski, Richard Burzynski, John Bourgoin, Gary Sobol, Don Bissell. Second Row. Eve 
Sonneman, Lee Rawson, Paul Shapin, Randall Rhea, Thomas Harmon. Bottom Row: Rex H inkle, Alan Halpern, Prof. Robert Bohl, advisor,- Gale Wiley. 

TECHNOGRAPH Is Published by lllini Publishing Company 

EXECUTIVE STAFF — Thomas Brown, circulation; Don Bissell, managing editor; Rex Hinkle, business manager,- Alan Halpern, editor; Gale Wiley, 
production manager. 


FRATERNITY LIFE — Top Row: Kenneth Levitan, sports editor; Arthur 
Abelson, IFC publications,- Timothy Bates, editor,- Robert Zupkus, 
distribution manager,- Jordon Libit, news editor. Bottom Row: Benita 
Blachman, business manager,- Margaret Kankaala, managing editor; 
Sharon Maki, copy and layout editor,- Carol'Costello Panhellenic 
communications,- Nancy Day, managing editor. 


Ties Between Panhel, IFC 

As a joint publication of Panhellenic and| Inter- 
fraternity Council, FRATERNITY LIFE at- 
tempts to provide better communications be- 
tween the two systems and between individual 
houses and their members. FRATERNITY LIFE 
also provides alumni groups with information 
about the Greek system at Illinois, and gives 
non-Greeks a better understanding of the activ- 
ities of the Greek system. 

Using the examples found in publications of 
a similar nature from other Big Ten campuses, 
FRATERNITY LIFE attempts to improve it- 
self. New goals are to enlarge the magazine 
and make it more readable through the use 
of more and better pictures. FRATERNITY 
LIFE concentrates on the Illinois Greek sys- 
tem as a whole, and relates this view to the 
individual houses. 

Engineering Society Greets Knights at Annual St. Pat's Ball 

The Engineering .Society began the centen- 
nial year with its annual St. Pat's Ball in March. 
The dance, a climax of the Engineering Open 
House, recognizes outstanding junior and senior 
students as members in the Knights of St. Pat, 

the activity honorary society for engineers. The 
selection of a queen from the candidates nom- 
inated by the various professional engineering 
societies was another highlight of this spring 

Donna Yakos, 1966 St. Pat's Ball Queen. 

Top Row: James Clarno, Michael Crosser, Terrance Simms, Randolf 
Christianson. Second Row: Morris Westerhold, I odd Steinke, Wayne 
Smith. Bottom Row: David Porter, Alan Decho. 

1966 QUEEN COURT— Top Row: Nikki Kaplan, Encamita Martinez, 
Arlene Busse, Vicki Auer. Bcltom Row: Mary Ann Johnson, Paula 

Annual Sno-Ball Formal Portrays a "Winter Wonderland 


Elves and toadstools transformed the Union 
ballroom into a "Winter Wonderland" of Sno- 
Ball festivities on November 18. Sponsored by 
WISA and MIA, the 1966 winter formal fea- 
tured music by Johnny Cranford and the crown- 
ing of Vicki Auer as Sno-Ball queen. 

Several mushroom-shaped ballot boxes were 
used for depositing votes as the couples arrived. 
Early in the evening, committee members tab- 
ulated all the ballots to announce the newly 
elected queen of 1966. 

Queen Vicki reigns over the annual Sno-Ball activities. 


SNO-BALL COMMITTEE — Top Row: David Linden, Alfred Levering, Donald McCabe, Ronald Olson, Steven Temple, Lawrence Mitchel 
Bottom Row: Patricia Wald, Donnal Schultz, Emily Kastning, Susan Wilner, Judith Dunbar, Peggy Clark. 

Crowning Queen Vicki 
Highlights Sno-Ball Festivities 

Miss Victoria Auer, as the 1967 Sno-Ball 
Queen, reigned over the November 18, WISA- 
MIA dance festivities. She is a junior majoring 
in physical education and living in the Allen 
Hall dormitory. Included in her court were 
Arlene Busse, Mary Ann Johnson, Nikki Kaplan, 
Encarnita Martinez, and Paula Raymond. 

A dozen yellow roses, trimmed with olive 
green velvet ribbon and ferns, were awarded 
to Miss Auer by Lawrence Mitchell. Each of 
the queen's court received a smaller bouquet of 
yellow roses. Emily Kastning, and Larry Mitchell 
were co-chairmen of the event. The other com- 
mittees were tickets and publicity. 

Miss Auer receives a royal kiss from a special admirer. 


PLOWBOY PROM COMMITTEE— Top Row William Robinson, Elaine Yunker, Manlouise Reed, Joseph Hopkins, Phyllis Chapman, James 
McVickeT, Jean Lauterbach, Dale Meyers. Bottom Row: Nancy Mueller, Leo Ferrell, Kay Ge.ger, Robert Pritchard, Mary McQueen, Ron Scherer. 

Ag Council's Western Style "Hayride" Highlights Spring 

"Hayride," the 1966 Plowboy Prom, was the 
special event of the Home Economics Club and 
Agriculture Council last spring. The Illini ball- 
rooms became the spot for a very western Uni- 
versity dance. Plowgirls, in their calico and 
gingham, and their gents, clad in levis, danced 
to western and mood music all evening. Couples 
ate sack lunches which were prepared by the 
girls in return for vegetable corsages which their 
dates gave them. 

The highlight of the evening was the an- 
nouncement of the Plowboy Prom Queen, Cheryl 
Thompson. She was chosen from candidates of 
five clubs in the College of Agriculture. 

QUEEN CANDIDATES— Top Row: Mary McQueen, Cheryl Thomp- 
son, Queen,- Ann Vaughan. Bottom Row: Linda Kendall, Joan Richter. 




OFFICERS — Top Row; Ellen Mies, Gloria Pitman. Bottom Rov 
Katherine Becker, Catherine Bobera, Mary Lynge. 

Women's Glee Club Greets 
New Leader, Maurice Jones 

Women's Glee Club is well-known, both on 
campus and in the community. This year, the 
club welcomed Maurice Jones, a doctoral can- 
didate in choral conducting, as its new di- 
rector. Mr. Jones, who received his Bachelors 
and Masters degrees here, has had extensive 
experience in teaching, directing, judging, and 
professional singing. 

The club began its first season under the 
direction of Mr. Jones by singing for the Il- 
linois High School Principal's Association and 
the Illinois English Teacher's Convention. At 
Christmas, it performed in the annual Carol 
Concert with the Men's Glee Club and the Mixed 
Chorus. During the spring, the club toured the 
Chicago area, and it performed with the Men's 
Glee Club and the University Orchestra as part 
of the University's Centennial Celebration. The 
Women's Glee Club also performed for the an- 
nual Mom's Day Concert. 

Top Row: Nancy Eck, Linda Martin, Jean M,acDonald, Ann Brookhart, Diane Kissel, Gloria Pitman, Ellen Mies, Mary Legg, Barbara Power, 
Mary Bliss, Karen McDowell, Prudence Berline. Third Row: Gretchen Koopman, Nona Pinzke, Carolyn Koenla, Marilyn Derby, Linda Shultz, Bonnie 
Barnett, Gladys Phillips, Sylvia Hart, Lu Unumb, Rita Ryan, Catherine Bobera. Second Row: Judith Einhorn, Ann-Gale Foote, Mary Lynge, Karin 
Sittig, Sandra Kappmeyer, Judy Reynolds, Anne Dallman, Judi Brickman, Kay Fisher, Lovice Brichta, Katherine Becker, Kathryn Arlen. Barbara 
Burghardt, Carol Jackson. Bottom Row: Maurice Jones, Patricia Sentman, Linda Hamilton, Lila Koets, Patricia Hearst, Janet Trulock, Margaret 
Maxwell, Susan Hartman, Barbara Francisco, Sydney Smith, Frances Palmatier, Ann Leffler, Roberta Mechanic, Toby Berkson, Linda Ohlsen, 
Dede Nickerson. Not In Panel: Sara Baker, Judy Morris, Karen Reeder, Jo Ann Smith, Suzanne Wildhagen, Sherrie Wilson, Karol Gagstetter, 


Ambassadors of Song Is 
Varsity Men's Glee Club 

The Singing Illini are famous as the "Am- 
bassadors of Song" for the University, across 
the country and abroad. This past spring the 
Varsity Men's Glee Club entertained the In- 
tercollegiate Musical Council in a joint con- 
cert with glee clubs from Toronto, Detroit, and 
the Air Force Academy. 

Last fall, Wisconsin's Varsity Glee Club joined 
in the annual Dad's Day Concert. This spring, 
the Club celebrated the University's Centennial 
with concerts at the University of West Virginia, 
Washington, and New York City. 

Hcrold A. Decker, Director 

Glee Club harmonizes "Brothers in Song— Sing On!' 


The Glee Club works diligently for fall performance. 

The annual Dad's Day Concert proves to be a big hit. 

"The Other Three": Larry Grabb, Donald Lykkebak, Wil 
liam Wilton. 

JUNIOR MANAGERS: Paul Gallis, Richard Robinson, 
Harold Isaacson, Paul Gula, Richard Knox, Lawrence 
Mitchell, John Zaruba. 

SENIOR OFFICERS: Kenneth Arney, secretary,- Edward 
Gray, treasurer,- Larry Grabb, senior manager,- David Gus- 
tafson, president. 


Robert Towner, James Neimes 

Concert Band Visits St. Louis Area in Annual Spring Tour 

In its seventy-seventh year of existence, the 
Concert Band continued to receive both cam- 
pus and national acclaim for its exceptional 
quality of performance. The band again played 
major concerts in January, March, and June 
and also performed for a number of Twilight 
Concerts. In addition, the annual tour started 
in northern Illinois and ended in St. Louis. 
Under the baton of Mark Hindsley, the band 
continued its tradition of performing not only 
the latest contemporary compositions for band, 
but also selections from the standard concert 
band repertoire. 

Mark Hindsley, conductor. 


Everett Kisinger, conductor. 

The First Regimental Band, second only to 
the Concert Band, is composed of approximately 
one hundred students, and rehearses three hours 
a week to prepare for concerts and programs. 
In addition, the men in the band constitute a 
major portion of the Marching Illini, well-known 
to University students. 

The band performed several concerts during 
the year including its Formal Concert and a 
Twilight Concert. In addition, the band pro- 
vided an afternoon performance in the Forbes 
Hall area and furnished music for the Honors 
Day Ceremonies in the spring. 

First Regimental Band Gives Spring Concert at Forbes Hall 

Flutes: Sue Wich, Dennis Bavis, Carolyn Brock-Jones, Ellen de Chicio, Sara Mellen, Karen Hafennchter, Gloria Whitney, Marilyn Schelling, 
(Catherine Clark, Michele Honigberg. Oboes and English Horn: Jon Cheville, Deborah Fawcett, David Mamminga, Deidra Ovelmen. Bassoons: 
Terry Bryant, Terence Hammer, Janice Bricker. Clarinets: Michael Bielski, Ronald Tutt, Charles Smiley, Barbara Farrar, Jeanne Hussong, Marilyn 
Martin, Walter Clausen, Elizabeth Kuehn, Gary Nelson, Deborah Ashbrook, Carol Vincent, Elizabeth Tiebout, Steven Denny, Adrienne Angone, 
Joan Sroka, Becky Gillespie, Richard Michi, Linda Miade, James Stevens. Bass Clarinets: Sara Soder, Marilyn Grosch. Alto Saxophones: Jac- 
queline Davis, Raymond Younger, Nancy Bush, Jerome Williams. Tenor Saxophone: Kenneth Mauro. Baritone Saxophone: James Hopwood. 
Cornets: Fred Moritz, Ronald McWilliams, Michael Fagan, Alan Nelson, James Hatfield, Gary Cantrell, Alan Bilyeu, Philip Limbacher, Gary 
Kleiber, Robert Chase, David Toth. Trumpets: James Marcum, Laura Christensen, Joseph Liss, Thomas Balma. Horns: William Winter, William 
Bonnell, Ellen Klocke, Nancy Shaeffer, Dennis Durbin, Gary Ritcher, John Schill, Judith Johnson. Trombones: John Keiser, David Kibbey, Donald 
Greeley, Gary Simpson, Edward Lorimer, George Bass, David Myrow. Baritones: Paul Kostel, Thomas Leming, Robert Oldani, James Stovail, 
Constance Ashmore. Tubas: David Peterson, Peter Poletti, Harold Drake, Jerry Sweeney, Stephen Maack, David Houser. Percussion: Richard 
Banholzer, Susan Hayward, Richard Preston, David Rosenthal, Timothy Theesfeld. 

SECTION*" A— Flutes- V,rq,n,a Salmo, Victoria Savitsky, Karen Kennicutt, Chandler Parkay, Dinah Dyal, Carol Kreider, Judith Schettler, Susan 

Thoma, Ran°on Wllian °Fau, t , David Alexander >, William,. Tuba,. Willi. Summ.rville, Thonra, Cu,,„, Rober, Cl.nons, jerrold Chernow. 

sfe^^^^^^^ Wllk, m "lS>,on. Miller Marilyn A„der,on, Rober, Feld-ran, Ellen OpIajRa 

Ed,. A-ons W II km v5. Oboe, Margare. Ro„o, Bruce Richardson, Marilyn Brewick. Clarinet,: Gregory Culber,on, Doyle Home, Jeffrey 


Second Regimental Band Performs at Music Festiva 

The Second Regimental Band again performed 
at the Thirteenth Festival of Concert Band Music 
in January, as well as playing for Twilight Con- 
certs. In addition, the band provided musical 
entertainment for various athletic events on cam- 
pus all through the school year. Membership 
in the band is determined by competitive audi- 
tions which take place each semester and during 
the summer. 

Guy Duker, conductor. 


SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA — First Violin: James Skidmore, Nancy Kredel, Gordon Peterson, Dorothy Hayes, David Rosenboom, Charles Senecal, 
Cleora Keeler, Norma Wilson, Ann Molek, Deonne Orvis, Brad Brown, Marshall Johnson, Suzanne Kelly, Margaret Oliver, Felix Wiedenmayer, 
Tad Quast. Second Violin: Carol Roberts, Beverley Ahlsen, Paul Phillips, Dianne Teckenbrock, John Lindsey, Karla Gustie, Jack Cunningham, 
Carla Lehman, Peter Swindall, Barbara Lange, Cathy Ramspott, Evanna Barnes, Sheila Crump, Pierre Ruiz. Viola: Arthur Klima, Roy Erikson, 
Jacqueline Chinnell, Nancy Lehto, Paul Chouinard, Linda Vana, Sandra Garrison, Drusilla Tesch, Mitchell Cooper, Ann Woelfle, Jody Van 
Dresser, Susan Fenchel. Cello: Robert Ashby, Carole Teigler, Lee Duckies, Carol Roggensack, Janice Dyson, Mary Esch, Morley Peura, Alan 
Robertson, Etta Green. Bass: Allan Goldman, Edward Marzuki, Michael Fanelli, Richard Joswick, Mitchell Hennes, Joan Horn, Pamela Andrews, 
William Isom, James Hatch. Flute: Ann Kozuch, Frank Fenley, Jill Shires, Jackie Engel. Oboe: Benjamin Woodruff, Steve Gordon, John Dimond, 
Cleve Fenley. Clarinet: Max Tromblee, Marck Cantrell, Kathy Butkus. Bassoon: Nancy Hampton, Ellen Schramm, John Deppe. Horn: Larry Duncan, 
Mike Brickey, Marcia Matteoni, David Parks, Greg Davis, Paul Vallandigham, Deanna Sauerbrunn, John Glover. Trumpet: Richard Grady, Al 
Lowrey, Jerry Tessin, Jerry Makeever. Trombone: Paul Vander Geynst, Frank Harmantas, Roger Cunningham. Tuba: Mike Russell. Tympani: 
William Youhass. Percussion: Joseph Inman, Eileen Hanson, Arthur Schildbach. Harp: Sylvia Clark. 

Orchestra Performs with Soloists in Star Course Series 

Bernard Goodman, conductor. 

The University of Illinois is justly proud of 
its symphony orchestra, a group acknowledged 
to be equal or superior to many professional 
organizations of its kind. Under the expert and 
sensitive baton of Professor Bernard Goodman, 
the orchestra's reputation for polished perform- 
ances has spread throughout the nation and 
Western Hemisphere. 

Membership in the orchestra is open to any 
student who can meet the designated level of 
musical proficiency. This year, in addition to 
their regular tour, the orchestra accompanied 
some Star Course soloists. Recently they con- 
cluded a successful, extensive South and Cen- 
tral American tour for the Department of State. 
They also traveled to Kansas City for the Music 
Educators' Conference. 


IIIMIVFRSITY CHORUS-Top Row David Meyer, Paul Crawford, Steven Hubble, Andrew Smith, Glenn Brown, Raymond Puzerewski Ernest 
Schmitt, Paul Brandvik, director. 

University Chorus Has Special Centennial Concert in Chicago 

The ninety-voice University Chorus gathered 
each Tuesday and Thursday evening this past 
vcar. Being composed mainly of undergraduate 
students who were selected by auditions held 
during the summer and registration week, this 
group presented three regular concerts. It also 
joined with other choral groups for the annual 
Carol Concert in the Assembly Hall and sang 


with the same groups in the Centennial Con- 
cert at the Civic Opera House in Chicago dur- 
ing the month of March. 

A smaller group, the University Singers, was 
selected from the members of the chorus. This 
group had numerous local and out-of-town per- 
formances, mostly held just before and after the 
various holiday seasons. 

CONCERT CHOIR — Top Row: David Look, James Eckert, William Moninqer, Robert Peper, Brian Winter, Gary Gletty, James Javore, John 
Leman, Vernon Opheim, Sigurd Christiansen, Jay Means, Karl Forsstrom, Paul Pryor, Paul Owings, Earl Zeitlin. Third Row: Michael Benard, 
Peter Felker, John Trautwein, Miles Smith, Donald Bettisworth, Allen Blaker, Robert Jacobson, Chris Yoder, John Pummill, Irl Smith, Dennis Shaul, 
Phil Smith, Dan Paarlbera, James Sirois, Ken Bri 1 1 hart, Robert Moreen. Second Row: Miriam Gordon, Christine Neuman, Charlotte Souder, Sharon 
Oldaker, Linda Martin, Rhonda Fleminq, Kathryn O'Conner, Barbara Beckmeyer, Jane Oehms, Carol Mitts, Gladys Phillips, Kathryn Sobeske, 
Bonnie Mottar, Johanna Buehler, Sandra Kungle. Bottom Row: Doreen Baillargeon, Barbara Aoken, Linda Johnson, Margaret Rosso, Karen 
lohnson, Linda Best, Carol Stutsman, Patricia Hearst, Sue White, Stephanie Sundine, Julie Gustafson, Gwynne Hookanson, Sylvia Hart, Lynda 
Scranton, Linda Bourne, Alexis DeFotis. 

Concert Choir Holds Clinic Under Direction of Robert Shaw 

The Concert Choir, under die direction of 
Harold Decker, had an interesting and varied 
year. A choral clinic, under the direction of 
Robert Shaw, was held in October, and in 
December a concert of Renaissance, baroque. 

and contemporary music was presented at Smith 
Music Hall. The Concert Choir also partici- 
pated in the Centennial Concert given for Chicago 
alumni, and in the Centennial Concert given on 
Mom's Day weekend. 

CONCERT CHOIR OFFICERS: Linda Best, treasurer; Linda Bourne, secretary,- Stephanie Sundine, sophomore manager,- Karl Forsstrom, sophomore 
manager,- Ken Brill ha rt,. junior manager; Dennis Shaul. senior manager,- Paul Owings, president; Jay Means, vice president. 

'"'"': ■;""' 

' V ::•. *» ■■ *■' 

' £S 

* i 

B% MPSF&I ' Y £j 

\ '- — 



P^f f 



M ^ ^f 


Ldfi viW 


MADRIGAL SINGERS: Doreen Baillargeon, Bonnie Mottar, Linda Best, Charlotte Souder, Miriam Gordon, Rhonda Fleming, Stephanie Sundine, 
John Trautwein, Douglas Pummil, John Leman, Brian Winter, Jay Means. 

Madrigal Singers Accompanied by New Recorder Ensemble 

Specializing in music from the Renaissance 
period is a highly select organization called 
the Madrigal Singers. It consists of twelve singers 
who are chosen from the University's Concert 
Choir. This group places particular emphasis 
on the secular compositions written in Italy 
and England between the years 1550 and 1600 
and known as madrigals. 

This year the Madrigal Singers was joined by 
an ensemble of five recorder players. The re- 
corder ensemble will play in varied musical com- 
binations with the Madrigal Singers. 

The conductor of the Madrigal Singers is 
Harold Decker, chairman of the Choral Depart- 
ment at the University of Illinois. Jameson Mar- 
vin, a doctor of Musical Arts candidate in choral 
conducting, is the assistant conductor and the 
director of the recorder ensemble. 


The Society often performs works with the University Orchestra. 

Oratorio Society Performs Mendelssohn's Well-Known "Elijah 


The University of Illinois School of Music 
has sponsored the Oratorio Society as a stu- 
dent-faculty-community choral group since the 
establishment of the School in 1897. Original- 
ly conceived as a choral ensemble to assist 
in the presentation of major oratorios, its 
repertory hns also included versions of opera 
and performances of modern works. Since 1957, 
the Oratorio Society has been under the ex- 
cellent baton of Professor Harold Decker, chair- 
man of the Choral Division. The Society has 
been very highly praised by the prominent guest 
conductors including Leopold Stokowski, Paul 
Hindemith, Igor Stravinsky, Sir Thomas Beech- 
am, and Robert Shaw. 

The organization has performed many works 
with the University Symphony including: "The 
Passion According to St. Matthew," Bach; "The 
Sacred Service," Bloch; "A German Requiem," 
Brahms; "The Lord Nelson Mass," Haydn; "Is- 
rael in Egypt," Handel; "Magnificat," Hovhan- 
ness; "The Cantata Profana," Bortok; "War 
Requiem," Britten; "Requiem," Verdi; and 
"King David," Honegger. This year the Ora- 
torio Society presented Mendelssohn's "Elijah" 
and participated in the University's Centennial 
Concert, a concert with the other choral groups 
in commemoration of the centennial year, with 
the performance of Burrill Phillips' "The Re- 
turn of Odysseus." 


Jameson Marvin, director. 

University Women's Ensemble Is Newest of Choral Groups 

The University Women's Ensemble, the most 
recent addition to the University choral organi- 
zations, was formed in the fall of 1965 from 
the University Chorus and numbered only twenty 
members. This year, Women's Ensemble was 
a recognized University Choral organization and 
numbered fifty-five women. 

The repertoire of Women's Ensemble was a 

collection from all centuries of music; this year 
the emphasis was primarily on early Renais- 
sance and contemporary music. By practicing 
in the Ensemble, these young women can gain 
valuable training and experience. 

The director and organizer of the Women's 
Ensemble was Jameson Marvin, a choral assist- 
ant and Doctor of Musical Arts candidate. 


Activity Groups 

Freshman Conference gives entering freshmen a great 
opportunity to meet and talk with other freshmen. 

While the Pal Program provides Champaign youngsters with 
new horizons, it also proves fun for their Pals. 

YMCA and YWCA Strive to 
Achieve World Friendship 

Concern, commitment, involvement, energy, 
and instant action characterize the spirit of 
the University of Illinois' YMCA and YWCA. 
Together these organizations provide an at- 
mosphere in which individuals have the oppor- 
tunity to grow by openly engaging in activ- 
ities conducive to responsible living. By way 
of the Pal Program, Freshman Conference, Stu- 
dent and Faculty Forums, International Sup- 
pers, Summer Projects, Seminar on Developing 
Nations, and Community Action Program, the 
"Y" endeavors to confront and challenge local, 
national, and international issues, building lead- 
ers and enriching their minds in the process. 
Major emphasis is placed upon the Pal Pro- 
gram and international friendship. The Pal 
Program enables interested students to have 
the valuable experience of sharing while de- 
veloping a lasting friendship with Champaign 
school children. International friendship is treated 
more broadly. Students are given the opportunity 
to work abroad during the summer, while inter- 
national dinners and assemblies of a Little UN 
are open to campus students. 


~, r- -i n.kort DritrKnrrl Inmes Miller Henry Kallal, Terrence Pocklington, Robert Kennedy, Rodney 

SNIB-Top Row: Robert Woods, Scott Hendnckson, Rober Pnghard Jane i^"g^ * ^ Les||e Emken , Be yerly Bnggs, Arlene Nies. 
Rice, Thomas Stahl, Bernard Heisner, Joseph Goeke, Carl B ^ybil^econ°- ? e ° a w nne DeLuCQ/ Marilyn Wheeler, Glen Kitson. Bottom Row: Ronald 
Sandra Danley, Kay Vogt Karen Jenks Chen Harrison Nancy / ttue^er Jeanne » UeLuca y . Larry Gutterr|dge/ S , Henry, 

Scherer, Linda Kendal, James Traub, Donald McCabe Richard brooks, d^ ectc > . , y Rona | d Hartshorn, Ronald Henrichs, 

BSS^'S^^nS^^^^ Susanlademacher, Roger Sanders, Sammy Shaffer, RonaldSmith, 

Richard Wax, Karen Wolfe. 

SNIB Publicizes College of Agriculture Activities and News 

SNIB is the name of the Student News and 
Information Bureau, a news agency functioning 
to publicize all of the major activities of the 
College of Agriculture. Consisting of a group 
of students from all fields of study, SNIB is 
organized into sections of exhibits, photography, 
publications, television, press, and radio. By 
utilizing these media outlets in publicizing the 
agricultural activities, SNIB offers its members 
practical experience in communications training. 

WESA Brings New Honor 

Women's Extramural Sports Association, the 
student organization which emphasizes student 
leadership and the development of skill, has 
recently brought a new honor to the U. of I. 
This year, it has served as president school for 
the Illinois Athletic and Recreation Federation 
for College Women Conference. 

As an active organization, W.E.S.A. offers 
to interested members competitive activities and 
an opportunity to meet others. 

WESA— Top Row: Susan Giller, Sue Beicher, Miss Helga Deutsch, 
advisor,- Paulette Macros, Elizabeth Sharp. Second Row: Susan Bur- 
roughs, Toni Bjorn, Edith Mose, Marcia Newberg. Bottom Row: Betty 
Miller Ellen Zingraf; Bonnie Byrne, Nancy Gore, Janet tiling. 



MAJOR CHAIRMEN— Top Row: Richard Edelson, Steven Pritkin, 
Gail Edenson, Carole Hoffman, Raymond Hankes, Gary Heise. Bot- 
tom Row: Beverly Sandler, Ann Saferstein, Pamela Horsley, Sue 
Sharf, Kathy Manning. 

Campus Chest Sponsors Drive 

Campus Chest, founded in 1948, enables the 
student to take a larger part in the support of 
local, national, and international charities with- 
out constant solicitation. Campus Chest has a 
three-fold purpose of sponsoring special events, 
educating University personnel and students con- 
cerning the charities to which the money goes, 
and of course, sponsoring the annual fund drive. 
When students see Campus Chest Charlie, they 
know he represents such organizations as the 
Cancer Fund, USO, and the Student Rehabili- 
tation Center. 

ALLOCATIONS BOARD— Top Row: Martin Gagie, advisor; 
James McVicker, William Fley, Gerald Lester, Robert Smoller, vice 
president; Howard Caquelin, advisor. Bottom Row: Holly Harden, 
Jacqueline Weinberg, Thomas Schwarz, president; Sue Sondell, 
secretary-treasurer,- Eunice Dowse, advisor. 

CAMPUS CHEST OFFICERS: James McVicker, student drives director,- Thomas Schwarz, president; Phyllis Czyzewski, special events director,- 
Holly Harden, publicity director,- Gerald Lester, faculty drives director. 

EXECUTIVE BOARD- Russell Snyder, Roberta Ball, Dean Kinnick, Geraldine Parr, Dean Hatch, John Vercler, Margaret Nefstead. 

ini Guides Greet Freshmen with Activities and Information 

Last spring, the Illini Guides were chosen 
by their respective housing groups. They at- 
tended many workshop meetings in the spring 
and one in the fall at Allerton Park to plan 
their program and learn the procedures that 
apply to the incoming group of freshmen. The 
enthusiasm created at the Allerton meeting car- 
ried through the entire New Student Week as 
they greeted the arriving freshmen, answered 

questions, and showed them around the campus. 
This year's guides also provided information 
booths, showed movies about the University, 
and provided mixers for freshmen. The guides 
continued their work throughout the year by 
always being available to the students and by 
assisting University personnel in their programs 
for high school students interested in the Uni- 
versity of Illinois. 

Illini Guides, Geraldine Parr and Kathryn Freese, and Counselor 
June Mitchell assist freshman Ann Kalinowski. 

Freshmen Arthur Weeks and William Starr receive information from 
Martin Siegei, Richard Welsch, and Steven Clapp. 

100 Students Participate in Freshmen Orientation Program 

Top Row: Dale Svetanoff, Edward Loukota, Martin Siegel, Myron Smith, James Jastrzembski, Edward Bunch, Stuart Schupack, Dennis Rose, William 
Montgomery, David Vosecky, Bennett Hart, Frank Korenchan, Russell Snyder, Tim Crichton, Richard Kruger, Bernard Kastory. Second Row: Sally 
Luettich, Michelle Baker, Susan Umstot, Sally Northcraft, Paula McConkey, Kathryn Sloan, Carol Walter, Elin Richardson, Linda Leasman, Dorothy 
Procunier, Mary Grant, Linda Java, Helen Clifford, Carol Scharhag, Irene Thompson, Shirley Griffin, Sarah Rieman, Susan Rice. Bottom Row: 
Kathleen Payne, Lynn Thomas, Marilyn Hays, Carole Jones, Lani Miskell, Lois Campbell, Patricia Toal, Suzanne Mahlburg, Jean Baillie, Susan 
de Lisle, Susan Spalding, Dean Gaylord Hatch, advisor. 










*♦; •v 




Ellen Kraus, Mary Gray. 

WISA to Improve Dormitories Through Liveability Committee 

Since 1914, WISA, the independent women's 
association, has grown from a small group of 
coeds who met weekly to talk and sew, into a 
mature organization representing five thousand 
women students who occupy University residence 
halls, cooperative housing, and all private houses 
in Champaign. 

Executive Council is comprised of six offi- 
cers and eight executive chairmen, responsible 
for initiating and coordinating all of WISA's 
programs and policies. 

WISA's most outstanding innovation of '66 
was organizing its first Liveability Committee 
which was instituted to inquire into and discuss 
solutions to housing problems. Luxury dorms 
received prime consideration. 

EXECUTIVE BOARD— Tod Row: Cynthia Dare, Linda Tschappat, 
Margaret N 4stead. Second Row: Dean Marlene Tousey, Jame 
Clark, Molly True, Sue Ann Erhart, Mary Ann Johnson, Jean Woprit 
Bottom Row: Georganne Butler, Sandy Mcmoon, Susan Maxson 
president; Patsy Parker. 


FRESHMAN BOARD— Top Row: Phyllis Holmen, Mary Wilkes, Cynthia Sasko, Susan Quickstad, Kay VanGelder, Cathleen Butler, Elizabeth 
Mitchell Kathy Knezovich, Joan Courvoisier, Libby Tiebout, Barb Szot, Karen Stickel, Lillian Cresko, Georgia Barnes, Linda Christie, Rosemary 
Swartz Fourth Row: Linda Scott, Pamela Bartlett, Kristine Brzezinski, Judy Weytkow, Margaret Altgilbers, Patricia Bohlen, Adnanne Parnsh, 
Nancy Linsky, Geraldine Fehst, Marcia Shular, Carol Pieper, Karen Lein, Linda Jackson, Pamela Berkely, Lynn Farr. Third Row: Marilyn Schwarz, 
Barbara Treger, Susan Hirsch, Marion Ross, Diane Wallace, Gail Schaller, Linda Bisk, Ellen Naiditch, Cindy Roos, Kathy Seville, Jananne Wessel, 
Cheryl Veech, Paula Pobbins, Jennifer Schaeffer, Nancy Worthington, Linda Sprague. Second Row: Cheryl Carlson, Gayle Wexler, Connie Wiese, 
Ruthhynn Schmoll Janis Sue Swanson, Joni Feiger, Shery Land, Sandra Hufford, Marcia Solwitz, Constance Geiger, Janie Bussert, Marilyn Stanck, 
Karen Carlson. Bottom Row: Miss Marilyn Michel, staff advisor; Annetta Crouse, secretary; Martha Ault, president; Maria Borchers, vice president; 
Connie Collins, student advisor. 

Board Studies Campus Life CWS Plans Key Privileges 

Freshman Board, designed specifically for all 
freshman women and sponsored by WISA, is 
just one of many student groups that studies 
and discusses various outlooks of University life. 
One of its most prominent jobs is the organi- 
zation and presentation of the annual Mom's 
Day Luncheon held each spring. Freshman Board 
offers many enriching experiences. 

The Council of Women Students is comprised 
of seven committee members from Panhellenic 
and seven from WISA. Its primary topics of consid- 
eration this year were the expected key privi- 
leges and unlimited hours. CWS acts as the 
voice of all undergraduate women, functioning 
as a student governmental body and working in 
conjunction with CSA and Student Senate. 

CWS — Top Row: Patsy Parker, Rosalie Kobernik, Carol Costello, Terry Thompson, Nancy Goodman, Carol Houlihan, Penelope Fredricks, Robin 
Haggard. Bottom Row: Dean Barbara Metzner, Glenda Parsons, Sally Johannes, Paula Stark, Dean Marlene Tousey. 

f> a a o © n 

This year the two divisions of Allen Hall were 
united under one governing body. A new con- 
stitution replaced the older one written in 1958 
which divided the dormitory into two halls 
Allen North and Allen South. The women of 
Allen now have united forces. 

Scholastically, Allen maintained its high stand- 
ards. In the freshmen and upperclassmen divisions 
of the W.I.S.A. scholastic competition, Allen took 
third place. Other activities included dinners 
honoring the Back Porch Majority and the Poz- 
non Choir. 

Top Row: Miss Bonnie Ellis, head resident; Amy Boule, scholarship 
chairman; Jo Anne Wasco, activity chairman; Bonnie Powell, com- 
mittee coordinator; Louise England, foster child chairman,- Beatrice 
Mills, social chairman; Mrs. Phyllis Greinwald, head resident. 
Bottom Row. Brenda Charney, lllini Guide chairman; Polly Kohl, Treas- 
urer; Victoria Whitman, secretary; Judith Gilbert, president; Rosalyn 
Sontz, vice president; Louisa Choules, lllini Guide chairman. 


Top Row Nancy Carlson, Amy Altmix, Marilyn Anderson, Georgia Bohlen, Virginia Classen, Bonita Bell, Annette Dechy, Patricia Anderson Mary 
Cole, Barbara Bartley, Sharon Binder, Ninfa Agnello. Third Row: Judith Mecum, Barbara Bible, Carol Brinkmann, Lenka Muntyan, Jean Burke, 
Diane Paul, Susan Bostrom, Stephany Addis, Elsie Bartlett, Delilah Cohn, Kathleen Brave, Susan Amstutz, Patricia Lechner Second Row. Patricia 
Bohlen, Eileen Brown, Lynn Anderson, Linda Christie, Judith McNary, Joan Artstein, Mary Burba, Carol Alesandrini, Jan Berry, Carolyn Bradley, 
Donna Burgener. Bottom Row: Nancy Butterwick, Maureen Andrews, Katherine Beaumont, Maria Borchers, Cheryl Butenshen, Josephine Bejlovec. 

^ ",PAO^ 

&$&.?), frA 

•G fafyok a, 


Top Row: Joann Craft, Martha Dague, Patricia Fatten, Paula Eschmann, Nancy Crowell, Susan Drom, Jane Douglass, Ellen Cox, Heather Ellis, 
Linda Ewers, Priscilla Ewing. Third Row: Sharon Dudley, Priscilla Stevens, Lana Fattig, Joan Cowan, Cynthia Cybul, Linda Bisk, Linda lacksc- 

D,,i-k A^r, A,/Wi- Q re^„ r~k^ r ,,l r„ r \r L.JuL C t „._ C... r\:_L_. rv C C I D-. I.J^L r,__l..l_„ c ' r\_L_- n i r^ i 


Top Row: Diane Debruyckere, Pamela Harrell, Cheryl Gwozdz, Lillian Gresko, Becky Winter, Crystal Hand, Joanna Norman, Rachel Hardinger, 
Susan Glowacz. Third Row: Marcia Greaves/Jrene Goldberg, Marjorie Gold, Nancy Gahl, Janet Greger, Martha Cunningham, Ellen Geiger, 
Michele Honigberg, Beatrice Holly, Lois Hanson, Linda Grochmal. Second Row: Sara Hunt, Susan Haller, Barbcra Grance, Carol Fairchild, Judy 
Friedman, Lucy Goldsmith, Elizabeth Holmer, Pamela Hendrickson, Mary Goodwin, Judith Harper, Janice Friedl, Mary Jane Graham, Joanna 
Cornett. Bottom Row: Anna House, Marcia Gordon, Kathryn Gyure, Elizabeth Hirsch, Ann Hanson, Marilyn Frey. 

ft Ha o 

i «i»ri '-l-«t'.Vi""a*"i »f 'tis 





■^ *3 



m «• 

Top Row: jane Ewan, Barbara Koelling, Sandra Kirby, J-osbwa Kohut Barbara ^^' t^^^^^X:^^^'^ 
HiNen, Antoinette Klopack, Joan Ryder, Kathleen ' Kaapke Th^d I IW C °^^f JJ^^^^ ° n ^ # D ' iane Klnney , Carolyn Camped. Second 
Marilyn Jones, Helen Johnson, Janet Leave , L '" da ^er A^ 
Row: Maraa Larsen Roberta Larson, Caro Wn LeBlan c Ln J ^ ° w fe L ^ ^n, Michele ^ ^.^ l ^ ^^ <manQ{igK 

A^afetarrGSna' !&» l£^^!SfeJ« F ff "A* K.schmirz, Louise Matchett, L,nda McDonald. 


Top Row: Pamela Rogas, Nancy Willi™,, Catherine Mili.ello, Susan Menus Ann. Ruda Katherine >^ gffiZtigtZ.^dfZ 
Diane Wallace, Srephanie Scranlon, Joyce Miller, Betty Miller, JoAnn Met nda Waters, bh »™« ™' lis Anita Moy, Linda Drve, Linda 

Powers, Cheryl Schlatter, Joan Matysiak, Gail Hurlbut. 


f *!> C* jR &<?>■ |ft 

Off * 

Top Row: Letty Shapiro, Susan Stobe, Susan Smith, Kathleen Simonik, Alice Rysdon, Allidah Poole, Melody Shiff, Barbara Ruby, Laura Showers, 
Camilla Smith, Margaret Roe, Mary Moran, Mary Pepole. Second Row: Loretta Kaczmarek, Gayle Russell, Dorothy Morgan, Cynthia Raney, Anna 
Smith, Davie Raker, Melinda Schmitz, Marjorie Pine, Patricia Seipel, Jeanne DeBeer, Mary McCourt, Jane Reay, Wanita Rowe, Brenda Webb 
Bottom Row: Catherine Ellerbusch, Stephanie Anderson, Janet Paitl, Linda Pauley, Jo Lynn Rees, Carlo Meltzer, Keven Roth,' Deborah Senn 
Teresa Runkle, Sandra Montalbano, Mercy Ragins. 


Top Row: Mary Wiertelak Lynn Wescott, Bonnie Sugar, Robyn Vullmahn, Patricia Squires, Teresa Thompson, Barbara Swanson, Shelia Stoops, 
Carolyn Winters, Carol Tucker, Linda Weipert, Nancy Watson, Judith Sims. Third Row: Susan Wilson, Susan Rice, Janice Vaughn, Erica Timmer- 
man, Diane Jessee, Anne Varga, Jeanne Wei, Deena Stollberg, Cynthia Zmrhal, Adrianne Fishman, Marcia Zarko, Kathryne Steffenson, Carolyn 
Lepper. Second Row: Karen Vlcek, Cynthia Schneider, Mary Stutz, Janalee Felix, Theresa Orlowski, Martha Plunk, Sally Swanson, Barbara 
Vencker Michele Stolank, Suzanne Sprietsma, Kay Van Gilder, Carolyn Zachary. Bottom Row: Ann Zimmerman, Kathleen Wells, Janice White, 
Jennifer Smith, Carol Becker, Carolyn Wiltberger, Dawn Lauer, Nancy Westergreen, Denise Stockbarger, Karen Spalten 


TopRow: Jean Telle Second Row: Devillo Begando Julia Lynn. 
Bottom Row: Lynn Roloff, Ann Hightower, Melisa Mehall. 

Kobernik, Catherine Norris. 


Top Row: Nancy Leslie, Ann Herman, Annette Anglesano, Corinne Anderson, Candace Corbett, Mary Coughlin, Alice Sanders, Ruth Mooney, 
Susan Jachimek, Claudia Libera, Claire Nelson, Janis Olsen, Mary Collignon, Jacqueline Florence, Ruth Chen, Linda Peterson, Susan Goers, 
Bonnita Grubbe, Mary Ricks, Susan Nustra, Doris Schraft. Third Row: Jean Derby^ Sally Thomas, Barbara Crossland, Jane Malkowski, Patricia 
Kimberlin, Sharon Hoffman, Margaret Guzzy, Colleen Henry, Lana Roen, Julie Gentes, Mary Tammeus, Sherry Roberts, Terry Bryant, Barbara 
Szot, Louise Witter, Ida Alison, Patricia Gowland, Sandra Miller, Gloria Chrobak. Second Row: Becki Allen, Anna Merrick, Shirley Griffin, 
Elizabeth Mulgrew, Christine Rieman, Melanie Thomas, Mary Bahar, Christine Ollinquist, Sherry Brunner, Diane Rader, Jeanne Lavender, Ann 
Malen. Susan Spalding, Susan Gehl, Caroline Detar, Nancy Shields, Rosalie Kobernik. Bottom Row: Glenna Warnecke, Carolyn Schmitt, Diane 
Safargh, Julie Lynn, Valerie Kussler, Gloria Ezan, Linda Hartmann, Nancy Pertile, Carolyn Kirby, Denise Root, Jane Rouse, Marjean Wilson, 
Alison Breit, Vivian Ackins, Carolyn Gibson. 


Busey Hall, the oldest residence hall on campus, 
celebrated its 50th anniversary this year. During 
the Anniversary Weekend, a reunion of all alums 
along with formal and informal exchanges were 
held. To climax these anniversary celebrations 
a book was published commemorating the 'past 

Built at the beginning of the First World War, 
Busey was first occupied by the servicemen. After 
the war the hall was turned over to the coeds 
with the famous Mrs. Blaisdell as the first house 

Top Row: Nancy Oltmann, social chairman; Anna Merrick, social 
chairman. Second Row: Nancy Shields, internal vice president 
Sandra Miller, president; Anne Malin, secretary. Bottom Row 
Rosalie Kobernik, external vice president; Ann Herman, treasurer 


&Xe Pofffe Mar ^ Sutor, L,nda Young, Julie Schwartz, Harriet Berman. 

Constructed as part of the Fourth Street Triad, 
Barton's location in the back yard of MRH pro- 
vided an opportunity for numerous formal and 
informal exchanges. The most famous of these 
mixers was held after a general campus blackout 
October 10 when 2,000 chanting MRH men 
marched on Barton Hall. 

In the midst of the general chaos, the women 
of Barton took time for studies, for the second 
consecutive semester, the hall seized the first 
place trophy for the highest average among 
women's residence halls. 



Michelle Baker, lllini Guide chairman; Carol Hutner, treasurer; 
Pamela Jorgensen, president; Lena Salbego, activities chairman; 
Kay Hitchcock, closing chairman. 

Top Row: Margaret McGuire, social chairman; Sheila Jones, 
treasurer,- Peggy Kuffner, activities chairman. Bottom Row: Rose 
Clark, secretary,- Janice LaRussa, president. 


Fun, work, and friendship made this year at 
Clark House a memorable one. At present, it is 
being used as a women's dorm, and the women 
have many activities to keep them busy. This 
year has been filled with Dads Day, exchanges, 
and studies to give each coed a rewarding ex- 
perience to remember. 

With a sign saying Illini Snafu Stanford, Clark 
House depicted Peanuts sneezing into a hankie 
and won second place for their Homecoming 
decorations as part of the Triad. It all added-up 
to a wonderful year. 

Top Row: Linda Sundstrom, Janet Myers, Judy Wareham, Sheila Curtis, Mary Schmal, Pam Weissenhorn, Mary Ann Mikez, Janice LaRussa, 
Margaret McGuire, Betsy Kuchar, Peggy Kuffner, Bonnie Bass, Susan Chin, Penny Teeter. Second Row: Ruthanna Yusa, Rose Clark, Charlene 
Kersten, Nancy Hosterman, Janis Temple, Marilyn Winterburg, Sheila Jones, Mary Jane Wurth, Margaret Lacey, Susan Grannis. Bottom Row: 
Carolyn Kordan, Elaine Blomgren, Lynda Harris, Sherry Maulsby, Kathleen Stock. 

CftAA ft.^ .. . , A „ 


Top Row Linda Andreoni, Karen Rosenberg, Catherine Bruns, Barbara Becker, Patricia Ostrowski, Nancy Templin, Christina Martin, Nancy 
Eck, Susan Fennell, Carol Brookhart, Joan Warnecke, Betty Mitchell, Feme Halleman, Nancy Signore, Louise Printz, Sheila Smith, Barbara Lange, 
Janet Barker. Third Row: Marina Fenocchi, Carolyn Clark, Darlene Roasa, Phyllis Postma, Karen Lehnan, Susan Eder, Sara Brydges, Nancy Liddell, 
Janice Gerding, Susan Betka, Nancy Johnson, Janet Hall, Sherry Bandy, Susan Zebell, Nancy Fetters. Second Row: Janet Zimmerman, Judith 
Beckman, MaryMelby, Ann Travis, Patricia Wald, Linda Diamond, Mrs. E. Grinnell, Barbara Trisler, Susan Levy, Susan Hollonbeck, Michele 
Whitfill, Lorelei Bigneo janis Hastings. Bottom Row: M-ry Coch, Judith Schettler, Julie Anderson, Christine Peterson, Christine Pijacek, Made- 
leine Roussey, Patricia Timms, Leslie Parkin, Judith Snyder, Evelyn Vida, Karen Webb. 


The spirit of scholastic achievement, campus 
and house activities, and fun prevail in the small- 
est and one of the oldest dormitories on the 
campus. The versatility of Evans Hall residents 
can be seen readily in their first place WISA 
activities tropin- and their first place scholar- 
ship trophies. 

Besides their many campus activities, the Evans 
Hall women participate avidly in many house 
functions ranging from Homecoming and the 
Dads Day Revue, to Moms Day Weekend and 
international programs. 

Top Row: Susan Hollonbeck, Linda Diamond, Susan Levy, Patricia 
Wald, Barbara Trisler. 


Top Row: Victoria Huff, Donna Reed, Gloria Whitney, Judith Moller, Linda Blair, Crystall Bell, Barbara Kosick, Karen Ford, Gail Oqren, Flora Yee. 
Third Row: Judith Marchesi, Barbara Contratto, Jacqueline Bergman, Susan Rubin, Martha Davis, Karen Darner, Virginia Peck, Judith Landfield, 
Mary Archambault, Marian Correll, Susan Nelson, Jean Meier, Judith Scott. Second Row: Karla Sladky, Ruth Phillippe, Susan McKibbin, Patricia 
Vessell, Mrs. E. Grinnell, Linda Scott, June Spira, Eve Sonneman, Maureen Wadas, Patricia McKee. Bottom Row: Marilyn Hetzel, Barbara 
Adamski, Yvonne Dritsas, Susan Nixon, Barbara Anderson, Jane Staffier, Mary Madden. Not In Panel: Lydia Brown, Marilyn Brewick, Myra 



Top Row: Kathryn Cation, Mary Harris, Michelle Yamaguchi, Kathleen O'Day, Nancy VanDyke, Judith Harrison, Marlene Beal, Linda Foley, 
Colette Corbin, Deana Lum. Third Row: Etta Green, Binh Tao, Gale Spirtas, Miss Virginia Archer, Brenda Spirtas, Mary Koblitz, Carole Lucia. 
Bottom Row: Judith Filipowicz, Paula Rottmayer, Barbara Schult, Randi Anderson, Janis Hyne. 

Top Row Archanna Hodgson , Judith Lukitsh,ClareUlrich, Peggy McReynolds, Gwen Wise, Kathleen Caron, Judy Bartelmay, Christine Winkleman, 
Alice Gordon, Marcia Ryherd. Second Row: Karen Mabus, Janet Minick, Catherine Ewertz, Mary Johnston, Patricia Carr, Patricia Tichenor, 
Holly True, Mary Dean, Carol Smith, Kathleen Showers. Bottom Row: Linda Zimont, social chairman; Linda Kohl, treasurer; Tu-Sing Trepanitis, 
vice president; Mrs. Louise Carney, house director; Karen Pieper, president; Marian Wessels, secretary. Not In Panel: Janice Gerulski. 



Top Row- Sharon Kubinski, Bernice Zimmerlein, Carol Scharhag, Susan Larson, Audrey Doyle, Jeanne Mackie, Carol Pieper Dorothy Wiegel. 
Second Row: Sandra Mattoon, president; Arlene Jacobson, vice president; Elaine Dittmer, Mrs. Mary Garrard. Bottom Row: Victoria Cameron, 
Patricia J-hnston, Carol Wise, Pamela Berkery, Caryn Canlon. Not In Panel: Christine Olson. 


Top Row: Mary Nelson, vice president. Third Row: Margaret 
Peasley, hcuse manager,- Carolyn Bankson, scholarship chairmen. 
Second Row: Cheryl Thompson, commissar,- Janet Ficken, recording 
secretary; Martha Stahl, treasurer. Bottcm Row: Sara Baker, cor- 
responding secretary,- Beverly Briggs, social chairman,- Barbara 
Worner, president,- Arlene Nies, interviewing chairman. 

The 4-H House is the only women's housing 
unit on campus that combines a pledge-active 
system with co-operative living. Girls with 4-H 
Club experience, high school as well as college, 
are invited to visit this house in the spring. The 
selection of new members is then made by the 
actives. The pledges gain experience in cooking 
and learn to maintain a household. Everyone 
cooperatively manages the organization of their 

4-H House is now six years old. Due to an 
increase in membership, the house added an 
annex during the past year. 

Top Row: Marsha Swinger, Teresa Reynolds, Janet Edmison, Mary Johnson, Margaret Briggs, Bonnita Mathieson, Barbara Harris, Carolyn John- 
son, Cynthia Lewis, Marcia Sullivan, Linda Wheeler, Carolyn Kenneaster, Martha Paydon, Marilyn Hanley, Linda Newton, Ellen Klocke. Third 
Row: Susan Daily, Linda Owinqs, Linda Echerd, Marilyn Zwicker, Marlys McClelland, Dorothy Paydon, Susan Ehrhart, Ellen Mies, Karen Jenks, 
Patricia Pukszta, Doris Hartter, Elizabeth Berg, Janet Kolmer, Mary Brauer, Susan Henry, Barbara Walker, Sandra Stone, Susan Kirkpatrick. Second 
Row: Christine Kesler, Carolyn Bankson, Beverly Briqgs, Sara Baker, Cheryl Thompson, Barbara Worner, Mrs. Mary Thatcher, Margaret Peasley, 
Mary Nelson, Arlene Nies, Martha Stahl, Mary Clickener. Bottom Row: Joan Thompson, Mary Voland, Frances Johnson, Joanne Longlett, 
Victoria Armstrong, Kaye Ridgway, Rowene Baumgartner, Lois Tolan, Susan Hayward, Juanita Fitzer. Not In Panel: Janet Ficken. 


^/I k ®,f\" 

Top Row: Joan Glassberg, JoAnn Berman, Tina Hacker, Diane Sagi, Judith Handzel, Annabelle Anticol, Suzanne Brotman, Nadyne Levin, 
Iralee Cronm. Third Row: Deborah Ginsburg, Lois Jacobs, Susan Alpert, Laurel Berkman, Judith Schmoll, Carla Arbetman, Patricia Hefter. Miriam 
Cramer, Ellen Horwitz. Second Row: Sherri Berns, Rozanne Dosick, Gail Furer, Ellen Kraus, Mrs. Lucy Larson, Judith Levay, Arlene Shub, Janet 
Kaklan. Bottom Row: lackie Radis, Jannis Eisbart, Roberta Saper, Ruthlynn Schmoll, Karen Lein, Lucy Vasile, Nancy Becker. Not In Panel: Laura 


Top Row: Arlene Shub, treasurer,- Sherri Berns, secretary,- Rozanne 
Dosick, new girl advisor,- Gail Furer, social chairman. Bottom Row: 
Ellen Kraus, president, Judy Levay, vice president,- Janet Kaplan, 
house manager. 

The girls of Indeco fulfilled their motto of 
"Live together, learn together/ ' particularly in 
the realm of learning. As a result of their com- 
bined efforts, the girls brought back to Indeco 
the first place trophy for the outstanding aca- 
demic achievement in all women's houses on 

In fulfilling the second aspect of their motto, 
the Indeco women participate in Beverly Farms 
Charity and the Foster Parent Plan. In the 
latter, they sponsor a young girl who is living in 
Hong Kong. 


A completely redecorated downstairs greeted 
the women at Laurel House this fall. The coed 
living room, dining room, and dance room were 
carpeted, papered, and furnished. 

Laurel House's agenda included a variety of 
programs. An after-dinner speaker program fea- 
tured foreign students A phase of this program 
included a foreign dinner where Indian students 
contrasted the rare customs of India with those 
of America. A scholarship brunch honoring girls 
with over a 4.00 is also held every semester at 
the house. 

Top Row: Rae Schneider, treasurer,- Jaycee Aronson, president; 
Linda Swerinsky, secretary. Bottom Row: Diane Yudow, house 
manager,- Lana Dray, vice president; Brenda Kurtz, social chair- 


H OP ,S°R : » ana D DraY K/ Bre u da K, Ku j Z 'L Ja ^ C T Ar ?- nS ?n' Mrs ' J ' Brom berg, Linda Swerinsky, D.ane Yudow, Rae Schneider, Sherry Siegel, Barbara 
W-lc ? k W: Naiditch, Barbara Goldberg, Zaneta Feigen, Rhona Berkowitz, Rikki Canelstein, Sharon D,shk,n, Suzanne Engleberg, 

taith oimkovicn. s 3/ 

Top Row: Carole Leuthner, Margaret Schnitzer Nancy Netherton, Julie Rodriguez, Sandra Shotwell, Deborah Trimble. Kathleen Winters, Jane 
Waller, Barbara Allen, Joyce Barnes, Lovice Brichta. Third Row: Carol Shyer, Rita Carter, Barbara Lacewell, Cheryl McCurdy, Terry Rothra, 
Charlene Koski. Nancy Tennent, Sherry Powley, Mary Schmitt, Evelyn Payne, Jacqueline Gyory. Second Row: Mary Seymour, Paula Humphrey, 
Patricia Lyons, Mrs. Helen Lange, Karen Sprague, Joyce Lane, Mary Schaub, Anne Jakes. Bottom Row: Ruth Brady, Anne Cahill, Karen Hargett, 
Barbara Auriene, Sandra Strukel, Mary Erickson. Not In Panel: Ellen DeChicio. 


This year, as in past years, Leeman Lodge 
held its annual Get-Acquainted Pow-Wow. At 
midnight the upperelassmen met on the third 
floor and sang as they wound around the house 
adding new girls to their chain. Upon their 
arrival at an Indian campfire the girls were 
met by Chieftess Illiniwek. 

As the girls clapped, the Indian began her 
dance which ended with a leap over the fire. 
Each new girl was given a headdress and Mrs. 
Lange, the new house mother, treated them to 
a feast of cocoa and doughnuts. 


Top Row: Deborah Trimble, Anne Jakes, Joyce Lane, Mary 
Schaub. Second Row: Paula Humphrey, Patricia Lyons. Bottom 
Row: Mary Seymour, Karen Sprague. 

Top Row: Eva Ring, secretary,- Miss Betsy Statt, head resident, 
Carol Raye, treasurer,- Claudia Bailey, committee co-ordinator. 
Second Row: Virginia Linder, vice president,- Kay Vogt, sociai 
chairman. Bottom Row: Marygene Schlitt, corridor council presi- 
dent; Turee Allison, president; Joanne Chamberlain, lllini Guide 


LAR North won a second place this year in 
the Dads Day Revue with an act titled "Like 
Father, Like Son." For this show, the girls of 
LAR North, along with LAR South, teamed up 
with the boys from Snyder Hall. 

Many reforms were initiated on campus this 
year, and LAR North didn't fall behind. In the 
new constitution which was written this year, a 
new dress code was passed. This code allowed 
the girls to wear slacks to dinner, as well as to 
breakfast and lunch — a privilege for the residents 
of LAR. 

Top Row: Judith Herrin Elaine Slaughter, Nancy Hesse, Gail Baugh, Susan Ostrowski, Linda McMackin, Dorothy Procunier, Kathleen Kelly, 
Diane L>°nash, Susan Richmond, Celeste Stepien, June Smith, Maren Meyer, Susan Pochyly, Susan Umstot. Fifth Row: Linda Diedrich, Cynthia 
U sen, Marian Edwards Roberta Heinekamp, Sandra McWethy, Dianne Butscher, Susan Hagan, Sandra Miller, Patricia Carper, Janet Radcliff, 
Ulona R'ekena, Nancy Yepsen, Diane Eulenberg. Fourth Row: Diane Dykstra, Barbara Koldon, Barbara Warfield, Myra Eschmann, Mary Porter 
Bonnie McBnde, Susan Gilmore, Edna Mersch, Susan Quill, Joanne Chamberlain, Joan Richter, Phyllis Stout. Third Row: Jayne Kiddie, Deborah 
Weider, Jan Chnstensen, Linda Olson, Phyllis Meyer, Nancy Foit, Darlene Kovanic, Karen Wolfe, Sandra Frensko, Lajan Tatum, Helen Keulks, 
r-i M nna !i" c eC j Shelia Pusey, Susan Blackmore, Valerie Enggas, Amy Simpson, Judith Stym, Eileen Stirn, Barbara Boose, Robin Ellison, 

Oail Maxwell Sandra Homola, Jane Fitzpatrick, Margaret Cusack, Josephine Hoffberg, Lois Roth, Mary Rue. Bottom Row: Linda Kirkpatrick, 
Kathleen Roby, Mary Steuernagel, Nancy Matevich, Sandra Nicklas, Nancy Hollister, Pamela Ibsen, Jacalyn Root, Carolyn Thune, Janice Poorman 


Top Row: Gloria Buck, Lynn Taylor, Mildred Busse Gwynne Hookanson, Andersor ^Deborah ^^t^^^^ 
Diana Wedel, June Wurmstedt, Linda Watts Debra S ^s'v™^ Weytkow, Mary St.Germaine, lacquelyn Johnson, 

Votava, L.nda Swanson, Ruthonn Olson Mildred Baker Karen En Maura *^J^ U ^' S -Jj 1 ^ Schneider, Mi riam Foxman, M.chele Moline, Laura 
L.nda Bowman, Kathryn Sayre Jean Ruehrdanz, Sandra ^"ch- Fourth R °^ ^' nda ^ ls ^° a ^ C j n J e r5 onna Wjtsken . third Row: Nancy Stark, 
O'Brien, Nancy McDowell, Barbara Holstein Mary Ross rt L J" d ° a ' Fe 3d e 7 a r,™ M cDonalJ, Kathleen Pettay, Kathleen Rinkenberger, 
Dorothy DuPree, Nancy Barger, Alonda Belpuls , Ton Tarter , Verne, re nandes £°mc a Hoffman, Roberta Hilliard, Susan Rieger, Linda Amos, 
Linda Burruss Jean Hoffman, Diane Krauss Carlo ! Pete«o^eond ^jA » Br ^thzab t ^ ^ Linda Tousek Karen 

&5aJ? ft ^[im^'Bo^o^R^w: S;^ Cadet,' ^C/Blffi'Maparet Buford, Cynthia Armstrong, RacLl Gaynor, Janet Hubahk, Karen 
Karner, Virginia Yang, Ad 3 laida Rodriguez, Carolyn Coon, Lenore Fink. 



Top Row: Barbara Brock-jone, Cons.anc. G.i,.r, Nancy ^^'mSWSS K" ttSdfihH^W^^W 
Sandra Row., Murray, Mary Jane Grant, Hillary Horwiti, Linda Md^a. «5i2ST Carolyn Lewis, Velma Goheen, Ann Zalski, 


ass s: uSter&s: tes&r ite^^to^M^-* s** 4«~ o^, 

Betty Henry. ___ 

r op Row: Barbara Treaer, ^^JtgJSfiTjSCfl ^fc^ St K^t Ifflt^^E^^TS 

Romberg Beverly Bjorklund E .^ Kath Fre ' e G| y enna Margulis Judy 

Caperell, Ann Kal.npwski, Judith DeSmet.Th rd Row. ^ at £' tl" C J ° w"iT i s Penel oie Kopp, Eleanor Fencken. Second Row: Judith Bartlett, Carol 
Hickok, Madeline Hill, Susan Linda West, Kebecca Palmatier, Diane Klibbe. Bottom Row. 

&W^^ i^rfc^rarfiStoSln?, Patricia Ricketts, Martha Parker, Lena Kupehan, 

Cecelia Gass, Sheryl Land. 


Top Row: Barbara Johnston, vice president; Louise Murray, treas- 
urer; Maryjane Grant, secretary,- Miss June Mitchell, head resi- 
dent Bottom Row: Gwendolyn Flodeen, social chairman; Urex- 
Ellen Beggs, president; Carol Roberts, committee co-ordinator. 

LAR boasts all the comforts of home with its 
own kitchenette. This kitchen is open to every 
resident of LAR and is furnished with cooking 
utensils and staples. 

But the Cinderellas of LAR South did not 
spend all of their time in the kitchen. At Christ- 
mas time they attended the annual Winter For- 
mal. This year the formal was held in the lounge 
on the first floor instead of in the basement. With 
the background of the beautiful Christmas tree 
and other decorations, the dance was quite suc- 


i^Ti.- ; 

Top Row: Lynn Thomas, Dianne Martindale, Connie Claypool, Elise Naccarato, Mildred Hanno, Irene Thompson, Janet Nelson, Lynell Cannell, 
Barbara Bosset, Virginia McMaster, Marianne Pritchard, Katherine Clark, Delores Muir. Fourth Row: Kathryn Sloan, Katherine Anderson, Barbara 
Rose, Martha Paddick, Lucy Kron, Dianne Hedrick, Barbara Dickinson, Patricia Slaughter, Suzanne Mussar, Ruth Edelman, Carol Steward, Nancy 
Gardner, Jane Lettner. Third Row: Sharon Pearson, Mary Oberle, Julie Bonas, Jeanne Johnson, Joan VanHeron, Patricia Toal, Dianne Newton, 
Susan Appel, Cheryl Lundgren, Patricia Krawzyk, Susan Studtz. Second Row: Roberta Carlson, Karen Metter, Arienne Metter, Ruth Kapelusz, 
Donna Chase, Carlene Chansky, Myrna Bentkover, Naomi Bernstein, Sara Allison, Nancy Pogue. Bottom Row: Dana Chikaraishi, Meda Weintrob, 
Rosemary Reay, Mary McArthur, Denise Nakamara, Fran Giovandi, Kendra Kockler, Dianne Korica, Carol Osterberg. 


Top Row: Lynell Cannell, treasurer; Lynn Thomas, Patricia Toal, 
co-activity chairmen,- Marianne Pritchard, secretary; Katherine 
Clark, scholarship chairman. Bottom Row: Kathryn Sloan, president; 
Nancy Gardner, vice president. 

For the past few years Lundgren Hall has 
taken on the new role of a woman's residence. 
The girls spent this year stirring up enthusi- 
asm to make their house better known around 
campus. Their numerous dances and exchanges 
included a folksing during the first week of school 
and a party at Halloween. 

At Christmastime the girls carried out a suc- 
cessful service project for the residents of a local 
home for the elderly. This visit made the holiday 
more meaningful for everyone who participated 
in it. 


The Christmas season is a rewarding time of 
the year for the girls at The Mansion; it is then 
that they hold their traditional service project. 
This year, one Sunday before Christmas va- 
cation, approximately 30 children from a Cham- 
paign orphanage were invited to The Mansion to 
celebrate this holiday. The afternoon was spent 
entertaining the children with games and re- 

The women at The Mansion agree that this 
annual event is of much benefit to the givers as 
well as to the receivers. 


Edith Barnard, social chairman,- Carol Tachick, lllini Guide,- Ruth 
Goldberger, vice president; Judith Rutledge, president; Dale 
Rauch, secretary; Jeanne Hertling, treasurer. 

Top Row: Janice Wanka, Corinne Gherra, Carol Tachick, Sandra Gyory, Patricia Alles, Kathleen Buchmann, Kathleen Bergeron. Third Row: Adel 
Fougnies, Antonia Allison, Joann Roberts, Beverly Rudolphi, Nancy Wartell, Barbara Moskal, Karen Holter, Ann Evans, Jacqueline Finch, June 
Davis, Laura Schultz, Joan Storozynski, Lorraine Crowley. Second Row: Pamela Crandall, Patricia Bertram, Ruth Goldberger, Judith Rutledge, Mrs. 
Delia Crooks, Dale Rauch, Jeanne Hertling, Carolyn Burnett, Margaret Vail. Bottom Row: Susan Will, Barbara Bess, Karen Cain, Marlene Dolitsky, 
Susan Matecki, Ellen Gale, Mary Blackwell, Carol Grodzins, Edith Barnard. Not In Panel: Victoria Wall, Bonnie Greenblau, Donna Taylor, 
Karyl Gregg, Barbara Witczak, Vivian Pieprzak, Margaret Osbakken, Gretchen Green, Nikki Millar, Marion White, Gayle Schneider, Victoria 
Musgrave, Barbara Muench, Melanie Tillmanns, Margaret Kihara, Bonnie Lundquist, Cynthia Worcherter. 


d cu n,D„r;«J, PnrhplU^Pinbera Marv Clevenstine, Anne Reiff, Linda Foley, Nancy Adamovich, Elizabeth RadcliFfe, Karen Hannigan, 
fervf HiH L nda Wh^ Richardson, Julie Stout, Carolyn Houfek, Linda English Rosalie Staudt, Ann Trees, 

W,nn ' ^Mahlburg, Morta Raymond, Judith Mohler, Janice Rose. Bottom Row: Beverly Myers, Peggy Hardt, Kathleen McCameron, jaclyn jorgen- 
sen, Donna Kime, Karen Wax, Jan Turczyn. 


Top Row Linda Gawaluck, Irene Gordon, Barbara Birkett, Ruth Richardson, Gail Vanderjagt Jean Baillie. Susan deLisle, Helen Bojanowsk,, 
Sha P rro°n W payne, Roberta Grossman. Third Row: Ros Bodanis, Rite .Placentae, B^a H u rd, ^ ^ 

Emilv ^ Wilbur, Margaret Nefstead, Teresa Koester, Marsha Johnson, Susan Beiriger, Patricia Sullivan, Constance Peterson. 




l- 1L- 11 JL : 


BLAISDELL: Rhonda Sternberg, lllini Guide chairman; Miss 
Patricia Bidde, head resident; Carol Abrams, publicity chairman; 
Mary Mcllwain, secretary,- Nancy Joslyn, president; Joyce Humay, 
vice president; Susan Ingalls, social chairman. 



PARnival is the annual carnival which the 
women of Blaisdell and Saunders sponsor co- 
operatively with the men of P.A.R. The main 
complex of the dormitory is converted into a 
midway which features booths sponsored by the 
different floors. A slave auction highlighted this 
year's festivities. 

Other activities planned at P.A.R. include a 
speaker program which is organized by their 
Scholarship Committee. This year Dean Millet 
was a featured speaker. P.A.R. also publishes a 
weekly paper, the Paragon. 

SAUNDERS — Top Row: Joan Lewis, social chairman,- Franki 
Issaacson, internal vice president; Margo Mansfield, lllini Guide 
chairman; Jeanne Gavin, external vice president. Second Row: 
Harrilyn Hart, international chairman,- Miss Michal, housemother,- 
Elizabeth Magerl, secretary. Bottom Row: Kathleen Sheridan, 
president; Roberta Kobb, publicity chairman. 


Top Row: Pcnelo Huge,, Judith Kola.o, J.dy Blasdell A ; n. jayne Louise Wolfe N^lJjjqggj^-I- Hon ^ Jan., B»n ^/undo 

Molly' McHonough, Karol Marks, Patricia Wroble. 



Top Row: Diane Hubacek, Joan Stroka, Bonita Rafalski, Colleen Buckley, Martha Hiser, Oreen Zeitlin, Barbara Tarbori, Barbara Lewis, Gayle 
Person, Catherine Schultz, Ruth Oldham, Zita Simutis, Barbara Niemann, Deanna Yurieci, Nancy Kane, Cecilia Strobl, Nancy Rosen. Third Row: 
Susan Olander, Jane McHugh, Judy Rank, Jacqueline Isome, Diane Lukens, Sharon Siskind, Janice Pott, Beth Hintz, Elizabeth Magerl, Elizabeth 
Dixon, Janet Eley, Gloria Kelly, Linda Riedi, Mary Lohr. Second Row: Ann Kleinschmitt, Elaine Panutsos, Eva Murphy, Marilyn Theriot, Sandra Levin 
Judith Miller, Sylvia Herrstrom, Linda Greenward, Cathy Schuster, Dorothy Muse, Rozamund Beynon. Bottom Row: Barbara Bear, Roberta Kobb, 
Marguerite Scheck, Idene Goldman, Sue Sommerville, Barbara Flint, Karen West, Linda Roos, Nancy Phillips. 



Top Row: Carol Marin, Janice Goldberg, Sharon Scharpou, Deborah Reynolds, Carol Crawford, Laura Jaeger, Nancy Gilleland, Susan Rade- 
macher, Marjorie Conn, Pamela Bittle, Margo Mansfield, Telka Syers, Linda Eggert, Linda Kolovitz, Margret Kiburz, Sandra Zemm. Third Row: 
Judy McEuen, Mary Yoshihara, Lynda Hill, Elizabeth Pape, Kathleen Nauer, Joan Bates, Nancy Ramsey, Carol Search, Tracey Allen, Virginia 
Salmo, Dorothy Ostrafin, Judy Matras, Helen Chu, Virginia Wassmann, Ruth Soltwedel, Diane Edwards, Joanne Kresel, Sue Anderson, Sally 
Anderson, Audrey Blaylock, Lesley Holmes. Second Row: Maryln McAdam, Susan Ptacek, Carol Collister, Nancy Thiel, Barbara Keaton, Pamela 
Wilson, Lucienne Brunner, Leslie Lipschultz, Ellen Anderson, Joan Bauer, Barbara McDaniel, Nancy Rabin, Lucy Cotugno. Bottom Row: Beverly 
Pataky, Susan Green, Mary Kupjack, Pamela Pauls, Sharon Bury, Mary Fite, Ruth Kopp, Patricia Bown, Charla Denton, Kathleen Ryan, Janice 
Draper, Barbara Skocz, Mimi Chew. 

# * *\ "t "/J 

1§/t if 


%» ** W 



The girls of Philea plan an annual Easter 
project for children in the Champaign-Urbana 
area. This year they went to the Happy Day 
School, which is for the mentally retarded, and 
joined with the children in an Easter egg color- 
ing and painting party. 

A scholarship dinner is held each semester to 
reward those with high grades. A contest was 
started this year in which the freshmen and 
juniors competed with the sophomores and sen- 
iors lor the highest grades. The losers treated 
the winners to sundaes. 


Ruth Rohlfing, student advisor,- Eileen Cazier, coordinator; Diane 
Sterner, treasurer; Emily Kastining, social chairman; Kathleen 
Campbell, president; Diana Alcorn, vice president; Sally Rhea, 
social chairman; Kathleen Heady, secretary,- Sandy Cording, 

Martinez, Sally Morrow, Louise Brokaw, Joan Guilbert. 

Top Row: Cheryl Anderson, Paula Kinzie, Ellen Fugate, Nancy Walker, Virginia Rice, Terry Johnson, Nancy Fredrickson, Linda Heady, Charlyn 
Butterfield, Linda Tschappat, Jeanne Rutledge. Third Row: Mary Flinspach, Linda Best, Constance Collins, Cheryl Fuller, Martha Powell, Susan 
Danzer, Ann Pickard, Dianne Westerman. Second Row: Susan Shelden, Gretchen Koopman, Mary McCreary, Ann Haines, Janet Bugg, Mrs. 
Mary Brown, Mary Gray, Rebecca Gi I lard, Susan Herbst, Peggy Towns, Jacqueline Engel. Bottom Row: Sandra Miller, Dorothy Carr, Linda 
Sprague, Gaylynn Farr, Kathleen Pierce, Mary Snyder, Susan Quicksted, Martha Ault, Cynthia' Phi I Mps, Kay Hubard, Sally Hensold. Not In Panel: 
Susan Maxson, Nancy Gaskill, Mary Esch. 


Top Row: Constance Collins, freshman advisor; Nancy Fredrick- 
son, social chairman,- Jacqueline Engel, treasurer,- Mary Snyder, 
Freshman president. Bottom Row: Ann Haines, secretary; Mary 
Gray, president; Janet Bugg, vice president. 

Livia Ball Memorial Hall, better known as 
Presby Hall, has an unusual history. It was once 
the ATO fraternity house. 

Presby was first located in a little house on 
the corner of Fifth and John Streets. This was 
made possible by the will of Mrs. Livia Ball. 
In memory of her three daughters who died at 
a very young age, she left money to be used 
for young girls. This act led to the purchase of 
the Alpha Tau Omega house in 1935. Since then, 
Presby Hall has provided a gracious home for 
Christian girls. 


!M*# <## * r 'tftf 

D^rc™ lr!« Fuller l<=nn Wetterlinq, Nancy Smith. Janet Kuhlman, Patricia Miller, Mary Friedl, 

MaryChilders, Vicki Hammond, Marilyn Schelling, Suza 


Top Row: Helen Strotshuk, president; Susan Merz, treasurer. 
Second Row: Lynne Toelle, social chairman; Nancy Wisegarver, 
vice president. Bottom Row: Patricia Ostrom, secretary. 

"Robin Hood Romp," the traditional spring 
informal at Sherwood Lodge, headed the list of 
social functions. During the week prior to this 
dance each girl secretly takes something from 
her date — loot such as a dresser and the back 
seat of a car have been confiscated. At the dance 
one of the girls dressed as Robin Hood dis- 
tributes the booty. 

Sherwood won the grand champion Home- 
coming trophy given by W.I.S.A. They had final- 
ists in the Homecoming and Dolphin Queen con- 
tests and won the house decorations award. 


Situated on East Daniel, Stratford House is 
an exact replica of the original Stratford on 
the Avon, Shakespeare's home. Stratford is a 
women's cooperative owned by the Baptist Church 
of this University. Stratford, since its founding 
in 1949, has been an experience in Christian 

This past summer a remodeling job was un- 
dertaken. After 17 years of being equipped with 
a late sixteenth century kitchen, efficient modern 
facilities were installed — much to the approval 
of all. 

Top Row: Linda Cary, chaplain; Joan Edwards, treasurer,- Carolyn 
Rough, commissar. Second Row: Paula Willison, vice president; 
Shelia Lewis, assistant commissar,- Lnda Benedick, house man- 
ager. Bottom Row: Katherine Waggoner, secretary, Pamela Young- 
dahl, social chairman,- Nancy Perry, president. 


Top Row: Shelia Lewis, Katherine Waggoner, Paula Willison, Yvonne Valdes, Flo Fuller, Rose Cartmill, Sharon Jacobs. Third Row: Lynette Dietrich, 
Janice Cary, Joan Edwards, Linda Crouch, Joan Braswell, Carolyn Rough, Linda Cary. Second Row: Sharon Saddoris, Ann Ahlf, Nancy Perry, 
Mrs. Edith McKinney, Carolyn Kaemper, Deanna Sherman. Bottom Row: Nancy Ingle, Marcia Schunk, Pamela Youngdahl, Jane Brass, Linda 
Benedick. Not In Panel: Doreen Hitchell. 

Top Row: Margnn. Tnppo, L,n„ fc^Lj*. ^^ti^^^^ WKfiBS 

Durfee, Sylvia Miljer, Pamela Kean, Janice Pratt, blame Menciey^ mra^ >w^ ^^ Rosanne Ko lodenko, Linda Ohrn, Patricia Butts Louise 


Marjorie McPherson, Linda Doolen, Drucilla Sanchez, Margaret Michels 



Top Row: Bonnie Barnett, Jane Sloan, Paula Jones, Valerie Peterson, Charlotte Hall, Charlotte Giovanetti. Second Row: Anne Molek, Drusilla 
Tesch, Nancy Carleton, Marion Ault, Cathy Hoff, Sharon Moore, Marie Curtis, Diane DuBois. Bottom Row: Cleora Keeler, Judith Powell, Celia 
LoBosce, Mrs. Gladys Rohl, Norma Wilson, Margaret Marriott. 

Top Row: Helen Low, Pearl Dorfman, Judith Johnson, Catherine Carson Marcia Yenench Holly Kehle, Janice Wyffels, Paula We, Vila 
Sawyer, Carole Bolster, Lynne Newman, Mavis Radi, Joyce Gruszesky, Phyllis Hetrick. Third Row. Suzanne Miller, R,a Sauer, Bonnie Tykvart, 
Cynthia Rudin, Irene Harmon, Susan Voelz, Alice Hones, Janice Treonis, Barbara Johnson, Eileen Soger Donna Berg Janet Lew,s. Second Kow: 
Susan Brainerd, Katherine Ba'rberie, Cheryl Mueller, Susan Lipinski, Marilynn Purtell, Melissa Dadant Kay Moody, Chris me ,, Georg a 
Horrell, Dianna Dunn, Sandra Andres, Doris Kelley, Linda Lindroth. Bottom Row: Catherine Sledz, Susan Levine, Robin Sellers, Linda Leveck, Paula 
Orhoski, Doris Chapman, Marcia Meisner, Jacqueline Miller, Nora Chnstensen. 


Top Row: Judith Ramsden, president; Eileen Kleinberg, first vice 
president; Anne Rosengarden, social chairman; Mrs. Florence 
Ritchie. Bottom Row: Jacqueline Miller, secretary,- Lynn Missal 
second vice president,- Andrea Lowy, treasurer. 

The 209 University students in Van Doren 
Hall this year represent practically all main 
organizations on campus. The seniors in this 
group are honored at a Senior Banquet which 
is held annually. Each senior girl receives a 
small gift at this dinner. Girls with high academic 
achievement are also honored. 

Van Doren holds numerous exchanges and 

open houses with Taft Hall in their "back yard" 

—known by most students as Memorial Stadium. 

They also hold a joint Christmas tree trimming 

party in their lounge. 


Top Row: Donna Munin, Linda Nelson, Sara Livingston, Kristi McMillin, Margaret Harmon, Cynthia Seirf, Carol Anderson, Sandra Safarcyk, 
Anne Rosengarden, Sharon Reich, Mary Jessee, Elaine Oscherwitz. Third Row: Janis Tomasek, Sue Metz, Carol Kumlin, Maureen Pusich, Judith 
Barylske, Dorothy Baldwin, Barbara Brown, Elaine Hubert, Patricia Maher, Carol Frenzel, Judith Jacob, Jacqueline Miller. Second Row: Maureen 
Micks. Susan Salabura, Valerie Tchoo, Lois Koch, Mary Puma, Marlene Rubin, Achamma Coilparampil, Mrs. Florence Ritchie, April Katsura, 
Gretchen Potter, Elizabeth Kelso, Renne Mandel, Jo Marlett. Bottom Row: Barbara Beyer, Judith Ramsden, Andrea Lowy, Eileen Kleinberg, 
Marylou Slonek, Lynne Thomas, Darlene Kramer, Laura Christensen, Bonnie Bonvicini, Alice Tuman, Lindy Russell, Nancy Kelly. 


Social life and studies mix in Van Doren's lounge. 


Top Row Gloria Eannorino, Sandra Hufford, Marilyn Wheeler, Ann Laffey, Linda Hartley, Judith Brown Gloria Frazier. Third Row: Marilyn 
B°a^n " Linda Hagar, Ruth Darrow, Audre Harris,, Diana^Delajalane, MargueriteJHarkness, Mar. lou Tucker, Joanne Rnlay. Second^ow: 

Linda Hagar, Ruth Darrow, Audre Harris, Diana Delaplane, Marguerite Harkness, /Vtanloulucker, joanne nmay. secona ixow. c.^uueu, 
•Karen Kerning Patricia Nelson, Mrs. Wilda McBnde, Jo Ann Smith, Cynthia Botterbusch. Bottom Row: Brenda Tarpley, 
'Maxwell Beverly Wiseman, Dixie Bauer, Wanda Ball, Faith Crissey, Madolyn Rose. Not In Panel: Marjor.e M.nor. 


Santa's reindeer — Allen officers — host the X-mas party. 

Allen women attend their Christmas P.J. Breakfast. 


PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL— Top Row: Kenneth Yednock, Niloka Culich, James Linnell, Donald Litwiller Terrence McFarland, Thomas Vershaw, 
Robe t Hormell Edward Stephen, John Stonecipher, John Krebs, Alfred Levering, Douglas Love, David Curry, John Stier James Mize, Patrick 
D?ll fhkd Row' E File? Michael Kirkpatrick, Donald Moffitt, Robert White, Joseph Page, Lawrence Baxter, Patrick O Rourke. Lynn Lotka, 
Samuel DaviradvtsoWifl am Robinson, Martin Campenella, Guy Serumgard, Duane Schmitt Raymond Hankes Richard Boy an, Michael Z.a, 
JoTeoh Draqo Richard Mellmam. Second Row: Thomas Ingram, Stephen Majors, Donald Jordan James Swofford, John Stall, Dennis Hughes 
Steve Lavenaer Vincent Walkowiak, James Hoffman, John Steimel, Joseph Haherty, Richard Luber. Bottom Row: William Anderson Kenneth 
Pmssner Kenneth Nimrick, Larry Gustafson, Sheldon Ezring, Jeffrey Lite, Eugene David, Brian Johnson, Ronald Smith, Edmund Powell, Terry big, 
John Murray, Thomas Coutre, William McCleish. 

MIA Links Member Houses with the University Community 

FRESHMAN BOARD-Top Row: Ronald Monroe, Patrick McMullen, George Timberlake, Jon Fate, Harold Reetz, Randall Shepard, Stephen 
EHandson, Barry Jackson, Albert Gardner, Lee Reisinger, Roscoe Woosley, Gerald Richardson Michael T.ernan < Michael Voegtle, Donald 
Wuebbles. Second' Row: Guy Serumgard, Paul Shearer, Dale Wolff John Moran Peter Bergquist Robert Bidne. yStepfce '^na^^ Hoffman, 
Keith Grennan Carl Wvne Steven Lavender, David Lagemann. Bottom Row: Martin Campenella, William Robinson, Bernard Meisner, i nomas 
StaS, James Ayers, JolTo^ Bale Law, Howard Holtzman, Roger Forse, James Hedrick, Dennis Mourning, Lawrence Baxter, Samuel Davis, 


EXECUTIVE^ BOARD— Top Row: Joseph Page, Martin Campanella, Duane Schmitt, Samuel Davis, advisor,- Donald Moffitt, Guy Serumgard. 
Bottom Row : [_ Patrick O'Rourke, William Robinson, Lawrence Baxter, Robert White, Raymond Hankes. 

MIA Growth Enhanced by 
Bromley Hall, lllini Towers 

Serving as a liasion between independent hous- 
ing and the University, the Men's Independent 
Association strives to promote high levels of 
scholarship, social life, and living conditions in 
member houses. This energetic organization was 
expanded by the addition of Bromley Hall and 
lllini Towers. 

The governing body of MIA is composed of 
the Executive Board and President's Council. 
Ten Executive Board members are responsible 
for the coordination of organization programs 
and policy. Working with the Executive Board 
are chairmen and committees in charge of par- 
ticular projects. Presidents of each house compose 
the President's Council, which serves as the 
legislative body of MIA. 

Instituted this year by MIA were a one day 
basketball tournament between the MIA houses, 
and receptions and programs for MIA counse- 
lors and house owners. MIA also sponsored a 
Leadership Conference, a Freshman Board, and 
weekend dances called Friday Flings. 


•»i_\ K?pfli> l _«f^gl|g* *£n££2!m *«■ r iw ■■i'? -^^^:^^m^^M t ~^^y mm^^^t^^^^^^mf» — *^^^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^pi^B?bp^^^i^™ 


Top Row William Culbreth, counselor,- Steven Lavender, secre- 
tary Gary Guth, counselor. Bottom Row: Bruce Sents, treasurer,- 
David Dome, president,- Frederick Petrick, vice president. 

The Armory House, founded in 1957, is most 
noted for its high scholastic achievements. For 
the past two years, the members of Armory have 
attained the number one rating among the MIA 
houses on campus. A key to their success is found 
in the fact that everyone helps each other as 
much as possible. 

A new innovation at Armory House has been 
computer dances, in which girls from a dormitory 
(ill out questionnaires. Then they are matched 
with those men in the house who till out the 
same questionnaires. 


Top Row: Paul Roth, district representative,- Libero Bartolotti, 
scholastic chairman; Henry Mueller, athletic chairman,- Steven 
Guebert, secretary,- John Steimel, MIA representative. Second 
Row: Stephen Lingle, treasurer,- Donald Gerber, president,- 
Thomas Miller, vice president. Bottom Row: Edmund Powell 
MIA representative,- Randall Mullin, social chairman. 


Campus View Lodge ranks high in all phases 
of campus life. The men of CVL live as inde- 
pendents, but have a strong, fraternal tie. They 
work as a team academically, socially, and ath- 
letically. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Majercak, as 
house parents, help provide a "home-like" at- 
mosphere, and pursue an active part in all the 
house functions. 

One of the many functions is a Christmas tree 
trimming party and dance which have become 
traditions in the house. Thus, Campus View 
Lodge has much to offer. 

B fl 
0. £d i 

Top Row Stephen Brown, John Heap, James Elliott Kenneth Hails, Marshall Ramme, Anthony Gaff. Bottom Row: John Smith, Kenneth Prussner, 
Roger Smith, Albert Boardman, William Hornback, Gregory Smith. 



Top Row: Kenneth Prussner, sports chairman; Roger Smith, secre- 
tary; John Smith, president; William Hornback, treasurer; Marshall 
Ramme, chaplain. Bottom Row: Kenneth Hails, vice president 
John Heap, commissar. 

The Christian Campus House was founded in 
1963 for men whose main concern is the Chris- 
tian faith and cooperative living. 

The men in the house hold a student night 
fellowship which meets every Sunday. There are 
occasionally dinner speakers representing dif- 
ferent denominations. They have also won nu- 
merous awards within the past year. These 
include M.I.A.'s "Most Improved" scholastic 
award, second place in M.I.A. activities, and 
third place award for homecoming activities 
all samples of cooperative effort. 


Top Row: Frederick Sutton, secretary; Gary Gillig, social chair- 
man,- Larry Gustafson, treasurer. Bottom Row: Ronald Varnum, 
athletic chairman; Eugene David, president; Steven Bergner, vice 


This fall the men of College Hall copped the 
motorcycle inspection award sponsored by a 
local dealer. The trophy was only a minor part 
of the prize. A visit to the house by Playboy's 
Miss September highlighted the contest entered 
by campus houses. 

College Hall is also one of the most active 
independent houses on campus. This year Col- 
lege Hall's trophy case is enhanced with first 
place trophies won for IM football, water polo, 
bowling, Homecoming decorations and MIA ac- 
tivities points. 


■■ !! 

1 > ■ »' 


Top Row: Keith Boles, David Bauman, David Pfender, Andrew Davis, Alan Lunt, Donald Moak, Thomas Larson, Frederic Austermuehle, Raymond 
Tuinstra, Raymond Bohning, Peter Amann, Benjamin Calvert, Walter Townsend, John Krolak, Dennis Klouda, Thomas Reddy, Robert Bulanda, 
William Hook, William Chapman, David Slattery. Fifth Row.- Brian Higgins, George Caritinos, Gary Polhill, Glenn Huebner, Duane Skidmore, 
Stanley Benz, Stephen Adkins, Kenneth Bosin, James Scott, Gehl Hammond, Peter Trobe, Willie Davis, Robert Lindquist, Donald Rasmus, Henry 
Bauman, Hugh Tyndall. Fourth Row: Jimmy Roth, James DeFrates, Lawrence Hulsbrink, Alan Feldman, Lynn Meyer, James Chisler, David Porter, 
Robert Christiansen, Woodrow Benford, Thomas Menten, James Hajek, James Jankowski. Third Row: Richard Maul, Tyrone Lumsey, Harvey Boyd, 
Frederick Sutton, Gary Gillig, Steven Bergner, Eugene David, Ronald Varnum, Michael Stockdale, Thomas Downey, John Stone, James Morrison. 
Second Row: Jeffery Larson, Anthony Harmata, William Harris, Dennis Koch, Gary Boyer, Brian Johnson, Richard Belter, Larry Klobe, Raymond 
Heitland, James Schwartz. Bottom Row: Stanley Sutherland, Edward Frank, Gilbert Chacon, Joseph Carr, Charles Eberhard, Joseph Nepote, 
Luis DeLaRosa, James Farney, Joseph DeWaele. 

Top Row Michael Gillman, James Under, Douglas Ramsey, Terrence Pocklington, Lawrence Rakunas. Third Row: Thomas Fisher, Meaddow Olsen, 
Jon Fate, James Behrens, Roaer Ebert, David Christen. Second Row: David Nelson, Ken Phillips James Twichell, Frank Heitzman James Schulte, 
David Fortschneider. Bottom Row: Robert Hormell, George Deverman, Roger Thompson, Roger Ray, Frank Creen. Not In Hanel Charles Carlson, 
Patrick Heitzman, Kenneth Pfeiffer. 



Top Row- Stephen Wyffels, Kenneth Marr, Alvin Portis, Jess Lionberger, Carl Johnson, Dale Turner, Gerald Makeever, Gary Rundquist Timothy 
Morita Third Row: Peter Blackwood, Gary Sobol, Leonard Greer, Richard Dodge, Ralph Bozarth, Lynn Summers, Rany Simms, Larry Mears, Michael 
Wright Second Row John Stonecipher, Patrick Wyffels, Peter Boyer, Michael Kirkpatrick, vice president; Michael Wyffels president; Ira Hudson, 
James Stovall, secretary-treasurer,- Dennis File. Bottom Row: Allan Knudson, Thomas West, George Grice, William Fntchley, Lawrence Sample, 
Edward Lionberger. 

Top Row: Robert Wayman, parliamentarian; Michael Grant, vice 
president; Howard Griffith, social chairman,- Frank Sarivalas, 
treasurer. Bottom Row: Daniel Cummings, secretary; Albert Clay- 
torn, l-M; William Anderson, president; Gregory Gustin, scho- 
lastics chairman. 

Christmas at Granada again brought their 
annual party. It was not an ordinary college 
party for the men of Granada but, instead, a 
party for approximately thirty children from the 
Cunningham Childrens' Home. 

The men formed gift-buying committees of 
two and received the name and age of a child. 
When the kids from the Urban a home arrived, 
a colorfully adorned Christmas tree with many 
presents under its boughs became the proverbial 
center of attraction. A warm Christmas dinner 
climaxed the occasion. 


Top Row: Michael Scobbie, Richard Blackwell, Joseph Farrey, Neil Smith, Ju Kim Moon, Michael Grant, Gregory Palmer, Gregory McGill, Gene 
Davis, Charles Stone, Ronald Bussey, Barry Wolpoff. Second Row: Gregory Gustin, Ronald Garcia, Gary Richardson, Jack Harrington, Craig 
Ligman, Daniel Peters, John Paape, Albert Clayton, Howard Griffith, Michael Wielgus. Bottom Row: Ronald Bussey, Donald Amt, Stephen Gorman 
Robert Wayman, Daniel Cummings, William Anderson, Frank Sarivalas, Peter Lorusso, Edward Levato. 

Top Row: Philip Ritter, third floor chairman,- Craig Plassmeyer, 
secretary; David McDaniel, fifth floor chairman,- Nikola Culick, 
vice president,- Michael Vitoux, sixth floor chairman. Second Row. 
Carroll Shtriker, president of Europa House; James Linnell, presi- 
dent; Mrs. LaVonne Osborne. Bottom Row: Alan Muncaster, 
social chairman; Donald Wood, treasurer,- Peter Hillebrand, fourth 
floor chairman. Not In Panel: Richard Blazier. 

Hendrick House is one of the newer members 
of MIA. The seven-story building has the ca- 
pacity to house 249 undergraduate men. The 
rooms are all two-man suites with a bath in 
between. All the rooms are carpeted and fur- 
nished with full-length wardrobes. The base- 
ment has a barber shop, a T.V. room and 
laundry facilities. There is also an apartment 
for the house parents. 

This year the women of Europa lived in the 
hall until Thanksgiving when their home was 
scheduled to be completed. 


Haag, James Guequierre 

Top Row: Donald Wood, William Olson, Michael Vitoux, Tasso Christie, Peter Lawrence, Dennis Hughes. Second Row: David Hirsch, David 
Dohmeier, Dav,d Walter, Craig Plassmeyer, Jack Bookwalter, Jeffrey Lovell. Bottom Row: Duane Brown, Don McCue, Lon Moeller, Alan Mun- 

caster, Kenneth Lime. 

Top Row: Peter Hillebrand, Robert Dworkin, Bruce Weirich, Jerrold Corush, Raymond Lytle, Thomas Tucker, Kenneth Place. Bottom Row: Behrouz 
Hakimian, William Shrier, Donald DeRusha, Kenneth Hansen, Allen Gableson, Gary Ridge, Abolghassem Keramati. 

L-fi cj 9 Si 


Top Row: Robert Kellar, Gerald Tarnoff, Michael Haggett, Gordon Benson, Gerald Russell, Nikola Culich, Garold Weinard, Ronald Trompeter, 
Robert hlandelsman, Brian Siegel, John Makar, William Cantrall, Mort Magill. Second Row: Carole Poticha, Sharon Petersen, Aneita Atwood, 
Debbie Bennett, Laura Wing, Marilyn Hammer, Susan Wall, Rebecca Baudino, Carol Palmer, Janice Dobrickin, Judy Steffens. Bottom Row: Janet 
Kaplan, Melinda Sutton, Paula Baker, Regina Wright, Rita Dickirson, Judy Brazitus, Susan Angell, Mary Rudesill, Ann Saferstein. Not In Panel: 
Betty Rohse, Carroll Shtriker. 

Top Row: Robert Curry, James Honzick, Joseph Russell, Ronald Ruman, James Robertson, Terry Jacobs, John Musielak, Alan Theis. Second Row: 
Thomas Moore, David McDaniel, Dennis Schuett, James Linnell, Carl Withee, Roger Francis. Bottom Row: Izim Okeren, Colin Strang, Alan Belofsky, 
Harry Haralampopoulos, William Nettelhorst, Richard Isaacson. 

J: SsfflBW 

Top Row: Jack Cantlin, Roger Rutherford, Donald Carnes, Larry Baxter, Dale Law, Michael England, Thomas Stahl, Richard Smith, Harold Kleiss. 
Second Row: Ray Hankes, Ronald Monroe, Bernard Heisner, Dale Wolff, Donald McCabe, Larry Evers, Steve Temple, Ronald Perisho, Richard 
Dueringer, Frederick Guengerich, Paul Shearer, Richard Wax. Bottom Row: Gary Raymond, Ronald Olson. Terry Sturm, James McVickar, Richard 
Hurelbrink, Stephen Webel, Ronald Scherer, Douglas Pool, Ronald Riffey, Ronald StiitS. Not In Panel: Robert Bidner. 


The basis of Illi-Dell is centered around three 
symbols — a set of scales, the links of a chain, 
and a handclasp. The scales suggest the equality 
of each and every Illi-Dell man; each has re- 
sponsibilities to I-D. The symbolic meaning of 
the chain lies in the bonds of common interest 
and the importance of each member as an in- 
dividual. The clasped hands symbolize coop- 
eration, a key to the success of the Illi-Dell 

"Friendship and equality through education 
and cooperation" is the philosophy which men 
at Illi-Dell seek to exemplify. 


Top Row: Richard Hurelbrink, president; Steve Webel, vice presi- 
dent,- James McVickar, vice president; Ronald Scherer, secretary; 
Terry Sturm, treasurer. Bottom Row: Douglas Pool, social chair- 
man; Ronald Riffey, commissar. 

Top Row: Thomas Parsons, Robert Cairns, Douglas Johnson, Arthur Ogren, Dean Samet, Thomas Weidner, James Etchison. Second Row: Ronald 
Fuller, Kenneth Felsman, Gerald Wikholm, Andrew Dystrup, Robert Gibbs, Patrick Jennings. Bottom Row: LeRoy VanAntwerp, Gary DeLaRonde, 
Thomas Moran, John Janiszewski, Rodney Bell, Harold Mulderink. Not In Panel: John Aggen. 



Top Row: Charles Heavner, Thomas Puhse, Donald Jordan, George Young, James Weeks, William Calliss, David Cole, Robert O'Brien, Ronald 
Veenstra, Ray Robinson, Dennis Morning. Second Row: Tedd Carlson, David Menzel, James Glover, Thomas Sheldon, Edward Owen, Thomas 
Ulbricht, Steven Amundson, Alan Barnard. Bottom Row: Lowell Hall, David Zachert, Larry Macon, David Moody, Gerald Allen. Not In Panel: 
Melvin Hodges, Jul I io Garcia. 


Top Row: Gary Collins, scholastic chairman; Gerald Richardson, 
athletic chairman,- Ronald Fruin, social chairman. Bottom Row: 
Dave Bradfield, treasurer; Richard Mellman, MIA representative,- 
Thomas Countre, MIA representative,- Richard Young, activities 
chairman,- Dennis Alexander, vice president; Richard Luber, 


This year the men of Medea, "Home of the 
Good Guys," initiated an after dinner speaker 
program. The program began New Student Week 
when Dean Opperman and Doctor Wenzal spoke 
to the new engineering students and to the new 
L.A.S. students in the house. 

Dean Everitt was featured as the highlight 
of the program in November. The various offi- 
cers of M.I. A. were invited to this event. The 
program is planned to acquaint Medea with 
important campus figures and opportunities in 
many campus activities. 

Top Row: David Roberts, Patrick Morath, Bruno Bertucci, Steven Schmidt, Mark Hovind, Donald Knitter, Thomas Gutowski, Charles Cox, Ronald Fruin. 
Sixth Row: Richard Mellman, George Dannells, James Rosborough, Ross Arend, Richard Haack, Arthur Hradek, James Horn, Daniel Fagan. Fifth 
Row: Gerald Richardson, George Mundy, Lawrence Davis, Carl Hybinette, Douglas McKelvy, William Morris, David Garner, George Fritz. 
Fourth Row: Russell Hannula, Charles Hertich, Gary Collins, Richard Young, Thomas Coutre, Dennis Alexander, Bernard Moy, Timothy Metzger. 
Third Row: Eric Richter, Ronald Alpern, David Bradfield, John Welsch, Emil Konrath, Stephen Heath, Thomas Green, Marcus Johnson, Scott Lindgren. 
Second Row: Larry Balsley, Jeffrey Mitchell, Walter Kwant, Michael Thissell, Charles Walden, Henry Boyce, John Bartuska, Arnold Henning, 
Michael Kinney, Michael Adams, Charles Glaser, Earl Neal, James Korbeck. Bottom Row: James Stouffer, William Zandrew, Steve Vann, William 
0"Donnell, Richard Anderson, Mr. Mell Crooks, Richard Luber, John Mochaitis, Archie Wyatt, Donald Hansen, Gary Burch. 

Top Row: Donald Litwiller, Philip Funk, Curtis Freeberg, David Smucker. Second Row: Bradley Larson, Gale Hollingsworth, Arnold Josefson, 
Donald Legal. Bottom Row: Edward VanDerMolen, Henry Mount, Norman Butzow, Charles Marshall, Randall True. 

Founded as a Christian cooperative housing 
unit, Minawa has provided its members with a 
campus home and a living atmosphere in which 
each member may gain experience and grow 
as a Christian while attending the University. 
Weekly Bible studies, evening devotions, and 
occasional guest speakers are means by which 
the members are encouraged in their spiritual 
lives while living at Minawa. 

Fellowship and high scholastic achievement 
are also stressed. Activities include social func- 
tions and intramural sports. 


Top Row: Norman Butzow, chaplain; Donald Litwiller, president; 
Edward VanDerMolen, secretary. Bottom Row: Curtis Freeberg, 
house manager,- Philip Funk, vice president; Donald Legel, treas- 



Founded in 1928, Newman Hall has provided 
leaders in nearly every organization on campus. 
In the area of scholarship, Newman Hall had 
the highest average among all independent houses 
last year. The Newman men were also the leaders 
in intramural sports. 

Last year, Newman Hall took third place in 
the Dads Day Review through combined efforts 
with 4-H House. This year, the men also won 
first place in the three-dimensional decorations 
during Homecoming. Thus, Newman Hall has 
made its mark on campus. 

Top Row: Michael Zia, president; James Peterson, treasurer, 
Joseph Flaherty, secretary,- Michael Benard, vice president. Third 
Row: Kenneth Parker, sports chairman; Robert Wilkinson, coun- 
selor,- William Clarey, floor chairman. Second Row: Michael Tier- 
nan, publicity chairman; Ronald Mrozek, head counselor; Richard 
Boylan, activities chairman,- David Loebach, floor chairman; James 
McKean, floor chairman. Bottom Row: Peter Heraty, floor chair- 
man; Joseph Page, social chairman,- Duane Schmitt, constitution 
chairman; Gerald Cluskey, floor chairman. 

Top Row: Leith Adams, unidentified, Michael Tiernan, Joseph Flaherty. Fifth Row: George Donoghue, James Young, James Brown, Richard Boylan, 
Tony Gavlinski, Joseph Page. Fourth Row: Lee Spinner, James Peterson, Patrick Dill, Kenneth Yednock, Michael Zia, James Moran. lhird Row: 
Joseph Drago, unidentified, Gary VanZele, John Wenglinski, Donald Miller, Steven Schmitz. Second Row: Joseph Gentry, Steven Vonder Haar, 
Ray Tamasauskas, David Mowers, Charles Pelman, Harold Pann, William Riekena, Michael Caputo, Johh Lower. Bottom Row: Raymond Pfeister, 
unidentified, William McCleish, James Klug, Martin Campanella, Joseph Pfeister, Lawrence Schmidt, Fank Sup. 

Top Row: Jon Ruud, James McKean, Stephen Esker, Harlan Agnew, David Novy, Daniel Higgins, Craig Luebs, Timothy Counihan, Sergei Bodel. 
Third Row: Gerald Cluskey, John Freehill, Jay Farrell, Richard Schindel, Charles Boudreau, William Zeck, Daniel Grunloh, John Fitzhugh, Michael 
Johnson, Gerald Pinas. Second Row: Frank Morski, Thomas Fehrmann, Randy Bridson, John Hilbert, Michael Day, Thomas Milke, James Davis, 
Gregory Dent, John Wagner, Chris Langill, Thomas Lenard, Daniel Friant, Daniel Von Hatten, Joseph Dempsey, Richard Boylan. Bottom Row- 
Robert Bieniasz, Steven Sagucio, James Callahan, Phillip Regli, James Grow, Stephen Grimes, Daniel Devine, Gary Ashby, Lawrence Mclnnes, 
Roger Howenstein, Eugene Adams, James Koenig, Guy Serumgard, Martin Campanella, Duane Schmitt, David Loebach, Tony Gavlinski. 


Top Row: Thomas Rainey, Frank Morski, Michael Voegtle, Kenneth Iwaszek, Alan Bilyeu, David Anglen, Thomas Geletka, Arthur Arisman, William 
Nonneman, Richard Berning. Third Row: Douglas Powers, Jon Ruud, James McKeam, Frank Pawloski, Kenneth Parker, Alan Hoffman, Paul Cofoid, 
Robert McCarron, Terrence Foley. Second Row: Thomas Gonzalez, Ronald Mowers, Donald Sartor, David Lagemann, Charles Pelman, August 
Perry, Larry Hendee, Thomas Anderson, Charles Mason, Daniel Albano, Donald Beiser, Robert Giurato, Robert Ricklefs. Bottom Row: William 
Clarey, Thomas Clyne, Jeffrey Warford, Herman Buscaj, James Schmiedeknecht, Timothy Higgins, Edward Wyne, John Albertine, Michael Benard, 
Robert Johnson. 


Newman Hall proctors toast to Fridays as they take a break 
from their undergraduate charges 


Top Row: Kenneth Gore, Harlan Goldberg, David Schachter, Morton Blatt, Glenn Golbus, David Sherman, James Prichason, Michael Kreloff, 
Dennis Kaplan, Sheldon Ezring. Third Row: Stanley Weinstein, Howard Fenn, Ian Madden, Jory Chelin, Steven Chait, Michael Milton, Mark 
Goldenberg, Jerrold Wittert, Robert Lewin, Joseph Lite. Second Row: Arthur Feinberg, Elias Barzilai, Robert Berkman, Stuart Gosenpud, Thomas 
Resnick, Stanley Eisenstein, Dennis Goldman, Randy Heilbrunn, James Goodman, Barry Lakin. Bottom Row: Steven Morrison, Steven Bachen- 
heimer, Sherwin Bulmash, Robert White, Jeffrey Lite, Norman Gordon, Jerry Folk, Lester Chernick, Jerome Sugar, Lawrence Gurvitz 



Top Row: Edward McMillan, rush chairman; Larry Mitchell, vice 
president; Richard Taylor, commissary,- Kenneth Nimrick, president. 
Bottom Row: Gregory Heinz, historian, James Traub, treasurer; 
David Linden, secretary. 

Nabor House is an agricultural, cooperative 
fraternity organized to blend the features of a 
pledge-active system, mutual agricultural en- 
deavors, and economic living. All members are 
in the College of Agriculture or in other re- 
lated fields. 

11 Educate, Cooperate, and Recreate and make 
farm life the best life of all" is the motto of 
Nabor House. A total scholastic average of 3.8 
over the last 10 semesters in addition to varied 
activities confirms that they are fulfilling their 

Top Row: Roger Smith, Donald Owings, Donald Moffitt, James Traub, William Robinson, Gregory Heinz, Kenneth Nimrick, David Linden. Third 
Row: Rodney Rice, Richard Taylor, Patrick O'Rourke, Barry Jackson, Douglas Spangler, Randy Shepard, James Robinson, Edward McMillan, 
Harold Isaacson. Second Row: Keith Honegger, David Zwicker, Howard Nightengale, Richard McMullen, David Grieve, Peter Petges, Larry 
Mitchell, Robert Hendrickson. Bottom Row: John Hundley, Joseph Marinich, Carles Erlandson, Allen Holdsworth, Harold Reetz, Michael Man- 
hart, Gregory Olson, Patrick McMullen. Not In Panel: David Rincker. 

Top Row: Michael Murray, Gerald Thornton, Roger Forse, William Faust, Charles Wasmuth. Frank Krawczyk, Jonfred Worner, Gary Myatt, Steve 
Austin, Thomas Balma, Lloyd Shaw. Second Row: Terry Ladage, Bruce Stern, Max Heacock, Robert Polivka, James Carswell, Mrs. C. H. Brown, 
John Wojcik, Terry Shaw, Richard Inman, Raul Siren, Dennis Williams. Bottom Row: Barry Hays, Jeffrey Kelley, Michael Sullivan, David Curry, 
Gary Dittmer, John Bladon, Antti Maran. Not In Panel: Roger Inman, Jeffrey Nash, Charles Karp. 



Top Row: Rolland Moore, Donald Welch, Larry Freiwald, Richard Varnold, Thomas Hoover, James Schmohe, Lyle Tallen, Alan Keuss, George 
Berghorn. Second Row: Paul Mcintosh, Gary Sill, Stephen Effland, Bruce Mcintosh, Dennis Bjorling, Wayne Knepp Douglas Ziesemer, Lynn Albin. 
Bottom Row: Alan Aavang, Larry McMullen, James Smittkamp, John Hightower, Terry Imig, James Hamtak, Donald Greenfield. 


Top Row: Timothy Haggard, vice president; Robert Magnusson, 
president; Terrence O'Leary, secretary. Bottom Row: Steven 
Welch, treasurer. 

Tandem House, just organized in 1966, is a 
brand-new member of MIA. Originally called 
White Hall, it is now comprised of two men's 
residence houses which are across the street from 
each other. The new name Tandem House was 
chosen to signify unity of these houses. Recently 
an annex has been added. 

Composed largely of freshmen, Tandem House 
strives for high scholastic achievements and also 
takes part in intramural sports. It also spon- 
sors several exchanges and has representatives 
in campus activities. 

Top Row: Stephen Court, Bruce Maurer, Ronald Teague, Walter Steffen, Linden Davis, Forest Miles, Rikki Welsh, Robert Weaver, James Lyden. 
Fourth Row: William Henderson, Thomas Adler, John Sherman, Paul Egan, Robert Pilz. Third Row: John Wade, Larry McCoy, Ronald Erkman, 
Terryw Sanson, Ronald Shumaker, Geoffrey Ledvina. Second Row: Earl Spiegel, Ralph Lobato-Martinez, Harold Worrall, Dale Henigman, V. N. 
Balasubramanyam, Carl Jefferson, Johnny Robertson Bottom Row: James Kadlec, Timothy Haggard, Terrence O'Leary, Robert Magnusson, Steven 
Welch, Ronald Subka, Donald Willrett. 


Swimming breaks are one of the unusual op- 
portunities available to students at Bromley Hall. 
The indoor pool is one of a variety of recreational 
facilities offered to residents living at Bromley 

Bromley, a 13-story structure, is a co-edu- 
cational dormitory which opened last fall. Men 
and women live on separate floors ol the hall, 
with each floor under the supervision of a grad- 
uate advisor. 


Top Row: Wendell Jeno, graduate advisor,- Darrell Meeks, vice 
president; James Taylor, resident advisor. Bottom Row: Alan Love, 
president; Sue Rosenberg, program director; Barbara Wasserman, 

Year-round swimming is a highlight at Bromley 

FLOOR PRESIDENTS — Top Row: Gary Sudeth, John Stoll, Thomas Ingram, James Swoffard. Bottom Row: Peggy Begun, Carol Walter, Marcia 
Simmon, Barbara Neiman. Not In Panel: Gail Venezky. 


Top Row Ronald LaPage, John Bowers, Peter Orlinsky, Stephen Sloan, Jefferson Gentry, Daniel Hoffman, John Lundsten, Fernando Campos, 
Howard Holtzman Second Row: Robert Silletti, Anthony Ferrantino, Fred Levy, Thomas Creech, Kenneth Ruggien, Marshall Paulsen, William 
Wencel, John Ernat, Richard Markey. Bottom Row: Geoffrey Amidon, Leonard Sneider, Jay Shavin, Lee Vertuno, John Stoll, Jeffrey White, 
Jeffrey Paulsen, Alan Love. 



Top Row: Arthur Barrett, Jeffrey Polisky, Gary Arnstein, Michael Rockoff, Richard Heuvelman, James Ayers, Michael Cisney, Howard Wohnsky, 
James Santangelo. Third Row: Dean Anagnos, John McKown, Richard Davison, Lloyd Lindquist, David Poska, Steve Degler, Mark Goldenberg, 
Gregory Schmidt, James Heselou, Kyle Rosenberg. Second Row: Clark Hammond, David Shulman, Joel Steinberg, Robert Dujmovic, William Todd, 
Kenneth Kaspersk!, John Finley, James Corrie, John Elias. Bottom Row: Robert Sherwin, Frank Brum, James Etchison, Richard Adam, David Berman, 
James Swofford. 

Bromley Hall provides modern study facilities 

Having the most people caught in an eleva- 
tor for a long period of time is the claim to 
fame of the men who live on the fifth floor of 
Bromley Hall. Early last fall twenty men crowded 
into an elevator meant to carry only thirteen 
and started down to have their picture taken for 
the ILLIO. 

When the elevator didn't stop at the mez- 
zanine, someone pushed the emergency button 
causing it to stop four feet below the floor level. 
There they remained for thirty-five minutes be- 
fore being rescued. 

Robert Janda, secretary-treasurer,- Kenneth Winslow, program 
chairman,- David Petritz, vice president; Frank Critteli, president. 


Top Row Steven Goodman, Kenneth Hokinson, Owen Brooks, Charles Crow, Terry Duber, Todd McNutt, Wayne Heurmg, Charles White, 
Ronald Walrod Richard Goldinger, Terry Hepp, Bruce Luxon. Second Row: Peter Pitterle, Ralph Loewenstem, Mark Chertow, David Provan, 
John Eisele George Anderson, Bruce Badenoch, Robert Bone, Paul Snopko, Dennis Reeder, Chris ZurSchmiede, Kenneth Lawson Bottom Row: 
Shelly Kirsch, Stuart Samuels, Charles Cusick, Robert Roche, Frank Straka, Robert Janda, Frank Critelli, David Petritz, Kenneth Winslow, John 
Kuney, Jeffrey Price. 


? 1 1 i 


%>^ / *^*^* 1 4^****"^^^ 

Vm *U>* t ^ ' <£ f i - i - ±£ ' k 

Top Row: Frederick Yudin, Donald Briggs, William Wessely, Neil Rosen, Thomas Ingram, Oren Johnson. Darrell Meeks, Herb Williams, Curtis 
Simonson, Bruce Smit, Larry Adams, David Woodhouse. Second Row: Michael Adams, Kenneth Shanorf, Michael Fitzpatrick, Stanley Weinstein, 
Richard Levin, James Dobrovolny, James Meinken, Richard Drell, Leo Stopa, Thomas Wilkenson, Phillip Alward. Bottom Row: James Frasor, 
Robert Ferbrache, Fredrich Ebling, Theodore Laws, Thomas Detrick, Gary Elmen, Robert Myers, William Little, Glenn Balas, David Carlson. 


BROMLEY 8 & 9 

Top Row: Michal Cunningham, Wendy Abrams, Janice Newman, Arden Perl, Marilyn Frank, Corinne Lieb, Susan Stelter, Janice Sachs. Third 
Row: Beth Ehrlich, Peggy Begun, Katherine Steinberg, Cheryl Venet, Barbara Eisenberg, Jeannette Nemecek, Renee Kessel, Barbara Kolodny, 
Neesa Sweet. Second Row: Renee Goier, Karen Gebhards, Susan Hersey, Barbara Kerr, Sandra Lee, Anne Scalise, Maureen Lander. Bottom 
Row: Davida Cowen, Charlene Kooperman, Holly Neufeld. 


Top Row: Davida Simon, Linda Balatin, Susan Kuhar, Janis Golden, Sue Rock, Karen Bluestein. Second Row: Deborah Kanter, Sandra Chez, Sandra 
Stamp, Ann Goldfarb, Marcia Palmer, Linda Akers. Bottom Row: Toby Frey, Unidentified, Lynn Lotka, Lynn Cohen, Audrey Eisenmann. 



Top Row- Lynne Fredman, Mary Goldberg, Susan Smith, Barbara Apken, Evelyn Bartenstein, Eileen Libby Second Row: Ginger Smith, Linda 
Siegal, Caryn Nathan, Mary Krusemark, Ronna Kurtz, Jane Patari, Rhea Strauss. Bottom Row: Georgia Suzuki, Lynn Ballard, Carol Walter, Bonnie 
Rubinoff, Joy Kessler. 


Top Row: Saralee Strauss, Linda Adelman, Diane Loeb, Jacqueline Murdock, Christine Jurkowski, Joan Becker, Judith Maas. Second Row: 
Janice Heiss, Gail Williams, Susan Breliant, Judith Westermann, Carol Freedman, Janis Africh. Bottom Row: Rita Politzer, Andrea Zaslavsky, 
Barbara Neiman, Elyse Goldstein, Bonnie Mottar, Luisa Amiguet. 



Top Row: Sandra Pollack, Karen Hardy, Margaret Klein, Susanne Netzky, Toni Price, Paulette Weiner, Donna Hypke, Barbara Wasserman, 
Janice Hendricks. Third Row: Cynthia Conn, Anita Feinner, Nancy Laws, Carol Zimmerman, Meryl Bernstein, Margot Chapman, Elizabeth Ward, 
Gale Rosen. Second Row: Karen Potish, Charlene Linick, Susan Siegal, Marcia Simmon, Sue Rosenberg, Eva Schmidt, Bonnie Bornstein, Melody 
McCormick. Bottom Row: Willo Niebow, Gail O'Connell, Charlene Tucker, Barbara Borklund. 


MRHA Reorganizes Under 
Changed Constitution 

The Men's Residence Halls Association has 
passed a major milestone this year with the 
adoption of a new constitution. This organi- 
zation still provides a program of activities based 
on student interests, scholarship, and leader- 
ship, but it is planned by new governing bodies. 
Hall governments have taken the legislative, 
judicial, and fiscal functions of MRHA. With 
the new emphasis placed on hall achievement, 
the association has served the needs of its resi- 
dents better. 

The Executive Council, which is composed 
of association officers and hall presidents, has 
become the chief legislating body of the associ- 
ation under the new constitution. Formerly an 
arm of the President's Council, this body has 
taken over the duties and responsibilities of 
association level business. The council will handle 
clerical facilities, external representation, and 
those activities which are too costly for separate 

Wesley Habley, president of MRHA. 

Top Row: James Losan, Dave Luck, Stephen Kaye, Stephen McBride, James Ryder, Kerry Allen, Hal Thomas, Richard Kruger, Byron Eden, Russel 
Snyder. Bottom Row: Daniel Rudman, John Irwin, Brent Gregory, Wesley Habley, Heinrich Himler, Robert Harris. 


Top Row-. Thomas Wagoner, James Krakora, Myron Smith, Jim McMahon, Beau Randt, Robert Hickman, Robert Miller, Kenneth Kuna, Richard 
Schulte, Robert Endecavaeh, Dennis Rose, Charles Nelson, Stuart Schupack, Bennett Hart, James Schmidt, Larry Wachtel, Joseph Pozycinski, 
Richard Kruger, Edward Loukota. Third Row: Martin Mann, Hal Thomas, Charles Norris, Bob Bower, Brooks Coffland, David Wickersheimer, 
Lee Finkel, Gerald Johnson, Frederick Klein, David Jochman, John Williams, Harry Woods, Dean Allison, Gary Young, Laurence Vaughn, David 
Luck, Robert McGowan, Richard Gilpin. Second Row: Stephen Kaye, Stephen McBride, William Sterrett, John Vercler, Daniel Rudman, John 
Irwin, Brent Gregory, Wesley Habley, Bennett Alban, Robert Harris, York Phillips, James Ryder, Russell Snyder, Kerry Allen. Bottom Row: James 
Leshuk, Howard Bushnell, James Logan, Dennis Mangers, Steven Clapp, Byron Eden, Vance Burke, Roy Malik, Michael Sulser, Raymond Venus. 

Presidents' Council Legislates a New Role in Student Affairs 

The Presidents' Council voted itself into ex- 
tinction as a main legislating body of the associ- 
ation this year. Under the new system, the council 
serves as a communicative body to the individual 
halls, with its sole power in recommendation to 
the Executive Council. 

Wesley Habley, president, discusses the organization s 
program with two other MRHA members. 


The 1966 football champs of MRH are Weston 3W men. 

MRHA Promotes Many Recreational and Academic Activities 

MRH men take an active part in University 
activities. Enthusiasm in intramural sports, in- 
formal dances, and faculty-student discussions 
relieves academic tensions. 

MRH men work out problems among themselves. 


Residents are active in intramural sports. 



Top Row: Duane 
Misek, James Ras 
Ronald Heisner, 
Jaynes, Dale Lyo 
Howard Cox. 

McKinley, Janjai Manomaiphibul, Douglas Brenne, Fred Gau, Randall Moore, Ronald Sutton, David Dorsey, Terry Zeiters, Jerry 
ton, Alan Jylikka, Miles Smith. Second Row: Stuart Parker, David Fancher, Richard Conn, Ronald LRU, Donald Stocks, Roger Fraser, 
David Caudle, Robert Holt, Terry Goodiu, Steven Johnson, Phillip Green, Robert Schleef. Bottom Row: Donald Brennan, Henry 
ns, Rodney Fryman, Eric Mosher, James Enck, Dennis Mangers, Robert Long, Richard Groenwald, David Kozak, Phillip Weinberg, 



Top Row: Daniel Abruzza, Larry Schaaf, Everell Hayes, Bruce Brown, James Timmel, James Schmidt, Robert Rubel, Thomas Traber, Gary Marietta, 
Howard Stanfield, Phillip Karik. Third Row: William Hill, Thomas Dearing, James Laflen, Robert Valentine, Richard Rose, Donald Sandow, Eric 
Dippold, Larry Lomax, Alan Wernicke, Gaylord Swisher, Arvin McGuire, Ronald Schultz. Second Row: Kerry Allen, James Chow, Alan Wallace, 
Joseph Stocks. Robert Friffiths, Neil Covert, Richard Gilpin, James Lambe, Jeffrey Litman, Howard Levy, John Airola. Bottom Row: Gary Spitt- 
stoesser, Randall Parsell, Gerald DeCesard, Daniel Smicker, Raymond Woods, Norman O'Shea, Phillip Richards. 


Top Row: Steven Cochran, Michael Derks, Stanley Eisenstein, William Gramley, David Kuntz, John Niederbrach, Barry Seldzahcek, John Short- 
ness, Geoffrey Moreland, Gary Singleton, Alan Merkin, Thomas Anderson, Minor Avery. Second Row: James Dexter, John Moll, Kenneth Koubek, 
Kenneth Morris, Robert Gramley, Robert Buford, William Brinkmann, David Ancheta, Michael Czechowski, Stephen Golden, Kenneth Kowalski, 
Larry Lickenbrock. Bottom Row: Stephen Fischer, Richard VerHeecke, Peter Manhart, Raymond Cole, William Hennessy, Laurence Vaughn, 
Robert Galvanoni, Kenneth Olson, Arsene Baykin, Alfred Fisdahl. 



Top Row: Robert Renner, James Lowrey, Autin Hirsch, William Meister, Charles Wise, Robert Fitzpatrick, Thomas Colberg, James Magby, Norman 
Ryan, David Tasa, Daniel Ehrensaft, Robert Merkel, Dennis Burroughs, Robert Rubel, Randy Leeren, Richard Bird. Bottom Row: Robert Arthur, 
Frank Pesce, Tracy Wise, Robert Wirth, Robert Lee, John Gerber, Larry Carr, Frances LaSalle, Sam Allen, Robert Schmeisser, Larry Serene. 




mm K^Jmf 




: ?■ 



Hr'M 1 i 3 ll 




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irv v> ^ 


— -i— - — — 

m - 


_ f ^ 


Top Row: James Roil, Michael Prousis, Donald Coontz, Roy Renegade, Herbert Fremin, Donald Edgar, Stephen Messenger, Darryl Canty, Carl 
Lindquist, Robert Strenski. Second Row: Larry Dandvrand, Gregory Smith, James Long, Allen Briggs, Paul Johnston, Frank Polack, Steve Zitts, 
Stuart Pyhrr, Bruce Siebold, Patrick Au, Edward Mellick, Alan Resnik. Bottom Row: Carl Schottman, Robert Archer, Charles Hall, Terry Schultz, 
Brooks Coffland, Michael Berts, Michael Kast, John Wielt, Franklin Moen. 




James Giometta, Gerald Urich. 




n Greiner, Allan Geis, John Williams', Karl Lukens' Richard Stewardson, Eugene Goldberg, Robert Passovoy. Bottom Row: Clinton Brooks, 
>rge Helm', Ralph Nicksarhan, Wesley Struebing, Thomas Machmer, Stephen Smith, Daniel Harrington. James Gerber, Frank Bmg. 


t«fVtf f "* 

/i • 

w %# * *^ 1« 


t'f. Iff^t ! -I f 

f I t ? f 


^ ^ <f|« <ft ^ ^ ^ 

Top Row: Michael Bollinger, Ronald Bookland, Stephen Dahl, Cleveland Pierre, John Schoening, Patrick Drayton, Thomas Hahn, Mark Hazen, 
Russell Erickson. Second Row: Michael McAdams, Michael Madsen, Theodore Gault, John Sardeson, Irl Harbour, Terry Goett, Michael Kaatz, 
Raymond Johnson. Bottom Row: Samuel Simmons, Michael Piatt, Fredric Moritz, Stephen Manrose, Thomas Webb, Stephen Moulton, William 
Celo, David 



Top Row: James Gahlon, Robert Powers, Albert Reinschmidt, James Cavanaugh, James Waters, Keith Lauritzen, Roger Henschen, Gary Dannen- 
berg, Nash New, George Ames. Third Row: John Foose, Ronald Greenberg, Gary Nelson, William Blankenship, Griffin Noble, Steven Myers, 
Ronald Johnson, Robert Chance, Clifford Reed, Steven Danuser, Alan Esterman, David Sherman, George Coulter. Second Row: Geoffrey Brown, 
Dennis Bassett, Jeffrey Lawhorn, William Butpkas, John Cain, Thomas Wagoner, Terry Walker, Richard Johnson, Richard Pass, Lee Weinstein, 
Gary Dalby. Bottom Row: Alvin Dobrowski, Alvin Cohen, Wayne Bloomfield, Jeffrey Bender, Loren White, Richard Arsenty, James Borbely, 
Patrick Leston, Paul Wagenbreth, Walter Buss. 


O 4t^> 



A 4 « m& * v I * t % 

(h >\ 


Tod Row Kenneth Wilzbach, James Tolson, Richard Carlson, Wayne Zarnecki, Arthur Thoma Thomas Martin Mark Wilson Earl Kopriva David 
Mclaen Dale H inkle, Donald' Yacoe. Third Row: Mark Ayers Wayne Seyller Randall Biallas, Patrick McMahon Kenneth Willouahby, Robert 
Ra^dl Vincent Cannon, Bradford Westrup, Gary Ritcher, Alan Grossman, Dana Wigner Second Row: Stephen McBride, Robert Tortdrel I \, 
Carlson Douglas Anderson, Lee Finkel, Herbert Smith, Mark Ross Bruce Spitzer John Walker Bottom Row: David Newman, Vincent Confort,, 
Raymond Dix Dean Dearborn, Joseph Blanco, John Schlembach, Gregory Landahl, William Weitzenfeld, John Molburg. 



Orris Burns, David Brossart, Robert Rossen, Richard Dornfeld, Warren West. 


Top Row: Robert Wilson, Kim Lawler, Kenneth Winter, Mark Tebrugge, Eric Giebelhausen, Anthony Zumpano, Robert Vorel, Donald Parth, 
Stanton Hieronymus. Second Row: Joseph Pecicos, John Fuller, Michael Garst, Harry Baxter, Paul Anzine, Daniel Rudman, Stephen Maack, Tim 
Rhea, Philip Burnett, Harlan Goldberg, Gerard Breitzer. Bottom Row: James Baird, Charles Tindall, Kenneth Pechman, Robert Edbrooke, 
Robert Hickman, Robert Waide, James Stovall, Leonard Lingo, Steven Weiss. 



Top Row: Kenneth Kroupa, Joseph Toscand, Mark Nelson, Edward Keating, James Bieller, Terry Bounds, Henry Mack, Rodney Wickert, Donald 
Burcham, Hernando Arana, William Vinson. Second Row: Christian Newkirk, Kenneth Kosche, Larry Plencner, Thomas McCraw, Carl Easton, 
Roger Schultzc, James Simpson, Jay Wait, Danny Stanley, Donald Rolla, Timothy Emerson. Bottom Row: Tom Randall, Ronald Schisler, Michael 
Manning, Gary Rowe, Kenneth Kuna, Ray Klien, David Vosecky, James Prescott, James Kobylecky, John Birch. 


Top Row: William Laegeler, Brian Kleven, Robert Corder, JohnDolan, Ronald Morrison, Richard Sadder, John Yakubinis, Thomas Schmeal, Stephen 
Kelly, Thomas Hunter. Dale Shawgo, James Brake, Robert Barnes. Third Row: Gregory Nace, Tracy Gerow, Jerry Falk, Jerry Dewhirst, John 
Cotti'ngham, Fredrick Mass, Frank Swiatowiec, ThomasFryzer, Larry Lovell, James Verplaetse, Harlan Richards, Michael Pretnar, Dwaine Keller, 
David Wickum, Gary Durham, Larry Anderson, Robert Busch. Second Row: George Browning, Kenneth Leisch, Donald Seaman, Robert Knudson, 
David Lockmill'er, Charles Morris, Richard Kruger, John Mazur, Robert Wynstra, Terrence Curtis, Frederick Palmer, Bruce Richardson, Curtis East- 
man. Bottom Row: Jeffery Fisher, Thomas Smith, Steven Hyndman, Michael Sellers, William Foute, Michael Sample, Rodger Kelley, Thomas Henehan. 



Top Row: Robert Carr, Paul Shultz, Gary Graham, Joseph Kmoch, Philip Lulewicz, Allen Jonassen, Monte Gillespie, David Shaver, Richard Carlson, 
Dennis Gathard, Robert Bluhm, Robert North, Gustav Nystrom, James Hillman, Michael Brady, Harry Kirby. Third Row: Steven Perlman, David 
Hahnenstein, Lowell Dray, Paul Szymanski, Hellmuth Vedder, Ronald Klohr, Robert Brewersdorf. Lee Ekstrom, James Filliung, Martin Rosenblum, 
David Roberts, Ross Morton, Steven Ohley. Second Row: John Szymanski, Trevor Overton, Stephen Dunille, David Wickersheimer, Larry Miller, 
Thomas Groszczyk, Marshall Poole, Gary Rosenblum, Earl Dague. Bottom Row: Raymond Stanford, Larry Youngren, Owen Stine, Ronald Parchem, 
John Deluca, David Liden, Donald Hernandez, Keith Armour, Steven Levin, William DeSavourt. 

! I'-M T t.^ f-f Iff*} I 

I ft iff 


* JMA 


st M" f vf1* "■*»**■>* 


•* %# in 

Top Row: Michael Gross, James Luebbers, Gene Partlow, Robert Bandera, Kenneth Schory, Michael Freehill, Kristian Lauritzen, Richard Hewes, 

— 3S Ziech, Elmer Kelter, David Stucki. Third Row: Roger 

s, John Benedict, Bernard Flock, Thomas Vucinic, Alan 




Top Row: James Johnson, William Brady, Larry Mitchell, Franklin Roeske, Gene Shostrom, Russell Snyder, William Orner, Philip Burkhart, Steven 
Denny, James Orner. Bottom Row: Donald Eve, Harry Sue, James Snyder, Richard Lutz, Raymond Venus, John Bade, Timothy Moermond, George 
Harth, Herbert Myers, Robert Diehl. 

Top Row: Leonard Oberc, Daniel Roley, Alan Tegen, Timothy Mentkowski, Douglas Mannering, Fred Utne, Timothy McGuire, James Christensen, 
Robert Culbertson, George Kinney, Donald Pointer, Gary Bozlinski, Carl Palmberg, Stewart Roberts, Gregory Mink. Second Row: Harold Elchinger, 
Jerome Schlichter, Michael Garmarnik, Randy Benson, Daniel Kreutzer, David Roley, John Howard, Paul Sepp, David Soden, David Geiger, 
Jerome Synold, Wayne Peters. Bottom Row: James Curry, Timothy Griffin, Thomas Cash, David Johnson, Stephen Walter, Timothy Friedberg, 
Raymond Curts, Leslie Kimmel, George Kumis, Thomas McMurray. 


SCOn 4E 

Top Row: Mark Stafford, Francis Marlovits, Robert Guariniello, Steven Musgrove, Thomas Berthold, James Prosise, Franklin Brown, Kenneth 
Brauer, Raymond Allen, William Anniss, Barry Petrigala, James Oakland. Bottom Row: John Hopton, John Lindblad, James Elliott, George 
Roller, Gerald Johnson, Alvin Feder, Edward Steinmann, Melvin Yarrington, Duane Walker, Gary Missel. 


Top Row: James Witschy, president 2E,- James Crouch, president 2W ; Gene Rutkowski, president 4W,- Stuart Schupack, president 3E; Daniel 
Walden, president 4E,- Lester Sherer, president 1; Frank Fenzler, head resident. Bottom Row: Larry Scott, QUIRK editor; Gary Mueller, treasurer,- 
William Wasmer, public relations,- Michael Schroeder, judicial chairman,- David Luck, hall president; Gregory Kush, hall secretary; Bruce Burch, 
food service chairman; Edsel Ammons, activities chairman,- Brian Burch, homecoming decorations chairman. 



Top Row: Richard Petzold, Michael Donovan, James Killey, Stuart Barab, Roger Dupis, Barry Yurtis, John Crawford, Philip Larson, Norris Lessley, 
Edwin Thompson, Stephen Peters, David Trost, David Zunkel, Timothy Cummings. Second Row: Herbert Lai, Earl Schroeder, Barry Sufrin, Brian 
Burch, Steward Hartman, John Harsh, Wayne Miller, Robert Power, Bruce Burch, John Lamdrevy, Richard Pinell, Duane Larson, Spencer Hayden. 
Bottom Row: David Rudner, Phillip Cochran, James Wasik, Bruce Frazin, Anthony Polgar, James Crouch, Gregory Kush, Michael Lamport, Kenneth 
McMillan, Neal Shoger. 



<& # 

f ■$< 


Top Row: Alvin Glicksberg, Richard Engelhorn, William Wasmer, Arlie Traughber, Oren Mallicoat, Stephen Eggenberger, Robert Florence, 
James Neilson, Richard Kasten, Robert Le Fler, Paul Mason, Edsel Ammons, Richard Biddle. Third Row: William Hepburn, William Witzig, Michael 
O'Hara, Frank Havill, Terry Sellke, Michael Symanski, Stephen Wiget, Christie Olson, Wesley Habley, John Orr, David Luck, Steven Sider, 
Robert FHenry. Second Row: Jay Rosellini, John Wachowicz, John Charleston, Larry Scott, Stuart Schupack, Terryl Bequette, Dale Kotnour, Alan 
Walker, James Gasparo. Bottom Row: Ronald Erkkila, Kenneth McDowell, Neil Blackman, Raymond Cacciatore, Michael Schroeder, George 
Ruge, Jeffrey Ablin, Maurice Hogue, Paul Greve. 





Illinois Street Residence Hall is in many re- 
spects a self-sufficient unit. In addition to tele- 
vision rooms and lounges, there is a library 
and a snack bar within the complex. The caf- 
eteria boasts a balcony view of an inside court 
at Illinois Street. 

ISR, one of the newest dormitories on cam- 
pus, was built in 1964 to house both men and 
women. Wardall accommodates 550 undergrad- 
uate women: Townsend houses 750 men. 


Top Row Jean Gendenin, activity chairman, Sara Soder, lllini Guide chairman; Terry Thompson, president; Cynthia Winters, secretary. Second 
Row: Joyce Harant, treasurer; Carol Larson, social chairman,- Mary Wander, vice president. Bottom Row: Patricia Rydberg, committeecoordinator; 
Bonnie Smith, publicity chairman. 



Top Row: Francis Jahn, head resident; Michael Sulser, president 3N ; Robert Bower, president 1S; Madison Post, president3S; Robert Embecavageh, 
president 5S; Roger Miller, president 2N ; John Livingston, president 2S; Robert Loffredo, president 4N; John Lackey, head resident. Bottom 
Row: William Montgomery, social chairman; Dennis Callaghan, athletic chairman,- Leslie Schwarz, vice president; Byron Edon, president; William 
Sterrett, secretary, Ronald Madsen, treasurer,- Frank Simutis, scholastic chairman,- James Jastrzembski, publicity chairman. 


Harms, Mary McDonough, Francine Styx, Martha Malek. Bottom Row: Yvonne Fitzpatrick, Rosalie Zukrowski, Margaret Kotwas, Cheryl Willough- 
by, Jean Swanson, Betty Kordick, Unidentified, Unidentified, Jean Clendenin, Terry Thoi 

WARDALL 2 & 12 

WARDALL 3 & 11 

Top Row: Lynda Scranton, Marilyn Schaeffer, Janet Maxton, Arlene Missavage, Cynthia Wakeley, Elaine Sokol, Sara Soder, Phyllis Levun, 
Carol Kennedy, Sue Hanson. Third Row: Diane Kissel, Roberta Koppel, Janie Zimring, Cathleen Rogers, Sharon Dowers, Mary Leas, Deidre 
Roesch, Carol Cech, Nancy Carlino, Ruth Bohan, Nancy Stephenson, Linda Lovendahl. Second Row: Sharon Amstutz, Marlene Stern, Mary Dinger- 
son, Marianne Parrillo, Jeane Danhaus, Sandra Westedt, Rae Pekala, Noreen Kmiec, Pamela Etter. Bottom Row: Robin Medintz, Diane Davis, 
Mary Pharr, Mary Kryzek, Jeanne Mita, Karen Weinberger, Cynthia McNown, Bonnie Rogers, Mary Bohlen. 


4 *i ft. ^iHftMO 

Fly * < 

Mary Beth Geanious, Deborah Spiegel, Nancy Corey 


WARDALL 5 & 10 

Top Row Vivette Holland, Diane Bieder, Sandra Smith, Susan Moegle, Susan Hart, Paulette Ongena, Barbara Templer, Laura Maitre, Ann 
DeBacher Eileen Miller Ellen Gulley, Gail Gyura, Mary Fricke. Third Row: Patricia Kirkpatrick, Lois Shelton, Paula Herman, Constance Corson, 
Mary Williamson, Genice Rhodes, Cathy Koerber, Flonet Wallace, Linda Ernst, Karm Willis, Gael Evans, Janet Hoppenrath, Jean Patterson. 
Second Row Rosemary Pellicore, Suzanne Curtis, Grace Gasparro, Barbara Graves, Judy Reynolds, Sharon Albert, Diane Quast, Victoria Leumg, 
Grace Carey, Marsha Lee, Donna Irwin, Elizabeth Starosta. Bottom Row: Vijya Srnrma, Roberta Keillor, Marilyn West, Nancy Adamson, Marilou 
Odom, Kathleen Talbot, Kathleen Toelle, Bonnie Berlin, Beverly Hall, Patricia Graci, Linda Lurie, Judith Johnson. 

I Ml 

Top Row: Ruth Pelc, Anka Taylor, Claire Dobson, Pamela Gorman, Jane Meyer, Anne McNamara, Lona Watson, Kathern Wright, Jeanne Mach- 
mer Caren Barch, Mary Johnson, Janette Berry. Third Row: Kathleen Aubrey, Sheryl Kohlberg, Marcia Wellman, Jude Burke, Marilyn Barnes, 
Beverly Mitchell, Susan Henclewski, Roberta Burnham, Resa Watson, Georgia Beller, Nancy Rhine, Bonnie Rosevear. Second Row: Linda Wargo, 
Patricia Chatroop, Paula Kaptan, Karen Lipsky, Gail Berkenstadt, Jean Berg. Margaret Friend, Janice Hofman, Martha Wendel, Patricia Walters. 
Bottom Row: Charlotte Sawyer, Diane Kriegman, Barbara Ryan, Dorrie Scner, Sandra Hellstedt, Mary McMahon, Ellen Sathre, Peggy Lomax, 
Kathleen Tangney, Carole Mitts. 

WARDALL 6 & 9 

WARDALL 7 & 8 

Top Row: Marianne Kopytkiewicz, Margaret Stade, Elinor Schumow, Barbara Bradley, Kathleen Schlesinger, Janet Usas, Sherry Rubin, Laura 
Stewart, Joyce Harant, Barbara Burns, Elaine Berman, Linda Zull, Kathleen Hasbach, Catherine Tracy. Third Row: Barbara Berlin, Shari Hoffman, 
Marilyn'Spiegel, Gisela Florczak, Kimberley Stevenson, Carol Larson, Pamela Harris, Carla Brown, Merle Rovel, Elaine Bailey, Rochelle Grim- 
bau, Rita Luber, Linda Mages, Pat Golden, Mary Zimmerman, Eugenie King, Julia Payne, Linda Wise. Second Row: Vickie Slife, Katherine Bayer, 
BessSchoeneman, Rachel Neuberg, Farrell Hartman, Catherine Hieronymus, Jo Ann McKown, Nancy Johnson, Katherine Runge, Carole Claeson, 
Susan Atkenson, Linda Meldgin. Bottom Row: Cathy Mickey, Karen Frandzel, Beverly Torsberg, Virginia Washburn, Lynn Granzow, Stephanie 
Sirotnak, Ellen Irwin, Margaret Sichta, Maryann Scully, Mary Otto, Bonnie Smith, Holly Abrams. 


Top Row: Carl Hamann, James Chase, John Matras, Kenneth Brillhart, Dennis O'Connell, Richard Prendergast, Mark Luscombe, George McGregor, 
Fred Bliss, Dennis Goldman. Second Row: Michael Trailov, Robert Volkman, James Goodman, Ronald Kruzic, Larry Spires, Frank Jeter, Edward 
Cameron, Edward Raymond, Richard Chesrow, James Prichason. Bottom Row: John Stefrdos, Gary Contes, John Urbance, Edmund Putman, John 
Borzoni, Charles Bower, Joseph Sheyka, Daniel O'Connell, Tom Fujiwara. 



Top Row: David Hann, Paul Dinger, George Stanton, Anthony Girolami, Alan Gilbronson, William Montgomery, Marcus Griesbach. John Glabe, 
Wayne Schmidt, Raymond Kadlec, Byron Eden. Second Row: Douglas Stieber, David Hambley, Duane Hill, James Hammerberg, Larry Ackerman, 
Mark Frey, Charles Vojnovich, Courtney McNabb, David Simow, Byron Baxter, Larry Zull. Bottom Row: John Hagman, Edward Beach, Robert 
Dadams, George Drehen, Roger Miller, William Sterrett, George Vandenberg, Michael Reippel, Ken Danza. 


«r v* V 



M» f.f 
1 * I f f 






Top Row: Michael Roberts, Thomas Kuehn, Robert Salisbury, Mark Fordham, Lawrence Koch, George Steinmetz, Paul Guttmann, David Pinter, 
Clifford Jones, Clinton Diekman, Ingolfur Eyfells. Second Row: Steven Hackett, Theodore Pacocla, Jerry Brooks, Terence Hammer, Stephen Kerr, 
Kenneth Moore, Allan Andres, Danial Livey, Robert Janecek, Neal Doughty. Bottom Row: John Showwalter, Joseph Matt, Thomas Custis, Suenn 
Borgensen, John Livingston, Arlie Alexander, Ronald Mass, Ronald Conde, Robert Bacon. 



Top Row: Mohamed Chaudry, Alan Nelson, Charles Wiente, Thomas Reed, Stephen Kissick, Max Prola, Ronald Peterson, Philip Leistra, Richard 
Young, Craig Talbott. Michael Dehn, Craig Ehlen, Michael Yoshimura, Duane Kissick, Eugene Murohy. Second Row: William Benjamin, Rafael 
Klinger, Stephen Bardige, Michael Griesbaum, James Zohrer, Robert Chase, Stephen Gordon, Paul Alonas, Miles Zaremski, Paul Schlesinger, 
Robert Carlson, James Ner^trom, Kenneth Hong, David White, Donald Kiang. Bottom Row: Marshall Johnson, Raymond Bregar, Harold Nelson, 
Richards Miller, Dennis Siracusa, Dennis Peterson, Michael Sulser, Allan Benson, Russell Seward, Steven Ferreira, William LeBan, Jack Jones. 


f it t * t-f t'f f..| 

r *+ ^ * 0, \j <\»^ 

■!i • 


Top Row: Phillip Yocum, John Morrison, Lester Chernick, William Peterson, William Mikulaitis, Walter Olson, Randall Ranken, Craig Dutton, 
Roger Navik, Robert Kiefer, David Currie. Third Row: Lawrence Rappaport, Norman Moment, William Balagna, David Howret, Walter Dieck- 
mann, Thomas Schwalbe, James Schaefges. Michael Anderson, Edward Klingebiel, George Prall, Garld Keithley, Joseph Popp, Jeffrey Larrick, 
Richard Pollack. Second Row: Lawrence Mellick, John Rosenberger, Robert Lunt, John Criner, Clayton Stubbins, Sherwin Bulmash, Madison 
Post, Robert Lewis, Lee McCullough, Martin Brzeczek, Richard Colan. Bottom Row: Jack Shallow, Robert Ku, Thomas Norcom, Michael Mabbitt, 
Bruce Minus, Darrell Herbst, Richard Diotallevi, Gary Agrest. 



Top Row: Ronald Madsen, Peter Vallandigham, Russell Waldschmidt, Paul Vallandigham, Wayne Charland, Heinz Kaleta, Roger Campbell, 
Duane Wright, Vaugh Siarny, John Folkers, Duane Bogner, Charles Wilcox. Third Row: Bernard Mrstik, William Markowski, James Johnson, 
Elmer Rauckman, Dennis Callaghan, Edward Culp, Thomas Murray, Eric Weiss, Kim Johnson, Thomas Wessels, Robert Beatty, Richard Hoffman, 
George Walton. Second Row: Douglas Callaghan, Leslie Brown, Lawrence Ellison, Robert Wrlliz, Terrence Sorensen, Robert Loffredo, Ronald 
Twine, William Bradshaw, William Ulrich, John Birk, Steven Segall, Dennis Krause. Bottom Row: Lawrence Schwalbe, George Tarpanoff, Nicholas 
Sakellariou, George Loffredo, Charles Sevcik, Ozzie Nelson, Vikram Dutt, Jon Gray, Paul Klein, Jay Tenenbaum, Thomas Dreyer. 

; i riii 



L J i Jn "%fjfcr *Z/ ™ v M > Ms w 

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r» -AI-WJaMi 

VjJIm */ Bifl 1/^ 1(^1 Hi^B^^l v / ^fc 

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11 ^ f & ij 
ft* fw %t 4B 

I 7 I * 

:,f' f t f f \ 



, « * * 

*■ t y % k» it ^ 


Top Row: Christopher Goodlocke, Martin Olson, Michael Meyers, Donald May, Carl Rosengrant, Lawrence Bedner, Kevin Corley, William 
Fitzpatrick, Martin Geller, Thomas Dunlap, William Wiehrdt, Marc Miller, Lee Marek, Martin Turkis, Roger Freidinger. Second Row: Henry 
Morgan, Arnold Herbstman, Albert Huey-You, Carter Klein, Martin McCaffrey, David Hopper, Gary Kent, Richard Garton, Gary Gletty, Glenn 
Boeker, LeRoy Shibuya, Iraj Kassaian. Bottom Row: Rafael Sanabria, Timothy Goodbrake, Rene Fuentes, Alan Spevak, John Gough, Herman 
Allison, Robert LaCharite, Randolph Haydel, Ward McDonald, Ho Yu, Wai-Lam Lo. 



Top Row: Jack Gellman, Karl Thornbrugh, Richard Berg, Buckley Sons, William Micheletti, Frank Simutis, William Murphy, Burrell Henderson, 
Gary Marine, Emmert Clevenstine. Second Row: Bruce Zumstein, Robert Rosen, Jerome Meece, Terrence Rohde, Roger Keithley, Robert Bosanac, 
Gary Schennum, Ronald Cirone, Donald Bednarczyk. Bottom Row: Bruno Breitmeyer, James Hansen, Rodney Grey, James Mahoney, David Laurence, 
Robert Endecavageh, Dale Matthews, James Jostrzembski, Charles Ludmer, Hartley Hutchins. Not In Panel: Richard Castle, Robert Pajak. 



Top Row Terry Adelman, president 8 ; Kenneth Maier, president 12; Raymond Sachs, president 6, James Mueller area treasurer,- Donald Schultz, 
area vice chairman; Hal Thomas, area chairman; Paul Mickey, area secretary; Gary Young, president 7; Karl Fcrsstrom president 2; Charles 
Nelson, president 5; Barnett Ruttenberg, president 11. Bottom Row: Kay Riddle, head resident; Carole Jones, activity chairman; Maud Grau, 
scholarship chairman; Marie Winkler, treasurer,- Jean Kelm, vice president,- Barbara Hegan, president; Judith Schatz, secretary,- Vera Kothstein, 
social chairman; Sharon Wineland, publicity chairman; Marcia Schultz, 111 ini Guide chairman,- Helen Hawkins, head resident. 


Top Row: Bridget Gallagher, Barbara Graves, Carol Sherrick, Meridy Davidson, Jill Manschot, Rochelle Rambach, Anne Lace, Mary Giffin, 
Joyce Brewer, Joan Courvoisier, Cynthia Oberman, Linda Crandall, Faye Krum, Saundra Monroe, Linda Miller, Marcia Schultz, Barbara Wimmer, 
Beverly Hilgert, Linda Brandt. Second Row: Elizabeth Groendyke, Mary Ann Hoagland, Sandra Karps, Susan MacConnell, Marilyn Feldman, 
Mary Steiner, Carolyn Friend, Wendy Fink, Gail Schaller, Pamela Furgason, Donna Davis, Jean Davis, Barbara Wessels, Kristin Swanson. Bottom 
Row: Jean Adair, Kathleen Jung, Marlene Grossmark, Karen Decanini, Mary Perz, Kathleen Leo, Martha Uber, Johnnie Uthoff, Linda Hansen, 
Susan Kolb, Diane[ Armstrong, Cynthia Roos, Barbara Epsky, Ruth Cramer. 

TRELEASE 1 & 10 


Top Row: Remzi Strong, Charles Longwell, Joseph Hoffman, Jeffrey Duncan, Stephen Dewalt, David Kibbey, Ronald Mutz, Michael Youmans, 
Joseph Hrvol, Patrick Gordon, Daniel Compton, Thomas Lindley, David Lemkau, Michael Harris, Kenneth Reutter, Harry Engelstad, Jack Moor- 
man, Kirk Bresee, Albert Winterbauer. Third Row: Nancy Przybylski, Jean Kelm, Sally Sergey, Mary Hawkins, Dorothy Kramer, Susan Lombardi, 
Barbara Novak, Ellen Naiditch, Janice Hoyerman, Eileen Mueller, Christine Mattenheimer, Paula McConkey, Linda Szalkowski, Pamela Richard- 
son, Mary Smith, Alana Gorski, Kathy Knezovich, Geraldine Fehst, Deborah Phelps, Paula Catt, Gail Sterba. Second Row: Jo Ann Platter, Sharon 
Boncosky, Donna Davis, Sandra Scherer, Christine Hanson, Andrea Skradski, Irene Carlson, Gayle Wexler, Carol Hendricksen, Beverly Klein, 
Cheryl Schroeder, Helene Savage, Kay McCrary, Susan Kahn, Sharon Meagher, Mary Putman, Jeanne Mariani. Bottom Row: Karl Meyer, Karl 
Forsstrom, Lennard Paulsen, Donald Berliner, Edwin Dorris, Hewes Buy, Ronald Fark, Mindaugas Simkus, Kenneth Anderson, Michael Elbl, Robert 
Currie, James Huck. 


Top Row: Edward Ruschli, David Moriarty, Charles McCaslin, Lawrence Garland, Charles Staley, Michael Foster, Dennis Webster, Harlow 
Brown William Kast, Michael Wozniak, Stephen Becker, Thomas Biwer, Kenneth Proch, John Irwin, John Bochek, James Staahl, Donald Schultz, 
Charles Dillow, Ronald Bryant, Ronald Uhe, Robert Boucek, Robert Steil, Ronald Lucas. Second Row: Dennis Barclay, Warren Clausing, Harold 
Bielat Darlene'Obejda, Mora O'Hara, Janet Shannon, Sari Bennett, Carol King, Suzanne Scott, Gail Schlapp, Mary Murphy, Brenda Gaines, 
Rosalind Henderson, Kathleen Vetter, Marianne Burke, Constance Norgaard, Betty Prochaska, Dwight Mey, Fred Dyba, Gregory Corcoran. 
Bottom Row: RolandCobb, Fred Welker, Elena Resnik, Nancy Drummond, Louisa Krusack, Lynne Bartenstein, Linda Zapf, JoAnn Alberts, Denise 
Del Vento, Janet Shepherd, Carol Furlan, Nola llchene, Larry Stout, James Jesso. 



Top Row: Richard Hally, Robert Boin, Peter Strooband, Randall Deehring, Frank Birch, James Miller, Roger Wallis, Richard Conrad, Emmett Day, 
Kenneth Cantzler, John Blum, Jerry Erschen, Leonard Davis, Roger Stacy, Eric Sloane, Larry Ishmael, David Campbell, Neal Gensini, Frank Miles, 
George Franklin, David Wilson, Charles Volk. Second Row: Joseph Goeke, Thomas Sinks, Larry Monson, Robert Oldani, Marcia Shular, Melinda 
Olson, Susan Brinkman, Miriam Dolgin, Donita Decker, Renee Knoll, Barbara Sopp, Valerie Braid, Jane Gilchrist, Linda Hayes, Anna Pahuchy, 
Mary Seville, Michael Kurman, Thomas Byrne, Richard Johnson, Robert Schoknecht, Robert Klmgebiel. Bottom Row: Kay Johnson, Donna Palmer, 
Flora Jenkins, Ann Blair, Margo Diamond, Barbara Campbell, Carol Barth, Susan Brown, Jeanne DuBois, Sherry Watts, Judith Purdes, Lois Butler, 
Susan Herbeck, Joyce Biron. 

4 28 

Top Row: Eugene Miller, Richard Lawrence, Robert Olson, Keith Sherwin, William Goldberg, Barton Lamb, William Winter, Gary Balke, Franklin 
Brewe, Charles Nelson, Barton Macomber, Steven Warren, Edward Kiedaisch, John Croft, James Daws, Richard Trefzger, James Gray, Paul 
Fahr. Second Row: Penny Dreyfus, Anne Gonseth, Leslie Monken, Marcia Richmond, Marcia Kratky, Melissa Critton, Judith Dennis, Gail Propp, 
Judith Pomerenke, Margaret Gillman, Jananne Wessel, Magdalena Stoecker, Laurie Brown, Susan Adler, Nancy Rovin, Donna Greiman, Rebecca 
Prough. Bottom Row: Betsy Harris, Janice Arendt, Susan Wood, Jean Fitzgerald, Karen Gorton, Eileen Halek, Susan Sackett, Susan Carlson. 


Top Row: Alan Evinrude, Jerome Heinz, John Hemphill, Leonard Sainati, James O'Malley, George Plotzke, Daniel Vavra, Nels Johnson, Jerfery 
Jensik, Joseph Kleemann, Robert Kuhn, David Swengel, Roy Johnson, Michael Wells, Wayne Turner, Lawrence Johnson, John Munsterman, 
James Patton, Robert Owens, John Cronkhite. Second Row: Stephen Amberg, Leland Gauron, John Warren, Barbara Havenar, Athina Spaskos, 
Toby Burstein, Deborah Karp, Judith Schatz, Lenora Weidner, Cecelia Banach, Sharon Kaufmann, Roberta Six, Linda Kaplan, Cynthia Dames, 
Bonnie Backus, Barbara Weimer, Lucinda Toye, Mary Lou Stapleton, Arthur Nelson, Charles Lovolo, Mark Felix. Bottom Row: Patricia Heidkamp, 
Nancy Worthington, Roberta Jaeger, Barbara Batalia, Laureen Winter, Linda Scott, Nancy Horton, Vera Rothstein, Barbara Zaideman, Julianne 
Venckus, Judith Stipanuk, Laurie Mayronne, Susan Hirsch, Cassandra Kanz, Michelle DeKnock, Anne Rumore, Donna Hokinson, Karen Adelman. 



Top Row: Daniel Petersen, Donald Gradzyk, Richard Carstens, Terry Adelman, Glenn Pearson, David Ekstrom, Steven Miller, A. Hamid Kahn, 
William Stratton, William Lufkin, Michael Hughes, James Wicks, Robert Rita, Barrett Peterson, Eli Rosengard, David Reichert, Thomas Tobey, 
Carl Mills, Victor Beederman, Leland Collen, Irwin Immel, Douglas Strawser, John Breitzmann. Third Row: Stephen Lave, Joel Scher, Wayne 
Corn, Theresa Ham, Melinda McGarvey, Sharon Boegeline, Laurel Hampa, Barbara Parker, Rona Starkston, Viki Aghetta, Margaret Field, 
Sue Mool, Gila Goldschmidt, Cathryn Bell, Barbara Hegan, Thomas Payne, Richard Carlson, Glenn Reiling, Harold Drake. Second Row: Larry 
Hodson, Leila Urbanek, Sandra Baker, Marci Dundore, Judith Barth, Marcia Meng, Janet Fredlund, Susan Phillips, Linda Archer, Sharon Pfeifer. 
Cheryle Lotsoff, Elizabeth Gembus, Sylvia Stankus, Laurie McMahon, Elizabeth Guagliardo. Bottom Row: Richard Perlmutter, Scott Mayer,Ronala 
Dieter, Randall Pollock, Robert Leverenz, Steven Heckmyer, Daniel Hellrung, Frederick Carter, Timothy Griffin, Thomas Hoffman, William Weakley, 
Michael Grammer, Marc Robertson, Ronald Meyer. 


Top" Row James Mueller, Merrill. Mosbarger, Terry Wilson, Robert Willis, Dennis Siron, Robert Rmkema, Timothy Minnick John Newman, Dean 
Moentman Joe Vallow, Paul Mickey, Dennis Ganski, Lawrence Sliauter, Randal Sebring. Second Row: Richard Deatley, Jack bcholl, blyse 
Swider Ellen Golden, Ruth Bruce, Maralee Gordon, Susan Wilner, Kathleen Bowler, Bryne Crissey, Mary Gartung, Rosalie Kotwas Susan I rotter, 
Jill Faltysek, Hal Thomas, Raymond Jenski, John Wendelken. Bottom Row: Sally Charman, Ava Brody, Deborah Kelita, Patricia Weaver, hhssa 
Weiss ,1Charlene Borys, Roberta Thompson, Nancy Cable, Janet Clark, Sue Sitton. 


Top Row: Richard Stewart, Thomas Jagler, Lawrence Brokaske, Dudley McCaw, David Reem, John Vercler, Donald Leo, Robert Meixner, John 
Weber, Kenneth Maier, Thomas Micka, William McNeil, Gregory Seeber, Joseph Sitar, William Rast, Alan FHeyn, David Kwinn, Richard Gullang, 
Louis Reisman, Ronald Kok-Alblas, Kenneth Wolgast, Norman James. Second Row: Edward Keil, Robert Junkrowski, Robert Reed, Wayne Page, 
Roger Arbogast, Barbara Blehm. Deidre Tannenbaum, Shari Madden, Nancy Bastion, Priscilla Heberer, Jean Wopat, Roger Meyer, Mark Kop- 
chell, Thomas Maganini, Leland Meinhart, Robert Bavmer. Bottom Row: Marilyn Stimson, Leslie I — Ml, Pamela Lipschultz, Carole Wrigley, Donna 
Guzias Diane Depczenski, Susan Stearns, Sally MacMurraugh, Donna Freeman, Donna Mueller, Paula Kretchmer, Mary Pond, Sheryl Anderson, 
Jane Clevenger. 


Top Row: Terry Grant, Phillip Overmyer, William Dunkel, Richard Johnson, Richard Franckowivk, Richard Castenson, Thomas Agler, Alan Smith, 
John Zegers, George Rock. Third Row: Malcolm Kinsinger, Gregory Cohn, Gary Douglas, Frederick Herse, David Sogin, Ray Dybala, Joe Miller, 
David Haworth, Eugene Reis, Howard Fenn, Ronald Pape, Wesley Girard. Second Row: Edmund Malone, Roger Brzostek, Joel Herning, Leon 
Dornstreich, Russell Ewers, Steven Gesse, Alten Grandt, James Ingle, John Edgington, Ray Richardson. Bottom Row: William Frichtl, Dale Kiedaisch, 
Pemy Colbent, John Bieritz, Ron Hennich, Steven Highbarger, Arthur Feinberg, David Warford, Arnold Kosovski. 


*"- ..^' ' 



g* '-"J 

1*. M . A w^ 





:■ : 

L 1 

i^. 4 





[' "iyf^ 



<< J 


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE— Top Row: Mary Pieper, Pamela Tate, 
Lynn Bowser, Carol Costello, Dean Metzner, Penelope Fredricks, 
Mary Schaefer. Bottom Row: Carol Houlihan, Judith Peiser. 

Panhellenic Focuses on the 
Individual Sorority Member 

Panhellenic is twenty-four members strong at 
the University of Illinois. The purpose of the 
organization stresses the maintenance of high 
sorority ideals and the co-operation with col- 
lege authorities in their effort to maintain high 
social and academic standards. Panhellenic fo- 
cuses on the individual member of each house 
with programs directed toward the complete 
person. Some of these programs include the sup- 
port of a community project to build a youth 
center, recognition of those with high academic 
achievement, and various social functions which 
help to develop both talent and poise. 

The Executive Board of Panhellenic is the 
policy-making body of the organization. Its in- 
ternal vice president heads the Program Board 
which is directed toward carrying out Panhel- 
lenic's events. The Presidents' Council, the legis- 
lative body of Panhellenic, acts upon any policy 
referred to them by the Executive Board. The 
Judicial Committee, as its name implies, is the 
board of review for any infractions of Panhellenic 

PROGRAM BOARD — Top Row: Bobette Speckhart, Susan Graf, Pamela Tate, Roberta Ball, Gayle McCullough. Bottom Row: 
Roberta Mechanic, Helen Wulc, Barbara Greenfield, Dean Metzner. 


PRESIDENT'S COUNCIL — Top Row: Mary Pieper, Louann Thorson, Susan Prawl, Susan Cohen, Sondra Lawson, Mary Owens, Suzanne Olson, 
Suzanne Fischer, Linda Zeiter, Nancy Schierhorn, Sally Johannes, Carol Houlihan. Second Row: Patricia Pohlman, Sara Guyton, Barbara Sigten- 
horst, Holly Harden, Nancy Goodman, Janet Lipe, Marilyn Drolen. Bottom Row: Mary McCarthy, Rita Rifken, Paulette Isbitz, Wanda Roberts, 
Carol Steiner, Donna Sachs. 

JUDICIAL BOARD— Judith Rice, Donna Coughlin, Deane Hillen, Judith Peiser, Dean Metzner, Sara Smith, Linda Meyer. 


Groups Assist Panhel Rush 

Panhellenic rush counselors are volunteers from 
each of the houses who work with rush in a 
totally unaffiliated capacity. The girls partici- 
pate in dorm panels helping to explain rush and 
sorority life; they also live in the dorms during 
rush to aid rushees. 

A Rush Evaluation Committee is selected to 
evaluate the previous year's rush and to lay the 
groundwork for the coming year's rush. 

RUSH COUNSELORS— Top Row: Ruthmarie Roche, Roberta Ball, Mary Lynge, Alice Landgren, Wendy 
Shevin, Linda Reisin, Bobette Speckhart, Diana Bowser, Marilyn Levin, Betty Mees, Ellen Hartman. 
Fourth Row: Carolyn Ganger, Helen Wulc, Greta Gustafson, Marjorie Boonshaft, Roberta Garret. Third 
Row: Virginia Patterson, Arline Chizewer, Barbara McGurn. Second Row: Marilyn Ricks, Cheryl Port, 
Sue Mueller. Bottom Row: Elease Walker, Kristine McConachie. 

RUSH COMMITTEE: Sara Guyton, Elizabeth Nibeck, Sandra Beck, Lynne Bowser, Mary Beth Heron, Sharon Bentress, Helen Wulc. 

Top Row: Jane Balgley, pledge trainer; Sharon Ponder, corre- 
sponding secretary. Third Row: Renate Kalischek, rush chairman ,- 
Joann Ringenberg, rush chairman,- Carol Hamm, assistant pledge 
trainer. Second Row: Mary Bartoli, social chairman; Barbara 
Weinand, house manager. Bottom Row: Patty Grant, treasurer,- 
Virginia Davis, scholarship chairman,- Carol Steiner, president, 
Carol Boyd, recording secretary,- Carol Larson, vice president. 

Alpha Chi Omega shared first place honors 
with Alpha Kappa Lambda in Homecoming float 
competition this year. The float, "Weep and 
Wale for Stanford.' ' depicted a mammoth orange 
whale garnished with a blue U of I insignia. 
Its lower jaw opened and closed as steam and 
water sprayed from the whale. A fisherman in 
a yellow submarine bearing the caption, "Hold 
That Line," trailed the whale. 

Capturing third place award in Stunt Show, 
in addition to having a Homecoming Queen fin- 
alist, climaxed the week. 


Founded at DePauw University in 1885 
104 National Chapters 

Top Row: Lois Gronewald, Marlene Gratchner, Patricia Cavanaugh, Christine'Coman, Nancy ; Flaks Barbara Weinand Marilyn Reiners, Deborah 
Imle, Carol Hamm, Carol Mueller, Priscilla Whittier, Mary Bartoli, Sally Jo Jochman, Renate Kalischek, Linda Wh.tcomb^CheneCastejton^Ma^reen 

Moore. Third Row. Priscilla Pomazal, Leslie Tucker, Karen Luptcn, Joann Ringenberg June Connelly, Sharon Sass. Virginia Davis, 

s, Joette Kaczmarek, Leslie Hamilton, Kathleen lerry, Lnid bax. Second Ko 

arbara Gron- 
ow: Ann Barnas, 

ere in Viet Nam there's a jeep with 

sticker on it. The Echo Co. Raiders 

upany of marines that has been adop- 

the Alpha Delta Pis. They correspond 

■ marines weekly via newsletters con- 

l campus and house news, packages, pic- 

ires, and personal letters. The men refer to 

the ADPis as their "Round-eyes, 1 ' contrasting 

them to the native women. 

At Christmas, each girl made a card with 
her picture to be used to decorate the artifical 
tree which they sent. 


Top Row: Patricia Panish, recording secretary; Cheryl Wasetis, 
assistant treasurer,- Pamela Tate, rush chairman; Marika Littke, 
house manager; Carolyn Ganger, scholarship chairman. Bottom 
Row: Janet Lipe, president; Jacqueline Kuhrtz, vice president; 
Melanie Wozniak, social chairman,- Faye Cochran, corresponding 
secretary,- Not In Panel: Constance Harrison, treasurer. 

Founded at Wesleyan Female College in 1851 
113 National Chapters 

Top Row: Carolyn Ganger, Nancy Turner, Faye Cochran, Sharon Ashamy, Pamela Tate, Linda Bourne, Barbara Thornley, Dana Wright, Diane 
Dorsett, Lisa Iheile, Mary Celebucki, Louise Schottmiller. Fifth Row: Ruth Smejkal, Cheryl Wasetis, Monica Manning, Elana Engelking, Diane 
Plunkett, Jan Peters, Jayme Wichman, Jary Allen, Patricia O'Connor, Lee Ann Dieter, Connie Nelson. Fourth Row: Judith Rice, Jeanne Stetzler, 
Mary Johnston, Joyce Juhl Judy Kubik, Margaret Macke, Linda Christiansen, Patricia Panish, Jean Jansen, Patricia Sentman. Third Row Nancy 
Schock Ruth Jones, Karen Richter, Janet Lipe, Mrs. Rebman, Melanie Wozniak, Marika Littke, Barbara Susin, La Donna Keiner. Second Row- 
PennaWestenberger, Virginia Taylor, Janet Trulock, Andrea Pearce, Kay Fisher, Eleanor Thornley, Nancy Jones, Betty Alexson, Sharon Schilbe, 
Cail Sullivan. Bottom Row: Patricia Wozniak, Carol Kalchbrenner, Ingrid Larson, Barbara Britton, Patricia Nixon. Not In Panel: Jean Goeddel, 
Julie Cray, Constance Harrison, Lorraine Hough, Jacqueline Kuhrtz, Mary Strandin, Linda Trulock, Jere Whipple 



Tod Row Trudy Zelkin, Ester Garret, Roberta Mechanic, Helen Wulc, Marilyn Gold, Sharon Altschul, Stephanie Hirshenson, Sharon Epstein, 
Te?ry Star JuaiBrfckman, Renee Cagerman, Barbara Greenfield, Barbara Neiman Marian Epstein Yvonne Gordon Gale Glassner. Th.rc I Row: 
Bonnie Zoloto France White, Marilyn Marshall, Esta Schwartz, Roberta Garret, Roberta Baron Jessica Hilborn, Marilyn Rush, Susan , Kam n 
Rachael Ge° and, Judy Peiser Shari Freshman, Lauren Baseman,Marilyn Goldman, Susan Fisher Second Row: Susan KeiHy, Patricia Guss, Carol 
Hochberq Nancy Goodman, Mrs. Peg O'Neill, Faye Goldfarb, Davida Moscowitz Michelle Protus Sandra Corren, Sandra Sigoloff Bottom 
Row Jo Ann Schatz, Jane Classman, Nancy Scherer, Patti Brown, Michele Baron Judy Andalman, Alma Halski, Diane Marks, Ga.l, 
Phyllis Millstone, Jill Trace, Benita Blachman. Not In Panel: Jean Schaffner, Fobin Wine, Men Kessler. 


Founded at Barnard College in'1909 
56 National Chapters 

Top Row: Michele Protus, social chairman. Bottom Row: Davida 
Moscowitz, rush chairman,- Patricia Guss, house manager; Card 
Hochberg, treasurer,- Faye Goldfarb, vice president,- Nancy Good- 
man, president,- Sandra Corren, secretary; Sandra Sigoloff, 
scholarship chairman; Susan Keilly, standards chairman. 

AEPhi's annual "Young at Heart" dance is a 
highlight of each year. Lollipops, bows, and knee 
pants are all a part of the children's clothes 
which are worn for costumes. Their house is 
decorated like a nursery with toys, later given 
to a children's home. 

AEPhi also has a diversified activity program. 
Its members have served as chairmen in Junior 
and Senior Panhellenic, Student Senate, and 
Star Course. Chosen from the house were a 
Homecoming Queen finalist and one of the ten 
outstanding campus pledges. 


Top Row: Loretta Trawinski, Chandler Parkay, Annette Gamm, Joan Kleppinger, Maureen Bersell, Mary Bradle, Kristen Skov, Cheri Bower, Linda 
Dolenak, Jean Thomas, Janis Guenzler, Nancy Hipp, Cindy Brasky, Emma Swan, Sharon Jevert, Nancy Scott, Marilyn Paddick. Fourth Row: Judith 
Taylor, Margret Snowden, Kirma Pearce, Suzanne Cole, Carolyn Buhman, Elizabeth Elich, Claudia Batista, Silvia Lundin, Suella Grubb, Susan 
Berry, Darlene Zientarski, Rebecca Catching, Barbara Blume, Patricia Rabbe, Mary O'Hern, Patricia Turk. Third Row: Barbara Handlon, Linda 
Lenz, Katherine Meyer, Janice Billings, Carol Linley, Luanne Thorson, Mrs. Mildred Kottke, Beverly Strange, Jean MacDonald, Diane Wilson, 
Pamela Siemering, Mary Heeren. Second Row: Doris Morse, Mary Nelson, Beverly Weatherwax, Linda Werts, Leslie Doyle, Kathleen Klehm, 
Sheryl Pizante, Marga Thompson, Sandra Hubatka, Christina Drachman, Kathleen Cleckner, Nancy Freifeld. Bottom Row: Lois Kamis, Bobbie 
Denny, Linda Kadlec, Arlene Rich, Lynn Hetke, Kathryn Holland, Donna Diekman, Carole Reis, Paula Schwenk. Not In Panel: Jane Babka, Jeryll 
Hass, Elizabeth O'Nan, Cinda Phares, Diane Reed, Judith Rieder, Susan Williams, Dianne Reichmann, Barbara Brown. 


Founded at Syracuse University in 1908 
95 National Chapters 

Alpha Gamma Delta lists an altruistic proj- 
ect among its many other activities. Since 1948 
the Alpha Gams have sponsored an extensive 
program for the rehabilitation of cerebralpalsied 
and crippled persons. 

This year the Alpha Gams baked over seven 
thousand cookies and sold them to independent 
homes and fraternities. The money from these 
sales was used by different universities to hire 
people to work in their rehabilitation centers. 
They also offered their services to Illinois' re- 
habilitation center. 


Top Row: Donna Diekman, treasurer; Katherine Meyer, recording 
secretary; Linda Lenz, house manager; Janice Billings, social 
chairman. Second Row: Nancy Freifeld, first vice president; Luanne 
Thorson, president; Carol Linley, rush chairman. Bottom Row: 
Diane Wilson, activity chairman,- Jean MacDonald, scholarship 
chairman. Not In Panel: Pamela Siemering, corresponding chair- 

Cynthia Brown, pledge trainer,- Barbara English, vice president: 
Sondra Lawson, president; Sylvia Valentine, treasurer,- Patricia 
Churchill, secretary. 

Illinois' expansion program struck close to 
home for the Alpha Kappa Alphas this fall, 
when the University bought their house to be 
used as part of the site for the new Krannert 
Center for the Performing Arts. 

Left homeless and with only that rare Uni- 
versity money, the AKAs bought their present 
house on Daniel Street and spent the year ad- 
justing to their new location. Now the AKAs 
are anticipating using their present location as 
the future site for a new house sometime within 
the next few years. 


Founded at Howard University in 1907 
314 National Chapters 

Top Row: Kathleen Hampton, Antoinette St. James, Sena Watkins, Janice Jones, Genice Rhodes, Elease Walker, Deborah Johnson, Sheila Jonea, 
Catherine McEwen. Third Row: Eve Evans, Barbara Brown, Brenda Gaines, Debra Slaughter, Aretha Harrold, Zaundra Rice, Rita Davie bylvia 
Valentine. Second Row: Janice Edwards, Cynthia Brown, Barbara English, Mrs. Hite, Sondra Lawson, Patricia Churchill, Camille Johnson, Patncis, 
Jones. Not In Panel: Cheryl Blake, Carole Redfield, Eldorie Rucker, Carol Wilson, Flora Wilson. 

happened to walk by the AOPi house 
this year and saw a group of girls running in 
yard, they probably weren't doing 
their homework for P.E. 100. They were just 
exercising their new puppy, Alphie, who was 
appropriately named after Alpha Omicron Pi. 
The little black package of energy kept the 
girls busy as they tried to ward off his many 
mischievous pranks and games. 

But AOPi didn't go completely to the dogs; 
members of the house reigned in the Homecom- 
ing Court and in the Dolphin Show. 


Top Row: Holly Sobol, social chairman; Alice Utter, scholarship 
chairman; Patricia Faust, recording secretary; Nancy Hurt, cor- 
responding secretary,- Karen Kepford, activities chairman. Bottom 
Row: Sharon Morris, treasurer; Wanda Roberts, president; Laura 
Lowe, pledge trainer. Not In Panel: Bonnie Kohlenberger, vice 

Founded at Barnard College in 1897 
95 National Chapters 

Top Row: Jonalea Henderson, Holly Sobol, Gayle Borgeson, Nancy Hallock, Angela Mikk, Sharon Morris, Pamela Wheeler, Nancy Bush, Karen 
Larsen, Alice Utter, Barbara Lawless, Elaine Cisek, Patricia Thompson, Alexis Fundator. Third Row: Leah Yancey, Marcia Seegers, Linda Keene, 
Mary Hesse, Virginia Goble, Karen Kepford, Cheryl Strohm, Alice Heyroth, Phyllis Chapman, Wendy Ostrander, Lois Brockman, Cheryl Anderson, 
Laura Lowe, Patricia McGinty. Second Row Nancy Hurt, Pamela Evans, Marcia Elliot, Wanda Roberts, Mrs. Geneva Bostic, Bonnie Kohlenberger, 
Patricia Faust, Nancy Martin, Sherrie Taub, Carol Lunn, Ursula Brady. Bottom Row: Lucia Bodzewski, Katherine Weitzenfeld, Carolyn Bradford, 
Muriel Knoblauch, Susan Morris, Katherine Chilis, Katherine Lahey, Katherine McElveen, Beth Halcrow. Not In Panel: Gale Easterbrook, Susan 
Hartman, Sandra Snyder, Laura O'Brien, Susan Atkenson, Lynne Broderick. .. : , m ^" W ^J 



Top Row: Amy Gosin, Jamie Sanders, Cathleen Flanagan, Victoria Anderson, Michelle Savich, Barbara Martin, Elaine Haertel, Sharon Wilson, 
Susan Mueller, Katherine Becker. Fourth Row: Linda Bentley, Kathleen Regan, Linda Senne, Barbara Widmer, Patricia Burns, Jeanette Beringer, 
Lynne Russell, Pamela Wade, Delores Zobel, Jackie Wilson, Sarah Finazzo. Third Row: Eleanor Hudera, Sharon Adams, Susan Draut, Irene Svan- 
cara, Sally Blackford, Suzanne Luerssen, Roberta Ball, Donna Yakos, Patricia Hearst, Jan Myers. Second Row: Carole Stanley, Betty Nelson, Doris 
Schuhknecht, Vicky Mulberry, Barbara Sigtenhorst, Mrs. Louise Sparks, Linda Meyer, Judith Stewart, Bonnie Scamehorn, Carol Mekkelson, Lois 
Davis. Bottom Row: Catherine Bobera, Mary Poyser, Susan Becker, Linda Schultz, Stephanie Arlt, Nancy Lauter, Gresilda Tilley, Betty Erickson, 
Jody Livergood, Cathy Keubler, Joan Coward, Pamela Brown. Not In Panel: Barbara Louis, Carole Barnes, Rita Ryan, Carolyn Syfert. 


Top Row: Vicky Mulberry, second vice president; Bonnie Scame- 
horn, social chairman,- Barbara Sigtenhorst, president; Linda 
Meyer, standards chairman; Judith Stewart, first vice president; 
Carol Mekkelson, secretary. Bottom Row: Betty Nelson, rush 
chairman; Doris Schuhknecht, treasurer. 

Founded at Syracuse University in 1872 
90 National Chapters 

A journey into Alpha Phi's history reveals 
numerous firsts for the sorority. They were the 
first women's fraternity to build and occupy 
a chapter house. The first inter-sorority con- 
ference was held by Alpha Phi in 1902. It later 
became the national Panhellenic Congress in 
1911. The first publication of a 50 year history 
is another mark. 

This chapter has continued their tradition of 
"firsts." They copped first place in the Atius- 
Sachem Sing and had the first runnerup for 
Homecoming Queen. 


<7U*4Mi v 

lit I • If * i 

r r 

Top Row Deborah Ruff, Carol Miskiv, Jane Hodson, Georgiana Benner, Sherry Burack, Betsy Nibeck, Jean Lauterbach, Virginia Fisher, Jane 
Helbig, Carol Bocskay,Sharon Kouba. Third Row: Deanna Klein, Sue Selby, Jean Beckman, Dale Bennet, Jeanne Klappauf, Sue Trippel, Elaine 
Bartow' Jeri Mueller, Margaret McMichael, Jane Ehrhart, Rose Gawel. Second Row: Susan Hess, Dianne Keller, Mary Bock, Sally Johannes, 
Mrs. Marie Rice, Peggy Hettinger, Janet Shaub, Marilouise Reed, Elizabeth Osborn. Bottom Row: Ellen Cleary, Carol McEvers, Claudia Bike, 
Angela McWilli'ams, Delores Leimbach, Bonnie Mirich, Katherine Martin, Marie Larson. 



Founded at Lombard College in 1883 
105 National Chapters 

The women of Alpha Xi Delta have an unusu- 
al claim to make; they live in a mansion. Un- 
til 36 years ago, what is now their home used 
to be the mansion of the Buseys, a very in- 
fluential family in this area. 

The house itself is shrouded in mystery. There 
is allegedly a hidden stairway in the mansion 
which has not been found. An exploring party 
of Alpha Xis one day uncovered an unknown 
wall sale. The present solarium was originally 
a coach room which was affixed to the original 
mansion proper. 


Top Row: Elizabeth Nibeck, membership chairman; Jeanne Klap- 
pauf, scholarship chairman; Marilouise Reed, house manager, 
Dianne Keller, recording secretary. Second Row: Elizabeth Os- 
born, treasurer,- Janet Shaub, pledge trainer,- Mary Bock, quill 
chairman; Jean Lauterbach, social chairman. Bottom Row: Peggy 
Hettinger, vice president; Sally Johannes, president. 

Top Row: Fleury Viger, personnel chairman; Carole Bawden, 
pledge trainer; Joyce Moon, rush chairman. Bottom Row: Bar- 
bara Baker, secretary Marianne Keller, treasurer,- Janet Kinder- 
man, social chairman,- Suzanne Fischer, president; Sharon Ventress, 
rush chairman. Not In Panal: Sandra Smith, vice president 

Chi Omega came out on top in scholarship 
the spring semester of 1966 and, as a result, 
won three scholarship trophies. They earned their 
trophies by gaining the highest pledge average, 
the highest active average, and the highest com- 
bined house average among all of the 24 sororities 
on campus. 

The Chi Os didn't keep their noses in the 
books all the time, though. To create closer 
house unity, they attended the national and state 
conventions and returned with many new ideas 
to influence their chapter. 


Founded at University of Arkansas in 1895 
135 National Chapters 

Top Row: Judith Becker, Carole Bawden, Toni Higgins, Linda Hamilton, Christine Clark, Becky Lovett, Lynda Peterson, Diane Kavelaras Donna 
Guimont, Susan Heiple, Joyce Moon, Janice Moon, Marianne Keller. Fourth Row: Janet Vandevender, Catherine Glasner Carol Allen, Carolyn 
Koenig, Nancy Burnett, Linda Leddy, Margaret Burke, Chen Harrison, Martha Moulding, Patricia Tieken, Barbara Baker, Jean Hannil on Sharon 
Ventress, Carol Roberts. Third Row: Nancy Patterson, Mary McQueen, Elizabeth Sandburg, Janet Kinderman, Mrs. Bernice Wilson Suzanne 
Fischer, Lynne Williams, Patricia Pierre, Martha Ellertson, Fleury Viger, Nancy Boyle. Second Row: Karen Helgeson, Belinda Fruchtl, Judith 
Santschi, Mary Beth Buck, Susan Rose, Sandra Henderson, Diane Carlson, Sandra Smith, Ellen Oravec, Joelle Galle. Bottom Row: Donalda Lllek, 
Ann Bridges, Virginia McCarthy, Susan Berry, Janet Bailey, JoAnne Ezan, Linda Bastert. Not In Panel: Nancy Hasselberg, Nancy French. 

'he design of the Delta Delta Delta pin, a 

three stars encircled by a crescent, 

-porated into the plan of their house. 

lis house was specifically designed for Tri- 

Deltas by the husband of an alum. 

Three delta shaped windows are present in 
the house; a crescent shaped staircase is also 
incorporated into the house's design. An air 
view of the house reveals a series of gabled 
roofs which form a pattern of three triangles. 
However, recent addition tends to distort the 
original house design. 


Constance Frank, social chairman; Susan Graf, rush chairman; 
Nancy Meuller, house manager,- Jeanne DeLuca, treasurer; 
Patricia Pohlman, president; Diana Bowser, vice president; Mari- 
lyn Buck,, scholarship chairman; Judith Hinrichs, chaplain. 

Founded at Boston University in 1888 
109 National Chapters 

Top Row: Donna Coughlin, Lynne Rosengrant, Katherine Lang, Diane Bowser, Stephanie Sundine, Jane Young, Judith Hinrichs, Linda Mueller, 
Nancy Robey, Janis Knudson, Darlene Bizik, Pamela Page, Linda Stephen. Fourth Row: Toni Mickey, Jeanne DeLuca, Sophia Hall, Pamela Pohlman, 
Patricia Pohlman, Mrs. Stanley Bradbury, Greta Gustafson, Sonja Swanson, Dona Livengood, Mary Limbacher, Meta Rademaker. Third Row: Nancy 
Mueller, Valerie Rahn, Catherine Johnson, Pana Mabrey, Sophie Nekrasewcih, Edith Nickerson, JoAnn VanHook, Gail Grigsby, Julie Gustafson. 
Second Row: Susan Graf, Nancy Weytkow, Mary Heller, Chris Breyer, Sally Trott, Jill Rewerts, Janis Zimmerman, Susan Read, Vineta Reichs, 
Marilyn Buck, Anne Byerly, Lois Ostrander. Bottom Row: Nita Bozarth, Patricia Wettaw, Carol Trimble, Barbara Jo Francisco, Susan Stolar, Brenda 
Bollman, Deborah Boxdorfer, Marian Hull, Betty Mees, Karen Katilius, Constance Frank. Not In Panel: Elizabeth Hahn, Susan Much, Joan Patter- 
son, Susan Singley. 

Top Row Sue Loesch, Dianne Gardner, Edmay Gregorcy, Mary McNamara, Honore Madura, Kaye Wozniak, Jean Dickerhoof, Joyce Matson, 
Melody Meyer, Valerie Orcutt, Valerie Peck, Jean Hixson, Rosemary McGinnis. Third Row: Christine Patton, Margaret Strahorn, Marilyn Murphy, 
Peggy Devan, Susan Latham, Christine Roper, Julie Yoder, Jane Chalcraft, Virginia Ekroth, Georgia Booras, Donna Rozich, Barbara Ozmun. 
Second Row: Jean Remsen, Donna Flohr, Edna Smith, Karen Peterson, Judy Arbeiter, Mrs. Gertrude Carter, Barbara Bowen, Wilma Zavrel, Mary 
Warren, Joanne Randies, Marilyn Drolen. Bottom Row: Cynthia Mosely, Claudia Trautmann, Kathleen McLarney, Donna Ugolini, Barbara Tratt, 
Pamela Bergstrom, Marjorie Shane, Natelie Shane, Bonnie Boyle, Patricia Davis. Not In Panel: Patricia Palmer, Nancy Sjostrom, Marcia Riedel, 
Catherine Crawford, Donna Draper, Constance Huebner, Joan Lewis. 

f . 


■ w 


Top Row: Rosemary McGinnis, historian; Jane Chalcraft, admini- 
strative assistant; Karen Peterson, scholarship; Donna Rozich, house 
manager; Georgia Booras, public relations. Second Row: Dianne 
Gardner, rush chairman; Catherine Crawford, rush chairman; 
Virginia Ekroth, recording secretary,- Judy Arbeiter, correspond- 
ing secretary. Bottom Row: Melody Meyer, treasurer,- Jean Rem- 
sen, first vice president; Marilyn Drolen, president; Barbara Bowen, 
second vice president. 


Founded at University of Mississippi in 1873 
91 National Chapters 

Hannibal, a puppy bought by the DG house- 
mother as a nice surprise for her daughters, 
lives among fifty Delta Gammas. Hannibal is 
a well-cared for dog, though his mistresses are 
busy with many other activities. 

Their national project, Sight Conservation and 
Aid to the Blind, is a major activity for the 
house. Each year the DGs sponsor a blind student 
through graduate school by reading to him; 
they are now working with a student who's 
getting his degree in English In the past they 
have read to blind children. 


Top Row: Jeanette Goldberg, Marsha Futterman, Joanne Bregman, Paulette Lapin, Rochelle Lerner, Malvina Levy, Patti Bell, Lauren Klein, Sheri 
Blum, Susan Stein, Elise Pechter. Carla Schaffran, Cheryl Port. Third Row: Daisy Ucko, Janis Kramer, Aris Baum, Suzanne Lasky, Joan Kroichick, 
Susan Rudman, Idene Mikell, Judith Kroichick, Inez Fine. Donna Levin, Judith Holzman, Helen Rosenthal. Second Row: Fredi Barkan, Lois Feldman, 
Marilyn Levin, Marcia Culter, Gladys Harty, Susan Cohen, Roberta Kosturn, Judith Glickman, Janet Levin. Bottom Row: Judith Penn, Dale Helfand, 
Carol Hellman, Phyllis Fohrman, Jane Rosen, Sari Fox, Roslyn Kovel, Roberta Green, Randy Shiner, Natalie Goldman. Not In Panel: Jacqueline 
Brodsky, Sandra Cohen, Naureen Tasley, Rhonda Weisberg, Roberta Port, Linda Gitner. 


Founded at New York University Law School in 1917 
31 National Chapters 


sfi-l-Lki [1M S&f$ k&M 

"5* r: ' 

The girls of Delta Phi Epsilon started the 
year off with lots of hard work. In the fall 
they paired with Lambda Chi Alpha for Stunt 
Show and found that their skit "The Big Apple" 
was a first place winner. 

Well, after their fantastic beginning, the Dee- 
phers went on to enjoy a very prosperous year. 
Besides placing in the lirst quartile scholastic- 
ally and giving their yearly contribution to the 
Cystic Fibrosis foundation, they also held their 
Christmas party for underprivileged children. 

Top Row: Marilyn Levin, treasurer,- Marcia Culter, pledge mother. 
Bottom Row: Roberta Kosturn, secretary,- Susan Cohen, president. 


Delta Zetas are proud of the new addition 
to their house. It is a new sorority library with 
120 books of fact and fiction lining its shelves. 
Work was begun in January, 1966 to convert 
the lounge into a library, and it was completed 
late in February. The walls were paneled, and 
shelves were added. 

The shelves were lined with encyclopedias 
donated by the DZ fathers, with books related 
to the fields of outstanding alums, and with 
books written by some of the chapter's alums. 
It was dedicated in March, 1966. 

Top Row: Susan Prawl, president. Second Row: Diane Moore, 
rush chairman; Helena Catalfane, co-social chairman; Lila Koets, 
co-social chairman. Bottom Row: Karen Skinner, recording secre- 
tary; Christine Kuper, treasurer,- Eleanore Schreiner, pledge 


Founded at Miami University in 1902 
165 National Chapters 

Top Row: El le 
Woodul. Third 
Janice Porter, 
Prawl, Karen 
Kiersch, Sharo 
Butkus, Sheila 

n Whited, Connie Ambrose, Lynda Steele, Ruth McCarthy, Ellen Look, Diane Niemeyer, Michelle Hubert, Chery Busick, Barbara 
Row: Helen Gerken, Susan Mitchell, Jean Erlenbem, Shirley Kurtz, Marjone Sons, Kathryn Kvarda, Bonnie Reznicek, Karen Nessler, 
Ann Bruno, Loretta Post. Second Row: Lila Koets, Helena Catalfano, Eleanore Schreiner, Diane Moore, Mrs Elsie Donnelly, Susan 
Skinner, Christine Kuper, Judy Martin. Bottom Row: Margot Shumaker, Margaret Crawford, Ruth Forys Eileen Drop, Christine 
n Ambrose, Toni Vercellotti, Nancy Huddlestun, Virginia Weeks. Not In Panel: Sally Kunde, Veree Kepley, Diana Dupin, Kathy 

t Syracuse University on November 

jamma Phi Beta was the first actual 

ever formed. The title "sorority" was 

ed especially for Gamma Phi Beta by Dr. 

-ank Smalley, a member of the Syracuse faculty. 

Their colors of brown and mode are worn in 

honor of Dr. Brown who relinquished the use 

of his study to the charter members of Gamma 

Phi for meetings. 

An E.O. Haven Scholarship Award, presented 
for top scholastic achievement, was captured by 
this Omicron chapter. 


Top Row: Pamela Mesha, special events chairman; Margaret 
Slack, secretary-treasurer; Sarah Smith, standards chairman,- Nancy 
Riedell, corresponding secretary,- Karen Kanady, recording secre- 
tary. Second Row: Tamarra Radison, social chairman; Janice 
Weeden, vice president; Julie Johnson, pledge trainer,- Kristine 
McConachie, activities chairman,- Lauren Lafferty, rush chairman,- 
Mary Kay Pieper, president. Bottom Row: Mary Ellen Voltaggio, 
house manager,- Mary Lou Zielinski, scholarship chairman. 

Founded at Syracuse University in 1874 
82 National Chapters 

Top Row: Jane Mraz, Julia Hodsdon, Julie Swedberg, Beverly Janowski, Patricia Johnson, Keren Culbertson, Margo Hinton, Donna Vrabec, 
Christine Escat, Carol Evers, Cynthia Brenna, Eileen Dzielak, Jeanne Hemphill. Third Row: Natclie Knowles, Susan Tebussek, Lila Markert, Janice 
Markert, Susan Jaeger, Pamela McCollum, Jennifer Boresi, Candace Szymanczyk, Kristine Melby, Lucinda Cultra, Julia Thompson, Sara Schaub, 
Kathryn Comparini, Kathlene Hohmann, Sharon Huebener, Pamela Mesha, Cheryl Sikich, Tamarra Radison, Donna Drake. Second Row: Kristine 
McConachie, Mary Lou Zielinski, Nancy Riedell, Margaret Slack, Lauren Lafferty, Mary Pieper, Mrs. Laura Byrkit, Janice Weeden, Sarah Smith, 
Julie Johnson, Karen Kanady, Mary Ellen Voltaggio. Bottom Row.- Judith Pieper, Pepgy Hinton, Karen Kilberger, Patricia Ricker, Rosemary Mede, 
Karen Szczepkowski, Jane Dunlap, Diane Mann, Tara Kost, Karen Anderson, Mary Blackwell. Not In Panel: Jane Balliett, Cheryl Caise, Andrea 
Pistorius, Jane Mursener. 

I .. 







$M * , f * * 

v v 

Top Row: Barbara Weinstein, Susan Sharf, Gail Mark, Deana Peckler, Elaine Neubauer, Debra Yanowitz, Myrna Friedman. Sandra Petak, Judith 
Kernis, Bari Shapiro, Julye Miller. Third Row: Susan Levy, Marlena Kamstock, Sheri Eckerling, Esther Shenberg, Denise Hoffman, Andrea Palmer, 
Judith Freiberg, Joy Berkenstadt, Lois Slafer, Karen Marks. Second Row: Julie Shuman, Mona Freeman, Rhonda Kasik, Barbara Sax, Mrs. Arabelle 
Conlee, Rita Rifken, Elizabeth Honnet, Annick Trop, Lorrayne Stein. Bottom Row: Sandra Resis, Karen Silvers, Marcia Weiner, Lynda Lube, Chari 
Berger, Judith Tanner, Rhonda Kramer, Renee Reese. Not In Panel: Michele Mandell. 


Founded at Normal College in 1903 
1 5 National Chapters 

Top Row: Mona Freeman, social chairman; Barbara Sax, first vice 
chancellor; Rita Rifken, chancellor,- Lorrayne Stein, scribe,- Rhonda 
Kasik, bursar. Bottom Row: Annick Trop, rush chairman,- Julie 
Shuman, house manager; Elizabeth Honnet, second vice chancellor . 

Tradition is a strong link in the sisterhood 
of Iota Alpha Pi. An example of this is that 
on March third of every year each member 
carries one red rose, the official flower of the 
sorority, in honor of Founder's Day. Iota Alpha 
Pi, organized at Normal College in New York 
in 1903, has since that time carried on this 
tradition in all chapters. 

Another part of tradition is enthusiasm. This 
year Iota Alpha Pi received second place in 
the Homecoming stunt show competition with 
"The Conventional Make/' 


Nancy Roberts, Joan Schroeder, Diane Thomas, Cheryl Wayland 


Founded at DePauw University in 1870 
91 National Chapters 

In Wichita, Kansas there is an Institute of 
Logopedics which Kappa Alpha Theta helps 
support. This institute, which concentrates on 
speech correction and other physical defects, is 
one of the most famous of its kind. Kappa Alpha 
Theta chapters from all over the nation help 
support the hospital and together have provided 
for one whole wing. 

Thetas also participate in local projects, such 
as having Christmas stocking parties and later 
joining with Chi O and Pi Phi for the annual 
Wrighl Street Triad dance. 


Top Row: Phyllis Frost, corresponding secretary,- Marian Wogulis, 
recording secretary. Fourth Row: Carolyn Newton, rush chairman, 
Marilyn Ricks, schclarship chairman. Third Row: Jeanne Voss, 
house manager; Martha Pettinga, treasurer. Second Row: Louise 
Belssner, first vice president; Elizabeth Thompson, social chairman. 
Bottom Row: Mary McCarthy, president; Maureen Buckleh, pledge 

Top Row: Carol Lucheon, vice president; Ann Trampe, treasurer; 
Carolyn Rosenberg, rush chairman; Harleen Young, secretary; 
Mary Hebron, editor. Bottom Row: Mary Owens, president; 
Gloria Pitman, assistant treasurer. 

Each October the girls of Kappa Delta ob- 
serve White Rose Week in honor of Founder's 
Day. The ritual originated with the founding 
of Kappa Delta at Longwood College at Farm- 
ville, Va. on October 23, 1897. Now, with 105 
chapters Kappa Delta continues the White Rose 
Week as one of its traditions. 

The annual SPOOF dance is a recently ac- 
quired tradition of the chapter. SPOOF is a 
slogan announcing an open house held at Kappa 
Delta. This year a second annual SPOOF dance 
was a great success, thus making the event an 
established tradition. 


Founded at Longwood College in 1897 
105 National Chapters 

Mary Ann Westray, 
~ ire Hirsley, Stasia 
v^eruey. rourin i\ow: luuii^ uuuuwin, vuiene ruupe, /viury ivuiitM, ruun_e i luimt^, vviiiu v^umua, rn/iiu v_»«-n «-<^, i^i\jh^ "Nw&, rnylllS Mepler, 
Heather McKinney, Lynn Arndt, Victoria Vollrath, Christine Martin, Judith Kirkpatrick, Linda Pazak, Donna Shuck. Third Row: Sheila Porn, Jean 
Clinton, Mary Ruth Thalgott, Judith Codd, Marilynne Venturella, Gay Schlachter, Joyce Regel, Diana Guenther, Janet Wayham, Mary McCormick, 
Janis Linstromberg, Gayle Mangold, Susan Braden, Kaye Lamar, Patricia Randall. Second Row: Karen Kiick, Linda Keyser, Gloria Pitman, Harleen 
Young, Mary Owens, Miss Janet Hamilton, Carol Lucheon, Ann Trampe, Mary Hebron, Carolyn Rosenberg, Nancy Richmann. Bottom Row: Carol 
Kappler, Patricia Long, Katherine Hustedt, LaVonne McDowell, Diane Snider, Connie Rudsinski, Mary Holquist, Mary Hendrickson, Nancy Breen, 
Sandra Beck, Patricia Parks, Mary Malott. Not In Panel: Kathryn Barber. 

Kappa Kappa Gamma has the individualistic 
mark this year of being the 'only sorority on 
campus without a buzzer system. When their 
dates arrive, the boys have the opportunity to 
use dial-a-date service via the telephone rather 
than the buzzers. 

The Kappas, however, aren't fully unique. 
They, as well as the Pi Phi's, were founded 
at Monmouth College located in Monmouth, 111. 
To celebrate their common founding, the two 
sororities hold a yearly dance, appropriately titled 
the "Monmouth Duo." 


Top Row: Carol Costello, rush chairman; Carol Kristen, second 
vice president; Sandra Subject, treasurer. Bottom Row: Barbara 
Lovig, scholarship chairman,- Jean Warmbold, pledge trainer, 
Linda Zeiter, president; Sharron Moody, first vice president 
Marylea Benware, key correspondent; Susan Lashbrook, marshall 
Barbara Stanek, registrar. 

Founded at Monmouth College in 1870 
92 National Chapters 

Top Row: Sandra Subject, Janet Sloboda, Teresa Shute, Janice Madsen. Susan Snow, Carol Gerhardt, Carol Costello, Carol Houlihan, Catherine 
Doolittle, Barbara Putta, Jean Warmbold, Susan Maier, Sally Bachrach, Bobette Speckhart, Nancy Bordes. Fourth Row: Georgia Brown, Karen 
Corwin, Mary Mugg, Stacie Ross, Marsha Clark, Dianne Pinnow, Jean Anderson, Barbara Stanek, Bonnie Poss. Third Row: Nancy Bixby, Janet 
Robertson, Mary Bothe, Marylea Benware, Susan Lashbrook, Sharron Moody, Linda Zeiter, Mrs. Eleanore Mitchell, Barbara Lovig, Robin 
Thibodeau, Mary Burke, Marilyn Panella, Carolyn Weber, Victoria Tennes. Second Row: Janet Hicks, Maybelle Oakwood, Jeanne Dougherty, 
Terri Bartlett, Bonnie Farmer, Mary Legg, Mary Douglas, Ruth Duffy, Helen Farnsworth, Carolyn Toelle, Jan<=t Anderson. Bottom Row: Diana 
Walters, Nancy Bretscher, Jon Gonge, Barbara Lucas, Margaret Stack, Cathy Hutchinson, Linda Yontz, Robin Bradle. Not In Panel: Bcrbara Mc- 
Gurn, Nancy Pogue. 

t I i 

* 1 • « 


w - „ - .. 

Top Row: Maria Whippo, Peggy Kuehl, Sandra Goshgarian, Glenda Nielsen, Christine Wolfer, Suzanne Snyder, Pamela Boehm, Jane Purcell, 
Mary Faoro, Penelope Fredricks. Fifth Row: Nancy Day, Mary Szepessy, Carol Moeller, Judith Forth, Sharon Maki, Julie Strom, Lynn Ackerman, 
Marcia DeHaven, Sharon Brown, Marilyn Findahl, Cynthia Ash, Darla Dean, Linda Duis. Fourth Row: Ann Hilbert, Johanne Dilba, Judith Henne, 
Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Patricia Kaminski, Sue Gentry, Barbara Abbott, Linda Steilen, Gail Powers, Nancy Ninke, Karen Kresl. Third Row: Donna 
Giovenco, Carol Woods, Louise Breckel, Kathleen Cantwell, Patricia McManamon, Suzanne Olson, Mrs. Mary Reedy, Susan Lane, Kathleen 
True, Suzanne Swanson, Martha Sorgatz, Margaret Eschbach. Second Row: Susan Fredlund, Susan Wakefield, Toni Martin, Linda Lamont, Georgia 
Skully, Jean Kelroy, Sherrill Birkenmaier, Susan Lutkus, Sharon Martin, Carol Cooke, Vicki Stuart, Janice Ruhr. Bottom Row: Joan Tanner, Ruth 
Roche, Judith Mcintosh, Joyce Winer, Linda Monken. Not In Panel: Pamela Love, Kathleen Peterson, Karen Prosin. 

Top Row: Kathleen Cantwell; rush chairman,- Suzanne Swanson, 
corresponding secretary,- Suzanne Olson, president,- Patricia 
McManamon, treasurer,- Louise Breckel, pledge trainer. Bottom 
Row: Susan Lane, vice president; Kathleen True, recording secre- 


Founded at Wesleyan Female College in 1852 
96 National Chapters 

The Noble days of living apart are over. The 
Phi Mus moved into their new twenty room 
addition this fall. The new facilities include a 
presidential suite, a study library, and a central 
sunken court. 

The library shelves are being filled with books 
donated by the girls and their alumnae. Study 
chairs and tables have also been furnished by 
the alumnae. The sunken court has been land- 
scaped with trees, which are memorials to alum- 
nae in the area, and will be usedjfor most social 



Founded at Hunter College in 191 3 
45 National Chapters 

Top Row: Paulette Isbitz, president. Second Row: Marilyn Mill- 
stone, first vice president; Inez Soifer, second vice president. 
Bottom Row: Susan Erlanger, member at large; Pamela Cohen, 
secretary; Bonny Kahn, rush chairman,- Andrea Simmons, treasurer. 

The Phi Sigs have interested themselves in 
the cultural realm by compiling an exhibition 
of numerous color reproductions. These pictures 
illustrate the major movements of art since Phi 
Sigma Sigma's inception at Hunter College of 
New York City in 1913. 

The art exhibit which celebrates "50 Years 
of American Art" 1 is currently travelling to each 
of many university campuses across the country 
that have Phi Sigma Sigma chapters. It was 
exhibited at the Assembly Hall for two weeks 
before Christmas vacation. 


This spring marks the 100th anniversary of 
the founding of Pi Beta Phi. In April 1867, 
a group of twelve coeds at Monmouth College, 
Monmouth, Illinois, joined together to form the 
first chapter. The sorority has grown to include 
110 national chapters and over 6,000 members. 
To help celebrate this centennial, a special con- 
vention to be held in Chicago is being planned 
for this summer. 

Other events which the Pi Phis look forward 
to include the Wright Street Triad and the 
informal Stocking Party. 

Top Row: Marilyn Lewis, scholarship chairman,- Ann Dallman, 
rush chairman; Denise Davlantes, vice president; Nancy Temple, 
treasurer,- June Klassen, house manager. Bottom Row: Sarah Beek- 
man, pledge trainer,- Suzanne Glosecki, social chairman; Sally 
Guyton, president. 



Founded at Monmouth College in 1867 
110 National Chapters 

Top Row: Glenda Parsons, Vicky Morris, Ellen Steer, Joan Warmbold, Hildegard Sittig, Margaret Cox, Leslie Warner, Susan Morgan, Susan Lenz, 
Kathleen Healy, Anne Dallman, Gayle McCullough, Vivianlee Ward, Denise Davlantes, Janetta Moncur, Pamela Karlstrom. Third Row: Sandra 
Smith, Diane Eisele, Catherine Arlen, Jeanne Watterson, Beth Babcock, Margaret Bryant, Joan Barenfanger, Susan Jerde, June Klassen, Kandy 
Hardin, Mary Bunchman, Nancy Turnbull, Catherine Lamprecht, Mary Courteol, Ellen Hartman. Second Row: Deborah Lewis, Lee Kuehn, Janet 
Johnson, Sarah Beekman, Susanne Glosecki, Karen Fischer, Mrs. Bradford, Margo Miller, Mary Fairbanks, Carol Miller, Alice Landgren, Nancy 
McKinley, Jan Koenig. Bottom Row: Catherine Wagner, Sharon Winn, Jeanne Toussaint, Barbara Ballew, Susan Finlay, Sally Guyton, Carol 
Kreider, Mary Lynge, Nancy Temple, Victoria Lea, Marilyn Lewis. Not In Panel: Catherine Hillen, Tonna Moore, Karen Surgalski, Patricia Turner, 
Beth Walker. 

kf v a s ,> 

Sigma Delta Tau provides opportunities for 
a life of purpose and promise for the members, 
as well as for others. All the SDTs work for 
their philanthropic project, the Pete Kartman 
Scholarship Fund. This fund, named after an 
Illinois SDT chapter founder, provides mone- 
tary assistance to any person in need of it. The 
girls also sponsor a Christmas party for Cham- 
paign-Urbana orphans. 

Because of all the opportunities provided, SDT 
serves as a guide to action for the present as 
well as for the future. 


r l APT i 



Founded at Cornell University in 1917 
52 National Chapters 

Top Row: Sandra Lazarovitz, secretary; Donna Sachs, president; 
Nanette Kraus, first vice president. Bottom Row: Donna Goldstein, 
member at large,- Alexis Magged, house manager; Rose Simons, 
rush chairman; Paula Kout, social chairman. Not In Panel: Ellen 
Ender, second vice president; Jill Horn, treasurer. 

Top Row Bette Weisberg, Joanne Shapiro, Barbara Polansky, Sandra Lovitz, Leslie Roth, Ronna Katz, Dale Doniger, Arleen Siegal^ Lynda Elkins, 
Marilyn Weiss, Karen Sitron, Beth Alexander, Sandra Hertzberg, Jeri Schaff, Geraldine Schiffman. Third Row: Susan Smith, Robin Gaiter, Miriam 
Temkin llene Kaplan, Natalie Bloom, Marsha Schwartz, Arlene Chizewer, Margaret Blumberg, Marjone Boonshaft, Henrietta Gerstel I erri 
Wainess Judith Zindell, Hollis Salkin, Ellen Silverman. Second Row: Roberta Bolon, Donna Goldstein, Paula Kout, Rose Simons, Nanette Kraus, 
Mrs Mildred Coates, Donna Sachs, Sandra Lazarovitz, Ellen Ender, Jill Horn, Alexis Magged, Marsha Hellman. Bottom Row: Jodey Schonfeld, 
Arlene Maslowsky, Judith Holt, Diane Weiner, Randee Greenberg, Judith Levin, Mira Bass, Carol Appleman, Constance Kurlansky Joa nheinstein, 
Lynda Nadick, Claudia Kramsky Deanna Stern, Terri Levin, Beyla Versman. Not In Panel: Gail Chessick, Linda Chez, Cathy Dwortz, Andrea 
Fischer, Charlotte Katz, Sandra Maslan, Margie Novak, Jann Shevin, Lynn Silverman, Bari Weintraub. 

Top Row: Cassie Stutman, Ginny Soderstrom, Jan Siebert, Jacquelyn Reiland, Jean Galioto, Patricia Brelowski, Carol Nesheim, Ann Meier, Sally 
Bell, Kathryn Sobeski. Fourth Row: Barbara Seavey, Judy Edgar, Judy Hufschmitt, Linda Spence, Sandra Kungle, Myra Martin, Suellen Stahmer, 
Joan Kuhn, Sue Allen, Martha Cerda. Third Row: Ann Gunthner, Sharon Florini, Phyllis Czyzewski, Marilyn Derby, Cheryl Feges, Mary Anne 
Oram, Lynette Anderson, Karen Pennell, Jane Shostrom. Second Row: Janet Madeley, DiAnne Johnson, Holly Harden, Mrs. Elizabeth Rude, 
Rebecca Paternoster, Kathryn Schink, Ann Monsson. Bottom Row: Suzanne Seavey, Joy Chandler, Margaret Reed, Barbara Popp, Mary Dey, 
Carol Puckett, Pam Proskin. Not In Panel: Alice Jepson. 


.% -. * _^- 

Founded at Colby College in 1874 
105 National Chapters 

Top Row: Rebecca Paternoster, first vice president,- Holly Harden, 
president; Cassie Stutman, rush chairman. Bottom Row: Jackie 
Reiland, social chairman; Kathryn Schink, recording secretaiy; 
Janet Madeley, treasurer,- DiAnne Johnson, second vice president; 
Ann Monsson, registrar,- Marilyn Derby, social chairman. 

ft e,i * nif 

Sigma Kappa is both locally and nationally 
a charity service project sorority. On the national 
level Sigma Kappa helps support the Maine 
Seacoast Mission. Not satisfied with helping in 
the United States alone, they also help the 
American Farm School in Greece with urgently 
needed resources. 

Locally, the sisters deal with geriatrics, the 
care of aged persons. Girls adopt grandparents 
at the Hubert Nursing Home in Urbana and 
take pride in visiting and helping them through- 
out the college year. 


Top Row: Mary Smith, Blanche Johnson, Janet Alikonis, Jacqueline Michael, Margaret Kankaala, Marcia Hedberg, Jane Fuerbringer, El 
Stinnett, Carolyn Falter, Linda Bobert, Mary Slothower, Patsy Darrow, Kimberly Anderson, Rebecca Bock, Sue Wich, Carolyn Blum, 
Hopkins. Third Row: Ann Templeton, Shirley Panish, Anngale Foote, Gayie Cary, Mary Larrimore, Toni-Anna Bjorn, Ann Shildneck, Nancy 
son, Sherrill Riggins, Lois Bruckman, Sylvia Singleton, Patricia Kehoe, Connie Holmes, Sandy Danley. Second Row: Sharon Landes, Karen 
richter, Karen Nielsen, Sharon Adair, Nancy Schierhorn, Miss Margaret Murphy, Barbara Wallace, Janice Adamaitis, Louise Pfeffer, Linda 
Bottom' Row: Grace Meyer, Mary Coultrip, Adrienne Angone, Lu Unumb, Catherine Christoe, Linda Kendall, Janice Miles, Lisa Johnson 
Pearson, Holly Carr, Migi Hackleman. Not In Panel: Nancy Lehto, Mary McCulloch. 

, Lorine 


Founded at Virginia State Normal School in 1898 
109 National Chapters 

The yuletide season at Zeta Tau Alpha is 
highlighted by the annual Christmas party for 
underprivileged children from Champaign. The 
party, which occurs on the Sunday after the 
Christmas formal, is also attended by all the 
girls' dates. One of the dates dresses up as Santa 
Claus and each child talks to Santa and receives 
a gift during the party. 

The festivities end with rounds of Christmas 
carols and refreshments. The party adds an extra 
spark of happiness and joy to these children's 


Top Row: Sharon Adair, treasurer,- Nancy Schierhorn, president; 
Barbara Wallace, vice president. Bottom Row: Linda Winke, rush 
chairman; Karen Nielsen, ritual chairman; Louise Pfeffer, co-rush 
chairman,- Janice Adamaitis, secretary,- Karen Hafenrichter, editor 

BOARD OF FRATERNITY AFFAIRS— Top Row: James Nutt, Robert Byman, Kent Slater, W. Stewart Minton, Irvin Lipp. Bottom Row: Walter 
Kieth, Walter Wessels, Warren Wessels, Francis Weeks, David Gillespie. 

Board of Fraternity Affairs Plans Policy for All Fraternities 

The Board of Fraternity Affairs determines 
the policy for all fraternities. It also is an ad- 
visory committee to the IFC. Established in 1946, 
it is composed of four faculty members, two 
alumni, five IFC officers, and the Dean of Fra- 
ternity Men. In March of 1966, the Senate 
Committee on Student Discipline gave the Board 
of Fraternity Affairs complete authority regard- 
ing fraternity matters; thus it was transformed 
from a reviewing council into the only completely 
self-governing committee on campus. 

The Program Board consists of all the IFC 
Committee Chairmen. This group is in charge of 
directing all the programs and activities of the 
Interfraternity Council. Among these are IFC 
Scholarship, Public Relations, Co-op Buying, 
Activities, Greek Week, Publications, J IF, and 
the Research Program. 

The Presidents Council, the authoritative and 
legislative body of the IFC, consists of representa- 
tives from each of the fifty-seven fraternities. The 
IFC policies were developed by this group. 


PROGRAM BOARD— Top Row: Ronald Hoffman, Robert Batchelder, James Wertsch, Arthur Abelson, Richard Western. Bottom Row: Jeffrey 
Jones, Kent Slater, Jon Robinson. 

Presidents Council Stands as the Authoritative Body of IFC 

PRESIDENTS COUNCIL — Top Row: Louis Friedrich, Lawrence Irwin, Raymond Fairchild, Robert Broom, Leonard Phillips, Lawrence Darken, 
Robert Kuntz William Futrell, John Phillip, Joel Fitzjarrald, Richard Cocking, John Baackes, Jack Bakker. Third Row: Richard Huskisson, Robert 
Kammerling, Steven Miller, Walter Maksym, Richard Bachta, Gary Starkman, John Hoffman, Clayton Anderson, Daniel Prickett, Dennis Tierney, 
Dennis Cashman, Christopher Murtaugh, John Foote, Paul Rimington, Robert Weissman, David Bechtel, Steve Wilson, Donald Hoffman, James 
Waddell Second Row: Michael Saken, William Gerrish, Lawrence Case, William Kennedy, John Stapleton, Samuel Wierner, William Norby, 
Roger Warnke, Phillip Stella, Richard Western. Bottom Row: Richard Ohlinger, Joseph Bonefeste, David Randolph, Leslie Corley, James Bidwill, 
Gary Moogk, Jonathan Tidd, Dennis Kajmowicz, David Brent, Dennis Frings, Joseph Ream, Richard Rudolph. 

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Top Row: James Nutt, Ronald Goldberg, Robert Byman, John Knezovich. Bottom Row: W. Stewart Minton, Irvin 
Lipp, Kent Slater. 

Executive Committee Determines All IFC Policy 

Members of the IFC Executive Committee 
included a past J IF president, a past Student 
Senate president, and former major chairmen 
of different IFC committees. The Executive Com- 
mittee was composed of all elected officers, the 
chairman of the rush committee, and the chair- 
man of the President's Advisory Council. The 
Executive Committee determines the policy of 
IFC and also proposes changes to the President's 

After three years, the Co-op Buying System 
has finally become a reality and an advantage 
for the Greek system. Fraternities and sororities 
have saved money through this program by 
purchasing food and sporting goods from the 
wholesaler who offered the lowest bid. 

The Judicial Committee includes seven men 
who have the job of handing down decisions on 
cases brought before them concerning the IFC 
regulations and jurisdiction. 

Irvin Lipp, IFC President. 


CO-OP BUYING COMMITTEE— Top Row: Robert Broom, Robert Tinkham, Terry Cole. Bottom Row: Gary Moogk, Donald Uchtmann, Larry Case. 

Co-op Buying Goes into Operation for the Fraternity System 

JUDICIAL BOARD— Top Row: John Westermann, Elliot Bercovitz, Phillip Stella ,Kenneth Morgan, David Brent, Michael Clark, James Chickles. 
Bottom Row: Robert Batchelder. 

Top Row: Jeffrey Greenberg, David Bower, Russell Gold, Barry Kornick, John Tinnea, Michael Lindsey, Alan Fulkerson, Gerald Wozniak, Gregory 
Alexander, Wayne Ohl. Third Row: Thomas Heggen, Michael Vandeberg, Richard Stark, Scott Fisher, David Look, Peter Studl, Robert Marquis, 
Timothy McGuire, James Wallace, Paul Plikaitis, Rod Frazier, Lee Sheldon, Rex Bradfield, Thomas Goff. Second Row: Neal Mankey, Victor Manny, 
William Edwards, Anthony Ornatek, James Ruegger, Jay Fyie, Leslie Joslyn, Stuart Ellis, John Carmen. Bottom Row: Harry Jacobson, Stuart 
Hoffmann, Larry Evans, Frederic Pollock, Thomas Schreiner, John Frey, James DeWeerth, Joel Hal per, Dennis Rook, Elliott Hartstein, Marc Robertson. 

JIF Acquaints High Schools with the Greek System at Illinois 

The Junior Interfraternity Council strove to 
attain the best year since its inauguration in 
1957. The JIF has been called a "do nothing" 
organization, but through efforts in scholarship, 
pledge training, presentation of social events 
and the High School Senior Program it has 
bettered its name. 

One of the highlights of this year's program 
was a JIF Pledge Class Meeting, held at the 
beginning of the fall semester. It was at this 
meeting that Dean Minton gave JIF the watch- 
word, "Scholarship." Pledges also had the op- 
portunity to become acquainted with the IF 
Council officers at this time. 

The JIF strove to remove the gap between 
the Greek system at Illinois and high school 
seniors. The JIF sent panels to high schools 
throughout the state to discuss the University 
and the (heck system. 


Dave Edwards, program coordinator,- Jim Livesay, president; Willian 
Kennedy, advisor,- Dennis Maki, secretary-treasurer. 

Top Row: Clarence Shumaker, secretary,- James Eggers, senior 
dean,- Gary Upp, rush chairman,- Ronald Reece, junior dean ; 
Thomas Harmon, treasurer. Bottom Row: Roger Warnke, venerable 

"Fafner," a parody on a Wagner] opera, 'was 
the name of Acacia's stunt show performance. 
The show's music and lyrics were completely 
original. The story's action revolved around a 
dragon Fafner who guarded an enchanted shovel 
which was supposed to be used to rebuild the 
destroyed stonebridge. 

Acacia's hall of fame includes W. E. Ekblaw 
who co-founded the first homecoming on campus 
in 1910. A "hobo band," a varsity-alum foot- 
ball game, and a snake dance down Armory St. 
to the stadium were held. 


Founded at University of Michigan in 1904 
50 National Chapters 

Top Row: Randall Stiles, William Tuckey, Gary Upp, Richard Phalen, James Wertsch, Richard Crusius, John Burroughs, George Biderman, William 
Brookhart, Paul Witort, Donald Dedic, Paul Jensen, Michael Pembroke. Fourth Row: Gary Simpson, Richard Conlin, Charles Beall, Jerry Millar,. 
John Nelson, Renard Biltgen, James Youngquist, Arthur Hill, Floyd Parks, Roger Rentshler, Steven Johnson, Haldane Bean, chapter advisor. 
Third Row: David Pemberton, Kenneth Barragree, Richard Joswick, Raymond Hermann, Kenton Price, David Manning, Randall Stevens, Stephen 
Henson, Bruce Scotton, Ward Hargis, Roger Johnson, James Hatch, Ronald Hill, Larry Winkleman. Second Row: Barry Gourley, Fred Hart, Jeffrey 
Hotham, Kenneth Barnes, Thomas Bean, Thomas Harmon. James Eggers, Roger Warnke, Gary Reece, Clarence Shumaker, Joseph Franz, James 
McGrath, Ronald Feeley. Bottom Row: Kenneth Roberts, Robert Orwig, John Wagner, David Terrill, William Edwards, Roy Spitzer, John Leonard, 
James Weigel, Robert Sutis, Thomas Holmes, Frederick Eaton, James Taborn, John Stoll, Allen Novak, James Lee. Not In Panel: William Alexander, 
Steven Anderson, Richard Barton, Larry Carius, Roger Cogswell, James Crusius, Glen Cutler, Thomas Flanders, Kent Krautstrunk, John Nelson, 
Michael Stone, Eric Trotter, Raymond Feeley. 

t Alpha Chi Rho is small, they are 

ey proved their worth this year by 

he finals of Stunt Show. With Presby 

ey fearlessly fought "Oz...a Dragon. 1 ' 

"first" because a fraternity had never 

reached finals with an independent house 

in Stunt Show. 

Stunt Show didn't claim all of the men's 
attention though. This year they celebrated the 
chapter's fiftieth anniversary on campus. The 
Phi Kappa chapter at the U of I is one of twenty- 
seven national chapters. 


Top Row: Kent Yauch, treasurer,- Joseph Hayek, vice president; 
Michael Porter, internal coordinator. Bottom Row: Dennis Frings, 
president,- Ronald Singleton, pledge trainer. 

Founded at Trinity College in 1895 
27 National Chapters 

Top Row: Bruce Carlton, Stephen O'Keefe, James Graham, Fred Kemp, Theodore Dost, Lloyd Marquardt, Paul Bond, Stephen Sumner, Darrell 
Pepple, Gary Tomaszewski. Third Row: Michael Jones, Laird Salisbury, Glenn Johnson, Thomas LaMantia, Donald Broman, Dale Schunk, Bruce 
MacDonald, John Eck, John Stahl. Second Row: Ronald Singleton, Kent Yauch, Dennis Frings, Joseph Hayek, Michael Porter. Bottom Row: Richard 
Piper, Victor Enchelmayer, Edward Borowy, Robert Jamieson, Richard Figura, Stephen McLaughlin, Thomas Schreiner. Not In Panel: Armand 
Johnson, John Meyer, Philip O'Bryan. 

Top Row: John Wallace, Stanley Pogue, Gordon Campbell, Thomas Turner, Kenneth Alexander, David Harms, William Read, Roger Langille, 
Richard Luetkemeyer, James Scheppach, Donald Sharp, Frank Stewart. Third Row: Robert Hoyt, Philip Basil, William Zillman, William Mitchell, 
Alan Fiester, Kenneth Simpson. John Prescott, Jeffrey Meacham, Roy Eriksen, Kurt Genteman, Ronald Bergmann, David Russell, Robert Schmidt. 
Second Row.' Mark Kneedy, John Glennon, Richard Button, Steven Nagel, William Saer, Gary Moogk, Michael Morrow, Michael Siegert, John 
Thomas. Bottom Row: Keith Hauschulz, James Micus, Scott Olson, James Arnold, Lee DeForest, William Ostrum, Kermith Werremeyer, 
Paul Schroeder, Robert Pflum. Not In Panel: Gerald Line, Thomas Young, Roger Freedlund, Thomas Manz, Robert Might, John Barker, Thomas 
Fisher, Jack Yo'bski, Wayne Rose, Philip Nicoll, Michael Sidney, Donald Reback, John Bouxsein. 


Founded at Hamilton College in 1832 
30 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Thomas, recording secretary; Michael Morrow, 
vice president; William Saer, commissar. Second Row: Steven 
Nagel, treasurer,- Gary Moogk, president; Richard Button, cor- 
responding secretary. Bottom Row: John Glennon, rush chair- 
man; Robert Pflum, social chairman. 

Alpha Delta Phi has the unusual distinction 
of having founded the annual Dad's Day week- 
end. It was suggested by E. B. Hopkins in 
1913 that the Alpha Delts ask their dads to 
a football game. The suggestion initiated a re- 
action throughout the campus. The first official 
Dad's Day was sponsored in 1920 by the Illini 
Union Activities. 

For the Alpha Delt's Dad's Day, a full program 
was planned. This included a pep rally Friday 
evening, a R.O.T.G. Parade, and also a football 
game on Saturday. 


Top Row: Kenneth Battis, Garry Niemayer, Jay Brown, Randall Redfern, Richard Jenkins, Leland Herzberger, Kent Rewerts, William Fischer, 
David Hawkinson, David Ruppert, James Klokkenga, Thomas Hunsley, Robert Potts, Duane Curry, John Dittmer, Jack Jennings, Delmar Banner, 
Robert Betzelbarger, Kenneth Urban, John Gray. Fourth Row: Charles Shupa, Randall Erwin, Richard Jurgens, Christopher Richardson, Ross Peter, 
Kenneth Kahle, Thomas Champley, Richard Hansen, Thomas Ranson, John Nelson, Ronald Henrichs, Lyn Ash, James Wright, David Culbertson, 
Donald Degler, Jamas Harm, Larry Haiser, Rodney Roberts. Third Row: Gilbert Reznicek, Thomas Hofer, David Akin, Rex Piper, David Ruebush, 
John Peterson, Hugh Forbas, David Bechtel, Joseph Hopkins, Robert Pritchard, William Kuhfuss, Gail Allaman, Michael Degler, Philip Francis. 
Second Row: Leroy Inskeap, Douglas Isham, Rodney Frazier, Thomas Doubat, Stanley Foley, John Schneider, Steven Wasmer, William Rutledge, 
Dennis Naylor, John Reed, George Rica, Gary Schmidt, Timothy Kemmis. Bottom Row: Jamas Ault, Rodnay Weller, Charles Weeks, Warren Harsh- 
barger, 'Morris Smith, Richard Koonca, Stanley Weber, John Dameron, Jerry Rodgers, Jeffrey Brooks, Steven Shelton, Steven Wendell. 


Founded at University of Illinois in 1904 
44 National Chapters 

Top Row: Robert Pritchard, pledge trainer. Second Row: Hugh 
Forbes, treasurer,- John Peterson, secretary,- Joseph Hopkins, vice 
president. Bottom Row: David Bechtel, president; William Kuhfuss, 
usher,- David Ruebush, reporter. 

Alpha Gamma Rho, the only national social- 
professional agriculture fraternity, claims two 
Alpha titles. The Alpha Chapter of AGR was 
founded at Illinois in 1904. Last spring 20 charter 
members were initiated into their Alpha chapter 
of Rho-Mates, the little sister fraternity organiza- 

The men ol AGR copped the Greek WeekTug- 
of-War title for the fourth consecutive year last 
spring. Paired with Alpha Phi, the duo captured 
first place in mixed competition in the animal 
Atius-Sachem Sing. 


Top Row: John Douglas, rush chairman,- Richard Tomlin, cor- 
responding secretary,- Richard Baker, recording secretary,- Lester 
Rhodes, treasurer; George Gilkerson, pledge trainer. Bottom Row: 
Richard Cocking, administrative vice president; John Logan, ex- 
ecutive vice president; RobertlTinkham, president,_Daniel Kramer, 
social chairman. ZZ. 

Alpha Kappa Lambda earned a supreme vic- 
tory during homecoming celebrations this year 
and was given the overall first place trophy. 
By selling the most homecoming badges, they 
got a first in that division. The orange and 
blue whale on the AKL's float was decorated 
with a blue ribbon also. 

AKL and Alpha Chi danced to a third place 
win in the Stunt Show with an act about that 
renowned lady, Mame. This year was the sixth 
time in the past seven years that the fraternity 
entered Stunt Show finals. 


Founded at University of California in 1914 
35 National Chapters 

Top Row: Jonathan Gibbs, John Douglas, Richard Heuser, Thomas Schroeder, Hugh Shown, Richard Jones, Robert Strohm, John Peirce, David 
Healy, Vinson Reynolds, Joseph Lucco, Charles Curran, Douglas Olson, Thomas Wiemer, John Herm. Third Row: Joseph Jemsek, Robert Amram» 
James Davis, James Grothe, Robert Sinclair, David Johnson, Jack Tuttle, Robert Tice, William Gieseke, Garret Olech, Garry Kepley, Paul Milling, 
Richard Tomlin, Lawrence Nelson, Karl Kessler, William Schilling, George Gilkerosn, James May. Second Row: James Nutt, Richard Baker, 
Lester Rhodes, Robert Tinkham, John Logan, Richard Cocking, Robert Bixler, Daniel Kramer. Bottom Row: Thomas Yates, Jack Benoist, Steven 
Martin, Joseph Wojtena, David Vercellino, Richard Kirby, Thomas Sutton, Richard Nutt, Jay Fyie, John Ross, Mark Hartley. Not In Panel: John 
Wielt, William Erdman, Mark Millett, Gary Holaway, Howard Bradley, James Guequierre, Flynn Taylor, David Zunkel, Bruce Meyer, John 
Boyer, Todd Sanders, William Ballantyne, Ronald Hoffman. 

Top Row Richard Superfine, Norman Wolf, Michael Null, Howard Schneider, Mark Gordon, David Slader, Jeffrey Morris, Donald Hoffman, 
Ronald Klepetar Jack Borok Barry Katz, Arthur Tandy. Third Row: Irving Azoff, Mark Mehlman, Edwin Benn, Alan Hellman, Ihomas Wechsler, 
David Berman Jeffrey Feldman, Martin Shure, Steven Silver, Barry Segal, Lawrence Baron, Robert Berkover, Richard Blumberg Steven Portes 
Second Row Richard Aronoff, Michael Blair, Stewart Zelmar, William Chapman, Scott Diamond, Mrs. Sally Samuels. Jeffrey Weston, Michael 
Rockin, Richard Eggener, William Frank, Ronald Cohn. Bottom Row: Terry Baren, Howard Bernstein, Michael Bloom, Morley Kerschner, Stephen 
Brahill' Leslie Kromer, Barry Kornick, Robert Fields, Robert Siegler, Robert Libbin. 



Top Row Norris Coleman, Hosea Harvey, Clarence Burch, Richard Jones, Ronald Dunlap, Marcus Johnson, Larry Parkman Second Row: William 
Smith, Rodney Thomas, Leslie Corley, Jerome McWell, Albert McCullum. Bottom Row: Elias Hardy, David Bridges, Kenneth Ulmer, William Walker, 
Marc Robertson. Not In Panel: Thomas Thompson. 

Top Row: Carl Bruckman, secretary; David Doob, treasurer,- 
Verne Knoll, fifth board member. Bottom Row: Dennis Kajmowicz, 
president; William Gill, vice president. 

Alpha Rho Chi is both a social and profes- 
sional fraternity, being limited to students in 
Fine and Applied Arts. Since most of the mem- 
bers are in architecture, APXs are known on 
campus as the ''Archis." 

At Christmastime the house is converted to 
an old English inn for their annual Cask and 
Key Formal; the library becomes an old tavern 
and the lounge an old English dance hall. A 
Sweetheart Dinner is held before the dance at 
which the Alpha Rho Chis announce their new 
Sweetheart for the year. 


Founded at University of Illinois in 1914 
12 National Chapters 

Top Row: Ronald Fnnk, Thomas Iversan, Lloyd jukkola, Jeffrey Kutsche Gerald Vest, W.Hiam OIs -' , R m ^ r ^=Ca u ley Gary Phi PPS, Leslie 

Leff ingwel.l, James Johnston, Alan Gordon. Third Row: David Greenhalgh^Gerald^Schwoch, Wayn^Schm.dt, Darnel Schulz^Gurt,^ ^tensen, 



Thomas huiin 

Wilburn Bonnell, Michael Lux, Roy Drasites, Nicholas Truske, David Mitchell, Walter Hultsch. 

Last year Alpha Sigma Phi staged the first 
campus dance featuring Go-Go girls with the 
theme " Chaos- A-Go-Go." Black lights on fluo- 
resent paint added weird effects to the go-go 
atmosphere. This unusual approach was used 
again this year when Alpha Sigma Phi created 
the "House of Rising Sin." 

Their Speakers Program continued to bring 
interesting staff members to the house. The 
guests included Professor Oliver, Professor Graeb- 
ner, Professor Kuisel, and Captain Rae, who just 
returned from Viet Nam. 


Top to Bottom: William Norby, president; Stephen Moeller, 
vice president; Robert Carter, social chairman; Mark Gillen, 
treasurer,- Gordon Goranson, pledge trainer; Richard Garcia, 

Founded at Yale in 1845 
90 National Chapters 

Anthony Flores, James Applegate, Bruce Klein, Richard Garcia, Charles Baldwin, Thomas Ulatowski. Bottom Row: Richard Schultz Ralph Gauen, 
Douglas Jenkins, William Hoerr, Gerald Gottschalk, Larry Williams, Frank Quaglia, Geoffrey Farnsworth Enc Allen Not In Panel: David Brown, 
Donald Perryman, James Lenzo, Richard Bennett, James Sippich, Ronald Gladish, Michael O Connor, John Hoeveler, foster Iravis. 

Top Row: Richard Tate, Ronald Bess, Robert Miller, Harold Vanselow, Thomas Frank, John Foote, John Fleck, John Conklin, John O'Malley, 
Peter Schuyler, Thomas Svoboda, John Reising, James Cooper, Roy Ricketts, Michael Cleary, Michael DeYoung, James Stevenson. Third Row: 
John Stacey, Steven Yahn, Donald Briggs, John Helfrick, Park Livingston, James Frakes, John Hardinger, Dennis Likosar, David Daley, William 
Aylesworth, Thomas Gulley, James Ellis, John Freda, Barry Hines, Terry McDaniel, Douglas McAllister, William DeBord, William Stammer, Kenton 
Hall, Jeffrey Secord, Ronald Ingram, Peter Boline. Second Row: John McGill, Michael Lindsay, Preston Johnson, Robert Bachman, Robert Phipps, 
John Matzer, John Myers, Peter Bates, Terry Cole, Robert Batchelder, Thelma Andrews, David Florio, Richard Fredricks, John Peterson, Kenneth 
Trigger, Dennis Mool, Michael Hasseiberg, David Dickey, John Mulliken. Bottom Row: James Schwab, Allan DeBord, Richard Patton, Michael 
Lindsey, Bruce Kirkpatrick, Kurt Schaffhauser, James Dobrovolny, Norman Sims, Robert Bates, Donald Carpenter, Michael Drake, James Luckey, 
Anthony Pleviak, Douglas Mathisen, Brock Butts, Randall Monroe. Not In Panel: John Wright, Robert Naponic. 


Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 
125 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Peterson, house records; Dennis Likosar, house 
records,- Terry Cole, treasurer,- James Frakes, secretary,- Robert 
Batchelder, president. Bottom Row: Michael Hasseiberg, pledge 
trainer,- David Dickey, house manager; Robert Phipps, social and 
rush chairman. 

Alpha Tau Omega was the first Greek-letter 
college fraternity organized after the Civil War. 
The Tau's first chapter was established at the 
Virginia Military Institute at Lexington, Virginia 
in 1865. 

One of the big A.T.O. traditions has been 
their annual "Outhouse Scramble" held in the 
Spring. The chapter house is hung with plain 
brown paper and Tau's and their dates ironi- 
cally enter the informal through an outhouse 
seat. This traditional dance highlights the A.T.O. 
social program. 


Top Row: Fredrick Quirsfeld. Richard Leverenz, Paul Monke, Ardell Nease, Christopher Klockau, Paul Nystrom, William Russell, Michael Masny, 
Peter Mueller, Ted Nolle, Stephen Kannaka, David Skibbe, Paul Wentland, Thomas Trebelhorn. Third Row: Dale Tammen, William Foss, Jon 
Swanson, Allen Keiser, Norman Harms, Robert Brissman, Donald Weeke, Jerald Borchers, Allan Bleich, Gerald Skoglund, Howard Elliott, Robert 
Benson. Second Row: William Hartman, Lawrence Milam, Norman Siekman, John Quirsfeld, Keith Sheppelman, Steve Wilson, Bruce Jameson, 
Gary Weimer, Wilbur Stamberger, Duane Coordes. Bottom Row: Richard Henrichs, Donald Busse, Neal Mankey, Randall Krause, Kermit Hustedt, 
Walter Feitsh'ans. Not In Panel: Kerry Anderson, David Aschbacher, Richard Foss. 


Founded at University of Illinois in 1925 
12 National Chapters 

Beta Sigma Psi, national social fraternity of 
Lutheran men, is proud of its recent expansion — 
and with good reason. For example, within the 
last ten years the Beta Sigs have more than 
doubled their national membership and have 
increased their strength locally to approximately 
fifty brothers. 

The Alpha chapter of Beta Sigma Psi here at 
Illinois, because of World War II, found it 
necessary to deactivate shortly before the war, 
only to reorganize in 1955 to their present strong 


Top Row: John Quirsfeld, treasurer,- Wilbur Stamberger, second 
vice president,- Norman Siekman, recording secretary. Bottom 
Row: Steve Wilson, president; Donald Weeke, corresponding 
secretary,- Gary Weimer, financial secretary,- Keith Sheppelman, 
first vice president; Bruce Jameson, rush chairman. 

Top Row: James Ferry, rush chairman; Michael Rogerson, l-M 
chairman,- Nicholas Stahl, social chairman; William Petty, rush 
chairman; Donald Huisinga, pledge trainer,- Richard Leng, re- 
corder. Bottom Row: Tom Stanford, commissar; Richard Townsend, 
treasurer,- Dennis Cashman, president; John Zeglis, vice president. 



SB m Ml 

m MM. 


l°i * 

, -y— 

A heritage of outstanding achievements in 
many fields of University life has been the distin- 
guishing characteristic of Beta Theta Pi through- 
out its 64 years on campus at the University of 

Following the traditions of excellence, it has 
been said of the Betas that ". . .a long time ago 
there came into Beta Theta Pi, a fraternity 
spirit that was and is, and apparently will con- 
tinue to be, unique. We know it who are inside, 
and they see it and record it who are outside 
the Beta pale.'' 


Founded at Miami University in 1839 
102 National Chapters 

Top Row: Kip Pope, Robert Jones, Stephen Wheeler, Thomas Clark, JamesjWalder, Michael Murawski, David Castilow, John Marbarger, Charles 
Torman, Dale Harris, James Brubaker, William Petty, Jerry Sandberg, James Trulove, Douglas Robinson, Stephen Hensel, Kelly Hynes, Johnson 
Kanady. Third Row: Michael Alberts, Paul Hensel, Michael Wattleworth, James Ferry, Marc Lobdell, Gerald Beck, George Taylor, Randall 
Dahl, John Robertson, Nicholas Stahl, John Zeglis, Richard Leng, Roy Adams, Dennis Immer, Robert Simpson, James Anderson. Second Row: 
Randall Rue, Tom Stanford, Richard Diaeschner, Frederick Klemm, Richard Townsend, Robert Lorenz, Donald Huisinga, Mrs. Mildred Butner, Dennis 
Cashman, Daniel Kuebler, Michael Rogerson, Bruce Howat, William Palmer, Richard Anderson, Stuart Hemphill. Bottom Row: James Wissmiller, 
Stuart Hoffmann, Richard Taylor, Jeffery Tock, James Smith, James Livesay, Charles Stahl, Gregg Painter, Dennis Williams, Dennis Rook, Michael 
Molt, David Subject, Bruce Wettman, Paul Lively. Not In Panel: Stephan Kuberski, Clyde Kuehn, Winston Taggert, John Greager, Marc McMan- 
away, James Dawson, Robert Johansen, Gerald Mettille, William Ziehn, Richard Knox, Barry Bensen, Robert Dunlap. 

Top Row: William Rinne, Michael Traband, Stephen Seymour, Gregory Dorhn, James Mclntyre, (Robert Petrine, Phillip Maerk, Bruce Pestell, 
Richard Spiegel, Joseph Girardi, Dennis Doyle, John Kniering, James McDonald. Bottom Row: David Sujek, John Shaffer, Gerard King, Stephen 
Christodoulou, Larry Langohr, James Kilroy, David Brent, Phillip Kromka, Michael Byrd. 


Founded at Princeton in 1824 
40 National Chapters 

In 1910, a small group of men started an 
independent house named Idius. In 1912, this 
house became a chapter of the oldest national 
fraternity, Chi Phi, which traces its origin back 
to the campus of Princeton University to the 
year 1824. The reason for the shift from the 
independent to the Greek system was that these 
men thought their standards and expectations 
would be more fully obtainable as members of 
Chi Phi fraternity. 

Today, (he Chi Phis show these ideals in all 
phases of University life. 


Top Row: Stephen Christodoulou, social chairman,- Joseph Girardi, 
rush chairman; Richard Spiegel, pledge master,- James Kilroy, 
scholarship chairman. Bottom Row: John Shaffer, treasurer,- Dennis 
Doyle, vice president; David Brent, president, Phillip Maerk, sec- 

The men of Chi Psi at Illinois have grown 
in the light of their distinguishing heritage 
throughout the past years. 

Their history is not only colorful but is also 
novel. Herman Meville used the incident of Chi 
Psi's founder, Phillip Spencer, being the first 
and only man ever to be hanged for mutiny 
in the U.S. Navy as the basis for his story 
BILLY BUDD. Chi Psi was the first social 
brotherhood and also boasts of having the first 
fraternity house, which was a log cabin on the 
University of Michigan campus. 

William Lynk, social chairman; James Stotz, public relations 
chairman; Lance Wuellner, secretary; William Kennedy, president; 
James Chickles, vice president; Tom Runge, treasurer,- Stephen 
Hagen, rush chairman,- John Davison, pledge trainer. 



' ( " - ¥' 

| : i- gj 

1 D In oIh 1 H Ml 

' m4 

Founded at Union University in 1841 
27 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Wibben, William Evans, Thomas Kaeding, Gregory Blatnik, Robert Schuerman, Neal Wiler, Steven Selling, Tom Runge, John 
Paulsgrove. Third Row: George Knorps, William Lynk, Frank Reid, Neil Strack, Robert Bowles, William Boyer, Stephen Hubbard, Edwin Merri- 
field, Jerome Bosnich, Larry Nevenhoven, John Davison. Second Row: Lee Bissey, John Malerich, James Stotz, William Kennedy, James Chickles, 
Stephen Hagen, Lance Wuellner. Bottom Row: Thomas Muraski, Alan Evinrude, Kenneth Gadow, David Hrovat, Stanley Thoren, Ronald Diderich, 
Gerald Cook, John Wallin, Jerry Wozniak. Not In Panel: Edward Daggett, Steven Nagel, Stephen Roarick, Gerald Walters, John McKinney, 
Anthony Wimmer, Darrell Bolin, Jack Wilber, Richard Beem. 

f 1 t f f 




A &' ** 4£ 

4 J* F m . I 


* ** 

Founded at Cornell in 1890 
52 National Chapters 

Top Row: Charles Edwards, internal vice president; Paul Welch, 
secretary,- Ronald Kokal, sergeant-at-arms; Russell Roberts, cor- 
responding secretary. Bottom Row: William Dornbush, house man- 
ager; Merle Atkins, treasurer; Timothy Selleck, pledge trainer,- 
Robert Eckert, rush chairman,- Jay Lipke, president; Samuel Cottrell, 
external vice president. 

For the last several years, Delta Chi has been 
expanding and remodeling. In January, 1966, 
building was completed on a new addition which 
included eighteen study rooms and a new chapter 
room. Also the first floor was remodeled, the 
dining room enlarged, and the kitchen com- 
pletely done over. 

This spring the Delta Chi house was com- 
pletely turned into a beer warehouse for its 
forty-third annual warehouse dance. For this 
dance the house was decorated with huge beer 
signs and empty bathtubs. 







Top Row: Clayton Anderson, president; Trevor MacLennan, 
social chairman. Second Row: Robert Schaefer, treasurer,- James 
Tretheway, rush chairman. Bottom Row: James Bearden, vice 
president; James Ringquist, pledge trainer. 

Delta Phi fraternity has the unique distinc- 
tion of being founded underneath an old covered 
bridge that spanned the Mohawk river between 
Scotia and Schenectady. One hundred and thirty- 
nine years ago, nine men gathered there to 
discuss how they could establish a group for 
lasting friendship. 

The result of this meeting was the founding 
of Delta Phi fraternity November 17, 1827, on 
the campus of Union College in Schenectady, 
New YorkT Delta Phi came to this campus 
January 20, 1920, as a local club called Iris 
which has become^ the Tau chapter. 


Founded at Union University in 1827 
16 National Chapters 

Top Row: David Berger, David Adami, Michael Dashner, Terrance Holm, Harold Rakers, Mark Carson, Fred Mierzwa, Dennis Williams, John 
Lawry, Guy Saffold. Third Row: Bruce Smith, Gary Schnittgrund, Mike Hall, Robert Jones, Richard Dauphinais, George Olsen, Kenton Jury, Paul 
Decker; Homer Dewey, William Firch, John Serson. Second Row: Daniel Kruzic, James Tretheway, John Bearden, Clayton Anderson, Robert 
Schaefer, James Ringquist, Trevor MacLennan, Darryl Meyer. Bottom Row: Thomas Scheer, George Conway, Kenny Pearson, Jerry Weber, James 
Cutler, Joseph Bigger, Larry Heimsoth, Richard Brenneman, Patrick Butler, Robert Pearson. Not In Panel: Stanley Catlett, Burns Davison, Robert 
Hagan, George Erickscn. 

The men of Delta Sigma Phi are very proud 
of their latest achievement, the winning of the 
Delta Award, a first place in the chapter leader- 
ship contest. Their service project, the Korean 
Orphan Clothing Drive, was a big factor in 
the winning of the award; this year the men 
collected 25,000 pounds of clothing and $1500 
which was distributed to needy Korean orphans 
by the U.S. 8th Army. 

The Carnation Ball highlights spring at Delta 
Sig, for that is the night the fraternity's new 
"Dream Girl" is crowned. 


Founded at College of the City of New York in 1899 
108 National Chapters 

Top Row: Marino Floreani, vice president, Joel Merkel, president, 
Edward Salm, secretary. Bottom Row: Robert Huss, rush director,- 
Daniel Barchers, treasurer,- Richard Van Huskisson, pledge master,- 
Malcolm Corner, sergeant-at-arms; Erwin Wuttke, engineered 
leadership director. 

Top Row: Robert Casey, Robert Wolf, Fred Muehlfelder, Malcolm Corner, Timothy Docter, James Spagna, Thomas Campbell, Marino Floreani, 
Donald Lepp, James Gummerscheimer, Alphonce Pranaitis, James McGhee, James Davis, Gary McCoy. Third Row: Hugh Mcintosh, Frank Maggio, 
David Haake, Edward Salm, Dennis Arter, Randolf Marsh, Richard Van Huskisson, Ronald Osman, Warren Judd, Kenneth Smith, James Brunner, 
Fredrick Ganaway, Erwin Wuttke, Richard Baxendale,Donald Radcliff. Second Row: David Nefzger, James Percy, Noble Ferguson, Daniel Barchers, 
Mr. Tillman, Mrs. Cryder, Joel Merkel, Steven Lurtz, Gerald Byran, Robert Huss. Bottom Row: Ronald Baehm, Stuart Ellis, William Roth, James 
Whittles, Oscar Sliva, Ernest DeDominick, Michael Holycross, John Womick. 

? •■*■"» 

[* W" 

<* *» < *L 

Top Row: Roland Wolff, Gary Beckman, Gary Oakes, Douglas Chidley, Roger May, Kenneth Riha, James Whiteside, Jack Fredrickson, John 
Gleeson, Russel Young, John Bernardo, Fred Lukasik, Andrew Zander, Gary Holveck; Joseph Murphy. Third Row: John Chaney, David Mueller, 
Lucky Somers, Charles Lamkin, Charles Middleton, Derek Sanford, Neal Neumann, Michael Babka, Dwayne Kaminski, Klaus Gensheimer, William 
Long, William Kessner, Christopher Holiday, John Helquist, Charles Roth. Second Row: Paul Gustitus, Donald Rowley, Carl Moss, Dennis Heydanek, 
Mrs. Sherald Griffith, Patrick Meehan, Dennis Mesic, Kenneth Hubbard, Dennis Tierney. Bottom Row: Michael Condill, Gerome Gea, Gene 
Wagner, Daniel McKissic, Thomas Cramer, Scott Reese, Edward Pettipas, James Jorgensen, Thomas Peeples. Not In Panel: Jeffery Kiser, James 
Ahlberg, Dean Olson, James Lake. 


Founded at Bethany College in 1858 
94 National Chapters 

Top to Bottom: Kenneth Hubbard, sergeant-at-arms; Carl Moss, 
guide,- Dennis Tierney, corresponding secretary; Dennis Mesic, 
recording secretary,- Donald Rowley, treasurer,- Dennis Heydanek, 
vice president; Patrick Meehan, president. 

The Rainbow Ball highlights spring at Delta 
Tau Delta. This ball which is held in honor 
of the seniors, marks the announcement of their 
sweetheart, the Delt Queen. 

Entering into their 95th year at the Uni- 
versity, the men of Delta Tau Delta still ad- 
here to their founding principles. They believe 
in Delta Tau Delta as a "shrine of international 
brotherhood, her cornerstone as friendship, her 
foundation as conscience, her columns aspiration, 
her butresses loyalty and her doorway oppor- 


Top Row Bertrand Emerson, Robert Crowley, Jon Nagel, David Means, Michael Clark, Robert Musson, Phillip McAleer, Joseph Walker, Donald 
Montgomery, James Baymiller, Bruno Tabis, Joseph Waters, Martin Sidor. Third Row: Roaer Parsons, _Stephen Grumish, Donald fc^BrawTully, 



Herryman, Keter ituai, Kooerc ^otterman, ^.nuiitsi ^uc.ic^, ^w,,^,^ y? V| V 
Sauer, William Svoboda, Richard Hays, Charles Primrose, Richard bchlogel. 


Founded at Williams College in 1834 
90 National Chapters 

David Holden, social chairman,- James Buysse, pledge trainer; 
Stephen Kouzomis, secretary,- John Knezovich, vice president; 
Frank Prickett, president; Robert Burley, treasurer. 

Founded in 1834 as a counteraction to secret 
societies at Williams College, Delta Upsilon has 
proudly displayed the fraternity motto, "Justice 
our Foundation," on its pin. At the University 
of Illinois this tradition became embodied with 
the installation of the Illinois chapter in 1905. 
This summer DUs are being honored by the 
national organization as its selection of the Illinois 
chapter to host the 1%7 Leadership Convention 
on the Illinois campus. 


Creating as well as continuing tradition is 
part of the challenge to the Beta chapter of 
Evans Scholars. This year Chick's Chicks were 
incorporated Jinto' this tradition. Chick's Chicks, 
the little sisters of Evans Scholars, were honored 
this fall with the Chicktillion, now to be an 
annual dance. The new tradition was inspired 
by the father image of Chick Evans for whom 
the group is named. 

Continuing an old tradition, the Scholars re- 
tained the I-M golf title which they have won 
regularly since its inception. 

Left to Right: Kenneth Crepas, vice president; Robert Navratil, 
secretary,- John Baackes, president; Robert Starzyk, treasurer,- 
David Mates, senior advisor. 


Founded at Northwestern University in 1930 
8 National Chapters 

Top Row: Steven Gorski, George Olkiewicz, David Throop, Robert Wengerski, George McGonaghy, Joseph Stojak, Donald Jurewicz, Thomas 
Pietrasek, Paul Gula, William Pawlak, James Marsden. Sixth Row: Deno Joyce, Bill Voss, Larry Whitaker, Richard Schonhoff, Daniel Miranda, 
John Costello, Peter Marini, Thomas Farr, William Neilsen, Ernest Wright. Fifth Row: Eugene Barry, Robert Panozzo, Bruce McLelland, William 
McGonaghy, David Anderson; James Leach, Jon Anderson, Robert Bauer, William Stahler. Fourth Row: Thomas Kearney, Don Ruhter, Alan Pepper, 
William Millar, Olaf Kuhr, Richard Pavek, Michael Ryan, Frederick Bernsee, Michael Dixon, Alan Eisenstien, Chester Lewandowski, Larry Evans, 
Robert Smolen. Third Row: Kenneth Fox, Thomas Hanlon, Robert Bittner, James Ogorek, Michael Seleski, Martin Frank, Russell Johnson, Richard 
Mitchell, Richard Harlan, Keith Hulirg, William Steinkamp, Gene Lenzi, Norman Glassman. Second Row: David Herman, Robert Testin, John 
Grgas, Anthony Ornatek, Julius Huber, Thomas Gustavson, George Peternal, Thomas Kurth, William Fitzgerald, Kenneth Straus, Michael 
McNichols, Roger Shook, Ferdinand Woywod, Joseph Krajewski. Bottom Row: Michael Blumenthal, Kenneth Gallagher, John DeLaMar, Paul 
Kamin, James Gorman, William Blue, John Benassi, Leroy Foley, Frank Polizzi, Emerson Bouchard, David Cognata, Wayne Krahn, Alfred Kalus, 
Kenneth Jurek, Frank Gerleve. Not In Panel: Phillip Dahl, Gary Dowling, John Dunne, Leon Garcia, George^Muellner, John Riehle, Ronald 
Roberts, William Warnes. 

lhouse fraternity, one of the few non- 
Greek names in the fraternity world, was es- 
ished on Illinois' campus in 1914. The par- 
ticular name chosen by its founders recognizes 
common interests of its members. Farmhouse 
men represent all fields of study, but the majority 
are in agriculture. 

The motto of Farmhouse, "Builder of Men," 
is revealed in their philosophy of the relationship 
between fraternity living and education: social 
life and activities in perspective with scholastic 


Top Row: Michael McElvain, rush coordinator; John Rutledge, 
sergeant-at-arms,- Deon Flessner, historian; Terry March, cor- 
esponding secretary; Kenneth Slater, recording secretary. Bot- 
tom Row: Alan Walter, business manager; Robert Broom, president; 
Dennis Mummert, pledge trainer. 

Founded at University of Missouri in 1905 
22 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Rhone, Bruce Wilson, Michael Parker, Louis Harris, Jimmie Harris, John Rucker. Second]Row: Ronald Long, Bernard Stephens, 
Edward Powe, Morgan Futrell, Preston Pearson. Bottom Row: Henry Shields, DanieljDixon, Boyd Jarrell, Robert Johnson, Alan Young. 

Top Row: Robert Johnson, social chairman,- Edward Powe, house 
manager,- Jimmie Harris, dean of pledges; Alan Young, com- 
missar. Bottom Row: Henry Shields, exchequer,- Daniel Dixon, 
president,- Praston Pearson, vice president,- Michael Parker, 
strategus. Not In Panel: William Hammond, secretary. 


Founded at Indiana University in 1911 
170 National Chapters 

Kappa Alpha Psi, founded at Bloomington, 
Indiana in 1911, is now 170 chapters strong. 
Concentrating on a specific yearly project is a 
tradition for the fraternity. 

Scholastic improvement was the main goal 
of the Illinois chapter this year. Through the 
use of informal seminars for actives and pledges 
and a pledge study system, which consisted of 
each pledge studying twice a week with an 
active, the Kappa pledge class tried to achieve 
a high scholastic ranking with the pledge classes 
on campus. 


Top Row: Scott Kracen, Robert Gowin, Timothy Moore, Stephen McKasson, Danial Duewer, Lawrence Cox, Douglas Stoker, Robert Nathan/ 
Joseph Moloney. Third Row: Steven Dills, Allen Tunkel, Robert Orr, Martin Biancalana, Steven Pflum, Lawrence Etzkorn, James Boula, Dennis 
Ward James Steward. Second Row: David Youngs, Steven McWilliams, Donald Pflum, Lawrence Darken, Dennis Randall, Allen Franck, Michael 
Luepke. Bottom Row: Roderick SchuK Not In Panel: Terry Courtright, David Serres, Robert Weibel, Robert Nespachal. 


Founded at Middlebury College in 1905 
20 National Chapters 

li 'j; j in m m 

Top Row: Allen Franck, treasurer; Donald Pflum, pledge trainer 
Steven McWilliams, commissar. Bottom Row: Lawrence Darken, 
president; Dennis Randall, vice president. 

Kappa Delta Rho fraternity, which was ori- 
ginally founded as Delta Phi in 1905, changed 
to its present name in 1928. While small in 
size, Kappa Delta Rho is large in its heritage 
built on brotherhood, service, and progress. The 
men of KDR follow these ideals by participating 
in many activities. 

One of the most important of these is the 
community service project at Mercy Hospital. 
As a result, the KDR's have been awarded the 
trophy given by the Alpha Tau Omega National 
Foundation lor community service. 


The men of Kappa Sigma, whose origin can 
be traced back to a secret society founded in 
fifteenth century Italy, enjoy tradition that is 
centuries old. The credo of the men can best 
be taken from a statement made by one of 
the fraternity's five founding fathers — "Good fel- 
lows, good company, good manners, good morals 
and bright minds, full of spirits and all in for 
a good time." 

Kappa Sigma's Endowment Fund, the largest 
among fraternities, gave cash awards totaling 
almost $33,000 last year. 

Daniel Paulsen, social chairman; Wayne Dunham, secretary,- 
Richard Bachta, president; James Zaccagni, treasurer. 


Founded at University of Virginia in 1869 
1 39 National Chapters 

George Pc 

Wayne Gapsiewicz, james zaccagni, Koc-ert tills, toward Blomeyer, I homas bmith. Bottom Kow: John Mnnea, Ivar / 

Thomas Halloran, Thomos Walsh, Jay Mcybrv, Richer^ Grellner, Stanley Wright, Thomas Winter, Dennis McAvoy. 

Ledger, Richard 

, Michael Gillespie, 

Raymond Daoust, 

Vleyer, John Lehman, Kichard CJrlandino, John Davis, Glen Noren, Douglas Oetting, David Elbaor, James Larson, Raymond Daoust, 
owers, Kenneth Rochells. Second Row: Ronald Guenther, Graham Lee, Stanley Wilcox, Wayne Dunham, Daniel Paulsen, Richard Bachta, 
apsiewicz, James Zaccagni, Robert Ellis, Edward Blomeyer, Thomas Smith. Bottom Row: John Tinnea, Ivar Azeris, Raymond Puzerewski, 
lalloran, Thomcs Walsh, lav Mcvbrv. Richer-! Grellner. Stanley Wriaht. Thomas Winter. Dennis MrAvov 

With the spirit of Homecoming, Lambda Chi 
Alpha staged the "Big Apple" for the annual 
Stunt Show. During the Homecoming parade on 
Saturday, they won second place with a float 
depicting Standford's Last Stand. The Lambda 
Chis, thus, carried the spirit of Homecoming 
through the celebrated week. 

Then came the Sachem Sing and the Lambda 
Chis approached it with a spirit resembling 
that of Homecoming's. Singing "And So It's 
Over" and "Our Romance," the Lambda Chis 
succeeded in winning a first place. 


Top Row: Paul Pearson, treasurer; Paul Rimington, vice president; 
Kenneth Fielding, secretary; Richard Stotz, president. Second 
Row: Alphonse llekis, pledge trainer,- Frederick Stuever, social 
chairman,- David Brewer, l-M chairman. Bottom Row: Ellsworth 
Ludwig, rush chairman; Robert Eksten, ritualist. 

Founded at Boston University in 1909 
155 National Chapters 

Top Row- Timothy Lane, James Keely, John Paulson, John Lane, Jerrold Murray, Gary Kaufman, David Ultch, Robart Potter David Brewar, William 
McClellan, James Bodoh, Donald Graham. Third Row: Claude Jinks, Michael Zaccardi, Wendel Carlson, John Muff, Paul Benjamin, Kenneth 

Douglas Day, Larry Homuth, Joseph Hostetler. 


1 8 y r* "* 


9 $ N 




n I i ■ $ 


k t r &i * 

Top Row: Fredrick Dearborn, James Fleming, Richard Legue, Robert Elder, William Rothwell, William Watson, John Sandeen, James Holderman, 
Robert Smith, David Fisher, James Schick, James Lucas, Jon Corzine, James Eustice, John Cobb. Fourth Row: Richard Boundy, Jon Lindhjem, Jef- 
frey Hindman, Alan Grupe, Dexter Means, James Kell, David Meek, Warren Peterson, Jay Walters, Thomas McDonald, Timothy Dadant, Kenneth 
Angus, John Witt, John Shapland, James Gerstner. Third Row: George Hughes, Bruce Self, Donald Harford, David West, Thomas Parkhill, Michael 
Braun, Alan Waters, John Hoffman, Edward Rawles, Bruce Lund, Arthur Jensen, Mark Wieting. Second Row: Willard Danielson, Steven Harsch, 
Michael Geskey, John Peabody, Robert Fogler, Bill Janacek, Arthur Ackerman, Thomas Mitchell, Frank Deneen, Charles Potuznik, Glen Cord 
William Huston, Fred Harris. Bottom Row: Earl Heverly, Harry Jacobson, Thomas Kolter, John Harsch, Nickola Novosel, John Yaley, Patrick 
Hayes, John Lee, William Martin, James Cobb. Not In Panel: Jeffrey Trigger, Ralph Waldron, John Anderson, John Bergstrom, Harold Behnke, 
Herbert Bavor, Donald Brown, Frederick Cash, Hershell Gill, William Hall, Charles Keller, John Keller, Charles Mead, Andrew Merutka, 
Carl Myers, Winston Roeth, Thomas Burns, Ernest Nordman, James Humenik, Robert Boldt, Carl Quanstrum. 

Donald Hcrfcrd, warden,- James Gerstner, pledge trainer,- John 
Hoffman, president,- Jon Corzine, treasurer,- John Sandeen, secre- 
tary,- Alan Waters, vice president,- John Cobb, staward,- Timothy 
Dadant, house manager. 


Founded at Miami University in 1848 
130 National Chapters 

Phi Delta Theta has always been strong in 
athletics and this year was no exception. In 
intramural competition, which is their ''claim 
to fame," Phi Delt captured the championship 
for the third consecutive year and set a new 
record for total points. 

The Phi Delts put down their footballs and 
baseballs one evening last spring when they held 
their annual She-Delt dance. Following a rigor- 
ous pledge program, their dates were initiated 
as She-Delts and moved in for the night when 
the boys moved out. 



Founded at College of the City of New York in 1904 
52 National Chapters 

On October 20, 1966, the men and alumni of 
Phi Epsilon Pi dedicated their new half-million 
dollar house. The new house will set the stage 
for many activities which are planned for each 
academic year. 

One of these activities that has become a 
tradition is the Silo Dance. The fraternity is 
converted into a Western setting. The atmosphere 
is completed by strewing the house with hay; 
the Peps wear cowboy outfits such as ten-gallon 
hats and boots while their dates also come dressed 


Top Row: Steven Bernstein, rush chairman; Mark Kaplan, house 
manager; Dennis Clark, treasurer. Bottom Row: Stephen Berger, 
superior; Michael Fishbein, vice superior. 

Phi Gamma Delta fraternity was founded at 
Jefferson College, Pennsylvania on April 22, 
1848. David Kinley, a past president of the 
U of I, established this chapter. 

Each year the Fijis, the men of Phi Gamma 
Delta, sponsor two dances that are unique to 
their house. The Fiji Islands provide the setting 
for one dance in which the men of Phi Gamma 
Delta and their dates go native for the evening. 
The second dance unique to this fraternity evolves 
around the Blue Garter, the favor given to the 
dates and the contest that stems from this unusual 

Denis McGrady, secretary; Mark Shafer, rush co-chairman,- Rich- 
ard Brown, president; Richard Ristau, treasurer; Christopher Eigel, 
vice president; Edward Hartline, rush co-chairman. 





Founded at Jefferson College in 1848 
88 National Chapters 

Top Row: Warren Shafer, Robert Jackson, Wayne Hutter, Gregory Wilson, John Klickna, Richard Elder, Donald Graff, Frank Acuff, William 
Mueller, Richard Mamer, David Henkel, William Estes, Henry Retzer, Edward Hartline. Fourth Row: William Tebussek Michael Murphy, Charles 
Porterfield, Ross Swain, Philip Carlson, John Fisher, Ray Atteberry, John Meara, Raymond Swanson^ David Radosh, Michael Prosen, Eric Bach, 
Thomas Haskins, John DeVos, Nicholas Eastland, Stephen Kniss. Third Row: Daniel Daily, William Geist, Mark Shafer, Thomas Homer, Richard 
Ristau, Mrs. Heath, Richard Brown, Christopher Eigel, Denis McGrady, James Coleman. Second Row: James LaTeer, Merle Dentino, David Joch- 
man, James Rakers, William Nicholas, Charles Tebussek, John White, Allen Lind, Gregory Alexander, Steven Wright. Bottom Row: Kurt Mar- 
hoefer, William Stamer, William Meier, Earl Berg, Michael Baxter, Scott Houser, David Inman, Gary Burdick, Keith Stewart, Peter Bond. 

Phi Kappa Psi, at the time of its founding 
in 1852, was unique in the Greek-letter world. 
The founding principle of the men was the for- 
mation of a closely-knit brotherhood. In that 
part of the nineteenth century, most fraternities 
were of either a professional or an honorary 
type organization. 

Phi Psi shares a common place of founding 
with Phi Gamma Delta. Both were founded at 
Jefferson College in Pennsylvania. Previously 
these two houses on this campus have held a 
dance, the Jeff Duo. 


Top Row: John Baumann, corresponding secreary,- James English/ 
treasurer,- David Grogan, pledge educator. Second Row: Franklin 
Skorski, pledge trainer; Glenn Gutsche, president; Ronald Swager, 
vice president. Bottom Row: Terrence McGillivray, social chairman; 
John Bogner, recording secretary. 

Founded at Jefferson College in 1852 
70 National Chapters 

l Dinello, Daniel Senese, John Schmidt, Thomas Dunn, William Krause, George Marquis, James Swartz, William Wegmann Donald 

Moore, Dale Olson, Joseph Ream. 

Top Row James Moore, Jack Smith, Louis Friedrich, Hugh Woltzen, Paul Podjasek, Jack Haughton, Edmond Skutecki James Moynihan Fourth 
Row- Robert Beck, Richard Bender, Dennis Norden, William Busch, James Long, Raymond Podjasek, Charles Pennington. Third Row: Owen Johnson, 
William Enichen, Thomas Lera, James Hartnett, Mellard Jennings, William Brown Roland Jones, George Scheber Alan Walse. Second Row: 
William Biskup, William Eaton, Wayne Losch, Larry Steiner,. George Kavaney, Danny Shick Terrance Doran, Charles Schminke Bottom Row: Danny 
Rodriguez, Joh\ Olson, Leslie Joslyn, Jeffrey Fisher, Steven Sabados, Peter Czyl, John Whates. Not In Panel: Peter Thoma, James Wills, Edward 
Dake, Dwight Rhodes, John Jackman, Paul Duda, Thomas Linard. 


Top Row: James Moynihan, president James Long, house manager. 
Owen Johnson, social chairman; George Scheber, scholarship 
chairman. Second Row: William Busch, public relations; Louis 
Friedrich, treasurer; William Brown, pledge trainer. Bottom Row: 
Richard Bender, secretary,- James Hartnett, house manager,- Paul 
Podjasek, rush chairman. 

Founded at University of Pennsylvania in 1850 
46 National Chapters 

Phi Kappa Sigma's nickname, the "Skulls," 
was derived from their pin, which has a crest 
bearing a skull with crossbones. Throughout the 
year, the traditions of this name are incorporated 
into many functions, the main one being the 
Skull Dance. At this annual spring dance the 
Phi Kappa Sigma house is decorated to resemble 
Wuthering Heights. 

More serious traditions include the memorial 
fireplace which bears plaques in commemora- 
tion of alums who were lost in past wars or who 
had similar tragic deaths. 


tvt t 1 ? 

M * */V !*A\ * t * » «M* * 

Die, P. 


pnat, Dennis Easthan, Gerald Roth, James Arendt, Randall Raiman, Michael Knowles, Burr 
Logeman, james iviarcum, lerry viar, rranK viteK. r'ourth Row: John Thompson, Michael Young, Lynn Seely, Walter Seabold, Ronald Smaron, 
Mark Rogers, Michael Vandeberg, Robert Veach, Robert Kuntz, Harger Rollo, Vernon Selling, James Marek, Kenneth Ferro, Samuel Eppstein. 
Third Row: John Hathaway, David Nelson, William Koenig, Dennis Melhouse, James Prescott, Douglas Giffin, Danny Way, William Devereux, 

Top Row: Rodney Bussel, Stephen Chappie, Petfei i 

Logeman, James Marcum, Terry Viar, Frank Vitek. Fourth Row: John Thorni 

KA~.\. D~ KA:~\ I \/ l_l „ D~l . \/ L ~ 


Founded at Miami University in 1906 
85 National Chapters 

James Oberweis, social chairman,- Gregory Knutson, pledge 
master; Larry Jones, vice president; James Middleton, president; 
Dale Meller, treasurer,- Thomas Schwalbe, house manager,- Larry 
Murphy, secretary. 

Phi Kappa Tau is a house that is based on 
both old and new traditions. A Senior Table 
dating back to 1916, that stands in the foyer 
of Phi Kappa Tau, comprises part of the old. 
On this table each senior brother carves his 
name. Their annual winter formal is another 
part of the old. Following the traditional Scottish 
theme, their house at 310 Gregory is turned into 
an enchanted castle. 

The new tradition at Phi Tau is the mock 
trial the pinned or cngnged brother is given 
before his sweetheart's serenade. 


Top Row: William Funk, social chairman; John Mulvey, treasurer,- 
Martin Urbas, secretary,- Thomas Mier, rush chairman. Bottom 
Row: Robert Forman, ex-vice president,- August Pionke, president; 
Samuel Farruggia, vice president. 

In 1959 Phi Kappa and Thcta Kappa Phi, the 
two Catholic national fraternities, merged to 
constitute Phi Kappa Theta. 

At Illinois, the Phi Kappa Thetas sponsor 
an annual Greek football tournament-formal. 
The Phi Kappa Thetas kick off this function 
by inviting the top twelve football teams for 
a tournament, the teams being chosen from the 
orange and blue divisions. After the final game 
of the tournament, a dance is held for the presen- 
tation of the trophies and to honor the winning 


■ ^uij r 

Founded„at University'of Illinois in 1959 
5 5lNationa I Chapters 

Top Row: Michael Novy, Alex Birren, James Corcoran, Joseph Piotrowicz, Antony Cuzzone, Marco Marriotto, Thomas Kiepura, Robert Dinkleman, 
David Reppeto, Michael Kaminiski, Garry McMurtrey, Garry Glab. Second Row: Gregory Cygan, John O'Connell, Thomas Kindt, Robert Forman, 
Edward Green, Edward Kasprowicz, Timothy McGuire, Richard Zbylut, William Nowak, Vernon Weis, Frank DeFalco, Michael Wiater. Bottom 
Row: Thomas Mier, Walter Maksym, Samuel Farruggia, August Pionke, John Mulvey, Martin Urbas, William Funk. Not In Panel: Willard Groth, 
Wayne Schroeder, James Gaspano, Michael Flynn, Robert Bieszczad, James Hoffman. 

"For the Phi SigsTwill win in the end..." 
These words have echoed through the chapter 
inception at Illinois in 1948. The words 
mean more than just athletic victory. They stand 
for their continuing ideas to improve their con- 
structive pledge policy, for their constant efforts 
to improve academically, and for the winning 
ways they have had in Stunt Show and ath- 

This past year Phi Sig created a sisters orga- 
nization. LittleJSisters of the Sands is a dynamic 
and active group. 


Top Row: Robert Walner, pledge father, Joel Werth, secretary,- 
Dennis Forman, scholastic chairman,- Barry Litwin, rush chairman. 
Second Row: Earl Hoffenberg, social chairman; Ronald Karzen, 
vice president; Allan Finger, treasurer. Bottom Row: Michael 
Saken, president. 

Founded at Colon College in 1909 
57 National Chapters 

nberg, Julian Joffee, John Baruck, Barry Slavin, William Dobrin, Phillip Krasny, Allan Lieberman, 

Top Row John Jilek, Richard Getzendanner, Jerry Lacost, Charles Jones, Richard Bednar, Charles Staley, Donald Kass, John Ryan, John Phillips, 
Roy Pederson Mark Lucas, Dr. Frank Naska, Dennis Whiting, David Belanger, James Mullen. Third Row: Marshall England, Michael Graf, Randy 
Notko Jon hlelman, Walter Broom, David Carter, Alan Mam, David Dorway, Edward Bartz, Mark Wilson, Robert Krempl, Gary Lamb, Danny 
Bishop Dale Matejkowski, Craig Peterson, John Slover. Second Row: James Powers, William Wasson, Gregory Vierra, Michael Mullen, Stephen 
Downs' Mrs Julia Kihl, John Ferguson, Alfred Swanson, Erick Johnson, Daniel Mollway, Eddie Heckert, Donald Whiting. Bottom Row: Danton 
Mulcahey Kirk Zelinski, Scott Fi.her, Louis Busch, Jeffery Parmley, Ross Blackburn, David Hargis, Michael Brown, Robert Grimes, Charles Anderson, 
Harold Schramm, Thomas Fogerson, Lowell Smith. Not In Panel: Van Carlson, Walter Rotkis, Walter Lickus, Terry Evans, Maurice Vick, Jeffrey 
Johnson, James Liggett. 


Founded at Amhert College in 1873 
83 National Chapter 

Top Row: Gregory Vierra, house manager,- Erick Johnson, cor- 
respondence secretary,- Stephen Downs, vice president; John 
Ferguson, president; Alfred Swanson, treasurer,- Daniel Mollway, 
inductor,- Michael Mullen, recording secretary. 

Last year Phi Sigma Kappa said that they 
were going to improve their pledge program. 
Well, they did and because they reached such 
a high level with their improvement, IFC pre- 
sented them with the Initiation Week Merit 
Award which is awarded to the house having 
the most progressive pledge program. The Phi 
Sig program includes movement away from "haz- 
ing" and the pledge class project. 

Being a Phi Sig pledge, however, isn't all work 
and the two pledge dances, Shantytown and 
Hellzapoppin, prove this. 


Top Row: Bruce Shoger, Thomas Herbeck, Daniel Kleber, Robert Bishop, David Stumpf, David Myren, Peter Bentley, Stephen Apsey, Kerry Rhoades, 
Alben Myren, Dennis Langley, Adrian Augustine, Michael Sheppard, Larry Howell. Fourth Row: William Buck, Leonard Prazak, Ron Pernicka, 
William Wieland, Leonard Lewicki, Ralph Bogan, Donald Swanson, Robert Malone, Michael Shutt, William Slanina. Third Row: Kenneth Andre, 
Michael Dunlap, Bradley Nelson, Steven Fisher, James DeWeerth, John Berryman, Lloyd Reed, Eric Jones, Ronald Webb, Ernest Cornielson, 
James Battinus, Martin Topper, Kenneth Abraham. Second Row: Paul Rumore, William Broom, Gary Steiner, Randall Unter, Richard Western, 
Thomas Peters, Randall Dunlap, Phillip Stella, Richard Sandquist, Harold Patterson, Keith Curtis. Bottom Row: John Davis, John Zaruba, Frederick 
Wilkins, Arthur Hallstrom, Kenneth Hendricks, Karl Meyer, Mark Towsley, Thomas Scruggs, James LeGrand, Richard Chrisman, Michael Kraska. 
Not In Panel: Leo Carroll, George Freek, Richard Gossett, James Henderson, Grady Holley, Richard Mariner, Jeff Shultz, Mark Steinberg, 
William Wendell, Michael White, Graydon Comstock Ralls Melotte, John Colson, Peter Magill. 


Founded at University of Virginia in 1868 
135 National Chapters 

"For the establishment of friendship on a 
firmer and more lasting basis," part of the Pi 
Kappa Alpha preamble, outlines a principle ideal 
of the fraternity. 

The fraternity was founded at the University 
of Virginia on March 1, 1868 and came to 
the Illinois campus in 1917. This spring the 
Pikes celebrated their golden anniversary on the 
University of Illinois campus, paying homage 
to those men who continued the high ideals of 
friendship expressed by the original six founding 


Top Row: Gary Steiner, recording secretary; Thomas Peters, social 
chairman; Randall Unter, treasurer; William Broom, house man- 
ager; Harold Patterson, pledge master. Bottom Row: Phillip Stella, 
vice president; Randall Dunlap, president; Richard Western, rush 

Pi Kappa Phi, founded in 1904 at the Col- 
lege of Charleston, has grown steadily since that 
time to a membership of fifty-six active chapters 
and over 24,000 initiated members in the nation. 
Upsilon chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was established 
at the University of Illinois in 1918. Today 
the Illinois chapter remains as a link in Pi 
Kappa Phi tradition. 

The tradition of Illinois Pi Kaps emphasizes 
scholarship, athletics, and a fraternal spirit which 
attains the Greek ideal of a well-balanced man 
in society. 

Top Row: Frank Scott, warden; Darrel Felty, treasurer,- Jack 
Bakker, archon; William Hasenjaeger, secretary,- John Carlino, 


Founded at College of Charleston in 1904 
56 National Chapters 

Top Row: Delbert Voss, Wendell Schanz, James O'Neill, Anthony Vanderburg, Anthony Saccomano, Charles Smart, James Wadington, George 
McAlpine, Floyd Hobson. Third Row: William Walker, John Bruemmer, Michael Kirchman, Stephen Mumford, Terry Henderson, James Schalin, 
Kenneth Frantzen, Kenneth Olson, Dennis Aklinski, Thomas Rossi. Second Row: Gary Poleskey, William Eddy, Charles Davis, Darrel Felty, Frank 
Scott, Jack Bakker, William Hasenjaeger, John Carlino, James Jevvett, Carl Poleskey. Bottom Row: Joseph Stanton, Michael Sizemore, Richard 
Regnier, Merrill Eastman, Michael Baxter, Paul Plikaitis, Michael VanWiel, David Meixler. Not In Panel: Joseph Gauer, Evan Rolek, Gary Sharp, 
Joseph Stastny. 

the older traditions of Pi Lambda 

an annual luau. The luau, which is a 

tradition of the fraternity, is held on 

vn as well as inside the house. A torch 

ight dinner is served on their lawn, and their 

louse is converted into a tropical paradise which 

has fountains and volcanoes. This year a waterfall 

was added to the Pi Lams luau tradition. 

The Pi Lams also improved scholastically this 
year with a study plan designed for the actives 
as well as pledges. 


Top Row: Michael Axelrad, social chairman; Lawrence Cohen, 
marshal I; Ronald Lev, scribe,- Richard Wezner, pledge father. 
Bottom Row: Samuel Wiener, rex ; Frederick Scher, keeper L oi 

Founded at Yale in 1895 
40 National Chapters 

Top Row- Robert Nelson, Howard Bresnik, Elliot Hartstein, Richard Crane, Michael Sagett, Steven Levenson, Michael Gordon, E hot Schwartz, 
Michael Nadler, Neal Baskm. Third Row: Darnel Hamelberg, Bruce Gillis, Ronald Gold, James Edwards, Lonny Siege I Lawrence Levme, Steven 
Hersh Paul Hurwiss, Charles Schwartz. Second Row: Mark Shreibaum, Terry Schuster Willicm Multack, Samuel Wiener, Ronald Lev, Steven 
■nan. Bottom Row: Jeffrey Spitzer, Michael Perlen, Frederick Keroff, Steven Lake, Marshall Katz, Brent Siege!. 

Top Row: Maurice Miller, Stuart Ellison, Gregory Harvey, Earl Henry, John Carmen, Philip Moore, Robert Skarbonciewicz, Warren Knauer 
Arthur Hanson Third Row: James Hopwood, Frederick Walsh, Ronald Day, Charles Gilmore, Donald Day, John Stewart James Knudson, Joseph 
Barfuss Mark Netter, William Morrow, Lawrence Wagner, Robert Mclntire, John Hutchens. Second Row: Edward Melchin, James Baker, John 
Squ.res, Raymond Fairchild, Gary Schwerdtfeger, Michael Summers, Robert Petersen, William Codak. Bottom Row: Steven Onischuk, Stanley 
Howe, Thomas Butler, Steven Bantz, Michael Bracken, George Duffy, Martin Hougham, Michael Holm, Christopher Clark, Alan Carson, John 
Engiehart. Not In Panel: David Robertson, William Young. 


Founded at Union College in 1833 
29 National Chapters 

Top Row: James Baker, secretary; Michael Summers, treasurer; 
Gary Schwerdtfeger, first vice president; John Squires, second 
vice president; Raymond Fairchild, president. 

Psi Upsilon fraternity, ranked nationally in 
the top ten, was founded in 1833. Since then, 
32 national chapters have claimed such men as 
Chester A. Arthur, Nelson Rockefeller, Averill 
Harriman, and W. H. Taft. 

Psi Upsilon does not rely on its past fame 
for its noteworthiness. This year they again 
sponsored their "House of the Arrow" winter 
formal. Following the dinner and dance, the 
men moved out and the dates spent the night 
at the house. The next day was highlighted 
by a Sweetheart Dinner. 


Top Row William Rives, Vito Racanelli, Patrick Forber, William Case, George Emerson, Richard Kummer, Robert Mickerson, Willard Hensworth, 
Mark Sauer, Richard Robinson, Douglas Drake, Paul Van Arsdell, Leonard Gillan, Stephen Leafe, Timothy Theesfeld, Hugh Law. Fourth Row: 
Steven Wohlwend, Peter Oyama, Larry Gray, Carl Barnes, Theodore Tanner, William Hamilton, Arthur Stark, Donald Pierson, Scott Soderstrom, 
Charles Kay, James Rennick, George Wenthe, Charles Kadlec, Russell Andres, Ronald Peters, Thomas Jones, John O'Hare Third Row: Joseph 
Rank, James Pearson, Steven Brubaker, Jeffrey White, Mrs. L. B. Himes, James Keithley, Thomas Fellows, Leland Nolan, Theodore Biedron. 
Second Row William Borgsmiller, David Bower, Gregory Powell, Roy Hendrickson, Kim Hall, Philip Dangerfield, John Carr, Lawrence Case, 
Robert Galle, John Fenton, Fred Polito. Bottom Row: Donald Evon, John Reed, William Ellis, Donald Eberhardt, William Woods, Robert Walsh, 
Robert Danley, Richard Hetke, George Garrison. Not In Panel: Harold Carr, George Harvey, Stephen Nester, Frank Schenk, David Venhuizen, 
David Lang. 


Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 
151 National Chapters 

Two proud lions keep vigil in front of the 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at 211 East Daniel. 
The King of Beasts guards most SAE houses and 
is the fraternity's protector. The lions adorning 
the Beta chapter on this campus were sculptured 
in 1906 by brother Tom Roes, who is now an 
accomplished scupltor. 

SAE is also led by Minerva, the goddess of 
wisdom. She appears on the fraternity crest over 
ihcir motto. Phi Alpha. With Phi Alpha as the 
guiding light, SAE has risen to be a top fraternity 
with 1 51 chapters. 


Top Row: Steven Brubaker, pledge trainer; LeLand Nolan, social 
chairman; James Keithley, president. Bottom Row: Thomas Fellows, 
vice president; Lawrence Case, treasurer,- Jeffrey White, rush 
chairman; Theodore Biedron, secretary. 

Last year Sigma Alpha Mu joined with Chi 
Omega to sponsor a Leukemia drive. The two 
rented the Armory for the performances of The 
Gentry's and Gary Lewis. Over $1800 was col- 
lected from a crowd of 4500 people. 

As part of their annual tradition, Sammys 
put on a spring shipwreck party. Atmosphere 
is created by two huge waterfalls, many trees 
and bushes, and other decorations that follow 
the theme. In the midst of this wild island, the 
boys and their dates become lost for an evening 
of dancing and fun. 

Top Row: Stephen Gold, exchequer; Michael Popper, recorder. 
Bottom Row: Richard Factor, vice prior,- Elliot Engelhart, prior. 


Founded at University of Illinois in 1911 
57 National Chapters 

Top Row: Robert Moss, Sam Doppelt, Larry Cohen, Harvey Ostrow, Stuart Marcus, Steven Sher, David Boyer, Warren Katz, Mai Klugman, Arthur 
Abelson, Stuart Levine, Michael Bender, Jerry Bernstein, Allen Lev, Bruce Berstock, Robert Kamerlingjrving Patt. Third Row^Jeffery^Rochman, 
Ronald Weindruch, Jerry Samuelson, Norman Gantz, Jordon Libit, Mark Kipnis, Robert Is— 

k a i r- \ a / - 1 1 - r n ri__l_ i n n . K A I l D-: D ._ I _ £l 

Founded in 1855 on the campus of the Uni- 
versity of Miami in Ohio, Sigma Chi has be- 
come one of the largest and strongest frater- 
nities, having 140 active chapters. The Sigs are 
proud of their accomplishments not only in 
scholarship, but also in activities and athletics 
as well. Sigma Chi's are proud to claim one 
of the best known fraternity songs, "The Sweet- 
heart of Sigma Chi." 

A major objective is to maintain the high 
ideals on which Sigma Chi was first founded: 
friendship, justice, and learning. 

Top Row: Charles Harter, vice president; William Kastien, treas- 
urer,- Donald Jensen, recording secretary,- Lester Detterbeck, 
pledge trainer,- Richard Shirley, corresponding secretary. Bottom 
Row: John Farthing, president. 


Founded at University of Miami in 1855 
140 National Chapters 

Thomas Isaacs, James Scott, Timothy O'Keefe, Gregory Wagner, James Kenyon, Edward Schoeneberger, Richard Stefanic. Bottom Row: Konal 
Armbrust, Glenn Love, Donald Leary, Richard Ziemba, Louis Hardacre, Robert Schlosser, David Brcttcn, Jchn Ash. 

Top Row: William Hansen, John Frey, George Small, Bruce Andrews, Steven Bennett, Fredrick Devin, James Wolf, Clinton Jones, Thomas Barnes, 
James Simpson, Michael Hays, James Silverwood, George Goodlow. Third Row: Roger Packard, Gordon Coons, Theodore Pacoucha, Timothy 
Tunt, George Brunner, Gary Pearson, Richard Blank, Richard Adams, David Southard, Roger Klaus, Richard Osgood, Edward Wene, Thomas 
Kerston, Ralph Switzer. Second Row: Lester Rebman, Steven Shay, Major Hall, William Adams, Michael Jones, Ralph Voris, Timothy Bates, Wood- 
row Hart, Charles Yettke. Bottom Row: Robert Hart, Gregory Shaw, Douglas Harper, Jeffrey Hays, Edward Meyer, Kenneth Leonard, Forrest 
Honderich, Mrs. Mary Barnhill, William Gerrish, Richard Engleson, Stephen Haymaker. 

# m» # ffr fr 

Bm M E3 ■ E] 
n JM D y Q 

H H 

Top Row: Woodrow Hart, house manager,- James Simpscn, treas- 
urer,- Michael Hays, social chairman,- James Silverwood, rush 
chairman. Bottom Row: Ralph Voris, pledge marshal,- Ralph 
Switzer, lieutenant commander; William Gerrish, commander,- 
Thomas Kerston, recorder. 

Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1869 
140 National Chapters 

Founded at a Virginia military institute, Sigma 
Nu is an honor fraternity composed of a group 
of men organized to govern themselves according 
to the high ideals and noble purposes of a fra- 
ternity. But the strength of Sigma Nu lies not 
simply in what it does for brotherhood but also 
in being an asset to the University and the 

One of the most exciting and distinctive social 
events at Sigma Nu is a monthly event known 
as the "House Jack" party, famous for its off-beat 


Sigma Phi Delta is the only professional engi- 
neering fraternity at the University of Illinois. 
The Greek letters in its name signify Science, 
Friendship, and Duty, which are three concepts 
that have guided its members for many years. 
SPD men also belong to several professional 
societies on the campus as officers and members. 

SPD also offers its members such programs 
as professional seminars. Through these programs 
and in other activities, SPD strives to develop 
a well-rounded engineer. 


Top Row: Thomas Hintz, business manager,- James Blecker, assist- 
ant chief engineer; Ronald Davis, secretary. Bottom Row: John 
Stapleton, chief engineer. 

Founded at University of Southern California in 1924 
13 National Chapters 

Top Row: Lawrence Oresky, Dennis Kostrzewski, Michael Dejule, Dennis Roscoe, Robert Block, Ralph Geeseman, Ronald Davis, James Spencer. 
Third Row: Bruce Goldman, John Hull, Thomas Hintz, James Blecker, Darryll Mathias, Khosrow Kassaian, Michael Weber, Richard Parry. Second 
Row: Kenneth Jerina, John Phipps, Fred MacMurdo, John Stapleton, John Fata, Joseph Figueroa, Albert Liu. Bottom Row: Keith Tiemann, Frank 
McCollum, Tony Woo, Phillip Wagley, Joseph Lee, Richard Pollack, Benjamin McCash. Not In Panel: Michael Allard, James Bailey, Gary Gross, 
John Meskimen, James Bisley, John Geisendorfer,Marvin Hagmann, Henry Kuhlman, David Vosecky, Perry Weller, WalterWickard, Carter Wright. 

Top Row: Dennis Conklin, Robert Crowson, Fredrick Coad, Martin Baker, John Murphy, David Elmore, Thomas Gaitkowski, Terrance Dowd, 
Stephen Tousey, Curt Esser, Jay Merz, Kenneth Manon. Second Row: Gregory Bates, James Ethridge, Thayne Swenson, Kenneth Ladage, Richard 
Kirchoff, Michael Andrews, Charles Webster, Lee Sheldon, Alan Grayson, John Early. Bottom Row: Thomas Tassio, Ronald Marsiglio, Donald 
Crum, John Brubaker, Michael Perrie, Jonathan Tidd, George Wojtko, Richard Cantzler, Pedro Campa, Cameron Stauth. Not In Panel: Peter 
Blidy, Terrence Brown, Matthew Rastouski, Thomas Pacocha, Keith Howe. 


Founded at the University of Richmond in 1901 
170 National Chapters 

Jonahan Tidd, president; John Brubaker, vice president; Michael 
Perrie, comptroller; Richard Cantzler, secretary; George Wojtko, 

The second largest men's social fraternity in 
the nation, Sigma Phi Epsilon is well represented 
on the University of Illinois campus. Stressing 
the "well-rounded" fraternity, the local Sig Ep 
chapter was established at the University of 
Illinois in 1903. 

The red door of the Sig Ep house is the 
symbol of Sigma Phi Epsilon. This door is a 
part of every Sig Ep house that is found on 
campuses where the fraternity has a chapter. 
Sigma Phi Epsilon is the only house on campus 
to distinguish itself in this way. 


Follett's J bookstore was once the location of 

Sigma Pi fraternity. During the Depression, the 

for a new chapter house was laid 

at the corner of Fourth and Armory and was 

completed in 1938. 

One of the national traditions of Sigma Pi 
Orchid Formal. The Sweetheart of the 
Orchid Formal is named after the flower which 
corresponds to the fraternity colors, lavender 
and white. Awards for scholarship, activities, 
and sports are given out during the Orchid 
Formal Banquet. 

1 P 


k* *- 1 



\^-v ^ 









Mi 1 

.' ' -^ 

Top Row: Alan Richart, vice president,- Joel Fitzjarrald, pledge 
trainer; Gene Yagow, secretary,- Wayne Johnson, president; 
John Bodoh, house manager. Bottom Row: Jack Paterson, treas- 
urer,- Martin Johnson, herald. 


Founded at University of Vincennes in 1894 
84 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Sochor, Patrick Collins, Jack Nowicki, Joel Fitzjarrald, John Meyer, Thomas Hannagan, John Bodoh, Wayne Johnson, Jerome 
O'Connor. Fourth Row: William D'Alliard, Gene Yagow, Jerome Mueller, Peter Kirch, Bruce Loberg, Gary Heise, David Leach, Joseph Mavec, 
Alan Richart. Third Row: Jack Paterson, John Gregg, Robert Korich, Robert Baumgardner, Terry Reynolds, Terrence Monteith, Herbert Grout, 
Martin Johnson. Second Row: Wayne Dionne, Duncan Swinson, Lee Chezny, Michael Page, Randal Brooks, Lawrence Palmore, Gregory Gustin. 
Bottom Row: Patrick Vogel, James Bejrowski, Michael Lincoln, John Van Cleve, Craig Hcines, John Tucher. Not In Panel: John Smith. 

Top Row: Russell Hirschmann, John Kennedy, Richard Prusz, Jame 



Dec, Terrence Merrick, John Castro 

s Craddock, Malen Siefert, Gary Secor, Michael Dec, Stephen Ricketts, Lyle 


Founded at Missouri State Teachers College in 1920 
61 National Chapters 

Top Row: John Lere, rranagement; Samuel Waltz, education, 
Charles Combs, social chcirman; James McDevitt, secretary; Bot- 
tom Row: Leonard Phillips, president; Michael Homa, membership. 

Plans for recolonization brought Sigma Tau 
Gamma fraternity into the center of attention 
last spring. These plans were handled solely by 
the Interfraternity Council of this campus. The 
first step taken toward recolonization was a re- 
organization smoker held at the Illini Union 
on April 3, 1966. 

The results of this smoker were successful — 59 
new pledges were recruited. Of these men, 40 
were activated on May 1. The Sigma Tau's 
take pride in being the fastest growing fraternity 
on this campus. 


The men of Tau Delta Phi have established 
a record for standing in line the longest for 
tickets to a campus function. They claim to 
have been first in line to get tickets to the Su- 
premes, holding that position for six days. In 
addition to this activity, the Tau Delt's sponsored 
a Cosa Nostra dance which was characterized 
by gangster attire and wanted posters of Dillinger 
and Al Capone. 

Social life is not the only facet of Tau Delt 
life. Six James Scholars in the house show its 
emphasis on scholarship. 


Top Row: Stuart Glassman, executive vice consul,- Fredrick Endel- 
man, vice consul; Mark Rosenbloom, social chairman,- Lee Bar- 
bakoff, rush chairman; Arnold Havens, scribe; Gilbert Greene, 
quaestor. Bottom Row: Norman Rose, commissar; Gordon Krischer, 
consul,- Warren Sterling, editor historian. 

Founded at College of the City of New York in 1910 
32 National Chapters 

Top Row: Donald Mizock, Steven Melshenker, Daniel Perkins, Allen Machat, David Friedman, Robert Steibel, Raymond Steinberg, Jay Magidson, 
Jeffrey Bransky, Mark Loewenstein, Robert Worobow, David Katz, Dwight Kulwin, Kenneth Fletcher, Victor Lesk. Third Row: Harvey Weiss. 
Barry Chafetz, Jeffrey Verbin, Richard Davidson, Richard Janov, Edward Rosenthal, Leon Kaufmann, Martin La Pidus, Robert Ferencz, David 
Weininger, Jeffrey Rubin, Richard Siegel, Edward Smith, Leslie Block, Joel Haloer. Second Row: Seymour Levine, Arnold Havens, Warren Sterling, 
Stuart Glassman, Lee Barbakoff, Gordon Krischer, Fredrick Endelman, Gilbert Greene, Norman Rose, Mark Rosenbloom, David Goldstein, Seymour 
Coleman. Bottom Row: Daniel Kurtz, Steven Weprin, Mitchel Cooper, William Sutker, Kenneth Kruss, Victor Goodman, James Nachman, Victor 
Zelener, David Stolman, David Schimel. Not In Panel: Elliot Glabman, Robert Wolchock, David Kaufman, Howard Berman, Arnold Slive. 

Top Row: Murray Green, David Bennett, Lewis Landsman, Edward Howard,. Gary Levy, Eugene Minsky, Kenneth Schultz, Samuel Smith, Jeffrey 
Wolf, Donald Fohrman, Stuart Spear. Third Row: Ronald Siegel, Jerrold Siegan, Edward Schwartz, Milford Ardell, James Rubin, Clarence Rice, 
Rickey Briskman, Fred Drazner. Arnold Briskman, Neal Dickler, Irwin Matten, Dennis Bailen, David Kravitz. Second Row: Charles Rosenbloom, 
Michael Rosenbera, Gary Starkman, Jeffery Guysenir, Michael Cahan, Steven Bahrmasel, Bruce Simons, Ira Dicbtein, Scott Schwab. Bottom 
Row: Mark Simon, "Robert Sodikoff, David Schneider, Jeffery Gersten, Richard White, Ronald Merel, Henry Boffman, Michael Kanarish, Steven 
Musiin, William Walker. Not In Panel: Michael Kaner, Martin Salzman, Steven White, Stuart Weinstein, Lee Gimbel, Robert Breyer, Glenn 
Fefferman, Steven Kohn. 


Founded at Columbia University in 1910 
80 National Chapters 

Top Row: Gary Starkman, scribe,- Bruce Simons, bursar,- Jeffery 
Guysenir, member-at-large,- Harold Williamson, house advisor. 
Bottom Row: Steven Bahrmasel, vice chancellor,- Michael Rosen- 
berg, board of governors member,- Michael Cahan, chancellor. 

The men of Tau Epsilon Phi found a remod- 
eled house greeting them when they arrived on 
campus this year. Over the summer the TEPs 
house underwent $80,000 worth of remodeling. 
Dormitories were replaced by rooms and every 
room was painted and carpeted. In addition 
new furniture was purchased. 

With fall, intramurals once again were on 
the scene. TEPs began by proving themselves 
on the football field. The purple and white of 
Tau Epsilon Phi copped first place in the Phi 
Kappa Theta Invitational. 


"They stand for men, not for wealth, rank, 
or honor but for personal worth and charac- 
ter." This is the motto to which the men of 
Tau Kappa Epsilon have clung to keep the Teke 
reputation at Illinois. 

One of the highlights of the spring semester 
the TKE Sweetheart Formal. At their annual 
event the men of TKE present their new sweet- 
heart to the rest of the campus. Last year the 
dance was held at Champaign-Urbana's Paradise 
Inn. Baby Huey provided music for Tekes and 
their sweethearts. 


Top Row: Eugene Martin, pledge trainer; Larry Grabb, social 
chairman,- Christopher Murtaugh, president; Gerald Carbonari, 
vice president. Bottom Row: David Trandel, historian; Robert 
Worcester, secretary; James Reinhardt, treasurer,- John Daniels, 
scholarship chairrran. 

Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1899 
222 National Chapters 

Top Row: Richard Erickson, Frederick Harms, Kenneth Carollo, James Sikich, Richard Sefcik, Jack Weddle, Owen Jensen, Craig Timko, Carson 
Brooks, Michael McDonough, Timothy Thomas, Scott Lewis. Sixth Row: Paul Bruhnke, Daniel Parz, Daniel Zay, Walter Witkowski, Ronald McCart- 
ney, James Mann, Kenneth Kmiec, Robert Bruce, Gary Spurling, Jon Acord, Donald Lykkebak. Fifth Row: Richard Miller, John Van Buren, Jeffrey 
Crandall, Lawrence Swehla, Alfred Manasin, Richard Anderson, William Kirk, Darrell Yearwood, William Wilton, Dennis White. Fourth Row: 
David Trandel, Alan Castator, Nicholas Bridge, John Morrison, Paul Lierman, Gary Olsen, Ronald Grabb, Terrence Disz, James Felt, David 
Wallace, John Penning, Donald Houser, Robert Worcester. Third Row: John Daniels, Larry Grabb, Gerald Carbonari, Mr. Paul Hudson, Mrs. Edith 
Raith, Christopher Murtaugh, James Reinhardt, Eugene Martin. Second Row: John Chamberlain, George Baird, Fred Statlander, Donald Calebaugh, 
Charles Sewell, George Thomas, Gary Neiman, James Valerine. Bottom Row: Charles Zalar, Jesse Allen, Robert Smith, Michael McNamara, 
Napoleon Carbonell. Not In Panel: Kai Anderson, Richard Cima, Samuel DeFalco, John Holmes, James Parry, Robert Polivka, Dennis Tavlos, 
Kent Politsch, John Bridgewater, Richard Johnson, Herschel Johnson. 

m -w 


■t ▼* 

«t«?«j WJ-**' V»Mt 

Top Row: John Kladiva, Paul Gallis, Philip Lazar, John Stromberg, Charles Wood, Gordon Moskal, Paul Nitz, William Frey, Gary Thorsen, Frank 
Wood, Charles Schneider, Williams Jennings, Robert Weisshappel, Robert Renkes. Third Row: William Phebus, Edward Webb, Barry Bissell, 
Steven Choisser, Robert Frump, Edwin Shors, George Marco, Albert Devon, David Jontes, John Marcheschi, Philip Jones, Dennis Flynn. William 
Johnson, Joseph Miller, Henry Pierce, David Prindable, Earl Hansen, William Hill, Curtis Fisher, Paul Russell, James Coon, Marc Doty, Larry 
Wilson, Joseph O'Brien, Thomas Struhs. Second Row: Frederic Freeland, Ronald Gall, James Dionne, Brian Pape, Charles Davis, Mrs. Juanita 
Scott, Dennis Pfeifer, Gary Dycus, Peter Kriwkowitsch, Kenneth Beazley. Bottom Row: James Sislow, John Hamilton, Robert Richie, Dennis Maki, 
Brian Schaumburp, Victor Manny, William Saloga, William Thonn, William Guinta, Raymond Rozny, Frank Peterson. Not In Panel: William Rhyne, 
Marc Meyers, Daniel Borah, James Borah, Charles Maxey, David Gustavson, James Heitsch, Michael Dalton. 

Top Row: Brian Pape, secretary,- Peter Kriwkowitsch, social chair- 
man,- James Dionne, pledge marshall,- Second Row: Charles Davis, 
president,- Dennie Pfeifer, vice president. Bo. torn Row: Gary Dycus, 


Founded at Norwich University in 1856 
134 National Chapters 

Every spring the Theta Chis sponsor their 
"Go to Hell" dance. Preparations begin when 
invitations are sent on old parchment with a 
skull and crossbones signet. Then the house is 
decorated as a cave with a tunnel leading from 
the front of the house through a window. Dressed 
in their "Go to Hell" sweat shirts, Theta Chis 
attend the dance. 

Even "Ox", the Theta Chis Saint Bernard dog, 
finds this dance to be great fun. Ox is one 
of a family of ten Saint Bernards; each chapter 
in the Big Ten has one as its mascot. 


Top Row: Gary Cole, Robert Shaughnessy, Wesley Davis, Jerry Eggebrecht, Dennis Kreklow, Frank Harmantas, John McClelland, Mitchell Stevens, 
John Wyssman. Third Row: Allen Lappin, Thomas Ferguson, Stephen Stumbris, Kenneth Thurber, Wayne Johnson, Scott Francis, James Kalina, 
Donald McCall, John Daily. Second Row: Edward Gordon, Douglas Hittle, David Cypcar, David Randolph, Lawrence King, James Paul, Herman 
Klemick, Thomas Crane. Bottom Row: John Mcllrath, Richard Roush, Paul Kostel, Bryan Wrona, William Trojan, Charles Griswold, Joseph Blazer, 
Richard Burnett. Not In Panel: Charles Schneider, Gale Wiley, Phillip Kouchoukos, Steven Wright, Richard Ranroth. 


Founded at Union College in 1847 
32 National Chapters 

Top Row: David Randolph, president. Bottom Row: James Paul, 
corresponding secretary; Lawrence King, pledge trainer,- Gale 
Wiley, recording secretary,- Herman Klemick, social chairman; 
John Daily, treasurer. 

Theta Delta Chi has stayed with tradition 
and has gone with progress. Here on campus 
their annual dance, the Magna Carta, is one 
example of their traditions. A sign of their growth 
with progress is the entirely new kitchen and 
their numerous other house repairs within the 
last few y<'ars. 

Falling between tradition and progress is 
achievement. Winning a cup at their national 
convention for the best performance of Theta 
Delta Chi ritual is an example of the achieve- 
niciii for which the men strive. 


In addition to being the only fraternity founded 
during the Civil War, Theta Xi holds the honor 
of being a member of the VMI triad. It originally 
included Alpha Tau Omega, Kappa Sigma Kap- 
pa, and Sigma Nu; in 1962 Kappa Sigma Kappa 
merged with Theta Xi. 

On campus, the Xis are active with their 
auxiliary, the Sisters of Xi. The girls are chosen 
from various sororities and assist the Xis with 
dinners, programs, and other social events. In 
addition, every girl is given a pledge father and 

Top Row: Richard Sanders, house manager,- Thomas Leeper, presi- 
dent; Jeffrey Conroy, assistant treasurer,- Robert Gillingham, 
treasurer. Bottom Row: James Bidwill, vice president,- Gary Taylor, 
social chairman; Daniel Williams, scholarship chairman,- Thomas 
Palmer, secretary. 


Founded at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1864 
75 National Chapters 

Top Row: Richard Bernard, Richard Andresen, Vincent Eitzen, Lawrence North, Richard Nedwed, Robert Wrobel, Gary York, David Grabow, 
Richard Maxwell, Charles Thinnes, Carl Woodward, David Jordan, Charles Fleming. Fourth Row: Frank Hackmann, Michael Caldwell, Gene 
Heidemann, Terry Alsberg, Frank Tabor, William Snapp, John Vincent, John Gilster, John Schafer, Alan Carpenter, John Hamman, Bruce Brown, 
Gary Snieski, David Knauer, Donald Ferguson, Paul Stone, John Hackmann. Third Row: John Bade, Daniel Williams, Richard Sanders, Gary Taylor, 
James Bidwell, Thomas Leeper, Robert Gillingham, Thomas Palmer, Jeffrey Conroy, Carl Risberg, Paul Sullivan. Second Row: Andrew Bendel, 
Russell Larsen, Jeffrey Mitchell, James Zook, John Bernard, Steven Kalaskie, Paul Zeman, William Anderson, Richard Wolff, Paul Friedland, 
Burton Hart, Gary Martin. Bottom Row: Kevin O'Donnell, Bruce Lawson, Lawrence McCallum, Robert Boehm, David Culkin, Lee Vegter, Gregory 
Bettis, Kenneth Lackey, Robert Wayman, Ronald Lang, Robert Mason. 

\ W r 

• « _ 9 ,.* 

f t ?- f i 


Architects, engineers, and scientists comprise 
the membership of Triangle fraternity. Since 
its founding here at the U. of I. in 1907, Triangle 
has never fallen below the men's all University 
average in scholarship. Last year the men ranked 
third out of the 57 fraternities here on the 

Ultra-violet lighting was featured at Triangle's 
pledge dance "Macabre." The Chapter Five 
provided music for the dancers who glowed in 
the dark from painting sweatshirts and shoes 
with fluorescent paint. 


Top Row: Kenneth Ebeling, recording secretary; David Porter, 
commissar; Richard Langrehr, vice president; Steven Miller, presi- 
dent; Jay Rockstroh, rush chairman; Gordon Shugars, treasurer. 
Bottom Row: Keith Haselhorst, scholarship chairman,- Guy Pfeiffer, 
corresponding secretary,- Lee Puryear, social chairman. 

Founded at University of Illinois in 1907 
27 National Chapters 

Top Row- Joseph Stephano, John McHarry, Morris Westerhold, Michael Crosser, Todd Stemke, Robert Aldrich Terry Sims, Barry Abrams, Michael 
Compasso, James Murphy, Thomas Sharpe, Ronald Schwarer, Douglas March, George Schwarz, Richard Kuiken, Charles Mahan. Fourth Row.- 
Timothy Sharpe, James Clarno, David Russell, David Hiland, William Charneski, James Everitt, Raymond Rossbacher, John Lamb, James bkogsberg, 
Alvin Pope, Michael Christy, Richard Stark, David Hall, David Lathrop, Thomas Bohlen, Gerald Smith. Third Row: Scott Fort, Larry Moulton, Donald 
Bishop, Kenneth Ebeling, Keith Haselhorst, Jay Rockstroh, Richard Langrer, Steven Miller, Gordon Shugars, Lee Puryear David Porter, Guy Preirfer. 
Second Row: Charles Fellman, James Hayes, Paul Decker, Steven Read, David Rogers, William Schreiber, William Roat, William Blankenstem, 
Preston Henne, Robert Mitchell, David Lippy. Bottom Row: George Kinstedt, John Wade, Curtis Wiechert, Howard Abrams, Walter Isosceles, 
Jerome Nalywajo, Kenneth Malten, William Evett, James Bute. 

Top Row: Lee Buch, William Braveman, Sidney A pert Lyle Phillipson. Fourth Row: Henry Wolfson, Andrew Kahan, Ralph Stern, Lee Fischer, 
Alan Halpern Steven Green man Ma I com Karlmsky, Jeffery Seme , Frank Bramson, Robert Sperling, Steven Solomon, Stuart Linderman, Sanford 
btein, Robert Weinman James Schlifke, James Mabw, Russell Gold Joel Piatt. Third Row: Curtis Schwartz, Peter Kauffman, Bruce Kaden, Nathan 


eiken, Herbert Horn, Michael Becker, Donald Ratner Alan Streiker, Peter Fleisher, Robert Riesman, Richard Freed, Arthur Stefans, Andrew 
awlan, Edward Blumen Leon Dragon, James Simon, Richard Edelson, Richard Kohlman, Sander Heiling, Richard Greenfield, Robert Baizer, 
Gerald Lester Kenneth Wasserman. Second Row: Brent Greenberg, Bruce Lurie, Bruce Fagel, Mitchel Favus, Elliot Bercovitz, Robert Smoller, 
Clark Buch, Mrs A Mendilson , Alan Yusirn, Gene Bernstein, Barry Cohen, Robert Flam, James Klein, Lawrence Spector. Bottom Row Arnold 
btein , Laurence Fischer Russel Berngard, Gary Goldberg, Steven Pritkin, Scott Sands, Lawrence Rubin, Edwin Green, Joseph Belmont, Paul 
Zlotmk, konald hiller, Raymond Bass, Loren bchreiber, Gary Saipe, Lowell Gerber. 


Top Row: Mitchel Favus, historian,- Robert Smoller, secretary,- 
Elliot Bercovitz, houseman,- Alan Yusirn, president; Gene Bern- 
stein, treasurer,- Barry Cohen, pledge father,- Clark Buch, vice 

Founded at College of the City of New York in 1898 
60 National Chapters 

Over the past ten years, Zeta Beta Tau has 
kept one of the highest scholastic averages on 
campus. Last year they were ranked second of 
the 57 fraternities. 

Besides earning grades, ZBT has shown an 
academic awareness by initiating an annual Aca- 
demic Recognition Banquet. Deserving faculty 
members are recognized at the affair for out- 
standing service to the University and students. 
As well as recognizing accomplished professors, 
this banquet brings a closer tie between students 
and faculty. 


This year, Zeta Psi held its 58th annual Lin- 
coln's Day Festival in honor of their patron 
saint, Abraham Lincoln. One of the main events 
of this celebration was a speech given by a 
noted Lincoln historian. 

The Zeta Psis chose Abe for their patron 
saint many years ago when these men received 
an original bronze face mask, of which there 
are only three, from a philanthropic alumnus. 
In addition to the face mask, the Zeta Psis are 
also the proud possessors of an original cast of 
Lincoln's hands. 


Top Row: Gerald Szablewski, vice president; James Javore, 
pledge trainer,- Clarence Delong, chapter advisor,- James Waddell, 
president; Paul Wenz, treasurer. Bottom Row: Manfred Jung, 
supreme council; Stephen Taylor, secretary; Reynolds Everett, 
supreme council. 

Founded at New York University in 1847 
37 National Chapters 

Top Row: Donald Lasker, Gerald Renken, James McDonald, Stuart Lennett, Phillip Baker, Gareth Holtze, George Vee, Paul Battuello. Third 
Row: Robert Sudeen, John Hassenplug, Clifford Wenz, Paul Wenz, George Peterson, Ronald Walters, Stephen Taylor, Robert Patha, James 
McGrane, Dennis Kostal. Second Row: Stephen Clark, Wayne Rotenberry, James Javore, Manfred Jung, James Waddell, Clarence Delong, 
Gerald Szablewski, Reynolds Everett. Bottom Row: Frank Perrelli, Dennis Swenie, Dennis Skoneczka, Bruce York, Dennis Smith, John Bluck, David 
Vanskike, Thomas Goff, Kenneth Zogas. Not In Panel: Geoffrey Glaser, Douglas Fishel, Kenneth Kostal, Terence McBurney, Robert Metelis, 
Robert Novota, Alan Palmer, John Schill, Gerald Szukala, Robert Unrau, Daniel Zimmerman, Brian Hollen, Douglas Whitlock, Keith Foley, 
Norbert Schenk. 

Top Row Alan Barney, George Wenger, Kenneth Wodtke, William Cameron, Russell Eggert, Robert Monti. Second Row: [Richard Green, James 
Basine, Wayne Mucha, David Allen, James Wallace. Bottom Row: Richard Rudolph, Richard Yackel, Douglas Brandenburg, Jeffrey Rossman, Peter 


Homecoming activities get underway as fraternity men and 
sorority women begin float construction. 


People Make Big Ten Sports 



- w 





* >r~ 



Cȣ2 g.iB'JKlt- 

few. .v~^r«ifc-.- C ^s-sr ! ^ " " T Vu^ v^ _^ 7*Mti- 


^*TC£ "^£f aL^JT '* ■*" " 

5 Vr 

M^» »jf 






Mills Resigns After 25 Years 

Douglas R Mills resigned after serving 25 
years as director of intercollegiate athletics and 
as professor of physical education. He has been 
with this University's athletic staff since 1935. 
Mills says that he stepped down from his position 
because he felt that the Athletic Association 
needed fresh and new leadership. 

Mills won six varsity letters in basketball 
and football from the University before grad- 
uating in 1930. He succeeded to the position 
of head basketball coach in 1936 and also be- 
came a member of the varsity football coaching- 
staff. As basketball coach, he won three Big Ten 
championships and won 88 conference games, 
losing only 47 over an eleven-year period. 


New Award for Tomasula 

A new award was initiated this year in honor 
of ex-Illini center Bruce Capel who was one of 
the regular players on the 1963 Rose Bowl team 
and who died fighting in Viet Nam. The first 
recipient was Dave Tomasula. The junior line- 
backer fractured his jaw during the Indiana 
game, but played most of the remaining season 
with his jaw wired up, living almost entirely on 
a liquid diet. The trophy was presented by Coach 
Pete Elliot at the football banquet. The Bruce 
Capel Award will become an annual presenta- 
tion for the most courageous football player. 

Douglas Mills advanced quality of U. of I athletic program. 


Dave Tomasula is first recipient of the Bruce Capel Award. 


First Games End Badly 

The Illini opened the season with a crush- 
ing defeat and ended the season in the same 
manner. Illinois suffered from player injuries, 
was a Rose Bowl contender, and ended two long 
losing streaks with Big Ten rivals. 

The Illini did little in their first two games 
to dispel the current theory that the Big Ten 
is not the best league in the nation. The first 
game was played away with Southern Meth- 
odist University overcoming Illinois 26-7. Dean 
Volkman led an 87 yard march for the only 
Illini score in the game 

Although the first home game with Missouri 
ended disappointingly, there were some excit- 
ing moments in the first half. Gallic Pinder 
literally leaped across the goal line for the first 
touchdown against Missouri. Billy Huston made 
his first career touchdown and the last for Illi- 
nois that day. During the last half Missouri 
capitalized on Illinois' fumbles and came out 
on top 21-14. 

Callie Pinder, veteran Illinois halfback, was sidelined with 
a knee injury during the Missouri game. 

Missouri gang tackles an Illini bell carrier curing one of 
Illinois' non-Big Ten games, all of which were lost. 

1966 Football Record 




Southern Methodist 






Michigan State 






Ohio State 




















Michigan State 
















( )hio State 











1 ndiana 








Pinder is about to be undercut by Ohio State tackles. 

Naponic calls out signals over center Kai Anderson. 



ini End Losing Streaks 

Carrying a casualty list as long as that of 
the North Vietnamese regulars, the Illini were 
forced early in the campaign to call on second 
and third team reserves. Cyril Pinder suffered 
a knee injury in the Missouri game, a deep 
cut in Illinois' ground attack. Ron Bess, Car- 
son Brooks, and Dan Humay were eventually 
lost. Co-captain Bo Batchelder, Dave Tomasual, 
and Al Waters were also temporarily out of the 
conference action. 

The first conference game with No. 1 Michi- 
gan State University was another disaster. Bob 
Naponic started his first game, and John Wright 
showed excellent ability as a runner. The de- 
fense held two Ail-American candidates to 39 
yards in 22 attempts, but they couldn't match 
the Rose Bowl champs and lost 26-10. 

The Illini won their first battle against the 
Hoosiers. The defense was superb, holding Starv- 
roff to 6 of 20 pass attempts with 4 interceptions. 
Wright set a new career record for receiving 
and total yards gained from passes. The final 
score was 22-17. 

The following week Illinois retreated to home 
ground where they were invaded by the mighty 
Ohio State under the command of Woody Hayes. 
After losing in their last six meetings, the Illini 
turned the tide and sabotaged the Ohio State 
Buckeyes 10-9 

Pinder is wheeled onto field with teammates for a game. 

Tackles Fields and Robertson try to save a ball carrier. 

Bob Naponic, having proved to be a good passer and 
runner, gets set to unload against Stanford. 

Halfback Ron Bess gets airborn to capture ball during 
action against the Michigan State Spartans. 

Coach Pete Elliot watches intently from the sidelines during 
■an lllini victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes. 


Purdue Nips Illinois' Bid 

Prior to Illinois 1 heartbreaking defeat to Pur- 
due, they suffered another disappointment at 
the hands of Stanford. A Homecoming crowd 
of 56,000 was treated to a sloppy Joss of 6-3. 
Although the game should have been no contest 
for Illinois, the defense can be credited with 
staving off' a bigger score. 

However, the following week everything was 
still coming up roses. Illinois was tied for a 
Rose Bowl bid with Purdue. The team gave 
Illini fans lots of thrills, including Bruce Sul- 
livan's 92 yard punt return, and went into the 
fourth quarter with a 21-18 lead; but the Illi- 
nois defense could not stop All-American Bob 
Griese who tossed a 32 yard winning pass, ending 
the score 21-25. 



Pete Flattens Bump, Gets 
Axed By Alex 

Billed as the best known of brother acts in 
collegiate football, Pete Elliot took the boys to 
Ann Arbor one Saturday afternoon and opened 
the seventh season of competition against his 
brother Bump. Illinois snapped die losing streak 
and won the first game from Bump for Pete. 
With three regulars sidelined, the Illini scored 
an impressive upset beating one of the most 
impressive offensives in the Big Ten. Most out- 
standing was Bruce Sullivan's 98 yard return 
for a TD and longest scoring play of the year. 
He made 192 yards in four plays, a new Big 
Ten record. 

High on the tide of prosperity, the Illini 
came home to entertain the Dads and step all 
over the Wisconsin Badgers' tail. The Illini 
recovered 4 of 7 Badger fumbles and Sullivan 
made his fifth conference interception, tying 
Phil Knell. The Dads were more than pleased 
with the 43-14 final score. This game also saw 
the dedication of the playing field to a former 
great Illini, Robert Zuppke. 

By the time November 19 came around the 
season was all but over. Win or lose the last 
game, Illinois would still tie for third. The 
"game-of-the-century" between Notre Dame and 
MSU was stealing all the limelight. Thinking- 
no one was watching, Illinois handed Agase's 
Wildcats a 35-7 victory. The Illini played bril- 
liantly against Northwestern until their first and 
only TD. After that they couldn't put any- 
thing together, and an alert NU offense did 
their job well. It was the last game of his career 
for the Most Valuable Player Ron Guenther, 
and a bad memory for next year's co-captains 
Ken Kmiec and Ron Bess. 

Sophomore quarterback Bob Naponic gets stopped by husky 
Ohio State linemen during Illinois' upset victory. 


Yea! Rah Rah Cheerleaders 

Enthusiasm can be a curious and ephemeral 
thing. In sports, it can be generated by a cham- 
pionship, a winning team, or possibly by an 
excitingly mediocre melange. When harsh re- 
alities dismiss these possibilities, there is nothing 
better to stir up a student body than a few 
well-chosen and highly trained leaders of good 
cheer. The squad this year hailed the Blue and 
the Orange under the very able guidance of 
Miss Penny Dutton, and instilled a desire for 
victory through the fine endeavors of Captain 
Judy Larson and the other twelve members of 
the squad. 


Cross Country Grows Under 
Coach Bob Wright 

A varsity sport which has in the last few 
years suffered from lack of initiative and di- 
rection is now growing under the guidance of 
Coach Bob Wright. Home meets this year were 
held on a new four-mile course, laid out part- 
ly on the new Blue Golf Course and the remainder 
on the old Orange Golf Course. 

The Illini boasted an outstanding harrier in 
John Lamoreaux, who at Northwestern covered 
five miles in 25:11. In the Big Ten meet this 
sophomore was able to place 17th. Coach Wright 
said, however, that since there was a two minute 
time difference between the first and fifth men, 
balanced team scoring was impossible. 

The gridiron in Memorial Stadium was dedicated Zuppke 
Field" at the Wisconsin game. One of the bronze plaques 
flanking the memorial inscription records Zuppke s achieve- 
ments,- the other lists famous Zuppkeisms. 

John Lamoreaux jogs one of the endless conditioning laps. 

I I 



' i 




i - 


Gene Vance Is New Director 

Gene Vance became the fourth director of 
athletics in the history of the University by suc- 
ceeding Douglas R. Mills who retired after 25 
years. The position, established in 1896, was 
first held by George Huff and next by Wendell 
Wilson. For the past six years, Vance has served 
as executive director of the Alumni Association, 
joining the staff in 1956. 

Highly successful in athletics, Vance won all- 
state honors in 1940 as a member of Clinton 
High School's basketball team. At the Univer- 
sity of Illinois he was a member of the famed 
"Whiz Kids" who won two consecutive Big Ten 
titles. After playing professional basketball, he 
turned to high school coaching and produced 
winning teams four years in a row at LaSalle- 
Peru. A year before he joined the Alumni Associ- 
ation, he received a master's degree. 

Vance became Illinois' fourth athletic director. 

Coach Ralph Fletcher served the University 1939-1967. 

Coach Ralph Fletcher Dies 

Ralph E. Fletcher, varsity golf coach and 
assistant football coach for 18 years under Ray 
Eliot, died last January following a heart attack. 
Eliot summed up the general feelings when he 
stated, "The entire University Athletic Associ- 
ation is grieved by the sad loss of one of its most 
illustrious coaches. Mr. Fletcher was a wonder- 
ful gentleman. . .and will be missed seriously by 
everyone who has ever known him." 

During his college years at the University 
of Illinois, Coach Fletcher played football, dis- 
tinguishing himself as a place kicker on two 
Big Ten championship teams, and also lettered 
in basketball. 

After graduation he became head football and 
basketball coach at several high schools, leading 
his teams to conference championships. Return- 
ing to the campus in 1939, he replaced Doug 
Mills as freshman football coach, and in 1942 
he became varsity backfield coach. 


Intramurals Add Two Sports 

This year President Henry placed all sports 
clubs under the supervision of the division of 
intramurals within the College of Physical Ed- 
ucation. This move is aimed at giving the clubs 
maximum support with a minimum of regulation. 
The new posture of the clubs should help to solve 
financial problems, and could aid in securing 
them varsity status. 

Two of the most active sports clubs at Illi- 
nois have been the soccer and the hockey clubs, 
which until the presidential directive were fi- 
nanced solely by the teams' efforts. 

While playing some of the Midwest's top 
teams, including St. Louis, last year's NCAA 
champion, the soccer tesm compiled a 4-6 sea- 
son. At the banquet honoring squad members, 
John McCreary was named the most valuable 
player and John Beardon and Bill Celio, the 
most improved. 

The hockey club suffered through a bruis- 
ing season, often having to replace men who 
could no longer compete because of injuries or 
lack of time. Two standouts for the team, coached 
by Pete Conley, were Captain Bob Gardner 
and Hugh Inglis. 



• ••• ; 

i... v 

: ;.•• 


^^v + '*?£ 


^P .1 il^ 


Scandal, Injuries Hurt lllini 

Illinois basketball fortunes took a wildly un- 
certain course this season with a wierd sense 
of unreality about it all. Rocked with scandal, 
the squad lost two of its best men with the sus- 
pension of Rich Jones and Ronald Dunlap. 
But that was only the beginning of the troubles 
as the team labored under the glare of adverse 
publicity, the uncertainty of their coaches' ten- 
ure, and late season injuries. The most remark- 
able thing about the season was that Illinois 
broke even with a 12-12 record, and at times 
played the best brand of basketball around. The 
lllini demonstrated their spirit immediately after 
the scandal broke, when they won three out of 
four contests in the Los Angeles Classic, losing 
only a flukey contest to Southern California, 
73-72. But the bubble burst upon return to 
the Assembly Hall, as the lllini fell before 
eventual conference co-champion Michigan State, 
76-74. It was the only home loss all season. 

Ten minute delay of game results from scoring mixup. 

Ron Dunlap tries for two as Rich Jones moves into position. 
This duo averaged 39 points per game. 


1967 Basketball Record 










West Virginia 















Southern California 



Georgia Tech. 



Michigan State 









Notre Dame 






























Ohio State 






Record: Won 12 

Lost 12 

Flessner hits the floor with obvious pain after a flip. 

Flessner Out-Illinois Disaster 

Losses away from home began to mount up, 
as the Illini fell in rapid succession to a high- 
flying Northwestern squad, Notre Dame, and an 
unbeaten UCLA team. Both enthusiasm and 
interest seemed down when the conference-lead- 
ing Northwestern Wildcats snarled their way 
into Champaign. In a game that had many 
exciting moments, including a final 104-96 vic- 
tory margin, the highlight came when the Illini 
unveiled their surprise four man zone which 
proved quite ineffectual. Tempering the vic- 
tory was the loss for three weeks of Deon Flessner 
with a spinal injury that had a nearly full Assem- 
bly Hall crowd on its feet with anxiety. Playing 
without Flessner, Illinois lost four out of their 
next five games in quick succession. The stage 
seemed set for a total and irrevocable collapse 
with a hot-shooting Minnesota club and league- 
leading Indiana scheduled for successive Assem- 
bly Hall appearances. 

Deon Flessner is wheeled from the game after a hard fall. 

ini Beat Hoosiers, Gophers 

Minnesota had Tom Kondla, the Big Ten's 
leading scorer, and tremendous rebounding abil- 
ity. Illinois countered with the one-two scoring 
punch of Jim Dawson and Dave Scholz, and 
the painful memory of an earlier loss at Min- 
neapolis. By the game's end, the Golden Gophers 
could have used a rather large hole to crawl 
into, as they ingloriously fell by an 84-71 margin. 

Unwary Indiana next met the newly revital- 
ized Illini. and the eventual conference co- 
champions lost with an embarrassing ease. The 
game was dominated by Illinois from the start, 
and the Illini held a thirty point lead at one 
time, only to coast to a final 80-70 decision. 
Unfortunately, this win was to be the last for 
the boys of Harry Combes, as the season ended 
with sloppy losses to Ohio State and Wisconsin. 

In all, the season should have been better 
and could have been worse. This squad tried 
harder than the average, but had more against 
it than average. The result was just another 
average season. 


Captain Jim Dawson, who finished with over 21 points 
per game, drives against Gopher defender. 

Guard-forward Benny Louis, who is cap- 
tain-elect for 1967-68, joins Deon Flessner 
in a race for the loose ball. 


Preston Pearson catches 7-foot Eino Hendrickson flat-footed 
and scores an easy layup. 

Sophomore standout Dave Scholz is alone for two. The 
6'7" center scored 32 points against Iowa. 


1967 Fencing Record 




Ind. Inst. Tech. 



Milwaukee Inst. Tech. 



Denver Fencers Club 



Air Force Academy 



Iowa State 






Michigan State 









Ohio State 



Wayne State 









Notre Dame 






Record: Won 12 Lost 3 

Wisconsin 37 



igan State 25 


State 24 



inois Bladesmen Upset 

Attempting to capture their fourth consec- 
utive fencing crown, the University of Illinois 
fencing team was upset by Wisconsin at the Big 
Ten fencing championship at Madison. Illinois, 
which finished second, placed two fencers in 
the individual championships with one Big Ten 
champion emerging. David White won the con- 
ference sabre title and sophomore Chuck Suritz 
narrowly missed the foil title. 

Other Illinois fencers to win places were Cap- 
tain Chuck Harter, fourth in epee; Robert Wolf- 
son, tied for fourth in foil; Bill Tucker, eighth 
in sabre; and Ron Aufrecht, fourth in the foil 
competition. In total points, Illinois fencers col- 
lected thirty-two points to Wisconsin's total of 

Tankers Have Good Season 

Illinois' swimming team, after completing a 
successful regular season, fell to a disappointing 
seventh place in the Big Ten championship 
meet. For Illinois, sophomore Kip Pope finished 
in fourth place in the 200-yard breast stroke 
in a time of 2:17.91 with Ken Simpson placing 
ninth in 2:20.56. Art Stark took twelfth in the 
200-yard backstroke with a time of 2:06.31. 
Captain Bob Bachman placed sixth in the 100- 
yard freestyle event with a clocking by the 
judges of :47.84. 

In the 800-yard freestyle event, which saw 
a powerful Indiana team shatter the pool, Big 
Ten, NCAA, and American record with a time 
of 7:01.12, the Illinois team finished a commend- 
able fourth with a 7:17.39. Kit Werremeyer, 
Art Stark, Bob Bachman, and Dave Florio swam 
for Illinois in this event. 

Art Stark finishes first leg of relay with Wisconsin. 


1967 Swimming Record 




Evans ville 












Mankato State 











Season Record: Won 5 Lost 3 




Ohio State 






Michigan State 












Art Stark, in right lane, leads in the individual medley. 

Dave Florio, on the left, begins the 50-yard freestyle. 







J' ^"" 





Gymnasts Fall Short of Goal 

The Illinois gymnasts hoping for a Big Ten 
championship ran into "one of those nights' " at 
Iowa City and ended up fourth in the con- 
ference. Coaches Pond and Ashmore felt that 
this team had a good shot at the title which 
has been dominated by Michigan for the last 
seven years. Bad breaks, as those experienced 
by Hal Shaw in the floor exercise, spelled de- 
feat. He slipped trying to keep from leaving 
the performance mat and was penalized .5 of 
a point instead of .2 of a point. 

Illinois had looked like a title contender dur- 
ing most of a 5-2 season, losing to Iowa and 
Michigan and beating Michigan State. Out of 
the disappointment, however, emerged a few 
bright spots: Hal Shaw successfully defended 
his Big Ten long horse title; Chuck Weber was 
runner-up in the horizontal bar; Gary Holveck 
took second in the trampoline; and Cookie Rollo 
was third in the trampoline. 

1967 Gymnastics Record 











171 .625 


Kansas State 



Indiana State 


181 .00 

Ohio State 


181 .00 

Ball State 



Michigan State 



Louisiana State 








Season Record: Won 9 Lost 2 




187.05 Michigan State 182.37 

184.87 ILLINOIS 180.55 


Young Squad Finishes 9th 1967 Wrestling Record 

Although Coach Pat Patterson was optimistic 
at the beginning of the season, the 1966-67 
team could manage no better than a ninth place 
finish at the Big Ten meet held at Ohio State. 
This did, however, show improvement over last 
year's tenth place finish. 

Beginning the season with the Illinois In- 
vitational Tournament, the team captured only 
one first, Bob Loffredo at 152 pounds. After 
losing their first three meets, an inspired Illi- 
nois faced Purdue. The Boilermakers stayed with 
the Illini, 6-6, until Kerry Anderson pinned 
his opponent. From then on Purdue could man- 
age only three points, dropping the contest 22-9. 
In the remaining eight meets, the Illinois squad 
picked up one win. 

The season's outstanding wrestlers were Bob 
Loffredo, 13-4-1, and Jerry Pillath, 7-6. 







St. College of Iowa 



Ohio State 











St. College of Iowa 






Air Force Academy 






Michigan State 





Season Record: Won 2 Lost 10 

Michigan State 
Ohio State 


92 Wisconsin 

78 Indiana 

32 Iowa 


22 Purdue 





Heavyweight Jerry Pillath attempts to disentangle himself. 

Bob Loffredo goes to his knees trying for a takedown. 

linois Invitational champ Loffredo stalks his opponent. 



IM's Give Release, Fun 

I-M's are unique. They are exciting if you 
are integrally involved with the winners, and 
they are unnoticed if you are not. They can 
be played very well and very poorly, but they 
inevitably are played with a Walter Mittyish 
fervor. This year saw essentially the same games 
being played in essentially the same ways, only 
the names were changed to protect journalistic 
integrity. I-M's take time and effort, but they 
give release and enjoyment. More people than 
ever took part this year, and found it worth- 
while. More people noticed, more people cared. 
Perhaps it is only a small part, but it is a part, 
of something bigger, something many came to 
school to learn, something called living. 



1966 Baseball Record 

What would make an umpire smile? May- 
be he threw Eilbracht out of the game. 


















Michigan State 



Michigan State 

















Season Record: Won 14 Lost 13 










Ohio State 



















Michigan State 


















































ini Face Hardships 

The Illini ended the 1966 baseball season 
ranking sixth in the Big Ten with a record of 
five wins and seven losses. Illinois' overall record 
was 14 wins and 13 losses. Coach Eilbracht 
was pleased with the results since he was hard 
hit by losses due to professional baseball signing 
and ineligibility. The loss of key players like 
Ken Holtzman, who signed with the Chicago 
Cubs, and James Vopicka was especially hard 
on the team. 

Two Illini made the third team in the All 
Big Ten: Dan Humay at shortstop, and Jerry 
Szukala at first base. Dan Humay was elected 
the captain of the 1967 team and Szukala was 
selected the most valuable player of the sea- 
son. Left fielder Dave Russell led the team with 
a .385 batting average out of twenty-six times 
at bat. Dan Humay was right at the top of 
the regular players with a season average of 
.352 for seventy-one times at bat. Illinois had 
a team batting average of .227 and a fielding 
percentage of .936. 

Coach Eilbracht is confident that fourteen 
returning lettermen of the varsity team will 
give the Illini a better opportunity during the 
1967 baseball season. 

Star slugger Jerry Szukala lines a hit against Indiana. 

Jim Reed covers first base to nip quick Hoosier runner 



Seven and Seven 

In 1966 the Illinois track team finished seventh 
in both indoor and outdoor Big Ten track com- 
petition. However, there were a few bright spots 
during the season. 

Cyril Pinder tied an Illinois varsity record 
of :06.1 in the 60-yard dash in an indoor meet 
with Ohio State. In a triangular meet with 
Northwestern and Purdue, Bill Hartman set a 
new Illinois indoor record for the 1000-yard 
run with his time of 2:09.9. John Wright estab- 
lished the Illinois outdoor record of :53.0 for 
the 440-yard hurdles. 

Qualifying for the NCAA competition were 
Wright for the 440-yard outdoor hurdles, and 
Hartman in the 880-yard run. 


Michigan State 














Ohio State 















ny 2 







Ohio State 






Shot putter Dick Stone shows the explosive power which 
makes him a strong contender for the conference crown 

Hurt by a poor start, Jim Enck approaches second hurdle. 

■S"*|P mmmSZ J mim- 



Captain Steve Simons reaches high to send serve over net 

Tom Bauer steps back to cover for partner Steve Simons. David Holden appears to be jumping to serve light pole. 


Netmen Surge Upward 

1966 Tennis Record 

The Illini netmen came one place closer to 
a Big Ten Championship last spring under the 
direction of Coach Dan Olson. They compiled 
a Big Ten record of 6 wins and 3 losses and an 
impressive over-all record of 15 wins and 5 losses. 
Led by Captain Steve Simons, number one 
singles Tom Bauer, and Big Ten finalist Dave 
Holden, the team finished third in the Big Ten 
meet at Ann Arbor and fourth in the over-all 
conference standings. 

Next year the Illini will be even stronger 
Big Ten contenders with newly elected Captain 
Dave Holden, senior Rick Wurtzel, and the two 
sophomore standouts, Edward Thompson and 
Mike Elbl leading the attack. Player depth, the 
backbone and future of a strong tennis team, 
relies on the quality of the players who back 
up the starting squad. Some of the coach's 
back up men include Bob Burkholder, a sopho- 
more, and freshmen Rusty Martin, Bruce Layer, 
Jeff Cook, and Tom Dunlop. Year round prac- 
tice coupled with strong underclassmen could 
very likely spell a first place victory for the 
Illini netmen in 1967. 




Eastern Illinois 8 


North Carolina 8 


University of Toledo 3 


Duke 1 


Davidson University 


University of Tennessee 


David Limpson 1 


Middle Tennessee State 3 


Illinois State 


Iowa 1 


DePaul 1 


University of Michigan 6 


Indiana 6 


Ohio State 1 


Michigan State 




Eastern Illinois 1 


Wisconsin 4 


Northwestern 2 


Minnesota 3 

Season Record: Won 15 Lost 5 

U ; H 

Jerry Johnson and Robert Lewke team up in doubles match. Steven Levenson practices daily at Huff Gym courts. 


Linksmen Finish Ninth 

\ - :■ ~ 





The Golfing Illini under the guidance of 
Coach Ralph Fletcher stroked their way to a 
ninth place finish in the Big Ten for 1966, an 
improvement over the cellar finish of '65. An 
encouraging note for Illini fans: all lettermen 
will be returning for another chance with the 
1967 season. Last season they were led by Jerry 
Mulliken with a gross average of 79, followed 
by Dave Parkhill and Dennis Cashmanj at 80. 
In addition several outstanding freshmen will 
now be eligible to play on the varsity squad 
including Dave Anderson and Russell Johnson. 

The University golf course at Savoy, Illinois 
is home to the Golfing Illini. They have a 36 
hole layout and compete on the older and 
tougher 6800 yard, par 72, North course. A 
new clubhouse opened last year. Illinois is hoping 
to find a few more pars and birdies at Savoy 
this coming spring. 

With his ball securely ensconced in the silicon, John 
Mulliken blasts out of a Savoy sandtrap. 

John Fleming takes a break between shots at Savoy Gol 
Course, 36 hole home layout of the Golfing Illini. 


1966 Golf Record 




Eastern Illinois 




Illinois State 








Southern Illinois 







Notre Dame 




Ohio State 





Ohio State 












Michigan State 









Grabowski Wins 1966 AOY 

Two-time Ail-American Jim Grabowski was 
selected as the Athlete of the Year by an all- 
campus vote in the spring of 1966. During his 
three years as fullback for the Fighting Illini, 
he broke all of Red Grange's rushing records. 
He first received national attention when, as a 
sophomore, he was selected as the outstanding 
player of the 1964 Rose Bowl by accumulating 
125 yards on 23 carries and scoring a touch- 
down. During the next season the Chicago Taft 
product carried the ball for 1,004 yards in nine 
games to make him the nation's leading ground 
gainer on a per game basis. One particularly 
outstanding game of this season was against 
Wisconsin when the 220-pound fullback carried 
for 239 yards. Last year Grabowski set a new 
school rushing record, gaining 186 yards against 
Indiana to bring his total to 2,177. For suc- 
cessfully combining scholarship and athletics, 
he received a George Huff Award and a Con- 
ference Medal. 




mrnkSr *.~Ht 



% ^8^1°f^44&87 r&yi *f 9Qif*51/£39<^30?3gUjft|e 
3^ 4 ^fe3S^34^94^7^2/^8^- 

60^69^55m85 A "" 

W» '^Jfc JJt__t_ J^jJ^ 

FOOTBALL — Top Row: Assistant Coach Bob Herndon, Assistant Coach Jack Hart, Assistant Coach Buck McPhail, Head Coach Pete Elliot, 
Freshman Coach Jim Brown, Assistant Coach Lou Baker, Assistant Coach Bill Taylor, Assistant Coach Gene Stauber. Seventh Row: Richard Johnson, 
John Sochor, Michael Waitukaitis, Jerome Pillath, Jerome McWell, Kerry Anderson, Carson Brooks, Michael Rogers. Sixth Row: Edward Werner, 
David Hansen, Randy Rodgers, Frederick Maihofer, James Whiteside, Willis Fields, Fred Wolf, Frederick Holloway, Anthony Pleviak, Raymond 
Hellgeth. Fifth' Row: Harold Fogel, James Hoffman, David Daley, David Venhuizen, Jay Walters, Dean Volkman, Thomas Crum, Douglas Whitman, 
Craig Timko, William Nowak, Edward Green. Fourth Row: Keith Foley, Cyril Pinder, Edward Kasprowicz, Michael McDonough, Richard Boundy, 
Ralph Waldron William Huston, James Chickles, Glen Noren, Richard Londo, Michael Smith. Third Row: David Tomasula, Robert Miller, Richard 
Erickson, Ronald Bess, Kenneth Kmiec, Herschel Johnson, Gerald Line, Robert Robertson, Jeffry Trigger, William Janecek, Donald Harford, Michael 
Renfrew' Second Row: Fredrick Harms, John Davis, John Wright, Robert Naponic, James Marinangel, Richard Tate, Glen All ie, Gerald Schmidt, 
Michaef Murawski, Richard Stone, Kenneth Richter. Bottom Row: Philip Knell, Gerald Carbonari, Ronald Gusnther, Co-captain Kai Anderson, 
Co-captain Robert Batchelder, Alan Waters, James Stotz, Richard Stotz, Thomas Smith, Willard Radell, Joel Stellwagen, Bruce Sullivan. 



BASKETBALL— Top Row: Charles Middleton, manager; James Wright, freshman coach; James Dawson, captain,- Preston Pearson, Dennis Pace, 
Harry Combes, coach; Howie Braun, assistant coach. Bottom Row: Leslie Busboom, Deon Flessner, Paul Nitz, David Scholz, Robert Johansen, 
Gerald Mettilie, Benjamin Louis. 



SWIMMING — Top Row: Thomas Tosaw, senior manager; Alan Castator, Kermith Werremeyer, Kenneth Trigger, RichardjYinger, Lawrence 
Smiley. Second Row: Allen Klingel, coach,- Charles Boyce, Robert Bachman, captain,- David Florio, Thomas Sawicki, Peter Bates, Edward Stickles, 
assistant coach. Bottom Row: James DeBord, Richard Anderson, Arthur Stark, Kenneth Simpson, Kip Pope. 



FENCING — Top Row: Carl Glaser, Robert Wolfson, Grover Randle, David Brewer, Charles Harter, captain,- Rodney Roberts. Second Row. Art 
Schankin, assistant coach; Karl Fretz, William Abraham, Thomas Hall, Michael Vitoux, Stephen Kniss, Mac Garret, coach. Bottom Row: David 
White, Charles Suritz, Michael Walker, Ronald Aufrecht, Michael Schroeder. 


GYMNASTICS — Top Row: Chuck Weber, captain,- William Silhan, Lawrence Laskovitch, manager,- Raymond Rossbacher, Harcer Rollo. Center 
Row: John Schroeder, Stephen Chappie, Paul Shapin, Harold Shaw, Randall Brown, Fred Mierzwa, William Hasenjaeger, John McCarthy. 
Bottom Row: Jamile Ashmore, assistant coach,- Dean Calhoun, Mark Kaplan, Gary Holveck, Charles Pond, head coach. 


BASEBALL — Top Row: Bob Sorenson, Berny Leonard, Bill Murray, Tom Ohman, Bruce Haney, Jerry Metille, Bill Funk, Jim Wedding, Bob Pogue, 
Terry Kasper. Second Row: Coach Lee Eilbracht, Mike Rodgerson, Dave Russell, Gregg Gregory, Al Waters, Mike Smith, Jerry Szukala, James 
Reed, Fred Klemm, Bob Lorenz. Bottom Row: Dan Humay, Mike Peterson, Gene Groth, Andy Dystrup, David Crouse, Paul Koch, Barry Moore, 
Dennis Wojs, Ken Rizzo, Earl HoFfenberg. 



TRACK— Top Row: Coach Bob Wright, Asst. Trainer Harold Blackwell, Bill Rothwell, Bob Bainter, Chuck Combs, Rich Engelhorn, Dan Masterson, 
Asst. Coach Don Shuman, Asst. Coach Al Carius, Asst. Coach Jim Wilson. Second Row: John Sandeen, Don Masterson, Will Watson George 
Walker, John Wright, Ed Putman, Pat Mullen, Jim Norton, Fritz Goretzke, Mike Kenyon, manager. Bottom Row: Dennis Krause, John Womick, 
Doug Harford, Foster Travis, captain; Jim Enck, Bill Hartman, Bill Gerrish, Mike Eastin, Chuck Pacey, Cliff Jewsbury. 

TENNIS — Top Row: Manager Robert Garret, Steven Levenson, Jerry Johnson, Tom Bauer, Jim Dawson, Jim Heitsch, Coach Dan Olson. Bottom 
Row: Captain Steve Simons, Robert Lewke, David Holden, Rick Wurtzel. 



GOLF — Top Row: Coach Ralph Fletcher, Tom Trigger, Capt. Tom Parkhill, Dennis Cashman, John Mulliken. Bottom Row: John Holmes, Fred 
Lukasik, John Fleming, Terry Evans. 




Social Service 

till i |1 !l I 'I I i i J I 

Top Row: Pamela Jorgensen, Linda Home, Bobbie Denny, Krista Boehnert, Elizabeth Hoffman, Lila Markert, Sharon Munsey, Patricia Fatten, 
Linda Osuchowski, Vicki Schnadig, Cheryl Anderson, Ellen Klocke, Harrilyn Hart, Jane Glassman, Karen Starr, Marsha Swinger, Paula Clayton. 
Third Row: Lois Drcger, Ellen Golden, Stephanie Sundine, Joan Edwards, Jacqueline Chinell, Anita Norris, Cindy Filson, Catherine Schultz, Karen 
Lehman, Susan Rice, Judith Tanner, Roberta Burnham, Jeanette Beringer, Susan Jerde, Colleen Henry, Leslie Brooks, Marilyn Mohrhusen, Kandy 
Hardin, Linda Meade, Mary Tammeus, Carol Deck, Mary Witzleb, Lois Campbell, Linda Kirkpatrick. Second Row: Miriam Rodin, Sue Debes, 
Gloria Caban, Lois Gronewold, Kathleen Larson, Patricia Motto, Margot Shumaker, Grace Meyer, Barbara Britton, Christine Clark, Elizabeth 
Mulgrew, Glenna Warnecke, Marilyn Hanley, Margie Moeller, Cathy Hutchinson, Mary Block, Susan Rigg. Bottom Row: Holly Abrams, Lois 
Nagy, Nancy Mermelstein, Patricia Porch, Barbara Kraus, Lena Salbego, Valerie Weinhouse, Anne Ruda, Patricia Stine, Betty Erickson, Jacqueline 
Wilson, Carolyn White, Francine Malek, Judith White, Jayne Barnard. 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Top Row: Belinda Fruchtl, treasurer,- Jeanne Rutledge, vice president; 
Patricia Wald, advisory board. Second Row: Constance Collins, 
advisory board; Marcia Mulder, tutoring chairman; Nancy Zvan, 
president; Barbara Anderson, tutoring chairman. Bottom Row: Janet 
Edmison, secretary,- Dean Mary Kinnick, advisor,- Darlene Kramer, 
publicity chairman. 

Contrary to public opinion, the members of 
Alpha Lambda Delta are not strange bifocaled 
creatures who remain in dark cells, emerging 
for air only after final exams. Rather, they 
are bright, inquisitive, motivated students who 
take an interest in people and in events around 
them. The club is a national honorary for 
freshman women who earn a 4.5 their first 
semester or have a 4.5 cumulative after two 
semesters of college work. 

Members are initiated with a traditional can- 
dlelight ceremony at which they pledge to pro- 
mote intelligent living, as well as high scholastic 
attainment. This year the women are partici- 
pating in a free tutoring service for freshmen. 
The group also sponsors other events, including 
a program to help student-faculty relationships. 
One can see that the society is much more than 
a mere gold pin and certificate. It is a group 
of girls united by the desire to be of service. 


ALPHA ZETA-Top Row, Delmar Bonner ^^^ Hofe^.d^^ Tho^.th K ^^^ 

Stork Roger Riewerts,W, Robinson Robe t^ R|chard ^ cMu || en . Bottom Row: Prof. Hadley Read, Dr. 

John Rutledge, Thomas Ranson, Thomas Hunsley, W. ham &uh uss «^ en p netn h d d ' ent . Robert p olts vice president; Kenneth Nimrick, treasurer; 

Donald Bray, LelandHerzberger Richard Hurelbnnk, secretary P ^ p et erson, David 

KusKa^ Roger Arra^'Stephe 9 n Webel, Philip Francs, Robert 

Betzelberger, James Amosu, Rex Piper. 

Alpha Zeta 

Alpha Zeta, the national agriculture frater- 
nity, encourages the development of better leaders 
in the field of agriculture and service to the 
college. The local organization encourages good 
instruction by each year honoring the outstand- 
ing instructor in the field of agriculture and 
scholarship by honoring an outstanding freshman 
in agriculture. 

Members are selected from students with 45 
or more hours of credit on the basis of merit 
in leadership and scholarship. 

Alpha Epsilon 

Formed for the purpose of promoting ideals 
of the Engineering profession. Alpha Epsilon 
gives recognition to those students of Agricul- 
tural Engineering who manifest qualities of char- 
acter, scholarship, and professional attainment. 
Illinois' Delta Chapter of Alpha Epsilon is one 
of the eight chapters of this National Honorary 

The group presents an Outstanding Freshman 
Award to a member of the American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers each spring. 

ALPHA EPSILON-Top Row: Ralph Nave, assistant advisor; Lyle Stephens, Thomas Lanngston, Wayne Peterson Roger Yoerger, advisor; Thomas 
Hosier Gary Asher, John Hendnck, John tunnell, Robert Cull,. Bottom Row: Larry Sprinkle, Robert Sutter, Robert Carlson, secretary; Raymond 
Hauk, president; Robert Adams, treasurer; Leland Wolken, vice president; Gregory Heinz. 

A-TI-US — Top Row: Linda Yontz, Marilou Tucker, Mary Ann Johnson, Peggy Clark, Jacquelyn Johnson, Carolyn White, Beverly Swift, Cynthia 
Dare, Benita Blackman. Fourth Row: Mary Bliss, Janet Kuhlman, Mary Legg, Linda Kendall, Karen Lehman, Janet Vandevender, Beth Berg, Karen 
Wallin. Third Row: Claire Heiss, Ellen Klocke, Gail Propp, Claudia Kramsky, Bonnie Mottar, Jane Glassman, Marsha Swinger', Teresa Reynolds, 
Ann Gunthner. Second Row: Mary Clickener, Carole Mitts, vice-president; Constance Collins, student advisor; Helen Hawkins' advisor,- Deborah 
Boxdorfer, president; Patricia Thompson, secretary,- Barbara Wilcox, treasurer. Bottom Row: Kathryn Holland, Bobbie Denny, Barbara Britton 
Jon Gonge, Julie Gustafson, Carol Hellman, Karen Wilde. Not In Panel: Carolyn Blum, Carol Deck, Eileen Halek, Claire Heiss,' Patricia Johnson' 
Marilyn Mohrhusen, Edith Mose, Mary Poyser, Stephanie Sundine, Nancy Zvan, Marsha Home. 


Beta Alpha Psi 

"Realizing the worth of education through 
service, we meet the changing needs of tomor- 
row." The words of this motto symbolize the 
high ideals of A-Ti-Us, a newly formed sopho- 
more women's activity honorary. Each spring 
fifty freshman are tapped for membership for 
their outstanding achievement in academic and 
extracurricular fields. 

The girls attend monthly dinner meetings, 
participate in fund-raising service projects, and 
plan programs with speakers. 

To qualify for membership in the national 
accounting honorary, Beta Alpha Psi, juniors 
and seniors must have an accounting average 
of 4.5. The organization gives its members an 
opportunity to meet with other accounting majors 
and to become better acquainted with members 
of the commerce faculty. 

In the fall the members visited a public ac- 
counting firm in Chicago, and in the spring 
they made a visit to the accounting department 
of an industrial firm. 

BETA ALPHA PSI — Top Row: Adalbert Vlazny, Roger Wesley, Lawrence Wolski, David Alexander, Jack Wollman, James Deskins, faculty vice 
president. Second Row: James Watson, Edward Jeanblanc, Paul Sotos, Lynn Lotka, Michelle Holtzman, Martin Banff. Bottom Row: Robert Bach- 
man, vice president; Carol Kennedy, corresponding secretary,- Milford Ardell, president; Bruce Lurie, alumni secretary,- Richard Townsend, treasurer. 
Not In Panel: Howard Berman, Eugene Bernstein, Peter Brune, Arnold Harrison, Stephen Jablonsky, James Krueger, George Luscombe, Louis 
Reisman, Gerald Tenner, John Truskowski, David West. 

CHI EPSILON: Thomas Conner, treasurer,- Larry Salz, Harry Horn, faculty advisor,- David Schmehr, president; Richard Anderson, recording secre- 
tary,- David Kohlmeyer. 

Chi Epsilon 

Chi Epsilon, an honorary society of junior 
and senior students enrolled in the Department 
of Civil Engineering, was founded at the Uni- 
versity of Illinois in 1922. Its purpose is to pro- 
mote the status of this profession and to develop 
in each member the characteristics of a successful 
civil engineer. 

New members are accepted on the basis of 
scholarship and character. During initiation week, 
each pledge meets with a professor to acquaint 
him with the faculty. 

Eta Kappa Nu 

Eta Kappa Nu was established at Illinois in 
1904 and is the only national electrical engineer- 
ing scholastic honorary. Students in the upper 
fifth of the class may be selected in their junior 
or senior year. 

Bi-weekly meetings feature speakers in the 
field of electrical engineering. The society also 
sponsors a refresher course for students who plan 
to take the professional engineer's examination 
and a banquet at which the most outstanding 
senior is selected. 

ETA KAPPA NU— Top Row: Marcus Bunting, Louis Linneweh, Robert Iversen, Garry Kepley, William Micheletti, William Luecke, Edward Beach, 
Andrew D'Amore, William Block, Gordon Day. Second Row: James Fritz, treasurer,- Dale Smith, vice president; Richard Anderson president; 
Prof. William Albright, advisor; Thomas Grantham, corresponding secretary; Richard VanSwol, recording secretary; tdward Stredde. bottcm 
Row: David Wong, Dan Synder, James Oakland, Jene Robinson, Duane Coordes. 

GAMMA EPSILON — Top Row: Terry Bradley, Dennis Callaghan, Jesse Boehler. Bottom Row: Harold Diel, secretory,- Michael WyFfels, president; 
Paul Rimington, vice president; Alten Grandt Jr., treasurer. 

Gamma Epsilon 

Gargoyle Society 

Gamma Epsilon is an honorary society for 
students enrolled in general engineering who 
exhibit scholarship, character, and participation 
in General Engineering activities. An under- 
graduate student may become eligible for mem- 
bership by attaining a scholastic average of 4.1 
during his first 60 hours. 

Each spring Gamma Epsilon and I. S. G. E. 
have a picnic with the engineering faculty. This 
gives its members an opportunity to meet their 
instructors informally. 

Gargoyle Society, an honorary organization 
whose membership is restricted to students in 
the Department of Architecture, lists as its pur- 
poses: to recognize and reward scholastic achieve- 
ment, to promote an exchange of ideas, and 
to develop fellowship among students and fac- 
ulty. Selection is based on scholarship and ar- 
chitectural ability. 

Gargoyle activities include pledge smokers each 
semester, faculty forums, and an annual banquet 
and initiation ceremony. 

GARGOYLE — Top Row: Warren Gast, James Crouch, Prof. Linwood Brightbill, Calvin Peck, Daniel Duncan, Richard Salogga, Prof. Harold 
Young, Robert Young, Claudie Elliott, Prof. Edmund Toth, Prof. Loyd Leffers, Prof. Alan Laing, Prof. Ernest Connally, Ronald Shattil, Prof. Harold 
Hornbeak. Third Row: Prof. G. Goevrekian, Gene Clements, David Slattery, Gerald Guy, Randolph Thomas, Michael Plautz, Richard Rose, Richard 
Barocca, Paul Linney, Joseph Raia, Jerome Ritter, Keith Jenkins, Peter Smith, Douglas Okun. Second Row: Dale Kostner, Don Lasker, Douglas 
Moser, treasurer,- Verne Knoll, vice president; Mary Ann Funk, Daniel MacGilvray, president; Gasper Sciacca, secretary,- Richard Li Hard, James 
Smith, Nickey Cheung. Bottom Row: Prof. Robert Smith, Thomas Zimmerman, Prof. John Swing, William Cullen, Prof. John Replinger, Dean Robert 
Link, Prof. Driver Lindsay. Not In Panel: Prof. John Baker, Prof. Donald Brotherson, Prof. Paul Coy, Phillip Hodge, Prof. Rupard Jones, Prof. Walter 
Lewis, Charles Lozar, Fred Moyer, Thomas Rosengren, Leland Roth, Prof. Stephen Tang, Dean Allen Weller, Prof. A. Richard Williams, Claire 

MASK AND BAUBLE — Top Row: Ronald Moyer, Richard Burkhart, Steven Vinovich, Robert Brewer, Tomlinson Holman. Third Row: Roman 
Tymchyshyn, Betty Hess, Harriett Rubin, Sharon Amstutz. Second Row: Shirley Griffin, Sharon Kouba, Lynn Cox, Alice Landgren. Bottom Row: 
Mary Safer'stein, Kathleen Spalding, Lynn Sweet, Corliss Smith, Joseph Scott. 

Mask And Bauble 

Mortar Board 

Mask and Bauble is a local honorary which 
recognizes outstanding work in productions of 
University Theater. Selection of members is 
based on the allotment of zero to five points 
by the theater manager to the cast and crew 
of each production. To be eligible for mem- 
bership, students must have earned a minimum 
of twenty-five of these points. 

New members participate in a Pledging Week 
in the spring when each must compose a poem 
about the active members. 

A member of Mortar Board is a senior woman 
who has been recognized for consistently high 
scholarship, outstanding leadership in activities, 
and service to the campus community. She is 
selected at the end of her junior year by an 
early morning candle ceremony. 

Besides a monthly dinner meeting, Motar 
Board sponsors a babysitting project for the 
faculty as well as the Mom's Day Flower Sale. 
Proceeds go to the Volunteer Illini Project and 
also to scholarship funds. 

MOTAR BOARD— Top Row: Lois Wright, president, Sue Mims, adviser,- Lorraine Trebilcok, adviser; Sara Baker, vice president. Second Row: 
Paula Stark, Janet Lipe, Nancy Cerf, editor-historian,- Mary Gray, Carol Houlihan, Mary Pieper, Jane Palmer La Vonne McDowell Bottom 
Row: Judith Kubik, Barbara Susin, Barbara Trisler, secretary; Susan Dengel, treasurer,- Pamela Siemering, Margo Miller. Not In Panel: Sue Booker, 
Elayne Halpern, Mary Jupp, Jill Shires, Janice Weeden, Margaret Erlanger, Barbara Metzner, adviser. 

MU PHI EPSILON — Top Row: Cheryl Watson, Lu Unumb, Deborah Fawcett, Adrienne Angone, Lovice Brichta, Barbara Johnston. Third Row: 
Sara MirandaVarcas, Dorothy DuPree, Linda Martin, Eileen Hanson, Tina Hacker, Margaret Maxwell. Second Row: Sharon Wilson, Sue Wich, 
Linda Best, Sue White, Martha Leffler, JoAnne Bowen. Bottom Row: DiAnne Westerman, Sandra Garrison, treasurer,- Cheryl Kemp, vice president 
llona Pinzke, Sara Baker, president,- Andreen Fobbs, secretary. 

Mu Phi Epsilon 

Collegiate Players 

Mu Phi Epsilon is an international profes- 
sional music sorority founded for the purpose 
of the recognition of scholarship and of art- 
istry in the field of music. Its ideals of community 
service are reflected by national altruistic proj- 
ects, and the high values it places on musical 
accomplishment are exemplified by the grant- 
ing of numerous scholarships and awards for 

Local activities include musicales, music ther- 
apy, and campus recitals. 

National Collegiate Players was founded at 
Illinois in 1928, and presently it consists of eighty 
chapters. This honorary gives recognition to the 
outstanding theater performers and stage crew 

Standards for membership, defined by the 
national organization, are based on scholarship 
and theater work. Membership points may be 
earned by participation in the University Theatre 
Productions and by enrollment in any accredited 
drama courses. 

NATIONAL COLLEGIATE PLAYERS — Top Row: Ronald Moyer, Steven Vinovich, president,- Joseph Scott, Roman Tymchyshyn. Bottom Row: 
Tice Miller, Lisbeth Roman, secretary-treasurer; John Ahart. 

OMEGA TAU SIGMA — Top Row: James Summers, Roger Peterson, Jack Marvich, Paul Martin, Bernhardt Meyer, Charles Trayser, Wesley 
Jacobs, Kenneth Albrecht, Frank Arnold, James Spicer, Ronald Martin, Daniel Boyle, Bruce Williams, Dennis Webster. Fourth Row: Chester Rawson, 
Robert Carlson, Roger Hunter. Charles Cohen, James Rosenthal, Walter Bruno, David Lashley, Paul Hess, Melvin Be Ik, James Ammirati, Robert 
Valentine, Gary Maves, Fred Goldenson. Third Row: Dwight Becker, Barry Porter, Richard Calhoun, Richard Green, James Sanders, Charles 
Boyce, Dennis Maves, Karl Luthin, Gary Koritz, Gary Hollewell, Michael Kastello, Daniel Zehr, Johnnie Wiseman. Second Row: Randall Borri, 
Timothy Harris, Thomas Riggs, Joseph Marion, Robert Schafer, most worthy master; Dr. Erwin Small, Richard Lau, worthy mester,- Donald Spencer 
treasurer; Paul Bramson, keeper of records and seals; Eric Robison, Lyle Brunley, John Noel. Bottom Row: Ralph Nielsen, Donald Imgrund- Randall 
Larson, Terence Harvey, Emmanuel Agwuna, Kenneth Dougan, Donald Huckstadt, Dorice Shumway. 

Omega Tau Sigma 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 

Omega Tau Sigma, the professional veter- 
inary fraternity, seeks to promote increased co- 
ordination within the College of Veterinary Medi- 
cine. All students who are in good standing with 
the Veterinary College are eligible to pledge 
the fraternity. 

Throughout the year the group plans var- 
ious social functions which are climaxed by a 
formal dinner-dance in May. Theta chapter also 
sends delegates to the Annual International 
O. T. S. convention. 

Dedicated to the advancement of music in 
America, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, professional 
music fraternity, consists of 250 chapters in the 
nation. Membership is open to any undergradu- 
ate student who shows an active interest in 
music and who meets the academic require- 
ment of a 4.0 grade average. 

This year the group participated in activ- 
ities with its two sister sororities, Mu Phi Epsilon 
and Sigma Alpha Iota. They presented a radio 
program and a combined recital. 

PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIA — Top Row: Phillip Weinberg, Joseph Inman, Kenneth Brillhart, Ronald Tutt, Miller Sigmon, James Young, Kenneth 
Dodds, Michael Brickey, John Baird. Third Row: Richard Roush, Dennis Shaul, James Skidmore, Roger Lueck, Ronald Selle, Arthur Reblitz, Dennis 
Durbin, Robert Martin. Second Row: Robert Jorgenscn, Thomas Connely, social chairman,- Thomas Crane, David Look, Cleve Fenley, Gary Gletty, 
Steven Gordon. Bottom Row: Terence Scranton, publicity chairman,- David Peterson, warden,- Frank Harmantas, vice president; Robert Martin, 
president; Robert Ash, secretary; John Fenley, treasurer,- Jon Cheville, pledge master; Dan Paarlberg, executive alumni secretary,- Prof. Haskell 
Sexton. Not in Panel: Delmar Banner, Michael Benard, Wesley Habley, James LeGrand, Thomas Lyckberg, Dennis Melhouse, Robert Novota, 
Michael Russell, Richard Russo, James Ryan, Miles Smith, Steven Schopp, Danny Wilmcth, Paul VanderGheynst, Jeremy Kempton, Alan Andreasen. 

PHI ETA SIGMA — Top Row: James Utley, James Wagner, Frank Wagner, Eric Bedford, Robert Oldani, Robert Owens, Franz Peterson, Edward 
Griffin, Joseoh Getty, John Gilster, Robert Harris, Myron Smith, Daniel McKitrick, Rodger Hay, Douglas Anderson, Daniel Davis, Alan Battisch. 
Third Row: Thomas Turner, Michael Payne, Richard Black, Joseph Docherty, Douglas Robinson, Larry Adams, Richard Wax, Terry Storm, Clayton 
Cole, Jr., Ronald Black, Alan Ruwe, Ronald Johnson, Richard Allen, John Cain, Terence Murtaugh, Stanton Hieronymus, Kenneth Holz, Randall 
Heilbrunn, Thomas Duchamp. Second Row: Peter Ogi I vie, Randolph Christianson, Jack Al vers, Michael Hodous, Robert Simpson, Raymond Johnston, 
David Abramson, Ronald Hoffman, Daniel Higgins, Michael Dehn, Roger Farmer, Robert Sutton, David Turner, Gary Richardson, George Stupp. 
Bottom Row: Thomas Ash, Roger Freidinger, James Barberly, Ernest Wright, John Livingston, Robert Janecek, Gerald Paulson, Charles Asbury, 
Roger Smith, Timothy Carmell, Stephen Kurtz, Gordon Holze. 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Phi Eta Sigma, the freshmen men's scholas- 
tic honorary, was founded at the University 
of Illinois in 1923 to encourage and reward 
high scholastic achievement. Since then the or- 
ganization has expanded into a nation-wide fra- 
ternity whose purposes are patterned after those 
of the Illinois chapter. Freshmen who attain 
a scholastic average of 4.5 and maintain a normal 
academic load are eligible for membership in 
the organization. 

Phi Eta Sigma has no regular meetings dur- 
ing the year. The initiation of the new mem- 
bers and the spring banquet honoring the ini- 
tiates are the only times the entire member- 
ship is brought together. 

The main project of the group is a tutor- 
ing program which is operated through the of- 
fice of the Dean of Men and designed to help 
students with their courses. This year Phi Eta 
Sigma began a tutoring program co-ordinated 
with Alpha Lambda Delta. 


PHI EPSILON OMICRON — Top Row: Beulah Hunzicker, financial adviser; Shelley Raudabaugh, adviser. Fourth Row: Nancy Mueller, Rebecca 
Palmer, Lois Feldman. Third Row: Constance Harrison, corresponding secretary; Kathleen Reason, Barbara Trisler, Ann Trampe. Second Row: 
Mary McQueen, recording secretary; Patricia Johnston, Claudia Fris, Linda Ekiss, Nancy Riedell. Bottom Row: Arlene Nies, Peggy Towns, Carol 
Nesheim, Nancy Maxwell, Janet Steggerda president; Susan Spalding. Not In Panel: Marilyn Paddick, vice president. 

Phi Upsilon Omicron 

Pi Tau Sigma 

Both graduate and undergraduate students in 
home economics may claim membership in the 
national honorary, Phi Upsilon Omicron. Its 
activities center around a goal of personal and 
professional development. 

At monthly meetings guest speakers present 
pertinent topics, and discussions are held in 
reference to career opportunities. Tradition in- 
cludes the annual dressing of a doll in a con- 
temporary ensemble to be added to a most 
interesting chapter collection. 

The Alpha chapter of Pi Tau Sigma, honor- 
ary fraternity for mechanical engineers, is en- 
gaged in many activities which are relevant to 
its members' future careers. 

This year the club hosted the 50th annual 
convention in Chicago, and it also presented 
an excellent display at the Engineering Open 
House. A program entitled Operation Nuggets, 
under the guidance of Professor S. Konzo, was 
conducted to familiarize high school students 
with the mechanical engineering curriculum. 

PI TAU SIGMA — Top Row: Alan Nelson, Richard Fagbenle, Stephen Tung, Thomas Tolpin, Armand Martell, Thomas Groszczyk, Richard Pruski, 
Joseph Leptich. Second Row: John Coyner, Andrew Rovelstad, John Haas, Kenneth Freelam, Donald Litwiller, Richard Davies, Walter Broom, 
Robert Haberman. Bottom Row: Lawrence Wittman, recording secretary; Edwin Hackleman, corresponding secretary; James Shahan, vice president; 
Tim Ringler, president; Prof. James Bayne, advisor,- Stuart Simon, treasurer. 

Paul Shapin Alan Halpern. Not In Panel: Arthur Abelson, Robert Baczak, Daniel Balz, Ronald Bess, Charles Bowman David Carter Richard 
Cocking Ronald Dunlap, David Holden, Tomlinson Holman, Richard Jones, John Knezovich Benjamin Louis, Terence Mi ler, Steven Morrison, 
John Mulliken, Cyril Pinder, Maurice Smith, Robert Smoller, Arthur Stark, Anthony Stepper, Michael Vitoux, James Wedding, Stuart Weinstem, 
Robert White, John Wright, John Zaruba. 



Shorter Board 

Sachem is a junior men's honorary founded 
on campus in 1932. Each spring Sachem choses 
approximately fifty sophomore men that have 
excelled in activities, while maintaining a 3.5 
grade average or better. 

The activities of Sachem are traditional. Sa- 
chem Sing is for Illinois fraternity, independent, 
and sorority vocal groups. Sachem is also custo- 
dian of the 'Tllibuck, ,, a trophy representing 
foDtball excellence between Ohio State University 
and Illinois. 

Shorter Board, a senior women's honorary 
organization, honors 35 senior women who have 
shown outstanding service and leadership in 
extracurricular activities of the University while 
maintaining a 3.5 University average. Selection 
is based upon nomination by campus activities 
and housing groups. 

Prospective members are invited to join in 
the spring. Dressed in white caps and gowns ; 
the actives serenade each girl in the night and 
invite her to be a member. 

SHORTER BOARD — Top Row: Phyllis Czyzewski, Ann Trampe, Barbara Worner, Sandra Mattoon, Patricia Faust, Annet Hlavana. Second Row: 
Luanne Thorson, Elaine Bailey, Diana Bowser, Kathleen Bevans, Doris Walton, Mary McCarthy. Bottom Row: Nancy Rhine, secretary,- Suzanne 
Fischer, vice president; Marilyn Paddick, president; Nancy Maxwell, treasurer; Alice Landgren. Not In Panel: Prudy Berline, Marilyn Buck, Marilyn 
Crawford, Frances Fields, Frances Greanias, Sharon Hayton, Bonnie Kohlenberger, Judy Larson, Susan Maxson, Marsha Oenning, Catherine 


Sigma Alpha lota 

Sigma Alpha Iota is a professional music fra- 
ternity for women which aims at furthering the 
high standards of musical performance and ap- 
preciation locally, nationally, and abroad. It 
does this by granting musical scholarships for 
deserving young people to music schools in the 
United States and Europe. 

Through the International Music Fund, the 
fraternity provides materials and educational 
guidance to hospitals, orphanages, and schools 
in all parts of the world. 

Skull and Crescent 

Skull and Crescent is a fraternity men's honor- 
ary organization comprised of two outstanding 
sophomores from each member fraternity. Mem- 
bership in the organization is won on the basis 
of scholarship, leadership, and participation in 

Skull and Crescent held their meetings to aid 
interfraternity spirit and friendship. The 1966-67 
school year marked the 50th anniversary of the 
Helmet Chapter of Skull and Crescent on this 

SKULL AND CRESCENT — Top Row: Andrew Zander, John Schroeder, James Richards, Perry Soldwedel, Ronald Jones, Rodney Roberts, Kip 
Pope, Clinton Jones, George Wenthe, James Baker, Richard Schonhoff, Martin Johnson. Fourth Row: Phillip Maerk, Gene Grimes, David Cypcar, 
Russell Johnson, Dennis Sodomka, John Gilster, James Wertsch, John Thomas, treasurer; David Harms, Philip Vose, James McGrath. Third Row: 
John Meyer, John McClelland, Paul Podjasek, Dennis Arter, ArnoHill, Samuel Waltz, Randolph Christianson, David Leach, Norman Michalson. 
Second Row: David Jontes, Stephen Harsch, Joseph Murphy, Robert Cotterman, William Shilling, secretary,- Keith Curtis, Donald Weeke, Charles 
Gilmore, Leonard Gi I Ian, Norman Siekman, Randy Rogers, James Marcum, Stephen Chappie, vice president. Bottom Row: Bruce Carlton, Richard 
Hansen, president; Ronald Hoffman, David Youngs, Stephen Clark, Wayne Rotenberry, John Fleck, James DeBord. Not in Panel: Stephen Hensel, 
Michael Haysen. 

ft 9 

¥ *! * * * 

' AU BETA PI — Top Row: Gerald Boyer, Edward Beech, Raymond Kcdlec, Jcrres Joyce, Carlson, Dwight Diercks, Carl Withee, James 
Bohlen, Lawrence Pflederer, Carl Hcle, Dale Smith, Willicm Block, E. C. M.cClintcck, adviser. Third Row: T. N. Trick, advisor,- Terry Bradley, 
Alten Grandt, Steven Miller, Jesse Boehler, Gary Schennum, James Manuell, Thcmas Jarboe, Harold Gotschail, Duane Coordes, Herbert Mein- 
heit. Second Row: John Chato, advisor; Richard Arderscn, Richard VanSwol. Bottom Row: Gasper Sciacca, Stuart Simon, David Wickersheimer, 
recording secretary,- Vincent O'Brien, treasurer,- Ronald Timpson, Gerald Guy, corresponding secretary; Daniel Macgilvray, president,- William 
Veatch, cataloguer, Ronald Shattil Calvin Peck. Not In Panel: Arthur Becker, Richard Anderson, John Bieritz. 

Tau Beta Pi 

Theta Sigma Phi 

Tau Beta Pi has been established to recog- 
nize outstanding achievement by undergraduate 
students in engineering. Any first semester juniors 
who have attained a 4.75 cumulative average 
are eligible for membership after a vote by the 
active members. 

The highest honor conferred on engineering 
students, a membership in Tau Beta Pi unites 
students with other outstanding scientists, educa- 
tors, and engineers who proudlv wear the golden 
"Bent" of Tau Beta Pi. 

Theta Sigma Phi, a national professional jour- 
nalism society, is composed of junior and senior 
women of high scholastic ability who are com- 
petent and active in some division of communica- 
tions. Speakers from advertising, public relations, 
television, and newspapers are invited to the 

Members participate in the college weekend 
seminar which is held in Chicago in February. 
The purpose is to acquaint the students with 
the many job opportunities available. 

d u SIGMA PHI — Top Row: Susan Brandehoff, Nancy Shields, Donna Pierce, Patricia Tichenor, Susan Levy, Judith Stym. Second Row: Wanda 

Roberts, treasurer; Mary McCulloch, vice president,- Barbara Dennis, faculty cdviser,- Barbara Baker, president; June Spira, matrix chairman,- Phyllis 
Czyzewski, secretary. Bottom Row: Marsha Upson, Lauren Bateman, Susan Engel, Carole Bolster, Patricia McNulty. Not In Panel: Jane Balliett, 
Margaret Burke, Lois Davis, Karen Kanady, Myra Leipsiger, Susan Rose, Marilyn Rush, Nancy Tomich. 

TORCH — Top Row: Rosalie Kobernik, Carol Costello, Linda Leddy, Nancy Goodman, Pam Tate, Gloria Pitman, Monica Manning, Linda Bunker 
Judith Santschi, Georganne Butler, Georgia Boores, Pamela Foulks. Third Row: Barbara Putta, Nikki Kaplan, Gayle McCullough, Catherine 
Lamprecht, Karen Culbertson, Dorothy Korst, Margaret Converse, Geraldine Parr, Penelope Fredricks, Diane Kavelaras, Constance Collins. 
Second Row: Mary Ann Saferstein, Sandra Subject, Pat Holiner, Carolyn Rosenberg, June Mitchell; senior advisor; Shirley Griffin, Mary McNamara, 
Susan Spaulding, Judith Adamson. Bottom Row: Nancy Burnett, Patricia Wald, vice president; Martha Moulding, president; Nancy Mueller, 
secretary,- Sharon Ventress, treasurer. Not In Panel: Janet Ackland, Jane Balliett, Rhonda Fleming, Carol Hamm, Carolyn Koenig, Linda Lenz, 
Nancy Matevich, Patsy Parker, Glenda Parsons, Constance Rudsinski, Mary Schaefer, Sara Soder. 



Torch, the junior women's activity honorary, 
recognizes juniors for outstanding work in cam- 
pus activities their freshman and sophomore years. 
Membership requirements include recommenda- 
tions from an activity, character references, and 
a 3.5 University average. 

Projects of the honorary fulfill Torch's pur- 
poses of scholarship, service, and friendship. The 
year's projects included assisting at the Dad's 
Day Luncheon, and distributing Survival Kits 
during final week. 

Tomahawk is a national service fraternity 
whose purpose is to promote among independent 
students the interest to take an active part in 
student affairs. Members are independent soph- 
omore men who have excelled in activities and 
shown leadership abilities. 

Tomahawk serves other campus organizations 
and activities by ushering at Science Fair, Dad's 
Day Revue, and Watseka Sing. They aid fresh- 
men in choosing activities and improve relations 
among residences. 

TOMAHAWK — Top Row: Barry Lakin, William Sterrett, Bert Kidd, Steve Morrison, Libero Bartolotti, Michael England, Ronald Smith, Donald 
Moffit, Dennis Goldman, Joseph Lite, Roger Smith. Second Row: David Resnick, James Jastrzembski, Patrick O'Rourke, Larry Evers, Donald McCabe, 
Richard Overinger, Keith Honegger, Nicholas Zuzich, David Zwicker. Bottom Row: David Linden, Jerry Sugar, Sheldon Ezrina, secretary-treasurer,- 
Richard Wax, vice president; Ronald Olson, president; Dale Matthews, historian; A. C. Tillman, advisor,- Richard Erdmann, Raymond Hankes. 

Tribe Of Mini 

Top Row: John Wright, treasurer; Daniel Humay, secretary. Bottom 
Row: Charles Harter, vice president; Robert Bachman, president; 
John Fleming, sergeant-at-arms. 

The Tribe of Illini is composed of under- 
graduate men who have been awarded the Illini 
"I." This varsity letter is awarded for athletic 
competition in the Big Ten. The Tribe per- 
petuates the tradition of skill and courage of 
the Fighting Illini. The meetings are held once 
a month and at this time the athlete of the 
month is chosen from the tribesmen. The or- 
ganization has a yearly dance for the tribesmen 
and their dates and also sponsors a booth at 

A tribesman must possess more than a varsity 
letter to maintain the high standards of the 
organization. He must adhere to the code of 
honor and ethics founded by the first Illinois 
lettermen. Those accepted into the organization 
are incorporated into the great athletic tradi- 
tion of the school. The Tribe is the spirit of the 
Illini. As representatives of the University, the 
members strive to bring credit to the campus. 

Top Row: James Reed, Roger May, Donald Masterson, Robert Wolfson, Alan Castator, Richard Anderson, Kenneth Kmiec, Richard Tate, Terry Miller, 
John Wright. Second Row: William Murray, John Sandeen, William Watson, Gary Marine, Thomas Sawicki, David Florio, Arthur Stark, Charles 
Boyce, John Mulliken, Ronald Bess. Bottom Row: Robert Loffredo, Andrew Zander, John Tocks, Charles Harter, Robert Bachman, Robert Batchelder, 
John Fleming, Daniel Humay, Daniel Masterson. 


XI SIGMA Pi-Top Row: Donald Rockwood, secretary-fiscal agent; John Felix-Williams, Allan Bennett ElonVerry, William Sedlacek .associate 
forester; Douglas Beardsley, forester; Mark Wilson. Bottom Row: Robert Gregory, Robert Tortorelh, Lester Arnold, Jimmie Chew, Dav,d White, 
David Randolph, forest ranger,- James Henderson. 

Xi Sigma Pi 

Zeta Phi Eta 

Xi Sigma Pi, a forestry honorary fraternity, 
was founded in 1908. To stimulate students in 
forestry, to encourage scholarship, and to pro- 
mote lasting relationships are the goals of the 

The fraternity, numbering over 7300, has chap- 
ters throughout the United States. The outcome 
has been a nationwide linking of all students 
interested in forestry as a career. Each year an 
award is given to the most outstanding freshman 

Zeta Phi Eta is a professional fraternity made- 
up of women in speech arts and sciences. Mem- 
bership is based on scholastic abilities. Its aims 
are to achieve interest and develop their pro- 
fessional skills. 

In 1951 Zeta Phi Eta started the Interna- 
tional Fair as a project to promote a better 
understanding of foreign students on campus. 
Keeping with the Fair's goals, Zeta Phi Eta 
and the Foreign Student's Office sponsors an in- 
ternational tea every spring. 

ETA PHI ETA— Left to Right: Rhea Shanes, Continental Cafe Chairman,- Susan Schwartz, Lorrayne Stein, Joanna Cotichelli, Monica Manning, 
marshall; Nancy Robey, treasurer,- Maxine Shizuru, president; Frances Johnson, advisor; Tanya Montaleone, vice president; DiAnne Johnson, 

secretary,- Joan Chard, Susan Weiss. 








Air Force ROTC 

The revitalized Air Force R. O. T. C. pro- 
gram offers challenging opportunities for men 
with their eyes on the future. Each semester 
an outstanding cadet is appointed commander 
of the 190th Cadet Wing. Because the Corps 
training program is operated by cadets, the 
Commander and Cadet Wing Staff' are entirely 
responsible for the efficient operation and con- 
tinued development of the Air Force ROTC 
program. The major emphasis of the corps is 
on developing leadership. 

Cadet Lt. Col. John Block commands AFROTC seniors at 
Veterans Day ceremonies on quadrangle. 

Colonel Lawrence Balling, professor of Air Force Aero 
space Studies, greets Cadet Colonel Robert Might. 


Fall Sponsor Joanne Randies. 

Spring Sponsor Sue Maier. 

Cadet Wing Staff. 

Cadet Colonel Daniel Kuebler, Fall Wing Commander. Cadet Colonel Robert Might, Spring Wing Commander. 

Angel Flight 

Angel Flight is a national organization of 
college women dedicated to serve the Arnold 
Air Society, the Air Force ROTC, the campus, 
and the community. The Angels co-sponsor the 
Arnold Air Ball, and they serve as hostesses 
for military affairs and commissioning ceremonies. 
For the campus and community, Angels assist 
as hostesses for Dad's Day, Mother's Day, Presi- 
dent Henry's Reception, Honors Day, and Vet- 
eran's Day. This year the local Civil Defense 
received their aid for hostessing the display of 
exhibits. They also were ushers at the dedication 
ceremonies of the new Civil Defense building, 
and they led guided tours through the new 

The Angel Flight Drill Team brings consid- 
erable honor to the University through their 
successful participation in Midwestern drill meets. 
Angels are selected on the basis of a high scho- 
lastic average, personality, poise, and enthusiasm 
for its goals. 

Angels Ellen Whited and Lynn Arndt provide entertainment 
at the Arnold Air Society-Angel Flight Ball. 

Top Row Mary Voltaggio, Natalie Bloom, Virginia Ekroth, Bonnie Boyle, Pamela Page, Barbara Blume, Mary Huges, Donna Rczich, Irene Harmen 
Arlene Busse Judith Bliss, Claudia Johnson, Donna Coughlan, Bonnie Farrrer. Third Row: Nancy Bretcher, Toni Mickey, Mary Limbacher, Elizabeth 
Elich Linda Stevens, Linda Mueller, Rebecca Brown, Jean 1 homas, Nancy Temple, Ellen Anderson, Diane Gcrdner, Deborah Boxcorfer Mary 
Buck' Second Row: Ellen Whited, Pamela Love, Olga Dychie, Mary Black, Susan Maier, Copt. Lanny Headley, adviser,- Carol Barnes, Cay Meyer, 
Jean Anderson, Linda Sternberg, Jon Gonge. Bottom Row: Danuta Daskiewicz, Harnlyn Hart, Linda Monken, Judith Codd, Nancy Bretscher, 
Beverly Weatherwax, Claudia Trautman, Catherine Johnson, Barbara Lucas, Rosemary Bradley, Jacqueline Babbs. 

Arnold Air Society sponsor Miss Lynn Broderick. 

Arnold Air Society 

The social arm of the 190th Air Force ROTC 
detachment is Arnold Air Society. The pur- 
pose of the group is to give cadets a feeling of 
the life they will experience as Air Force officers. 
Arnold Air Society co-sponsors the Arnold Air 
Society Ball, which is attended by national dig- 
nitaries. Arnold Air and Angel Flight have com- 
bined meetings throughout the year. Christmas 
caroling is one of the joint activities of the two 

Sabre Arch, Arnold Air Society-Angel Flight Bal 

Top Row: William Tiley, Michael Dixon, William Henderson, David Walter, Anthony Neczet, Harold Van Aken, David Santhrop, Alan Tegen, 
Steven Nagel, Michael Darhner, Frank Johannissohn. Second Row: Daniel Kuebler, John Block, James Dzielawa, Stewert Stoddart, John Rosen- 
berger, Gorden Alder, Kenneth Morgan, Allen Krodel, Daniel Fox, Harry Hull, Dennis Williams, Gregory Blatnik, Bottom Row: Harry Clem, 
Daniel Higgins, Paul Cofoid, George Olsen, Wayne Smith, Chuck Stone, Major James Cinotto, advisor. 

Army ROTC 

The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps' 
primary function is training the leaders of to- 
morrow. Through ninety-eight years of tradi- 
tion and development, the University's Army 
ROTC program has provided educated and well- 
rounded cadets. Upon graduation, each cadet 
receives the gold bars of a second lieutenant 
in the United States Army. His obligation to 
his country is then fullfilled by serving on active 
duty for two years. 

The training in drill of cadets is planned 
and performed by the cadet officers who are 
appointed each semester. Working with more 
than 700 cadets in the Brigade, the officers work 
to develop, to the highest degree, each cadet's 
leadership potential. A broad scope of curricular 
and extracurricular activities in the Army ROTC 
program provides challenging opportunities for 
the cadet who plans ahead. Precision drill, physi- 
cal conditioning, and social development are 
open to Army Illini. 

A morning stroll at summer camp is enjoyed by many. 

General Michaelis reviews an 

Honor Guard. 

BRIGADE STAFF— Top Row: Cdt. Maj. Robert Pilotte, brigade 
personnel officer; Cdt. Maj. Robert Carlson, brigade intelligence 
officer,- Cdt. Lt. Col. Donald Merkle, brigade liaison officer,- Cdt. 
Maj. Melvin Marini, brigade athletics officer. Bottom Row: Cdt. 
Maj. Henry Kunz, brigade operations officer,- Cdt. Col. Paul Lynch, 
brigade commander,- Cdt. Lt. Col. James Wang, brigade executive 

Colonel Harold Dorsett, 
professor of Military Science 

Cadet Colonel Paul Lynch, 
Brigade Commander 

Cdt. Lt. Col. Lawrence Zagorski, 
First Battalion Commander 

Cdt. Lt. Col. Ronald Brady, 
Second Battalion Commander 

Cdt. Lt. Col. Michael Boren, 
Fourth Battalion Commander 

Cdt. Lt. Col. Daniel Jeffrey, 
Special Forces Company Commander 

Chevrons lead Special Forces in the Homecoming Parade. Lee Anne Kuehn, the Army sponsor 

Field Music Unit performs for major Army functions. 

The Bayonets, Army's award winning drill team, is com- 
manded by Cdt. Cpt. J. Michael Welch. 

Army Rifle Team. 

Cadets and officers are received at the annual Military 


Pershing Rifles 

Pershing Rifles is a national tri-service military 
honorary. It was founded in 1895 to honor 
John J. Pershing, later the first General of the 
Armies of the United States. Membership is 
open to any student enrolled in the ROTC 
program of the Army, Navy, or Air Force. The 
society endeavors to improve military skills, com- 
radeship and cooperation among the various 
branches of the services. 

Elements of security, tactical movement, com- 
munications, and personal weapons handling are 
taught. The company also has a core of men 
skilled in exhibition fancy drill, comedy drill, 
and target rifle shooting. As soon as basic skills 
are mastered emphasis turns to the art of leader- 
ship. Service to the University, with a simul- 
taneous growth of skill and leadership experi- 
ence is the hallmark of Illinois' Pershing Rifles. 

Sponsors Nita Bozarth and Paula Raymond. 

James Krocyck, Koy neising. imra rcow: james vveicn, uavia ocnieeter, oary onarp, rnmp vvuner, /viu.nuei uun...- 
Gerald Cluskey. Second Row: George Coil, Ronald Brady, John Stevens, Robert Pilottee, Robert Brueggeman, Daniel Cummings, Robert Tor- 
torelli, Larry Hendee. Bottom Row: David Nixon, Robert Kirby, executive officer; Maj. Daniel Bauer, adviser; Donald Merkle, commander,- Capt. 
Lyn Cini, adviser,- James Swartz, finance officer. 

Pershing Rifle's Drill Team. 

1966 Winter Formal 

Fast descent is a confidence-building step. 



ARMED FORCES COUNCIL— Top Row: James Wang, secretary; 
William Svoboda, treasurer; Robert Might. Bottom Row: Paul Lynch, 
chairman; James Glover, Daniel Kuebler. 

Armed Forces Council 

The Armed Forces Council is comprised of 
the commanding officers and executive officers 
of the Army, Navy and Air Force Reserve 
Officer Training Corps. It is the Council's func- 
tion to plan and co-ordinate the activities of 
the three branches. The chairmanship of the 
group rotates among the commanders of the 
services with a commissioned officer acting in 
an advisory capacity. 

The Military Ball and the Military Honor's 
Day are the main Council events. 



Chevron is a women's service organization 
affiliated with the Army ROTC. Members are 
hostesses for such activities as the Honors Day 
Program, the President's Reception, and the 
Military Ball. The programs of Chevron are in- 
tended to acquaint the members with the military 
customs and etiquette of both Army ROTC 
and the regular army. 

This year the members "adopted" a platoon 
in Vietnam through correspondence overseas as 
an added service project. 

CHEVRON— Top Row- Cathy Kuebler, Linda Newton, Barbara Blehm, Nancy Boyle, Barbara Britton, Judith Spence, Diane Niemeyer, Kathy 
Kvarda, Jeane Danhaus, Kathryn Sloan, Arlene Missavage, Eileen Dalenberg. Third Row: Robert Pilotte, cadet adviser,- Margot Shumaker, Joan 
Horn Patricia O'Connor, Jayne Hooks, Pamela Proskin, Karen Pennell, Pamela Wade, Joyce Humay, Janice Porter, Karen Lhristensen, Kuth 
Smeikal, Margaret Bryant, Christine Martin, Patricia Long, Sue Richardson, Mary Hackleman, Mary Faoro, Elizabeth Stinnett, Lmda Spence, Mrs^ 
Daniel Bauer, adviser Second Row: Teresa Reynolds, Patrice Holmes, Victoria Vollrath, Ellen Oravec, pledge trainer,- Paula Raymond drill 
commander; Tanya Montaleone, treasurer; Claire Heiss, executive officer; Vicky Mulberry, commander,- Diane Dorsett, Sharon Huebener, Janice 
Adamaitis Margo Miller, Barbara Wallace, rush chairman,- Linda Winke. Bottom Row: Joann Smith, Sarah Schreiner, Susan Stolar, Jeanne ouerin, 
Catherine Doolin, Patsy Darrow, Catherine Wagner, Leslie Warner, Margaret Reed, Rikki Canelstein, Diane Kihl, Penelope Kopp Delores Zobel, 
Carol Kalchbrenner, Judith Krugman. Not In Panel: DiAnne Johnson, Sue Mueller, Janet Myers, Mary Poyser, Gayle Cary, Dorinda Rodda, secre- 
tary,- Sara Schaub, Barbara Seavey, Maria Whippo. 

Captain Joseph Spitler. 

Navy ROTC 

Midshipmen of the Naval Reserve Officers 
Training Corps are a select group of men who 
have outstanding leadership, social, and aca- 
demic qualities. In addition to the normal aca- 
demic load, the midshipmen must complete 
twenty-four hours of Naval science courses. 

The Navy Unit sponsors a drill team which 
visits other universities for exhibitions or for 
competition with other drill teams. The men 
spend many hours practicing their fancy drills 
and rifle maneuvers. Midshipmen are also ac- 
tive in inter-company sports and the Navy team 
in the Intramural League. 


Midshipmen during amphibious warfare training. 

The NROTC Drill Team, led by midshipman Lt. De Craene. 

BATTALION STAFF — Top Row: Carl Rosengrant, commanding offi- 
cer; Herman Bergner, supply officer; Edwin Deryke, public information 
officer; George Emerson, adjutant. Bottom Row: James Glover, com- 
manding officer,- William Svoboda, executive officer,- David Etherton, 
operations officer. Not In Panel: David Schleeter. 


Mary Bliss, Navy sponsor. 






<V 4-NWV I 

PHALANX-Top Row Wayne Bennett,Robert Bingham, Daniel Fox, Richard Wilson, Robert Heap. Bottom Row: Major Fisch, advisor,- Terry March, 
adjutant; Marilyn Reiners, sponsor,- Lee Bissey, commander,- David Etherton, lieutenant commander,- James Drummond, hnance orhcer. 



Scabbard and Blade 

Phalanx National Honorary and Professional 
Military Fraternity is a tri-service organization 
of Army and Air Force cadets and Navy mid- 
shipmen. Phalanx strives to prepare members 
for military life by concentrating its activities 
on aspects of military careers not normally pre- 
sented in ROTC. 

Activities of the group include speakers pro- 
grams, athletic competition, trips to military 
installations, and special co-meetings with Chev- 
ron and Angel Flight. 

Scabbard and Blade is a national military 
honorary society which strives to unite in a 
closer relationship the military departments of 
American universities. The members, who are 
selected from the advanced corps military de- 
partments, must possess the qualities most de- 
sired in career officers. 

Activities of the society include serving as 
aids at the President's Tea and at convocations. 
The company also provides escorts for the Home- 
coming Queen. 

SCABBARD AND BLADE-Top Row: Hugh Shown, David Reynolds, Michael Welch, Robert Kirby ^^.'[fy^^ 1 '!^^"^,, 8 ?"^ 
Robert Well,, Frederic Berns^red Ranck 9 William Downing, James Swartz. Second Row Paul Lynch Donalc Merkle R^|°^»J^ 
lieutenant,- Arthur Hillman, Richard Wiersema, George Milman, David Schleeter Bottom Row: Robert Harwich, hnance of 'cer; Robert Larlso , 
executive officer; Carol Krister., Major Paul Coroneos, Mrs. Paul Coroneos, Ronald Brady, commander,- Larry Grabb, first sergeant. Not In Panel. 
Edward Stephan, Robert Lorenz, Robert Jefferies, Bennett Hart. 

SPECIAL FORCES COMPANY— Top Row: Arthur Hillman, executive officer,- Thomas Cash, Donald Huschle, Donald Brehm, Robert Shook, 
Stephen Shapland, William Waller, Ware /V i Her. Third Row: James Hadley, Rex Piper, Thomas Montgomery, Timothy DiScenza, Robert LaCharite, 
Roger Smith, Victor Kremesec, Jay Culliney, Douglas Williams, Richard Kirchhoff, Thomas Brandner, Leslie Lavin, Robert Puchalski, Captain Gerald 
Nakashima, advisor. Second Row: William Fritchley, William Downing, Robert Hurwich, George York, Curt Shipton, Terry Zachary, Dan Jeffrey, 
commander,- Randy Iverson, Robert Norwood, Richard Dornfeld, John Bobbitt, Michael Stiff, Herman Allison. Chuck Eberhard. Bottom Row: 
Bennett Hart, Henry Bauman, Michael Bendas, William Hepp, Bruce McGlasson, Chester Henson, Robert Fink, Gerald Western, Karry Kobe, 
Steven Shay, Walter Boyce, Rodney Roberts, Sargeant Winston Flynn, advisor. Not In Panel: Lance Domke, finance officer. 

Special Forces Company Trident 

The Special Forces Company, organized in 
1962, expands the scope of ROTC instruction, 
especially in the areas of small unit tactics and 
unconventional warfare. The weekly meetings 
are devoted to drill and instructions in tactics, 
demolitions, communications, and in various sur- 
vival techniques. 

Practical application for this instruction is 
provided by field exercises consisting of raids 
and patrolling problems. This helps to prepare 
a cadet for active duty. 

John Paul Jones said that a Naval Officer 
should be a capable mariner and a gentleman 
of liberal education. Goals of Trident Naval 
Honorary Society are to further these ideals 
among midshipmen in NROTC. 

Trident, made up of junior and senior mid- 
shipmen with high military aptitude, sponsors 
meetings which promote a better understanding 
of the military. The society also sponsors many 
social events, ranging from picnics to a formal 
Military Ball. 

TRIDENT NAVAL HONORARY SOCIETY— Top Row: Thomas Puhse, John Fenton, James Glover, Richard Goy, David Bauman, Lloyd Jucola, 
Charles Tipton, Gary Moebes, Malcolm Corner, David Skibbe, Dennis Budzik, Douglas Johnson, Howard Stanfield. Bottom Row: John Narney, 
historian,- Donald Bishop, social; George Emerson, vice president; Robert O'Brien, president; Julian Moon, treasurer,- Harold Burcham, 
corresponding secretary. Not In Panel: Lt. James Boling, advisor. 





AG COUNCIL — Top Row: Leland Herzberger, Ronald Mayberry, John Bushman, Richard Perlmutter, Carl Henderson, Charles Condon, Robert 
Pritchard, Harold Kleiss, Terry Sturm, Jack Stork, Dr. Joseph Tobias. Second Row: Herbert Aden, Larry Woolever, David Whitson, Irwin Immel, 
Donald McCabe, Ronald Henrichs, Harlan Hoff, Robert Woods, David Ruppert, Dale Kotnour. Bottom Row: Richard Brooks, Sue Ehrhart, secretary,- 
Gregory Heinz, treasurer; Cecelia Pepple, William Kuhfuss, president; Susan Henry, Robert Potts, vice president; Marilyn Hays. 

Agriculture Council 

Ag Economics Club 

Composed of delegates and presidents from 
each of the fifteen agriculture clubs, Agriculture 
Council is the co-ordinating body of the agri- 
culture campus. Working on various service pro- 
jects is one of its functions. 

Projects include orientation programs for the 
freshman in Agriculture and a leadership forum 
for the recently elected club officers. The council 
also sponsors the Plowboy Prom in the spring 
semester and the refreshment stand at the Annual 
Camping Show. 

Agriculture Economics Club seeks to inform 
its members of the business aspects of agricul- 
ture. Through "Agriculture Economics in Ac- 
tion" tour program, which tours banks and out- 
standing area farms, and through speaker pro- 
grams, the club hopes to further the knowledge 
of agri-business. 

Social activities include a fall barbecue and 
a spring student-faculty softball game. Speech 
and essay contests round out the program to 
meet varied interests. 

AG ECONOMICS CLUB — Top Row: John Steimel, Minor Auery, William Robinson, George Young, Donald Willrett, Alan Walter, Thomas 
Sheldon, Ronald Heisner, Robert Schwart, Thomas Rhoads, Robert Potts, Morris Smith, Michael Gray, William Randell. Third Row: John Abell, 
Ronald Bruch, Ralph Schobert, Kenneth McMillan, William Kuhfuss, Edward Collins, John Rutledge, Robert Bainter, Thomas Ranson, Ronald Weber, 
Richard Hansen, Steven Guebert, George Rice, Larry Edwards, Jerry Bird. Second Row: Prof. Harold Halcrow, Prof. John Holcomb, Larry Gutter- 
ridge, Delmar Banner, vice president; Ronald Mayberry, president; Harold Silkwood, secretary-treasurer; Prof. James Gruebele, Donald Smith, 
Prof. Fay Sims, Prof. Norman Krausz. Bottom Row: Michael Madsen, Philip Regli, Robert Becker, James Davis, James Bridge, Jerry Misek, Roy 
Sangmeister, Kristian Lauritzen, Larry Shonkwiler. 


Ag Education Club 

The purposes of the Agriculture Education Club 
are to prepare members for intelligent and ca- 
pable service in the field of agriculture educa- 
tion, to encourage cooperation with other groups 
in education, and to encourage good student- 
faculty relations. 

The club conducts several service activities. 
Some of the services are encouraging F. F. A. 
activities, sponsoring guidance programs for fresh- 
men, and preparing a publication to send to 
high schools. 

Alpha Kappa Psi 

The oldest professional fraternity in the field 
of business, Alpha Kappa Psi boasts of many 
practical and enjoyable activities. Not only does 
it promote research in economics, commerce, 
and finance, but it also attempts to improve 
the courses which are offered in the business 

Membership is selective and demands active 
participation in community projects and field 
trips. Meetings often feature local business men 
and faculty as speakers. 

ALPHA KAPPA PSI— Top Row: Richard Beitz, John Truskowski, James Dzielawa, John Ullrick, Robert Ferencz, Thomas Parker, : Seymour Cole- 
man, Maurice Miller, Daniel Perkins, Daniel Rudman, Second Row: William Wolf, John Petersen, Thomas Vanthazebroeck, Allan Benson, Kichard 
Erdmann, Terry Cole, Thomas Zelnio, John Freda, Paul Nystrom. Bottom Row: Gilbert Greene, secretary,- David Katz, treasurer,- tmest btelter, 
president; Dennis Wood, external vice president,- Victor Lesk, internal vice president,- Edward Sokolofski. 

— m ■ £T 


ALPHA TAU ALPHA — Top Row: Robert Cottingham, Edwin Schoonover, Ronald Riffey, Max Pierson, James Carleton, Donald Carnes, Richard 
Schoney, Paul Wesbecher. Second Row: Prof. Gerald Fuller, Donald Huisinga, George Young, Richard Taylor, Larry Greenwood, David Whitson, 
Philip Leman, Carl Reynolds. Bottom Row: Prof. Lloyd Phipps, John Croft, Harlan Hoff, secretary,- Roger Smith, treasurer,- John Abell, vice president 
William Johnson, Jack Stork, Prof. Paul Hemp. 

Alpha Tau Alpha 

American Ceramic Society 

Alpha Tau Alpha is a national professional 
honorary fraternity, consisting of sophomores, 
juniors, and seniors who plan to teach agri- 
culture. The fraternity strives to develop a true 
professional spirit in the teaching of agriculture 
and to help prepare teachers of agriculture who 
will become rural leaders in their farm com- 

Guest speakers from all over the state are 
featured at monthly meetings, and panel discus- 
sions are frequently held. 

The Student Branch of the American Ceramic 
Society endeavors to inform members about the 
field of ceramic engineering and to encourage 
fellowship among members. 

The organization takes an active part in Engi- 
neering Open House and publishes a unique 
departmental yearbook, The Mini Ceramist. Each 
month industrial guest sepakers inform the group 
of the rewards and responsibilities of the pro- 
fession. Afterwards, members enjoy informal dis- 
cussions and coffee. 

AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY — Top Row: Alex Birren, David Hambley, David Allen, Thomas Carlson, Terry Merrick, James Drummond, 
Dennis Rott, James Barnett, Joseph Mucha. Third Row: James Laird, Suresh Khandelwal, James Brunner, John Bohning, Robert Block, vice president; 
Ronald Jones, Glen Dunbar, Donald Walters, Dennis Stebert, Paul Guttmann, James Ginther, James Thomas, James Vacok, Norman Wolcott, 
Robert Rita. Second Row: Prof. Fay Tooley, Leonard Sis, president,- Scot Taylor, treasurer,- Thomas Anderson, Prof. Gary Snow, Janice Ricker, 
secretary,- Joseph Fornero. Bottom Row: Prof. Ralph Cook, William Long, Prof. Arthur Friedberg, Charles Pelman. 

AMFRICAN FOUNDRYMEN'S SOCIETY— Top Row: Paul Mickey, secretary,- Ronald Palmer, Allen Coleman Michael Gannaway, John 
Yakubinis Richard Krone, Roland Grimm, James Ziech, David Brown, James Robertson, William Riekena, Peter Vallandigham Phillip Leistra, 
^lVl Row RusspII Hannula lames Johnson, Lee Mazzocco, Marion Woodyard, Robert Simons, James Krakora, Donald Radchff Steven Mler, 
RTberfS^ John Murphy Arne Thesen, Prof. James Leach Bottom Row: Gerald Daily William Coons, William 

Smith, Joseph Cich, Clarence Bartz, Arthur Hallstrom, William Quarton, Arthur Carpenter, William Faust, Ronald Schisler, Mark Burstein, James 
Leshu'k. Not In Panel: Jay Rockstroh, president; David Hann, treasurer. 

Foundrymen's Society 

The major purpose of the American Foundry- 
men's Society is to promote more interest in 
the science of cast metals. This chapter is one 
of fourteen student chapters associated with the 
national organization. 

Projects and field trips acquaint members with 
foundry conditions in industry and show them 
practical applications of theories. In the fall 
the group went to Decatur, Illinois, where they 
viewed the modern foundry facilities of a new 
casting company. 


The 35,000 members of the American Insti- 
tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics include 
nearly all the leading scientists, engineers, and 
technical managers in the country's aerospace 
program. The club attempts to advance aero- 
nautics and astronautics by establishing technical 

Local branches acquaint students with aer- 
onautical engineering by lectures and movies 
at monthly meetings. The group also partici- 
pates in Engineering Open House. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS— Top Row: David Butcher, Huseni Kapadia, Curtis Fisher, Alvin Pope, Richard Scheifel- 
bein, Andrew Walkie, Eitan Ben-Dov, Larry Koch, Ahmet Tamer, John Kreid, William Coons, Jay Lamy. Second Row: Arne Thesen, Julian Moon, 
Dr. Hans Zimmermann, James Johnson, Herman Schoening, Robert Wallhaus, Lloyd Lehn, Robert Galvanoni, James Johnson, Prof. John Henry. 
Bottom Row: Michael Sulser, Raymond Kadlec, treasurer,- Michael O'Connor, Israel Wiseman, vice president; Prof. Leo Pigage, advisor,- Daniel Nix, 
president, Walter Brager, regional vice president; Edward Schweiger, secretary,- Dennis Stevenson, Prof. George Harper. Not In Panel: John 
Aldrich, Don Anderson, William Ballantyne, David Bauman, Francis Carpenter, David Dominguez, Thomas Hawkins, Edward Murach, Charles 
Primrose, Ward Ristau, Duane Skidmore, Fredrick Streicher, William Studnick, Marcus VanWinkle, James Weidemann, Jeffrey Werle, Paul Wood. 



The American Institute of Industrial Engi- 
neers provides the opportunity for students in- 
terested in the field to meet with practicing 
industrial engineers. Members also gain experi- 
ence in the workings of a professional society 
through committee work. 

This year the regional conference of student 
chapters was held at Illinois. The conferences 
allowed students from several schools to compare 
their chapter's activities and to listen to technical 

The student chapter of the American Insti- 
tute of Chemical Engineers is open to every- 
one in this field. A close bond of unity is created 
among the students through its vocational and 
social functions. 

The year's program include guest speakers 
from various related fields. The main project 
sponsored annually is the chemical engineering 
department's numerous displays in the Engineer- 
ing Open House. The annual senior banquet 
is held in May. 

AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS— Top Row: Robert Suzuki, Robert Griffiths, Roger Emling, Martin Essien, Gary Carr, Gary 
Dowling, treasurer,- Andrew Merutka, Lee Marek, Howard Cox, Kenneth Sanders, Prof. Thomas Hanratty, Prof. John Quinn, Steven Miller, vice 
president; Andrew Dystrup. Bottom Row: Prof. John Hudson, Alan Cabodi, recording secretary,- Kenneth Ebeling, corresponding secretary,- Prof. 
Robert Sani, Prof. Charles Eckert, George McConaghy, president; Prof. Roger Schmitz, Prof. James Westwater. 

A S C E —Top Row Thomas Berns, Rene Fuentes, Keith Nicolai, Timothy Zeigler, Peter Desmonie Joseph Figueroa, David Helman, Bryan Phegley, 
Robert Kuhlfhid Row: Byron Baxter, William Downing, Manuel Moskaluk, Edmund Malone John Wallace, William Jansen, Dona d Miller, Rober 
Wright Richard Rupnow, Joseph Kimble, Anthony Girolami, Donald Curran, Dale Risinger, Edward Krause. Second Row. Alan Gileronson, Michae 

itaniey i_. raui, auvisui; uumibi ui uwm, uu.i j^. , . . ~~~. ...- -r--< \> . . >-T ." . 

son, secretary; James Nanninga, assistant secretary,- Ken Malten, Randolph Cnnsticnson 


Undergraduate students in Civil or General 
Engineering, Theoretical and Applied Mecha- 
nics, or Engineering in Architecture are eligible 
for membership in the American Society of Civil 
Engineers. The society's purpose is to enrich 
the courses of students by introducing professional 

The organization's projects are intended to 
acquaint its members with practical phases of 
engineering and to develop in students a pro- 
fessional point of view. 


The American Society of Agricultural Engi- 
neers provides an opportunity for increased per- 
sonal contact among students and faculty. Mem- 
bership is open to any student in the agricul- 
tural engineering program. 

Work on a building project at the Agronomy 
Farm provided the society with earnings that 
were used to sponsor club activities and to fur- 
nish the student lounge. Activities included the 
Spring Banquet, a picnic, and displays for Engi- 
neering Open House. 

AMERICAN SOCIETY OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS— Top Row: Gerald Parkhurst, Kenneth Kessler, Eugene Yagow John Patterson 
Nicholas Mannich, William Edwards, Robert Carlson, Merrill Pinter, Stephen Gill, Larry Knodle, Robert Brandner Robert Culli. Thud Row: Fredrick 
Biddle Wayne Knepp, Terry Collins, Duane Johnson, David Roley, Daniel Roley, Jerry Bonnett, Gary Klein John Heath Jess Lionberger, Larry 
Sands, Roy Mann, Gary Tindall, Robert Adams. Second Row: Julian Ridgeway, Leonard Bailey Raymond Hauk, John Tunnel, vice president; 
Leland Wolken, president, Benjamin McCash, treasurer; Joseph Pope, secretary; Donald Day, Prof. H.Bateman, adviser. Bottom Row: Carl Herbert, 
William Anniss, John Vercler, Ronald Perisho, Harold Reetz, Stephen Wiget, Gregory Olson, Gregory Heinz, William Weid. 

n , 


nv^nn ttii.i 

A. C. E. — Top Row: Terry Johnson, Ethel Jacobson, Vivian Ackins, Ann Haines. Bottom Row: Carol Zimmer, president; Marguerite Scheck, 
secretary; Archanna Hodgson, treasurer,- Louise England, publications chairman. 


Dairy Production Club 

The Association for Childhood Education is 
a professional service organization which is aimed 
at improving the education of children from the 
ages of two to twelve. The members seek this 
goal through workshops, talks with experienced 
educators, and volunteer projects for the local 

The membership of A. C. E. is composed of 
students majoring in elementary education and 
child development. The Illinois chapter was host 
for the Fall Conference. 

The main purpose of the Dairy Production 
Club is to unite students and faculty members 
who have dairy production interests. Monthly 
meetings stimulate a greater appreciation of all 
areas in dairy science. 

The Club's many activities include guest speak- 
ers, a picnic for freshmen in the fall, the show- 
manship contest at "Little International," and 
the annual cheese sale. Among the events the 
Club sponsors is the Intracollegiate Judging Con- 

DAIRY PRODUCTION CLUB— Top Row: Richard Ronna, Fred Welker, Bernard Heisner, Frederick Guengerich, Lloyd Simon, Robert Ringler, 
Richard Jenkins. Second Row: Ronald Heisner, Irwin Immel, Kathleen Brave, Donna Kinney, Diane Kinney, Ida Alison, David Stukenberg, Warren 
Landheer. Bottom Row: Emmett Ormiston, advisor,- Sidney Spahr, advisor,- John Bushman, reporter; Charles Condon, president; William Hornback, 
secretary; Kenneth Hails, vice president; Robert Lodge, advisor. 

DAIRY TECHNOLOGY SOCIETY— Top Row: Surjan Singh, Robert Whitney, Joseph Tobias. Fourth Row: Muhsin Al-Shabibi, Ernest Herreid, 
Gerald Johnson, Keith Grennan. Third Row: Triveni Shukla, Nicholas Melachouris, Vernon Porter, Saban Al-Kistaini, Frederick Guengerich, 
Kolar Ramachandran. Second Row: Prof. Stewart Tuckey, advisor,- Tian Lao, Prof. Harold Wilson, David Kuntz, Mario Williams, Sudhir Gupta. 
Bottom Row: Yanih Lee, Ida Alison, Gary Young, treasurer,- Richard Perlmutter, president,- Janice Ruhr, secretary,- Irwin Immel, vice president; 
Araceli Dolindo. 

Dairy Technology Club 

Delta Sigma Pi 

The Dairy Technology Society is a club which 
learns more about the dairy industry. The club's 
purpose is to stimulate an interest and knowledge 
in the expanding dairy industry. 

Highlights of the year include the October 
Alumni Luncheon, which is the homecoming for 
graduates of dairy technology, and the spring 
dairy products judging contest. Each spring the 
club joins with the Dairy Production Club in a 
recognition banquet honoring outstanding mem- 
bers of the two clubs. 

Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity, offers 
membership to students in commerce and busi- 
ness administration. The purpose of the fraternity 
is to relate business studies to practice in the 
business world. 

The year's activities included professional guest 
speaker programs and trips to firms in Peoria 
and other cities. Dinner dances, faculty-student 
luncheons, hayrides, and various sports events 
rounded out the calendar of enjoyable social 

DELTA SIGMA PI — Top Row: John Ashbaugh, Richard Toenjes, Robert Peterson, Jeffrey Fleming, James Geigel, Randall Schaeffer. Third Row 
John Cline, Douglas Eden, Kenneth Felsman, Raymond Jams, Donald Wilson, Thomas Campbell, Arthur Mann, Craig Ehlen. Second Row: Roger 
Howenstein, Rodney Baumgartner, Paul Wentland, Emerson Cammack, advisor,- David Hopper, William Boston, James Schurter. Bottom Row: 
Victor Braca, secretary,- Ronald Madsen, senior vice president,- Jeffrey Blackman, president,- Steven Zipkoff, vice president,- Martin Birnbaum 

ENGINEERING COUNCIL— Top Row: Morris Westerhold, Richard Burzynski, Kieth Tieman, James Plecki, Joseph Stocks, Ralph Mindock Robert 
Jones, Larry Leight, Larry Bertschi. Second Row: Ronald Hilst, Paul Shapin, Fredrick Streicher, Larry Weber. Alan Halpern, Thomas Clyne, Edward 
Olander, Robert Carlson, Ross Lyman. Bottom Row: Rex Hinkle, Dennis Stevenson, Lynn Granzow, Merle Chamberlin, John Tunnell. Not In Panel: 
Alan Morr, Terry Bradley, George Schwarz. 

Engineering Council 

Engineering Council is a working organiza- 
tion representing all the students on the Engi- 
neering Campus. Its main functions are to or- 
ganize and co-ordinate the Engineering Open 
House and the St. Pat's Ball. Besides these ac- 
tivities, the Council has worked for greater har- 
mony on the Engineering Campus by sponsoring 
special events such as a "Combined Society Meet- 
ing," which introduces freshmen and sophomores 
to the engineering societies early in the school 

Included among the Council's goals is the 
bettering of engineering education. It has worked 
on "Operation Profile" in an attempt to define 
some of the problems that exist for freshman 
and sophomore engineering students. Members 
print a weekly newsletter which lists the meeting 
dates of the various engineering societies and 
items of interest on the Engineering Campus. 
In addition, it sponsors many student-faculty 

Morris Westerhold, St. Pat's Ball chairman,- Ralph Mindock, president,- 
Robert Carlson, corresponding secretary; Prof. Klock, Rex Hinkle. 


ENGINEERING OPEN HOUSE CENTRAL COMMITTEE— Left to Right: Mark Gernand, Robert Giertz, Jorden Libit, Frank Morski, Rex Hinkle, 
Fredrick Streicher, Harry Ekdahl, William Stonich, Lawrence Leonard. Not In Panel: John Aldrich, Martin Potts, James Pleck. 

Engineering Open House Field and Furrow 

For twenty years the College of Engineer- 
ing and its Council have sponsored an exhibi- 
tion of scientific talent at an Engineering Open 
House. Approximately 1400 students help make 
the plan a reality. 

The 1967 Open House, which attracted over 
15,000 visitors to campus, featured displays trac- 
ing developments over the past 100 years which 
have placed the University's College of Engi- 
neering above other schools in engineering edu- 
cation and research. 

The club's purpose is to inform students about 
agronomy, to provide information about career 
opportunities, and to improve student-staff rela- 
tions. Club activities include a speech contest, 
an essay contest, and a soil and seed judging 

The club won third place in the National 
Soil Judging Contest. For the seccnd year in 
a row, the Field and Furrow Club was selected 
as the outstanding Agronomy Club by the Amer- 
ican Society of Agronomy. 

FIELD AND FURROW CLUB— Top Row: Thomas Hoffmann, Duane Roelfs, Wayne Carlson, David Lightle, John Hedrick, Jay Wiedman, Ron 
Olson, Larry Evers, Don McCabe, Roy Sangmeister. Third Row: Paul Mcintosh, Roland Smith, Michael England, James Spannagel, Doral Watts, 
Stephen Thornsborough, Lee Jacobs, William Meyer, Donald Owings, Jim Neils. Second Row: John Finley, William Bonnett, William Rice, Richard 
Lohman, Douglas Robinson, James Boyer, James Doll, Charles Prior, Ronald Hardesty, Robert Davis, Richard Conn, Gary Raymond, Stanley Wright, 
Jerry Misek. Bottom Row: B. Sabey, Harold Kleiss, Terrence Pocklington, George Palmer, president; Paul Boyles, vice president; Richard Hurel- 
brink, Douglas Pool, secretary; Charles Gaede, John Alexander. 

FLORICULTURE CLUB — Top Row: Thomas Jagler, Jay Hager, Jack Butler, William Nelson, Donald Saupe. Third Row: Theodore Spanbauer, 
Richard White, William Fischer. Second Row: William Meyer, Leonard Phillips, Kenneth Piper, Robert Kellar, Phillip Harms, Richard Payne, William 
Blaine. Bottom Row: John Gartner, advisor,- Walter Behrendt, vice president; Dale Kotnour, president; Judith Powell, secretary; Cecelia Pepple, 
agriculture council; Lyn Bayer, treasurer. Not In Panel: Jo Culbert, Joe Walden, Carl Quanstrom, Carl Irvin, Lee Simpkins, James Reid, Douglas 
Aniballi, John Bartley, James McConnell, Jerry Willicms, James Schuster, David Niemann, Dearmond Hull. 

Floriculture Club 

Home Economics Club 

The Floriculture Club promotes the use of 
flowers and ornamental plants in and around 
the home. The club sponsors numerous guest 
speakers at its monthly meetings and invites 
all those who are interested to come and par- 
ticipate in club activities. 

The biggest club event is the staging of a 
flower show for Mom's Day weekend which draws 
twenty-five hundred guests. At various times 
during the year the club contributes a floral 
arrangement to campus buildings. 

The theme of the Isabel Bevier Home Econ- 
omics Club is "Building Your Future." Purposes 
of the club are to further social relations among 
students and faculty, to increase knowledge in 
fields related to home economics, and to strength- 
en professional attitudes in the members of the 

Any home economics student is eligible to 
be a member and attend the monthly meetings. 
This year's program included social work, re- 
search, and work with the aged. 

HOME ECONOMICS CLUB — Top Row: Marilyn Hays, Carol Roberts, Wilma Hall, Nancy Bratton, Janet Gieger, Cynthia Schneider, Cheryl 
I bier. Seventh Row: Mary Smith, Diane Ferger, Carol Becker, Carol Vincent, Linda Ekiss, Marjorie Hall, Janet Bugg, Peggy Towns, Charlyn 
Butterheld, Ellen Fugate. Sixth Row: Catherine Christoe, Karen Dulgar, Esther Schroder, Dana Durfee, Janet Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Roberta 
Larson, Marilyn Speer, Deborah Ewing, Jane Douglass. Fifth Row: Carolyn Rough, Paula Willison, Jane Buford, Geraidine Barth, Sue Rock, Sue 
Debes, Peggy Simon, Betty Mees, Nancy Mueller, Carol Tucker. Fourth Row: Mary Dey, Barbara Popp, Kathryn Chilis, Lu Hartnett, Sandra Meyer, 
Mary Urish, Mary McQueen, Nancy Maxwell Patricia Brown, Gayla Wolter. Third Row: Nancy Watson, Vicki Anderson, Donna Covert, Sandra 
Danley, Diane Dobry, Sharon Adair, Ann Trampe, Phyllis Hepler, Phyllis Robinson, Karen Lehman. Second Row: Gwen Wise, Polly Kohl, Patricia 
Johnston, Carol Wise, treasurer,- Susan Larson, Nancy Hubbard, Elizabeth Gaede, vice president; Linda Hanfland. Bottom Row: Judith Filipowicz, 
Cheryl Lindsey, Karen Jenks, Susan Henry, Carolyn Kenneaster, secretary, Marilou Tucker, Kathleen Reason, president. 

* raft JU /^k 

'S*2mi -1* iCti 

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ImI W-^W FW\\* 

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11 XW sSk 1 

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HOME ECONOMICS STUDENT COUNCIL — Top Row: Janet Bugg, Patricia Porch, communications chairman,- Karen Lehman, Susan Henry, 
Constance Harrison. Bottom Row: Carol Roberts, Nancy Mueller, president, Marilyn Hays, Mary McQueen, secretary-treasurer. Not In Panel: 
Lois Feldman, Judith Hoppin, Dr. Janice Smith, advisor,- Dr. Esther Brown, advisor. 

Home Economics Counci 

Hoof and Horn Club 

Home Economics Student Council is the old- 
est departmental student-faculty council at the 
University of Illinois. It is composed of repre- 
sentatives from each of the ten home economics 
organizations and members are also chosen from 
the classrooms. 

The council helps orient freshman to the de- 
partment by corresponding with them in the 
summer and by sponsoring an open house for 
students in high school. They also sponsor a tea 
for the faculty in the fall. 

Hoof and Horn Club is one of the largest 
and most active clubs on campus. Its major 
purpose is to sponsor the livestock and meat 
judging teams which compete at the national 
level. Its membership is mainly composed of 
students in Animal Science. 

The many activities of the group include hold- 
ing a showmanship contest every fall and an 
awards banquet every spring. Speakers are in- 
vited to the monthly meetings, and members 
serve at Livestock Feeder Days. 

HOOF AND HORN CLUB— Top Row: Roger Pray, James Boyer, Terry Brockmeyer, Keith Honegger, Howard Nightingale, David Zwicker, 
Edward McMillan, Dale Sterfens, James Simpson, Don McCabe. Eighth Row: James Taff, Dale Burkybile, William Smith, Richard Wax, Raymond 
Richardson, John Wishop, Danny Schick, Henry Kallal, David Simms, Richard Jurgens, Allen Keiser. Seventh Row: Thomas Doubet, Duane Curry, 
William Kuhfuss, Nancy Kelly, Thomas Riebold, Calvin Twenhafel, Lester Johnson, Harlan Cook, Michael Looby, Harry Podschwit, Alan Cobb. 
Sixth Row: Donald McCabe, John Cantlin, Raymond Hankes, Larry Evers, Michael England, James Ludwig, Douglas Deems, David Warner, Robert 
Bidner, John Schneider, Charles Shupe. Fifth Row: Philip Francis, Jack Jennings, Stanley Foley. Ross Peter, Roger Morris, Charles Sasse, John Hed- 
rick, Dale Jahraus, James Schaefges, Oscar Elliott. Fourth Row: Robert Betzelberger, Michael Gray, Thomas Hofer, Kenneth Urban, Gilbert 
Reznicek, John Smith, Gregory Smith, Roger Smith. Third Row: Douglas Isham, Steven Wendell, Edwin Lewis, Jerry Starkey, Stanley Weber, Philip 
O'Bryan, David Ruebush. Second Row: Paul Lamb, advisor,- B. Harmon, advisor,- Frank Hinds, advisor,- James Klokkenga, historian,- Warren Fink, ag- 
riculture council representative. Bottom Row: John Peterson, president,- Carol Bankson, secretary,- Steve Webel, vice president,- David Rincker, 

ILLINI AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION CLUB— Top Row: Ronald Uhe, David Holly, Steven Mundy, Joe Miller, James Rcbinson, David 
Caudle, James Milano, Russell Koeller, Richard Sommers, Terry Lock, David Reason. Second Row: Prof. W. Nave, advisor; Dennis Mangers, secre- 
tary; Herbert Aden, agriculture council representative; Steven Johnson, vice president; Larry Woolever, president; Donald Vincent, treasurer,- 
Robert Woods, reporter,- Prof. Douglas Bauling, advisor. Bottom Row: William Henrikson, William Manke, William Irons, Larry Surprenant, Robert 

Ag Mechanization Club Marketing Association 

The Illini Agricultural Mechanization Club 
is one of the youngest actively functioning clubs 
on campus. The objectives of the group are to 
obtain general recognition for agricultural mech- 
anization, to promote interest in the field, and 
to inform members of opportunities that are 
open to them. 

Club activities include a fall picnic, a fall 
tour of a company or farm of interest, and a 
spring banquet at which the outstanding senior 
is given an award. 

The Illini Marketing Association attempts to 
unite academic and business interests by in- 
forming its members of up-to-date marketing 
trends and by encouraging scholastic achieve- 
ment. Executives of leading companies discuss 
marketing, advertising, and management at the 
monthly meetings. 

Early in the second semester, the Association 
tours several Chicago companies, particularly the 
marketing departments, for its annual two day 
field trip. 

ILLINI MARKETING ORGANIZATION— Top Row: Theodore Spanbauer, Michael Wilson, Alan Young, James Middleton, Christopher Clark, 
Glcdys Hruby, Lawrence Crane, Mary WhitRII. Bottom Row: Vincent Pelletier, membership,- John Julian, programming; Betty Mitchell, publicity,- 
Prof. Gardner, cdviscr,- John Schmidt, president; Barbara Lovig, secretary-treasurer; Michael Garfield, commerce council representative. Net In 
Panel: Richard Rowder. 


ini Forester competes in log throwing at summer camp. 

ini Foresters 

ILLINI FORESTER'S— Top Row: David Randolph, secretary, Gary 
Rolfe, treasurer; James Henderson, publicity chairman. Bottom Row: 
Dr. Robert Rannels, advisor,- George Ralph, president; Jimmie Chew, 
vice presidant. 


One of the newest and most active clubs on 
campus is the Illini Foresters. Membership is 
open to all students in the curriculums of forest 
production and wood technology, and to for- 
estry alumni and the Department of Forestry 
faculty. All club activities are designed to pro- 
mote fellowship and professional development 
of forestry students. 

The club calendar included activities for near- 
ly every month of the school year. The annual 
Freshman Bonfire in September started activ- 
ity early. This event was followed by a Rail- 
splitter's Ball in October and the Midwest For- 
esters Conclave in November. To subsidize club 
activities a money-making project, known as 
the Christmas Tree Sales Campaign, was held 
in December. During the spring semester the 
club assembled a yearbook called the RAIL- 
SPLITTER. The annual spring picnic at Aller- 
ton Park in May brought to a close an active 
year for the Foresters. 

ILLINOIS PARK AND RECREATION SOCIETY— Top Row: John Weakley, Phyllis Huss, Penelope Fredricks, Mary Shinners, Karen Phelps, Joan 
Patterson, Karen Bays. Marlena Kamstock, Gayle Mark, Barbara Leighton, Joan Braswell, unidentified, Cheryl Gandolfi, Adrienne Ryback, Glen 
Allie. Third Row: Judith Harper, Margaret Reed, Barbara Libby, Sally Luettich, Helen Chalmers, Cynthia Christian, Susan Eder, Alice Jepson, 
Florence Cook, Marjorie Sons, Diana Schramm, Susan Danzer, Judith Purdes. Second Row: Martha Peters, Joseph Bannon, Dr. Virginia Frye, Dr. 
Allen Sapora, Dr. Adah Parker, Daniel Humay, president; Jerin Mueller, secretary,- Susan Hess, vice president,- James Gillespie, treasurer,- Marie 
Dunlap, Judy Ate. Bottom Row: Robin Hall, Richard Stotz, George Harvey, Jack Meyer, Robert West, David Weiner, Robert Smith, James'jocius, 
Ronald Greenberg. 

Park and Recreation Society I.S.G.E. 

The Illinois Park and Recreation Society is 
a professional organization open to students en- 
rolled in the recreation curriculum. The society 
provides a comprehensive program of speakers 
and panel discussions, in addition to a varied 
social calendar of cook-outs and get-togethers 
with faculty. 

A highlight of each year's program is the 
high school visitation day when Chicago area 
students, interested in recreation, visit the campus 
and tour its facilities. 

The Illinois Society of General Engineers main- 
tains a diversified program to acquaint future 
engineers with the demands that will be made 
of them after graduation. In an attempt to ex- 
pose students to every aspect of the engineering 
field, the society offers a varied program of 
speakers in addition to an industrial trip and 
participation in the Engineering Open House 
in the spring. 

The student-faculty bowling tournament was 
a highlight of the social year. 

ILLI-SOTA — Top Row: Judith Bolef, Harrilyn Hart, Sue Stalter, Katherine Barberie, Sharon Janecek, Andrea Zaslavsky, Ccrol Jackson, Beverly 
Meyers, Harriet Spiegel, Corinne Gherra, Bill Frey. Bottom Row: Jeanette Beringer, Beth Goldstein, corresponding secretory; Mcry Koblitz, 
treasurer,- Donalda Ellek, vice president; Melanie Thomas, president; Karen Conrad, Cynthia Scott, recording secretary. 


Pre- Veterinary Club 

Illini Student Occupational Therapy Associa- 
tion is a professional organization which gives 
members an opportunity to learn about and 
prepare for their future careers in the field of 
occupational therapy. 

This year's activities included speakers, dis- 
cussions, service projects, and a trip to the Chicago 
Medical Center. The highlight of the year was 
the chance for students to participate for the 
first time in a student convention of future thera- 

The Pre-Vet Club, which is open to anyone 
in the Pre-Veterinary curriculum, attempts to 
promote fellowship among members and greater 
interest and understanding of veterinary med- 
icine. The organization is sponsored by the Junior 
Branch of American Veterinary Medical Associa- 
tion. Monthly meetings include guest speakers, 
research and medical films, surgical demonstra- 
tions, and tours. 

Activities of the club include participation 
in a college open house. 

PRE-VET CLUB— Top Row: Sharon Parrish, John Ward, Charles Shapiro, Michael Masek, Anthony Brieler, Kenton Moore, Madeline Hill, Cheryl 
Creech, Susan Schluckebier. Second Row: Linda Bowman, Bernice Zimmerlein, Dean Moentman, Bernard Heisner, Edward Hoedebuke, MaryEllen 
Merkel, Thomas Champley, John Pearce. Bottom Row: Sherry Brunner, Adrienne Goley, Renee Filas, Glenn Olsen, treasurer,- Sandra Bodiford, 
secretary; Jane Frazier, vice president; Gordon Benson, president; Dr. William Newton, advisor; Priscilla Ewing, Katherine Kamish. 

SIGMA ALPHA ETA — Top Row: Lynda Peterson, Judith Landfield, Nancy Robey, Joan Good, advisor,- Maria Mazeika, Ruth Phillippe, Sharon 
Strauss, Tanya Montaleone. Second Row: Melody McCormick, vice president of programming,- Judith Arbeiter, executive vice president; Robert 
Prosek, president; Leslie Darner, secretary-treasurer; Rhea Shanes, vice president of membership,- Mary Clebucki, vice president of projects. Bottom 
Row: Mary Radtke, Lee Dieter, Malvina Levy, Ruby Frank, Diane Eisele, Connie Vanhagey, Rebecca Gillard. Not In Panel: Maxine Shizuru, 
Bronwen Carlson, Florence Leonard. 

Sigma Alpha Eta 

Women Engineers Society 

Sigma Alpha Eta is a national organization 
for the students majoring in a curriculum of 
speech and or hearing science. The organiza- 
tion welcomes students who seek professional 
training in this field. 

A Christmas Party is held every year for the 
young children participating in the clinic's serv- 
ices. During Mom's weekend a highly successful 
and informational open house was held at the 
Speech and Hearing Clinics with cooperation 
of the faculty. 

The Society of Women Engineers is open to 
all women in engineering and related fields. 
The organization is designed to bring women 
engineers on campus together and to serve as an 
informational center on career possibilities for 
women in this field. 

Their display at Engineering Open House won 
a first place trophy. The display consisted of an 
electronic oven and a display on women in engi- 
neering. Guest speakers rounded out the curricu- 
lum of the year. 

SOCIETY OF WOMEN ENGINEERS — Top Row: Ellen Cleary, Eileen Miller, Dorothy Martorano, Nancy Barker, Nancy Barkley, Maiy Gpriano, 
Kay Eash, Linda Lindroth. Bottom Row: Grace Wilson, faculty advisor; Lynn Granzow, vice president; Sandra Levey, president; Gloria Caban, 
secretary-treasurer,- Merle Chamberlin, engineering council representative,- Elizabeth Koranyi. 

Sigma Delta Chi 

Sigma Delta Chi members are Keith Adams, John McClel- 
land, Gerald Bean, and Gary Axelsan. 

Sigma Delta Chi was founded at DePauw Uni- 
versity in 1909. The local chapter is known for 
its publication of ILLINI TUMOR, a humor- 
ous newspaper which is distributed on campus 
during Homecoming weekends. Profits from the 
sale of this paper are used to send delegates to 
the national convention. 

The organization attempts to help members 
gain a deeper insight into the various news 
dissemination fields they will pursue for the 
rest of their lives. A member must be a junior, 
a senior, or a graduate student and must have 
done proficient work in journalism, in or out 
of college. Monthly meetings are held with top 
professionals in the editorial, magazine writing, 
and radio and television news fields address- 
ing the members. These speakers not only add 
knowledge of the communications field, but in 
many cases are instrumental in finding jobs for 

SIGMA DELTA CHI— Top Row: Alfred Swanson, Lyn Ash, Ronald Haines, Ronald Henrichs, Michael McClellan, Thomas Burch, Robert Pritchard. 
Second Row: Gary Everhart, Richard Jinks, Richard Frooks, James Herm, Samuel Waltz, John McClelland, Gerald Bean Earl Ne son, Robert 
Jinks. Bottom Row: Prof. Gene Gilmore, advisor; Karl Kessler, trecsurer; Gary Axelson, president; John Volk, vice president; Don Bisell, secretary. 

6 iO 

METALLURGICAL SOCIETY — Top Row: John Boeing, Albert Gustafson, Kamalodin Danesh, Bart Comiskey, Robert Howe, Michael Seleski, 
Donald Houser, William Barton, Thomas Redvay, Constantine Korose. Third Row: Michael Fiene. James Linnell, Lawrence Happ, Carl Hybinette, 
Gregory Kachner, Robert Swanson, Miodrag Cukovich, Irving Rosenberg, George Burnham, Lawrence DeRoos. Second Row: William Jandeska, 
John Hull, Prof. Earl Eckel, Prof. Walter Bruckner, Prof. Theodore Rowland, advisor,- Prof. Robert Bohl, William Watts, Thomas Clyne. Bottom 
Row: Anthony Flores, Arthur Nelson, Terry Sesterhern, secretary; Lawrence Zagorsii, president; Carl Zeitler, vice president; Edward Vander- 
molen, treasurer. 

inois Metallurgical Society I. E. E. E. 

The University of Illinois Metallurgical So- 
ciety welcomes all students with a desire to 
broaden their knowledge of the activities of 
the professional metallurgist. The club features 
guest speakers at meetings, sponsors field trips, 
and participates in the annual Engineering Open 

The group cooperates in the management of 
the newly constructed student lounge in the 
Mining and Metallurgy Building. Other activ- 
ities include intramural sports. 

The Institute of Electrical and Electronic En- 
gineers is dedicated to the propagation of knowl- 
edge and the maintenance of high ethical stand- 
ards among its members. The I. E. E. E. provides 
its members access to a variety of new ideas 
through films, through I. E. E. E. publications, 
and through qualified speakers at its bimonthly 

Members visited the National Electronics Con- 
ference, and received the opportunity to meet 
practicing engineers. 

INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC ENGINEERS— Top Row: Paul Shapin, engineering council representative,- John Hiskes, 
recording secretary,- Rex Hinkle, treasurer. Bottom Row: Prof. Paul Egbert, advisor,- Stephen Lambert, chairman,- Claus Rede, vice chairman. Not 
In Panel: Richard Isenhart, corresponding secretary. 


: II 


-.. .ft 


RAPTIST STUDENT UNION— Top Row: Gary Kunz, Larry Mears, Ronald Riffey, Douglas Prensner, president; Lynn Summers, Michael Wright, 
Earl Neathery, Alvin Portis, Timothy Morita, Gilbert Waud. Bottom Row: Brenda Copley, Mary Stutz, Annetta Crouse, Linda Cary, Rhoda Earley, 
Carol Kaemper, Joan Braswell, Lee Houston. 

Baptist Student Union 

The Baptist Student Union was designed by 
the Southern Baptist Convention to provide an 
attractive and inclusive program of organized 
Baptist religious work on the University cam- 
pus. The Union serves as a link between the 
local Baptist churches and the Baptist students. 
A Baptist executive council serves as the ad- 
ministrative body. 

Activities include semi-weekly vesper services 
and youth teams conducting evangelistic ser- 
vices in nearby churches. 

Baptist Student Foundation 

The Baptist Student Foundation provides a 
center of action, leadership, and housing for 
Baptist students. The Student Council's mem- 
bers are elected to interpret and reflect the 
interest of the students. 

The council planned and executed imaginative 
programs for the students. Speakers, movies, 
panels, and free discussions constituted the pro- 
grams of the Sunday evening supper forum. A 
work party and the Meal in the Upper Room 
made fellowship more meaningful. 

BAPTIST STUDENT FOUNDATION-Top Row: John Curtis, advisor,- John Jacobs, president; Lowell Peck, treasurer; r e dd Carlson, Ronald 
VeenstraBoVorn Row Michael PTerce, Sherry Brunner, Kathy Waggoner, secretary; Thomas Puhse, vice president. Not In Panel: Patsy Parker, 
Rachel Slaughter, David Cole. 

HILLEL FOUNDATION — Top Row: Bonnie Katzman, Elias Barzilai, Allen Ray, Howard Berman, president; Kenneth Berger, Rickey Ament, 
Cheryl Shugan. Bottom Row: Ellyn Resser, Sandra Klubeck, Rabbi Nathan Gaynor, Rochelle Friedman, secretary,- Cheryl Bisk. 

Hillel Foundation 

Canterbury Association 

B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation, the spiritual 
home of students of the Jewish faith on cam- 
pus, co-ordinates the student's academic life with 
the heritage of his religion. To attain this goal, 
the foundation sponsors a wide range of ac- 

The program for 1966-1967 included Sabbath 
services, guest lecturers, the Pal Program, and 
a foreign film series. A variety of student social 
activities rounded out the calendar cf events for 
the year. 

The Canterbury Association is an organiza- 
tion for Episcopal and Anglican students. It 
provides an atmosphere in which members can 
participate in activities, so that each contrib- 
utes his part, while he in turn receives the serv- 
ice of the Church. 

Programs are each Sunday evening. Canter- 
bury members are working with enthusiasm on 
a fund drive for the completion cf the Chapel 
of St. John the Divine and also the erection of 
a new Canterbury House. 

CANTERBURY ASSOCIATION — Top Row: John Atwood, president; Gerald Waits, Gary Richardson, treasurer,- Edwin Lewis, Robert Wilkinson, 
William Pollard, Donald Parth, Charles Carpenter. Third Row: Lee Kramer, Richard Rhoads, Howard Nicholas, Gary Blumenshine, Donald Wertz, 
William Trigg, Richard Saxer. Second Row: Mrs. F. Arvedson, Elsa Beuk, Marilyn Anderson, Nancy Bock, Marguerite Harkness, Willard Radell, 
Kenneth Strickler. Bottom Row: Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Fr. Michael Pullin, Janet Compton, Judy Reynolds, Mary Brainard, secretary,- Judith 
Radell, Fr. F. Arvedson, Norman May. 

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORGANIZATION — Top Row: John Johnson, Robert Wall, Richard Cline, Duane Christianson, Lynn Bollinger, George 
Lehmkuh;. Fourth Row: Mark Dorfman, Peter Hoefert, vice president; Lloyd Giesler, corresponding secretary,- James Evertts, Mr. Kenneth Vallance, 
advisor. Third Row: Douglas Elrick, John Brubaker, Richard Clarke, Robert Cooley, treasurer,- Mrs. Celia Wandell, advisor. Second Row: Judith 
Brewster, recording secretary,- Judy Ward, Ann Stone, Mcrtha McColl, Carol Palmer, Dorothy Procunier. Bottom Row: Susan Blackmore, president; 
Ellen Rosen, Judith Lennert, Constance Brooks, Tina Kirkman, Deborah Kalita, Ruth Mooney, Joanna Cornett. 

Christian Science 

Gamma Delta 

This year the Christian Science Organiza- 
tion celebrated its sixtieth year on campus and 
its first full year in its new building. The build- 
ing is open daily to visitors. One room is main- 
tained in the building for the individual study 
of Christian Science. 

Each Tuesday evening a religious service that 
includes spontaneous testimonies of practical ap- 
plications of Christian Science is held. A lec- 
ture is given each semester to explain the funda- 
mentals of the religion. 

Gamma Delta is the international association 
of Lutheran students, sponsored by the Com- 
mission on College and University Work of the 
Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod. With its 
main purpose of promoting and securing obe- 
dient service to Jesus Christ and His Church 
within the campus community, the organization 
is run entirely by students. 

Programs include elements of both the serious 
and the lighter side of life and feature a variety 
of guest speakers. 

GAMMA DELTA— Top Row: Raymond Hanson, Dennis Wood, Gerald Harnisch, Marcus Thomas, Richard Beitz, DavidBrauer, Kenneth Kosche, 
Ross Mueller, Jay Means. Third Row: Laurita Urbrock, secretary; Robert Rubel, Claus Rode, VicarTom Dohrman, Robert Steil, Lawrence Vandre. 
Second Row Carol Ritzen, Barbara Schult, Carole Walther, Christine Eggers, Dianne Butscher, Carol Nesheim, Barbara Kellert, Lorraine Holm- 
strom, Rev. R. Eissfeldt. Bottom Row: Timothy Spannaus, vca president; Nova Bickell, Harold Nicholson, president; FrederickGuengench,Dale 
Wolff, John Podzamsky, DuWayne Olson, treasurer. 

McKINLEY FOUNDATION — Top Row: Lowell Peterson, president; Mary McCreary, Peter Kohnke, Ann Kalkhoff. Bottom Row: Nancy Stagg, 
Timothy Morgan, Robert Turner, Jean Kelm, Raymond Chace. 

McKinley Foundation 

Lutheran Student Foundation 

McKinley seeks through Christian ministry 
to encounter individual and group needs in a 
way such that the life of the University com- 
munity may be strengthened for creative con- 
cerns beyond itself. Members of McKinley's min- 
istry are thus alert to the joys and sorrows that 
are central to people. 

McKinley Foundation and Church are not an 
end in themselves to create human awareness, 
but they are only a start in creating better 
Christians of students. 

The Lutheran Student Foundation provides 
more than a place of worship. It is also a com- 
munity in which students may participate. Coffee 
hours, supper clubs, and weekday vespers give 
students a chance to relax, socialize, or spend 
time in worship. 

The year's supper club programs were espe- 
cially interesting because they were based on 
problems vital to the student. Subjects for the 
programs included the war in Vietnam and the 
topic of the new morality. 

LUTHERAN STUDENT FOUNDATION — Top Row: James Hadley, treasurer,- Pastor William LaFountain. Third Row:Timothy Fass, vice president, 
Mary Witzleb. Second Row: Charlene Koski, president; Sara Soder. Bottom Row: Turee Allison, Judith Scott, secretary. Not In Panel: Gerald 
Martin, David Johnson. 

Newman Club 

The Newman Club was founded for the Cath- 
olic students on campus. This year the club 
took on a new image; for the first time the 
club was open to non-Catholic students. By the 
end of the second week of school, Newman had 
over 1100 members, making it the largest club 
on the University campus and the largest New- 
man Club in the country. 

The club's social activities consisted of week- 
ly TGIF dances, hootenannies, and a dance 
in Huff Gym with the Shadows of Knight. The 
club is not entirely social. Its education com- 
mittee in conjunction with other religious foun- 
dations on campus sponsored a film series, and 
it also sponsored the Sunday supper forum, 
featuring top speakers from across the country. 
The religion committee sponsored communion 
breakfasts and a leadership weekend at Camp 
Howard. A social service committee did tutoring 
for area schools. 

NEWMAN CLUB— Top Row: Francis Lasalle, Philip McAleer, vice 
president; William Slanina, president; Robert Teichart. Bottom Row: 
Kathryn Sloan, treasurer; Jane Kinsella, Susan Maier, Margaret Bryant. 


UNIVERSITY LUTHERAN CHAPEL COUNCIL— Top Row: Robert Steil, Clous Rode, Richard Beitz, Olaf Nesheim. Third Row: Mrs. Ralph 
Navvare, Jay Means, Rev. R. Eissfeldt, Mrs. Norman Nesheim, Timothy Spannaus. Bottom Row: Vicar Thomas Dohrman, Lorraine Holmstrom, 
Barbara Kellert, secretary; Carl Fngel, president; Katherine Kahler, George Steil, vice president; Harold Nicholson. Not In Panel: Claire Kruken- 
berg, David Zellmer, treasurer. 

Lutheran Chapel Council Wesley Foundation 

The University Lutheran Chapel Council is 
elected each year by the student congregation 
to plan and supervise its program. The pro- 
gram is strongly worship-oriented, centering 
around "the Word" and sacraments. It em- 
phasizes being a Christian. 

The council attempts to plan and organize 
study groups, seminars, and service projects that 
will stimulate religious thought. This year, among 
other noted speakers, Rev. Saffen of the Univer- 
sity of Chicago spoke to the students. 

The Wesley Foundation provides students on 
campus with the opportunity to have worship 
and fellowship together. In addition to the reg- 
ular Sunday morning services, Wesley also spon- 
sors the Supper Forum, where students can enjoy 
a meal and program. 

The "Etc." Coffee House, also part of the 
foundation, has gained tremendous popularity 
with students and faculty with its fruit-brew 
and what-nots. The club's Olde English Supper 
is a Christmas tradition. 

WESLEY FOUNDATION— Top Row: Ruth Slocum, Peter Rasmussen, president, Douglas Pool, Rodney Rice, Keith Boles, Louise England. Second 
Row: John Helfinstine, treasurer,- Paul Cox, George Anderson, Richard Taylor, vice president; Donald Greeley, Harold Drake, John Fitzgerald. 
Bottom Row: Carol Wise, Carolyn Kenneaster, Marilyn Wheeler, Nancy Lindquist, Leslie Darner, secretary,- Mary Ford, Audrey Doyle, Nancy 




■ > "• 

HH&ft. 1 

* •* 

Top Row: Michael Aschmon, Jack Shoulders, John Bial, Russell Ringl, Dale Matthews, Paul Guttmann, Wayne Charland, Kenn th Abraham, 
Harlow Brown, Costantino Danca, Ronald Greenberg. Third Row: Leonard D. vis, Fred tv ierzwa, William Rubin. Thomas Ford, Samuel Bell, Gerald 
Hill, Karl Thornbrugh, Richard Anderson, Bruce Hoff, Richard Beitz, DuWayne Olson, Michael Muzos, Edward Vandermolen, Harold Nicholson. 
Second Row: Kenneth Panza, William Celio, Jeffrey Merrick, Douglas Drake, William Jandeska, George Ripplinger, David Dominguez, Robert 
Bradley, John Neumann, Allen Ray, Steven Muzos. Bottom Row: Robert Leverenz, Joseph Lombardo. 

Alpha Phi Omega 

Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fra- 
ternity. It was founded on the principles of 
the Scout oath and laws and is dedicated to 
rendering service to the campus, community, 
and the nation. Anyone can become a member 
after a short pledgeship. 

Since its founding in 1926, the organization 
has become the largest fraternal organization in 
the world. The University of Illinois chapter. 
Alpha Alpha, was named one of the top chap- 
ters in the United States for a second straight 
year. Alpha Alpha presently has sixty active 
members and thirty pledges. 

The fine service program of Alpha Alpha is 
responsible for the fraternity's high ranking among 
other chapters and also for the large member- 
ship. Weekly projects include working for the 
United Fund and decorating the quad for Christ- 
mas. The big project every year is the Ugliest 
Man on Campus contest. Proceeds go to the 
Student Loan Fund. 


Top Row: Douglas Drake, David Dominguez, secretary. Bottom Row: 
George Ripplinger, vice president; William Jandeska, president; 
Robert Pajak, pledgemaster. 

ALPHA ETA RHO— Top Row: Robert Slayton, Douglas Mayhall, Cliff Magnuson, Robert Berthold, Thomas Edmonds, Warren Parthen, Carl 
Reed, Gerald Brubaker, William Cerssa, Robert Swictek, John Fitzpatrick, Stephen Peters, Kenneth Thurber, Michael Anderson, Dale Cluckey, 
Third Row: Frederick Moss, Earl Redmond, John Lemna, Harold Bielat, David Moody, Michael Hicks, Donald Harris, Harlow Brown, Patrick 
Thinnes, James Yaiser, Charles Kay, Alfred Fickensher. George Clark, G-egory Bettis, David Brandenburg, Bradley Nelson, Daniel Vavra. Second 
Row: Julian Huffman, Dell Ward, Dennis Elliot, Carl Heinrich, treasurer,- Tom Bailey, advisor, Robert Chaber, historian; Duane Goodenough, 
president; James Hancock, vice president; William Kolacek, Peter Hoefert, Ralph Plummer. Bottom Row: Ronald Gerson. David Burroughs, David 
Johnson, William Lynch, Timothy Hoeksema, Barry Gardner. 

Alpha Eta Rho 

African Student Organization 

Alpha Eta Rho is a professional aviation fra- 
ternity designed to give young men interested 
in the aviation field the opportunity to increase 
their aviation knowledge and experience. The 
fraternity holds meetings which provide infor- 
mation on commercial and scientific aspects of 

Each year the fraternity sponsors the Avi- 
ation Open House at Willard Airport. Trips to 
branches of the aviation industry give a first- 
hand view of aviation. 

Founded to promote greater understanding 
and co-operation between Americans and Afri- 
cans, the African Student Organization serves 
as a campus forum through which African prob- 
lems are studied, and true and adequate infor- 
mation on Africa disseminated. 

Social highlights during the year included 
the "African Night," offering students a rare 
opportunity to sample African dishes, and the 
"African Interlude," the annual dance featur- 
ing rhythms of the continent. 

AFRICAN STUDENTS ORGANIZATION— Top Row: William Karioki, treasurer,- Temitayo Akinbami, secretary; Frederick Blick, James Amosu, 
Essien Martin, Rene Moneyang, Edmund Egozi, Victor Eriken, vice president. Bottom Row.- Cynthia Foreman, KalukongoloLipato, Victoria Coomber, 
Athonasius Njoku, president; Helen Herron, Nii Tettph, Gertrude Simons. 

COOPERATIVE EXTENSION CLUB— Top Row: Jane Gilchrist, Karen Wax Anne Varga,\Jon Kenney, Nancy Maxwill Nancy Bratton, John 
Steimel. Second Row: Philip Regie, David Mowers, George Young, Larry Mears, Daniel Friant Charles Malley Thomas Weber, Roger hbert, 

,gland Bottom RowfRog'er Smith, Donald Carnes, John Bushman, president; Marilyn Wheeler, vice president; Carol Roberts, secretary- 
treasurer; Marilyn Hays, reporter; David Whitson, agriculture 'council representative, Charles Orcutt. 

Co-op Extension Club 

The Cooperative Extension Club strives to 
develop a philosophy and an effective means 
of communicating with people while building 
leadership skills. Former 4-H Club members 
interested in working with people are encour- 
aged to join the organization. 

Members work in 4-H Clubs with low in- 
come children, providing them with an oppor- 
tunity for laying the framework for becoming 
more useful American citizens. They aim also 
for international understanding. 

Circle K Club 

The Circle K Club is a service organization 
for college men. The club gives members an 
opportunity for leadership and for citizenship. 
With 600 clubs in existence it is the largest 
college organization. 

The local club is sponsored by the Cham- 
paign-Urbana Kiwanis Club. Activities of the 
club included Operation Christmas Card Cam- 
pus Tours, service as guides and ushers for the 
State Basketball Tournament, and other projects 
for the campus. 

CIRCLE K CLUB— Top Row: Dan Jones, Robert Tanenberg, Jack Langenberg, Daniel Kuiken, LaddDuda Bottom Row. Byron Meden, treasurer,- 
John Gough, president, Dean Edward Staford, advisor; Fred Mierzwa, It. governor. Not In Panel: Mark Wibon, Ricahrd Purmal, secretary,- Irwin 
Solgamck- Michael Taylor Lawrence M.clnnes, Gregory White, Jack Kruidinair, Thomas Larson, Thomas Garrison. 

DELTA SIGMA OMCIRON: Vincent Falardeau, president; Doris Desrosiers, Mary Brainard, Janet Gamble, Marilyn Schmalz, Gilbert Fink 
Joanna Cornett, vice president; Florence Leonard, treasurer; Ronald Larimore, Ruth Broemmer. 

Delta Sigma Omicron 

ini Forensic Association 

Delta Sigma Omicron is a service fraternity 
composed of disabled students. Its purposes are 
to educate the public as to how the disabled 
can enjoy a full life and to further the social 
and educational possibilities of the disabled. 
With a budget, second only to the Illini Union, 
the organization sponsors more activities and 
publications every year than any other stu- 
dent group. 

Among its many services the group sponsors 
the Illinois Gizz Kids. 

The Illini Forensic Association is a student 
organization devoted to debate, discussion, and 
public speaking. It is sponsored by the Depart- 
ment of Speech and Theatre, but draws mem- 
bers from all fields. 

The group annually represents the Univer- 
sity at more than twenty-five intercollegiate de- 
bate tournaments. The members also participate 
in other types of speech contests. The associa- 
tion sponsors a weekly radio program, the Illini 
Forum, on station WILL. 

ILLINI FORENSIC ASSOCIATION— Top Row: Marvin Watkins, George Grice, Thomas Roberts, Joseph Kmoch, John Immele, Alan Wernicke, 
Perry Johnson, Joseph Wenzel, director of Forensics. Second Row: Carter Klein, Eric Jorgensen, James Oberweis, John Schunk, coach; Robert 
Haugen, Craig Greenwood, George Peternel, Norman Horler, David Sinow. Bottom Row: Timothy Stock, Cynthia Sasko, Lynda Kaid, Norman 
Gordon, vice president; David Stanczak, president; Monica Manning, secretary-treasurer; Elaine Cisek, Elizabeth Kelso. 


ft c t-* v - ** ^ 

• •A- 1 #> £ f\ /\ <? ? ^ # 



ILLINI JUDO CLUB — Top Row: Theodore Kell, Michael Almgren, John Geist, Scott Kressman, Thomas Bezdek, Barry Yurtis, Francis Kostrub, 
James Horn, Louis Katz, Stephen Majors. Second Row: Seiichiro Tomioka, president; Blake Cherrington, James Rosen, Kathryn Anderson, Richard 
Heuvelman/Susanna Cochran, Diane Palmquist, Rudolph Engman, Melinda Sutton, Rebecca Baudino, David Hiland, Robert Doeseckle, Frederick 
Korn, Arvin McGuire, James Ambrosius, vice president. Bottom Row: Robert Sullivan. James Kilroy, secretary,- Gail Bogetz, Robert Glasscock, 
Sylvia Sturm, Barbara Hanley, Janice Hofmann, treasurer,- Jennifer Smith, Robert Brach, Steven Seyler, JeFfry Kelley, James Sharp, Ronald Paul, 
Barry Rubel. 

ini Judo Club 

ini Karate Kai 

The Kodokan School of Judo was founded in 
1882 by Professor Jigoro Kano. Kano not only 
laid the foundations for the modern sport of 
judo, but also taught a program of physical 
and mental well-being. The Illini Judo Club 
has attempted to remain true to the principles 
set forth by Kano. 

In 1965-66 the Judo Club sponsored a tour- 
nament, inviting clubs from all over the Mid- 
west. After the excellent response the club is 
planning another contest. 

The goal of Illini Karate Kai is to make 
available to students karate instruction at its 
highest physical and aesthetic level. To obtain 
a qualified instructor, each year the club offers 
a scholarship to graduates of a Japanese Uni- 
versity. The present instructor is Mamoru Ohara. 
former captain of the karate team of Waseda 

The club gives demonstrations of the art of 
karate to interested groups and sponsors a speaker 
program on theory. 

ILLINI KARATE KAI— Top Row: Thomas Wilkinson, James Kaplafka, vice president; Gary Kobliska, Douglas Gamine. Bottom Row. Alvin Kondo, 
Mamoru Ohara, instructor,- Stephen Palmberg, president; Nancy Berkley, secretary-treasurer. Not In Panel: Harold Bartlett, Richard Dornreld, 
Anthony Girolami, Larry Jacobs, Kenneth Maxwell. 

LAS. Student Counci 

The L.A.S. Student Council is the official 
representative body for students in the cur- 
riculum of Liberal Arts and Sciences. With a 
membership drawn from all areas of the col- 
lege, the council serves as a liaison between 
students and administration. 

Major programs of the council included the 
publication of PREVIEW, an instructor-written 
course description booklet, and the presenta- 
tion of the Teacher-Excellence Awards to var- 
ious outstanding L.A.S. instructors. 

Terrapin Club 

Since its organization in 1923, the Terrapin 
Swimming Club has performed in forty-two 
aquatic presentations, traditionally given on the 
Mother's Day weekend. These spring shows are 
the highlight of the club's activities, all demand- 
ing extensive preparation throughout the winter. 
Show themes vary widely from fables to mood 

Terrapin's coed activities include intercolle- 
giate swim meets and invitational demonstrations 
at other water shows. 

TERRAPN CLUB— Top Row.- Robert Norwood, co-chairman,- Paul Alonas, Timothy Fass, James Edmonds. Bottom Row: Valerie Kussler, Phyllis 
Hetnck, Linda Lovendahl, Natalie Shane, Toni Allison, Laura Ferguson, Marjorie Shane, Mary Holquist, Jacquiline Francis. Not In Panel: Joanne 
Dendel, beorg ia Booras, Rennee Goier, Linda Kec, Joyce Sorensen, Stephanie Arlt, Barbara Johnson 

Club members practice for weekly matches. 

Rifle and Pistol Club 

The University of Illinois Rifle and Pistol 
Club has been active on campus for forty-six 
years. It is open to all interested students, 
faculty, and staff. The purposes of the club 
are to promote competitive rifle and pistol pro- 
grams and also to train its members in firearms 
safety and marksmanship. Meetings are held 
weekly in the Armory. 

The club's newly formed Hot Stove League 
includes shooters from the campus, the Urbana 
Rifle and Pistol Club, and from Chanute Air 
Force Base. Two matches are fired each week. 
Trophies and medals are presented at the end 
of each semester to the top-scoring individuals 
and teams for the semester. 

The group is affiliated with the National 
Rifle Association. Any member of the Univer- 
sity's Rifle and Pistol Club, who shoots the 
required scores, may qualify for the National 
Rifle Association Awards. The group enters In- 
tercollegiate Postal Leagues. 

Earl Redmond, 

vice president. 

Harry Miller, president. 

Terry Siegler, secretary-treasurer. 


UKRAINIAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION— Top Row: Bohdan Saciuk, Ben Wood, George Mischenko, Orest Hrynewych, James Fedorkiw, 
Anthony Britsky, Petro Kolisnyk, Zenowie Holubec. Second Row: Olena Saciuk, Stephcnie Sydore nko, Anna Pahuchy, Jaroslava Kuchma, Ulana 
Hrynewych, Kalyna Pomirko, Lydic Sawaryn, Maria Wjoowvcz. Bottom Row: Nicholas Pritsky, advisor- Myroslawa Holubec, secretary,- Boris 
Antonovych, presid=nt ; - Alexander Sydorenko, vice president,- Dmytro Shtohryn, advisor. Not In Pcnel: Nicholas Boruta, treasurer/ Lev Hryhorczuk, 
Halyna Traversa, Frederick Thayer, Donald Edv\ards. 

Ukrainian Student Club 

Women's P.E. Majors Club 

The purpose of the Ukrainian Student Asso- 
ciation is to provide an opportunity for all those 
interested in learning about the culture of the 
Ukraine. Membership is open to students, fac- 
ulty, and staff. 

During the year the association participates 
in and sponsors various events, such as the 
International Fair and a Ukrainian Supper. 
This year the organization formed its own stu- 
dent dance group, which will perform at vari- 
ous functions. 

To create a sense of professional identity and 
to increase the members' knowledge of the field 
of physical education are the goals of the Women's 
Physical Education Majors Club. Through con- 
vocations featuring panels, speakers, and sym- 
posiums, the group learns of some of the con- 
cepts and problems with which they will have 
to deal as educators. 

Special social events included a fall campout, 
a high school play day, teas, and a volley ball 
night with the faculty. 

WOMEN'S PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB— Top Row: Y. Groebe, Jacqueline Francis, Mary Hawkins, Jean Baillie, Susan Berry, 
Carol Work, Gail Barber, Judith Kay, Cheryl Wittier, Carolyn Blum, Martha Cunningham, Janet Elling, Carolyn Lewis, Marjorie Shane, Natalie 
Shane, Suzanne Crane, Marilyn Haislet, Darlene Kovanic, Beverly Lytle. Third Row: Jeannette Burda, Gnda Fulton, Jane Fairbank, Peggy Bur- 
meister, Vickie Hawkins, Ann Trees, Elizabeth Sharp, Connie Peterson, Deborah Lundgren, Margaret Atols, Karen Stefani, Marcia Sullivan, 
Jane Pflederer, Brenda Carlson, Toni Bjorn, Julie Huss, Kristine Patton, Betty Miller, Jacqueline Rawa. Second Row: Jean Meier, Robin Medintz, 
Paulette Macros, Judith Beckman, Susan Burroughs, Tara Kost, Maybelle Oakwood, Mrs. Dorothy Phipps, advisor,- Catherine Crawford, president; 
Linda Bunker, vice president,- Bonnie Byrne, Susan Dengel, Penelope Wagoner, Mary Holquist, Stephanie Goods. Bottom Row: Catherine Militello, 
Jane Helbig, Mary Wiertelak, Nancy Gore, Carol Barth, Melissa Dunnan, Roberta Garret, Marcia Smith, Jane Kappel, Cheryl Williams, Donna 
Paser, Cheryl Smith, Christina Tucker, Sandra Douglas. Not In Panel: Frances Fields, Sherrill Riggins, Jo Platter, Janice Weiden, Nancy Felts. 

YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB— Top Row: Lila Koets, Margaret Crawford, Roger Tull, Patrick Toll. Nancy Smith, Robert Auler. Thirteenth Row: William Phebus.Chuch 
Purgy, Robert Walden, Glenn Love. Twelfth Row: Ardis Peterson, James Kenyon, Charles Mateer, Richard Shirley. Eleventh Row: George Conway, Mike Rough ton, Bruce 
Rognowski, Charles Parvin, Les Pettenbeck. Tenth Row: .John Niederbrach, Ronald Dozier, Michael Bolin, John Reed, Douglas Isham. Ninth Row: Danny Nelson, Paul Gar- 
wood, Linda McCain, Marlene Gratchner, Beth Berg, Patricia Thompson. Samuel McCully. Eighth Row: Charles Keyes, Sue Pochyly, Georgiana Krilcich, Lloyd Elliott, 
Neal Shoger, Gail Polcyn. Teresa Reynolds. Seventh Row: Margaret Marr, Barbara Hegan, Randall Sims, Christopher Clark, Arthur Hanson, Constance Fouts, Park Living- 
ston. Keith Nicolai. Sixth Row: Yince Conforti, Stephen McBride, Margaret Roe, David Roe, Linda Karow, Jean Wetterling, Robert Berkover, Howard Green. FifthRow: 
Donald Meyer, Dennis Hensley, Susan Engel, John Meyer, Cynthia Williams, William Gish, John James, Douglas Johnson, Stephen Eggerding, David Armstrong. Fourth 
Row: Gary Sobol, Joann Nagel, Robert Eksten, Jane Rigney, Vincent Hammond, Michael Hogins, Thomas Hoover, Teresa Thompson, Diane McVey. Third Row: Carol 
Pieper, Karen Pieper, Phyllis Meyer, Colleen Barrow, Barbara Waldorf, Marcia Kinder, Cheryl Anderson, Bruce Lefavi, Arlene Kitchin, Patricia Anderson, Danny Richards. 
Second Row: Arthur Lemke, David Nefzger, Karl Eysenbach, James Sanner, Russell Koeller, Karen Morby, Lorraine Crowley, Pamela Millar, Lawrence Petri, Sammy 
Shaffer, Charles Harrold, Wilnia Wake. Bottom Row: Larry Tolbert, Kent McConkey, Lee Mortenson, Jon DeMoss, Nikki Millar, CharlesHug, Paul Johnston, Joseph 
Drolet, Ralph Switzer. 

Young Republican Club 

A primary goal of the Illini Young Repub- 
lican Club is to promote knowledge of prin- 
ciples and leaders of the Republican party. The 
organization aims to give members a general 
political education to enable them to be more 
responsible and politically-aware citizens. It fur- 
ther serves as a forum for the student's political 

The club brings to campus many prominent 
party candidates and spokesmen. In election 
year members do precinct work. 


Acacia, 467 

Agriculture Council, 613 

Agricultural Economics Club, 613 

Agricultural Education Club, 614 

Air Force ROTC, 596-598 

Allen North and South, 340-343 

Alpha Chi Omega, 437 

Alpha Chi Rho, 468 

Alpha Delta Phi, 469 

Alpha Delta Pi, 438 

Alpha Epsilon, 580 

Alpha Epsilon Phi, 439 

Alpha Epsilon Pi, 472 

Alpha Epsilon Rho. t>4 1 

Alpha Gamma Delta, 440 

Alpha Gamma Rho, 470 

Alpha Kappa Alpha, 441 

Alpha Kappa Lambda, 471 

Alpha Kappa Psi, 614 

Alpha Lambda Delta, 579 

Alpha Omicron Pi, 442 

Alpha Phi, 443 

Alpha Phi Alpha, 472 

Alpha Phi Omega, 640 

Alpha Rho Chi, 473 

Alpha Sigma Phi, 474 

Alpha Tau Alpha, 615 

Alpha Tau Omega, 475 

Alpha Xi Delta, 444 

Alpha Zeta, 580 

American Ceramic Society, 615 

America Eoundrymen's Society, 616 

American Institute of Aviation, 616 

American Institute of Chemical 

Engineers, 617 
American Institute of Industrial 

Engineers, 617 
American Recreation Society, 627 
American Society of Agricultural 

Engineering, 618 
American Society of Civil Engineers, 

Angel Flight, 599 
Armed Forces Council, 606 
Armory House, 376 
Association for Childhood Education, 

Armv ROTC, 600-603 
A-Ti-Us, 581 
African Students, 641 

Aavang, Alan Lee, 392 

Abate, Alex Michael, 474 

Abazoris, Norman V., 210 

Abbott, Barbara Ann, 268, 455 

Abbott, Katherine, 232 

Abbott, Randall Lee, 645 

Abelson, Arthur R., 463 

Abell, John Lambert, 170, 613, 614, 615 

Abelson, Arthur Rolfe, 251, 313, 505 

Ablin, Jeffrey Earl, 416 

Abraham, Kenneth Alan, 210, 500, 640 

Abraham, William John, 506, 572 

Abramovitz, Max, 56 

Abrams, Barry Steven, 518 

Abrams, Carol Ann, 361 

Abrams, Holly Dyne, 421 

Abrams, Howard Irving, 518 

Abrams, Wendy Illene, 398 

Abramson, David V., 587 

Abruzzo, Daniel N., 405 

Acker, Dolores Annette, 170 

Ackerman, Arthur Wade, 491 

Ackerman, Larry Lee, 210, 422 

Ackermann, Lynne Elsa, 455 

Ackins, Vivian, 345, 619 

Ackland, Janet Kay, 250, 307, 437, 491 

Ackoff , Peter Jacob, 645 

Acord, Jon Stephen, 514 

Acuff, Frank Lee, 293, 493 

Adair, Jean Louise, 427 

Adair, Sharon Kay, 170, 460, 623 

Adam, Richard Anthony, 396 

Adamaitis, Janice, 460, 606 

Adami, Dave Richard, 481 

Adamovich, Nancy Lee, 360 

Adams, David Oliver, 193 

Adams, Eugene Harold, 389 

Adams, Gerald Lee, 410 

Adams, Larry Lane, 282, 398, 587 

Adams, Leith Sawyer, 388, 631 

Adams, Michael Raymond, 398 

Adams, Michael Thomas, 386, 610 

Adams, Richard Leigh, 507 

Adams, Robert Eldon, 618 

Adams, Roy Dean, 477 

Adams, Sharon Lynn, 443 

Adams, William Ray, 507 

Adamski, Barbara Jean, 210, 349 

Adamson, Judith Ann, 250, 420, 452 

Addis, Stephany Lea, 340 

Addis, William Henry, 413 

Adell, Roger, 178 

Adelman, Karen Rae, 429 

Adelman, Lawrence M., 178 

Adelman, Linda Gail, 400 

Adelman, Terry Irwin, 210, 426, 430 

Aden, Herbert Lee, 170, 613, 625 

Adkins, Stephen Ellis, 379 

Adler, Susan Frances, 429 

Adler.'Thomas Albert,T393 

Adrian, Eunice Jane, 286, 338, 369 

Adrian, Phebe Kay, 3691 

Afflerbaugh, Donald E., 178 

Africh, Janis Louise, 400 

Aggen, John, III, 193, 385 

Aghetta, Viki, 430 

Agler, Thomas Charles, 432 

Agnello, Ninfa, 340 

Agnew, Harlan Charles, 389 

Agrest, Gary Warren, 424 

Agron, Edythe Rose, 456 

Agwuna, Emmanuel N., 235 

Ahart, John C, 286, 585 

Ahlberg, James Edwin, 483 

Ahlf, Ann Junetta, 644 

Ahlsen, Beverly Mae, 323 

Aiels, Martha Jo, 308, 356 

Aiken, Richard C, 376 

Airola, John Allen, 405 

Akers, Linda Susan, 328, 399 

Akin, David Edwin, 251, 270, 470 

Akinbami, Temitayo K., 641 

Aklinski, Dennis C, 178, 501 

Al-Kishtaini, Sabah F., 620 

Alban, Bennett Michael, 249, 275, 277, 

Alban, Scott Howard, 408 

Albano, Daniel Vincent, 210, 320, 389 

Albert, Sharon Lynne, 420 

Albertine, John Martin, 210, 389 

Alberts, Joann, 428 

Alberts, Michael John, 477 

Albin, Lynn Howard, 392 

Albrecht, Kathleen M., 430 

Albrecht, Kenneth W., 235 

Alcom, Diana Lynn, 364 

Alder, Gordon S., 599 

Aldrich, John Norris, 617, 622 

Aldrich, Robert A., 308, 518 

Alesandrini, Carlo G., 210, 340, 474 

Alexander, Arlie A., 423 

Alexander, Beth Lynn, 458 

Alexander, David E., 322 

Alexander, David F., 178, 581 

Alexander, David L., 210 

Alexander, Dennis M., 386 

Alexander, Gregory S., 466, 493 

Alexander, John Arthur, 622 

Alexander, Kenneth J., 469 

Alexander, William A., 467 

Alikonis, Janet Sue, 460 

Alison, Ida Kathleen, 345, 619, 620 

Allaman, Gail Lee, 251, 470, 580 

Allard, Michael Duane, 508 

Allen, Barbara Lee, 320, 354 

Allen, Bruce Arthur, 128 

Allen, Carol Elizabeth, 445 

Allen, David Lee, 521, 615 

Allen, Eric Curt, 376, 474 

Allen, Gerald Wayne, 385 

Allen, Jary Aline, 438 

Allen, Jesse David, Jr., 514 

Allen, John Stuart, 202 

Allen, Judith Blair, 452 

Allen, Kerry Kenn, 275, 402, 403, 405 

Allen, Nancy K., 368 

Allen, Raymond Thomas, 414 

Allen, Rebecca Ann, 210, 345 

Allen, Richard George, 587 

Allen, Sammy Kaye, 406 

Allen, Sue Katherine, 459 

Allen, Tracey Lee, 363 

Alles, Patricia Louise, 359 

Allie, Glen Leonard, 571, 627 

Allison, Herman Dean, 403, 425, 611 

Allison, Sara Ann, 358 

Allison, Toni Jean, 359, 645 

Allison, Turee Lee, 338, 355, 636 

Allswang, Nancy Donna, 456 

Almgren, Michael L., 644 

Alonas, Paul George, 423, 645 

Alpern, Ronald Stuart, 322, 386 

Alpert, Brian David, 505 

Alpert, Sidney Alan, 519 

Alpert, Susan Irene, 185, 352 

Alsberg, Terry Wayne, 517 

Alshabibi, Muhsin M. A., 620 

Alster, Susan, 251 

Altenbaumer, Larry F., 416 

Alter, Sharon Zaye, 344 

Altgilbers, Margaret, 339, 420 

Althaus, David George, 330, 486 

Altmix, Amy Louise, 340 

Altonen, Wilhart N., 193 

Altschul, Sharon P., 440 

Alvers, Jack Harold, 587 

Alward, Phillip Douglas, 398 

Amann, Peter Charles, 379 

Amberg, Stephen Charles, 429 

Ambrose, Connie L., 449 

Ambrose, Sharon Kay, 449 

Ambrosini, Adeline D., 362 

Ambrosius, James W., 644 

Ambrosius, Lloyd E., 250 

Amdor, Philip Kay, 431 

Ament, Rickey Jerome, 634 

Amerlan, Howard Allan, 320 

Ames, Carol Anne, 210 

Ames, George Melville, 409 

Ames, Rowena Louise, 369 

Amideo, William Fred, 413 

Amidon, Geoffrey R., 396 

Amiguet, Luisa Soohie, 400 

Amnions, Edsel Albert, 322, 415, 416 

Amos, Linda Lee, 356 J 
Amosu, James Olakunle, 580, 641 
Amram, Robert Michael, 471 
Amrein, Stephen R., 193, 377 
Amstutz, Sharon Kay, 419, 584 
Amstutz, Susan Elaine, 340 
Amt, Donald Fred, 381 
Amundsen, Steven B., 385 
Anagnos, Dean A., 396 
Ancheta, David S., Jr., 406 
Andalman, Judith Jean, 440 
Andermann, Ralph John, 210 
Andersen, Judith Ann, 210 
Anderson, Barbara G., 349 
Anderson, Carl John, 210, 248 
Anderson, Carol E., 210, 371 
Anderson, Carol Jean, 371 
Anderson, Charles E., 499 
Anderson, Cheryl Ann, 647 
Anderson, Cheryl L., 365, 442 
Anderson, Christine E., 369 
Anderson, Clayton M., 463, 481 
Anderson, Corinne G., 345 
Anderson, David W., 485 
Anderson, Dennis C, 276, 506 
Anderson, Don Leroy, 193, 617 
Anderson, Douglas A., 410, 587 
Anderson, Elisabeth C, 170 
Anderson, Ellen Lynn, 363, 599 
Anderson, George Paul, 397, 638 
Anderson, James Wilson, 477 
Anderson, Janet Carol, 454 
Anderson, Jean Marion, 210, 454 
Anderson, John C, 249 
Anderson, John Edward, 491 
Anderson, John Long, 259 
Anderson, Jon Walden, 485 
Anderson, Julie Alice, 210, 348 
Anderson, Kai Grant, 248, 256, 514, 571 
Anderson, Karen M., 450 
Anderson, Kathryn J., 210, 358, 644 
Anderson, Kenneth W., 427 
Anderson, Kerry Craig, 476, 571 
Anderson, Kimberly K., 460 
Anderson, Larry Ray, 412 
Anderson, Leah Jean, 430 
Anderson, Lynette Gay, 210 
Anderson, Lynn Adele, 340 
Anderson, Margaret V., 210 
Anderson, Marilyn E., 322, 340, 634 
Anderson, Michael D., 263, 641 
Anderson, Michael J., 210, 424 
Anderson, Nancy Jean, 170, 460 
Anderson, Patricia A., 340, 647 
Anderson, Randi L., 349 
Anderson, Richard A., 514, 572 
Anderson, Richard C, 640 
Anderson, Richard E., 193, 276, 386 
Anderson, Richard G., 193, 248, 249, 

252, 280, 477, 582, 618, 610 
Anderson, Robert A., 408 
Anderson, Robert S., 251 
Anderson, Ronald R., 616 
Anderson, Sally Lou, 363 
Anderson, Sheryl Ann, 328, 432 
Anderson, Sibyl A., 645 
Anderson, Stephanie L., 343 
Anderson, Steven John, 193 
Anderson, Steven R., 467 
Anderson, Sue Marie, 363 
Anderson, Thomas Carl, 389, 406 
Anderson, Thomas Charles, 615 
Anderson, Thomas James, 178 
Anderson, Vicki Kay, 278, 356, 623 
Anderson, Victoria M., 443 
Anderson, William F., 517 
Anderson, William J., 302, 374, 381 
Andre, Kenneth William, 500 
Andreasen, Alan Jay, 320, 586 
Andreoni, Linda Ann, 348 
Andres, Allan Cletus, 423 
Andres, Russell Allen, 504 
Andres, Sandra Jean, 37* 
Andresen, Richard J., 517 
Andrew, Mary Ellen, 210, 453 
Andrews, Bruce Rolf, 507 
Andrews, Herrold Dean, 377 
Andrews, Marsha Sue. 356 
Andrews, Maureen S., 340 
Andrews, Michael Lee, 509 
Andrews, Pamela Lynn, 323 
Andrews, Thelma 475 
Andrews, William Hal, 210 
Andrysiak, David M., 297 
Anfinson, Carol Louise, 178 
Angel, Roger, 104, 251 
Angell, Susan Fisher, 383 
Anglen, David Max, 389 
Anglesano, Annette M., 345 
Angone, Adrienne Lynn, 321, 328, 460 

Angus, Kenneth Edwin, 270, 491 
Angus, Robert Harold, 625 
Anheuser, Terry, 178 
Aniballi, Douglas F., 623 
Animagi, Carmen, 2 75 
Annis, Mary Jo, 419 
Anniss, Janice Kaye, 369 
Anniss, Robert Eugene, 170, 614 
Anniss, Mrs. William, 423 
Annis, William T., 414, 618 
Anticol, Annabelle R., 352 
Antonovych, Boris R., 647 
Anzine, Paul Charles, 411 

Apken, Barbara Ann, 325, 399 

Appel, Susan Carrie, 358 

Appelman, Carol Elleno, 458 

Apple, Lowell Gordon, 193 

Applegate, James R., 474 

Apsey, Stephen Hall, 500 

Arana, Hernando, 411 

Arbeiter, Judith M., 447, 629 

Arbetman, Carla Joan, 352 

Arbogast, Rober E., 210, 432, 645 

Archambault, Mary Ann, 349 

Archer, Linda D., 430 

Archer, Robert R., 407 

Archer, Virginia Ruth, 349 

Ardell, Milford Ames, 178, 513, 581 

Arend, Ross Alan, 386 

Arendt, James William, 496 

Arendt, Janice Marie, 429 

Arisman, Arthur T., 389 

Arkwright, Marjorie, 2 62 

Aden, Kathryn Grace, 317, 457 

Arlt, Stephanie Karen, 443, 645 

Armbrust, Ronald O., 506 

Armour, Keith Scott, 412 

Armstrong, Cynthia L., 356 

Armstrong, David L., 178, 647 

Armstrong, Diane Rae, 427 

Armstrong, Harlow S., 490 

Armstrong, Vickie Lynn, 351 

Arndt, Lynn Dianne, 453, 598 

Arney, Kenneth Wayne, 210, 318, 319 

Arnold, Frank William, 235 

Arnold, Harry Bruce, 498 

Arnold, James Mark, 469 

Arnold, Ruth Claire, 170 

Arnold, Terry Gene, 474 

Arnstein, Gary Arthur, 396 

Arnold, Terry Gene, 474 

Arnstein, Gary Arthur, 396 

Aron, Barbara Jean, 368 

Aron, Richard F., 390, 645 

Aronoff, Richard, 472 

Aronson, Jaycee Wilma, 210, 353 

Aronson, Larry, 430 

Arras, Roger E., 580 

Arrichiello, Felecia, 452 

Arsenty, Richard, 409 

Arter, Dennis Royce, 482 

Arthur, Robert Bruce, 406 

Artstein, Joan M., 340 

Arvedson, Mrs. F., 634 

Arvedson, Mr., 634 

Asbury, Charles Wade, 489, 587 

Asch, Albert John, 320 

Aschbacher, David F., 202, 476 

Ascher, Lester E., 210 

Aschman, Michael, 640 

Ash, Anthony Decosta, 318 

Ash, Cynthia Sue, 455 

Ash, John Frederick, 506 

Ash, Lyn Gale, 470, 631 

Ash, Robert Paul, 202, 586 

Ash, Thomas Michael, 587 

Ashamy, Sharon Anne, 438 

Ashbaugh, John David, 620 

Ashbrook, Deborah L., 321, 356 

Ashby, Gary Vradley, 389 

Ashmore, Constince, 321 

Ashmore, Jamile A., 573 

Asin, Maria Luz, 210 

Aspengren, Mary Lou, 210 

Asselmeier, Charles, 430 

Ate, Judy Lee, 627 

Atkenson, Susan Jeann, 421, 442 

Atkins, Merle Eugene, 480 

Atlas, Susan Miriam, 368 

Atols, Margaret Helen, 648 

Atteberry, Ray Eugene, 493 

Atutis, Victor A., 210 

A 'wood, Aneita Kay, 383 

Atwood, John William, 634 

Au, Patrick S. K., 407 

Aubrey, Kathleen Sue, 421 

Aubry, Robert James, 178 

Auer, Victoria Dean, 314 

Aufrech , Ronald J., 210, 505, 572 

Augustin, Adrian R., 500 

Auler, Rober Isham, 250, 647 

Ault, James Leonard, 470 

Ault, Marion Hairiet, 369 

Ault, Marlha Jane, 339, 365 

Aurienne, Barbara G., 354 

Austermuehle, F., 379 

Austin, Steve Earl, 392 

Austin, William W., 178, 280, 480 

Ausubel, Frederick M., 251 

Autry, Minor F., 613 

Avery, Minor Ferris, 406 

Austermuehle, F., 379 

Austin, Steve Earl, 392 

Austin, William W., 178, 280, 480 

Ausubel, Frederick M., 251 

Autry, Minor F., 613 

Avery, Minor Ferris, 406 

Awe, Carl Frederick, 170 

Axelrad, Michael P., 502 

Axelson, Betty Maureen, 438 

Axel^on, Emily Kastning, 207 

Axelson, Gary Lee, 207, 631 

Ayers, James Leslie, 374, 396 

Ayers, Mark Alan, 410 

Ayles.vorth, William R., 475 

Azeris, Ivar Roland, 489 

Azoff , Irving Lee, 472 



Baptist Student Foundation, 633 

Baptist Student Union, 633 

Barton House, 346 

Beta Alpha Psi, 58] 

Beta House, 349 

Beta Sigma Psi, 581 

Beta Theta Pi, 47V 

Blaisdell Hall, 362 

Busev Hall, 344-345 

Bromley Hall, 304-400 

Baackes, John William, 305, 463, 485 
Babbs, Jacqueline Rae, 599 
Babcock, Beth Ann, 263, 457 
Babcock, Cornelia J., 202 
Babka, Jane Ellen, 439 
Babka, Michael Edward, 483 
Bach, Eric Lawrence, 493 
Bachenheimer, Sieven, 210, 390 
Bachman, Robert Jay, 178, 248, 249, 

252, 475, 572, 581, 593 
Bachman, Rodney Orvil, 250 
Bachrach, Sally, 266, 454 
Bachta, Richard LeAi-, 193, 463, 489 
Backus, Bonnie Lee, 429 
Bacon, Robert Louis, 423 
Baczak, Robert Allen, 251, 589 
Badal, Robert Samuel, 210, 480 
Bade, John Henry, 413 
Bade, John Mark, 517 
Badenoch, Bruce Donald, 397 
Baehm, Ronald, 482 
Baer, Christian, 318 
Baer, David Michael, 282 
Baer, Jane Ellen, 420 
Baer, Mary Margaret, 419 
Bahar, Mary Louise, 324, 345 
Bahmanyar, Reza, 193 
Bahrmasel, Steven Jay, 513 
Bailor, Dr. John C, 280 
Bailen, Dennis Marc, 513 
Bailey, Claudia Lynn, 355 
Bailey, Elaine, 210, 249, 421, 589 
Bailey, James Lloyd, 193, 508 
Bailey, Janet Louise, 445 
Bailey, Leonard Robert, 618 
Bailey, Tom, (advisor), 641 
Baillargeon, Doreen, 325, 326 
Baillie, i ean Ann, 333, 366, 648 
Bain, Joseph Henry, 202, 473 
Bainter, Robert Lyle, 574, 613 
Baird, Curtis James, 310 
Baird, George I., r., 514 
Baird, James Clark, 411 
Baird, John Harris, Jr., 586 
Baizer, Robert Steven, 519 
Baker, Barbara Ellen, 207, 445, 591 
Baker, Donald Andrew, 210 
Baker, Edward Kirk, 486 
Baker, James William, 503, 590 
Baker, Prof. John H., 583 
Baker, Lou, (coach), 571 
Baker, Marlin Gregory, 509 
Baker, Michelle H., 333, 346 
Baker, Mildred Ann, 356 
Baker, Paul James, 376 
Baker, Paula Iynn, 383 
Baker, Phillip Eugene, 520 
Baker, Richard Alan, 471 
Baker, Sandra Sue, 430 
Baker, Sara Lynn, 202, 248, 317, 351, 

Bafcker, Jack Joseph, 463, 501 
Balagna, William A., 424 
Balas, Glenn Sherwin, 398 
Balasubramanyam, V. N., 393 
Baldo, Christopher, 178 
Baldwin, Charles, 474 
Baldwin, Dorothy, 371 
Bale, Linda Lee, 287, 344 
Balgley, Jane Margaret, 210, 437 
Balk, Melvin Walker, 586 
Balke, Gary Lee, 429 
Ball, David Lee, 211 
Ball, Richard Dennis, 178 
Ball, Roberta Louise, 332, 434, 436, 443 
Ball, Wanda Lynn, 372 
Ballance, Elizabeth J., 368 
Ballantyne, William B., 471, 617 
Ballard, Lynn Valerie, 399 
Ballew, Barbara Kay, 268, 457 
Balliett, Jane Lois, 250, 301, 450, 591, 

Ballman, Anne, 301 
Balma, 'Ihomas Wayne, 321, 392 
Balsley, Lawrence E., 386 
Balton, Roberta Donna, 210 
Balz, Daniel John, 251, 302, 303, 589 
Bamond, Kerry John, 178 
Banach, Cecelia Mary, 429 
Bandera, Robert A., 413 
Bandstra, Arnold B , 19?, 627 
Bandy, Sherry Kay, 348 
Banholzer, Richard T., 321 
Banks, Kathleen Mary, 344 
Bankson, Carol Ann, 351 , 624 
Banner, Delmar Keith, 170, 320, 470, 

580, 586, 613 
Banner, Harvey Allen, 498 
Bannon, Joseth J., 627 
Bantsilas, John N., 410, 616 
Bantz, Stephen Earl, 503 
Barab, Stuart, 415 
Barbakoff , Lee Richard, 512 
Barbatfi, Joseph R., 235 
Barber, Gail Sue, 648 

Barber, Jane Sharon, 357 

Barber, Kathryn D., 453 

Barberie, Katherine L., 370 628 

Barberly, James, 587 

Barce, Janice Lynn, 366 

Barch, Caren Diane, 421 

Barchers, Daniel E., 211, 482 

Barclay, Dennis Jay, 428 

Barclay, Sara-Rene, 170 

Bardige, Stephen I., 423 

Baren, Terry Allen, 472 

Barenfanger, Joan, 457 

Barfuss, Joseph Oren, 503 

Barger, Nancy Kay, 356 

Bargh, George H., 164 

Bargiel, Jo Ann, 437 

Bargo, Kennith Ray, 416 

Banff, Martin Louis, 581 

Barkan, Fredi Ann, 211, 448 

Barkan, Myra Beth, 349 

Barkei, Carolyne Joy, 368 

Barker, Janet Lee, 348 

Barker, John Lennard, 469 

Barker, Nancy Lee, 629 

Barkley, Nancy Ann, 193, 629, 644 

Barksdale, Janet Sue, 320 

Barnard, Alan Roy, 385 

Barnard, Edith Ellen, 359 

Barnard, Jayne Weeks, 579 

Barnas, Ann Lorise, 207, 437 
Barnes, Carl Baird, 504 
Barnes, Carole Lynn, 443, 599 
Barnes, Georgia Ann, 339 
Barnes, Joyce Ann, 354 
Barnes, Kenneth Roger, 467 
Barnes, Marilyn Joyce, 421 
Barnes, Robert Douglas, 412 
Barnes, Thomas Raymond, 507 
Barnett, Bonnie Mara, 317, 369 
Barnett, Colette E., 211 
Barnett, James Vernon, 193, 615 
Barney, Alan Fredrick, 521 
Barnhill, Mrs. Mary (Sigma Nu house- 
mother) .507 
Barnum, Robert T., Jr., 484 
3arocca, Richard C, 583 
Baron, Lawrence, 472 
Baron, Michele Ann, 440 
Baron, Roberta Sue, 170, 440 
Barragree, Kenneth E., 467 
Barrett, Arthur K, 396 
Barrett, Carol Ann, 211 
Barrett, Frank J., 407 
Barrett, Thomas J., 489 
Barrick, William H., 484 
Barrow, Colleen Marie, 6 7 
Barry, Eugene Kevin, 193, 485 
Barry, Susan Lorraine, 263, 303, 420 
Bartelmay, Judith Lynn, 350 
Bartenstein, Evelyn, 399 
Bartenstein, Lynne, 428 
Barth, Carol Rcsanne, 428, 648 
Barth, George David, 193 
Barth, Geraldine Ann, 623 
Barth, Judith Ann, 328, 430 
Bartlett, Elsie Jane, 340 
Bartlett, Harold W., 644 
Bartlett, Judith Jean, 357 
Bartlett, Pamela Ann, 339, 420 
Bartlett, Terri Dale, 454 
Bartley, Barbara L., 340 
Bartley, John Leslie, 623 
Bartock, David S., 490 
Bartoli, Mary Virginia, 437 
Bartolotti, Libero J., 377, 592 
Barton, David Robert, 320 
Barton, Richard W„ 211, 467 
Barton, William W., 631 
Bartow, Elaine Marie, 308, 444 
Bartuska, Francis J., 386, 610 
Bartz, Clarence Dean, 616 
Bartz, Edward August, 499, 627 
Baruck, John Elliot, 498 
Barylske, Judith K., 371 
Barzilai, Elias, 376, 390, 634 
Baseman, Lauren, 440 
Basil, Philip Charles, 211, 469 
Basine, James Mack, 521 
Baskin, Neil Marcum, 502 
Bass, Bonnie Mae, 347 
Bass, George Warren, 193, 321 
Bass, Mira Joy, 264, 458 

Bass, Raymond Charles, 519 

Bassett, Dennis George, 409 

Basso, Barbara Jane, 346 

Bastert, Linda K., 445 

Bastian, Nancy Jean, 432 

Batalia, Barbara, 429 

Batchelder, Robert B., 110, 178, 248, 
463, 465, 475, 571 

Bateman, H., 618 

Bateman, Lauren Ann, 591 

Bates, Gregory Stewart, 322, 509 

Bates, James Andrew, 235 

Bates, loan Elaine, 363 

Bates, Michael J. 318 

Bates. Peter Allyn, 475, 572 

Bates, Robert Earl, 475 

Bates, Timothy Mason, 313, 507 

Batista, Claudia E., 439 

Batmanghelidj, A., 211 

Battinus, James R., 500 

Battuello, Paul, 520 

Baudino, Rebecca Lynn, 383, 644 

Bauer, Major Daniel, 604 
Bauer, Mrs. Daniel, 606 
Bauer, Dixie Lee, 312 
Bauer, loan Louise, 363 
Bauer, Robert Charles, 485 
Bauer, Tom, 566, 575 

Baugh, Charles R., 250 

Baugh, Gail Irene, 355 

Baughn, Mrs. Morse, 452 

Bauling, Douglas, 625 

Baum, Aris Ruth, 211, 448 

Bauman, David John, 379, 611, 617 

Bauman, Henry Louis, 379, 610, 611 

Baumann, John Leonard, 494 

Baumgardner, Robert, 510 

Baumgartner, Rodney G., 620 

Baumgartner, Rowene, 351 

Bavmer, Robert W., 432 

Bavor, Herbert John, 491 

Bawden, Carole Susan, 211, 445 

Baxendale, Richard N., 482 

Baxter, Byron Lee, 422, 618 

Baxter, Harry Long, 411 

Baxter, Lawrence W., 249, 251, 258, 

277, 374, 375, 384, 493, 501 
Baxter, Michael James, 493, 501 
Bayer, Edward Anthony, 506 
Bayer, Katherine Ruth, 421 
Bayer, Lyn Francis, 623 
Baykow, Arsene L., 406 
Baymiller, James B., 484 
Bayne, Prof. James, 588 
Bays, Karen Lynn, 621 
Beach, Edwajd James, 422, 582, 591 
Beal, Marlene Shirley, 349 
Beall, Charles Wayne, 193, 467 
Bean, Gerald Alan, 631 
Bean, Haldane, (Acacia chapter ad- 
visor). 467 
Bean, Kaye Maxine, 368 
Bean, Thomas Ray, 467 
Bear, Barbara Linn, 363 
Bearden, John Edward, 211, 481 
Beardsley, Douglas, 594 
Beare, Janis Gay, 328 
Beaswell, Joan Postel, 232 
Beatty, Robert C, 424 
Beaudway, Janet Ann, 328, 362 
Beaumont, Katherine S., 340 
Beazley, John Kenneth, 193, 280, 515 
Bechem, William Jacob, 211 
Bechtel, David Samuel, 176, 250, 463, 

470, 580 
Beck, Gerald Paul, Jr., 477 
Beck, Jacqueline Ruth, 263, 453, 579 
Beck, Robert Victor, 495 
Beck, Sandra Joyce, 211, 436, 453 
Becker Arthur Michael 591 
Becker Barbara Ann 348 
Becker Carol Ann 343 623 
Becker, Dwight L., 586 
Becker, Joan Paulette, 400 
Becker, Judith Ann, 185, 445 
Becker,KatherineV.,185, 252, 317,443 
Becker, Kathleen Ann, 356 
Becker, Michael David, 519 
Becker, Michael Roy, 211 
Becker, NancyEllen. 352 
Becker, Rita Lynn, 456 
Becker, Rcbert C, 613 
Becker, Stephen Vaughn, 428 
Becker, Susan Mary, 443 
Becker, Ihomas Keith, 299 
Beckman, Arnold O., 55 
Beckman, Gary Allen, 483 
Beckman, Jean Ann, 444 
Beckman, Judith Lee, 348, 648 
Beckmeyer, Barbara, 272, 325, 453 
Bedford, Eric Douglas, 320, 587 
Bedient, Mary Lou, 338 
Bednar, Lawrence, 425 
Bednar, Richard Olin, 207, 297, 499 
Bednarczyk, Donald J., 425 
Beederman, Victcr F., 178, 430 
Beekman, Sarah Helen, 185, 457 
Beem, Richard Stine, 211, 479 
Beeman, Robert Heibert, 193 
Beeson, John Richard, 506 
Begando, DeVillo J., 344 
Beggs, Drexellen, 211, 338, 357 
Begun, Peggy Joy, 395, 398 
Behnke, Harcld W., Jr., 491 
Behrendt, Walter R., Jr., 623 
Behrens, James W., 380 
Behrnger, Clara, 286 
Beicher, Sue Anne, 330, 437 
Beiriger, Susan C, 360 
Beise, Theodore W., 202 
Beiser, Donald Glenn, 389 
Beitz, James Anton, 640 
Beitz, Richard Wayne, 614, 635, 638 
Beitzow, Karen, 366 
Bejlovec, Josephine L., 340 
Beirowski, James J., 510 
Belinger, David George, 193, 499 
Belden, Sandra Sue, 456 
Belinotf .Robert Jay, 207, 248 
Bell, Bonita Jo, 340 

Bell, Cathryn Ann, 430 

Bell, Crystal Camille, 349 

Bell, Patricia Jamie, 362 

Bell, Patti Lynn, 185, 448 

Bell, Randall Lee, 617 

Bell, Rodney Earl, 385 

Bell, Sally Ann, 469 

Bell, Samuel Kenneth, 640 

Beller, Georgia '1 ruoy, 421 

Beller, Iris Ruth, 366 

Bellinoff.Alan Eliot, 505 

Belmont, Joserh Paul, 519 

Belofsky, Alan Lee, 383 

Belpusi, Alonda, 322, 356 

Belssner, Louise A., 207, 452 

Belter, Richard Wayne, 379 

Belton, Thomas E i^ sel, 170, 486 
Ben-Dov, Eitan, 617 

Benard, David James, 390 

Benard, Michael Dean, 325, 388, 289 

Benassi, John Mario, 485 

Bencic, Michael M., 211 

Bendas, Michael Allen, 611 

Bendel, Andrew Alan, 517 

Bender, Teffrey Tay, 409 

Bender, Michael H., 505 

Bender, Richard W., 495 

Benedick, Linda Jean, 367 

Benedict, John J., 413 

Benejam, Jorge Pa lo,511 

Benford, Woodrow, 379 

Benjamin, Paul F., 490 

Benjamin, William M., 193, 423 

Benn, Edwin Howard, 472 

Benn, Howard Phillip, 416 

Benner, Georgiana, 271, 444 

Bennett, Alice Bernice, 368 

Bennett, Christine, 324 

Bennett, Dale Mary, 444 

Bennett, David Irwin, 513 

Bennett, Deborah Anne, 383 

Bennett, Richard Alan, 474 

Bennett, Sari Johanna, 428 

Bennett, Stephen Lee, 507 

Bennett, Wayne B., 610 

Benoist, Tack Gordon, 471 

Bensen, Robert, 407 

Benson, Allan Sigvard, 423, 614 

Benson, Barry Daniel, 282, 477 

Benson, Gordon John, 383, 628 

Benson, James Michael, 490 

Benson, Jerry Lee, 211 

Bensen, Leland Nathan, 498 

Benson, Randy K., 414 

Benson, Robert Charles, 476 

Bentkover, Myrna L., 358 

Bentley, (Dean), 169 

Bentley, Jennifer C, 263 

Bentley, John Phillip, 480 

Bentley, I inda Ann, 282, 443 

Bentley, Peter Thomas, 500 

Benware, Marylea M., 207, 303, 454 

Benz, Stanley Raymcnd, 379 

Bequette, Terryl Lee, 416 

Bercher, Harry O., 57 

Bercovitz, Elliot M., 465, 519 

Berg, Barbara Ann, 309, 369 

Berg, Beth Marie, 581 , 647 

Berg, Donna May, 211, 370 

Berg, Earl Harold, Jr., 493 

Berg, Eli abeth M., 351 

Berg, Jean Carol, 421 

Berg, Richard Laveme, 425 

Berger, Chari Regina, 211, 451 

Berger, David Allison, 481 

Berger, Fred Keith, 390 

Berger, Joel Robert, 492 

Berger, Kenneth E., 634 

Berger, Sterhen Llcyd, 492 

Bergeron, Kathleen R., 359 

Berghorn, George, 324, 392 

Berglund, Robert M., 408 

Bergman, Jacqueline R., 349 

Bergman, Robyn Ann, 430 

Bergman, Rcnald W., 469 

Bergner, Herman F., 193, 608 

Bergner, Steven E„ 379 

Bergquist, Peter C, 374 

Bergstrom, John Harold, 178, 491 

Bergstrom, Pamela J., 447 

Beringer, Jeanette M., 446, 579, 628 

Berk, Harold Ro ert, 266 

Berkenstadt, Gail J., 421 

Berkenstadt, Joy Susan, 185, 451 

Berkery, Pamela V., 339, 350 

Berkman, Laurel Ann, 211, 352 

Berkman, Robert Allen, 390 

Berkover, Robert L., 472, 647 

Berkowitz, Rhoma S., 263, 353 

Berkson, To y S., 317 

Berlin, Barbara S., 421 

Berlin, Bonnie Susan, 420 

Berline, Prudence B., 211,249/317, 589 

Berliner, Donald D., 427 

Berlow, Susan Jill, 185 

Berman, David Michael, 472 

Berman, David Samuel, 396 

Berman, Elaine B., 421 

Berman, Harriet M., 346 

Berman, Howard James,'178,'512, r 581, 

Berman, Toann, 352 
Berman, Michael R., 299 
Berman, Steven P., 502 
Bernard, John S., 517 
Bernard, Richard J., 517 
Bernardini, Charles R., 506 
Bernardo, John, 483 
Bernberg, Victoria C, 456 
Berngard, Russell Lee. 519 

Berning, Richard T., 389, 627 

Berns, Frederic James, 610 

Berns, Sherri Lynn, 185, 352 

Bems, Thomas B., 618 

Bernsee Frederick R., 485 

Bernstein, Bonnie A., 400 

Bernstein, Eugene H., 178, 519, 581 

Bernstein, Howard M., 472 

Bernstein, Terry M., 505 

Bernstein, Meryl, 400 

Bernstein, Naomi H., 358 

Bernstein, Steven J., 492 

Berry, Jan Fiances, 340 

Berry, Tanette Marie, 421 

Berry, Nancy B., 367 

Berry, Susan, 648 

Berry, Susan Jean, 439, 445 


Berryman, John Moron, 318, 500 

Bersell, Maureen D., 211, 439 

Berthold, Robert Paul, 641 

Berthold, Thomas R., 308, 414 

Bertowitz, Rhona, 269 

Bertram, Patricia J., 211, 359 

Berts, Michael, 407 

Bertschi, Larry, 621 

Bertucci, Bruno F., 386 

Bess, Barbara Joan, 359 

Bess, Ronald Warren, 251, 475, 530, 

571, 589, 593 
Bessinger, Barbara A., 185, 456 
Best, Linda Kay, 325, 326, 365, 585 
Betancourt-Vasquez, A., 193 
Betka, Sue Ellen, 348 
Bettis, Gregory S., 299, 517, 641 
Bettis, Kenneth Ray, 470 
Bettisch, Alan George, 587 
Bettisworth, Donald D., 325 
Betzelberger, Ro ert, 1 70, 470, 624, 580 
Beuk, Elsa Katharine, 634 
Bevans, Kathleen Gay, 211, 249, 589 
Beyer, Barbara Anita, 371 
Beyer, Marian Louise, 369 
Beynon, Rozamond L. G., 324, 363 
Bezdek, Thomas George, 644 
Bial, John Joseph, 640 
Biallas, Randall Jay, 202, 410 
Biancalana, Martin J., 273, 488 
Bibb, Linda Kay, 320, 364 
Bible, Barbara Ellen, 340 
Biciste, Donald C, 416 
Bickell, Nova Mac, 635 
Bicket, Dennis S., 170, 614 
Bicket, Janet Diane, 368 
Bickman, Sister Mary Claire, 211 
Bidde, Miss Patricia, 361 
Biddle, Fredrick D., 618 
Biddle, Richard Eugene, 416 
Biderbost, William £., 202 
Biderman, George R., 178, 333, 467 
Bidner, Robert Gene, 374, 384, 624 
Bidwill, James Edward, 463, 517 
Bieder, Diane Marie, 420 
Biedron, Theodore J., 504 
Biehl, Edna Cornelia, 362 
Bielat, Harold Michael, 428, 641 
Bieller, James Russel, 411 
Bielski, Michael E., 321 
Bieniasz, Robeit B., 389 
Bieritz, John Herman, 432, 591 
Bieseczad, Robert L., 497 
Bieszczat, Frank John, 211 
Bigger, Joseph Gray, 481 
Biggins, Lawrence, 170 
Bigner, Lorelei Jeann, 232, 348 
Bike, Claudia Ann, 207, 444 
Bild, Ronad Pe er, 170 
Billngs, Janice M., 185, 439 
Billingston, Robert L., 376 
Biltgen, Renard Leon, 211, 467 
Bilyeu, Alan Dale 321, 89 
Bilyeu, James Alfred, 324, 486 
Binder Shron, 340 
Bing, Frank, 408 
Bingham, Robert Clark, 610 
Binkus, Ronald, 377 
Birch, Frank Duane, 428 
Birch, John Robert, 411 
Bird, Jerry Lee, 613 
Bird, Ri:hard Leroy, 406 
Birk, John Louis, 4i4 
Birkenmaier, Sherrill, 455 
Birkett, Barbara M., 360 
Birnbaum, Martin H., 390, 620 
Biron, Joyce Ann, 211, 428 
Birren, Aex C, III, 497 615 
Birzele, Frederick D., 235 
Bisc off, Mark P ul, 506 
Bi e oldt, Rev. R. T. 6 = 8 
Bishop, Danny Heail, 499 
Bishop, Darrell Lynn, 416 
Bishop, Donald C, 518, 611 
Bishop, Robert Bruce, 500 
Bishop, William R., 376 
Bisk, Cheryl Joyce, 634 
Bisk, Linda Mae, 339, 341 
Biskup, William S., 495 
Bisev, James C, 508 
Bissell, Barry Scctt, 515 
Bissell, Don Edward, 207, 312, 273, 631 
Bissey, Lee Roy, 211, 479, 610 
Bittle, Pamella Jane, 363 
Bittner, Robert John, 193, 485 
Biwer, Thomas Charles, 428 
Bixby, Nancy Lee, 211, 454 
Bixler, Robert Eugene, 211, 471 
Bizik, Darlene Carol, 446 
Bjorklund, Beverly L., 357 
Bjorling, Dennis Wayne, 392 
Bjorn, Toni Anna, 330, 460, 648 
Blachman, Benita Ann, 313, 440, 581 
Black, Linda Anne, 368 
Black, Mary Kelly, 282 
Black. Mary Ste\ens, 452, 599 
Black, Richard Warren, 587 
Black, Ronald, 587 
Black, Stephen Franklin, 377 
Black, William Mitchel, 320 
Blackburn, Ross Myron, 499 
Blackford, Sally B., 443 
Blackman, Jeffrey W., 620 
Blackman, Neil David, 416 
Blackmore, Susan Tane, 355, 635 
Blackwell, Harold, 574 
Blackwell, Mary F., 359. 460 
Blackwell, Richard O., 381 
Blackwood, Linda I ee, 320 
Blackwood, Peter S., 380 

Bladon, John James, 211, 392 
Blain, Marilyn Jean, 372 
Blaine, William M„ 623 
Blair, Arm Leslie, 428 
Blair, Lynne Marvis, 211, 349 
Blair, Michael Oren, 472 
Blaisdell, Robert F., 202 
Blake, Cheryl Lynn, 441 
Blaker, Allen Wells, 325 
Blan, Kennith William, 301 
Blanco, Joseph A., 410 
Blank, Richard Gerald, 507 
Blank, William C, 222 
Blankenship, William, 409 
Blankenstein, William, 518 
Blasdell, Judy Ellen, 362 
Blatnik, Gregory W., 479, 599 
Blatt, Morton William, 211, 390 
Blaylock, Audrey M., 363 
Blazer, Joseph, 516 
Blazic, Sally Anne, 369 
Blazier, Richard A., 382 
Blecker, James Newell, 508 
Blehm, Barbara Jo, 432, 606 
Blech, Allan Lynn, 476 

Blick, Frederick W. 641 
Blidy, Peter Stephen, 509 
Bliss, Fred Charles, 422 

Bliss, Judith Inez, 356, 599 
Bliss, Mary Katherine, 269, 282, 317 
452, 581, 609 

Blivice, Sheldon M., 251 

Bloch, Eric Marshall, 193, 505 

Block, Richard A., 484 

Block, John Robert, 211, 599 

Block, Leslie Jay, 512 

Block, S. Mary, 579 

Block, Robert Gary, 508, 615 

Block, William Henry, 193, 582, 591 

Blomeyer, Edward C, 489 

Bomgren, Elaine J.. 347 

Boom, Carole Susan, 456 

Bloom, Michael Jay, 472 

Bloom, Natalie Judith. 458. 599 

Bloomfield, Richard W., 409 

Blott, Alan James, 193 

Bluck, John George, 520 

Blue, Barry R. 273 

Blue, William Thomas, 485 

Bluestein, Karen Sue, 399 

Bluhm, Robert Louis, 412 

Bum, Carolyn Irene, 460, 581, 648 

Blum, John Herbert, 428 

Blum, Sheri Joyce, 448 

Blumberg, Margaret L., 458 

Blumberg, Richard P., 472 

Blume, Barbara Jean, 439, 599 

Blumen, Edward Asher 519 

Blumenshine, Gary B., 634 

Blumenthal, Michael E., 485 

Blunier, Larry Gene, 614 

Blust. Larry David, 250 

Blustein, Jacquelyn H., 456 

Boaker, Pete W., 416 

Boardman, Albert Levi. 378 

Bobbitt. John Leslie. 611 

Bobera, Catherine Ann. 317, 443 

Bobert, Linda Jean, 460 

Bocheck, John Joseph, 428 

Bochte, Marilyn June, 212 

Bock, Mary Ann, 212, 444 

Bock, Nancy Jean, 634 

Bock. Rebecca Delores, 460 

Bockhorn, Lawrence M., 377 

Bocskay, Carol Janis, 444 

Bodanis RoslynF.,360 

Bodel, Sergei, 389 

Bodiford Sandia Jean, 346, 628 

Bodoh, James Michael, 490 

Bodoh, John Robert. 510 

Bodzewski, Lucia Jane, 272, 442 

Boegelein, Sharon I., 430 

Boehler, Jesse Wayne, 193, 583, 591 

Boehm, Gordon. 377 

Boehm, Pamela Victoria. 455 

Boehm, Robert Eugene, 517 

Boehnert, Krista Ann, 579 

Boeing, John Thomas, 631 

Boeker. Glenn Edmund, 425 

Boelens, Henriette M., 419 

Boeschenstein. Harold, 55 

Bofman, Henry Charles, 513 

Bogan, Ralph Van, 500 

Bogetz, Gail Eleanor, 644 

Bogner, Duane Thomas, 424 

Bogner, John Helmut, 494 

Bogren, Richard Carl, 322 

Bohan, Ruth Louise, 419 

Bohl, Prof. Robert W., 312, 631 

Bohlen, Georgia Anne, 340 

Bohlen, James Winter, 193, 591 

Bohlen, Mary Kathleen, 212, 419 

Bohlen, Patricia Ann, 339, 340 

Bohlen, Thomas Douglas, 266, 518 

Bohlin, Garen Gene, 506 

Bohlman, Monica Sue, 430 

Bohning, John, 615 

Bohning, Raymond George, 379 

Boin, Robert George, 428 

Bojanowski, Helen A., 360 

Boldt, Robert Curtis, 491 

Bolef, Judith Miriam, 628 

Bolen, Gary Lee, 431 

Boles, Keith Edwin, 379, 638 

Bolin, Darrell Lee, 479 

Bolin, Michael B., 647 

Be line, Peter Otto, 475 

Boling, James Robert, 611 

Bollinger, Lynn David, 63 5 

Bollinger, Michael J., 409 

Bollman, Brenda C, 446 

Bolon, Roberta Sue, 185, 458 

Bolotin, Linda Susan, 399 

Bolster, Carole Jeann, 333, 370, 591 

Bonan, Frank William, 494 

Bonas, Julie Eileen, 358 

Boncosky, Sharon M., 427 

Bond, Paul Charles, 468 

Bond, Peter Robert, 493 

Bone, Robert Gehlmann, 397 

Bonefeste, Joseph A., 463, 489 

Bonnell, Wilburn Otto, 321, 473 

Bonnett, Jerry Clyde, 618 

Bonnett, William Kent, 622 

Bono, Meri Lane, 419 

Bonvicini, Bonnie M., 212, 371 

Booker, Sue, 248, 584 

Bookland, Ronald, 409 

Bookwalter, Jack E., 382 

Boonshaft, Marjorie, 170, 4C8, 436 

Booras, Georgia F., 250, 306, 447, 592 

Boose, Barbara, 355 
Boose, William Robert, 170 
Borah, Daniel Vernor, 515 
Borah, James Edward, 515 
Borbely, James Kalman, 4C9 

Borchers, Jerald W., 476 

Borchers, Maria Sue, 339, 340 

Bordeaux, David Henry, 430 

Bordes, Nancy Elizabeth, 454 

Boren, Michael Bruce, 601 

Borens, John Michael, 377 

Boresi, Jennifer Ann, 450 

Borg, Larry Arthur, 235 

Borgersen, Svenn E., 423 

Borgeson, Gayle C, 442 

Borgsmiller, William, 5C4 

Borhart, Alan Louis, 486 

Borklund, Barbara K., 400 

Borok, Jack Cary, 472 

Borowy, Edward Anthony, 468 

Borri, Randall Hugh, 586 

Bors, Kathleen Mary, 368 

Boruta, Nicholas, 647 

Borys, Charlene Helen, 431 

Borzoni, John Trevor, 422 

Bosanac, Robert Edward, 425 

Bosin, Kenneth William, 379 

Bosma, Arlis Diane, 212, 453 

Bossert, Barbara Ann, 358 

Bossingham, Johnnie L. 511 

Bostic, Mrs. Geneva 442 

Boston, Larry William, 232 

Boston, William R., 178, 620 

Bostrom, Susan Gail, 340 

Bothe, Mary Ann, 185, 434 

Botterbusch, Janice E., 372 

Bottrell, Ronald Glenn, 207 

BoucekRobert Joseph, 428 

Boucek, William James, 212 

Bouchard, Emerson M., 485 

Boudreau, Charles A., 389 

Boula, James Edward, 488 

Boule, Amy Carol, 340 

Bouma, Janet Holt, 178 

Bounds, Terry Lee, 411 

Boundy, Rickard I., 491, 571 

Bourgoin, John Eugene, 312 

Bourne, Linda Kay, 325, 438 

Bo jxsein, John Pierre, 469 

Bovilsky, Marsha K, 431 

Bowen, Barbara Grace, 447 

Bowen, Jo Anne, 322, 369, 585 

Bowen, Ted Robert, 403 

Bower, Cheri E., 439 

Bower, David Paul, 466, 504 

Bower, Gordon Lee, 377 

Bowers, John Edward, 396 

Bowers, Robert Charles, 418, 422 

Bowler, Kathleen Ann, 431 

Bowes, Robert John, 479 

Bowman, Charles M., 251, 320, 589 

Bowman, Linda Ann, 356, 628 

Bowser, Diana Lynn, 207, 294, 434, 436, 
446, 589 

Boxdorfer, Deborah L., 269, 309, 446, 
581, 599 

Boyce, Charles Raymond, 572, 586, 593 

Boyce, Henry, 386 

Boyce, James Buckley, 251 

Boyce, "Water Lee, 611 

Boyd, Carol Ann, 207, 437 

Boyd, David Gerald, 610 

Boyd, Dock Alexander, 212 

Boyd, Harvey Clay, 379 

Boyer, David Stuart, 505 

Boyer, Gary Kent, 379 

Boyer, Gerald Rodney, 591 

Boyer, James Allen, 622, 624 

Boyer, John Michael, 471 

Boyer, Peter William, 380 

Boyer, William Da\id, 479 

Boylan, Richard Lee, 374, 388, 389 

Boyle, Bonnie lee, 447, 599 

Boye, Daniel Patrick, 586 

Boyle, Mar'.ha Ann, 322 

Boyle, Nancy Elaine, 445, 606 

Boyles, Pail Joserh, 622 

Boysen, Barbara Mae, 185 

Bozarth, John Luther, 480 

Bozarth, Nifa Ruth, 185, 446, 604 

Bo?arth, Ralph Duane, 380 

Bozlinski, Gary Lee, 322, 414 

Braca, Victor Hyman, 620 

Brach, Robert Walter, 644 

Bracken Michael Lee, 503 

Bradbury, Mrs. Stanley, 446 

Braden, Susan Kay, 453 

Bradfield, Charles D., 386 

Bradfield, Rex Ray, 466, 511 
Bradford, Carolyn Sue, 442 
Bradford, Jacqueline, 430 
Bradford, Mrs., 457 
Bradle, Mary Elizabeth, 439 
Bradle, Roberta Jean, 454 
Bradey, Barbara J., 421 
Bradley, Carolyn Joyce, 340 
Bradley, Howard Leslie, 275, 471 
Bradley, Marthelia K., 212 
Bradley, Richard Dale, 322 
Bradley, Robert Gould, 640 
Bradley, Rosemary Sue, 599 
Bradley, Terry Lee, 193, 583, 591, 621 
Bradshaw, William R., 424 
Brady, Lynn Kathleen, 368 
Brady, Michael Edward, 412 
Brady, Ronald Lloyd, 601, 604, 610 
Brady, Ruth Joyce, 354 
Brady, Ursala Lane, 442 
Brady, William Alan, 413 
Brager, Waler S., 617 
Brahill, Stephen B., 472 
Brad, Valerie Jean, 428 
Brainerd, Mary Elizabeth, 634, 643 
Brainerd, Susan Ellen, 370 
Brake, James Floyd, 412 
Bramson, Frank karris, 519 
Bramson, Paul H., 586 
Brand, Richard Daniel, 492 
Brandehoff, Susan E., 591 
Brandenburg, David E., 641 
Brandenburg, Douglas, 521 
Brandy, Dr. Carl, 234 
Brandner, Robeit L., 611, 618 
Brandt, Linda Ruth, 427 
Brandvik, Paul Allen, 324 
Brania, Kathleen M., 368 
Brannan, Carol Ann, 212, 355 
Bransky, Jeffrey D., 512 
Brasky, Cynthia Louise, 439 

Brass, Jane Sanders, 3b7 

Brass, Jane Florence, 185 

Braswell, Joan P., 367, 621, 633 

Bratt, Paula Helen, 178 

Braton, David Keith, 506 

Bratton, Nancy Lou, 170, 623, 642 

Brauer, David John, 635 

Brauer, Donald Eugene, 486 

Brauer, Kenneth R., 414 

Brauer, Mary Jane, 351 

Braun, Brian Alan, 301, 505 

Braun, Howie, 571 

Braun, Michael Craig, 178, 491 

Brave, Kathleen Anne, 330, 340, 619 

Braverman, William C, 519 

Bray, Dr. Dcnald, 580 

Bray, Nancy Catherine, 212 

Brazitis , Judith Ann, 383 

Breckel, Louise Marie, 455 

Breen, Nancy Ellen, 453 

Breeze, Clark Alan, 318 

Bregar, Raymond Edward, 423 

Bregman, Jeanne Claire, 448 

Brehm, Donald Lee, 611 

Breit, Aliscn Leigh, 345 

Breitbarth, Susan K., 212 

Breitmeyer, Bruno G., 425 

Breitzer, Gerard M., 411 

Breitzmann, John F., 430 

Brelant, Susan Jean, 400 

Brelowski, Patricia A., 459 

Brenna, Cynthia M., 185, 450 

Brennan, Don Harold, 193, 405 

Brenne, Douglas Stuart, 405 

Brenne, Gordcn William, 416 

Brenneman. Richard D., 481 

Brenner, Mark A!an, 430 

Brent, David James, 212, 248, 255, 274 
275, 463, 465, 478 

Bresee, Kirk Palmer, 427 

Bresnik, Howard T ., 263, 502 

Bretscher, NaMy L., r,63, L'66, 308, 454, 

Breuer, Tom Edwin, 193 

Brewe, Franklin D., 429 

Brewer, David William, 490, 572 

Brewer, Toyce Marie, 427 

Brewer, Thomas E., 251 

Brewersdoif, Robert, 412 

Brewick, Mariljn June, 322, 324, 349 

Brewster, Judith Fae, 635 

Breyer, Christine Ann, 446 

Breyer, Robert ) erman, 513 

Brichta, Toy, 317, 354, 585 

Bricker, Jani e Eileen, 321 

Bricney, Micbae F., 32?, 586 

Bricktnan, Judith P., 31V, 440 

Bridge, Tames l'ouglas, 613 

Briige, Nicho'as W., 271, 514 

Bridges, Ann Loi'ire, 445 

Bridges, Da* id Lee, 472 

Bridges, Tan Mchael, 232 

Bridgewater, John A., 514 

Briison, Randy Gecrge, 389 

Breidis, Viole'a M., 346 

Breler, Anthony Wayne, 628 

Briggs, Allen Caude, 407 

Brings, Beveily Ann, 330,351 

Briggs, Donald Ray, 398 

Briggs, Margaret Lcuise, 351 

Brigps, Robert Ge^rf e, 475 

Brigham, Warner Davis, 422 

Brighthill, Prof. Linwood J., 583 

Brill, Joan Beth, 17P, 420 

Brillhirt, Kenneth E., 325, 422, 586 

Brin, Alice Frances, 328, 356 

Brinck, Gloria Marie, 299, 368 

Brinkman, S "san Jean, 428 

Brinkmann, Carol Ann, 340 


Brinkmann, William J., 406 
Briscoe, Dorothy E., 320 
Briskman, Arnold, 513 
Briskman, Rick Dale, 513 
Brissman, Robert Lynn, 476 
Britsky, Anthony M., 647 
Britsky, Nicholas, (advisor), 647 
Britton, Barbara Lou, 438, 579, 581,606 
BroadcH's, Rebecca M., 263 
Broadrick, Ardylh O., 282, 301 
Brock-Jones, Barbara, 322, 356 
Brockjones, Carolyn, 321, 356 
Brockman, Lois Jean, 267, 442 
Brockmeyer, Terry O., 624 
Brodene, 1 nomas R., 212 
Broder, Marilyn Risa, 212 
Brodeiick, Lynne A., 357, 442, 59 
Brodsky, Jacqueline, 448 
Brodsky, Marsha Sue, 263, 308 
Brodt, Paul Victcr, 480 
Brody, Ava Gail, 431 
Broemmer, Ruth I., 643 
Brokaske, Lawrence B., 432 
Brokaw, Lcuise Ann, 364 
Broman, Dorald Emery, 468 
Bromberg, Mrs. J., 353 
Broner, Marsha Lynn, 324 
Brookhart, Carol Ann, 317, 348 
Brookhart, William E., 467 
Brookman, Barbara J., 360 
Brooks, Carson Craig, 514, 571 
Brooks, Clinton W., Jr., 212, 408 
Brooks, Constance J., 635 
Brooks, Danny Paul, 407 
Brooks, Jeifrey Dean, 470 
Brooks, Jeny, 423 
Brooks, Kathleen D., 212, 453 
Brooks, Lee Owen, 397 
Brcoks, Leslie Ann, 368, 579 
Brooks, Patty, 452 
Brooks, Randy Lee, 510 
Brooks, Raymond C., Jr., 178 
Brooks, Richard Eugene, 170, 330, 613, 

Broom, Glen Martin, 330 
Broom, Garoon Rialjh, 249, 250 
Broom, Robert Vail, 463, 465, 486 
Broom, Walter Eugene, 499, 588 
Broom, William Lewis, 308, 500 
Brossait, David E.,410 
Brothescn, Picf. Derald E., 583 
Brotine, Brent Abraham, 297, 298 
Brotman, Suzanne, 352 
Brouwers, Alexanoet P., 382 
Brown Anthony Leland, 480 
Brown, Barbara Jean, 371, 441 
Brown Barbara Lyme, 439 
Brown, Beth Jo., 212, 341 
Brown, Brad, 323 
Brown, Bruce Allen, 4C5, 517 
Brown, Mrs. C. H., 392 
Brown, Carla Jo, 421 
Brown, Cheryl Lee, 356 
Brown, Cynthia J., 441 
Brown, Daniel Lee, 318 
Brown, Daniel M. 618 
Brown, Da\id Bradley, 474 
Brown, David Stanley, 616 
Brown, Donald Lee, 491 
Brown, Duane Arvill, 382 
Brown, Eileen Clarice, 340 
Brown, Dr. Either I., 624 
Brown, Franklin Hayes, 414 
Brown, Geoffrey Peter, 409 
Brown, Qeorgianna Mae, 454 
Brown, Glenn Alan, 324, 376 
Brown, Harlow Richard, 428, 640, 641 
Brown, James, (Freshman football 

coach), 571 
Brown, James Marce, 388 
Brown, Jay Randy, 470 
Brown, Judith Marie, 372 
Brown, Kent Bogert, 489 
Brown, Larry E., 382 
Brown, Laurie Ann, 429 
Brown, Leslie A., 424 
Brown, Lyaia Louise, 349 
Brown, Mrs. Mary, 365 
Brown, Michael Edward, 499 
Brown, Pamela Ruth, 266, 443 
Brown, Patricia C, 363, 440 
Brown, Paticia Lee, 623 
Brown, Ranoall Alan, 573 
Brown, Rebecca Lee, 357, 599 
Brown, Richard H., 493 
Brown, Robert Stephen, 376 
Brown, SJiarcn See, 455 
Brown, Slejhen Edv in, 322, 378 
Brown, Susan Merii 1,428 
Brown, Tenence M., 509 
Brown, 'Ihomas Robert, 312 
Brown, V/il iam Franklin, 495 
Browne, Gail, 212 
Browning, George D., 412 
Broyhill, Roger Allen, 480 
Brubaker, Gerald Leroy, 641 
Brubaker, James Clark, 477 
Brubaker, John Graham, 509, 635 
Brubaker, Steven H., 504 
Bruce, Cailjn Reece, 212 
Bruce, Robert Wil'iam, 514 
Bruce, Ruth Ann, 431 
Bruch, Henry Franklin, 413 
Bruch, Ronald Ervin, 170, 613 
Brucker, Anita Straus, 185 
Bruckman, Carl Josei h, 473 
Bruckman, Ellen, 460 
Bruckner, Walter H., 631 
Brueggeman, Robert N., 604 
Bruemmer, John Josei h, 501 


Bruhnke, Paul Edward, 514 

Brumley, Lyle E., 586 

Brundage, Avery, 54 

Brune, Peter Borden, 581 

Bruni, Frank James, 396 

Brunkow, Ann Elizabeth, 344 

Brunner, George S., 318, 507 

Brunner, James Cedric, 482, 615 

Brunner, Lucienne, 363 

Brunner, Michael K., 376 

Brunner, Sherry Dee, 345, 628, 633 

Brunner, Steven Mark, 492 

Bruno, Ann Renata, 267, 449 

Bruno, Josei h William, 193 

Bruno, Walter, 586 

Bruns, Catheiine Alice, 348 

Brusman, Maynaid M., 492 

Bryan, Leslie A., (Dean), 237 

Bryant, John Da\id, 212, 248, 257, 304, 

Bryant, Margaret P., 320, 457, 606, 637 
Bryant, Ronald Palmer, 428 
Bryant, Stephen Blaine, 193 
Bryant, Terry Lynne, 321, 345 
Bryar, Rebecca Marie, 212, 368 
Brydges, Sara Hughes, 212, 348 
Brzeczek, Martin E., 424 
Brzezinski, Kristine, 339 
Brzostek, Roger David, 432 
Bubar, Fichard Haniscn, 235 
Buch, Clark Iv?n, 212, 519 
Buch, Lee David, 519 
Buchanan, Jean Robert, 212 
Buchmann, Kathleen J., 170, 359 
Buck, Gloria Jean, 356 
Buck, Marilyn Suzanne, 185, 249, 446, 

Buck, Mary Beth, 445, 5S9 
Buck, William Clifford, 308, 500 
Buckhalter, John W., 430 
Buckhart, kichard, 430 
Buckleh, Maureen Ann, 212, 452 
Buckley, Colleen M., 363 
Budd, Judith Elaine, 346 
Budz, Jack Theodore, 408 
Budzik, Dennis Michael, 611 
Bud2ik, Kenneth Frank, 410, 616 
Budzinski, Ronald Jay, 376 
Buehler, Johanna E., 323 
Buford, Jane Ann, 286, 344, 623 
Buford, Margaret Jean, 356 
Buford, Rcbeit John, 406 
Bugg, Janet Ann, 170, 365, 623, 624 
Buhmann, Carolyn Jean, 439 
Builta, Steven Stimpe, 486 
Bulanda, John Jean, 408 
Bulanda, Robert John, 379 
Bulmash, Sherwin Alano, 390, 424 
Bumgarner, Karen Sue, 356 
Bumpus, Stanley Eugene, 407 
Bunch, Edward Alec, 333 
Bunchman, Mary Louise, 457 
Bunetic, Richard C, 376 
Bunker, Barbaia Kam, 328 
Bunker, Linda Kay, 250, 592, 648 
Bunte, Ralph Milford, 235 
Bunting, Marcus Loy, 582 
Burack, Sherry Joan, 444 
Burba, Mary Victoria, 212, 340 
Burch, Brian Russell, 202, 415 
Burch, Bruce Edward, 202, 415 
Burch, Clarence Lewis, 472 
Burch, Gary Eugene, 386 
Burch, Melissa Jane, 185 
Burch, Ihomas George, 631 
Burcham, Donald Allan, 411 
Burcham, Harold Eugene, 611 
Burckhardt, Grant F., 170, 376 
Burda, Jeannette C, 648 
Burdick, Gary Willard, 493 
BurdloS, David F., 178 
Burgener, Donna Ljn, 340 
Burgener, Larry Lee, 194 
Burger, James Peter, 212 
Burghardt Barbara J., 317, 356 
Burke, Dennis Joe, 377 
Burke, Jean Frances, 340 
Burke, Jude Alana, 421 
Burke, Margaret Joan, 275, 445, 591 
Burke, Marianne, 428 
Burke, Mary Margaret, 454 
Burke, Vance Elliott, 333, 403 
Burkhart, Philip John, 413 
Burkhart, Richard M., 2S6, 584 
Burkybile, Cail Wayne, 330 
Burkybie, Dale Eugene, 170, 624 
Burley, Robert D., Jr, 484 
Burmeiste, Pegf? y J., 648 
B.rnett, C;rolyn,359 
Burnett, Nancy Adelaide, 207, 445, 592 
Burnett, Philip Earcld, 411 
Burnett, wichard D., 5i6 
Bumham, George 1., 631 
Burnham, Robert D., 421 
Bumham, Roberta L., 579 
Burns, Barbara Ellen, 421 
Burns, Orris Edward, 410 
Burns, Patricia Jean, 443 
Burns, Ihomas Edgar, 491 
Burroughs David George, 641 
Burroughs, Dennis W., 406 
Burroughs, John C, 170, 467 
Burroughs, Susan Lee, 330, 648 
Burruss, I inda Faith, 356 
Burstein, Mark Howard, 616 
Bury, Sharcn Lee, 363 
Burzynski, Richard H., 317, 621 
Busboom, Leslie Cene, 571 
Busby, John Ea\ i< , 1! 4 
Buscaj, Hernsn V ., 3fc9 

Busch Louis Andrew, 499 

Busch, Robert Earl, 412 

Busch, William Wesley, 495 

Bush, Gary Allan, 416 

Bush, Janice Marie, 437 

Bush, Nancy Jeanne, 321, 442 

Bushman, John Francis, 170, 613, 619, 

Bushnell, Howard, 403 
Busick, Cheryl Lyn, 185, 449 
Buss, Walter Ray, 409 
Busse, Donald Frederic, 476 
Busse, Mildred Arlene, 314, 356, 599 
Bussell, Rodney Louis, 496 
Bussert, Eleanor Jane, 339 
Bussey, Ronald Dawd, 381 
Butcher, David Eugene, 617 
Bute, James Dale, 518 
Butenshen, Cheryl J., 340 
Butkus, Kathleen C, 2C2, 323, 449 
Butler, Cathleen E., 339, 357 
Butler, Georganne M, 250, 276, 32P, 

Buter, Jack D., 623 
Butler, Judith Kay, 320, 344 
Butler, Lois Ann, 428 
Butler, Patrick C, 481 
Butler Ste\ e James, 194 
Butler, Thcrras Richard, 503 
Butner, Mrs. Mildred, (il( u£< n ctlitr), 

Butokas, William A., 409 
Butscher, Dianne D., 355, 635 
Butterfield, Charlyn, 365, 623 
Butterwick, Nancy L., 340 
Button, Richard Bruce, 469 
Butts, Brock Taylor, 475 
Butts, Larry John, 504 
Butts, Patricia Ann, 368 
Butzow, Norman Gayle, 387 
Buy, Hewes Douglas, 427 
Buysse, James Lester, 484 
Byerly, Anne Laurette, 446 
Byman, Robert Leslie, 212, 248, 262, 

264, 275, 276, 277 V 

Byram, Gerald Joserh, 212, 482 
Byrd, Michael Ray, 478 
Byrkit, Mrs. Laura, 450 
Byrne, Bonnie Lee, 330, 648 
Byrne, Thomas Joseph, 428 
Byrnes, James Richard, 202 

Calhoun Hall, 380 

Campus Chest, 331 

Campus View Lodge, 377 

Chevron, fiOfi 

Chi Epsilon, 582 

Chi Omega, 445 

Chi Phi, 478 

Chi Psi, 479 

Christian Campus House, 378 

Christian Science Organization, 63.5 

Circle K, 642 

Clark House, 347 

College Hall, 379 

Cooperative Extension Club, 642 

Canterbury Association, 634 

Canterbury Association, 634 

Caban, Gloria Lucille, 579, 629 
Cabaniss, Janet Sue, 369 
Cable, Nancy D., 431 
Cabodi, Alan Joseph, 617 
Cacciatore, Raymond J.. 416 
Cadek, Carol Marie, 306 
Cagerman, Renee, 440 
Cahan, Michael Allen, 178, 513 
Cahill, Anne Louise, 354 
Cahill Peter George, 170 
Cain, James Warren, 480 
Cain, John David, 409, 587 
Cain, Karen Marlene, 359 
Cairns, Robert William, 212, 385 
Caise, Cheryl Lynn, 170, 450 
Caldwell, Michael W., 517 
Caldwell, Mrs. Nancy, 494 
Calebaugh, Donald L., 514 
Calhoun, Dean Staub, 573 
Calhoun, John Roger, 382 
Calhoun, Richard E., 586 
Callaghan, Dennis J., 194,418,424,583 
Callaghan, Douglas E., 424 
Callahan, James A., 212, 389 
Callanan, Martha Ann, 346 
Callion, Ethelyn M., 328, 357 
Calliss, William A., 385 
Calvert, Benjamin F., 379 
Calvert, Dennis Wayne, 474 
Cameron, Edward S., 422 
Cameron, Vicki Lou, 350 
Cameron, William A., 521 
Carney, Mrs. Louise, 350 
Cammack, Emerson, 620 
Campa, Pedro Francisco, 509 
Campanella, Martin J., 375, 389 
Campbell, Barbaia J., 428 
Campbell, David Lee, 428 
Campbell, Gordon L., 469 
Campbell, Kathleen M., 364 
Campbell, Lois Ellen, 333, 579 
Campbell, Robert B., 376 
Campbell, Roger Paul, 212, 424 
Campbell, Samuel W., 382 
Campbell, Thomas A., 178, 620 
Campbell, Thomas John, 482 

Campenella, Martin, 374 
Campeol, Carolyn, 372 
Campos, Fernando R., 322, 396 
Candanedo, Leyles M., 212, 344 
Canelos, Elaine Anne. 266 
Canelstein, Rikki S., 353, 606 
Canlon, Caryn A., 350 
Cannell.LynellE., 358 
Cannon, Vincent A., 410 
Cantlin, John Lawrence, 374, 384, 624 
Cantrall, William R., 383 
Cantrell, Gary Ned, 321 
Cantrell, Michael A., 323 
Cantu, Darryl Dale, 407 
Cantwell, Kathleen M., 212, 455 
Cantzler, Kenneth W., 428 
Cantzler, Kenneth W., 428 
Cantzler, Richard M., 509 
Caperell, Christina A., 357 
Caritani, Mary Etta, 212, 419 
Caoon, Ross Bertram, 275 
Caputo, Michael A., 388 
Caquelin, Howard J., 331 
Carbonari, Gerald M., 514. 571 
Carbonell, NaDcleon J., 514 
Caresh, John D., 416 
Carey, Grace Patricia, 420 
Carey, Tames, 277 
Carey, Janet Maiie, 364 
Careerman, Renee E., 185 
Caritinos, George E., 379 
Carius, Al B., (Ass.t Coach i, 574 
Carius, Larry Dean, 467 
Carius, Terry Lee, 480 
Carleton, James Roe, 170, 615 
Carleton, Nancy Lynne, 369 
Carlington, Corrie L., 419 
Carlino, John Randolph, 501 
Carlino, Nancy Anne, 419 
Carlsen, Diane Dorothy, 445 
Carlson, Allen Arthur, 377 
Carlson, Brenda M., 232, 366, 648 
Carlson, Bronwen L., 212, 452, 629 
Carlson, Charles E., 389 
Carlson, Cheryl Lynn, 339, 341 
Carlson, Danny Lee, 410 
Carlson, Danny Lee, 410 
Carlson, Da\id Benjamin, 398 
Carlson, Irene Rosana, 427 
Carlson, James Robert, 614 
Carlson, John Robert, 213 
Carlson, Karen Sue, 339, 360 
Carlson, Kenneth Wayne, 410 
Carlson, Markie L., 273 
Carlson, Nancy Lee, 340 
Carlson, Phi'ip Arnold, 493 
Carlson, Richard Alan, 430 
Carlson, Richard Allen, 410 
Carlson, Richard Dale, 412 

Carlson, Robert Dai id, 580, 618, 621 

Carlson, Robert Earl, 586 

Carlson, Robert Paul, 423 

Carlson, Robert Richard, 601, 610 

Carlson, Roberta Diane, 333, 358 

Carlson, Susan Joanne, 429 

Carlson, Tedd Wicing, 194, 385, 633' % 

Carlson, Thomas Gordon, 194, 591, 615 

Carlson, Van Edward, 213, 499 

Carlson, Wayne Curtis, 170, 622 

Carlson, Wendell Owen, 490 

Carlton, Bruce Erich, 308, 468, 590 

Carmell, Timothy H., 587 

Carmen, John Michael, 466, 503 

Carmichael James D., 486 

Carnahan, Leslee Ann, 213 

Carnes, Donald Gregg, 384, 614,"615, 

Carnine, Douglas Wayne, 644 

Carollo, Kenneth P., 514 

Caron, Kathleen Agnes, 350 

Carp, Charles' 392 

Carp, Maryann, 213, 344 

Carpenter, Alan T., 517 

Carpenter, Arthur W., 616 

Carpenter, Charles G., 634 

Carpenter, Mrs. Charles, 634 

Carpenter, David Earl, 377 

Carpenter, Donald L., 475 

Carpenter, Francis E., 617 

Carpenter, Paul R., 320 

Carper, Patricia Ann, 355 

Carr, Dorothy Lee, 365 

Carr, Gary David, 617 

Carr, Harold Wegman, 504 

Carr, Holly Brita, 460 

Carr, John F., 504 

Carr, Joseph Conrad, 379 

Carr, Lawrence Dean 

Carr, Patricia Ann, 350 

Carr, Robert David, 302, 412 

Carr, Ronald Floyd, 322 

Carreon, Gloiia Ann, 213, 419 

Carroll, Bette, 251 

Carroll, Leo Francis, 530 

Carroll, Fat.icia J., 452 

Carson, Alan Nigel, 5J3 

Carson, Catherine R., 370 

Carson, Mark Herbert, 481 

Carstens, Richard S., 430 

Carswell, James C, 392 

Carter, Carciyn Mae, 346 

Carter, David Furrow, 251, 499, 589 

Carter, Frederick E., 430 

Carter, Mrs. Gertrude, 447 
Carter, Moni", 280 
Carter, Nicholas K., 416 
Carter, Rita Ellen, 354 
Carter, Robert Lee, 474 
Cartmill, Rose Marv. 367 
Cary, Gavle Ann, 213, 4S0, 606 

Cary, Janice Marie, 367 

Cary, Linda Kathleen, 213, 367, 633 

Cary, Robert Philip, 213 

Case, Lawrence Eugene, 178, 463, 465, 

Case, William Rogers, 504 

Casey, Robert Guy, 432 

Cash, Frederick H., 491 

Cash, Thomas Ambrose, 414, 611 

Cashman, Dennis Keith, 178, 463, 47, 

Castator, Alan Byron, 514, 572, 593 

Castenson, Richard Leo, 432 

Casterton, Cherie L., 437 

Castilow, Da\id H., 477 

Castle, Fichard Allen, 213, 425 

Castro, John Paul, 511 

Catalfano, Helena Ann, 272, 449 

Catching, Relecca Sue, 439 

Cation, Kathryn Anne, 213, 349 

Catlett, Stanley L., 481 

Catt, Paula Jane, 427 

Cattron, Dawd Leon, 614 

Caudell, James Michael, 405 

Caudle, David Edward, 170, 625 

Cavanaugh, James A., 409 

Cavanaugh, Patricia E., 437 

Cave, John Seiier, 322 

Cawn, Gary Marc, 505 

Cayton, Janet Lynn, 362 

Cazier, Eileen, 364 

Cazier, Mildred Eileen, 364 

Cech, Carol Lynn, 419 

Ceithaml, Kathleen L., 368 

Celebucki, Mary Jane, 438 

Celio, William John, 194, 409, 640 

Cent, Timothy Daniel, 202 

Center, Robert Allen, 498 

Cerasa, William Pail, 641 

Cerda, Martha Anne, 459 

Cerf, Nancy Lynne, 207, 248, 368, 584 

Cervera, Louis F., 416 

Cessna, Stephen Allen, 374 

Chaber, Robert Alan, 641 

Chace, Raymond Lawrence, 636 

Chacon, Gilbert John, 379 

Chafetz, Barry R., 512 

Chait, Stephan Jerome, 390 

Chalcraft, Jane E., 447 

Chalmers, Helen, 627 

Chamberlain, Bryce B., 408 

Chamberlain, Joanne E., 170, 333, 355 

Chamberlin, John G., 309, 355, 514 

Chamberlin, Merle A., 621, 629 

Chamness, Gordon T., 410 

Champion, Mary M., 366 

Champley, Thomas H., 470, 628 

Chance, Robert James, 409 

Chandler, George, 56 

Chandler, Joyanne, 459 

Chaney, John F., Jr., 483 

Chang, Walter W. K., 213 

Channon David Alan, 512 

Chansky, Darlene Susan, 358 

Chapman, Alan Richard, 484 

Chapman, Doris Anne, 333, 370 

Chapman, Margot Lynn, 400 

Chapman, Phyllis Gwen, 316, 442 

Chapman, William Allen, 472 

Chapman, William Carl, 379 

Chappie, Stephen C, 496, 573, 590 

Chard, Jean Russel, 594 

Charleston, John G., 416 

Charman, Sally Marcia, 431 

Charneski, William J., 518 

Charney, Brenda Beth, 340 

Charnota, Audrey M., 431 

Chartier, George, 104, 251 

Chartrau, Ronald P., 377 

Chase, Donna Marie, 358 

Chase James Albert, 422 

Chase, Robert William, 194, 321, 423 

Chatroop, Patricia E., 421 

Chaudry, Mohamed A., 267, 423 

Chelin, Jory Ives, 390 

Chen, Ruth, 345 

Cherkos, Margo C, 362 

Chernick, Lester B., 390, 424 

Chernow, Jerrold, 322 

Cherrington, Blake, 444 

Chertow, Mark H., 397 

Chesney, Lee Roy, III, 510 

Chesrow, Richard A., 422 

Chessick, Gail Susan, 458 

Cheszek, Andrea Joyce, 456 

Cheung, Kin Ving, 583 

Cheville, Jen Paul, 321, 586 

Chew, Mimi Yock Ming, 363 

Chez, Linda Joy, 458 

Chez, Sandra Helene, 213, 399 

Chiappetta, Mary L., 346 

Chickles, James G., 213, 465, 479, 571 

Chidley, Douglas J., 483 

Chikaraishi, Dona M., 213, 358 

Childers, Mary Brent, 366 
Childress, Neil Baker, 410 
Childs, Ccnstance R., 369 
Chilis, Kathryn J., 442, 623 
Chin, Susan Mee, 347 
Chinell, Jacqueline S., 323, 579 
Chisler, James Martin, 379 
Chizewer, Arline E., 213, 436, 453 
Chois:er, Steven Carl, 515 
Chouinard, Paul L., 213, 323 
Choules, Louisa, 322, 333, 340 
Chow, James Cheh-Min, 405 
Chrisrran, Richard, 500 
Chris'en, David Kent, 194, 3£0 
Christensen, Frsn-is;o, 6)6 
Christensen, Gary W., 5C6 

Christensen, James I ., 414 
Christensen, Jan E., 355 
Christensen, Karen M., 453, 606 
Christensen, Laura H., 321, 371 
Christensen, Nora E., 213, 370 
Christian, Cynthia J., 368, 627 
Christiansen, Linda R., 170, 438 
Christiansen, Robert, 379 
Christiansen, Sigurd, 325 
Chrisrianson, Duane R., 635 
Christiansen, Randolph, 432, 587, 590, 

Christie, Linda Carol, 339, 340 

Christie, Tasso G., 382 

Christodoulou, Stephen, 213, 478 

Christoe, Catherine D., 46C, 623 

Christy, Michael D., 518 

Chrcbak, Gloiia Ann, 345 

Chu, Helen, 363 

Church, Charles F., 480 

Churchill, Ethel P., 213, 441 

Chvatal, Joann Ohler, 232 

Chvatal, Jo:ejh James, 178 

Cich, Joseph Anthony, 616 

Cima, Richard Eilary, 514 

Cini, Capt. Lyn, 604 

Cinotto, Major James U., 599 

Cipriano, Mary Lynn, 629 

Cirone, Rcnald S., 425 

Cisek, Elaine Maiie, 442, 643 

Cisney, Michael S., 396 

Claeson, Carol Ann, 421 

Clapp, Steven E- erett, 332, 333, 403 

Clarey, William P., 388, 389 

Clark, Carolyn Ann, 348 

Cark, Christine E., 282, 445, 579 

Clark, Christopher A., 625 

Clark, Christopher G., 503, 647 

Clark, Dennis Larry, 492 

Clark, George Byron, 641 

Clark, Janet Elizabeth, 431 

Cark, Janie Lynn, 338 

Clark, Katherine Eileen, 321, 358 

Clark, Kemit, 262 

Cark Marsha Lynne, 185, 454 

Clark, Michael Wayne, 465, 484 

Clark, Peggy Lorraine, 315, 419 581 

Cark, Rose Marie, 347 

Clark, Scott Peyton, 480 

Clark, Stephen Maynard, 520, 590 

Clark, Steven Glenn, 480 

Clark, Sylvia Jean, 323 

Clark, Thomas Robert, 263, 477, 645 

Clarke, Richard Kent, 635 

Clarno, James Russell, 432, 518, 618 

Clary, Nancy Kay, 185 

Classen, Virginia R., 340 

Clausen, Walter Scott, 321 

Clausing, Warren W., 171, 428 

Clay, Bruce Anton, 382 

Claypool, Constance J. 358 

Clayton, Albeit Tracy, 381 

Clayton, John Gibson, 480 

Clayton, Paula Jean, 579 

Cleary, Ellen Ruth, 444, 629 

Cleary, Michael Dennis, 475 

Clebucki, Mary, 629 

Cleckner, Kathleen R., 207, 439 

Clem, Harry Earl, 480, 599 

Clemans, Robert John, 322, 416 

Cement, Howard, 163 

Clements, Gene H., 202, 583 

Clemmesen, Arleen Nan, 213, 341 

Clendenin, Jean Ann, 213, 418, 419 

Clennon, Lawrence Ft., 322 

Clevenger, Jane Ellen, 432 

Clevenstine, Emmert C, 213, 425 

Clevenstine, Mary Lou, 322, 360 

Clickener, Mary Lynn, 267, 282, 352, 

Clifford, Helen Louise, 333 
Climer, Thomas Harold, 235 
Cline, John Edward, 620 
Cline, Paul, 312 
Cline, Richard M., 635 
Clinton, Jean Ann, 453 
Closen, Michael John, 376 
Cluckey, Dale Millard, 641 
Cluskey, Gerald R., Jr., 388, 389, 604 
Clyne, lhorrjas Michael, 389, 621, 631 
Coad, Fred Allen, 509 
Coates, Mrs. Mildred, 458 
Cobb, Alan Richard, 624 
Cobb, George Robert, 416, 614 
Cobb, James Collins, 491 
Cobb, John Scott, 491 
Cobb, Roland Dean, 428 
Ccchran, laye Lois, 438 
Cochran, John David, 308, 480 
Cochran, Phillip Wayne, 415 
Cochran, Steven Rex, 4t6 
Cochran, Susanna J. G., 644 
Cocking, Richard Cail, 251, 267, 463, 

471, 589 
Codak. Wil'iam Peter, 213, 503 
Codd, Judith Ann, 308, 453, 599 
Coffiand, Brooks Carl, 403, 407 
Coffman, Susan Kay, 213 
Cofoid, Paul Brian, 213, 389, 599 
Cognata, David Jasper, 4£5 
Cogswell, Roger linn, 171, 467 
Cohen, Avin Irwin, 419 
Cohen, Barry Eugene, 519 
Cohen, Charles Allen. 586 
Cohen, Lawrence Michael, 502 
Cohen, Lincoln Paul, 270 
Cohen, Lynn A., 213, 399 
Cohen, Pamela Nancy, 456 
Cohen Sanc'ra Gai le, 448 
Cohen, Susan Aucrey, 185, 435, 448 

Cohlmeyer, Marilyn S., 362 

Cohn, Delilah Rachel, 340 

Cohn, Gregory Alan, 178, 432 

Cohn, Lawrence Steven, 213, 505 

Cohn, Ronald Jay, 472 

Coil, George Leon, 604 

Coilparampil, Achamma, 371 

Colan, Richard Vincent, 424 

Colberg, Thomas P., 298, 406 

Colbert, Teny Gordon, 432 

Cole, Clayton Cammett, 413, 587 

Cole, Da\id Leroy, 385, 633 

Cole, Gary Wayne, 516 

Cole, Mary Elizabeth, 328, 340 

Cole, Raymond George, 194, 406 

Cole, Robert William, 309 

Cole, Suzanne, 439 

Cole, Terry Ronald, 179, 465, 475, 614, Allen Kent, 616 

Coleman, James Leslie, 493 

Coleman, James Regan, 484 

Coleman, Norris Edward, 472 

Coleman, Seymour E., 512, 614 

Collen, Leland H., 430 

Colligncn, Mary Jane, 345 

Collins, Constance, S., 250, 333, 339, 

365, 579 581, 592 
Collins, Edward Kay, 171, 613 
Collins, Gary Lee, 386 
Collins, Kathleen Ann, 364 
Collins. Patrick James, 510 
Ccllins, Terry Ray, 618 
Collinson, Crystal I ., 366 
Collister, Carol Ann, 363 
Ccllister, John Lewis, 213 
Collver, E\a Caren, 341 
Colver, Richard Jaye, 194 
CcHin, Cynthia Lee, 372 
Coman, Christine, 437 
Combs, Charles Michael, 511, 574 
Combs, Willa Jean, 213 
Combes ,Harry, 571 
Coimskey, Bart R., 631 
Comparini, Kathryn A., 450 
Compasso, Michael J., 518 
Compton, Daniel James, 427 
Compton, Janet N., 634 
Comstock, Graydcn K., 500 
Conde, Ronald John, 423 
Condill, Michael John, 483 
Condon, Charles W., Jr., 171, 613, 619 
Contort!, Vincent L., 322, 410, 647 
Congdon, DaUd Edward, 416 
Conklin, Denns M., 509 
Conklin, Frances Rowe, 452 
Conlee, Mrs. Aiabelle, 451 
Conlin, Richard Dean, 213, 248, 249, 

250, 252, 304, 467 
Conn, Cynthia Ruth, 400 
Conn, Marjorie Louise, 328, 363 
Conn, Richard Leslie, 405, 622 
Connally, Prof. Earnest A., 583 
Connelly, Barbara Ann, 341 
Connelly, June F., 207, 278, 437 
Connely, Thomas Allen, 320, 586 
Conner, Thomas Kay, 582 
Conrad, Janice Sue, 452 
Conrad, Karen Emma, 628 
Conrad, Richard M., 428 
Conroy, Edmund John, 382 
Conroy, Jeffrey John, 517 
Constan, Nancy T., 362 
Contratto, Barbara L., 349 
Converse, Margaret M., 250, 254, 300, 

Conway, George Edward, 481, 647 
Cook, Alice Kathleen, 179 
Cook, Florence Edna, 232, 627 
Cook, Gerald William, 479 
Cook Harlan Wayne, 382, 624 
Cook, Ida Elizabeth, 341 
Cook, James Howard, 194 
Cook, Nina Ellen, 356 
Cook, Prof. Ralph L., 615 
Cooke, Carol Ann, 455 
Cooke, Kathleen L., 202 
Cooks, Mary Louise, 348 
Cooley, Robert Clague, 635 
Coomber, V.ctoria E., 641 
Coon, Carolyn Louise, 356 
Coon, James Fraser, 515 
Coon, John, 251 
Coons, Gordon Dale, 507 
Coons, William Henry, 616, 617 
Coontz, Donald Lee, 407 
Cooper, James 1* arcus, 475 
Cooper, Michael Eugene, 474 
Cooper, Michael Jon, 266, 376 
Cooper, Mitchell B., 323, 572 
Coordes, Duane Allen. 194, 476, 582, 

Copalello, Margaret, 360 
Copeland, William E., 480 
Copley, Breno'a Sue, 633 
Corbett, Candace C, 345 
Corbin, Colette F., 349 
Corbitt, Elfine Alice, 437 
Corcoran, Gregoiy E., 428 
Corcoran, James P., Jr., 213, 497 
Cord, Glen Mark, 275, 282, 491 
Corder, Robert Eayrrond, 412 
Cording, Sandra Marie, 364 
Cordis, Keny Reynold, 213 
Corey, Nancy Dane, 420 
Corker, Mr. John, 262 
Corl, Cathy Florence, 368 
Corl, Ihomas Co'ir, 212, 645 
Corley, Ke\ in T atri :k, 415 
Corley, Le: lie Maynaid, 463, 472 
Corn, Wayne Alan, 430 

Corner, Malcolm D., Jr., 482, 611 
Comett Joanna Laura, 341, 635, 643 
Cornielsen, Ernst A., 200 
Coroneos, Major Paul, 610 
Coroneos, Mrs. Paul, 610 
Corrado, Warren H., 202 
Correll, Marian Clare, 287, 349 
Corren, Sandra J., 213, 440 
Corrie, James Alan, 396 
Corson, Constance Mae, 420 
Cortesi, Joan Louise, 214 
Corush, Jerrold Steve, 383 
Corwin, Karen Elizabeth, 214, 454 
Corzine, Jon Stevens, 282, 491 
Cosentine, Lynn L., 346 
Costanzo, John Samuel, 194 
Costello, Carol Ann, 250, 313, 339, 454, 

Costello, John Robert, 485 
Costello, Rita June, 368 
Cotichelli, Joanne M., 594 
Cotterman, Robert F., 265, 484, 590 
Cottingham, John T., 412 
Cottingham, Robert D., 615 
Cotton, Nancy Kathryn, 328 
Cottrell, Samuel, IV, 480 
Cotugno, Lucy C, 363 
Coughlan, Donna Susan, 446, 449, 599 
Coughlin, James R., 484 
Coughlin, Mary M., 345 
Coulter, George A., 409 
Coultrip, Mary K., 460 
Counihan, Timothy C, 389 
Cour, Eugene Joseph, 382 
Court, Stephen Paul, 393 
Courteol, Mary M., 457 
Courtright, Terry R., 488 
Courvoisier, Joan M., 324, 339, 427 
Coutre, Thomas Edward, 374, 386 
Coutroulis, Peter N., 202 
Couture, Arthur lewis, 480 
Covert, Donna Joyce, 356, 623 
Covert, Neil Richard, 405 
Cowan, Joan Louise, 341 
Coward, Joan Susan, 443 
Cowen, Davida R<, 185, 398 
Cox, Charles R., 386 
Cox, Diane Margaret, 356 
Cox, Ella Marie, 214 
Cox, Ellen Mary, 324, 341 
Cox, Howard 'William, 214, 405, 617 
Cox, Kathleen Rae, 320 
Cox, Lawrence Alan, 488 
Cox, Margaret Lynn, 286, 457, 584 
Cox, Paul Harvey, 583, 638 
Cox, Rose Mary, 179 
Coyne, Joseph, 251 
Coyner, John Vanmeter, 194, 588 
Crabbs, Terry Alan, 496 
Craddock, James Frank, 511 
Craft, Joann, 341 
Cramer, Eileen Diana, 364 
Cramer, Miriam Naomi, 214, 352 
Cramer, Ruth Anne, 427 
Cramer, Thomas Hatton, 483 
Crandall, Jeffrey B., 514 
Crandall, Linda Jo, 427 
Crandall, Pamela M., 359 
Crane, Judith Ann, 341 
Crane, Lawrence R., 496, 625 
Crane, Richard Alan, 502 
Crane, Suzanne Lee, 648 
Crane, Ihomas Arthur, 318, 322, 516, 

Crank, Jerry Michael, 486 
Crawford, Carol Ellen, 363 
Crawford, Catherine, 232, 249, 447, 648 
Crawford, Gail Arm, 251 
Crawford, John Roger, 415 
Crawford, Margaret J., 449, 647 
Crawford, Marilyn, 589 
Crawford, Paul Wesley, 324 
Creech, Cheryl Sue, 369, 628 
Creech, Thomas Frank, 396 
Crepas, Kenneth James, 485 
Crerches, Russel R., 407 
Cresko, Lillian, 339 
Critelli, Frank, 397 
Croak, Margaret E., 214, 419 
Croft, John Edward, 614 
Crone, James lee, 324 
Crooks, Mrs. Delia, 359 
Crooks, Mr. Neil, 386 
Crowse, Anetta M., 399, 633 
Crichton, Tim Gregory, 333, 413 
Crickmer, Ihomas Keen, 214 
Criner, John Lee, 424 
Crissey, R. Bryne, 431 
Crissey, Faith Lenore, 372 
Critelli, Frank L., Ill, 397 
Critton, Melissa Ann, 429 
Croit, John E., 429, 615 
Cronin, Iralee M., 352 
Cronkhite, John In in, 429 
Crook, Frances Marie, 185 
Cross, William Haney, 518 
Crosser, Michael L., 432 
Crossland, Barbara K., 345 
Crouch, James Rclla, 415, 584 
Crouch, linca Ruth, 324, 367 
Crow, Charles Edward, 397 
Crowell, Nancy Alice, 341 
Crowley, Lorraine E., 214, 359, 647 
Crowley, Robert F., 484 
Crowson, Robert E., Jr., 509 
Crum, Donald Tay, 509 
Crum, Donald Paul, 179 
Crum, Duane Bcyd, 31